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					LIST: ONE                                          Petition For Stay Of Deportation for Onsy and Fadia Zachary                                                  p. 1 of 16

Petition For Stay Of Deportation for Onsy and Fadia Zachary URGENT ACTION REQUIRED We, the undersigned urge you to stay the deportation of Onsy and
Fadia Zachary. They are an elderly couple who escaped from Egypt in the early 1970’s. Onsy and Fadia are Christian Coptic Orthodox and Onsy was in the
Egyptian army where he was imprisoned and tortured when he refused to convert his faith to Islam. In February 1998, Onsy and Fadia came to live and work here
in the US after being granted a work Visa (H-1B) only to discover that they were given incorrect legal advice by the US immigration attorney that filed the H-1 B
petition for them. This prevented them from being able to acquire and utilize the rights they were given under that Visa. Throughout the years, Onsy and Fadia tried
every effort to achieve legal status in the US but have been unsuccessful. Through a convoluted and tragic series of events and ruthless actions taken by Onsy’s
brother who lives in the US, after a falling out between the two brothers, Onsy was charged with a crime he did not commit. Onsy waited for over three years for his
trial to clear his name and allow him to pursue other options that would
allow him to stay in the US legally. Onsy’s criminal trial finally took place. The prosecution had no evidence to present; Onsy’s trial was mostly
about his immigration status and how he was an Egyptian illegal alien. Onsy was convicted for the crime that he did not commit. Onsy’s trial took
place shortly after 9-11. Onsy, who is confined to a wheel chair, has been incarcerated for the past five years. Onsy is an innocent man and has
been a victim of a great miscarriage of justice. Onsy will finish his sentence in September 2007 and if nothing is done, will be deported back to
Egypt where he and his wife will be tortured. In addition to fleeing from the army and escaping the country, Onsy and his wife filed asylum here in
the US claiming religious persecution. That alone makes them an ”Enemy of the Government” of Egypt. Egypt, according to the US State
Department, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other reliable sources, routinely uses torture. For the past several years, Onsy’s
family have been trying to get Onsy’s criminal case to an attorney who can right the injustice done to Onsy and overturn the conviction allowing him
to pursue his immigration options. Onsy’s case was recently reviewed and taken by one of
top criminal defense attorneys. The attorney feels that Onsy has a rather substantial case and a good chance to overturn the conviction and
exonerate Onsy. Onsy’s case was also recently sponsored by the National Center for Reason and Justice. They are a national non-profit group
who sponsor only a very small number of cases for the wrongfully convicted only when they believe that the person convicted is truly innocent.
Onsy’s criminal case is fervently being worked on and time is all that is required to overturn his conviction and clear his name. This will never give
him or his wife back any of the time they lost or the suffering they have endured, but it will open the doors for them through immigration to keep
them in the US safe from torture in Egypt. Onsy and Fadia have already suffered grievous injustice. They are terrified of being sent back to Egypt.
This elderly couple are good people, devout Christians who just want to live out the rest of their lives together in peace and safety here in the US.
Because of their immigration status, this exceptionally loving couple have not been able to see each other forthe past five years. They have their
own apartment and both were members of the church (Fadia is still currently), they

have many friends who love and support them, and believe in Onsy’s innocence. We, the undersigned ask that Onsy and Fadia’s deportation
order be stayed and allow Onsy to be free during that time. This will allow for time for Onsy’s attorney to overturn the unjust conviction and allow
Onsy the opportunity to be vindicated. This will also allow Onsy and his wife to pursue options to legally stay in the US where they can hopefully
rebuild a life, establish a business as they had previously, and fully become part of the community that has already embraced them.

iD     NAME                                 EMAIL                                    COMMENTS
     1 Abbey Morrissey                                 fadia
     2 Abenyusuf                                         Freedom!No more torture in Egypt!Thank you.
     3 Adam M. Helfgott                       Amnesty NOW!!! Stop Deportations.
     4 alda kalberer                                    Please keep Onsy and Fadia in the US.
LIST: ONE                             Petition For Stay Of Deportation for Onsy and Fadia Zachary                                         p. 2 of 16

