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									                                   Lake Connor Park
                  TALL TIMBER TIMES                                                     MAY 2008

                                        2008 SEASON!!

                                   LET THE CAMPING BEGIN!!

                                                        Park Manager Message
           TABLE OF CONTENTS                 Hi Members,
                                             We are gearing up for the 2008 camping season and I am
       PARK MANAGER         pg 1             looking forward to seeing everyone come back into the
       PRESIDENT            pg 2             park. You will notice that the staff has been busy
       JOINT STMNT          pg 2             painting and sprucing up all around the park. We have put
       NEW HOURS            pg 2             up lots of new signs to remind people to make sure and
       SHERRIL              pg 3             keep it at 5mph, and also please remind your guests to do
       WELCOME              pg 3             the same. Also lets not forget to register our guests at
       CALENDAR             pg 3
                                             the Membership Office. We are going to control our
       TASTE OF ITALY       pg 4
       STAFF                pg 5             traffic at the gate coming into the park this year so
       TID BITS             pg 6             please follow the new sign instructions as you enter the
       THIS & THAT         pg 7              park. Guests waiting for you to come up and let them in
       PC CLUB             pg 8              should be told to park on the left side of the
       LAKE COMMITTEE      pg 8              Membership Office. The Sales Office will be for sales
       FISHING DERBY       pg 9              only.
       KIDS CORNER         pg 10             There is now a handicap unloading area by the
       PICTURES            pg 11             Membership Office as well as reserved parking for
       ADVERTISERS         pg 12
                                             emergency vehicles. This should help with congestion. A
                                             tidbit for you is to always follow the emergency
                                             instructions from our staff and VST, as they all have
               WELCOME BACK
                                             been trained to help in any emergency situation.
    We have already seen a few familiar
                                             Have a safe 2008 camping season.
    faces back for the summer and it’s a
                                             See you all soon!
    great vision! Welcome back to all the
  snowbirds that have returned, and hurry
                                             Lorin Lefebvre
 back for those of you who haven’t made it
                                             Park Manager
         yet!! SAFELY OF COURSE!

Did you know… Froggy is a chef by trade? When he is not busy at the
Park, Froggy loves to get down and dirty in the kitchen slapping together
a 5 star Mexican Cuisine! Now that’s Food for Thought!

                                                                                                  Page 1
                                From the President
  The following is a joint statement agreed to as a part of the settlement of the legal action taken
  by Vern and Fairee McCarty vs. LCP and some of the Board members. Steps have been taken to
  assure nothing like this happens again. A purchase order is now required before any purchase can be
  made by any person for the Park. The Board will be working with the Bylaws Committee to try to
  put in place some kind of arbitration program whereby our grievances with the Park can be
  rectified without legal action. We have found that our indemnity insurance was inadequate and that
  is being rectified also. This statement is to appear in two TTTs and will be read at the May and
  June general meetings. RICH HOPKINS

                                    JOINT STATEMENT

As all the members are aware, there have been some misunderstandings over whether certain
expenditures were authorized by the Park in the last few months. As a result, certain actions have
been taken and disputed statements have been made by members. The actions taken and the
statements made have caused frustration and concern to everyone involved.
All parties hope that the members feel free to communicate with the Board in an open, productive
manner and that members are able to serve in leadership positions and to work together to avoid
future misunderstandings.
While the parties disagree over the past actions taken by each other, they agree that we should be
acting in the best interests of the Club rather than continuing with expensive and divisive legal
action. Therefore, we have agreed to work together to suggest ways that the Club can operate in a
consistent, fair, and predictable way to protect the resources of the Club and to protect the
members of the Club.
All parties to the Agreement are members in good standing and are welcome to participate in the
continued operation of the Club.

                                    IT OUT!!
  NEW HOURS FOR SALES AND THE                                     ADVANCE NOTICE
  MEMBERSHIP OFFICE BEGINNING MAY                       Our maintenance department is getting
  15TH!                                                 very busy these days, please call us
                                                        approximately two days early to have
  Membership Office will be open Monday-                your water turned on before you come
  Thursday from 8AM-430PM, Friday and                   in to the park. This would really help as
  Saturday 8AM-9PM and Sunday 8AM to                    they cannot always pull off the jobs they
  430PM.                                                are on to run out to your site upon your
  Sales will be open Tuesday-Sunday 930AM
  to 430PM.

