Real Estate Wholesaling Agreement by derling1


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									                                 Finder’s Fee Agreement
This agreement is between _________________________________ (Property Finder)

                                _________________________________ (Investor)

The two parties enter into an agreement for the sale and receipt of address (es) of potential investment

The Investor agrees to pay Property Finder the total sum of $__________ for each of the _____ address (es)
and only the addresses listed below. The Investor agrees to pay in full the total sum of $_________________ to
the Property Finder upon receipt of said address (es) in the form of  cash or cashier’s check.

The Property Finder agrees to provide the addresses of potential investment properties that fit within
the predetermined guidelines set forth and agreed upon by both the Property Finder and Investor.

The Investor agrees that the Property Finder is not responsible for providing additional research or
information regarding said properties, unless otherwise previously agreed upon. The Investor agrees the
Property Finder does not warrant or guarantee the investment potential, condition, or level of distress of
any property. The Property Finder agrees that by accepting payment in full he/she relinquishes all
further claims both monetary and non-monetary against the properties provided to the Investor.

Property Address List:

1. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

3. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

4. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Witness the signatures of the parties on this the        __ day of      ______     , 20 __

_______________________________________________         ________________________________________________________
Property Finder Name                                    Property Finder Signature

________________________________ _______________        ________________________________________________________
Investor Name                                           Investor Signature

______________________________________________          ________________________________________________________
Investor Name                                           Investor Signature

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