    5 Alicia Amezcua-Rodriguez        -
                                                                    I hope the government will not further the injustice done to this
                                                                    innocent man and his wife by deporting them. Please stay the
                                                                    deportation order while he appeals his conviction, this time with
    6 Alix Shulman                     adequate legal counsel.
    7 Alli                             Free them!!
    8 Andrea Richardson             Please help this man have a fair chance at justice.
    9 Andrea Stoney                        Please give this man a chance to have his story heard.
   10 Andres Muro                          Do not deport!
                                                                    I know Fadia and she is a kind wonderful person. She has an
                                                                    enormous heart and would help anyone. Please let them live in peace.
   11 Anjoul Tarshahani                 Help her husband to be free and have a good life in the US.
                                                                    I would like to see time given so that the attorney can prove Onsy
                                                                    innocent. Why send him back to be tortured for trying to make a life
   12 Ann Marchand                      here in the US. We allow others to stay
   13 Anna Amezcua                   please do not deport Onsy and Fadia Zachary
                                                                    Please do your utmost to stay this man's deportation, in order to allow
   14 Anne R. Bass                           him to appeal his criminal conviction.
   15 Antony Schofield                  Stop this unjust deportation!
                                                                    USCIS:Please grant the couple more time to adjust their status.Thank
   16 Atef R Jacoub                      you
                                                                    Please do not send this couple back to Egypt.. Let them live out their
   17 Barrett L. Somdahl                   short lives on earth in peace. Thank you and God Bless
                                                                    I believe this couple should be allowed to remain in the US. They
                                                                    have lost so many of their final years together. We in the US allow
                                                                    freedom of religiion where so many other countries still do not. I also
                                                                    do not believe Onsey committed a sex crime against his niece. I do
                                                                    believe Onsy's brother benefited financially by having his brother sent
   18 Beatrice R. Sa'                        to jail. Justice is not served by injustice.
   19 Betsy Schneider                  He must be offered the chance for a fair trial.
   20 BJ                              Please allow this man to live out his final years in peace!
   21 Bob Chatelle                       Hoping for your freedom and exoneration.
   22 Bob Hadge                            Please help stop this injustice and free this christian man.
                                                                    It is way past time for our country, and its representatives on all levels
                                                                    of government, to listen carefully. These are real people facing real
   23 Bobby Byrd                     dire circumstances.
   24 Breanna James                 save onsyyyyy
LIST: ONE                        Petition For Stay Of Deportation for Onsy and Fadia Zachary                                         p. 3 of 16

   25 Brett Morris                     Please do not deport these people!
                                                               please help Onsy and Fadia : don't let them get hurt help them find a
                                                               little grain of life to hold on to and a chance at a happy ending . Thank
   26 Brian Hirschman                you.
   27 Bruce Clairmont               -
   28 Camille Patton       Exonorate Onsy. Let Justice be served.
   29 Carol Hopkins                  Please stop this illegal and outrageous deportation.
                                                               For the sake of the America that once was honored around the world,
                                                               please stay this cruel order of deportation and treat this man in a
   30 Carol Tavris              decent, humanitarian way.
                                                               These unfortunate people have suffered enough. They have done
   31 Carol Weissbrod                   nothing wrong and they deserve to be allowed to stay in this country.
                                                               Please let the Zachary's stay in America. It will be a disgrace for
                                                               America if we send them back to Egypt where they will surely be
   32 Carole Scott             tortured and probably killed.
   33 Catherine Zielinski            Thank you
                                                               I absolutely believe that onsy is innocent. although i do not personally
                                                               know onsy, i know his wife fadia. Fadia is the kindest woman who has
                                                               the biggest heart. She is a down to earth lady and i trust her with my
                                                               life. Everyone who meets her, loves her because keeps you smiling.
                                                               Please do everythign you can to keep them here. They mean the
   34 Catherine Zielinski                  world to me. love you fadia and onsy. , Cate
   35 Charlie Butts         Charlie ButtsReligion EditorUSA Radio Network
   36 Cheryl Osenga           I pray that someone will actually listen, and do what is right.
   37 Christian Rimkus            Please help.
   38 Christopher Lamal                   Please stay Onsy's deportation order
                                                               IS ANYTHING TO HARD FOR THE L-RD, SAYS THE L-RD.
   39 cindee                     GENESIS 18:14
   40 Claudia Hommel             Legalization now!
   41 Clifford Riverah      Shalom
   42 Dan Foley                Keep them in the country. Make them citizens.
   43 Danell Lanciotti            good luck!!
   44 Danette Chavez           None.
   45 Daniel Lazare                   Thank you for notifying me about this case.
   46 Dave Sederquist                   xxx
                                                               We should always stand against injustice or wait in line for the gas
   47 David Hoech             chamber thanking those who have provided us a shower!
LIST: ONE                                   Petition For Stay Of Deportation for Onsy and Fadia Zachary                                         p. 4 of 16

