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					        Nancy Salazar


  Lori Cross

               Rebecca Crotty

           Team Magenta

Virtual Teaming

Virtual Teaming

      Prepared for
      Dr. Cochran
    BISM Professor
Kennesaw State University
Coles College of Business

      Prepared by
     Team Magenta

      April 8, 2010

                                L ETTER      OF   A UTH ORIZATION

BISM 2100 Online Students
Kennesaw State University
Coles College of Business

Dear Students,

        The purpose of this assignment is to expose students to emerging technologies and to create an
opportunity for students to utilize their professional written business communication skills. This formal
report will be coordinated with a presentation and a web page to provide a bundled resource on this
semester‟s project.

        You are being asked to critically evaluate tools (sites and/or programs) that make virtual teaming
and interaction easier. Management has expressed an interest in the following products/services: (1)
Dimdim Online Collaboration, (2) GoTo Meeting, (3) Huddle, (4) Vyew Instant Workspace and (5)

This is an FORMAL REPORT and requires prefatory and supplementary parts (See Chapter 13 in 8th Ed).
It will conclude with a detailed recommendation for management on adoption and implementation.

At a minimum, your report should include information related to the following Level One Headings:
    1. Introduction to Virtual Teaming and Online Meeting Management. This is a research intensive
        section and requires expert opinion and current examples. Include general information related to
        virtual teaming on the following topics (Level 2 headings). These are research related, not
        product related:
             Popularity and use
             Privacy and security
             Cost
             Technology
             Training
    2. Product Evaluation. A separate (Level 1) section for each product with detailed information on
        areas you feel are important to management. Include at minimum information on virtual teaming,
        information and document sharing, project management, and meetings.
    3. A product by product comparison with charts and figures to facilitate decision making. This
        section looks at all products simultaneously.
    4. Recommendation. Based on expert opinion, research, and team use/experience. Which products
        does the team recommend? For what type of user?
    5. Implementation. A specific and workable plan for implementation and use. Describe the
        implementation plan for your recommended product(s).

        Use both commercial and academic resources (Minimum of 15 references – 20 needed for full
credit – at least 10 academic). Refer to Planning Reports and Proposals for details on credible research.
Where appropriate, you should incorporate charts, graphs, or other visual aids to illustrate the facts you
present both in your report. This report will be submitted to – anti plagiarism detection
software – please ensure that you cite your resources appropriately, use quotations and page number
references for quotes and internal citations (Author, Date) for paraphrased content. Note – changes 2-3
words does not = paraphrasing.

Written Report:
The report will be submitted to: (1) for review of originality, (2) vista dropbox for grading,
AND (3) to a team designed web page to accompany the presentation.

Employ all facets of effective business writing and refer back to your text (Planning, Writing and
Completing Formal Business Reports) for the Formal Report Structure. Appendix B has some helpful
suggestions for APA citations and reference list. Please also rely on

Your team will create a presentation based on conclusions and recommendations of the report. You will
provide some basic information on each of the Level 2 headings, but focus mainly on the outcomes. Your
team may choose to submit a voice over PowerPoint presentation, or a digital video presentation. Please
check the discussion board and/or visit for information about DV resources on
campus. Please submit the presentation by providing a link from the team designed webpage. (Teams may
choose to convert a page of the student website to meet this purpose).

A comprehensive formal report employing the 7 C‟s of business writing – these are quality points in
combine grammar, spelling, readability, structure, and adherence to required format. (30 PTS)

Thorough research of sources – on average every paragraph has a source listed. References works are
paraphrased, balanced between academic and commercial resources, and relevant. (10 PTS)

Attributions and Citations done properly in APA style. The Reference list is complete. Internal Citations
are done properly. The paper was submitted to - failure to submit – automatic zero. (10 PTS)

Detailed analysis covering requirements stated above – these are content points. (30 PTS)

Well developed recommendations – this is the crux of the analytical report. It should be detailed enough
to know exactly what response you want from your reader and how you want the reader to follow through
on that objective. (20 PTS)

Professional, persuasive presentation that clearly details the research outcomes of the project. (1) Slides
are clear, bulleted, use notes to provide detail, use graphics to enhance (less is more), and use references
appropriately or Video is well organized, rehearsed, and clear. Presenters are NOT READING from notes
or cue cards. Slides and speakers are interspersed, and references are used appropriately. Website is
professional, clear, readable, and credible. Links to report and presentation are working and evident. (50

