HABITAT CHAT
                                                                                          Fall 2006

        Great News - Two More Families Are Homeowners!
                                                         Orleans. Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
                                                         provided seventy percent of the construction
                                                         costs for the Nguyen/Tran house.
                                                         Both families had to complete between 250-
                                                         350 hours of sweat equity before they were
                                                         allowed to purchase a Habitat home. This
                                                         sweat equity included working at the
                                                         construction site and taking classes on
                                                         budgeting,    yard     care,     and     home
                                                         maintenance. Habitat for Humanity sold the
                                                         homes through a zero-interest mortgage and
The Cleveland family attaches house
                                                         charges the families for the actual cost of the
numbers to their new home at 2506 B                      home, not the market value.
Jackson Street. Executive Director, Margaret             A house dedication for the Cleveland family
Stamp, celebrates another success.
                                                         occurred on September 17th and the Nguyen
Habitat for Humanity of Sarpy County made                family on Nov. 19th at 2506 A Jackson St.
the dream of becoming homeowners a
reality this fall when they had not one – but
two – house closings! The Cleveland and
Nguyen families now own homes thanks to
donors and volunteers, who worked together
for the common goal of providing simple,
decent homes that low-income families can
The two families live in a townhouse at
2506 Jackson St. in Bellevue. Mendie
Cleveland lives there with her two children.
Thanh Nguyen and his wife, Ngau Tran,                    The Nguyen family accepts the keys to their
also have two children. The Nguyen family                new home from Ron Begg. Board President,
moved to Bellevue last year after Hurricane              Ivna Johnson, represented Habitat for
Katrina destroyed the home, which they had               Humanity of Sarpy County.
just purchased a few months before in New

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Officers                            EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORT
Ivna Johnson             I want to take this opportunity to tell you about a way you may wish your
Vice President           friends and family a Merry Christmas while supporting Habitat for
Ron Begg                 Humanity of Sarpy County.
Deb Stinn                This holiday season, we are selling Christmas cards designed by children
Treasurer                who are either living in a Habitat home or who are waiting to move into a
Bill Ernst               Habitat home.
Board of Directors
Ray Anderson             There are five designs of cards that are available and on the back of each
Cynthia Arbaugh          card is information about the child who designed the card. And remember,
Jim Arbuckle             each card was designed by a child being helped by Habitat for Humanity of
Pam Bails                Sarpy County! The age range of the children who designed the cards is from
Ron Begg                 four years old to nine years old.
Tim Burke
Betty Cartwright         The sayings inside the cards include:
William Ernst              Merry Christmas
JoAnn Fryman               Wishing you a holiday season filled with love, laughter, and joy!
Ivna Johnson               Happy Holidays!
Kevin Ommen                Wishing you a Merry Christmas!
Catherine A. Segelberg
                           May the Lord bless you this Christmas with love, laughter and joy!
Annick Smith
Deb Stinn                The cards are $5.00 for a pack of five, so you get one of each design.
Richard Thomas
                         Proceeds from the card sales will go to help build more Habitat homes in
Mike Zens
                         Sarpy County that low-income families are able to afford.
Committee Chairs
Church Relations         To purchase the Christmas cards, please send your payment with the form
Unfilled                 below or stop by the Habitat for Humanity of Sarpy County office. Address
Celebrations             and phone information is located at the bottom of this page.
Erlene Chloupek
Jean Hankins             I hope that you will find it in your heart to send Christmas cards this year
Development              that will help Habitat for Humanity of Sarpy County continue to build
Unfilled                 affordable shelter so that more children have a simple, decent, and safe
                         place to call home.
Family Selection
Kris Richt               Thanks to an anonymous donor, the printing of the cards and the card paper
Family Support           and envelopes were a donation. Therefore 100% of the sale price goes
Carol Teske              toward building more Habitat homes in Sarpy County.
Site Selection
John Taylor
Ann Boepple              I have enclosed $______ to purchase _____ packs of Christmas cards. Cards
Construction             sold in packs of 5. (for orders of 5 or more packs, please add $1 per pack for
Jim Arbuckle             shipping/handling)
                         Please send the cards to:
                         Name: ______________________________________________
Mike Zens
                         Address: ____________________________________________
Volunteers               City: __________________State:_______Zip: _____________
Office Manager           Telephone: ________________________
Blanche Deal                 • 119 West Mission Avenue
Staff                        • (402) 292-6560
Executive Director           • Office Hours: Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Margaret Stamp               • Web Site: www.hfhsarpy.org
                             • E-Mail: sarpyhabitat@qwest.net

