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					                                                 IFA’s 51st
                                                 Annual Convention:

                                                 Building the future

                  IFA’s 2011 Keynote Speakers:

                                                   February 13-16

                                                   MGM Grand Hotel
                  Mitt Romney     Steve Forbes     Las Vegas, Nevada
     IFA 2011 AnnuAl ConventIon

                          IFA 51st Annual Convention:
                          Building the Future Together
                                                  Dear Franchise Colleagues:

                                                  As the economy begins to improve, the
                                                  franchise industry is poised to regain its
                                                  momentum for growth. Will you be ready?

    Should Attend:
                                                  During the 2011 IFA Annual Convention,
                                                  you’ll find solutions to some of your most
                                                  pressing issues, best practices from your
                                                  peers and industry experts, and new research
                                                                                                  Stephen J. Caldeira
                           Kenneth D. Walker, CFE and business benchmarking data available
                                                  only through IFA. All of this and multiple
                          networking opportunities will arm you with the tools you need to position your company for
                          the future. Attendees consistently give the conference high marks for overall excellence.
  franchisees and         This year’s highlights include:
                          Solutions: The popular Executive Business Solution Roundtables return this year where
   of companies           successful franchise business leaders will share best practices to help you take the right steps
     that provide         to leverage the improving economy. You can also choose from over 30 educational sessions,
supporting services       summits and mini-super sessions designed to help you stay abreast of the latest trends and
                          information in the areas of franchise relations, management and leadership, financing, multi-
     or products          unit growth, franchising overseas, franchise development, social media and more. See pages
    to franchised         10-18 for details.
                          Networking: The famous Taste of Franchising featuring IFA member brands is back again this
                          year to kick-off the convention and the Closing Gala featuring live entertainment will conclude
 Individuals of all       the event. Multiple receptions scattered throughout the convention schedule provide ample
 experience levels        time for fun, entertainment and networking.
 are welcome and
                          Research: Want to learn more about your franchise sales, lead costs, franchise training
 everyone stands          and support costs compared to other franchisors? Want to compare same store sales and
 to gain from the         other functions? The first-ever Franchise Benchmarking Report will be unveiled during the
industry’s premier        convention to answer these and many other questions you have about how your company
                          stacks up with others. In addition, exclusive new data will be revealed to showcase the
  networking and          economic impact of franchising and provide a look into how the industry will perform in 2011.
educational event.
                          Keynote Speakers: 2011 keynote speakers Mitt Romney and Steve Forbes will bring unique
                          business, media, political and economic experiences and insights to share with attendees
   The IFA Annual         including their views on the current economic and political landscape and what we as an
 Convention is the        industry can do to position for future growth.
   one-stop shop
                          The Industry’s Premier Exhibit Hall: The 51st IFA Annual Convention features a
   for informative
                          comprehensive Exhibit Hall showcasing the industry’s top solution-oriented companies serving
     educational          the franchising community. Over 200 companies will be waiting for you in Las Vegas to help
  seminars, expert        chart your pathway for the future. To see our current list of exhibitors, go to page 20.
    speakers and
                          The IFA 51st Annual Convention is a must-attend event.
 exhibitors to help
   you stay up-to-        Join us. You’ll be glad you did!
 date on the latest
industry trends and
      solutions.          Kenneth D. Walker, CFE                       Stephen J. Caldeira
                          Chairman & CEO, Driven Brands, Inc.          President & CEO
                          IFA Chairman of the Board                    IFA
                                                                   ReGISteR noW At WWW.FRAnCHISe.oRG

Mitt Romney                                         Steve Forbes

                                                                   Monday, February 14
                                                                   12:30 pm – 2:30 pm:
    Our 2011 Keynote speakers continue the IFA tradition           Opening General Session
   of excellence in delivering timely, relevant content from
    noted visionaries, political pundits, economic experts         Keynote Speaker:
                                                                   Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney
   and business strategists. Our Opening General Session
         Speaker, Former Massachusetts Governor                    Major Award Presentation: Hall of Fame Award
      Mitt Romney, will bring his broad experience and
       insights in business, government and politics to            Wednesday, February 16
     convention attendees on Monday afternoon. Widely              12:45 pm – 2:45 pm:
     recognized for his business and political leadership,         Luncheon & General Session
   Romney closed a $3 billion budget gap inherited when
                                                                   Keynote Speaker:
     he took office and founded one of the nation’s most
                                                                   Steve Forbes, Chairman and CEO,
    successful venture capital and investment companies.           Forbes Media and Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Magazine

     Steve Forbes, Chairman and CEO of Forbes Media                Major Award Presentation: Ronald E. Harrison Award
     and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes magazine, will be our
      keynote speaker during the Luncheon and General
    Session on Wednesday. Forbes has extensive business,
                                                                                      NEW for
      political, economic and media knowledge and will
   share his perspectives about how the franchise industry
        can best address today’s challenging economic                      The IFA Convention Goes
   environment. Forbes’ experience on the campaign trail                   MObiLE!
   while running for President of the United States in 1996
  and 2000 gives him a unique outlook on today’s political
                                                                           IFA will provide attendees
   landscape. As an author of several books on capitalism,
                                                                           with an interactive smartphone
  free markets and tax policy, he will share his thoughts on               mobile application that
  some of the most compelling policy questions facing the                  will offer:
                        country today.
                                                                             • The Schedule of Events;
   Both speakers will complement the strategies and ideas                    • Exhibitor Listings;
                                                                             • Session Details and
    franchise professionals will share while gathered in Las
   Vegas. We’ll focus on solutions to position the industry                  • Convention Announcements;
    for success as the financial climate improves and we...
              Build the Future Together.                                       and more!
3   IFA 2011 AnnuAl ConventIon

     Hear from
    INDUSTRY                 Monday, February 14
     LEADERS                 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm: Opening General Session

                             IFA: State of the Association Report

                             IFA President & CEO, Steve Caldeira, will provide a state of the
                             association report with a look at the current and future strategic
                             priorities for the association’s continued growth and service to the

                             Major Award Presentation: Hall of Fame Award
            Steve Caldeira
                             Tuesday, February 15
                             8:00 am – 10:00 am: Tuesday Super Session

                             Guest Speaker: Joseph DePinto, President & CEO, 7-Eleven

                             Tuesday’s Super Session will feature the 7-Eleven story — including
                             challenges faced and overcome and plans for the future — as told
                             by President & CEO Joseph DePinto. 7-Eleven, Inc. is the world’s
                             largest convenience retail chain. The company operates, franchises and
                             licenses approximately 7,000 stores in the U.S. and Canada. Of the
                             close to 6,000 stores the company operates in the United States, more
            Joseph DePinto   than 4,700 are franchised. Overseas, 7-Eleven licensees and affiliates
                             operate more than 29,700 7-Eleven and other convenience stores.

                             Major Award Presentation: Entrepreneur of the Year

                             Wednesday, February 16
                             8:00 am – 10:00 am: Wednesday Super Session

                             Panel of the Pros: “Show Me the Money”

                             Wednesday’s Super Session will feature an in-depth, solutions-focused
                             discussion about the financing crisis with several franchise leaders.
                             Moderated by Jon Luther, Chairman of the Board, Dunkin’ Brands,
                             and IFA 2nd Vice Chairman, the session’s panelists will delve into what
                             can be done to address critical financing challenges that have plagued
                             franchise businesses all over the world. We’ll also share exclusive new
            Jon Luther       data about the economic impact of franchising in addition to eye-
                             opening details about what’s expected for franchising in 2011.

                             Moderator: Jon Luther, Chairman of the Board, Dunkin’ Brands
                             Speakers: Bonnie Monahan, Treasurer, Dunkin’ Brands;
                             Mitch Cohen, Dunkin’ Donuts & Baskin Robbins Franchisee;
                             Catherine Monson, CEO, FASTSIGNS; Scott Snoyer,
                             FASTSIGNS of Antioch, TN; Ron Feldman, CEO, Siegel Financial Group

                             Major Award Presentation: Bonny LeVine Award
                                                              ReGISteR noW At WWW.FRAnCHISe.oRG     4

Help Protect Franchising’s Business Interests...

                                                         ...support FranPAC Events!


  One of the most effective ways to achieve IFA’s mission to protect, enhance and promote
  franchising is through the continued growth and development of a robust government
  relations and public policy program. Our political action committee, FranPAC, creates an
  opportunity for IFA members to provide financial support to candidates for federal office
  who understand franchising and who will promote a legislative and regulatory climate
  favorable to franchising. The Convention offers numerous opportunities for members to
  learn more about and support FranPAC. All proceeds from FranPAC events help IFA educate
  lawmakers about the legislative issues critical to the franchise business community.


  The FranPAC Silent Auction is back by popular demand. Held in the Exhibit Hall during
  regular exhibit hours, the silent auction is a great way to support FranPAC. You will have the
  opportunity to bid on travel packages, electronics and other spectacular prizes donated by
  IFA members.


  Another great way to support FranPAC is during the VIP reception with our convention
  keynote speaker, Mitt Romney. You’ll have the chance to visit with Former Massachusetts
  Governor Romney before he takes the stage during our Opening General Session.


  Sponsored by:

  Join us for the Annual 365 PAC Breakfast on Tuesday, February 15, prior to the Super
  Session. The 365 Club is FranPAC’s basic level of membership, asking franchise community
  leaders to pledge at least $1 a day for effective political representation in Washington and to
  be part of one of the most important endeavors at IFA.

  For more information about signing up for any of our FranPAC events,
  please contact Victoria Adams at 202/662-0781 or vadams@franchise.org.