             Nancy Salazar

       Lori Cross

                      Rebecca Crotty

                                                                              Team Magenta
                                                                              Letter of Acceptance
                                                                              29 March 2010

                                       Letter of Acceptance

Dr. Cochran
Kennesaw State University
Coles College of Business

Dear Dr. Cochran,

         This letter is to inform you that Team Magenta has formed in order to evaluate tools from the
internet to simplify virtual teaming and make communication easier. We understand that management has
spoken of an interest in a few particular products…

       Dimdim Online Collaboration
       GoTo Meeting
       Huddle
       Vyew Instant Workspace
       Nomadesk

      Team Magenta consists of Rebecca Crotty, Jolene Istas, Lori Cross, Nancy Salazar, and Brittany

Team Roles:
    Research – Lori Cross and Nancy Salazar
    PowerPoint Presentation – Rebecca Crotty and Jolene Istas
    Webpage – Rebecca Crotty
    Final Report – Brittany Merriman
    Review and Submission – Jolene Istas
    Meeting Minutes – Nancy Salazar

Team Magenta will work together in exploring the benefits of virtual teaming using these products. Team
members will all take part in the process to complete this project. We will research information on Virtual
Teaming, Product Evaluation, Product by Product Comparison, Recommendation, and Implementation.
When proper research is complete Team Magenta will prepare a formal report along with a detailed
presentation to inform management of our findings.

Team Magenta would like to thank you for the opportunity to work with you and are looking forward to a
successful business arrangement.


Team Magenta

             Nancy Salazar

      Lori Cross

                       Rebecca Crotty

                                                                                  Team Magenta
                                                                                  Letter of Transmittal
                                                                                  29 March 2010

                                        Letter of Transmittal

Dr. Cochran
Kennesaw State University
Coles College of Business

Dear Dr. Cochran,

Team Magenta would like to thank you for the opportunity to work with you. We are happy to provide
you with this formal report along with a PowerPoint presentation and Webpage.

Team Magenta worked as a Virtual Team to research, evaluate, and write up this detailed report to make
an informed recommendation and provide you with a step by step plan to implement the recommendation.
We would like to take this moment to recognize each member of Team Magenta and how they
contributed to the project.

Lori Cross provided research for the report. She also wrote up the evaluation for Huddle, assisted in
writing the Formal Report and updated the schedule of deliverables for the progress report.

Nancy Salazar provided research for the report. Nancy wrote the evaluation for Nomadesk, assisted in
writing the Formal Report and made the schedule of deliverables for the progress report.

Rebecca Crotty wrote the evaluation for Dimdim and wrote up the Operating Agreement. She also put
together the PowerPoint and webpage.

Jolene Ista wrote the evaluation for GoToMeeting and assisted with writing the executive summary.
Jolene did the voice over on the PowerPoint.

Brittany Merriman wrote the evaluation for Vyew Instant Workspace. She also assisted in writing and
formatting the Formal report and did the voice over on the PowerPoint.

All the team members from Team Magenta participated in online meetings in order to stay on task,
provide assistants for each other and to discuss ideas. Each team member also composed an update of
their work in a progress report to further insure that the team‟s objectives were being met.

The PowerPoint can be found in our webpage along with a copy of the formal report. You may go to this
website by clicking on the following link, .
Thank you again for the opportunity to work with you and it has been a pleasure doing business with you.


Team Magenta

Table of Contents
Executive Summary…………………………………………………………………………………11

Introduction to Virtual Teaming……….……………………………………………………………12

    Popularity and Use………………………………………………….………………………12

    Privacy and Security………………………………………………………………………...13




Product Evaluation……………………………………………………………………..……………14

    Dimdim Online Collaboration...……………………………………………………………14

    GoTo Meeting..……………………………………………………………………………..15


    Vyew Instant Workspace……………………………………………………………...…….18


Product Comparison…………..…………………………………………………………………….21




                       List of Illustrations

DimDim Table………………………………………………………………………………………14

Huddle Table………………………………………………………………………………………...16

Product Price Comparison Chart…………………………………………………………………….21

                                         Executive Summary
Team Magenta is a team of selected individuals who will be providing an evaluation of virtual teaming
and recommend a product that makes virtual teaming simple. This project began on March 17, 2010 and
will conclude on April 29, 2010.

                                              Virtual Teaming

The first part of this report will discuss all aspects of virtual teaming which will include popularity and
use in businesses today, privacy and security issues, the different costs, technology, and the training
required to make virtual teaming effective within the organization.

