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           MANUAL FOR

                          Manila Office:
            Mercan Canada Employment Philippines Inc.
                Unit 502 Galleria Corporate Center
                EDSA corner Ortigas, Quezon City
                       Tel: +63(2)910-8011
                      Fax: +63(514)910-8014
                                                                Your Career Direction in Canada

                                                                     Licensed               Graduate
                                                                     Practical                Nurse
Dear Candidate:                                                       Nurse                 (CARNA)


You are now on your second step to becoming a bonafide
employee of CAPITAL HEALTH Edmonton- Canada’s premier           Your career direction is to become a Registered Nurse in Canada. You
health organization.                                            will only obtain your license as RN after you have successfully passed
                                                                the College of Registered Nurse Exam (CRNE) in Canada
The following information should guide you in the next steps,
requirements and procedures you need to follow for your         As an entry position in Capital Health, you will assume the job of a
commencement in Canada.                                         License Practical Nurse. This position will enable you to go to Canada
                                                                much faster and process you CARNA credentialing when you land in
You will be guided on your application and processing for the   Canada.
                                                                To become an LPN in Canada, you have to apply for an eligibility.
      I. Your Career direction in Capital Health, Canada        College of License Practical Nurse in Alberta (CLPNA) is the
                                                                credentialing body which facilitates the license needed for you to be
      II. Your visa status is Canada                            able to work for Capital Health. To complete the process, you need to
                                                                take the LPN exam when you land in Canada. (See eligibility application
      III. CLPNA Eligibility Application                        process)

                                                                After obtaining your LPN license in Canada, through the assistance of
      IV. Application for working visa in Canadian              Capital Health and NorQuest College, you will be prepared for the
          Embassy                                               credentialing of College Association of Registered Nurse in Alberta
                                                                (CARNA). When you have successfully finished the credentialing
      V. Pre-deployment preparation                             process you will have your permit as graduate nurse while concurrently
                                                                maintaining your License as LPN.
      VI. Fees and expenses
                                                                The permit issued by CARNA gives you the eligibility to take the
      VII. Visa application for your dependents                 CRNE, which is scheduled three (3) times a year in Edmonton, Alberta.
   Your visa status in Canada                                                 Steps for Visa Application

          Work                    Provincial             Permanent
          Permit                 Nomination               Resident

                                                                                CLPNA             Submit Application
                                                                                                                         Release of Visa     Deployment
                                                                                Letter of           to Canadian                              To Canada
                                                                                                      Embassy            from Embassy
You need to obtain a working visa, issued by Canadian Embassy in                Eligibility
Makati, Phils. to be able to go to Canada. One of the critical required
document is the Labor Market Opinion (LMO). LMO is issued to Capital
Health by Service Canada in Edmonton. As your employer, Capital
                                                                            Your application for visa will begin after you have obtained the CLPNA
Health needs to get an approval from it’s government to hire an
                                                                            Letter of Eligibility. This is a required document to verify that you are
internationally educated nurse. LMO is needed to complete your visa
                                                                            coming in to Canada as an LPN – as indicated in your LMO.
application in Canadian Embassy.
                                                                            To obtain the CLPNA Letter of Eligibility, you must complete the
The LMO indicates the applicant’s name, position applying for, license or
                                                                            application process and submit all required documents - including a
credentialing, education and experience required. If the applicant does
                                                                            successful and valid English Exam.
not meet the requirement, the embassy may refuse to grant a visa.