5       IFA 2011 AnnuAl ConventIon


                                                             SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 12
                                                             8:00 am – 10:00 am .....................ICFE Special Sessions Registration
We’d like to thank the members of the 2011                   8:30 am – 5:30 pm.........................................ICFE Special Sessions*:
Convention Committee for lending their time                    • Financial Bootcamp
and expertise to developing this year’s program.               • FRAN-GUARDTM
                                                               • Principles of Franchise Management
               CHAIR                                           • Franchise Relations Clinic
               Jack Earle, Managing Partner,                 12:00 n – 1:00 pm ........................ICFE Special Sessions Luncheon*
               Earle Enterprises LP                          7:00 pm ........................................ IFA Executive Committee Dinner
               (McDonald’s Franchisee)

Jack Earle
                                                             SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 13
VICE CHAIR                                                   7:30 am – 9:30 am ......... Educational Foundation Board of Trustees
Jon Luther, Executive Chairman of the Board,
                                                             7:30 am – 8:00 pm ......................................................... Registration
Dunkin’ Brands
                                                             8:00 am – 5:00 pm .......................................................... Press Room
                                                             8:00 am – 9:30 am ..................Finance, Audit & Budget Committee
Ken Bartell, Owner, ServiceMaster of Redmond, OR
                                                             8:00 am – 10:00 am ............................................ VetFran Committee
Ken Colburn, President, Data Doctors Franchise
                                                             8:00 am – 10:00 am .............................. Marketing & PR Committee
   Systems, Inc.
                                                             8:00 am – 10:00 am .................................... Membership Committee
Jerry Crawford, CFE, President, Jani-King
                                                             8:30 am – 5:30 pm ........................................ICFE Special Sessions*:
   International, Inc.
                                                               • Franchise Development & Franchisor Financing Strategies
Maria D’Ambrosio, Senior Director, Inclusion & Diversity,
                                                               • International Business Development
   Choice Hotels International
                                                               • FRAN-GUARDTM
Ron Feldman, CFE, CEO, Siegel Financial Group
                                                               • Strategic Thinking & Planning
Rocco Fiorentino, CFE, President, Swiss Farm Stores
                                                             8:30 am – 10:00 am ............................. Legal Legislative Committee
Sherri Fishman, President, Fishman Public Relations
                                                             9:00 am – 11:00 am .........................Women’s Franchise Committee
John Fitzgerald, CFE, Principal, Gray Plant Mooty
                                                             10:00 am – 12:00 n ..................................... International Committee
Mark Forseth, VP & Assistant General Counsel,
                                                             10:00 am – 12:00 n ...................................... Technology Committee
   Marriott International
                                                             10:00 am – 1:00 pm.................... IFA Executive Committee Meeting
Evan Hackel, President, Ingage Consulting
                                                             10:30 am – 12:00 n ...........................Franchise Relations Committee
Rosemarie Hartnett, CFE, President, Abrakadoodle
                                                             10:30 am – 12:00 n .................................... FranPAC Advisory Board
   Remarkable Art Education
                                                             10:30 am – 12:30 pm .............................................Diversity Institute
Mariana Huberman, Owner, The UPS Store of
                                                             11:00 am – 1:00 pm .................................. ICFE Board of Governors
   Washington, DC
                                                             11:30 am – 1:00 pm ................ WFC Leadership Conference Lunch*
Joyce Mazero, Partner, Haynes and Boone, LLP
                                                             12:00 n – 1:00 pm .............................. ICFE Special Sessions Lunch*
Kerry Olson, CFE, Vice President-Legal,
                                                             1:00 pm – 5:00 pm ......................... IFA Board of Directors Meeting
   International Dairy Queen
                                                             1:15 pm – 4:45 pm ............................WFC Leadership Conference*
Scott Pressly, CFE, Managing Partner, Van Ness Capital
                                                             3:00 pm – 4:00 pm ............................... Supplier Forum Orientation
                                                             4:00 pm – 4:30 pm .................................... Ambassador Orientation
Michael Seid, CFE, Managing Director, MSA Worldwide
                                                             4:45 pm – 5:30 pm .......... WFC Leadership Conference Reception*
Eric Stites, CFE, President, Franchise Business Review
                                                             5:00 pm – 6:00 pm .................................. New Member Orientation
Mary Thompson, CFE, President, Mr. Rooter,
                                                             6:00 pm – 7:00 pm New Member & First-Time Attendee Reception
   The Dwyer Group
                                                             6:30 pm – 8:30 pm ............................................ Taste of Franchising
Kenneth D. Walker, CFE, Chairman & CEO, Driven
                                                             8:00 pm .................................................. Board of Directors’ Dinner
   Brands, Inc.
Jason Zickerman, CFE, President & CEO,
                                                             * Please note, there is a separate fee for these events
   The Alternative Board (TAB)
                                                                                                         ReGISteR noW At WWW.FRAnCHISe.oRG                                         6

                                                                                                TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 15

                                                                                                7:00 am – 6:00 pm ........................................................Registration
                                                                                                7:00 am – 8:00 am ..............................FranPAC 365 Club Breakfast
MONDAY, FEBRUARY 14                                                                             8:00 am – 5:00 pm ........................................................ Press Room
                                                                                                8:00 am – 12:00 n ..........................................2012 Booth Selection
7:00 am – 5:00 pm ...............................................................Registration   8:00 am – 10:00 am .......... Super Session w/ Continental Breakfast
7:00 am – 7:30 am ..................... Supplier Forum Executive Committee
                                                                                                10:15 am – 11:45 am ........................ CONCuRRENT SESSIONS
7:30 am – 9:00 am ........................................................Prayer Breakfast
7:30 am – 9:00 am ............................Supplier Forum Advisory Board &                      • Focused on ROI: Integrating Marketing Tactics for Better
                                                     General Membership Meeting                      Strategic Results for Franchise Sales
8:00 am – 9:00 am ............................................Nominating Committee                 • When the Franchisor Becomes the Banker – Best Practices for
8:00 am – 5:00 pm ............................................................... Press Room         Franchisors Providing Financing to Their Franchisees
8:00 am – 6:00 pm ............................................... 2012 Booth Selection             • How to Identify and Avoid Problems in International
8:00 am – 9:30 am .................................................... Corporate Counsel             Franchising
9:00 am – 11:00 am ................................................... Franchisee Forum            • Best Practices for Creating and Executing a System-Wide
9:00 am – 11:00 am ....................................................Franchisor Forum              Modernization Program
9:00 am – 12:00 n ............................. International Summit – Track One                   • Benchmarking Made Easy – How Benchmarking Can Boost
9:00 am – 12:00 n ..............................International Summit – Track Two                     Franchise System Performance
9:00 am – 12:00 n ........................................................Financial Summit         • Transformational Communication: How to Have Effective
9:00 am – 12:00 n ................................................... Technology Summit              Conversations with Your Franchisees
9:00 am – 12:00 n ................................................ New Markets Summit              • Multi-Unit/Area Developer Models for Franchise Growth
9:00 am – 12:00 n ........................... Elements of Successful Franchising                   • Expansion into Airports, Universities, Military Bases and
10:00 am – 12:00 n ..................................................Awards Committee                Beyond: Negotiating Non-Traditional Development Deals
10:00 am – 12:00 n ..........................Social Sector Franchise Task Force                    • Beyond Facebook: Reaching Your Audience Where They
10:00 am – 12:00 n ........................................ FRAN-GUARDTM Seminar                     Live Online
11:30 am – 12:30 pm ........................................ FranPAC VIP Reception                 • Distressing Transfers in Troubled Times: Thorny Issues in
12:30 pm – 2:30 pm ..................Opening General Session & Luncheon                              Transferring Financially Troubled Franchisees
                                                                                                   • Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers:
2:45 pm – 4:15 pm .................................. CONCuRRENT SESSIONS
                                                                                                     Understanding KPIs, P&L and Balance Sheets
   •   Developing High Performance and Fun Franchisee Peer Groups
                                                                                                12:00 n – 2:30 pm ........................Networking Lunch w/ Exhibitors
   •   Developing an Effective Franchise Support Organization
                                                                                                1:00 pm – 2:30 pm ................................... Past Chairmen’s Council
   •   Super Charge Your Franchise Advisory Council
                                                                                                2.45 pm – 4:45 pm ......................... Business Solution Roundtables
   •   Franchise Agreement Top Ten: “Must Have” Provisions for a
                                                                                                                                          Hosted by Franchise Executives
       Rapidly Changing World
                                                                                                5:00 pm – 7:00 pm .............................. Fun & Games w/ Exhibitors
   •   How to Help Franchisees Drive Profitability
                                                                                                7:00 pm – 8:30 pm .................................... International Reception
   •   Emerging Franchisors Share All — If I Only Knew Then What I
       Know Now
   •   Best Practices in Training: 10 Ways to Make Your Training More
       Fun and Impactful                                                                        WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 16
   •   How to Refresh, Protect & Enhance Your Brand: Delivering a
       Consistent Customer Experience as You Grow                                               7:00 am – 4:00 pm ......................................................Registration
   •   Franchise Development Strategies for the New Normal                                      8:00 am – 5:00 pm ...................................................... Press Room
   •   Franchisee Engagement: Dissecting the Key Performance Drivers                            8:00 am – 10:00 am ........Super Session w/ Continental Breakfast
       in Your System                                                                           10:15 am – 12:30 pm ....................Business Solution Roundtables
   •   How Franchisees and Franchisors Can Work Together on Small                                                                          Hosted by the Supplier Forum
       Business Issues                                                                          12:45 pm – 2:45 pm ........................ Luncheon & General Session

4:30 pm – 8:00 pm ....................... Chairman’s Reception w/ Exhibitors                    3:00 pm – 4:30 pm .. CONCuRRENT “MINI”-SuPER SESSIONS
7:30 pm – 9:00 pm .............Women’s Franchise Committee Reception
                                                                                                   •   Franchise Town Hall
                                                                                                   •   U.S. Economic Outlook
                                                                                                   •   Customer Service
                                                                                                   •   Developing the Work Ethic Along Your Front Line to Increase
                                                                                                       the Performance and Profit to Your Bottom Line

                                                                                                6:30 pm .........................................................................Reception
                                                                                                7:30 pm .....................................................................Closing Gala
          Convention Partners
          We want to extend a sincere thanks to the following companies for
          investing support in IFA and our 2011 Convention Special Events.