                                             Product Evaluation

The main part of our report will describe the different products/services that Management has expressed
an interest in. These products/services are Dimdim Online Collaboration, GoTo Meeting, Huddle, Vyew
Instant Workspace, and Nomadesk. Included in these product evaluations will be the differences in terms
of document sharing, how meetings are displayed, and the cost.

                                            Product Comparison

This will allow for a product comparison of all the different products/services that Management is
considering and will allow Management to see the differences between the programs. Some products
offer similar online collaboration tools but it‟s important to pick the one that meets all of Managements
needs. Cost is especially a significant consideration when choosing a product to purchase. For a quick
overview there is a chart that shows the different pricing for all of the products.

                                   Recommendation and Implementation

Team Magenta will recommend a product from the list of choices that Management expressed interest in.
Team Magenta will discuss the reasons behind their recommendation and give some examples of those
reasons. Finally, a step by step procedure of an effective implementation of the chosen product will be

In conclusion Team Magenta will give this written formal report to Management. They will also present
an effective PowerPoint presentation and a website.

                                              Virtual Teaming

When discussing the world of virtual teaming, one must first clarify what virtual teaming is. Essentially,
virtual teaming is a method of communication in which time zone restrictions, geographic location, nor
company type can prohibit the progress of one or more specific types of projects (Gould: Virtual Teams).
One is able to log on to their personal computer from anywhere in the world and view, edit or produce
quality work.

A virtual team requires good communication from all the members in the group. It is not easy to maintain
a good relationship with the group because you never see them and have not met them personally.
Distance can become an issue; therefore, communication will play a big role. In order to communicate
effectively the team must listen to one another. There has to be some sort of feedback so that everyone‟s
opinions will be taken into consideration. Finding the best communication tool to use for meetings,
objectives that are to be met, and making sure everyone in the team understands the message delivered
can all help in good communication being met in a team (Thompsen, 2000).

Virtual teams are becoming very popular among companies. A virtual team can work any time of the day,
has a diverse group of people, and has different collaborative methods that make it work effectively.
(Business Mantra, 2010) Having a group of people from different parts of the world is beneficial to a
company. Everyone would be able to work at different times making it a twenty four workplace. It
would also bring different points of view when talking about a subject. Another important factor to
consider when contemplating the use of a virtual world for networking interactions is having the proper
amount of security for your work. Each member must feel safe in doing their job over the World Wide
Web. Cost is a vital area of concern for companies as well as individuals who wish to participate in virtual
teaming. The cost of the product that enables one to conduct a virtual team and the savings associated
with using virtual teams instead of face to face interaction. Since this new way of collaborating involves
updated technology, the proper training for each individual user would need to be in place for each
company using this method. Lack of understanding and communication can cause extra frustration on the
team that would otherwise be unnecessary. “Most important is the recognition that virtual teams, similar to
their face-to-face counterparts, undergo the same challenges of interdisciplinary teaming and group
developmental processes of formation: forming, storming, norming, performing, and transforming” (Journal of
Interprofessional Care). Once this recognition has been established, a team can move forward.

                                                Popularity and Use

Virtual Teaming has been growing in popularity for quite some time now and is continuing to grow at
astronomical speeds. “As companies and projects increasingly utilize multinational, interdisciplinary, and
multiorganizational partnerships, the need for greater and more efficient communication alternatives is also increasing”
(Journal of Management). The internet has been a huge player in contributing to not only national
communication but also global communication. More and more professional individuals and companies
are using the internet to communicate. That is why companies such as Dimdim, GoToMeeting, Huddle,
Vyew Instant Workspace, and Nomadesk have produced products to make virtual teaming the new way to
do business. Virtual teaming and online collaboration tools are not just for the business savvy. Individuals
can benefit from the products offered by the companies listed. School and church organizations can use
these products to extend their reach outside of their immediate areas.

Another reason to consider the implementation of an online collaboration tool is to meet the needs of the
employees. Many of the young professionals have grown up using extensive technology, such as instant

messaging, text messages, e-mail, social media networks, and the likes. In order to use those advances to
a company‟s advantage- and use that knowledge for profit- a company would benefit from the use of
virtual teams. “The desire for freedom and balance can be exploited for competitive gain. Companies, for
example, could use collaboration technologies in virtual teaming arrangements, allowing Net generation
workers to satisfy their need to socialize with peers worldwide” (Havenstein). Allowing employees to
communicate in the way they feel most comfortable could produce more effective and loyal employees in
the long run.

