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					1. What is a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies?

    Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies - a degree awarded by a college or university to a person
    who has completed undergraduate studies (the application of the mind to the acquisition of
    knowledge) that combines or involves two or more academic disciplines or fields of study.

    An interdisciplinary degree draws upon an adult student's maturity and experience to study
    topics from a cross-disciplinary perspective with special emphasis on critical thinking and
    analysis. Interdisciplinary study programs result because certain fields of knowledge overlap
    with others. This type of program is suitable for adults re-entering the work force and for those
    who are preparing for a graduate degree or program. The courses may also identify degree
    options for those individuals who are changing careers.

2. What is integrative studies?

    Integrative Studies values cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches to learning and
    scholarship through historical, regional, thematic, or problem-focused study.

    Integrative Studies explore societal issues; develops student’s skills in communication; nurtures
    abilities in critical and creative thinking, problem solving, and broadens one’s knowledge of
    one’s own and other cultures.

    Integrative Studies is an alternative for students who need or seek a broader educational
    experience than a typical undergraduate curriculum provides.

    Integrative Studies graduates’ occupational focus tends to be in areas of management,
    government, and public service; or professional or graduate education in business, counseling,
    law, librarianship; or for general professional development in one’s current employment.

3. What are the WSSU transfer admissions requirements?

           Applicants must be in good standing academically and disciplinary with last institution
           Applicants must be eligible to return to the last institution attended.
           Applicants must have a 2.0 Grade Point Average.
           Applicant seeking acceptance into the BIS program must have successfully completed 60
            or more semester hours.
           WSSU will transfer no more than 64 semester hours (SH)-96 quarters (QH)-earned at
            two-year institutions.
           WSSU will transfer courses in which grades of C or above were earned at another
            institution. All courses approved for transfer are listed on the WSSU record, but grades
            and grade point averages are not.
4. I have an AA (Associate of Arts), AAS (Associate of Applied Science), or AS (Associate of Science)
   and would like to transfer to the BIS-IDS program at WSSU. What do I need to know? Who do I
   need to talk to?

           You will receive a minimum of sixty (60) to sixty-four (64) transferable semester hours of
           You will need to complete an Internet-based concentration (Integrative Studies) of 36
            semester hours, including two IDS courses
           Unofficial copies of all transcripts from other institutions you have attended will need to
            be submitted to the online distance learning coordinator for preliminary evaluation of
            transferable credits. This preliminary evaluation speeds up your transfer process and
            allows the student and the coordinator to establish the necessary rapport for the
            exchange and completion of information
           The online distance learning coordinator will guide you through the transfer process and
            answer any questions you may have about transferring into the online program

5. I took classes at WSSU some time ago and want to return. What do I need to do?

           Applicants previously enrolled at WSSU must be readmitted to the University. The
            readmission application may be accessed online.
           Applicants for readmission who have also attended other colleges or universities must
            submit “official” transcripts from all institutions attended.
           WSSU will not transfer more than 64 semester hours total from two-year institutions.

   What courses should I register for?

    You should contact your advisor each semester to discuss your registration choices or request a
    planned program of study to follow. When actually registering one should always, as a distance
    learner, register for WC, WD, WE courses with the exception of HED 1201 which has sections
    W1, W2, etc.

6. How do I register for classes online?

           Click on the Banner RAMS Online icon.
           Click Enter Secure Area.
           Enter your User ID (Banner ID) and PIN.
           Click on Student Services & Financial Aid. Click on Registration.
           Click on Add/Drop Classes. Select the appropriate term & click on submit. Enter the CRN
            for each course in the number box. When you have finished, click SUBMIT.
         Click on Student Services & Financial Aid. Click on Registration. Click on Detailed
            Schedule to check your complete schedule.
         Print out a copy of your records.
         Click on Student Services & Financial Aid. Click on Student Records. Click Account
         If you are paying by Credit Card, scroll to the bottom of the page & click on Credit Card
            Payments and follow the instructions.
    Please view the Registration tutorial on the Distance Learning web page.
7. What is a “prerequisite error”? Why am I getting a “prerequisite error”? What can I do about it?

    A prerequisite is a course whose content is required as foundation material to a higher level
    course. If a prerequisite course is required for a specified course the Banner system Banner will
    not allow you to register for the course without satisfactory completion of that prerequisite or
    an override by a an appropriate University official.

    You get a prerequisite error during registration if there is a prerequisite that you have not
    successfully completed or if you are a transfer student and your lower level transfer credits were
    not entered into Banner course by course.

    You can register for the course by requesting enrollment in the course in an email to your
    advisor specifying the desired semester of enrollment and by copying and pasting the error
    message received from the screen into the email. Once the email is received I will begin the
    paperwork to process you into the requested course once I have verified that you actually do
    have the perquisites for the course.

8. How do I know that my registration is complete?

    You are officially registered for classes when you have been validated by the Billings &
    Receivables Office.

    You must follow the specific instructions for Validation (paying for your classes) as described in
    Banner Rams Online, Student Services and Financial Aid for the payment types listed below:

            Payment by Credit Card
            Receiving Financial Aid (you must first accept your Financial Aid Award)
            Enrolling in Tuition Management Systems Payment Plan

    Please view the Validation tutorial on the Distance Learning - web page.

9. Why is there a hold on my account?

            Holds are typically associated with fees, and must be resolved through the Billings and
             Receivables Office, 336-750-2800.
            However, other hold types exist (i.e. academic) and one should contact your academic
             advisor for clarification.

10. What do I do if I want to take a course at another institution and transfer it back to WSSU?

    A.   You must complete the “Application to Take A Course At Another Institution”.

    B.   Mail the application and the official course description from the targeted institution back to
         your advisor, who then will get the necessary signatures from the department heads, etc..

    C.   Once the course has been approved the advisor will contact you to let you know so that
         you can register for the course.
   D. Upon successful completion of the course, C or better, the student should have the official
      transcript sent back to the WSSU Registrar.

11. How do I update a change in name or address?

          Both the Authorization to Change Legal Name and the Change of Address Form can be
           obtained online by accessing the Forms link on Office of the Registrar page. The online
           change does not update through the system, so all change forms should be faxed or
           mailed to the university Registrar.

12. When does “X” happen?

    Please refer to the WSSU University academic calendar.

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