                    General Session Production                                       Opening General Session Speaker

                   Hall of Fame Award                                                           Closing Gala

                                                             dessert your guilt.
Opening General Session     Entrepreneur of the Year      Tuesday Super Session         Wednesday Lunch &                Small Screen Promotions
                                    Award                                                General Session

                                                                                                               Registration Lounge/Email Kiosks,
     Registration Bags          Convention Portfolios                                                          Cell Phone Charging Station and
                                                                   Ronald E. Harrison Award                         Exhibit Hall Door Prizes

       At-A-Glance Pocket Guides          New Member & First Time Attendee Reception

                                                                                                                 Convention Program Book
          Wednesday Super Session                              IFA Executive Committee Dinner

              Convention Badges                         International Reception           Women’s Franchise Committee Networking Reception

          Business Solution Roundtables          Cell Phone Charging Station              Registration Lists                   Conference Center
                                                                                                                             Walkway Window Decals

       To learn more about how you can show support for the IFA Convention and the franchise community while gaining greater exposure for
                                   your brand, contact Lynette Darby at 202/662-0782 or ldarby@franchise.org
Sunday, February 13                                                                                                                8
12:00 n – 5:30 pm
WOMEN’S FRANCHISE COMMITTEE ANNUAL LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE                                     Women’s Franchise Committee

Leading Through the New Normal:
How to Define and Empower Your System
As the business world has catapulted through the last few years’ ups and downs, we all learned to
adapt to change. That change created a new way to do business - a “new normal.” Come be a part of a
candid discussion with some of franchising’s top leaders about defining your brand’s “new normal” and
using it as a platform to the extraordinary through trust, empowerment and communication. Start 2011
with a positive and clear vision for how you can embrace the “new normal” and poise yourself - and your
business - for success.                                                                                           K YOU
                                                                                                              To our
12:00 n – 1:15 pm       opening luncheon featuring the Crystal Compass presentation

1:15 pm – 1:30 pm       Break
                                                                                                                 Opening Luncheon
1:30 pm – 2:30 pm        Keynote Address With Speaker Craig Moore, President, nothing Bundt Cakes
Don’t miss keynote speaker, Craig Moore, President of Nothing Bundt Cakes, as he shares his own
personal strategies for how to adapt to the “new normal.” Moore is a franchise veteran with nearly 17
years of experience with Cici’s Pizza having joined the company in 1992 as a restaurant manager, and
worked his way into ownership and President in 2003. He helped CiCi’s Pizza grow from 30 restaurants
in one state with 17 franchisees to over 650 restaurants in 32 states with 270 franchisees. And he plans
to do the same for Nothing Bundt Cakes. He’ll discuss changes he plans to implement at the corporate
level and throughout the franchise system. In addition, Moore will explain how his changes will impact
the overall operation, profitability and growth of the company, how the “new normal” is affecting his
leadership style and what his future plans are for the brand.                                                   Conference Program
2:30 pm – 2:45 pm       Break
2:45 pm – 3:45 pm        Panel Discussion
Hear a lively discussion among some of franchising’s top talent about the do’s and don’t’s
of leading your business through the “new normal.”

Moderator:              Mary Ann o’Connell, CFe, President, FranWise & leadership Conference Chair
Speakers:               Rhoda olsen, President, Great Clips
                        Mary thompson, CFe, President, Mr. Rooter, the Dwyer Group
                        Keith Gerson, CFe, Coo, Sopra Brands

3:45 pm – 4:30 pm         Roundtables
Participants will discuss a real-world case study of an actual franchise system. Drawing on the content of
the day, groups will be charged with arriving at solutions to leading in the “new normal.” Conclusions will
be shared with the conference participants.                                                                          The Leadership
                                                                                                                   Conference is open
Roundtable Facilitators: Matthew Bogart, Sales Manager, Franchise.com; Joanne Webb-Joyce,                           to fully-registered
Senior Director, National Franchise, 7-Eleven, Inc.; Michelle Rowan, COO, Franchise Business Review;             convention attendees
Lee Plave, CFE, Partner, Plave Koch PLC; Kathleen Gilmartin, President & CEO, Interim Healthcare, Inc.;          only. The fee to attend
Sherri Seiber, COO, FranFund, Inc.; Lori Lofstrom, Managing Shareholder, Holmes Lofstrom, PC;                       this event is $100.
Kelli Russo, Director Franchise Relations, Paycom Payroll, LLC; Adrienne Kallweit, Owner, SeekingSitters;         Please check off the
Mark Johnson, CEO, Granite Transformations; Matt Kelton, COO, Showhomes Franchise Corporation;                     appropriate box on
Kirk Reilly, Principle, Gray Plant Mooty; Lonnie Helgerson, CFE, President, Veteran Franchise Centers;            the registration form
Saunda Kitchen, Owner, Mr. Rooter of Sonoma County, CA; Melissa Bernheim, General Counsel,                         before sending it to
Smoothie King Franchises, Inc.                                                                                        the IFA Office.
4:30 pm – 4:45 pm       Closing Remarks
                                                                                                                    Your attendance at
4:45 pm – 5:30 pm       networking Reception                                                                       the WFC Leadership
                                                                                                                   Conference will earn
                                                                                                                    you 100 Education
                                                                                                                    credits toward the
                                                                                                                    completion of the
                                                                                                                    Certified Franchise
                                                                                                                     Executive (CFE)
9      IFA 2011 AnnuAl ConventIon

Sunday, February 13 (continued)
>> 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Help welcome new IFA members and first-time attendees to convention. This by-invitation-only event is an opportunity for new
members and first-time attendees to get acquainted with colleagues in the franchise community and IFA leaders, including the IFA
Board of Directors and other members of IFA’s leadership.

>> 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

This is one of franchising’s favorite events! The Taste of Franchising offers attendees their first opportunity to catch-up with
old friends and make new contacts during a unique networking reception showcasing the many savory delights that franchising
has to offer. Franchisor members generously provide branded food and beverage items while others’ support helps to provide
decorations, paper products and the evening’s entertainment to make the Taste of Franchising a great way to kick-off the

We’d like to thank those IFA franchisor and supplier members who graciously support this event:

    If you would like to support the Taste of Franchising to showcase your product and increase your visibility within the franchise
                           community, contact Anne Poodiack at 202/662-0773 or apoodiack@franchise.org
                                                                                    ReGISteR noW At WWW.FRAnCHISe.oRG                              10

                                             Monday, February 14

>> 7:30 am - 9:00 am
                                                                        TRACk ONE (CONT.)
                                                                        International Expansion Strategies – Choosing the Right
Becoming increasingly popular year after year, we invite                Approach
you to join us at the Prayer Breakfast hosted by The                    y Determining the right goals for international expansion.
ServiceMaster Company. This is a non-denomination event                 y What are the options for expansion strategies?
that we encourage you to attend with your family and friends.           y Where are the most logical markets to begin an
Previous year’s Prayer Breakfasts have featured special musical             international expansion?
performances, motivational readings and inspirational guest             y Developing and implementing the plan.
speakers. This is a great way to begin the first official day of
challenging educational sessions, networking engagements                Moderator: Carl E. Zwisler, Principal, Gray Plant Mooty
and high-powered business meetings! The Prayer Breakfast                Speakers: Ned Lyerly, EVP, Global Franchise Development,
is offered on a complimentary basis to the first 400 fully-             CKE Restaurants, Inc.; Thomas F. Flaherty, Vice President of
registered convention attendees on a first-come, first-served           Franchising, Agile Pursuits Franchising Inc.
                                                                        INTERNATIONAL SuMMIT –
The Prayer Breakfast is
sponsored by:
                                                                        TRACk TWO
                                                                                                                         International Committee
                                                                        Developed by the International Committee
Co-sponsored by:
                                                                        International Expansion – Identifying Market Opportunities
       Driven Brands, Inc.
                                                                        y Resources for international expansion.
       Home Task Handyman
                                                                        y Considerations before entering a specific market.
       Michael Seid & Associates
                                                                        y Where are the hot markets for your brand? Identifying the
       Servant Systems
       Service Brands
                                                                        y Case studies of successful expansion efforts.
       Tasti D-Lite LLC
                                                                        Moderator: William Edwards, CFE, Chief Executive Officer,
       Two Men And A Truck
                                                                        Edwards Global Services
                                                                        Speakers: David Ramadan, President, RAMA International;
>> 9:00 am - 12:00 noon                                                 Mike Powers, CFE, EVP/Business Development, Smoothie King
TRACk ONE                                                               Franchisee Recruiting – Identifying the Right International
Developed by the International Committee      International Committee   Partner
                                                                        y Profile of your ideal master franchisee.
Considerations for Initiating an International Expansion                y Developing your recruitment plan.
Effort                                                                  y Where to find international development leads.
y Why expand to international markets?                                  y Closing the master franchisee deal.
y When is the right time to expand internationally?                     Moderator: Tom Portesy, President, MFV Expositions
y What are the financial and personnel implications for                 Speakers: Tony Foley, CFE, President, United Franchise Group
    international expansion?                                            Services; Kristin Houston, Sr. International Trade Specialist, U.S.
y Developing the plan.                                                  Commercial Service
Moderator: Bachir Mihoubi, President & CEO, FranCounsel
Group, LLC
Speakers: Martin Amschler, Vice President, Franchise,
RadioShack Corporation; Kevin Derella, CFE, Senior Vice
President, Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System
11   IFA 2011 AnnuAl ConventIon

