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									              Best Activities to do in Bali
The terrain and scenery in Bali makes it an ideal place to take part in one of the many
adventure activities this island has to offer. The compact size of the island also makes it
easy to get to the various starting points without having to travel long distances. The
starting point of many activities is centered on the Ubud region so this is a good place to
base yourself if you plan to do more than one activity.

White Water Rafting
Take white water rafting for example. Most tourists tend to sign up for what everyone
else is doing and that would be Ayung River Rafting. This is definitely a fun activity and
highly recommended to enjoy the scenic route along the Ayung River which you
wouldn't otherwise get to see. On this rafting activity, you will wind through deep valleys,
pass Balinese Hindu shrines, see monkeys playing, or even catch the odd farmer
walking his cow to the river for some water. For the more adventurous, you might like to
go on the Telaga Waja river adventure. This rafting trip takes you to the foothills of the
sacred Mount Agung where you will, according to the brochure from the tour operator,
navigate down the Telaga Waja river through torrents, twists and tight turns on a heart
stopping adventure.

River Kayaking and Canyon Tubing
There is more than one way to travel down one on Bali's famous water ways though.
River kayaking is another one although this would suit someone more experienced and
not ideal for total beginners. Canyon tubing however is a little more laid back and good
fun for the family. This is an activity where you drift down a canyon in an inflatable tube.
The location for this is north of Ubud town in Payangan, a little known area where
tourists to Bali rarely tread. Over there, the Siap Stream opens up a whole new world of
fun and adventure allowing visitors to float down a narrow canyon passing through thick
forested areas.

Kintamani Cycling
If getting wet is not your cup of tea, then you might like to go on a Kintamani cycle tour.
Several tour companies in Bali offer this activity where you are picked up from your
hotel and driven up to the scenic Kintamani town located on the rim of the Mount Batur
caldera. Breakfast will most likely be offered in your package at a restaurant where
you'll have ample time to take as many photos as you wish before starting. The ride is
downhill of course since you can�t get much higher here, and takes you along broken
tarmac roads through villages, past coffee plantations, traversing through paddy fields
all the way to Ubud where a buffet lunch is usually provided. The smaller tour operators
may offer you a more local experience by inviting you into their homes as part of the
tour and cooking a traditional Balinese meal for lunch. They'll take time to explain their
culture, point out interesting sites and might even go on detours if they feel it is

Wildlife and Elephant Safari Excursions
Bali is home to a world famous Elephant Safari Park. The Elephant Park in Taro is a
huge complex and the home of 27 Sumatran elephants. Here you can watch and sit
atop an elephant on a safari ride through the Taro forest. There is also a restaurant and
the park has a purpose built safari style lodge. It is an outing for the entire family to have
fun watching the elephants paint, play and bathe, and spray water on unsuspecting
tourists which can be quite amusing depending on your sense of humour and what you
are wearing at the time. The latest attraction in Bali is the Bali Safari and Marine Park.
This safari park is unusual in that while you normally you would expect to only see wild
animals at a wildlife safari, here you will also see part of Bali's ancient past and be able
to watch cultural dances. The park is a unique blend of conservation and Balinese
culture. There are tram rides through the park and fun activities such as animal rides
and shows for the children. You can purchase a package which includes lunch or

Horse Riding and Camel Riding
Enjoying a breathtaking horseback ride along the coasts of Bali or camel riding along
Nusa Dua beach are two other fun activities you can do to experience Bali on four legs
instead on four wheels! Riding along the black volcanic sand beaches on Bali's east
coast, though villages that still preserve old traditions and along paddy fields can be
something quite romantic if you are a couple especially if you choose an evening ride
from one of the west coast stables. The camel ride takes you on along the pristine white
sand beaches of Nusa Dua. I don't know if you will be sitting very much after sitting on a
camel's hump on a one hour ride on the beach but it is definitely some fun judging by
the smiles and laughs you see on peoples' faces.

Paragliding & Bungee Jumping
Now these two activities aren't for the faint hearted or those wearing pace makers but
they are worth mentioning. For those of you who have not heard of the sport,
paragliding is not the same as parachuting. Paragliding is a sport where the pilot is
strapped in a sitting position to a harness that is attached to a fabric wing and runs
forward usually down a slope to launch the paraglider. The stunning beauty of Bali's
coastlines offers the paraglider breathtaking views those at ground level won't have the
pleasure of enjoying. The AJ Hackett Bungee Tower is located on Kuta Beach in Bali,
over a swimming pool located in a nightclub. It is the only place where you can bungee
jump in the night with hundreds of party goers down below. We don't know if this is
something desirable for every one, but if having 2000 party goers below you unnerves
you, try a jump during day time when the club is closed and you'll be able to see the
beach as well!

There are other activities of course, but these listed provide a choice of excitement
whether you are an individual, couple or a family with young children looking for
something to do other than lounging by the pool. You will still get a sun tan, but you'll
have to put in some energy to get it and I'm sure it will be worth it for the fun you'll have.

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