Earth Moon by liaoqinmei


									Earth & Moon

 Recognized by Early Greeks
 Only occur during a new or full moon
 Conditions usually will happen four times a
 Once a set of lunar or solar eclipses
  occurs, the next set will occur six months
Lunar Eclipse DVD Clip
           Total Lunar Eclipse
   Occurs during a “full moon” phase
     Earth’s circular shadow moves slowly across
      the disk of the full moon
     When eclipsed, moon is completely within
      Earth’s shadow and appears as a copper
     Can last up to four hours and is visible to
      people facing the moon.
Solar Eclipse DVD Clip
           Total Solar Eclipse
   Occurs during a “new moon” phase
     Moon will slowly block the sun from view and
      the sky gets dark.
     Temperature will drop several degrees.
     Sun is blocked for a minimum of seven
      minutes and ONLY sun’s corona is visible.
     Dangerous to look directly at!!!
         Parts of an Eclipse
 Umbra – central, completely dark part of
  the shadow.
 Penumbra – portion of a shadow from
  which only part of the light source is
  blocked out.

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