Monday, February 14 (continued)                                               Free Tools for Monitoring Your Brand
                                                                              Chad Cohen, Vice President, Fish Consulting

FINANCIAL SuMMIT                                                              Integrating Social Media on Your Website
                                                                              Brandy Zickefoose, Branding Manager, i9 Sports
Franchisee Access to Credit: What Can the Franchisor Do?
y What is the current state of credit to the franchise                        Facebook Best Practices
     industry?                                                                Brent Alvord, CFE, President, Lenny’s Franchisor, LLC
y How can the franchisor facilitate financing for new and
     existing franchisees?                                                    How to Take Advantage of YouTube
y Should the franchisor be directly involved in financing of                  Deb Evans, CFE, President & CEO, Computer Explorers/
     the franchisees?                                                         ICED International Center for Entrepreneurial Development
y What are some real world success stories about franchisee
                                                                              LinkedIn Best Practices
     access to credit?
                                                                              Nick Powills, CEO, No Limit Media Consulting, LLC
y What resources are available to assist franchisors with
     access to credit?                                                        Using FourSquare to Drive Business
Moderator: William G. Hall, CFE, CEO, William G. Hall & Co.                   Scott Iversen, Director of Marketing, Topper’s Pizza, Inc.
(International Dairy Queen Franchisee)
Speakers: Darrell M. Johnson, CFE, President & CEO,                           Online Reputation Management
FRANdata; Ronald A. Feldman, CFE, Chief Executive Officer,                    Mark Sweetnam, Brand/Technology Manager, Fish Window
Siegel Financial Group                                                        Cleaning Services, Inc.

                                                                              Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
TECHNOLOGy SuMMIT                                                             Thom Scott, Director of Operations, Showhomes Franchise
Developed by the Information Technology    Information Technology Committee   Corporation
                                                                              Develop an Effective Intranet
Social technology – Ignore it at Your own Peril                               Dan Martin, CFE, President & CEO, IFX Online
y Discover what social technologies you should be using
    now and ones you should consider for the future.                          Using Online Tools to Train Your Franchisees
y Learn how to create, manage and protect your brand.                         Todd Leiser, Director, Franchise Sales, Valpak
y Use social technologies to increase sales for your
                                                                              Franchise Management Systems Best Practices
                                                                              Nick Mecozzi, Director, Client Services, FranConnect Software
y Find out if social media has lived up to its hype from other
    franchisors.                                                              Effectively Implement Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Keynote Speaker: Ford Saeks, Internet Marketing Expert                        Todd Juneau, EVP, Aviatech, LLC
Ford Saeks will help you increase the performance of online                   Converting Visitors to Customers on Your Website
revenue-generating efforts and supercharge your sales results.                Boris Bugarski, CFE, President & CEO, mUrgent Corporation

                                                                              How to Use Website Analytics
                                                                              Ted Dzialowski, Executive Chairman, Nutri-Lawn, Inc.
Technology Summit Roundtable Topics and Discussion
Facilitators Include:                                                         Return on Engagement (ROE): Best Practices and
                                                                              Benchmarks in the Facebook Era
Protecting Your Brand on Social Networking Sites                              Clara Shih, CEO, Hearsay
Lee Plave, CFE, Partner, Plave Koch PLC
                                                                              Email Marketing: Getting Repeat Business and Referrals
Getting Started with Social Networking                                        Kevin O’Brien, Director, National Accounts, Constant Contact
Peter Riggs,VP, Corporate Business Unit, Pita Pit, Inc.
                                                                              Local Search: Making Sure Consumers Can Find
Using Mobile Technology in Franchising                                        Your Franchisees
Paul Segreto,President/CEO/Founder, franchisEssentials                        Jeremy LaDuque, Chief Executive Officer, ElementsLocal
Using Social Media Background Checks (Employees/                              Finding the Right Franchisees Through Lead
Franchisees)                                                                  Generation
Jack Serpa,Executive Vice President-Sales & Marketing,                        Sean Fitzgerald, National VP of Franchise Development
Engage121                                                                     Wireless Zone
Using Location-Based Services to Get Customers                                PCI Compliance: Are You There Yet?
BJ Emerson, Director of Information & Social Technologies,                    Tom Epstein, CFE, CEO, Franchise Payments Network
Tasti D-Lite LLC
                                                                              KPI: Early Warning Detection for Struggling
Mobile Apps in Franchising
Todd Bingham, Director of Information Technology,
                                                                              Bruce Franson, Vice President & CTO, Servant Systems, Inc.
FranNet Franchising, LLC
                                                                               ReGISteR noW At WWW.FRAnCHISe.oRG               12

                                                                    Monday, February 14 (continued)

NEW MARkETS SuMMIT                                                   THE 20TH ANNuAL ELEMENTS OF SuCCESSFuL
                                                                     FRANCHISING: “WORkING THROuGH DIFFICuLT
Preparing Professional Athletes for                                  ECONOMIC TIMES”
Life after Sports:
What Franchising Offers                                              y   Up to the minute: what’s happening right now.
                                          The Diversity Institute
Developed by the Diversity Institute                                 y   Techniques for effective distribution: where franchising
                                                                         fits in.
Professional athletes have spent years following playbooks.          y Effective franchisee recruitment.
They know better than anyone that dedicated effort and               y Essential elements of the franchisor management’s
teamwork are what it takes to win. These are the same                    philosophy and “culture.”
elements needed to be a successful franchisee. Professional          y Communication in franchise networks.
athletes also have access to capital. This program will              y How to deal with change: anticipating it, accommodating
showcase what has been done, what is being done and how                  it and taking advantage of it.
you, too, can score with professional athletes.                      Speakers: Philip Zeidman, Partner, DLA Piper US LLP;
                                                                     Dennis Wieczorek, Partner, DLA Piper US LLP;
y   Hear directly from individuals who made the transition           Steve Romaniello, CFE, Chairman, FOCUS Brands; John
    from professional athletes to franchise owners.                  Hamburger, President, Franchise Times
y Learn what franchise concepts are doing to attract
    professional athletes.
y Develop relationships with organizations such as Allied
    Athlete Group.                                                   >> 10:00 am - 12:00 noon
y Expand your brand through new markets.
y Understand what you need to do to get in the game!
Moderator: Stan Friedman, CFE, Senior Vice President,                FRAN-GuARDTM SEMINAR
FranConnect Software
                                                                     y   Top-down look at the IFA’s franchise sales management
Making the Move into Franchising                                         and compliance initiative.
                                                                     y How a system-wide compliance program can protect your
Speakers: George W. Tinsley, Sr., Tinsley Family Concessions-            franchise system and make it more profitable.
Franchisee/Licensee of KFC, TGI Fridays, Pizza Hut, California       y How to integrate all the facets of a compliance program,
Pizza, Nathan’s Famous, Freshens Ice Cream Bar and Jose                  from disclosure and documentation, to franchise sales,
Cuervo; Roosevelt Colvin, Franchisee, The UPS Store; Carlo               field support, and operations.
Emmons, Franchisee, Wet Willies; Nate Wayne, Franchisee,             y Proactive steps to drive franchise sales, reduce risks,
Coldstone Creamery                                                       manage growth, and improve profitability.
                                                                     Speakers: Cynthia Gartman, CFE, President, IKOR® USA
Building Relationships                                               Incorporated; Joel Buckberg, Of Counsel, Baker, Donelson,
                                                                     Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC; Gaylen Knack, Partner,
Speakers: Michael Stone, CEO and Co-Founder, Allied Athlete          Gray Plant Mooty
Group; Elizabeth D. Sigety, Partner, Co-Chair Franchise Group,
Fox Rothschild LLP

Questions and Answers/Final Wrap-Up moderated by
Stan Friedman
13     IFA 2011 AnnuAl ConventIon