   48 Deborah Nathan                            xxx
   49 Denise Kamel                        Save Onsy
                                                                          Please free Onsy and allow him and his wife to live in freedom and
   50 dennis bowen                        practice their religion as our constitution specifically allows.
                                                                          I give my full support to the cause of Onsy and deferment of his
   51 Dhyana Fernandez                 deportation.
   52 Dillon Myers                       I am praying for you
                                                                          Dear Sir         Please ,please, this poor Christian
                                                                          couple.May the Lord bless America and protect His people.Thank
   53 Dr . M.Mina                        you.... Dr M.Mina
                                                                          To Whom It May Concenrn:I implore you to grant a stay of this Onsy's
                                                                          and Fadia's deportation order. Torture is inhuman and they deserve a
                                                                          chance to have their case further reviewed.For goodness sake, once
                                                                          again I implore you to grant them that reprieve.Sincerely,Dr. Francisco
   54 Dr. Francisco Javier Iribarren              Javier Iribarren
   55 Dr. Franklin Lamb                         I support a new hearing with competent representation.
                                                                          Please do not endanger this mans life; he has suffered undeservedly
   56 Dr. Ronnie Schenkein                  enough already.
                                                                          There can be no harm in staying a deportation, especially if such a
   57 Dr. Wayne Klug                       stay ensures justice.
   58 Earlene Talley                    Prayers are with you!
   59 ed mcmanus                             these people need help to get them what they deserve.
   60 Edward R Green                         none
                                                                          This family has been very good to my daughter and deserve to stay in
   61 Eileen Cunningham            the United States.
                                                                          Surely we have time in America to see that this man gets a fair trial.
                                                                          As our own rights are eroding it behooves us to take any opportunity
                                                                          to push the wheel the other way and become the nation we have
                                                                          claimed to be for so long - a leader in individual rights including rights
   62 Eileen Myles                               to a fair trial.
                                                                          pls. stop the deportion of Onsy and Fadia, as they may face a hard life
   63 ekladious E.I                        overthere.
LIST: ONE                                  Petition For Stay Of Deportation for Onsy and Fadia Zachary                                           p. 5 of 16

                                                                         I have met Fadia on several occasions and visited Onsey along with
                                                                         Fr Vincent Nagle while he was in prison . Based on my
                                                                         conversations with Fr Vincent and meeting Onsey, I believe him to be
                                                                         innocent. I can only hope and pray that Onsey and Fadia be allowed
                                                                         to stay here so that his attorney can overturn this unjust conviction
   64 Elizabeth Hart                             which then would allow them the opportunity to rebuild their lives.
   65 Ellen Drury                         please consider this man's innocence
   66 Emma Coleman                            Justice for Onsy and Fadia--do not deport them.
                                                                         There are no borders, or countries, that can contain the human spirit
                                                                         and a human right in this day and age should be Life is not the state's
                                                                         right. To use deportation over the neck of the people is a wrong visited
   67 Eric                                  on us by a state bent on power.
   68 Erica Marder                         Do not deport Onsy and Fadia.
   69 Erin J                                 I'm sorry.
   70 Erin Swanson                             none.
                                                                         The attempt to deport christians (or any non-muslim) who have sought
                                                                         refuge in this country, back to any muslim dominated state is
                                                                         disgusting and shows a complete lack of knowlege and understanding
                                                                         of the treatment handed out to non-muslims by muslim dominated
                                                                         governments and their muslim citizens over the past 1500 years. To
                                                                         ignore history and the relegation of non-muslims to second class
                                                                         citizens (a best case senario) is reprehensible. I call upon the US
                                                                         government to do the right thing, drop the deportation proceedings
   71 Eugene C. Austin                  and grant political asylum to these people.
   73 Farag Hanna                            Support the call strongly
                                                                         This is a simple matter: we cannot be party to the evil that will be
                                                                         visited upon the Zacharys if they are forced to return to Egypt.
                                                                         Allowing them to stay brings no harm to us, but making them return
   74 Father William Frank Vouk III                   brings great harm to them.
   75 Flavia R da Silva Benson                Give Onsy a chance to overturn his conviction and lead a normal life.
   76 frank scott                          the letter speaks for me...
   77 Fred Ystebo                            Stay Of Deportation for Onsy and Fadia Zachary
   78 Gabriel Thompson               Stay the order of deportation.
                                                                         I am in total agreement with this petition. I pray that justice will prevail
   79 Gary N. Johnson                     for Onsy and Fadia to prevent their deportation.
LIST: ONE                          Petition For Stay Of Deportation for Onsy and Fadia Zachary                                         p. 6 of 16