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                                   IVNA JOHNSON

In the spring, we lost a very special person whom many of us called the heart and soul of Habitat
for Humanity – Art Goodrich. Art was a founding father of our affiliate. Since 1994, he served
eight years on the Board, three of those years as treasurer and then as assistant treasurer. He
served on the site selection committee, spent hundreds of hours laboring on the building sites,
and assisted many families through the closing procedures.
But these are just facts. How do I describe a quiet, unassuming man who was the bedrock, heart,
and conscience of our affiliate? Yes, he was kind, patient, and hard-working, but he was much
more. As one longtime co-worker remarked “he had an ability to get us back on track.” There are
many different voices and opinions in every organization, but Art never wavered from the
Habitat vision and could bring differing points of view back to consensus. Art, we all miss you
as the exemplary volunteer that you were.
So much has happened since our last newsletter. It has been the most exciting time that I can
remember in my many years of Habitat involvement. Exciting, yes, but also very busy: two
families housed and one to receive a house this month and one in early December (what a
Christmas present).
But the big news is the beginning of our Rose Lane development. Our Spring newsletter showed
us ground-breaking. Now we have a 106-year-old farmhouse on it that we will restore and sell as
a fund-raiser. Another donated house that we are rehabilitating is expected to house a family
early in 2007. Included in this newsletter is a request for your financial assistance in the
restoration of the farmhouse. I do hope you will prayerfully consider a contribution. As I say in
the letter, this is a very big project for us, one in which we really did step out in faith to
accomplish. It is also most gratifying to see the farmhouse being restored. So much of the upper
level had to be removed to facilitate passage under overhead objects, but as I write this the
dormers and roofline are taking shape again. Work goes on every day as we are in a race to get it
roofed before real winter sets in. Drive by and watch our progress. Volunteer to help by calling
the office – but please help this work with your contributions, large or small. Each gift will be
accepted with gratitude.
Lastly, I want to thank our Executive Director, Margaret Stamp; Jerry Swanson, construction
supervisor; committee chairs, and the many, many volunteers who have labored this summer.
This has been an exceptional few months. We’ve never been so active. So much to celebrate, so
many problems to be solved, so much to do – if you’re not part of our volunteer force, we have a
place for you. We’re not all builders, but we are laborers in the Lord’s vineyard.

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                             Tea and “Purses" Fundraiser
Enjoy your tea and goodies and bid on a purse! What surprise is in the “bag?” Jewelry? Gift
certificates? If you make the right bid, you’ll find out!

Habitat for Humanity of Sarpy County will be having a Tea and “Purses” fundraiser on Saturday,
Dec. 9, 2006, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church, located at 1220 Bellevue Blvd.
South in Bellevue.

Tea and “Purses” will feature a special purse auction, where at least 25 new purses in various
styles and colors will be auctioned off. Hidden surprises inside the purses include gift
certificates to Shopko, Applebees, Wal-Mart, Rebecca’s Indian Trading Post, and many other
places! Erwin’s Jewelry has donated a $50.00 gift certificate. We also have tickets to the
Bellevue Little Theatre, a one-night stay in a theme-room at Settle Inn and Suites in Bellevue,
and a two-night stay in the whirlpool suite at Holiday Inn and Suites in Bellevue. Or you may be
the lucky purchaser of day passes to Lauritzen Gardens, or tickets to a concert at the Omaha

Entertainment will include an oral reading of the heartwarming story, “A Cup of Christmas Tea,”
written by Tom Hegg.

Ticket price is $10 and tickets are available through the Habitat for Humanity of Sarpy County
Office. To purchase tickets, mail check or money order to the office or stop by during office
hours, Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Have a prize to donate for the purse auction? Want to join the volunteer committee that is
planning this fund raiser? Please contact us at 292-6560 or email sarpyhabitat@qwest.net.

All proceeds from this event will go to Habitat for Humanity of Sarpy County, which strives to
build homes that low-income families can afford.