Monday, February 14 (continued)
>> 2:45 pm - 4:15 pm
ConCuRRent SeSSIonS

Developing High Performance and Fun Franchisee                  Franchise Agreement Top Ten: “Must Have” Provisions for a
Peer Groups                                                     Rapidly Changing World
y Organizing and structuring franchisee peer groups.            y Lawyers and clients weigh in on rights, responsibilities and
y Developing franchise owners who are focused on                    boilerplate.
    measurable growth.                                          y Social media, technology, intellectual property — who owns
y Keeping franchise owners focused on the key drivers for           what the future will bring?
    profitability in their business.                            y Dispute resolution — can we learn from our mistakes?
y Developing a mentality of group accountability among          y Plain speaking — what do all those $10 lawyer words mean
    peer group members.                                             anyhow?
y Establishing financial benchmarking and helping to            y Pre-signing questionnaires — are they of any value?
    develop management skills in franchise owners.              y Trade secrets — are they just words without meaning in your
y Developing and maintaining a commitment to the peer               system?
    group by keeping meetings fun, targeted, fresh and          Moderator: Andrew Loewinger, Partner, Nixon Peabody
    focused.                                                    Speakers: Joel Schweidel, Senior Vice President & Assistant General
Moderator: Rosemarie Hartnett, CFE, President, Abrakadoodle     Counsel - Legal, Kahala Corp.; Joseph Mathews, CFE, Founding
Remarkable Art Education                                        Partner, Franchise Performance Group
Speakers: Kristi Mailloux, President, Molly Maid, Inc.;
Urs Koenig, Facilitator & Coach, Profit Soup; Shawn Grady,      How to Help Franchisees Drive Profitability
Franchisee & Corporate Sales, Two Men And A Truck               y Using franchisee goals to help them drive profitability.
                                                                y Tools for helping franchisees understand their financial health.
Developing an Effective Franchise Support Organization          y How employees can buy into company profitability.
A Supplier Forum Best Practices Seminar                         y How to help franchisees cut expenses in the right area.
y   What are the similar support                                y How to easily make the Balance Sheet and Income Statement
    characteristics of the “best-in-class”                          work together.
    franchise organizations?                   SUPPLIER         y Are you benchmarking the right information?
y Geographic-based support vs. needs-           FORUM
                                                                Moderator: Jeff L. Moody, CFE, Vice President, Mr. Rooter
    based support.                                              Plumbing, The Dwyer Group
y What are the best tactics and strategies for delivering       Speakers: Joe Lindenmayer, President/COO, TSS Photography, Inc.;
    support?                                                    Steven C. LeFever, Chairman, Business Resource Services, Inc.
y New technologies for managing “just-in-time” support.
y Tips for increasing franchisee buy-in and accountability.     Emerging Franchisors Share All – If I Only knew Then What I
Moderator: Jack Pearce, CFE, Executive Director Franchise       know Now
Integration, Annex Brands, Inc.                                 y Hiring the right people to lead the brand’s vision.
Speakers: Susan E. Black-Beth, CFE, Chief Operating Officer,    y Establishing and nurturing banking relationships early and
Super Wash, Inc.; Mike Rotondo, VP of Operations, Tropical          often.
Smoothie Cafe                                                   y Bridging the communication gap with franchisees; really
                                                                    listening to them.
Super Charge your Franchise Advisory Council                    y Developing a team of strong field consultants.
y Maximize your benefit from your Franchise Advisory            y Careful examination of costs to support new franchisees
    Council.                                                        outside of your core markets.
y Learn how well-run councils can develop powerful new          y Why all parties need to clearly understand your FDD to avoid
    ideas.                                                          potential legal issues down the road.
y Learn how your council can help you greatly improve           Moderator: Sherri Fishman, President, Fishman Public Relations
    implementation of new concepts.                             Speakers: John Rotche, President, The Belfor Franchise Group;
y Take your council to new levels via new social media tools.   Sam G. Ballas, CFE, President/CEO, East Coast Wings & Grill;
y Improve your relationship with your franchisees through a     Amy Nichols, CEO, Dogtopia; Brian Miller, CFE, President & COO,
    role and use of Franchise Advisory Councils.                FranchisESource Brands International
Moderator: Evan Hackel, President, Ingage Consulting
Speakers: Mitch Cohen, Owner, Baskin Robbins/Dunkin’
Donuts of Bayshore, NY; David Barr, Chairman, PMTD
Restaurants (KFC and Taco Bell Franchisee)
                                                                                  ReGISteR noW At WWW.FRAnCHISe.oRG                               14

                                                                   Monday, February 14 (continued)
Best Practices in Training: 10 Ways to Make your Training           Franchise Development Strategies for the New Normal
More Fun and Impactful                                              y Lead generation in a slow economy.
y Cutting-edge adult learning techniques that promote               y Setting up a sales process that delivers results.
    understanding, confidence, retention and change.                y Leveraging technology, CRM and website strategy for a higher
y What types of activities should I mix into the agenda to              closing rate.
    accommodate various styles of learning?                         y Strategies for franchise financing.
y How can you deliver highly technical information in               y The New Normal could be the best time to grow!
    interesting and interactive ways?                               Moderator: Amit Pamecha, CFE, CEO/Co-Founder, FranConnect
y What can you do to ensure the training takeaways get              Software
    used in the real world?                                         Speakers: Robert A. Gappa, CFE, President, Management 2000;
y The top 10 things you can do to raise the bar on your             Chuck Jones, VP Franchise Development, Sopra Brands;
    training.                                                       Arthur Coley, CFE, VP Global Development, AlphaGraphics, Inc.
Moderator: Barbara Carper, President, Profit Soup
Speakers: Kim Hansen, VP Franchise Relations, Learning RX;          Franchisee Engagement: Dissecting the key
Christopher Yellen, VP Association Development and Quality          Performance Drivers in your System                             Building local businesses,
                                                                                                                                    one opportunity at a time.

Assurance, Choice Hotels; Kathy Muller, Director Sales Training     Developed by the Franchise Relations Committee   Franchisee Relations Committee

and Development, ICED, Inc.                                         y   What factors separate your truly engaged
                                                                        franchisees from the unengaged?
How to Refresh, Protect & Enhance your Brand: Delivering a          y Common mistakes that drive disengagement.
Consistent Customer Experience as you Grow                          y Best practices in building franchisee performance.
y Defining your “Brand Promise.”                                    y Case Studies: Franchisee engagement success stories and failures.
y Developing your support structure to achieve consistent           y Closing those performance gaps: five tips to get more franchisees
      delivery at the unit level.                                       to follow your system and execute their business plans effectively.
y Selecting the right franchisees and classes of franchisees        Moderator: Eric Stites, CFE, President, Franchise Business Review
      for your system.                                              Speakers: Greg Nathan, Managing Director/Psychologist, Franchise
y Ensuring that your franchisee’s management team and               Relationships Institute; Harvey H.H. Homsey, Vice President,
      staff are prepared for the challenge of customer service      Franchise Systems, Express Employment Professionals; Keith Miller,
      expectations.                                                 Past Chairman, North American Association of Subway Franchisees,
y Avoiding “Incumbent Inertia” and managing changes to              Subway Franchisee
      products and services.
y Managing franchisee participation – validation for growth,        How Franchisees and Franchisors Can Work
      participation in strategic direction and tactical changes,    Together on Small Business Issues                             Building local businesses,
                                                                                                                                   one opportunity at a time.

      capturing their experiences and executing as a system.        Developed by the Franchisee Forum                     Franchisee Forum

y Putting your franchise system in alignment – from the FDD         y   How franchisees and franchisors can
      through the recruitment process to the execution at the           create a team effort.
      local level.                                                  y Access to capital/SBA loans/franchise funding.
Moderator: Michael H. Seid, CFE, Managing Director, MSA             y 1099 reporting and Healthcare-related issues.
Worldwide                                                           y Card Check legislation and approaches.
Speakers: Sid Feltenstein, Chairman of the Board, Mrs. Fields,      y Energy-related issues (CAP & Trade).
Inc., Mrs. Fields Famous Brands; John Kujawa, Vice President,       y Franchisees are not Employees (the Coverall case).
Franchising, McDonald’s Corporation                                 y Current public policy and business issues.
                                                                    Moderator: Barry Miller, President, Sylvan Learning Center of
                                                                    Girard, Ohio
                                                                    Speakers: Saunda Kitchen, Owner, Mr. Rooter of Sonoma County, CA;
                                                                    Mary Kennedy Thompson, CFE, President, Mr. Rooter, The Dwyer
                                                                    Group; David Messenger, CFE, Vice of President Market Expansion,
                                                                    ServiceMaster Company; Ken Bartell, Owner, ServiceMaster of
                                                                    Redmond, OR; Tim Shuy, Vice President, Owner Relations & Franchise
                                                                    Management, Choice Hotels International; Sunil Thadani, Choice
                                                                    Hotels Franchisee, San Diego, CA
15    IFA 2011 AnnuAl ConventIon

>> 10:15 am - 11:45 am                     Tuesday, February 15
ConCuRRent SeSSIonS

Focused on ROI: Integrating Marketing Tactics for Better           Best Practices for Creating and Executing a System-Wide
Strategic Results for Franchise Sales                              Modernization Program
y Determining which tactics will most effectively reach your       y How do you effectively collaborate with franchisees to
    target audience(s).                                                 gather input and achieve buy-in?
y Integrating messaging across advertising, PR and online          y Is presenting an ROI important, and if so, how do you
    marketing.                                                          measure and communicate it?
y Prioritizing tactics when budgets are limited.                   y How does a challenging economy affect a franchisor’s
y Measuring the results of your integrated campaign.                    implementation and enforcement of a modernization
y Avoiding the pitfalls – the top mistakes made when                    program?
    integrating marketing campaigns.                               y What do you need to do to ensure that franchisor staff
Moderator: Jason P. Zickerman, CFE, President & CEO, The                and vendors (including lenders) are prepared to effectively
Alternative Board (TAB)                                                 support the modernization program?
Speakers: Tracy L. Weise, President, Weise Communications, Inc.;   y How do you determine the necessary versus the optional
Dawn Kane, President, Hot Dish Advertising                              items in a modernization, and can this differ between
When The Franchisor Becomes The Banker – Best Practices for        y What are the common legal issues/concerns related to a
Franchisors Providing Financing to their Franchisees                    modernization program and how do you avoid them?
y An overview of the types of programs franchisors have put        Moderator: Kerry J. Olson, CFE, Vice President - Legal,
    into place to assist with franchisee financing.                International Dairy Queen
y The regulatory and legal hurdles that must be addressed in       Speakers: Dean A. Wieber, EVP New Business Development,
    structuring a franchisee finance program.                      Great Clips, Inc.; Troy Bader, Chief Development and Legal
y Complying with disclosure requirements and managing              Officer, International Dairy Queen; Brian B. Schnell, CFE,
    franchise relationship issues.                                 Partner, Faegre & Benson LLP
y Best practices for structuring the offering and evaluating
    prospective borrowers.                                         Benchmarking Made Easy – How Benchmarking can Boost
Moderator: Kevin P. Hein, Partner, Faegre & Benson LLP             Franchise System Performance
Speakers: Kenneth Switzer, VP & CFO, Marco’s Pizza;                y Best practices for ways to utilize benchmarking to boost
Scott D. Frith, CFE, VP Marketing & Franchise Development,              franchise system performance.
Lawn Doctor, Inc.; Reggie Heard, President/CEO, Bankers One        y Highlights of the Franchisor Benchmarking Report.
Capital                                                            y “Preview” of IFA’s new web-based benchmarking service.
                                                                   Moderator: Brian Spindel, CFE, President & COO, PostNet
How to Identify and Avoid Problems in International                International Franchise Corporation
Franchising                                                        Speakers: Catherine Monson, CEO, FASTSIGNS International;
y The “Proven Model” – the tenure and success of the U.S.          Michael M. Isakson, President & COO, ServiceMaster
     franchise company.                                            Company; Mike Bidwell, CFE, President, The Dwyer Group
y What is the business climate of the foreign market?
y What are the potential political and ethnic conflicts in the     Transformational Communication: How to Have Effective
     market?                                                       Conversations with your Franchisees
y What are the cultural considerations in the market?              y How to get up to speed with the situation/issue and
y Do your due diligence – surveying other franchise companies          determining methods of communication.
     in the market.                                                y Getting prepared mentally and focusing on the desired
y English speaking versus non-English speaking markets.                outcome.
Moderator: Jerry L. Crawford, CFE, President, Jani-King            y The art of “Active Listening.”
International, Inc.                                                y Stay in control without dictating.
Speakers: Susan Grueneberg, Partner, Snell & Wilmer LLP;           y Deciding on next steps and when applicable, reinforcing
Yoshino Nakajima, Chief Development Officer, Home Instead              with email.
Senior Care; Kurt Ullman, CFE, Vice President, International       y Did we mention follow up?
Development, Tasti D-Lite LLC                                      Moderator: Rocco Fiorentino, CFE, President, Swiss Farm
                                                                   Speakers: Shelly Sun, CFE, CEO & Co-Founder, BrightStar
                                                                   Franchising, LLC; Jeffrey L. Tews, Owner, BrightStar Healthcare
                                                                   of Madison, WI; Mariana Huberman, Owner, The UPS Store
                                                                   of Washington, DC; Stuart Mathis, President, MBE, a UPS
                                                                                                  ReGISteR noW At WWW.FRAnCHISe.oRG            16