                                                                                                     Page 2
                         Wow! I am so excited to hear that so many of you are using our new web page! I get
                         so many comments from you sharing with me about how you are enjoying being able to
                         keep updated on our “minutes” as well as many other informational things for your
                         viewing pleasure! Keep sending me pictures, and of course all of your ideas and
                         comments, as we really appreciate your input. After all folks, this is your park so lets
                         keep up the great work!! Looking forward to seeing you this spring!!
                         Sherrill Snyder

       LES....IS MORE!!
       Welcome aboard to Leslie Atwood who has taken on the large task as our Activity Coordinator! If
       you see Leslie running back and forth from here to there all summer long, don't be alarmed, she's
       just making sure that all goes off without a hitch! She would be happy to take on more volunteers
       and she's always open for new ideas. This is a large undertaking so lets give her all the support we
       can! THANK YOU LESLIE!!

3rd and 4th- craft show 10AM-3PM                         24th Kids Fishing Derby 8AM-10AM
@ CH1                                                    @ the lake

10th New Member Orientation 10AM                         24th Bingo 6PM-9PM @ CH 1
@ CH 1
                                                         25th Lake Committee Bkfst 8AM-10AM
10th Bingo 6PM-9PM @ CH 1
                                                         25th Bingo 6PM-9PM @ CH 1
   Bkfst before meeting 7AM-930AM
@ CH 1                                                   25th and 26th Flea Market 10AM-330PM
                                                         @ CH 2
17th General Meeting 10AM @ CH 1
                                                         28th Line Dancing with Miwa 7PM-9PM
21st Line Dancing with Miwa 7PM-9PM

                                                                                                              Page 3
Page 4
                          Snippets from LCP Staff

We have been very busy updating in
Security to ensure member safety. A
big step we took this year was to scan
all the citations and put them into
digital images. We have also added
dash cams to our vehicles. Training
for our security personnel will begin
in the next few weeks in time for the
summer camping season. Please be
aware that when the security
personnel stops you they will ask for
your key card and lot number in order
to identify you with our onboard
computer system.
Happy Camping!

                                                    Page 5
                               Lake Connor Park Tid Bits…

1.      Summer is fast approaching and we would like to remind all of you out there
        who have always wanted to get involved that now is the time to submit your name
        to the Membership Office to become one of our volunteers. We really need YOU!!
        So come on out and have fun participating in all the upcoming summer events!

2.      We are heavy into our site inspection process right now as May 31st is the deadline to have your sites all
        cleaned up, your RV’s washed and your tarps removed. You may have already received a reminder in
        regards to this so make sure to avoid any citations by getting things up to par.

3.      The “Hard to Hold” Dumpster will be arriving soon, we are hoping to have it here by May 15th and it will be
        located up near the Membership Office again.

4.      “Brush Pick Up” begins on April 15th. We will be picking up your brush at no charge to you until May 31st.
        We ask that you would please separate the limbs from any brush debris, and we ask that you PLEASE DO
        NOT BAG it up. Make sure that it is put roadside to make this much easier for our maintenance crew.
        After May 31st there will be a charge for this service.

5.      Don’t forget that we will be having firewood for sale again this summer. We have had to increase the
        charge slightly, but it is still a great deal. You can get a full truckload for $60.00 and pick it up yourself,
        or for an extra $25.00 we can deliver it to you. Let the Membership Office know what you would like to

6.      Maintenance prices have increased a bit this year, please get your new pricelist from the Membership
        Office, or you can view it on the web page.

7.      With a large effort from our Security department and the Site Committee we have compiled reminder
        letters that some of you have already received in regards to site clean up and RV cleaning. This is just a
        reminder to you, as we really wanted to get a jump on things early this year.

8.      Don’t forget that we are still verifying all of your keycards so if you have not done that yet, please bring
        them in so we can make sure that everything is up to date with your membership. Also don’t forget to get
        your car stickers if you have not taken care of that, all of this can be done in the Membership Office.

     WHO’S GOT THE MUNCHIES?                      HANDICAP RAMP                 WE HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN YOU!!

