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					                                          H ow has the applic ation               Now
                                                                                 l	    U.S. citizens must
                                          pro cess changed?                       prove their citizenship
                                          Before September 2006, people           when applying for                                                       Medicaid Citizenship
                                          applying for Medicaid could simply      M edic aid.                                                             Requirements for
                                          check a box stating they were U.S.
                                          citizens without showing documents     • U.S. citizens need to prove                                            U.S. Citizens
                                          to prove it. Now, applicants must       citizenship only one time.
                                          show official proof they are U.S.
                                                                                  Casewor k ers
                                                                                 l	             must help
                                          citizens or legal aliens before they
                                          can be approved for Medicaid.           M edic aid applic ants get
By law, everyone applying for                                                     the pro of they need.
Medicaid must establish legal             What if I c annot provide
citizenship or be a legal alien.          do cuments to prove U.S.
H ow o f te n d o I n e e d to                                                    For more infor mation c all the
                                          Your caseworker must give you time
prove my U . S . c i t i ze n s h i p ?   to provide documents that show           M edic aid Consumer H otline:
                                          U.S. citizenship if you do not have                    1-800-324-8680
In Ohio, you need to prove your           proof on hand when you apply.
U.S. citizenship only one time.           New applicants cannot be eligible      T T Y/TDD for hearing impaired:
                                          for Medicaid benefits unless they
Can I g e t h e l p f ro m my             meet the requirement. Reapplying                       1-800-292-3572
c asewo r k e r ?                         applicants must meet this
                                          requirement in order for benefits
Yes, your caseworker must help            to continue.
you get the correct documents
to prove U.S. citizenship. Please         Who do es not need pro of of
see the chart on the inside
for more information about
                                          U.S. citizenship?                                                                                               One-time proof of
which documents meet the                  People applying for Disability                                                                                  citizenship required
requirement.                              Medical Assistance, enrolled in
                                          Medicare, receiving Supplemental                                                                                for Medicaid
                                          Security Income or applying                          Ted Strickland, Governor
                                          for Alien Emergency Medical                       Helen E. Jones-Kelley, Director
                                          Assistance do not need to meet the                 Equal Opportunity Employer

                                          requirement. See Rule 5101:1-38-02                
                                          for more exceptions.                                       JFS 08213 (5/2007)
                                                                                   This information is not intended to replace, change or obsolete any
                                                                                   portion of the Medicaid Eligibility Manual (MEM) or department rule.
                                                                                    Additional copies can be requested by faxing to: (614) 728-7724.                     ohio medicaid
                                          You will need one Citizenship D o c u m e nt
What d o c u m e nt s c a n I u s e       One document from this list will fully satisfy the U.S. citizenship verification   Civil Rights Contact
                                          requirement. Naturalized citizens can only use these documents.
to prove U . S . c i t i ze n s h i p ?
                                          This is an all-inclusive list.                                                     If you feel discriminated
The following chart will explain          U.S. Passport                                                                      against, send your
what documents you can use to                                                                                                complaint to:
                                          Certificate of Naturalization (N-550 or N-570)
prove U.S. citizenship. These                                                                                                            Civil Rights
documents must be originals               Certificate of United States Citizenship (N-650 or N-561)
                                                                                                                             Ohio Dept. of Job & Family Services
or copies certified by the                Other specified documents *
originating agency.                                                                                                             150 E. Gay Street, 18th Floor
                                          Or one B ir th D o cument and o n e I d e nt i t y D o c u m e nt                       Columbus, OH 43215-3130
                                          If you cannot provide a document listed above, you must provide one
                                          birth document and one identity document to satisfy the U.S. citizenship
                                          verification requirement.

                                          B ir th D o cuments                          I d e nt i t y D o c u m e nt s
                                          U.S. Birth Certificate                       Government-issued I.D.                State Hearings
                                                                                       (with photo)
                                          U.S. National I.D. Card (I-197 or I-179)                                           Contact
                                                                                       State-issued driver’s license
                                          Report of birth abroad of a United           (with photo)                          If you do not agree with an
                                          States citizen (FS-240)
                                                                                                                             action or a decision on your
                                                                                       U.S. Military dependent’s I.D. card
                                          Other specified documents *                                                        benefits, including health
                                                                                       U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner     care you may contact:
                                                                                       Native American tribal document                 choose option 1
                                                                                       For children younger than 16
                                                                                       years of age:
                                            * Any other documents                      A school record, school I.D., or
                                            specified by the Secretary of              report card
                                            the Department of Health and
                                            Human Services, by regulation,             A day-care or nursery school
                                            that provide proof of U.S.                 record
                                            citizenship and a reliable means
                                            of documentation of personal               An affidavit completed by a parent
                                            identity.                                  or guardian

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