                                                                                     Tuesday, February 15 (continued)
Multi-unit /Area Developer Models for                  Franchising
                                                                                     Beyond Facebook: Reaching your unique Audience Where
Franchise Growth                                       Building local businesses,
                                                        one opportunity at a time.
                                                                                     They Live Online
Developed by the Franchisee Forum
                                                Franchisee Forum
                                                                                     y Twitter tactics in franchising.
y    What Franchisors/Franchisees need to                                            y LinkedIn for recruiting & development.
     know about multi-unit models.                                                   y Foursquare – location-based customer acquisition.
y Multi-unit license agreement variations.                                           y Tools for monitoring your brand.
y Growth strategies for multiple units.                                              y The Social Tech “Watch List.”
y Multi-Unit/Multi-Brand Strategies.                                                 Moderator: Deborah Evans, CFE, President & CEO, Computer
y Operations and training differences for the multi-unit                             Explorers/ICED
     model.                                                                          Speakers: BJ Emerson, Vice President of Social Development,
y How Franchisors/Franchisees can move beyond the single                             Tasti D-Lite LLC; Jon Carlston, Vice President of Social
     unit model.                                                                     Development, Process Peak LLC; Ken Colburn, President,
Moderator: John Francis, Area Developer, PostNet of MN & WI                          Data Doctors Franchise Systems, Inc.
Speakers: Michael Gornet, President, Mr. Handyman of
California & Florida; Todd Recknagel, President & CEO,                               Distressing Transfers in Troubled Times: Thorny Issues in
Mr. Handyman; Gordon Logan, Founder and CEO, Sport Clips;                            Transferring Financially Troubled Franchisees
Ron Chamberlain, Southern California Area Developer, Sport                           y Why troubled transfers are different from normal re-sales and
Clips; Aziz Hashim, President & CEO, National Restaurant                                 why transfer procedures should be adapted accordingly.
Development (Popeye’s Chicken Franchisee); Greg Vojnovic,                            y How to identify potential transferees who can be quickly
VP of Business Development, Popeye’s                                                     approved and brought up to speed.
                                                                                     y Should the assignment/transfer provisions of the franchise
Expansion Into Airports, universities, Military Bases and                                agreement be relaxed in order to get the deal done?
Beyond: Negotiating Non-Traditional Development Deals                                y Spotting purchase price issues and pitfalls and strategies to
y More and more, customers are a moving target. If you                                   deal with them.
    can attract their attention for a sandwich, a massage, a                         y How to make sure the franchisor and other creditors get
    sit-down meal, or even a tan, you’ve added a new revenue                             paid.
    stream.                                                                          Moderator: Michael R. Gray, Partner, Gray Plant Mooty
y Find out if the captive or “non-traditional” market is a                           Speakers: Mark C. Dely, Vice President & General Counsel,
    place you can expand your organization and increase your                         ServiceMaster Company; Joseph P. Devereaux, CFE, Director of
    sales.                                                                           Franchise Services, Domino’s Pizza LLC
y Explore the key issues subject to negotiation and the
    best practices for negotiating non-traditional franchise                         Financial Management for Non-Financial
    development deals with those franchisees who                                     Managers: understanding kPIs, P&L and
    have relationships with and/or access to unique venues.                          Balance Sheets                                   SUPPLIER
y How to create a business model for a captive site;                                 A Supplier Forum Best Practices Seminar
    the nuances of lease agreements; what to expect                                  y   How do you make sense of a P&L,
    in economics and; how much the franchisor should expect                              Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement?
    to control in the operations.                                                    y How do you identify, track and incentivize key operating
y Stay one step ahead of this growing trend.                                             indicators for your business?
Moderator: Joyce G. Mazero, Partner, Haynes and Boone, LLP                           y How do you create a financial and operational dashboard to
Speakers: Anne Marie Solomon, VP, Merchandising Strategy                                 provide meaningful management information?
and Creative Services, Aramark; Lee Sanders, President, USA                          y How do you prepare a basic break-even analysis for your
Franchising, TGI Friday’s, Inc.                                                          franchisees?
                                                                                     y How do you understand your franchisees Return on
                                                                                         Investment (ROI)?
                                                                                     Moderator: Scott Pressly, CFE, Managing Partner, Van Ness
                                                                                     Capital Advisors
                                                                                     Speakers: Brian D. Jones, Managing Director, Jones Group;
                                                                                     Aslam Khan, CEO, Falcon Holdings (Church’s Chicken
>> 2:45 pm - 4:45 pm                                                                 Franchisee); Doug Pendergast, CFE, SVP Development &
                                                                                     Franchising, CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries, Inc.
Hosted by Franchise Exeuctives

Sharing sound business practices with other franchise executives is essential to running a successful brand. That’s why many
convention-goers indicate our Business Solution Roundtables hosted by senior-level franchise executives are the highlight of the
program – where else can you sit down with some of the most accomplished and experienced franchise leaders and gain their
insights on a variety of topics ranging from franchise relations, franchise sales, operations, legal and financial issues, branding,
marketing, leadership and more? The format of these roundtables provides for an open discussion at, literally, a round table
with 10-12 other people – this is a rare opportunity to engage with top CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Presidents and Executive Vice
Presidents about their success stories, lessons learned and the latest trends in the marketplace. Don’t miss it!
17    IFA 2011 AnnuAl ConventIon

Wednesday, February 16
>> 10:15 am - 12:30 pm
BuSINESS SOLuTION ROuNDTABLES                         FORUM
Hosted by the Supplier Forum

Gather innovative business solutions and practical tips while
engaging in dialogue with industry peers on the relevant issues
to franchise businesses today. The business solution roundtables   LEGAL TRACK
are led by experienced IFA Supplier Forum members and offer           30. Franchise Transfers
a unique way to be directly in touch with industry professionals      31. Dealing with a Difficult Franchisee
who will challenge your thinking and leave you with new ideas         32. New Franchisor Issues
and solid take-aways.                                                 33. Social Media – Legal Considerations
                                                                      34. Mediation & Arbitration
FINANCE TRACK                                                         35. Enforcing System Standards
    1. Evaluating Financial Ability of Franchise Candidates           36. Financial Performance Representations
    2. Financing in Today’s Environment                               37. Problem Franchisees and Franchisee Assurances
    3. Alternative Franchise Funding                                  38. Protecting Your Online Reputation
    4. Every Franchisee Should Have an Advisory Board to
       Drive Accountability                                        MARKETING AND PR TRACK
    5. Acquisitions and Due Diligence in Distressed Times             39. Maximizing Conversion and ROI of Your Franchise
    6. Positioning your Franchise System for Financing Success            Development Website
FRANCHISE SALES TRACK                                                 40. Who’s Afraid of Social Media Marketing?
   7. Local Search Marketing                                          41. Using Social Media to Fuel Franchise Sales
   8. The Importance of Financial Performance                         42. Integrating PR, Advertising and Marketing to Drive
       Representations in Franchise Sales                                 Qualified Leads
   9. Networking to Drive Leads in the Local Market                   43. How to Turn Social Media into Profit
   10. Constructing a Sellable System for Franchise Sale              44. The New Best Practices of LSM: Going Way Beyond
   11. Getting Internet Leads into Your Sales Pipeline                    Direct Mail
   12. How to Sell Your First Franchise [Franchise Sales 101]         45. Managing Content and Your Brand with the Latest
   13. Franchise Resales to Stop Store Closings                           Technology
   14. How to Stop Post Sale Issues By Developing Proper              46. Social Media: How to Use It for Franchise Lead
       Expectations During The Sales Process!                             Generation
   15. Working with Franchise Brokers – Why or Why Not?               47. Are You Using a Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy?
   16. Creating an Excellent Prospect Experience                      48. Protecting Your Online Reputation
   17. Franchise Development Best Practices & Benchmarks              49. Measuring Marketing ROI with Analytics Dashboards
   18. Jump Starting Your Franchise Program; What New                 50. Customer Relationship Marketing
       Franchisors Need to Do
   19. Maximizing PR to Drive Franchise Sales                      OPERATIONS TRACK
                                                                      51. Outsourcing Appointment-Setting for Your
GENERAL TRACK                                                             Franchisees
   20. Transitions – How to Take Your System From an Owner            52. Internal Controls and Their Role in Running a
       Operator Strategy to a Multi-Unit One                              Franchise Company and Creating Effective Royalty
   21. Social Media in Franchising: Best Practices                        Audits
   22. Controlling the Cost of Technology Upgrades                    53. How Franchisor-to-Franchisor Marketing Means
   23. The Psychology of a Winning Franchisee                             “Big Bucks”
   24. Rent Reductions for Existing Real Estate Leases – Use          54. Improving Unit Economics
       the Economic Conditions to Lower Your Overhead                 55. Lowering the Cost and Accelerating the Speed of
                                                                          Store Openings
INTERNATIONAL TRACK                                                   56. Increasing New and Repeat Business Through
    25. Ensuring Success in International Franchising                     Customer Loyalty
    26. Negotiating International Agreements                          57. Implementing Change in a Franchise System
    27. Breaches and Defaults with Foreign Franchisees                58. Benchmarking Franchisee Performance
    28. Successful International Expansion                            59. Best Practices: Franchisee-Franchisor Relations
    29. Worldwide Franchising, Including BRICs                        60. Post-Launch Training
                                                                                 ReGISteR noW At WWW.FRAnCHISe.oRG                18