                                    TICKET ORDER FORM
Enclosed is my payment of $_______ to purchase _____ tickets for the Tea and “Purses”
Please mail my tickets to:
Name: _______________________________________
Address: _____________________________________
City: _______________ State: _____ Zip: __________

Send this form to: Habitat for Humanity of Sarpy County, 119 W. Mission Ave., Suite F,
Bellevue, NE 68005. Thank you !!!!

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              Groundbreaking for Two Habitat for Humanity Homes
Habitat for Humanity of Sarpy County broke               for Habitat, called “sweat equity hours,” and
ground for two homes on August 27, 2006,                 they must successfully complete courses on
at 2 p.m. on Rose Lane Road in Bellevue.                 home and yard maintenance and budgeting.
This was a new beginning for two families,
one of whom left their hometown because of               One of the families Habitat broke ground for
Hurricane Katrina. “Our affiliate is excited             is the Sharone Taylor family. The Taylors
to be partnering with both families.” said               are currently living in a trailer they own in
Margaret Stamp, Executive Director.                      Plattsmouth. The single mother of two, ages
                                                         9 and 3, works in Bellevue. Problems with
                                                         their trailer include a sewer line that
                                                         frequently disconnects, a broken furnace,
                                                         and floors of only baseboard. Tentative
                                                         construction plans have the Taylor’s Habitat
                                                         home ready to purchase in December.
                                                         The other family is the Richard and Allison
                                                         Sauer family. The Sauers came to Bellevue
                                                         after the home they were renting in
                                                         Mississippi was destroyed by Hurricane
                                                         Katrina. The Sauers have two children, ages
                                                         16 and 13, and currently live with Allison
The Groundbreaking Celebration took place                Sauer’s brother, residing in the basement.
on Rose Lane Road, near 25th Street in                   This is the second hurricane family with
Bellevue, where Habitat recently purchased               whom our affiliate has partnered. The
nine lots. Bellevue Mayor Jerry Ryan,                    Sauer’s Habitat home is tentatively planned
Councilman John Ott, Board members, and                  to be ready for purchase in late spring, 2007.
prospective home owners participated in the
By using volunteer labor as much as
possible and getting donated materials,
Habitat for Humanity builds simple, decent
homes in Sarpy County that low-income
families can afford. Sarpy Habitat then sells
the homes to partner families with a no-
interest loan. Before purchasing a Habitat
home, partner families must complete
between 250-350 hours of volunteer work

Directions on how to get to the nine lots on Rose Lane: Take Cornhusker to 25th Street and turn
North on 25th Street. Travel about a mile on 25th Street and Rose Lane Road will be on the west
side of the street. If you hit Childs Road, you have gone too far. Turn onto Rose Lane Road.

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                             GROUNDBREAKERS’ CLUB
Habitat for Humanity of Sarpy County would like to thank the following people for joining our
Groundbreakers’ Club. Members of this club pledge to donate $50 or more each time we break
Lorraine Hahn      Eugene and Betty Cash               Jim and Susan Tracy       Gloria Mills
Gina Ogle          Thomas and Beverly Fleckton         Gerald and Nancy Becker

                          KIWANIS PRAYER BREAKFAST
The Kiwanis Club of Bellevue and Cross Trek Men’s Ministry held a Prayer Breakfast fundraiser
on May 9, 2006, and donated $1,075.24 to Habitat for Humanity of Sarpy County. We
appreciate their support.

Executive Director, Margaret Stamp, accepts            Lois Kreikemeir, owner of a Habitat house,
a check from Bill O’Donnell, President of              spoke at the event and created the special
the Kiwanis Club of Bellevue and Cross                 display that she is showing John Taylor, a
Trek Ministry representatives, Robert                  long-time, active member of Habitat for
Madden and Dave Larson.                                Humanity.