   80 Gary Schmidt           Please let Onsy stay in this country until his legal options can play out.
   81 Geoffrey D. Birky          Comment
   82 Geoffrey E KIng                  What evil is perpetrated in the name of religion?
   83 George Moreno            In favor of a fair trial.
                                                                 Please do not send Onsay Zachary back to Egypt. Let him
                                                                 experience the religious freedom in the U.S. that he soudht when he
   84 Gilbert Zicklin                   came here.
                                                                 Why don't they try a more friendly country, like Belgium, the
                                                                 Netherlands and Sweden. They have a much more friendly and
   85 Hanna Jones                     understanding outlook at people in trouble. Good luck.
                                                                 It should not even be necessary to organize a petition campaign in a
   86 Harvey A. Silverglate          case of elemental justice like this.
   87 Henry Weiner          They have done nothing wrong why make them leave
                                                                 I have met Onsy Zakhary's niece, who argues very persuasively that
   88 Hugo S. Cunningham                the criminal charges against him were manipulated and false.
                                                                 It is unbelievable the maliciousness and vindictiveness of people. It is
                                                                 not enough that Onsy is a disabled person he has to deal with the
                                                                 reality of prison for what. Please consider his case and help this man.
   89 Ida Greschner           Thank you for your effort.
                                                                 Please stay the deportation order and free Onsy: these people have
   90 Irene Saikevych                     suffered enough!
   91 J. Augustine          in support
   92 James Cunningham                Fadia is a wonderful woman and does not deserve to be deported.
   93 James Keenan                 SAVE FADIA!
   94 James L. Weaver              Let them stay.
   95 James Matthews              Count me in.
   96 James Tierney      Save Onsy!
   97 Jared Buckley               Do not deport innocent people.
                                                                 Please allow for the process of due justice by not deporting Onsy
                                                                 Zachary after he's fullfilled time served for an unjust conviction. Thank
   98 Jeannene Zimmerman             you for your consideration.
                                                                 I appeal to your humanity to prevent the deportation and torture of
   99 Jeff Granger                Onsy and Fadia.
                                                                 This couple has obviously suffered enough due to the post-9/11
                                                                 paranoia that has gripped our nation and our overzealous law
  100 Jeffrey Kolakowski                 enforcement agencies. Enough is enough.
LIST: ONE                      Petition For Stay Of Deportation for Onsy and Fadia Zachary                                     p. 7 of 16

  101 Jeffrey St. Clair                  CounterPunch
                                                             Criminals belong in jail or deported (as warranted). Unjustly accused
                                                             individuals are often not receiving fair -- equitable -- solid
                                                             representation or have been caught in a complicated system full of
  102 Jennifer MacLean         rules that eliminate the ability to sanely review all the facts --
  103 Jess Kyle              ...
  104 Jessica                     this is unlawful
                                                             Please give this person a chance to clear his name before deporting
  105 Jim Naureckas                     him to a country where he faces torture.
                                                             It's too bad they are asking a country that tortures to save them from
                                                             another country that tortures, but they should not be sent back if the
  106 Joanna Hamil                  chance of torture is greater there than here.
                                                             Please keep Onsy and Fadia in UK as they will be unfairly treated and
  107 Joe Bishara                 tortured if sent back.
  108 John Alford                This simply can not be allowed to happen.
  109 John Farley              These people are innocent.
  110 John Gourlay                 No comment
                                                             IT SEEMS AS THOUGH ONSY AND FADIA SHOULD BE GIVEN A
                                                             REASONABLE TIME IN WHICH TO WORK WITH AN ATTORNEY IN
                                                             HOPES OF OVERTURNING ONSY'S UNJUST CONVICTION.
                                                             THESE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN THROUGH A LOT AND IT WOULD
                                                             NOT MAKE SENSE TO DEPORT THEM WHEN ONSY FINALLY
  112 John Lanciotti            good luck!!!
                                                             Wake up the USA,kick Dick Cheney out of office,stop this madness
  113 john price            now.
                                                             Injustice is the business of all decent people and should be opposed
  114 John Protopapas                    whenever and wherever it occurs.
  115 John Zielinski            I believe he is innocent
                                                             This man and his wife have suffered enough at the hands of others we
  116 Joseph Sa Jr                need to show him the hands of suport.
  117 Judith Levine            Free Onsy!
                                                             Please allow Onsy and Fadia Zachary to remain in the United States
                                                             of America. They have suffered unjustly and I pray that they can have
                                                             a future with each other in USA.I have known Fadia for five years ans
  119 Judy Panaikas          she is a warm, trustworthy and compassionate woman.
LIST: ONE                       Petition For Stay Of Deportation for Onsy and Fadia Zachary                                           p. 8 of 16

