Social Secerity Cards

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					                              SOCIAL SECURITY CARDS

You are required by law to obtain a Social Security Number (SSN) for tax purposes.

To obtain a Social Security Number:

1. Complete the attached application using the attached instructions. (Please note that you should
   enter your name exactly as it appears in your passport. Also, on Line 3 you should mark your
   citizenship status as “Legal Alien Allowed to Work.” Contact your AMIDEAST adviser for
   information about your eligibility.)
2. Submit the application in person at your local Social Security Administration Office.
3. Present to the Social Security Administration official your passport, your DS-2019, and your I-
   94 card (the white card stapled to your passport).

You will receive your Social Security card within 2-8 weeks.

Once you have received the card, please make a photocopy of the card with the number visible,
and send it to your adviser at AMIDEAST. If you are unable to obtain a Social Security Card
(that is, if your application is denied), please contact your AMIDEAST adviser immediately.

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