Wednesday, February 16 (continued)
>> 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
MINI-SuPER SESSIONS                                                                    ADDITIONAL
Returning in 2011, the Mini-Super Sessions are informative, interactive and offer      NETWORKING
a huge amount of value. The Mini-Super Sessions are intensive workshops,
focused on topics to help you better understand the trends occurring in today’s         Opportunities:
business, economic and political landscape. Here’s what’s in store:

                 FRANCHISE TOWN HALL
                 The political landscape of America has changed dramatically                 MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR
                 which affects how you will conduct your franchise business                CONVENTION EXPERIENCE BY
                 in the future. Moderated by Incoming IFA Chair, Jack Earle,
                                                                                         ALIGNING WITH NEW FRIENDS AND
                 several mayors from leading cities all over the country will
                 gather to answer your questions about policies, pending
                                                                                               STRATEGIC PARTNERS!
                 legislation, local issues and more. This is also your chance to let
                 these policymakers know what issues affect the operations of           All full-registered convention attendees
Jack earle
                 your local franchised businesses.                                      are cordially invited to participate in the
                                                                                        following evening networking and social
                 U.S. ECONOMIC OUTLOOK                                                  events:
                 Learn the latest information on the future of our economic
                 recovery and how the growth of franchising will be impacted            Monday, February 14
                 in 2011. Chief Economist of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce,              >> 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
                 Dr. Marty Regalia, will share his up-to-the-minute insights and
                 explain how current trends will affect the future operations of
                                                                                        WOMEN’S FRANCHISE COMMITTEE
                 your company both in the U.S and abroad.
Marty Regalia                                                                           Join The Women’s Franchise Committee’s
                                                                                        Networking Reception on Monday evening
                  CUSTOMER SERVICE
                                                                                        and learn more about the committee’s
                  Shep Hyken is a speaker and author who works with
                                                                                        ongoing work while spending time with
                  companies wanting to build loyal relationships with their
                  customers and employees. His customer service articles have           friends and colleagues.
                  been read in hundreds of publications, and he is the author
                  of Moments of Magic™ and The Loyal Customer. In 1983,                 Tuesday, February 15
                  Mr. Hyken founded Shepard Presentations and since then has
                  worked with hundreds of companies and associations including          >> 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Shep Hyken        American Airlines, Aetna, AAA, Anheuser-Busch, AT&T, Abbott
                  Laboratories and American Express.                                    INTERNATIONAL RECEPTION
                                                                                        Join your colleagues from around the
                    DEVELOPING THE WORK ETHIC ALONG YOUR FRONT LINE                     globe at this reception, sponsored by
                    TO INCREASE THE PERFORMANCE AND PROFIT TO YOUR                      The International Committee, and learn
                    BOTTOM LINE                                                         more about trends and developments in
                    Employers throughout the franchise community bemoan the             franchising outside of the U.S.
                    lack of work ethic of the emerging talent pool. Franchisees
                    are hard-pressed to deliver the service their brand promises
                    when the majority of their young new hires who view service as      Wednesday, February 16
eric Chester        something they get from a vending machine, and who arrive           >> 7:30 pm
                    without even the basic understanding of how to work and
                                                                                        CLOSING GALA
what is expected from them when they are at work. America’s leading Gen Y
                                                                                        Our closing gala is a festive way to end your
expert, Eric Chester, an award-winning speaker and bestselling author, returns
                                                                                        convention experience. With gourmet food
to IFA to show you how to develop the work ethic throughout your franchise’s
                                                                                        stations and The Franchise All-Star Band
culture. He’ll present thoughtful strategies and tools leaders can integrate and
                                                                                        entertaining you throughout the evening,
implement to instill and improve the work ethic your front line employees should
                                                                                        the closing gala is a fun-filled evening that
have received at home and in school — but didn’t.
                                                                                        gets you up out of your chair and mingling
                                                                                        one final time with other convention
                                                                                        attendees. Make sure you stick around for
                                                                                        this last opportunity to visit with friends and
                                                                                        colleagues before heading home!
19   IFA 2011 AnnuAl ConventIon

                                                          IFA Exhibit Hall
                                  The IFA Exhibit Hall offers even the most experienced franchise
                                  executive new ideas for improving the operations of their business.
                                  To help you recover from a challenging economy, exhibitors are
                                  excited to show you the latest trends and products in franchising
                                  today, assisting you with conducting business more efficiently and
                                  economically. We have it all for you — accounting, business and
                                  legal services, financial services, insurance programs, marketing and
                                  public relations specialists, software and technology providers, human
                                  resources experts, franchise development resources, travel and hotel
                                  and special event services and more. And, don’t forget to enter the
                                  exciting door prize drawings for $1,000 each held during official
                                  exhibit hours.

                                  Exhibit Schedule
                                  MONDAy, FEBRuARy 14

                                  • 4:30 pm – 8:00 pm
                                  Chairman’s Reception — Join IFA’s Chairman of the Board,
                                  Kenneth D. Walker, CFE, for the opening of our Exhibit Hall. This is
                                  your first opportunity to meet with our service providers who offer
                                  innovative and cost-effective products to help your company’s bottom
                                  line and prepare to rebound strong in 2011.

                                  TuESDAy, FEBRuARy 15

                                  • 12:00 noon – 2:30 pm
                                  Networking Luncheon with Exhibitors — Take advantage of the second
                                  opportunity to learn what our service providers can offer to help
                                  build your brand and run a more streamlined operation in the years
 NEW for                          ahead.
                                  • 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm
                                  Exhibit Hall remains open for optional networking.

                                  • 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
          Connect with            Fun & Games with Exhibitors — This is your final chance to visit with our
          Exhibitors and          2011 service providers. And during this fun-filled time, many exhibitors
                                  will offer games and prizes in their booth.
      Exhibitor Information
     via the IFA Convention
           mobile app!
                                                                                     ReGISteR noW At WWW.FRAnCHISe.oRG                20


919 Marketing Company                           Franchise Opportunities Network                Our Town
Accelerated Payment Technologies                Franchise Payments Network                     Out of the Box Technology
AdGeo, Inc.                                     Franchise Software Systems                     PenBen
ADP, Inc.                                       Franchise Solutions                            People To My Site
Affinity Express                                Franchise Times                                Pinpoint Marketing Group
Alexander’s Print Advantage                     Franchise Update Media Group                   Plan Ahead Events
Althans Insurance Agency                        Franchise.com                                  POSitive Technology
Associated Luxury Hotels International          FranchiseAdvantage.com                         Precision Services Group
Association of Small Business                   FRANCHISEWORKS.com                             PrimePay
    Development Centers                         FranConnect Software                           Printable
Avalara                                         FRANdata Corporation                           PrintingForLess.com
Aviatech, LLC                                   FranFund, Inc.                                 Process Peak LLC
Balihoo                                         Franwise                                       Process Pink Payments, LLC
Barkley                                         FRM Solutions                                  ProfitKeeper
BDO LLP                                         Frontstream Payments                           PROGRADE
BeneTrends, Inc.                                FulCircle, Inc.                                Proven Match, LLC
BFC                                             Gannett/Franchise Xpress                       ReachLocal
BizBuySell                                      GBBIS                                          ReadyTalk
BizUnite                                        geoVue, Inc.                                   Rehmann
BoeFly LLC                                      Gray Plant Mooty                               Rhino 7 Franchise Development Corporation
Business Resource Services                      Greenbaum Marketing                            Royal Caribbean
Buxton                                          Greenberg Traurig, LLP                         Royalties, Inc.
Captivate, by FranConnect                       Hearsay                                        SageFire, Inc.
Careerbuilder.com                               Henry Wurst, Inc.                              SAMCO Promotional Products & Programs
Certilearn, Inc.                                HJH Consulting Group, Inc.                     Sanderson & Associates
Chase Paymentech                                Hot Dish Advertising                           SDCooper Company
Clarity Voice                                   Hylant Group                                   Servant Systems, Inc.
Coffee News                                     iFranchise Group                               Siegel Financial Group
Constant Contact, Inc.                          IFX Online                                     SproutLoud
ContactPoint                                    Impressions on the Go                          St. Jacques Marketing
Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System           Initial Impression                             Sunbelt Business Advisors
Creative Producers Group                        The International Franchising Centre           Sutus
Deluxe Franchise Services                       Intuit, Inc.                                   Synergy Media Team LLC
Digital Printers Alliance                       Jan-Pro Franchising International, Inc.        Systino
Direct Capital Franchise Group                  Javelin Solutions                              Telestar Media
E.H. Anderson Public Relations                  Kiekenapp & Associates                         Tellermate, Inc.
Elements                                        Kiosko                                         Tortal.net
eMaximation                                     Larkin Hoffman Daly & Lindgren                 Trabon Companies
Emma                                            LearningZen                                    UBS Financial Services
Engage121                                       Local Search Traffic                           Uni-Data & Communications, Inc.
Entertainment Publications                      Love, Douglas and Pope, Inc.                   Universal Background Screening
Entrepreneur Media, Inc.                        Luce, Smith & Scott, Inc.                      Valpak
ESRI                                            Market Approach Consulting                     Valuevine
Experient                                       Mercury Road Associates, LLC                   Vehicle Wraps USA
expresscopy.com                                 Merrill Lynch/Bank of America                  The Wall Street Journal
F.C. Dadson, Inc.                               MFV Expositions                                Waterfall FMS
Faegre & Benson LLP                             Microsoft                                      Watersteet Franchise Management Software
FCS Easyway                                     Mindbody, Inc.                                 Web.com
FisherZucker LLC                                MindShare Technologies                         WebbMason
Fishman Public Relations                        MPSI                                           Where 2 Get It
Forum Analytics                                 MSA Worldwide                                  WM Putnam
Franchise Business Review                       MultiAd                                        World Franchise Associates
Franchise Central LLC                           mUrgent Corporation                            WSI
Franchise Development Services Ltd              National Cable Communication (NCC)             Yesco
Franchise Direct                                National Event Management                      Yodle
Franchise Gator LLC                             The Nielsen Company                            ZeeWise, Inc.
The Franchise Handbook                          Nuvek                                          Zoom.7 Meetings & Events