                                Visa application process is between 12       INSTRUCTIONS FOR LPN ELIGIBITY APPLICATION
                                to 14 weeks. (See procedure for visa
                                application process)                        Step 1
                                                                            Make sure you have submitted the following requirements to Mercan:
                                When you arrive in Canada, after a              • Passport
                                period of 6 months to one year, while           • NBI
                                working as LPN or graduate nurse or             • Birth Certificate
                                RN, you can apply for a Provincial              • Marriage Certificate
                                Nominee Program. Upon approval of               • Copy of IELTS
                                PNP, you are entitled to apply for a            • Resume
                                Permanent Resident status.                      • Photocopy of PRC ID
                                                                                • Copy of valid English Exam
                                         Mercan, as a reputable
                                       immigration firm - will assist       You can take any recognized international English exam. For IELTS,
                                        you in your application for         you have to meet 6.5 overall band score and 7 pts for speaking
                                          Provincial Nomination
                                        Program. The firm will also         *If your English exam is about to expire in the next 2 months, you
                                       assist you and your family in        need to submit all the above requirements as soon as possible
                                       processing your Permanent            so you can immediately apply for the eligibility
                                           Resident application.
                                                                                 BE FILLED BY APPLICANT THEN FORWARD TO EMPLOYER.
                                                                                 SUBMIT TO MERCAN AFTER FORM IS ACCOMPLISHED
      CLPNA Credentialing                                                        E. Verification of Employment
                                                                                 • Fill up the PERSONAL information Section
                                                                                 • Forward the form to your employer to be filled out. Affix employer/
Step 2                                                                             representative’s signature for verification.
    Download CLPNA / NorQuest Application forms at / downloadable forms.                                      Facility Identification
                                                                                     Employment Details (DATES)
                                                                                     For Nursing Hours worked: Indicate approximate total number of
TO BE FILLED BY APPLICANT THEN FORWARD TO MERCAN                                        hours worked.
A. International Student Program Application Form                                         For example, in 1 complete year (40 hrs/wk x 4 wks x 12 months
•     Please fill up this form (typewritten or handwritten in capital letters)            = 1,920 total hours worked per year).
•     Make sure to fill out the following :
          CONTACT INFORMATION                                                    • Forward the form to your employer for signature and verification
                                                                                 SCHOOL SUBMITS DOCUMENT TO CLPNA
     Address (in Canada) : Capital Health Centre
                            7th floor, North Tower, 10030 – 107 Street           F. Request for Nursing Education Transcripts
     City/Province       : Edmonton, Alberta                                     • Fill up the information
     Email Address       :                          • This form serves as a request for your TOR and RLE from your school
     Tel                 : (780) 735-0606                                          to be sent to CLPNA. The address is indicated in the form. You may
                                                                                   however, also send the TOR & RLE on your own to CLPNA after
•     Sign the DECLARATION portion.                                                the institution has released the documents. Just make sure that the
                                                                                   return address indicated is to your school and the documents are
B. Consent for Use and Disclosure of Personal Information                          mailed through the post office of the same zip code as your school.
•    Applicants legal name, your date of birth, your signature and date
                                                                                 FOR NCLEX PASSERS :
C. Personal Declaration                                                          G. Verification of US License
•     Complete the required information and sign/ date                           • NCLEX passers are given reciprocity by CLPNA. Applicants are
                                                                                    exempted in taking an LPN exam in Canada
TO BE FILLED BY APPLICANT THEN FORWARD TO MERCAN FOR                             • Fill out the form, submit to your state board.
    PRC PROCESSING                                                               • Pay necessary fees requested by state board
                                                                                 • Inform Mercan on the date you will submit your verification to US
D. Verification of Registration                                                     state board.
•       Fill up the ONLY the PERSONAL Section
                                                                                 Contact Person : Kriz Mendoza (Processing Officer)
Do not fill out the section for REGISTRATION/ BOARD COUNCIL                             

                                                                                 •Note: The Verification of Employment is also used by Capital Health to
*Please pay P500.00 for rush PRC processing. (P420.00 is payable to PRC and
                                                                                        verify the total number of years experience as indicated in your
      P80.00 for group courier.
                                                                                        contract. Your salary may be adjusted to a lower rate if you can
                                                                                        not provide validation through the verification.
      CLPNA Credentialing                                                    Application for working visa at CIC

