DoveBid 2-Day Webcast Auction by Nathanykes


    Locations                   DoveBid 2-Day Webcast Auction
    Atlanta                                            By order of U.S. Bankruptcy Court
                                                              Case #01-2404CJJF
    Hong Kong
    Houston                                           The Dot-Com
                                                   Auction of the Year!!
    Los Angeles
    Mexico City
                                                    October 30-31, 2001 • 9am PT
    New Haven
                                                   October 29, 2001 • 9am - 5pm PT
    New York
    Santa Fe                                            Foster City, CA 94404
                                                           (San Francisco)
    San Francisco
    San Jose
October 30-31, 2001
                                                                 2-Day Webcast Auction - Webvan
Beginning 9am PT
Auction and Preview
310 Lakeside Drive
Foster City, CA 94404
October 29, 2001
9am to 5pm PT
Take the US-101 S ramp towards San
Jose. Take the 3rd Ave. exit and merge   Compaq Servers                                         • Sun Microsystems Enterprise 220R Server with up to 2ea.
onto E 4th Ave. E 4th Ave. becomes E     • Compaq DL360R Server with up to 1ea. Intel P3-800      Ultra Sparc 450MHz/4MB 2GB of Memory 36GB of
3rd Ave. Follow E 3rd Ave. and it          512Meg Memory and 9GB of Total Storage, (qty. 68)      Total Storage, (qty. 14)
becomes J Hart Clinton Dr. J Hart        • Compaq DL380 Server with up to 1ea. Intel P3/733     • Sun Microsystems Enterprise 450 Server with up to 4ea.
Clinton Dr. becomes E 3rd. Ave. Turn       1GB Memory and 18GB of Total Storage, (qty. 9)         Ultra Sparc 450MHz/4MB 4GB of Memory 36GB of
Right onto Lakeside Dr. Watch for        • Compaq DL380R Server with up to 1ea. Intel P3-733      Total Storage, (qty. 16)
auction signs.                             1GB Memory and 18GB of Total Storage, (qty. 50)      • Sun Microsystems Ultra 60 Server with up to 2ea. Ultra
                                         • Compaq DL580R Server with up to 1ea. Intel P3-700      Sparc 360MHz/ 4MB 1GB of Memory 6GB of Total
Suggested Lodging                                                                                 Storage, (qty. 7)
                                           1GB Memory and 18GB of Total Storage, (qty. 4)
Crowne Plaza Mid Peninsula                                                                      • Sun Microsystems Ultra 10 Server with up to 1ea. Ultra
1221 Chess Dr Foster City, CA
                                         • Compaq PL1600R Server with up to 1ea. Intel P3-550
                                           1GB Memory and 18GB of Total Storage, (qty. 266)       Sparc 440MHz X 2MB 1GB of Memory 6GB of Total
(650) 570-5700
                                         • Compaq 6400R, (qty. 8)                                 Storage, (qty. 8)
Hilton                                                                                          • Sun Enterprise 2
2000 Bridgepointe Pkwy San Mateo, CA
                                         • Compaq 1850R Server with up to 1ea. Intel P3-733
                                           1GB Memory and 18GB of Total Storage, (qty. 90)      • Sun Netra T1 105, (qty. 2)
(650) 522-9000
                                         • Compaq PL800 Rack Mount Server, (qty. 71)            • Sun T3, (qty. 2)
Courtyard By Marriott                                                                           • Sun Ultra 1, (qty. 2)
550 Shell Blvd Foster City, CA           Sun Microsystems Servers
                                                                                                • Sun Ultra 1, Creator 3D
(650) 377-0600
                                         • Sun Microsystems Enterprise 6500 Server with up to
                                           14ea. Ultra Sparc 400MHz/8MB 14GB of Memory          EMC and HP
                                           36GB of Total Storage, (qty. 6)                      • EMC 3830 with up to 3T of Total Storage
                                         • Sun Microsystems Enterprise 4500 Server with up to   • EMC 3830 with up to 3T of Total Storage
                                           10ea. Ultra Sparc 400MHz/8MB 10GB of Memory          • HP 256 Series with up to 4T of Total Storage
                                           36GB of Total Storage, (qty. 58)                     • HP 512 Series with up to 4T of Total Storage
                                         • Sun Microsystems Enterprise 420R Server with up to   Sun Microsystems Storage Arrays
  For your appraisal needs, please         4ea. Ultra Sparc 450MHz/4MB 4GB of Memory            • Sun Microsystems StorEdge A1000 Storage Array with up
      contact our fully staffed            36GB of Total Storage, (qty. 29)                       to and 72GB of Total Storage, (qty. 85)
      valuation department at
                                         To view a complete asset list visit our website @
                                                                                                        Special Auctioneer’s Note
                  2-Day Webcast Auction - Webvan                                                        DoveBid is honored to represent Webvan in the
                                                                                                        closure of its world-class corporate headquarters in
                                                                                                        Foster City, CA. Foster City is a bedroom and
                                                                                                        technology-based community that resides 10
                                                                                                        minutes south of San Francisco International
                                                                                                        Airport. It is also the home of DoveBid.
