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									can’t participate by going on the trip you can participate in this project     TOT CHURCH:
by donating Lowe’s cards or giving cash donations (to Brad De Vries).          TODAY: Lisa/Alison/lesson 24           JUN 12: Alison/Lorilyn/lesson 25
Argentine is a poor suburb of Kansas City where many immigrants
move to. Kurt and Emily Rietema live there and are working with the            CHILDREN’S WORSHIP GREETERS:
                                                                               TODAY RR: Kayla/Miranda/Brent              SR: Maddy
CRC to do community development outreach in this area. They are
partnering with Dordt and other colleges to offer a semester in                SOUND SYSTEM OPERATOR:                     PROJECTOR OPERATOR:
Community Development Outreach. The house the mission team will
be working on is going to be the living facility for these students.
     Golf Outing: Reserve your spot for the Christian Ed golf outing on
                                                                               JUN 12:
                                                                               JUN 19:
                                                                                           Kirk Struik
                                                                                           Piet Westerbeek
                                                                                           Travis Rayhons
                                                                                                                          Curt Van Dam
                                                                                                                          Curt Van Dam
                                                                                                                          Jeremiah Schutte
July 7 by contacting Bryan VK (                  USHERS:          June                      July                                  Christian Reformed
     Tickets are still available for the Twins vs. Tigers baseball game at     Center:          Kevin Hoekstra            Jesse Punt                                  Church
Target Field on July 23! Ticket sales will be open only to Faith Church        Center:          Jon Dekkers               Dave Eekhoff
members until today. If there are any tickets left after today we will         South:           Bob Pollema               Dave Heynen                                   Office: 722-3179
open it up to community members. Let’s fill up the bus with Faith              North:           Chuck Brunsting           Kevin Gesink                       
Church fans!! Contact Harry Wieringa (449-5080) for your tickets.              Balcony:         Kirk Struik               Greg Hulstein                       

- PLEASE NOTE:                                                                 Aaron Dreise’s address:                                                                    June 5, 2011
     Today is the last session of Children’s Worship for this season;          SPC Dreise, Aaron
classes will resume in the fall. Toddler Church will continue to meet          541 Transportation Co.
through the summer.                                                            FPO, AE09372
    TODAY     AM: 1st - Budget; 2nd - Christian Education
                                                                               WEEKLY PRAYER LIST
                                                                                Give thanks to God for the successful surgery which Warren Post, Berdie                                                Pastor Bernie Haan
              PM: CRWRC Spring Storms
                                                                                  Broek’s son-in-law, sustained this past Wednesday. His malignant bladder
                                                                                                                                                                          Our Mission:                           722-1110
    JUN 12    AM Communion Thank Offering: Lao Wheelchair Fund
    JUN 12    PM: Faith Mission and Outreach                                      was removed and a section of his intestines was removed, re-shaped, and                                    
                                                                                  then attached to his kidneys to be used as his bladder. Pray for a good       To nurture the faith of the covenant
THIS WEEK AT FAITH:                                                               recovery from this surgery as he remains hospitalized for another week.           community through regular              Chad Van Ginkel
    Sun.           9:30am-Morning Worship service                               Lift up your prayers once again on behalf of Lyle Nyhof, Myna’s son, who
                                                                                  began another round of chemotherapy this past Thursday and as he
                                                                                                                                                                  preaching and teaching of God’s               722-3187
                   10:45am-Mouw/Kooima household social
                   6:00pm-Combined Evening Worship Service                        struggles with depression.                                                     Word so that all its members are               441-5272
                   7:30pm-Postma/Van Essen household bonfire                    Pray also for Ryan Eisma, one of Myna’s grandsons, who will be leaving this    equipped to bring this transforming
    Tues.          8:30am-Volunteers to JFA                                       week for 7 months of military service in Afghanistan.