                Papillion South Students Head to Biloxi, Mississippi
Habitat for Humanity of Sarpy County made it possible for one local youth to help rebuild her
father’s hometown of Biloxi, Mississippi. Kelley Phillips, a junior at Papillion South High
School, arranged to travel to Biloxi with five peers and two chaperones in a hurricane rebuilding
effort. The teenagers left July 31 and returned August 6th. Our affiliate used money from a
Hurricane Katrina fundraiser to send the youths on the trip.
Phillips, age 16, completed this project to earn her Gold Star Award through Girl Scouts. Phillips
chose to earn the award by arranging for her and her peers to help rebuild Biloxi, Mississippi that
is where her father grew up and where her grandparents still live. To earn the award, Phillips
had to plan the trip, make all the travel arrangements, and raise the necessary funds.
In addition to providing funds for the trip, Habitat arranged for a volunteer and a construction
guide to accompanying the group. Phillips’ mother also went on the trip. In Biloxi, the Habitat
volunteers worked side-by-side with Hope Force International volunteers to rebuild what the
hurricane destroyed.
“Habitat for Humanity of Sarpy County is pleased to have the opportunity to help these teenagers
have a positive impact by rebuilding the homes and lives of those in Biloxi, Mississippi,” said
Executive Director Margaret Stamp.
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America First Communities
Burlington Capital Group
E & A Consultants
Great Western Bank
Hoich Enterprises
Holland Basham Architects
Kiewit Construction Company
Kutak Rock, Llp
McCallie Associates
Northrop Grumman
Sac Federal Credit Union
Science Applications International
Sierra Nevada Corporation

Alan Baer Foundation                               We would like to thank everyone who
                                                   made our second annual auction on
INDIVIDUAL DONORS                                  April 8, 2006, a success! Through all
Jim & Pam Arbuckle
Roberta Behm
                                                   the generous donations, we were able
Bill & Linda Ernst                                 to raise about $35,000 that will be
Mel & Meme Schantz                                 used for building homes that low-
                                                   income families are able to afford.

  Donations: March 2006 – November 2006

  In Memory of: In Memory of:

  Art Goodrich                               Teresa Givens
  Mary Kral                                  Jane Thompson
  Mary Frances Jenkins
  Make a donation in honor/memory of someone you love by sending a donation to Habitat
  for Humanity of Sarpy County, 119 W. Mission Ave., Suite F, Bellevue, NE 68005.

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                                     “Bowl to Build”

Betz Elementary School sponsored the “Bowl to Build” fundraiser on May 13, 2006. Teachers
organized the event asking students to obtain pledges of a penny per point bowled, and they
raised $1,750!!! Thank you Betz Elementary!!!

         Left to Right: Sierra Garth; Kyle Hadfield; Sixth Grade Teacher John Campbell;
         Matt Fenster, Principal; Debbie DeLong, Third Grade Teacher; and Fifth Grade
         Teacher Robert Baker

                                         PO Box 1664
                                      Bellevue, NE 68005

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                                   Large Moving Project

Dear Habitat Supporter:
A very exciting event occurred at midnight, Oct 2nd/3rd! Habitat for Humanity of Sarpy County
moved a donated, 106-year-old farmhouse from 25th and Hwy 370, the site of a new UNMC
hospital, to its new location on Rose Lane in Bellevue. Much of the second floor had to be
demolished so that the house would pass safely under power lines during the move. Work has
now begun to restore this old house to its former glory.
We have been asked why we accepted such a large project and will the renovated farmhouse be
sold to a Habitat family? Many of us within the organization feel a particular pride in being able
to preserve and restore this little part of Sarpy County history. After renovation, we plan to sell
the house on the open market to raise funds to help pay for the expensive lots that we purchased
on Rose Lane. Land is far from cheap in Sarpy Country and it is difficult for us who depend
solely on donations and grants to find land suitable for fulfilling our mission.
Those of you who have an experience in remodeling will know that costs always exceed
projections. Therefore, we are writing to you in hope that you will be able to contribute to the
restoration of this century-old farmhouse. By contributing you can help in two ways: first, by
preserving part of our history which, if Habitat had not responded, would have been destroyed
and, secondly, by providing deserving families with the means to purchase basic, interest-free,
decent homes.
As always, contributions will be gratefully received and are fully tax deductible as we are a
501c3 charitable organization. Our federal tax identification number is 47-0788757. Please
make your checks payable to Habitat for Humanity of Sarpy County. Please send contributions
Habitat for Humanity of Sarpy County
P.O. Box 1664
Bellevue NE 680805
Habitat invites you stop by to see the restoration project. Rose Lane is about mile north of
Cornhusker Road between 25th Street and Cedar Island Road.

                                                           Ivna Johnson, President
                                                           Habitat for Humanity of Sarpy County

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