                                             We are proud to announce           We had a lot of requests last year
     Ice cream bars, Italian Soda’s,
                                             that we have finally put in a      for more sweatshirts and T-shirts
     ice cold cola, popcorn, candy
                                             handicap ramp at the               and we have heard you loud and
     bars, burritos…MMMMM!
                                             membership office. We have         clear!! We are even getting some
     It’s been confirmed, the snack
                                             always had one at the other        zip up hoodies this year. And men,
     shack will reopen again for the
                                             offices, but now we have           we haven’t left you behind!! Wait
     summer. The regular days will
                                             them in all!! The side rails       until you see the awesome hats we
     be Friday through Sunday, and
                                             should be going up soon so         ordered this year. They are
     again on any Monday holidays.
                                             watch out for the project to       already going like hot cakes so
     I’m sure the ladies could use
                                             be completed soon! We may          hurry in. We have already put in a
     some more volunteers, so if you
                                             have some issues with being        second order and the summer has
     are interested just let us know.
                                             able to enter from both            just begun!! The question is….Elk,
                                             sides of building; however,        Bear, Deer, Trout, Bass or
                                             we have a few ideas so hang        Cougar???
                                             in there with us!                  Come and check them out!!!

                                                                                                               Page 6
               EXTREME MAKEOVER                          GREEN EGGS AND HAM…BREAKFAST ALERT
    Has anyone noticed? Can anyone guess? You               Lets not forget that before every General
 couldn’t possibly miss it…did you? NO WAY, NO           Meeting our VST Committee puts on a wonderful
 HOW!!! How could anyone drive into Lake Connor           spread of breakfast foods! Come out for some
 Park and not notice that the Membership Office                nutrition and socializing before our
  has just been painted!! YEAH!! Remember that                         “thinking caps” are needed!!
  ol’ gloomy gray, well we have brightened up the
    entrance by splashing some light and cheery
    color to the Membership Office, and it even                       JAZZERCIZE IS BACK!!!
    matches the other offices now! And if that          Don’t forget that the 4ft. Giant is bringing back her
  wasn’t enough, we got carried away and finally       classes beginning on Memorial Day weekend! Come one
 splashed a coat onto Clubhouse 3…Long overdue,         and come all, lets get those heart rates up and make
     now that bare unprotected wood has been                    some new friends while you’re at it!!
  covered in a nice brown with some new trim to
   boot!! Geesh, it’s been busy around here!!! Oh                          CRAFT MANIA
  and lets not forget that the Sales Office has          You would not believe the many calls we have been
   received a little internal makeover of its own.        receiving in regards to our craft show coming up.
  Stop up for a cup of coffee and check out the         Last year we got a slow start, but if the phone calls
 new cozy atmosphere. Hmmm, what’s next? Well           are any indication, I think it may be a huge hit this
  how about the men’s bathroom in Clubhouse 1!!!               year. We have been checking on lots of
 Finally new linoleum!!! We are just getting crazy      advertisement avenues and Bookworm has managed
                     around here!                      to line us up several complimentary articles to go out
                                                        in different newspapers. We have already had calls
                                                          to reserve tables, and lots of talk going on about
  COOKBOOK CRAZE               BACK BY POPULAR            some great things we will be seeing for sale. We
 The cookbook is still              DEMAND                 know a lot of you have skills and gifts that you
  in the works and we         Guess what folks, we     haven’t shared with us yet, so come on out and show
 are hoping to have it       have heard your pleas!!    us your talent. Reserve your craft table today, and
 wrapped up and ready       We have put up a couple     get crafting!!!! You can pick up details on who, what,
  to go by the end of       basketball hoops on the      when, where and how in the Membership Office so
    May. Keep your           tennis courts for some                       lets get started!!!!
   fingers crossed; I        summer fun! Okay kids
     know we all are        lets see your best shot.
  anxiously waiting to                                      SPLISH SPLASH WE HAVE GREAT NEWS
                             It wouldn’t hurt to see
    see what yummy                                      It’s confirmed, it’s in stone, it’s absolute!! POOL
                            some tournaments going
 recipes the members                                    TWO WILL BE OPEN FOR THE SUMMER!! Whew,
                              on at the court….kids
  and staff turned in                                   we weren’t sure with the new project coming and
                               against the parents
      for our eating                                    all, but it’s official, we will be opening pool two for
        pleasure.                                       all to enjoy before the new fall project to replace
                                                        it begins. So come one come all, grab your trunks,
                                                        your towels, and that good ol’ sun block meet up at
                “BEAR MINIMUM”                          pool two for one last season before the new and
   We are glad to be able to announce that there        improved pool gets started. Just for memory
   have been no sightings of our bear friends this      sake…….
    winter. There were quite a few of the rascals
 spotted all through out the park last year, and as
                                                                        WELCOME ABOARD
  our busy season approached we felt the need to       We have lots of new and some returning employees
  really make you all aware. Fortunately, this year    for our summer help this year. Be sure to take the
  has been quiet and we really can’t help but think    time to introduce yourself and welcome them aboard
that part of the reason is all of your participation   with us. We have a great staff so lets send out some
in keeping the garbage cleaned up and put away on      good karma to them all! They work very hard for the
 your sites. Thank you so much and lets remember       park and all its members!! A wave, a smile, and a hello
that they are only a strong scent away. Keep up all    are always welcome!
the good work and thanks again for helping to keep
                our park safe for all!

