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									                                  Lesson 14

 KEYS TO…                         Understanding
Understanding Technical
Terms and Jargon
When reading the lesson, keep
                                  Technical Terms and
the following points in mind:
➜	 Your job will require you
    to understand specialized
➜	 Context clues can help you
    figure out the meaning of      WorkKeys® in       REAL LIFE
    technical terms and jargon.
                                   Pharmacy technicians prepare medications for pharmacy customers. They
➜	 Examining a term’s word
                                   measure and fill prescriptions, maintain patient records, and respond to
    parts can give clues to its
                                   customers’ questions. The written materials pharmacy techs read during
                                   their workdays include technical terms and medical jargon, such as dosage,
➜	 Related words also may help
    you understand technical       indication, and side effects. If a tech does not understand this specialized
    terms and jargon.              language, he or she could make a serious mistake, such as preparing the
                                   wrong dose of medicine.

                                   Graphic designers encounter jargon in the e-mails, guidelines, style sheets,
                                   and other written documents they work with daily. The language is specific to
                                   the field of design, and might include such words as mock up, layout, or
                                   bleed. Graphic designers must understand such terms to be successful when
                                   they design graphics for print ads, packaging, and other commercial needs.

                                   Being comfortable with technical terms and industry jargon is essential for
                                   technical writers. After all, it is their job to write technical materials, such
                                   as operating instructions and equipment manuals. A technical writer must
                                   be able to take technical information from his or her customer and make it
                                   easy to read and understand for the eventual user.

jargon specialized language
                                      The Skill
used by members of a specific     Understanding technical terms and jargon is important in just about any job
industry or field of work         today. Jargon is specialized language used by members of a specific industry
technical terms terms that        or field of work. For example, realtors may speak of fixer-uppers, short sales,
describe technical items,         or closing costs. Technical terms are not always specific to one particular
concepts, or processes and        group, but may require specialized knowledge to understand. For example,
require specialized knowledge
                                  printed circuit boards are used in all kinds of electronic products, but without
to understand
                                  specialized knowledge, you may not know what they do. Use the following
base a complete word that can
                                  strategies to help you figure out the meaning of technical terms and jargon:
stand alone
                                    •	 Look	for	context	clues	in	the	surrounding	sentences	or	paragraphs.
root a word part that contains
                                    •	 Examine	word	parts—such	as	a	prefix,	suffix,	base or root—for	clues	
the core meaning of a word
                                       to a word’s meaning.
                                    •	 Think	about	related	words	(word	families).	What	do	they	tell	you?
98 UNIT 3 Lesson 14

What’s the Job? Pharmacy technicians must read many types of
written communications as they prepare medications for their customers.
Understanding jargon and technical terms is vital for the job.
    Read this memo from the pharmacy manager and the question that
follows it. Then, look at the clues under What Do I Need to Know? to help
you answer the question.

   To: All Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians
   Re: Look-Alike, Sound-Alike Drug Names 1                                           1 Remember that context
                                                                                         clues can help you figure
   As a follow up to last week’s training, we’d like to remind all pharmacy
                                                                                         out the meaning of a word
   techs and pharmacists to be vigilant when preparing all LASA drugs. There
                                                                                         or phrase. This context clue
   are thousands of brand-name and generic drugs on the market today, and                tells you what the acronym
   the potential for errors resulting from confusing drug names is significant.   2
                                                                                         LASA stands for: Look-Alike
   Please post the attached table of LASA combinations prominently and                   Sound-Alike.
   review it regularly. In addition, please follow these steps to avoid               2 Context clues can be found
   potentially disastrous mistakes:                                                      before or after an unfamiliar
    • When taking verbal drug orders, repeat the name of the drug, the dos-              term. This clue follows the
      age, and the spelling.                                                             term LASA drugs and lets
                                                                                         you know that LASA drugs
    • Do not store LASA medications in alphabetical order. Keep them in
                                                                                         have confusing names.
      separate locations to avoid mix-ups.
    • Require health care providers to type drug names, rather than handwrit-
      ing them.
    • Ask them to write the purpose of the medication on the prescription.
      Call doctors for clarification as needed.
    • Print both the generic (nonproprietary) name and the brand name on the
      medication label.                                                                Career Words
    • Use “tall man” lettering to emphasize drug name differences.                     “tall man” lettering the practice
                                                                                       of writing part of a LASA drug’s
                                                                                       name in upper case letters to
  You work as a pharmacy technician. What are LASA drugs?
                                                                                       help distinguish it from a similar
  A.   Nonproprietary drugs                                                            LASA drug
  B.   Brand-name and generic drugs
  C.   Drugs with more than one medical purpose
  D.   Drugs with confusing names that look alike or sound alike
  E.   Drugs that are prescribed in combination with other drugs