                       Showcase Your brand and Position Your Company As A Strategic iFA, Franchising Community Partner!
                             To inquire about remaining booth space, contact Lynette Darby at 202/662-0782 or ldarby@franchise.org.
21    IFA 2011 AnnuAl ConventIon

                                    Convention Information
PRE-REGISTRATION                                                   REGISTRATION/INFORMATION DESk

To register for all events described in this brochure, please      The registration/information desk will be located on Level One
complete one registration form per person and mail with            of the MGM Grand Conference Center, in the Grand Ballroom
payment to IFA’s 51st Annual Convention, 1501 K Street, NW,        Pre-Function area. Registration will be open at the following
Suite 350, Washington, DC 20005. You may also fax your             times:
form(s) to 202/628-0812 or register online by visiting
www.franchise.org/convention.aspx. Our pre-registration            Sunday, February 13th               7:30 am – 8:00 pm
deadline is January 31, 2011.                                      Monday, February 14th               7:00 am – 5:00 pm
                                                                   Tuesday, February 15th              7:00 am – 6:00 pm
You will receive a confirmation packet via e-mail.                 Wednesday, February 16th            7:00 am – 4:00 pm
For questions, contact Jodi McCray at 202/662-0763 or
jmccray@franchise.org.                                             Refreshment breaks and technology stations will be set up near
                                                                   our registration desks starting on Sunday morning.

Registration Fees* are per person and include:                     HOTEL ROOM RESERVATIONS

y    Entry into all convention general sessions and educational    You can book your room at the MGM Grand by calling the
     sessions including the Summits and Mini-Super Sessions;       hotel directly at 800/929-1111 or by visiting the IFA website
y    Exhibits and evening networking events;                       at http://www.franchise.org/convention.aspx to make a
y    Educational session instruction and materials;                reservation online. Be sure to reference IFA, or group code
y    Continental Breakfast on Tuesday and Wednesday;               ITF015, to receive the discounted rate of $169 for February 11
y    Lunch on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday;                       & 12 and $119 for February 13-17. The deadline for making
y    Wednesday Closing Gala                                        your reservation is January 9 or when the IFA room block is
y    Taste of Franchising; and                                     sold out. When our room block is sold out, rooms will be
y    Refreshment Breaks.                                           offered, if available, at the IFA convention rate. The IFA room
                                                                   rate includes complimentary guest room high speed Internet,
* Pertains to full convention registration fees excluding our      complimentary printing of airline boarding passes at the
Spouse Rate (applicable to evening social events only) and         Business Center or Concierge Desk and an MGM Value Pass
Exhibitor Badge Rate (provides booth workers entry into the        which includes discounts on a variety of property outlets.
Exhibit Hall and The Taste of Franchising only.)
                                                                   ABOuT THE MGM GRAND
The WFC Leadership Conference on Sunday is an additional
$100 for fully-registered Convention attendees.                    The MGM Grand Hotel & Casino is located at 3799 Las
The Prayer Breakfast is offered on a complimentary basis to        Vegas Boulevard South and contains all the Vegas energy
fully registered convention attendees on a first-come,             and excitement under one roof, including celebrity-chef
first-served basis.                                                restaurants, nightclubs, world-class entertainment, and premier
                                                                   special events. The hotel has 5,035 rooms and suites, many
              Attendance at the ICFE Special Sessions on           with breathtaking views and all designed to surround you with
              Saturday and Sunday is not included in your          luxury. Attractions at the MGM Grand include the Cirque du
              convention registration fee. There is a separate     Soleil production KÀ, Studio 54 nightclub, and a lion habitat.
              registration form and fee for these sessions.        Two pool complexes include outdoor pools, spa tubs, and
              Go to www.franchise.org/certification.aspx or call   cabanas. For more information about MGM Grand, visit
              Rose DuPont at 202/662-0771.                         www.mgmgrand.com.

ATTIRE                                                             Check-in time is 3:00 pm and check-out time is 11:00 am.

“Business casual” attire is the order of the day. Please keep
in mind that meeting rooms tend to be cool, so you may be
more comfortable with a jacket. Jeans are discouraged except
during exhibits set up. Business attire is appropriate for the
Chairman’s Reception on Monday evening, and “casual” attire
is appropriate for our Wednesday evening Closing Gala.
                                                                                                                        IFA’s 51st

2011 IFA Convention Registration Form                                                                                   Annual Convention:

February 13-16, 2011 l MGM Grand Hotel & Casino l Las Vegas, Nevada
Please complete one form per person. Pre-Registration closes on January 31, 2011.
Registrations received after this date will be processed onsite and subject to an additional $50 fee.                   Building the future

Full Name ___________________________________________________________________ q             Franchisor   q Franchisee       q Supplier
Nickname for Badge ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Job Title ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Spouse (if registering) __________________________________________________________________________________________________
Company ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Address _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
City _________________________________________________________ State _________________ Zip _______________________________
Country (if not U.S.) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Telephone ____________________________________________________ Fax _____________________________________________________
Email __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
(An individual email address for the actual person attending convention is required for confirmation packets.)

q   Check here if you wish to receive emails and faxes on Convention events and issues of interest.

Is this your first IFA Convention? q Yes    q No

Please mark the appropriate boxes to indicate your participation and fees. Registration fees are PER PERSON.

q   IFA Member
    q    1-3 registrants when registering together                    $990
    q    4-9 registrants when registering together                    $850
    q    10 or more registrants when registering together             $750
q   Member Exhibitor                                                  $650
q   Spouse (includes evening social events only)                      $500
q   Speaker (does not apply for roundtable facilitators)              $550
q   Non-Member                                                        $1,950
q   University Personnel                                              $650
q   WFC Annual Leadership Conference                                  $100
q   Prayer Breakfast                                                  Complimentary

                                                           Total Fee $_________________
q   Check payable to IFA (Federal Tax ID # 36-6108621)
q   Credit Card:               m    AMEX                   m   Visa             m     MasterCard          m    Discover

    Account # ____________________________________________Expiration Date______________________________________________
    Cardholder’s Name ________________________________________________________________________________________________
    Cardholder’s Billing Address ________________________________________________________________________________________
    Signature ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

CANCELATiON POLiCY: Full refunds (minus a $50 administration fee) will be granted for cancellations received in writing by January
13. Cancellations received after that date are subject to a 50% penalty + a $50 administration fee. No refunds are permitted after
January 24, 2011. Substitutions are permitted at any time.

HOTEL RESERVATiONS: You can book your room at the MGM Grand by calling the hotel directly at 800/929-1111 or online at
www.franchise.org/convention.aspx. Be sure to reference IFA, or group code ITF015, to receive the discounted rate of $169 for
February 11 & 12 and $119 for February 13-17. The deadline for making your reservation is January 9 or when the IFA room block is
sold out. When our room block is sold out, rooms will be offered, if available, at the IFA convention rate. The IFA room rate includes
complimentary in-guest room high speed Internet and complimentary printing of airline boarding passes at the Business Center or
Concierge Desk, as well as an MGM Value Pass which includes discounts on a variety of property outlets.

Send your completed form(s) with payment to: INTERNATIONAL FRANCHISE ASSOCIATION,
1501 K Street, NW, Suite 350, Washington, DC 20005 Phone: 202/628-8000 • Fax: 202/628-0812 • www.franchise.org
1501 K Street, NW, Suite 350, Washington, DC 20005


                                                     IFA’s 51st
                                                     Annual Convention:
                    2011 CONVENTION

                                                     Building the future

          DON’T                                        February 13-16
          MISS IT!
       Register Today                                  MGM Grand Hotel
                                                       Las Vegas, Nevada

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