  120 K Shaiken                   May G-d's protection and strenght be with them!b'Shalom
                                                              Egypt is a torture state. (Like the U.S. itself.) Do not send Onsy and
  121 K. Goben             Fadia to be tortured.
  122 kara Millett              free them
                                                              As an attorney with over 20 years experience representing foreign
                                                              nationals in criminal cases, I know all too well how poorly these
                                                              individuals are often represented. They are at a huge disadvantage,
                                                              through unfamiliarity with what a proper defense is supposed to look
                                                              like, or even what their rights are or what a trial is. It appears that Mr.
                                                              Onsy was a victim of both post 9-11 animosity and ineffective
                                                              assistance of counsel, and he deserves the chance to clear his name
                                                              and avoid the horrific consequences that would befall a Coptic
  123 kari converse         Christian removed to Egypt.
                                                              What an irony of the staunchly anti-muslim Egyptian Goverment
  124 Karim Khayal               forcing people to convert to Islam.
  125 Katha Pollitt             Please let this man stay in the United States!
                                                              don't depart until after the appeal and potential retrial has been
  126 Kathie Gourlay                 completed
                                                              No one should be deported to Egypt as long as torture is routine
                                                              there. And America must stop befriending every tinpot dictator they
                                                              can bribe, i.e., Mubarrak. And American bureaucrats, like immigration
                                                              officials, must remember that they work for the people,not the other
                                                              way around. And rmember that all men, not just US citizens, were
                                                              endowed by their creator, whoever or whatever that may be, with
  127 Kathleen Greene         inalienable rights!!!
  128 Kathryn S. Craft            Be merciful.
  129 Kelley                  Onsy is completely innocent
  130 Kelly Hannon                   none
                                                              There is a reasonable chance that Onsy is innocent and the
                                                              circumstances are grave. We made many mistakes in the aftermath
                                                              of 9/11 resulting in the serious suffering of innocent people. This man
  131 Kenny Lerner                     deserves a chance to clear his name!
                                                              These people are the nicest people I have ever met and they should
  132 Kerri Cunningham                 not be deported.
  133 Kettly cherismaud             don't deport Onsy and Fadia's deportation
  134 Kristin Zielinski                i believe he is innocent. please keep them here
  135 kristofer haggarty      God bless Fadia and Onsy
LIST: ONE                         Petition For Stay Of Deportation for Onsy and Fadia Zachary                                         p. 9 of 16

                                                                I have known and been a friend of Fadia for over three years and
                                                                support their effort to remain in the United States, She is a hard
                                                                working woman who has worked dilligently to support hersel during
                                                                her husband's wrongful conviction and has ralled many people to their
                                                                cause and unjust treatment. I know her to be a loving and
  136 L Raymond Laferriere           hardworkingwife and mother.
  137 Larry Roth        Yet more injustice.
                                                                To whom it may concern,First and foremost, I want to say thank you
                                                                for all those hands that help make this website possible. I am sure it
                                                                took a lot of time and energy to “make it happen.” Thank you for
                                                                giving us the venue to share about this great man.As I pen this letter, I
                                                                find it very easy to describe the man that has touched my life in so
                                                                many ways. But if I did need to find the words, I can easily turn to the
                                                                dictionary. And, there it is – words like: loyal, trustworthy, loving,
                                                                leader, teacher, friend, father, husband, and God fearing. By simply
                                                                adding words like: very, great, and amazing in front of these words, it
                                                                will be easy to describe the Onsy that I know. For he is a man of
                                                                honor, character and high morals. Unfortunately, the same dictionary
                                                                can also describe the plight, and the life that he has been forced to
                                                                live. Words like: long-suffering, injustice, set-up, and framed. These
                                                                words are not nice, they are not pretty. Then again, his situation is
  138 Larry W.                    downright ugly, for there are no words in the English language to
  139 Laura Herlihy                   Help fadia!!!
                                                                I am praying that the judges in Onsy's case will be fair and just and
                                                                will take the time to review his case without prejudices. I am praying
                                                                that Onsy and Fadia will be reunited and allowed to stay here in the
  140 Lee Byrd                 U.S.
  141 Leonore Tiefer         This is an unjust situation that must be rectified.
  142 Lester Shepherd        Stay Onsy and Fadia's deportaton order!
  143 Lindsay Shapiro              they should be able to stay in the US
  144 Lindsey McGeary                PLEASEE!!!
                                                                Must persecution and punishment always be the default response?
  145 Liv Baker                 Let people live.
                                                                Please do not send this man back to a country where he will be
  146 Louis Diamond            tortured.
  147 Louis L. Akin                     Stay this order.
LIST: ONE                       Petition For Stay Of Deportation for Onsy and Fadia Zachary                                       p. 10 of 16