                                          Privacy and Security

Privacy and Security are essential to both organizations and individuals. The security needed to pull off a
virtual team is vast. Each member needs to feel comfortable enough and safe enough to do their job
effectively. One way to secure the meeting room is to use a site that incorporates SSL encryption in the
software. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer.
According to Verisign, “You need SSL if...
     you have an online store or accept online orders and credit cards
     you offer a login or sign in on your site
     you process sensitive data such as address, birth date, license, or ID numbers
     you need to comply with privacy and security requirements
     you value privacy and expect others to trust you”(Secure sockets layer).

Insuring that the program used has this encryption, each team member will have confidence knowing
that their work is secure and be able to work effectively right from the beginning. A second avenue to
take is to use the specialists in the office in the process of selecting a tool to use. “Without guidance
from IT, these tools can also pose a significant threat to organizations. The real win will come when IT
teams play a role in the selection, deployment and management of collaboration platforms. The reason
is simple; In an era of privacy concerns and compliance restrictions, collaboration efforts must be
protected by newtwork security and policy. The more IT is involved in managing these new tools, the
less likely it is that security breaches will occur” (Computerworld).

Trust is also a big issue that needs to be addressed when it comes to teaming up with people that one may
never see face-to-face. “Trust is required for effective team communication” (Pripuzic). In order to obtain
a balance between trust and the ability to freely express one‟s opinion, a disciplined leader must take
control of the project from the very beginning. “One way to build this connection is through servant
leadership” (Virtual).


One big advantage of virtual teaming is the reduction in costs for the company (Bronco). Traveling
expenses can become very costly for companies. Air fares, car rentals, gas, food, hotel rooms and the
extra money that it pays the traveler are all areas that a company can save money by incorporating virtual
teaming into their organization. Another type of cost is the time it takes to travel to different places to
have meetings and conduct business. Since the team is in different parts of the world and they handle
everything through technology this reduces costs in a company. (Furumo Kimberly, 2010) With virtual
teaming an employee can collaborate with many different people from different places daily. This allows
the employees to get more done in a shorter amount of time, thus making them more productive and
ultimately increasing the company‟s productivity and profit. While each virtual teaming and online
collaboration program (that is used to enhance the virtual teaming experience) is priced differently, each
one will cut overall spending. It is best to compare several website to see which virtual package will fit
your needs best.


Technology is one of those things that can be extremely exciting or extremely scary, depending on the
person using it. While it may be scary for some, it is needed for a virtual team to be successful. However,
one can overcome the apprehension of using it with the proper training. It can be a challenge to build a
successful virtual team, but it can be done with the aid of our technological advances today. Any
company who wishes to implement the use of a virtual team must provide the „team‟ with the correct
technology that is needed to help meet the objectives. There are different products that a virtual team can
use based on their goals for the project. Among them are Dimdim online collaboration, Huddle,
GoToMeeting, Nomadesk and Vyew instant workplace. There are several different tools associated with
each collaboration site, including conference calls, PowerPoint with voice over IP, private discussion
boards, and more. Software is needed for virtual teams for document sharing and for meeting usage.
(Newell) The software, such as DimDim, Huddle, etc…helps the team become more organized and helps
keep all the documents in one place. Most of the software is secure and keeps all the files to where only
authorized users can access them. Another tool that team members can use in order to communicate more
effectively is an e-mail account. “You also can use the grouping, nickname, or list-making feature of your
e-mail software to increase the effectiveness of your virtual teams. This ensures that when any member of
the team sends any communication about the project, all of the other members receive it. This can be done
easily with today‟s e-mail software” (Journal for Quality & Participation).


Proper training for employees is crucial in order to implement virtual teams into the work place and make
them effective. It will also determine how well the team will carry out a project. A virtual team can have
members from different parts of the world therefore, making it harder to train everyone. When hiring
someone for a virtual team they must be chosen carefully (Cascio, Wayne F, 2000). There are many ways
to train employees to effectively use a virtual teaming site. One way is to purchase a workshop or online
tutorial. Depending on the company, each session could cost anywhere from a few dollars to a few
hundred. Another way to properly instruct employees is to bring in an expert to formally train each
person. A conference could also be held in which a power point presentation could clearly demonstrate
the concept of navigating a virtual world. A third solution would be to have a select few of the current
employee‟s research different sites and become proficient in the processes and concepts. Once those few
have an understanding, a presentation could be made to the rest of the company.