                                                                                Ask God to provide wisdom and a spirit of cooperation for our political
                                                                                                                                                                   power of the Gospel into every
    Sat.           7:00am-Men’s Life Bible study                                                                                                                                                               Prayer Line
                                                                                  leaders as they continue to deal with complex and complicated budget                  avenue of daily life.                   722-1567
NURSERY SCHEDULE:                                                                 issues.
TODAY AM Inf – Howard R. family, Jasmine VD; Todd – Chris VG. family, Alecia    Pray for the families with homes along the Missouri River who have to leave
R, Carolyn R; PM Inf – combined service; Todd – combined service; JUN 12 AM       those homes for the next few months while controlled flooding occurs along
Inf – Teresa D, Faith B, Anika D; Todd – Lisa M, Ethan M, Dana TH, Brooke W;      that river.
PM Inf – Kyle VV. family, Abby VW; Todd – Jesse P. family, Christian V.        If you have a prayer request that you would like included on this weekly list,

                                                                               please contact Pastor Haan (722-1110 or or the church
GREETERS:          AM                          PM                              office (722-3179 or
TODAY: Garry & Delores Zonnefeld          combined service
        Eric & Rachel Moerman             combined service
JUN 12: Stan & Elaine Altena              Barb Argo/Agnes De Groot
        Jordan & Sarah Mulder             Marv & Dee Mulder

REFRESHMENTS:           Juice                  Coffee
TODAY:          Greg & Rachel S.          Merlin & Shirley R.
JUN 12:         Mike & Pearl S.           Greg & Rachel S.
                 Our Morning Worship Celebration                                  *Closing Song CH #429:2 & 4 (unannounced; screens)                         North Caroline CRC. She is a member of the Kramer/De Jong
                          June 5, 2011                                                They’ll Know We Are Christians”                                        household. Welcome!
                                                                                  Voting from a slate of nominees for deacon                                      The elders are pleased to report that they have accepted the
*Please stand if you are able.                        CCLI #757338                                                                                           personal testimonies that have been recently given by Jonathan Ter
In the litany, please read in unison all lines or sections in bold print.            Ballots handed out
                                                                                     A prayer is offered                                                    Haar and Andrew Ter Haar. They will be making public profession of
PH: Psalter Hymnal; CH: Celebration Hymnal. Please use your Psalter Hymnals
                                                                                     Voting takes place                                                     their faith at the morning service on July 10.
for the songs unless it is indicated on the order of worship that the
words/music are on the screens.                                                   *Dismissal (please place your ballot in an offering bag on your way out)                            ANNOUNCEMENTS
Our Worship Together Begins                                                   Minister of the Word: Pastor Bernie Haan          Organist: Brenda Haan        - TODAY:
   Prelude                                                                    Scripture Reader: Lavonne Bolkema                 Vocalist: Brittany Haan           Please note that immediately after the morning worship service
   Welcome and Announcements                                                                     -------------------------------------------                 we will have a brief congregational meeting to vote for two of the
                                                                                                                                                             following three nominees to fill the deacon term of Brady Fopma who
   Call to Worship                                                            Welcome to Faith Church!               May our worship today be God-           has moved to Sioux Falls: Travis Rayhons, Donald Van Raalte, and Ron
   *Song PH #412:1-3 & 5 “Jesus Shall Reign”                                  glorifying and soul-enriching. Everyone is welcome to join us for a time       Veerbeek. The congregation will be dismissed once the voting has
   *God’s Greeting                                                            of fellowship and refreshments in the fellowship hall after the morning        taken place. After the ballots have been counted the names of the two
                                                                              service.                                                                       nominees receiving the most votes will be placed in an offering bag and
The Service of Consecration                                                                                                                                  one will be selected. This person will be notified and his name will
   Prayer of Confession                                                           Some information to acquaint you with our worship service:                 appear in the June 12 bulletin.