                                                              This case has very questionable circumstances. It needs to be
  148 Lynn Meadows            reviewed and considered!
                                                              It is important that people in the United States from the Middle East be
                                                              treated fairly and without prejudice. The Onsy case certainly suggests
                                                              that this was not so in his case. The assistance from respected
                                                              American counsel and supporters further strengthens his appeal for
  149 Malcolm Willison            unbiased determination of his case.
                                                              I am ashamed that my country has endorsedtorture under the present
                                                              politiical regime and will do all in my power to challenge these
                                                              practices and restore values to the treatment ofpolitical prisoners in
  150 marijo grogan             this country and abroad.
  151 Marilyn Ganame                    -
  152 Mark Pendergrast                     This is an important case. Please help Onsy and Fadia.
  153 Marlene E. Johnson               Competent legal counsel is a must in this very sad case.
                                                              Please allow this man the time to pursue the justice needed to
  154 Marshall DeBruhl                overturn his wrongful conviction
                                                              Please stay the deportation order so that Onsy has the opportunity to
  155 Marta Rubin         be exhonorated.
                                                              According to what the article says, then this is a really sad case that
  156 Matt Buckley              must be properly investigated by police and lawyers.
  157 Matt Defazio                 help fadia and onsy
                                                              God bless the principles and soften their hearts to review their decree
  158 medhat labib                about Onsy's deportation
  159 meghan fay         goood luckk!!
                                                              I have known personally Fadia in these last few years through a
                                                              mutual friend and her attendance at our Parish (St.Joseph's). I have
                                                              come to know the situation with Onsy and I am happy to sign this
                                                              petition; it gives me great pleasure that Onsy finally will have a chance
  160 Melissa Sikora                to be free of these false charges.
  161 Merrilyn Sikora                Please free Onsy. You are in my prayers.
  162 Michael Friedman                 no good
                                                              I applaud the good work of the National Center for Reason and
  163 Michael King          Justice, and ask that Onsy's case be reconsidered.
  164 Michael Mew               I hope you get the justice you are looking for.
  165 Michaela Bero             Let Onsy and Fadia stay
  166 Molly Molloy              Stop the conviction of innocent people.
LIST: ONE                        Petition For Stay Of Deportation for Onsy and Fadia Zachary                                     p. 11 of 16

                                                               The friends of my friends are my friends. When you love somebody
                                                               and trust on him you want the best. Some good friend ask me to trust
  167 Montserrat de Haro          on this peson and I follow the peticion because I think it is "justice"
  168 Morris Beatty                 Sounds like a grave injustice
                                                               Having been here with his wife since 1998 working and living without
                                                               causing any problem to anybody, and considering his health condition,
                                                               the US authority should stop their deportation back Egypt. This case
                                                               should be resolved on humanitarian grounds. Simply because of his
  169 Nabil Abdelmalek                 health condition.
  170 Nader Georgie FARAG   NADERG1@YAHOO.COM                  GOD BLESS THEM
  171 Nancy Morrison            *
  172 Nick                       I love you Fadia! I don't want you to go.Love Nick
  173 Nicolas Smith              Supported.
  174 Nicole Zielinski                -
                                                               i love fadia. She is the nicest woman i have ever met. i have known
                                                               her for 5 years and i think she deserves to stay here. she is always
                                                               there for me and gives me such good advice. everytime i see her she
                                                               tells me how much she loves me and my boyfriend and how happy
                                                               she is to be there for me. the first couple of words she says whenever
                                                               i see her is me amor (my love) i would love for my name to be
                                                               mentioned. if she ever left me i dont know what i would do. she is the
  175 olivia roma                best influence ive ever had.
  176 Pablo Vila             I strongly support this petition
  177 paolo              pallino...
                                                               Even if this man is guilty of the crime for which he has been charged,
                                                               there are many courses of action that would be better than sending
  178 Patrick Dunn              him to be tortured abroad.
LIST: ONE                                Petition For Stay Of Deportation for Onsy and Fadia Zachary                                      p. 12 of 16