                                        Product Evaluation
                                    Dimdim Online Collaboration

DimDim is one of the many web conferencing players available for today‟s business world. However,
DimDim has many key components that set it apart from others. These components include Mac equality,
no installation necessary, and an absolutely free version. The Mac equality is a very important feature as
the Mac computer is becoming more popular and most Windows and PC compatible programs are not
compatible with Macs. Having a web conferencing player that does not require installing software is also
very important and beneficial as many people use multiple computers and are on the go a lot, thus
installing software multiple times can become a hindrance when you are trying to participate in a web
conference. Obviously, DimDim‟s free program is going to be popular even though it does not offer the
web conferencing at its full potential. DimDim even offers online training and demonstrations by their
customer experience team that is available daily for anyone who wishes to attend.

                                   DimDim                      DimDim                     DimDim
                                     Free                        Pro                      Webinar
Maximum Attendees                     20                         50                        1000
Basic Meetings &
Customize & Secure
Meeting Reports &
Cost Per Month                        $0                         $25                         $75


DimDim has been able to encompass all of the necessary components needed for web conferencing and
more! During meetings while using DimDim, participants will not spend any time downloading or
installing software and will be able to enter the meeting free of charge just by accessing their web
browser. While in DimDim meetings, microphones, webcams, and chat tools may be used by all
participants and depending on which DimDim option you have chosen, this number of participants can
add up to 1000 members.

The most popular and most advertised DimDim option is DimDim Pro. DimDim allows users to try out
DimDim Pro for 30 days, free of charge. DimDim Pro has been compared to WebEx, another web
conferencing program, and not only allows more members, but is also noticeable cheaper to run yearly.
DimDim Pro allows for immense customization of each meeting room- including adding your own logos
and roster reports. DimDim continues to work in order to improve their storage size and audio type for
DimDim Pro, but as it is, it is easily twice as powerful as the aforementioned WebEx.

                                             GoTo Meeting

GoToMeeting is another popular virtual teaming resource. This software allows remote meeting as well
as desktop sharing. GoToMeeting was developed in July 2004 by Citrix Online and in 2007 (Wikipedia)
the revenues increased by 70% making it one of the most popular (Alsever, 2009) and widely used virtual
teaming software system. GoToMeeting is relatively less expensive than other similar products. This is
very important in an economy where every penny counts since businesses are trying to find every way to
increase their profits. The popularity and low cost have lead to GoToMeeting‟s success but what is it that
keeps the client coming back? There are several reasons that have led businesses to continue using this
virtual teaming software. First the features make GoToMeeting one of the most widely used software
systems available. Second, is the versatility within the program itself and third, is the technical support
provided by Citrix.
GoToMeeting is compatible with either, Microsoft Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Macintosh Safari. The
main features of the software are (Wikipedia):

       End to end encryption and authentication security provided by a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
        Web site with end-to-end 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption and
        optional passwords
       Specific application sharing for showing only selected programs with attendees

       24-bit color when accessing a host PC supporting this display mode
       Multi-monitor support for a client PC
       Meeting recording and playback for recording and saving meetings to a user desktop for later
       Total audio package provides toll based phone or conferencing via VoIP.
       GoToMeeting hosts up to 15 users and one organizer while GoToMeeting Corporate offers up to
        25 users with multiple organizer option.

GoToMeeting provides all of the features above for approximately $49 per month with unlimited use
( Therefore even if you try the program and find you don‟t like it you haven‟t wasted a
lot of money. The service provides up to 15 users who can share PowerPoint presentations, web pages,
and any document on the meeting organizer‟s desktop (Alsever, 2009). Also participants can share in the
presentation by using the cursor and “showing” other participants their thoughts and ideas. This allows a
broader and more diverse presentation than normal PowerPoint presentations. This also allows for
everyone to give their input and become involved rather than being “talked to” during the whole
presentation. This allows for a group project to be more effective. These features together give
GoToMeeting the ability to allow even small businesses to conduct as if they are a large corporation.


The versatility of GoToMeeting has lead to the popularity of this virtual teaming software. First,
GoToMeeting is very easy to set up; just simply install the program with a few simple clicks and it is
installed and ready to use. Also, the software is relatively easy to use assuming that most participants
have internet or web knowledge. Upgradability also adds to GoToMeeting‟s versatility.