What do I Need to Know? This question is asking about jargon. First,
reread	the	memo	to	find	the	term	that	the	question	refers	to—LASA drugs.
Look	for	context	clues	in	the	surrounding	sentences	to	help	you	figure	out	
the meaning. In this case, there are two context clues to help you. The
answer is D—Drugs with confusing names that look alike or sound alike.
                                                                        Understanding Technical Terms and Jargon            99
                                                   Try It
                                               Clients routinely send instructions, memos, updates, and other written
  KEYS to Success                              documents to graphic designers. Many of these documents, such as the
  Remember that there is more                  e-mail shown here, include jargon and technical terms that the designer
  than one strategy you can                    must understand to be able to complete the project properly.
  use to figure out jargon and
  technical terms. Context clues               After reading the e-mail, choose the best answer for each item.
  can help, but you also can
  look at a word’s parts (prefix,
  suffix, base/root) to help you                  From: Maleek Usher
  understand it. Related words                    To: Donna Sanderston
  also can provide information                    Cc: Anita Santosh
  that can help you figure out                    Subject: Feedback
  jargon and technical terms.                     Hi, Donna:

                                                  Anita and I took a look at the latest poster design and we think it’s looking
                                                  really good. We have just a few comments:
                                                   • We’d like to change the tagline from “We all want one.” to “Everyone
                                                     wants ONE.” Note: all caps for the word one.
           1 Sometimes, you can use                • Can we reverse out the type rather than overprinting it? We’re 1
              more than one strategy to              concerned about readability. As it is now, having the type printed
              figure out a term. Here you            over the busy background makes it hard to read. 1
              can break overprinting into
                                                   • Can you show the main image as both full bleed and silhouetted
              its parts (over + print + ing)
                                                     against a bright background?
              and use context clues from a
              sentence that follows the            • The main image is still marked as FPO. Is it really being used for
              term to help you understand            placement only? If so, when will we see another image choice? Or is
              that overprinting means                permissions still working on securing the rights for this image? 2
              printing on top of an image.         • We’d like to revisit the color palette you presented last week. The range
           2 Remember to use what you                of colors shown here seems a little washed out. We want the poster to
              know about related words to            really catch people’s eyes.
              help you figure out a
              technical term or an example        We’d like to schedule a pinup with our entire team for next Thursday. Do
              of jargon. Here, you can use        you think you can make these changes in time? We always find it helpful to
              your understanding of the           actually see the design as it will look when it is printed. You can walk us
              verb permit and the noun            through the various options at the pinup. Oh, and don’t forget to add the
              permission to figure out that       QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) to the related mailers. We love that our
              permissions is the group that       customers will be able to use their smart phones to link directly to our site
              works to get photographers          using those codes.
              to allow (or permit) the use
              of their images.                        Finally, please e-mail your invoices directly to Kim in billing and copy
                                                  me from now on. I’ve sent your last two on to her. Thanks!

100 UNIT 3 Lesson 14

1. You are the designer who received this email. To make the word one all
                                                                                             Testing Tip
   caps, you should:
   Hint: Reread the sentences surrounding the term all caps and look for context clues.         Answer choices can be tricky.
   Also, think about any words you know that are related to the term caps. What do the          Sometimes an incorrect
   related words tell you?
                                                                                                answer choice will provide part
   A.   underscore the whole word.                                                              of the answer or will include
   B.   boldface each letter in the word.                                                       key words from the passage.
   C.   italicize each letter in the word.                                                      Read each answer choice
   D.   capitalize each letter in the word.                                                     carefully. Only one will answer
   E.   change the capitals to lowercase letters.                                               the question completely and
2. The client is concerned about readability. He is worried that:
   Hint: Think about related words, such as readable. Then look for context clues in the
   surrounding sentences.
   A.   the   words are unclear and hard to read.
   B.   the   language is too difficult for most readers.
   C.   the   text is boring and won’t interest readers.
   D.   the   vocabulary is too easy for the audience.
   E.   the   tagline is not persuasive.