                                                                                                        Although there have been many Dot-Com auctions
                                                                                                        over the past 2 years, there have been none quite
                                                                                                        like Webvan. As a much heralded start-up, Webvan
                                                                                                        acquired the finest technology: the full range of Sun
                                                                                                        Microsystems Servers; EMC storage; Compaq, Dell
                                                                                                        and Gateway computers; Cisco Systems networking
                                                                                                        and routing; Lucent telecom; exquisite Herman
• Sun Microsystems StorEdge D1000 Storage Array       • Cisco Systems 6506 Switches with up to 1ea.     Miller furnishings throughout the two-story
  with up to and 72GB of Total Storage, (qty. 88)       WS-X6K-SUP1A-2GE and 4ea. WS-X6248-RJ-          facility; a wide array of video teleconferencing; large
• Sun Microsystems StorEdge L280                        45 and 1ea. WS-W6408-GBIC, (qty. 5)             flat-panel displays; and much more. There is truly
• ESP GigaRaid, (qty. 3)                              • Cisco Systems 4003 Switches, (qty. 3)           something for everyone at this sale!
• Sun Microsystems StorEdge A5000 with up to          • Cisco Systems 4006 Switches
  108GB of Total Storage, (qty. 2)                    • Cisco Systems 5505 Switches, (qty. 2)           The sale will be held live in Foster City, CA on
• Sun Microsystems StorEdge A5100 with up to          • Cisco Systems 2912 Switches, (qty. 8)           Tuesday, October 30, and, if necessary, Wednesday
  108GB of Total Storage, (qty. 18)                   • Cisco Systems 2948 Switches, (qty. 36)          October 31. An open-house public preview is
• Sun Microsystems StorEdge A5200 with up to          • Cisco Systems 3548 Switches, (qty. 26)          scheduled for Monday, October 29th from 9am –
  108GB of Total Storage, (qty. 10)                   • Cisco Systems 3512 Switches, (qty. 7)           5pm local time. The facility is also open the
Cisco Systems Routers                                 • Cisco Systems 3524 Switches, (qty. 15)          mornings of the sale.
• Cisco Systems 7507 Router, Dual Power Supply, 2     • Cisco Systems 3508 Switches, (qty. 6)           For those who are unable to physically attend,
  RSP4 with up to 2ea. VIP2-50 and 3ea. PA-FE-TX      • Cisco Systems 2924 Switch 10/100TX(RJ-45)       DoveBid welcomes your participation by joining
  and PA-T3+, (qty. 5)                                  Autosensing Ports, (qty. 13)                    our Webcast Auction on the Internet. Log on at
• Cisco Systems 7206 VRX, (qty. 11)                   Cisco Systems PIX                       , register for the sale, and then
• Cisco Systems 3660, (qty. 3)                        • Cisco Systems PIX 520, (qty. 9)                 bid in real-time with those on the "Factory Floor".
