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Course Outline


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									                      Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)/Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) Course Outline

                               First Year              Second Year                     Third Year                 Fourth Year
                        EED112 Language as       EMR200 PDHPE              EML English Curriculum 2       EMR312 PDHPE
                        Social Practice          Curriculum 1                                             Curriculum 2
                                                                           EMM312 Mathematics
                        EED113 Aboriginal &      PSY201 Research           Curriculum 2                   PSY301 Advanced
    Autumn Semester

                        Multicultural Studies    Methods                                                  Research Methods
                                                                           EMS200 Science &
                        PSY101 Foundations of    PSY202 Developmental      Technology Curriculum 1        PSY304 Psychopathology
                        Psychology 1M            Psychology
                                                                           EPT314 Primary Practicum 3     PSY305 Personality
                        PSY103 Introduction to   PSY208 Biopsychology
                        Psychological Inquiry

                        EPT110 Orientation to
                        the Profession

                        EMH200 Human Society EMM202 Mathematics                EMS312 Science &               EED212 Inclusive
                        & Its Environment          Curriculum 1                Technology Curriculum 2        Education
    Spring Semester

                        Curriculum 1
                                                   EMA200 Creative Arts        EMA312 Creative Arts           EPT319 Practicum 4
                        EML200 English             Curriculum 1                Curriculum 2
                        curriculum 1                                                                          Two from the following:
                                                   EMH312 HSIE 2               PSY203 Social Psychology           - PSY307 Cognition
                        EPT107 Practicum 1:                                                                       - PSY308 Psychology
                        Professional Practice      EPT212 Practicum 2:         PSY204 Psychological                 of Learning
                                                   Discipline & Classroom      Testing                            - PSY303 Psychology
                        PSY102 Foundations of Management                                                            of Language
                        Psychology 2M
                                      Reference: Information Booklet for First Year Internal Students, CSU, 2005.

Christie Burgess                                                              Electronic Portfolio

                   Curriculum is an important part of learning, not only in primary and
                   secondary education, but in tertiary sectors, too. The teaching/psychology
                   degree is organised according to a carefully designed curriculum, which
                   ensures that equal attention is given to various subjects offered by the
                   schools of teacher education and social sciences – therefore, student
                   teachers learn about primary school curriculum according to a specialised
                   curriculum organised by the university.

                   Undergraduate students build up a wealth of knowledge over the course of
                   four years, which is reflected in the numerous assessments and exams
                   that take place over the given period of time. The following link gives an
                   example of the current course outline, within which, a number of curriculum
                   items are conducted.

Christie Burgess                                                         Electronic Portfolio

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