                                                                       I have known Fadia for over four years and I have been very
                                                                       impressed by the strength of her faith and trust in God. With all the
                                                                       pain and suffering she has experienced thru this ordeal she has
                                                                       always remainded confident that God will take care of her and Onsy.
                                                                       She has told me every week that I see her that she trusts God for
                                                                       everything and that she knows she is loved by Him. And I have seen
                                                                       that this is so. She is the object of much care and love by so many
                                                                       people that I have lost count. And I am one of them. I have visited
                                                                       Onsy in prison a few times with Fr.Vincent and Fr. Michael and was
                                                                       very struck by how free he was and like Fadia, how much he relied on
                                                                       God for his strength and peace. I know it wasn't always like that but I
                                                                       also know that he came to be able to offer his suffering of being
                                                                       imprisioned by the false accusations of his brother and the lack of
                                                                       good counsel up to the Lord for the salvation of his own brother who
                                                                       did this to him. I think if the inmates he's ever been inprisoned with
  179 Paula Sa                              and the guards who have guarded him would be interviewed they
                                                                       God bless the Coptic Nation!!!And may the U.S. remain a haven for
  180 Peter                              those who are persecuted.
  181 Peter Beattie                     This is an outrage, and must be righted.
                                                                       Mr. O'Connell pasted the entire text of the petition text into the
                                                                       comments field – we sincerely appreciate the sentiment but due to
  182 Peter O'Connell                space limitations the server cannot display the entire text here.
  183 R Vengco                        Keep Onsy and Fadia in the US!
  184 Ragai Saadeh                           Stop deportation to torture.
  185 Rebecca M. Young, Esq.               P.O. Box 520006Winthrop, MA 02152
                                                                       Onsy is a wonderful human being. Who deserves the same rights we
                                                                       enjoy everyday. Please assist him so that he and his family is allowed
  186 Rev Shari Johnson                       to live out the rest of their lives free and in peace.

  187 Rev. Deacon John Protopapas   OCLIFE@AOL.COM                     I have sent a letter to President Bush. You should all do so.
  188 Richard Baron                      Please look into this.
  189 Richard Leo                              Please sign my name
  190 robert deeb                      -
  191 Robert Gillis                    I love you Onsy and I know you are innocent.
  192 Robert Markfield                     I support this petition.
  193 Robert Rosenthal             *
  194 Robert Sampson               Peace be with you
LIST: ONE                        Petition For Stay Of Deportation for Onsy and Fadia Zachary                                      p. 13 of 16

                                                               My prayers for the family that all will be resolved and they may live in
  195 Robert Shea                  peace. God Bless America
  196 Robert Stoesen             *
  197 Robert W. Smithwick               I urge that Onsy's deporation be stayed and his conviction overturned
  198 Robin Litchfield          This is a travesty of justice
  199 Rocio Smith            Thank you for alerting us to this injustice
  200 Ryan Steele         Thank you for your attention.
  201 Sara Schrand                 May justice prevail.
                                                               I believe that justice cannot be served by deporting a man who has
                                                               already been a victim of injustice. Please help this man to the benefits
  202 Scott York                  of legal justice.
                                                               PLEASE SAVE THE LIFE OF TWO INNOCENT PERSON.RETURN
                                                               Please don't let Fadia and Onsy go! They are special people and don't
                                                               deserve to go thru this at all.All that know them, love them.Many
  204 Shane                      people would be saddened if they go.Love, Shane
  205 Shane McCarthy          everyone, hang it will be ok

  206 Shannon Cunningham Fadia is a wonderful woman and does not deserve to be deported.
                                                           Please stay the deportation of Onsy and Fadia in order that justice
  207 Sharon Sampson     may be served. Thank you.
                                                           Stay the deportation order and allow Onsy and Fadia to be freed and
  208 Soliman Youssef           continue their life in USA
  209 Sophy Naess          stop the deportation
  210 Stacey Harrington             God bless the both of you!!! And may our prayers reach you!!!!
                                                           God's gracious gift of this earth to man is one that should not be
                                                           limited to forcing one direction in the faith. Persecution using this
                                                           angle is contrary to the way God calls us to be and abuses our
  211 Stephen Byers               position as servents to Him and His will.
  212 Stephen Davis          let the stay!
  213 Stephen Laskey       i believe he is innocent
  214 steven Aunan         Go higher up
LIST: ONE                               Petition For Stay Of Deportation for Onsy and Fadia Zachary                                         p. 14 of 16