• Cisco Systems 2611, (qty. 31)                       • Cisco Systems - PIX 520, PIX-520-FO-BUN,        You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the ease and
• Cisco Systems 3640, (qty. 20)                         (qty. 3)                                        convenience of our site – we’ve already conducted
• Cisco Systems 7513 Router, Dual Power Supply,       • Cisco Systems - PIX 520, PIX-520-UR-CH,         hundreds of live Webcast events and made friends
  2RPS4 with up to 2ea. Cisco 7500 Gigabit Ethernet     (qty. 3)                                        with thousands of people around the globe!
  Interface Processor 2ea. VIP2-50 PA-FE-TX and       • Cisco Systems - PIX 520, PIX-520-FO-BUN
  PA-A3-T3 and PA-2CT1/PRI and PA-2T3+, (qty. 3)                                                        On behalf of the United States Bankruptcy Court
                                                      Cisco Systems Components                          and the Management of Webvan, we welcome your
Cisco Systems Switches                                • Cisco Board - Catalyst 6000 Supervisor Engine   participation in this landmark auction event.
• Cisco Systems 6509 Switches with up to 2ea. WS-       1-A, 2FE Plus MSFC and PFC Model Number
  X6K-SUP1A-2GE and 5ea. WS-X6248-RJ-45 and             WS-X6K-SUP1A-MSFC, (qty. 4)                     Best Regards,
  1ea. WS-W6408-GBIC, (qty. 12)
                                                                                                        Millard, Ross and Kirk Dove

 To schedule an auction or appraisal call 800.665.1042
                                              2-Day Webcast Auction - Webvan

Cisco Systems Components                            • Cisco Board - Cisco Supervisor                                        • Fostex Personal Monitor 6301B, (qty. 2)
• Cisco Board - Catalyst 6000 Supervisor Engine     • Cisco Board - LS1010, ATM Switch Processor with                       • Shure 515 SBGX Microphone
  1-A, 2FE Plus PFC Model Number WS-X6K-              FC-Per-Class Queuing                                                  • MCM Video-Audio Selector 32-4420
  SUP1A-PFC, (qty. 4)                               • Cisco Board - LS1010, DS3 PAM                                         • Panasonic VCR AG-DS555, (qty. 2)
• Cisco Board - Catalyst 6000 Supervisor Engine     • Cisco Board - Cisco 7500 Route Switch Processor                       • Folsom Color Graphics Converter/CGC-4000
  1-A, 2 GE p/n WS-X6K-SUP1A-2GE, (qty. 8)            Model Number RPS4                                                     • Symetrix 420 Stereo Power Amplifier
• Cisco Board - Catalyst 6000 48-port RJ-45         • Power Supply Model Number PWR/7-AC (qty. 3)                           • Blonder Tongue Labs A/V Modulator BAUM-Z
  10/100 module Model Number WS-X6348-              • Cisco Chassis - 2511 Access Server Model Number                       • Panasonic Video Switcher WJ-SW 208
  RJ-45, (qty. 5)                                     AS2511-RJ                                                             • Panasonic Controller WV-CU 151
• Cisco Board - Catalyst 6000 16-port Gig-          • Cisco Board - Cisco 3600, 1-Port Fast Ethernet                        • Shure Microflex, (qty. 2)
  Ethernet Mod, MT-RJ, p/n WS-X6416-GE-               (RJ-45), (qty. 14)                                                    • AT8615 Audio Technica
  MT, (qty. 2)                                      • Cisco Chassis - Router - ATM - Lightstream 1010,                      • Table/Bench For Equipment
• Cisco Board - Catalyst 6000, 8-port Gigabit         Dual Power Supply                                                     • JVC D-ILA Video Projector Model #DLA - S15U,
  Ethernet Module, GBIC                             • Cisco Chassis - Redundant Power Supply Cabinet,                         (qty. 2)
• Cisco Board - Cisco 7200, 2-Port T3 Serial          (qty. 27)                                                             Video Conference Unit
  Port Adapter with T3 DSUs+ Model Number           • Cat 6000/6500 Flash PC Cards Model Number                             • Polycom Viewstation 384/512 kbps