       FORMS                     TO BE                    SUBMIT TO            Requirements for Citizenship Immigration Canada
                            ACCOMPLISHED BY:
                                                                               (Canadian Embassy) for working visa application
A. International          Applicant                  Mercan
   Student Program                                                             • *Updated Resume (embassy format)
   Application Form                                                            • Passport valid for 2.5 years upon submission to embassy
                                                                               • 10 pcs Passport sized picture (blue or white background)
B. Consent for Use        Applicant                  Mercan                    • **Certificate of employment (for last 10 years of employment)
   and Disclosure of                                                           • Original PRC Certificate and board rating
   Personal                                                                    • Certified True Photocopy of PRC ID
                                                                               • NBI Clearance for travel abroad (must be taken in last 3 months before
C. Personal               Applicant                  Mercan                       submitting to embassy)
   Declaration                                                                 • College Transcript of Records and Related Learning Experience
                                                                               • Diploma for College and High school
D. Verification of        Applicant and PRC          Mercan submits to         • Birth Certificate from NSO
   Registration                                      PRC
                                                                               • Marriage Certificate from NSO
E. Verification of        Applicant and              Employer then to          • Labor Market Opinion
   Employment             Employer                   Mercan                    • Letter of Eligibility from CLPNA

F. Request for            Applicant and School       School then to CLPNA      Note:
   Nursing Education
   Transcripts                                                                 *See sample format at downloadable forms.
                                                                               **Certificates of employment include jobs that are not related to nursing.
F. *Verification of US    Applicant and School       School then to CLPNA        For those who worked as private duty nurse must obtain a certificate of
                                                                                 employment from the patient.

 After accomplishing ALL the CLPNA requirements, the credentialing body
 Issues a “Letter of Eligibility”.
                                                                                  Summit the above documents with 2 duplicate (photo) copies.
 The Letter of Eligibility is required by the embassy to complete the visa        Original documents must be placed in a clear book. Please provide
 application process.                                                             1 long brown envelop for the duplicate copies. All original
                                                                                  documents will be returned by the embassy when the visa is

  * F : Not applicable for Non NCLEX Passers
Application for working visa at CIC                                           Pre Deployment Preparation

  Stages of your application in Canadian Embassy (CIC)                      Before your deployment to Canada, it is a must that you complete pre-
                                                                            employment requirement of Capital Health.

                                                                            • Work Permit (Obtained in Port-of-Entry, Vancouver)
                                                                            • Reference Check (download forms from
  Submission                   Medical                   Release
                                                                            • NBI Clearance (valid for 6 months upon landing to Canada)
    to CIC                      Exam                     Of VISA
                                                                            • CPR/ BLS Certificate (should be valid for 2 years upon landing to Canada)
                                                                            • Immunization [Measles only] Doctor’s Certificate or record book
                             Medical Referral
                             from CIC is sent                               After the release of your visa, you need to accomplish the
                             to Applicant                                   following:
                             through Mercan                                     • Philippine Pre departure Orientation (PDOS)
                                                                                • OEC : Clearance from POEA
                                                                                • Mercan Pre deployment orientation

  Timeline for visa processing is around 12 to 14 weeks. Required
  documents and embassy fee must be completed for the visa application.     PRE DEPLOYMENT FEES
  Release of Medical referral is from 3 to 5 weeks after submission of
  requirements to CIC.                                                          PDOS fee is P 100.00
                                                                                *OEC fee is P 2,300.00
                                                                                Airfare is covered by Capital Health
                                                                            *Subject to increase. Amount is dictated by POEA

      EMBASSY FEES                                                                                 To be provided by the Nurse:
      Total embassy fee is 7,100.00 PhP                                       • Scrub Suit       : At least 3 sets, any color (no company logo)
               Payment covers the following:                                  • White shoes      : Rubber sole
               • Payment for visa application (multiple entry)                • Stethoscope
               • Bank draft
               • Courier Fee (embassy pick up)
               • Communication charges for embassy scheduling             Visa Application of your Dependents

                                                                              Your spouse/ common law partner and children may obtain visa
                                                                               to follow you in Canada. It is best that they apply for visa after you
        Mercan Canada does not charge Placement fees                          land in Canada and has obtained your license as LPN.

                                                                              Application forms are available in
                                                                              downloadable forms/ spousal visa
                                  REQUIREMENTS SUMMARY CHECKLIST

For Provincial Applicants:
Send documents to Mercan office via courier :   First come first served – first to complete, first to be processed

HEALTHCARE VISA PROCESSING SECTION              * Commencement date subject to change (may be earlier that stipulated in
Unit 502 Galleria Corporate Center              the contract)
EDSA cor Ortigas Ave. Quezon City

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