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									Google Series
•   Part 1: gmail
•   Part 2: maps
•   Part 3: talk
•   Part 4: earth
•   Part 5: books
•   Part 6: picasa
•   Part 7: sites
•   Part x: ?
google talk
Google Series Part 3

David J Young
What is GoogleTalk?
•   Fundamentally, it’s Google’s Instant Messenger App
•   Text Chat
•   Text Chat History
•   Group Chat
•   Voice Chat
•   Video Chat
•   Leave a voice message
•   Send SMS
•   Make a phone call
•   Send files
•   Send email
How do you run Google Talk?
• Any Gmail user
   - builtin to gmail standard view
       - Chrome
       - FireFox 2.0+
       - IE 6.0 +
       - Safari 3.0 +
   - Not available in basic HTML view
• Google Talk client
• 3rd Party client
• Browser Plugin
3rd Party Applications
•   Pidgin
•   Psi
•   Adium
•   iChat
•   Trillian Pro
•   Miranda
•   Kopete
Gmail vs Client vs Plugin
          Feature                     Gmail                 Windows Client
            Text Chat                     Yes                     Yes
           Voice Chat                    Yes*                     Yes*
           Video Chat                    Yes*                     Yes*
         AIM (AOL Chat)                   Yes                      No
       Send/Receive SMS                   Yes                      No
           Send Files                     No                      Yes
         Send Voicemail                   No                      Yes
           Send Email                     Yes                     Yes
        Go Off the Record                 Yes                     Yes
        View Chat History                 Yes                     Yes
         Change Status                    Yes                     Yes
        Gmail Notification                No                      Yes
           Group Chat                     Yes                      No
      Redirect Internet URLs              No                      Yes
      Outbound Phone Calls                Yes                      No
      Inbound Phone Calls      Yes (w/ full Google Voice)          No
           Block Users                    Yes                     Yes
          Run anywhere                Just about                 PC Only
       Client Customizable                No                      Yes
                                                                * Requires Browser Plugin
GoogleTalk client
• Windows PC only
• Windows XP or better
Friends Status
• Sorted by availability
• Then sorted alphabetically
Status Messages
• Can set in Gmail
• Can set in Windows Client
                                  Pros                                         Cons

Windows Client   •   Browser or Gmail don’t have to be open   •   Only works on PCs running Windows
                 •   Quick way to launch Gmail or GTalk       •   Can only approximate your availability
                 •   Notification popup
                 •   Redirection of Internet URLs

Gmail            •   Not necessary to load any software       •   Browser must be open to Gmail
                 •   Automatic availability status            •   Only basic text chat
                                                              •   Can’t leave voicemail

Browser Plugin   •   Works on just about any platform
                 •   Adds video and voice chat
•   Beep
•   Green dot flashes
•   Task bar icon flashes
•   Popup window for new email
Google Talk integration
• Gmail Contacts
• Google Voice + Flash
• Google Mail
• Go off the record
• Block

• Uses SSL encrypted connections
Chat History
• A history of chats are saved in gmail under “chats”
My impression
•   Nice integration to gmail contact
•   Ubiquitous for all gmail users
•   Fragmented feel between Google clients
•   Easy to use
•   Settings
•   Notifications
•   Pop-out/Pop-in
•   Animated emoticons
•   Launch Gmail
•   Sign into AIM
•   Send Text Chat
•   Send voicemail

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