There are two upgrades available which are GoToWebinar and GoToTraining. Both include
GoToMeeting. With GoToWebinar the maximum participants can be up to 1,000 and has the ability to
poll the audience during the presentation and take surveys at the end. Also the software monitors the
audience‟s attention and can alert the presenter when participants began to do other things on their
computer. This is a great feature since you cannot see your audience and have no idea if they are paying
attention or not. This can also help the presenter so that the presenter can make the presentations more
entertaining and not boring.

With GoToTraining the maximum number of participants is up to 200. This too offers full desktop
sharing. However, with GoToTraining it features customizable registration, configurable class size,
reusable tests-pre-session tests, tests during presentation, and post-session tests, access to training
materials, and evaluations. This is similar to an actual classroom and gives the atmosphere as one too.
With this great training tool available businesses are able to cut back on travel expenses thus saving the
company thousands of dollars per year and increasing the net profit.

Technical Support

Technical Support is another area where GoToMeeting helps businesses and also adds to the software‟s
popularity. 24 hour service 7 days a week is offered either by phone or internet. There is also a FAQ for
common issues and is available for each product offered by Citrix. Also, there are unlimited version
updates so businesses don‟t have to pay each time the software company creates another version.
Another great feature is the ability to upgrade any time even right before a training or webinar. Key word
searches are also available as well as videos and training. User guides and PowerPoints are also available
to download should presenters ever need such documents. Best of all these technical support features are
free just for subscribing to GoToMeeting. This allows even small businesses who don‟t have an

Information Technology support person the ability to use this program without having to hire another
staff member.


With so many social online collaboration sites to choose from, how does one pick the right one for their
needs? There are many ways to compare, but the most effective is to learn a little about the most popular
ones. Huddle is one of the many sites that are offered for project management, online meetings, social
networking and so much more. Huddle offers many types of packages ranging from personal use to
enterprise status. Each package are priced differently and are set up according to need, but they all receive
the benefits of collaboration tools (white boards, discussion forums, phone conferencing, etc…),
unlimited users, SSL encryption and a full service support center. Plans range from $8.00 per month for
the personal user to $200 per manager/per month for the professional package. A full pricing table has
been included for your convenience.

                     Huddle Pricing Plan                              Most Popular
     Personal           Small Team              Large Team            Professional            Enterprise
                                                                       $200 per          $8/ user per month
   $8 per month         $40 per month          $72 per month          manager/per          (minimum 500
                                                                         month                  users)
                                                                                            Enable secure
                                              Large team or          Roll-out across           external
 Organize sports      Use for your work
                                             multiple projects?    your department or       collaboration
teams, social and      team or project.
                                                 Get more            small business.         across your
  church groups,         All the core
                                               workspaces,            Extra control,        organization.
family events and     features for a low
                                             storage and web          branding and            Enterprise
      more.             monthly price.
                                              conferencing.          customization.        integration and
   1 workspace           5 workspaces          10 workspaces         25 workspaces
   1 GB storage          2 GB storage          5 GB storage          25 GB storage       Unlimited storage
    1 manager             1 manager              1 manager         Multiple managers
                         5 users/ web          10 users/ web         25 users/ web          50 users/ web
                          conference            conference            conference             conference
(Price plans)

Huddle offers a free package for the average user, but it does come with limitations. The Huddle
Foundation has also set up a free package to qualifying charities with perks including “unlimited users, 10
workspaces, 10GB storage and user/invitation permissions” (Huddle site, fix source later). A few of the
charities that currently use Huddle are Habitat for Humanity‟s, World Vision, UNICEF and Help for

It appears that the main competition for Huddle is GoogleApps. Huddle is most suited for small to
medium businesses with colleges in different locations and/or time zones (Sijbrandij). “Huddle enables
teams to work more effectively across boundaries, both inside and outside the enterprise; it is available
online, on mobile, on desktop, via Microsoft Office applications, the major business social networks and
multiple languages” (The Company).

Within the Huddle brand, the most popular package is the „Professional‟ one. For $200 per month, one
manager can oversee the activities of unlimited users, and can access and delegate work for 25 users per
conference. This package also allows main access from 25 different locations, giving extreme versatility
to the manager of this application.