  PA-2T3+                                             MEM C6K FLC16M, (qty. 8)                                                Videoconferencing Unit
• Cisco Board - Cisco 7500 Series Versatile         Load Balancers                                                          • Sony 32" Trinitron Monitor
  Interface Processor 2, Model 50 Model             • RND WSD-PRO Loadbalancer (qty. 12)                                    • Professional Monitor Cart with Glass Doors
  Number VIP2-50, (qty. 2)                          User Interface Equipment                                                • Triple NT1 with Power Supply For BRI Connection
• Cisco Board - Cisco 7200, 1-port 10/100TX         • Digital AV Mixer WJ-MX 50A                                            Phones
  Model Number PA-FE-TX                             • Mackie 1202-V1Z Pro 12 Chan. Mic./Line Mixer                          • Lucent 6408D+, (qty. 585)
• Cisco Board - Cisco 7200, 8 Port Multichannel       with Premium XDR Mic Pre-Amps                                         • Lucent 6416D+, (qty. 50)
  T1 with CSU/DSUs, (qty. 2)                        • Panasonic Editing Controller AG-A850                                  • Lucent Console
• Cisco Board - Cisco 7200, Eight-Port T1 ATM       • Sony Trinitron PVM-14M24                                              • Polycom Premier, (qty. 21)
  Port Adapter with IMA, (qty. 3)                   • Panasonic Video Monitor TR-990C, (qty. 4)
                                           Some photos used for illustrative purposes       Some assets subject to availability
                                             2-Day Webcast Auction - Webvan

Telecommunications / Phone Switch                      • MSS/Network Cont p/n UN332B, (qty. 2)                            Notebooks Computers
Card Listing                                           • P-Data Line p/n TN553                                            • Toshiba 8000 Notebook Computers with up to P3
                                                       • PGATE Board p/n TN577                                              550MHz Processor, 128Meg Memory, 10GB HDD,
• Digital Line p/n TN2224B, (qty. 26)
                                                       • Data Line p/n TN726B                                               CD-Rom, FDD, (qty. 40)
• DS1 Interface p/n TN464F, (qty. 13)
                                                       • Analog Line p/n TN746B                                           • Compaq Armada 1750 Notebook Computers with
• Memory 1 p/n TN1650B, (qty. 6)
                                                       • DID Trunk p/n TN753B                                               up to P2 300MHz Processor, 128Meg Memory, 4GB
• P/S p/n 631DA1, (qty. 5)
                                                       • Maintenance p/n TN775C                                             HDD, CD-Rom, FDD, (qty. 4)
• P/S p/n 631DB1, (qty. 5)
                                                       • Processor p/n TN798B                                             Peripheral Equipment
• Analog Line p/n TN793, (qty. 5)
• Tone/Clock p/n TN2182B, (qty. 4)                     Desktop Computers                                                  • Ikon CK900 Copier
• Expansion Interface p/n TN570C, (qty. 3)             • Apple iMac Desktop, (qty. 6)                                     • Brother ML300 Electronic Typewriter
• Switch Node Interface p/n TN573B, (qty. 3)           • Apple Macintosh G3 Desktop, (qty. 7)                             • HP 3100 Fax
• Co Trunk p/n TN747B, (qty. 3)                        • Compaq EN-6266 Desktop                                           • Ricoh FAX3800L Fax
• Announcement p/n TN750C, (qty. 3)                    • Compaq END-P450 and ENM-P450 Desktops                            • Xerox 385 Fax
• P/S p/n 650A, (qty. 2)                               • Compaq ENM-P500 Desktop                                          • JVC D-ILA Projector, (qty. 2)
• Sys Access-Maintenance p/n TN1648B, (qty. 2)         • Compaq EP-6300 Desktop                                           • AGFA T1200 Scanner
• DS1 Converter p/n TN1654, (qty. 2)                   • Compaq EP-C333 Desktop                                           • HP Scanjet 5200C Scanner, (qty. 2)