                                                                      My name is Susan Gillis and I am the organizer of this campaign on
                                                                      behalf of my uncle Onsy and my aunt Fadia. I had truly wanted to be
                                                                      the first signature on this petition (or at least make the first page), but
                                                                      thankfully, there are so many people who support this cause that
                                                                      before I had the opportunity to write my comment, there are now over
                                                                      three pages worth of signatures and comments. I would like to take
                                                                      the opportunity to thank everyone who has given of their time to
                                                                      support Onsy and Fadia. Having complete and intimate knowledge of
                                                                      the entire situation and having lived through it myself, I am so grateful
                                                                      to God first and foremost that finally there are others that see and feel
                                                                      the tremendous injustice that Onsy and Fadia have lived through for
                                                                      almost 10 years now and that I have been trying to bring out to light
      Susan Gillis (organizer of this                                 for the past 5 years. My uncle Onsy is one of the kindest most
      campaign on behalf of my                                        amazing spiritual, God loving people I have ever known in my life. His
  215 uncle Onsy and my aunt Fadia)                  wife Fadia is a remarkable, faith based loving women. They both have
                                                                      I support the deportation order to be stayed. Please help this couple
  216 Susan Myers                     stay in the U.S. until justice can be served.
  217 T. F. Kelley                          none
  218 tad mutersbaugh                      without justice we have nothing
  219 Taylor Baker                    good luck hope this helps
                                                                      It is disgusting to see the complicity of the legal system with the
                                                                      railroading of immigrants back to the persecution they tried to escape.
                                                                      The US can no longer ignore the consequences of their actions in
                                                                      deporting immigrants back to countries that will unjustly persecute
                                                                      them. Onsy Zachary is entitled to remain in this country, while he
  220 Terry Adamski               exercises his right to an appeal his conviction.
                                                                      Allow Onsy and Fadia to remain free in the US, and have their
  221 Terry Adamski               deportation orders stayed while they appeal their conviction
                                                                      We, as Americans, pride our country as being a haven for those who
                                                                      are in danger from their own. We are protectors of those who can not
                                                                      protect themselves. Sometimes even from their own families. We must
                                                                      allow this man to continue to stay here using whatever means
                                                                      necessary to assure his and his wife's safety. This is paramount
  222 Terry Loop                         above all else. Otherwise we can not call ourselves a just people
  223 Theresa McNelley               ---

  224 Tim Dunn, Salisbury, MD, USA             -
LIST: ONE                       Petition For Stay Of Deportation for Onsy and Fadia Zachary                                        p. 15 of 16

  225 Tom Aitken          This is Christian humanitarian issue.
                                                              I know that Onsy Zachary is an innocent man!I know the whole story
                                                              because many of his family members have shared this story with me
                                                              and my family . They are extremely affraid to come forth and they all
                                                              live in fear that Onsy's brother will do something terrible to them as
                                                              well. Onsy is so very gentle and loving and puts God before
                                                              everything. He is loved by so many.Fadia and Onsy are very much
                                                              apart of my whole family,It is deeply disturbing to know what would
                                                              happen to them if they got deported to Egypt.How do I explain this to
                                                              my children?Fadia is like a gandmother to them.I ask you all to pray
                                                              for Fadia and Onsy. Please pray that they can stay here in the
                                                              US.This September he gets out of prison and they will get deported if
                                                              we don't do something about it now!May God be with all of you that
                                                              reads this. May God doubly bless those who can help in any way.I
  226 Toni H.                  love you Fadia and Onsy,Toni H.
                                                              I know that Onsy Zachary is an innocent man!I know the whole story
                                                              because many of his family members have shared this story with me
                                                              and my family . They are extremely affraid to come forth and they all
                                                              live in fear that Onsy's brother will do something terrible to them as
                                                              well. Onsy is so very gentle and loving and puts God before
                                                              everything. He is loved by so many.Fadia and Onsy are very much
                                                              apart of my whole family,It is deeply disturbing to know what would
                                                              happen to them if they got deported to Egypt.How do I explain this to
                                                              my children?Fadia is like a gandmother to them.I ask you all to pray
                                                              for Fadia and Onsy. Please pray that they can stay here in the
                                                              US.This September he gets out of prison and they will get deported if
                                                              we don't do something about it now!May God be with all of you that
                                                              reads this. May God doubly bless those who can help in any way.I
  227 Toni Hadge                love you Fadia and Onsy,Toni H.
                                                              Our borders seem to be open to all manner of criminals, drug dealers,
                                                              gang members and terrorists, but we are going to deport a Christian
                                                              who was unjustly accused and convicted and who constitutes a threat
  228 Valerie Protopapas              to no one. Whatever happened to 'justice for all'?

  229 vaughn guloyan            This sounds like a transparent case of an injustice; it must be rectified
LIST: ONE                      Petition For Stay Of Deportation for Onsy and Fadia Zachary                                      p. 16 of 16

                                                             I am a personal friend of Onsy's, an American Catholic Priest living in
                                                             the Middle East, and can attest to the accuracy of these statements,
                                                             having accompanied Onsy and his wife throughout his trial and
  230 Vincent T Nagle                   imprisonment
  231 Walter McClatchey            We need more immigrants like Onsy and Fadia.
                                                             My friend of 52 years, well-versed in legal proceedings involving
                                                             wrong accusations is a personal friend of Debbie Nathan. My friendis
  232 Warren B. Meadows           integrity is beyond reproach
  233 Wendy Chapkis              Please stay the deportation order.
  234 William C Gourlay             Please support justice for all.
                                                             fadia and onsy are great people and they can't be deported! I love
  235 Zach                     them like they are my own family
  236 Zeljko Cipris                Please let the couple stay in this country.

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