According to, “Huddle utilizes some of the most advanced technology for Internet
security available today.” Huddle uses SSL encryption to ensure a safe login for every user, every time.
The SSL encryption ensures that all user names and passwords are securely protected. A cookie is also
used during each session to monitor and record identifying information, to ensure that each session is
conducted by an authorized member. “In addition, Huddle is hosted in a secure server environment that
uses full hardware firewalling with packet-inspection, virus guard and other advanced technology to
prevent interference or access from outside intruders. Moreover, Huddle‟s data center is held in a
dedicated secure hosting environment with 24-hour CCTV and security”,
( One final touch to their security promises is an
information back-up each and every night to ensure that no data is lost. Huddle is also very active is
promoting privacy for each of it‟s users. More information can be found at

Huddle offers an extensive tour for new members to view, including videos and dashboards, to ensure that
each potential client has a good understanding of the software before signing up. Any questions one may
have can be answered by viewing the slideshow. Actual pictures of the site are used in the demonstration
to avoid any confusion. A demo is also available for anyone interested. Should any questions remain after
the tutorial, one can always contact customer service for additional help.
Huddle uses up and coming technology, including white boards, discussion forums, phone and meeting
conferencing and much, much more. Each session can be personalized for a company‟s own benefit. With
the professional and enterprise packages, one can also customize their home page with company logo‟s
and information.

It is evident that Huddle is doing everything they can to be at the top of the list for social networking and
project management sites and sources. This company has quite a bit to offer for the „potentially‟ small
price of $8 per month.
                                         Vyew Instant Workspace

Founded by a team of UC-Berkeley graduates in May of 2004 and online since October 6th 2005, Vyew
Instant Workspace has a reach of 21.5% per million people ( Overview). Vyew Instant
Workspace is a website designed to provide online collaboration tools that are easy to utilize. One of the
biggest reasons Vyew is so easy to use is that there is no installation needed, this allows users to access
Vyew from anywhere they can get online. Among some of the tools that Vyew offers are online
presentations, desktop sharing, whiteboard and drawing tools, and free tele-conferencing. Vyew is
committed to continually adding new and innovative online collaboration tools. Another big draw to
Vyew Instant Workspace is that its price ranges from free to $13.95 per month, with additional add-on
options. Vyew Instant Workspace is dedicated to providing users with a safe online workspace

Allowing users to be able to access Vyew from any computer has given them a great advantage. Lots of
people are reluctant to add another kind of software to their computer. It gives the advantage that no
matter where you are you can jump online and take care of business. It is a much easier way to share
information among your colleagues, partners, business associates, students, peers, and even clients.
Another example of Vyew ease of use is that it is compatible with many different applications. Vyew
Instant Workspace is also compatible with a number of internet browsers.

Vyew Instant Workspace offers many different online collaboration tools. Here is a list of the tools that
Vyew features.

General Features

       Browser-based
       Hundreds of Active/Archived Meetings per User
       Flexible, PowerPoint-like Authoring
       Always-On/Persistent
       External Publishing
       Custom Branding
       FREE!

Comprehensive Tool Set

       Broad File Type Support
       Real-Time Desktop Sharing
       Built-in Screen Capture tool
       White-boarding & Drawing Tools
       Embedded Comments
       Shared Mouse Cursors
       Useful Plug-ins

Communication Tools

       Built-in Voice Over IP (VOIP)
       Built-in Webcam Video
       Free Tele-conferencing
       Text Chat
       Voice Notes (Voicemail directly in sticky notes)        

Vyew Instant Workspace is Free. All you have to do is sign up and begin to use the tools provided. This is
a big draw for a lot of people, especially for those who are self employed and small start-up companies
that are trying to keep their overhead low. Vyew also offers Plus and Professional packages that give the
customers access to additional tools. The Plus package is $6.95 a month and the Professional package is
$13.95 a month. With both of these packages the client can purchase add-ons that fit their individual
needs. Vyew Instant Workspace gives the customer the option to pay-as-you-go or pay in advance.

Security is a big risk with working online and with working with other people. Vyew Instant Workspace
works hard to ensure that your information is kept private and secure. One of the ways that they are able
to keep information secure is by providing their products without the need for installation. Vyew use‟s
Flash technology, this technology cannot access your computer, therefore it cannot be used by hackers to
access your computer either (No spyware/adware policy). In addition to the Flash technology, Vyew
adheres to a strict policy that does not allow any kind of spyware, malware and adware. Vyew Instant
Workspace states that “Keeping your data safe and secure is our highest priority” (Vyew privacy &
security policy).