• Packet Interface 1 p/n TN1655, (qty. 2)              • Compaq AP 400 Desktop, (qty. 6)                                  Printers
• Tape Drive p/n TN1656, (qty. 2)                      • Compaq Deskpro Desktop, (qty. 354)
                                                                                                                          • HP 4050 N Printer, (qty. 4)
• Disk Drive p/n TN1657, (qty. 2)                      • Compaq Pro Workstation SP700 Desktop
                                                                                                                          • HP 8000 N Printer, (qty. 4)
• Switch Node Clock p/n TN572, (qty. 2)                • Dell Poweredge 2300 Desktop
                                                                                                                          • HP 8100 N Printer, (qty. 4)
• Call Class-Det p/n TN744D, (qty. 2)                  • Gateway Desktop, (qty. 4)
                                                                                                                          • Intermec 4440 Printer, (qty. 3)
• DS1 Interface p/n TN767E, (qty. 2)                   • Gateway GP6-200 Desktop
                                                                                                                          • Canon C210 Printer
• Maintenance/Test p/n TN771D, (qty. 2)                • Gateway GP6-233 Desktop, (qty. 2)
                                                                                                                          • Epson 850 Printer
• Control-Lan p/n TN799, (qty. 2)                      • Gateway GP6-266 Desktop, (qty. 2)
                                                                                                                          • HP 1055CM Printer
• Duplication Interface p/n UN330B, (qty. 2)           • Gateway GP6-300 Desktop, (qty. 2)
                                                                                                                          • HP 1100 Laserjet Printer
• Processor p/n UN331B, (qty. 2)                       • Gateway GP6-400 Desktop
                                          Some photos used for illustrative purposes       Some assets subject to availability
                                                2-Day Webcast Auction - Webvan

Printers                                       • Sunrise Telecom - Sunset Ocx Sunset Ocx                                            • Body Masters Free Weight Dumbells and Rack
• HP 4000TN Printer                            • Sunrise Telecom - Sunset ISDN SS400                                                  (assorted weights)
• HP 4050TN Printer                            • Fluke - One Touch, Series II, 10/100 Pro                                           • Treadmill, (qty. 2)
• HP 612C Printer                              • Brady Cable Labeller ID Pro Plus                                                   • Elyptical Precor, (qty. 3)
• HP 8550N Printer                             • Dolch Sniffer/NAI Software                                                         • Cybex Bench
• HP 970 CXI Printer                           • Ideal -UTP/STP/Coax Kit 33-850                                                     • Body Masters Pec/Rear
• HP Deskjet 1120C Printer                     • Network Associates DAS-ET03-NA-PRO, (qty. 2)                                       • Cybex Pulldown
• HP Laserjet 2100TN Printer                   • Bay Networks RA 2000 Annex CM1001146                                               • Cybex Bike
Monitors                                       • Bay Networks Annex 16 Port CM1009E33, (qty. 4)
• 17" Monitors, (qty. 51)                      • Network Associates DAS-ET03-NA-PRO
• 21" Monitors, (qty. 543)                     Office Furnishings
• 15" Monitors                                 • Hundreds of late model Herman Miller Acoustical Office
• 60" Large Flat Screen, (qty. 4)                Workstations, Private Offices, Executive Conference Rooms,
• 15" Flat Screen Monitors, (qty. 4)             Video Conference Center, Corporate Cafeteria, Lobby and
• 18" Flat Screen Monitor                        Meeting Room Furnishings to Support a Firm of Over 1000
• Apple Studio Display 21", (qty. 2)             Employees, and Much More!!!