   Assurance of Pardon                                                               Please follow the “Order of Worship” in the bulletin and on the             The Mouw/Kooima household will be having coffee, pop and
   Our Guide for Grateful Living                                                      screen as some of the service is responsive and proceeds               snacks in the youth room downstairs after the morning service. We
                                                                                      unannounced.                                                           will be honoring our graduates and welcoming baby Keith Hoekstra.
   Song Blue PH #237 (screens)
                                                                                     Listening guides are available in the bulletin racks by the north           The Postma/Van Essen household will have a bonfire after the
       “How Shall the Young Direct Their Way?”                                                                                                               evening worship service.
                                                                                      and south entrance doors of the sanctuary, the middle pole of
       *Those in Toddler Church and Children’s Worship are dismissed.+
                                                                                      the fellowship hall, and at the top of the south stairs of the
                                                                                                                                                             - THIS WEEK:
The Proclamation of God’s Word                                                                                                                                   Volunteers to JFA: Tuesday is our day to volunteer. Meet at
                                                                                     For children we offer nursery care for infants through age 2½
   Children’s Moment (for ages 6-10)                                                                                                                         church at 8:30am; we will work from 9:00-noon.
                                                                                      downstairs; toddler church for 2½ to 3 yr. olds in Sunday school
   Reciting Acts 1:8                                                                  rooms 2 & 3; and Children’s Worship for 3 yrs. olds in Sunday          - UPCOMING EVENTS:
   *Song CH #589:1-2 “Here I Am, Lord” (screens)                                      school rooms 10 & 11 and 4-5 yr. olds in rooms 17 & 18. (See                The Van Kley/Fopma household will be getting together next
   Reading of Scripture: 1 Corinthians 3:1-11                                         order of worship indicating when the children are dismissed.)          Sunday, June 12, after the morning service in the youth room. Plan to
   Message: “God’s Fellow Workers”                                                   The morning worship service is aired on Cable Channel 12 on            enjoy some coffee, juice and bars while celebrating our upcoming
   Ministry through Music: “We Are His Hands”                                         Tuesdays at 1:30pm.                                                    weddings and graduates in our household.
                                                                                                                                                                  Lao VBS will be held June 13-17. We are in need of donations of
                                                                                                          WORSHIP NOTES                                      bottled water and cookies or bars for each day. Please bring your
The Service of Devotion                                                            This evening’s service will be held at Covenant CRC as we join with       donations to the church kitchen any or every morning that week.
   Morning Pastoral Prayer                                                    the other CRCs in town for an Ascension Day worship service. The                    Council and facilitators will meet on Monday, June 13.
   *Song CH #446:1, 3 & 4 (screens)                                           offering will be for CRWRC: Spring Storms. A nursery will be available.             Reserve Sunday, June 26, for our annual outdoor worship
       “We’ve a Story to Tell to the Nations”                                      Next Sunday is Pentecost. We will be wrapping up our Missions             service/church picnic. More details in the coming weeks.
   Presentation of our Offerings                                              Awareness Month at the morning service and collecting your cans of                  The mission trip to Argentine has been set for June 30 – July 3,
     for our General Fund                                                    loose change for the cause of missions. We will also be partaking of                                              th
                                                                                                                                                             leaving here after work on the 30 and leaving Kansas City after the
     for the Christian Education Fund                                        the Lord’s Supper; our communion thank offering has been designated            morning worship service on July 3. The cost of the trip will be around
    Preparatory Words for Celebrating the Lord’s Supper                       for the Lao wheelchair fund.                                                   $100/person. Participants must be high school age or older. If you
                                                                                                           CHURCH FAMILY                                     would like more information about the trip please come to the
Our Worship Together Comes to a Close                                             We welcome Sara Holwerda as a new member to our Faith Church               planning meeting on June 12 after the morning worship service. The
   *God’s Parting Blessing                                                    family. Sara’s membership has been received from the Terra Ceia,               group will be responsible for supplying their own materials so if you

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