3. In this e-mail, what does the acronym FPO stand for?
   Hint: Find the acronym in the passage. Reread to see if the acronym is defined in the
   surrounding sentences.
   A.   For   partners only
   B.   For   publishing only
   C.   For   placement only
   D.   For   preparation only
   E.   For   printing only

4. What does the term color palette mean, as it is used in this e-mail?
   Hint: Sometimes a term is restated in other words. Find the term color palette and
   read on to find a restatement of the term.
   A.   The   colors available in the design program
   B.   The   range of colors used in a design
   C.   The   materials the designer uses to create colors
   D.   The   guidelines provided for mixing colors
   E.   The   sample colors provided by the client

5. What does a designer do at a pinup?
   Hint: Reread the sentences that discuss the pinup. Context clues are provided that
   will help you figure out the meaning of the term.
   A.   Discusses new ideas with the design team
   B.   Works with production to finish the design
   C.   Pulls up the color options on the computer
   D.   Pins the various design elements into place
   E.   Shows the completed design options to the client

                                                                                           Answers: 1. D; 2. A; 3. C; 4. B; 5. E
                                                                            Understanding Technical Terms and Jargon               101
                           Your Turn
                       In order to present technical information clearly and consistently in
                       their writing, technical writers must understand the technical terms
                       and industry jargon they encounter on the job. The following guidelines
                       explain a client’s requirements for writing a Quick Setup Guide for the
                       company’s	product—a	blu-ray	disc	player.	It	includes	terms	that	the	writer	
                       must understand in order to do his or her job well.

                       After reading the guidelines, choose the best answer for each item.

                                                    Writer’s Guidelines
                         Project Overview
                         The XYZ Blu-Ray Disc Player, product model BRD-S4900, provides the highest
                         quality HD (High Definition) video playback available in the industry. Your job
                         is to create a Quick Setup Guide that provides the basic steps a user must
                         complete to begin enjoying the product as quickly and easily as possible.

                              The Quick Setup Guide will be a double-sided tri-fold brochure, 6 × 8.5
Career Words
                         inches. See the attached spec sheet for information on diagrams, fonts,
fonts styles of type
                         font size, and document length. All specifications must be followed exactly.

                         Style Notes
                         You will use our in-house style guide to answer all style questions, but the
                         following reminders are included for your convenience:

                         Heads: All headings should be written as gerund phrases (e.g., Connecting
                         to a TV) rather than complete sentences. Headings should be boldfaced and
                         aligned with the left margin.

                         Diagrams: All diagrams should include callouts to label and explain
                         important features.

                         Steps: Steps should be numbered. Do not use letters or bullets.

                         Brief Content Outline
                         Section 1: In this section, you will explain how to connect the player to a TV
                         with an HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cable. HDMI transmits
                         uncompressed digital data over a single cable and will provide the best
                         quality experience for the consumer.

                         Section 2: Here you will explain how to connect the player to a TV using
                         component video cables.

                         Section 3: This section should cover how to connect to a TV using video/
                         audio cables.

                         Section 4: Explain in simple language how to configure the player’s initial

                         Section 5: Provide information on playing a disc. Include a chart to explain
                         the buttons related to playback on the remote control.

102 UNIT 3 Lesson 14

1. You are a technical writer. According to the guidelines, what should the
                                                                                      Testing Tip
   Quick Setup Guide explain?
   A.   The fastest way to set up the player and the TV                                 After selecting your answer,
   B.   The basic steps required to set up the player                                   reread all the answer choices
   C.   How to troubleshoot the player                                                  one last time to make sure
   D.   How to operate the player                                                       that you have chosen the
   E.   The setup of the TV                                                             correct one.

2. What does the term spec stand for in the guidelines?
   A.   Specific
   B.   Specialty
   C.   Specimen
   D.   Speculation
   E.   Specification

3. According to the guidelines, what purpose do callouts serve?
   A.   They   call attention to safety features.
   B.   They   diagram the parts of the machine.
   C.   They   provide detailed information about each part.
   D.   They   label and explain important features.
   E.   They   highlight child hazards.

4. According to the guidelines, an HDMI cable:
   A.   transmits uncompressed digital data.
   B.   supports compressed video information.
   C.   connects three interfaces.
   D.   broadcasts analog signals.
   E.   decodes video data.

        When you come across technical terms               ➜ Examining a term’s word parts may help you
        and jargon:                                          understand it.
        ➜ Context clues in the surrounding sentences       ➜ Related words can provide clues to
          and paragraphs can help you decipher an            meaning.
          unfamiliar term.
                                                                                                               Check your
                                                                                                               answers on
                                                                                                               page 165.

                                                                    Understanding Technical Terms and Jargon           103

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