Networking Equipment                           Fitness Center Equipment
                                                                                                                                      DoveBid Webcast Auction
• Nortel Contivity Extranet Switch 2500        • Body Masters MD-504 Seated Pec/Rear Delt Machine,
  DM1401A27, (qty. 2)                            sn 14931                                                                             • Bid live in Foster City, Ca
• TymeServ TS2100L                             • Body Masters MD-2124 Lat PullDown Machine, sn 14930                                  • Bid live over the internet at
• Bay Networks Annex 16 Port CM1009E32         • Precor EFX-546 Elliptical Fitness Crosstraining Machine,                     
• Tymeserv (No Antenna) TS2100L                  (qty. 3)
                                               • Quintan Club Track 612 Treadmill (qty. 2; sn 456-001-1192
• Altiga Model VPN Concentrator 3000
• Altiga Card SEP-200U                           & 456-001-1199)                                                                       The Leader in Webcast Auctions
• Total Control RAS System/Edgeserver Pro      • Cybex 700 Model BikeMaxR Reclining Stationary Bicycle
  Bundle of Many - Card Inventory Separate     • Body Masters Weight Bench
                                             Some photos used for illustrative purposes       Some assets subject to availability
                                                         2-Day Webcast Auction - Webvan

OCTOBER 10-11: AristaSoft and Dot-Com Exchange VIII—(Webcast) Computers and
Telecommunications Equipment. San Jose, CA.
OCTOBER 11: Transport International Pool (TIP)—(Webcast) Hundreds of various Fleet
Maintained Trailers. Chicago, IL.
OCTOBER 12 - 14: Singapore Ministry Of Law—(On-Location) Consumer Products.
OCTOBER 13: SAF Warrant Officers & Specialists Club—(On-Location) Complete
Clubhouse Facilities: Audio Visual Equipment, Restaurant Equipment. Singapore.                                                               Can’t make it to Foster City, CA? Now with DoveBid’s
OCTOBER 17 - 18: Convergent Communications, Inc.—(Webcast) Computer and                                                                      Webcast technology anyone around the world can bid
Telecommunications Equipment. Englewood, CO.
                                                                                                                                             on this auction through the Internet. Go to
OCTOBER 23: Euclid Tool & Machine Company, Inc.—(Webcast) Complete Machine Tool
Design and Manufacturing Facility. Bay City, MI.                                                                                    Register up to the day of the sale and
OCTOBER 23 - 26: Xerox Corporation—(Webcast) Semiconductor/Water Fab, Packaging,                                                             download the free software. Bid in Real Time!
Ink/Chemical, Test & Measurement, Injection Molding, Extrusion and Metalworking Facilities.            All you need is your computer, Internet access and a touch-tone telephone to participate in
Webster, NY.                                                                                           this live auction.
OCTOBER 24: Agilent Technologies, Inc.—(Online) Electronic Test and Measurement
Equipment.                                                                            With Webcast technology, you are virtually there on the auction floor. The action is live
OCTOBER 24: Digitan Systems—(Online) Automatic Insertion Equipment.                                    and you are bidding with people in the room and around the world.                                                                                       The image of the current asset being sold will be displayed on your screen. You’ll hear the
OCTOBER 30 - NOVEMBER 2: GS Technologies Operations Operating Co., INC. dba                            auctioneer on your telephone. You press 1 on your telephone keypad to raise your paddle
GST Steel Company—(Webcast) Complete Steel Processing Mill Facility. Kansas City, MO.
                                                                                                       and press the # key to end your bid. It's easy. It's fun. It's the future. And it's here now at
OCTOBER 30: Pliant Systems, Inc.—(Webcast) Complete Liquidation of a Broadband
Integrated Access System Manufacturer. Featuring Over 700 Pieces of High-End Electronic and            DoveBid!
Telecom Test & Measurement Equipment. Research Triangle Park (Raleigh) NC.
OCTOBER 30: Madge Web Limited—(Webcast) Computer and Networking Equipment.
Slough, London UK                                                                                      As a courtesy to our buyers,DoveBid can provide contact information for shipping
NOVEMBER 1: OCLI-Optical Coating Laboratory—(Webcast) Lens Manufacturing and                           companies that are scheduled to attend this auction. For details, please visit the DoveBid
Coating Plant. Fife, Scotland UK                                                                       Website at or call our customer care department at 800-665-1042.
NOVEMBER 1: MEMC—(Webcast) Complete liquidation of assets due to facility closure of
Semiconductor Equipment and Solar Cell Equipment. Sherman, TX.
                                                      Some photos used for illustrative purposes       Some assets subject to availability

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