Nomadesk is used by virtual teams. It is a server where all documents are saved and users have access to
them. The users can access their files when they are online or not connected. The data is secure and all
the information is in a back up file (Nomadesk virtual fileservers). Nomadesk is like a hard drive where
all the documents are stored and you can have remote access to the files. It does not matter where you are
you can always access your files from anywhere. You can also organize all your files into folders for
easier access. This can help all the users find information more easily and be stored in the right folders.
Nomadesk offers a dashboard application where you can create file servers and invite guests to the server. Nomadesk is very secure and will not allow anyone access to files unless
they are authorized to do so. The personal fileserver is $50 a year and a team file server is $180 a month.
Nomadesk is affordable and has many options to choose from.

Nomadesk offers the following options that make it great for people to consider it:

        · Small and quick to download
        · Easy file sharing: as simple as adding a friend on Windows Live Messenger or Facebook
        · Easy to use thanks to its seamless integration to the Windows interface
        · One-click functionality to send large files through Internet-based links generated by NomaDesk
        · Ability to access file servers via the NomaDesk website
        · Possibility to send files to NomaDesk‟s server by email
        · Ability to append a date time stamp to conflicting files

                                      Product Comparison

All of the online collaboration products listed above, Dimdim, GoToMeeting, Huddle, Vyew Instant
Workspace, and Nomadesk are good tools to use for virtual teaming. After a close evaluation, all of these
products offer the same benefits with a few variations of those benefits. Price is the first noticeable
variation among the different products. Just between these five products the price ranges from Free to
$200 a month. Below is a chart showing the difference in price between DimDim, GoToMeeting, Huddle,
Vyew Instant Workspace, and Nomadesk.

                 Product Price Comparison Per Month
   $140                                                                           Level 1 Pricing
   $120                                                                           Level 2 Pricing
   $100                                                                           Level 3 Pricing
                                                                                  Level 4 Pricing
                                                                                  Level 5 Pricing
             DimDim        GoTo       Huddle        Vyew      Nomadesk

The next variation in the products is the amount of users allowed. The amount of users allowed ranges
from one to unlimited users. Another variation of benefits is the products software. DimDim, Huddle and
Vyew Instant Workspace all allow users to use their products without any installation, whereas
GoToMeeting and Nomadesk have some software that you have to download and install. All of these
products are committed to protecting their customer‟s privacy.

Team Magenta has completed the research on virtual teams and the evaluation of Dimdim, GoToMeeting,
Huddle, Vyew Instant Workspace, and Nomadesk. It is Team Magenta‟s recommendation that
Management use Huddle to enhance their virtual teams productivity. The reasons behind our decision are
based on Huddle meeting all the criteria, Popularity and use, Privacy and Security, Cost, Technology, and
Training that is important to virtual teaming. Huddle is easy to use. It provides its customers with some
familiar tools that most people have prior experience using; this further shows how Huddle can be simple
to use. As we have stated many times Privacy and Security are extremely important. Huddle holds this
same opinion and supply their clients with SSL encryption and privacy policies that are in accordance
with the law. The cost is another very high priority when choosing a product. Huddle offers a wide variety
of packages therefore making it more versatile to the users. We recommend that Management purchase
the Large Team Package for $72 a month. This will give management more workspace, storage and allow
management to work on several projects. We believe that for the amount of product offered for the price,

this is the best option. Huddle use innovative technology such as Huddle Apps. Huddle uses technology
that allows their customers to be able to use their product without any installation. This makes it easy to
use even if you are at a different computer. An extensive tour is provided for new client to train them on
how to use Huddle and a supportive customer service is also available if needed.


In order to incorporate Huddle into Managements Virtual Teams successfully, there are a few things
Management must do. The first part of the incorporating process is to purchase the product. The next will
be to assign three employees with good computer and collaboration skills to review the extensive tour
provided by Huddle. In addition to reviewing the tour the employees will also need to explore the
product. This way if there are any questions or glitches they can be hammered out before the product is
introduced to the whole company. The employees will make a PowerPoint presentation accompanied with
a detailed outline. This outline will show how to utilize all the online collaboration tools made available
by Huddle. Management will need to write up and put in place a code of conduct policy for working in
virtual teams. This new policy will need to be included in the PowerPoint presentation. The final step in
incorporating Huddle is to have the assigned employees present there PowerPoint to the rest of the
company. Once these steps have been completed you will be ready to produce and maintain professional
and successful virtual teams.


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