Cruise Memo Assignment by cuiliqing


									                                      Hospitality and Tourism 110

                                          Cruise Assignment

You have been asked information to help someone out who knows absolutely nothing about cruise
ships. Please write a memo explaining some information about cruise lines, cruise ships and the
experience that they will have onboard. Assume the person will be travelling on the Oasis of the Seas.
They have booked the following trip:;jsessionid=00006W8tt

Make sure in your memo that you include the following terms/information:

       Embarkation
       Tenter
       Cabin
       Muster station
       Inside room
       Itineraries
       Royal Caribbean
       Oasis of the Seas
       Ports of call
       Excursions

Be sure to explain some of the features of the ship, activities onboard for guests, entertainment, food
and drink. Watch your spelling, grammar and punctuation. This should be a professional looking memo.
Use the example below to set up your memo. Make the memo out to Miss Hoadley.
             Cruise Ship Memo Rubric

 CATEGORY             4 - Strong             3 - Good                  2 - Adequate              1 - Weak          Score

   Terms        All terms are used   1-2 terms are missing        3-4 terms are missing 5 or more terms are
                and explained in     and not explained.           and not explained.    missing and no              4      3   2   1
                the memo.                                                               explained.

Use of terms All terms are used      1-2 terms are used or        3-4 terms are used or 5 or more terms are
             and explained           explained incorrectly in     explained incorrectly used or explained
             correctly in the        the memo.                    in the memo.          incorrectly in the
                                                                                                                    4      3   2   1
             memo.                                                                      memo.

  Spelling      There are no major There are only minor           There are glaring         The writing is
                errors that distract errors that distract         errors that make it       illegible or
    And         from the writing.    from the writing.            difficult to follow the   incomprehensible.       4      3   2   1
 Grammar                                                          writing.

Organization The memo is             The memo is organized        The memo is               The organization is
             organized and           and flows in a logical       organized but does        weak. The memo is
             flows in a logical      manner. It is difficult to   not flow in a logical     difficult to follow,
                                     understand in places,
             manner. It is easily                                 manner. The topics        confusing and
                                     and does not always
             understandable                                       jump around and is        unclear.
             and would help
                                     provide clear
                                                                  difficult to follow.
                                                                                                                    4      3   2   1
                                     organization of facts.
             someone out who
             has no prior
             knowledge of

             Total Score:


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