                                                                                                           Page 7
                            Greetings Fellow LCP PC Club Members
I am working on increasing the DSL                        This phone line will only accept free
bandwidth we get from Verizon up                          local, no cost calls and 1-800 numbers.
from 768 kbs to 3 MB. That is
pretty good increase in bandwidth                         Interested members may join the Club
and will speed up general internet                        for $35.00 per year dues. Dues are due
performance in the Club. I will also                      June 1st each year and pro-rated to
be working on securing the DSL                            June 1st for new members. You may sign
Modems as these are frequently                            up at the membership office.
being messed with. I strongly
discourage members to donate any                          We have one donated computer for
PC related articles to the Club.                          access to the internet or any use you
Monitors, printers etc. It is by far                      desire. The Club provides printer and
simpler and cheaper for me to just                        paper (black and white ink only ) for
purchase what I need new. There                           basic printing needs. Preferred method
are now 6 extra monitors in that                          is that members use their own laptop
little PC room. It costs us $20.00                        which can be connected to cat5 or one
each to get rid of.—I will change                         can use the encrypted wifi.
the wireless encryption code in the
first days of July, so please email                       This internet access is not intended for
me at for the                           gaming, as gaming draws heavily on
new codes.                                                bandwidth and slows down connection
Here are the general rules for the                        for other users. -gaming is thus
Club:                                                     forbidden in the Club. Only paid Club
The park has a phone line for use                         members have access to connect their
by computer user internet access.-                        laptop to this line. Encrypted wifi is
dsl is the preferred method of                            available as well.
                                                          Mummi Fridriksson

                                             From the Lake Committee
                                             April 4, 2008, we installed the new 30’ dock
                                             extension. Thank you, the members, for all
                                             the cans you have donated. And a big thank
                                             you for the board and Froggy for helping pay
                                             for it.
                                             The fish have been ordered for the Kid’s
                                             Fishing Derby. This was paid for by your can
                                             donations and the park.
                                             The registration slip for your kids to fill out
                                             for the fishing derby is included in this issue
                                             of the TTT. Extra copies will be at the
                                             membership office.
                                             Sunday of Memorial weekend the Lake
                                             Committee will be having their annual
                                             Keep the cans coming. We had to make three
                                             trips to the recycle center this winter. Thank
                                             Gary Keith
                                                                                               Page 8
Page 9
                                            KIDS CORNER
                                                  Flashlight Tag
                                          Number of players: 3 or more
                                                 What you need:
                                                   A flashlight
                                               A safe place to play
                         This is just like the classic version of the game Tag, except
                       players play in the dark. The object of the game is to not be
                      tagged by the player who is "it." In the regular game of Tag, a
                      person becomes "it" when touched by the player who is "it." In
                      Flashlight Tag, the person who is "it" carries the flashlight and
                      tries to "catch" people in its beam. You become "it" if the light
                                                 shines on you.

Treasure Hunt
Camping is all about getting back to nature and what could be more
fun than going on a treasure hunt. The basic idea is that the kids
follow a clue or a map to find the next clue which may be buried or
hidden somewhere. That clue takes them to a further clue and so
on until the game finishes with the kids finding a cool prize at the
final place which is the treasure. Something like chocolates and
sweets are best, nothing too expensive just in case someone else
finds it first.
You may want to do some recon before hand so that you know the
area and can write some good clues or draw some nice maps.
Most importantly, have fun and make lasting memories!

                   Tough Tongue Twisters

                   Pick a partner and practice passing, for if you pass proficiently, perhaps you'll play

                   Five frantic frogs fled from fifty fierce fishes.

                   No need to light a night light on a light night like tonight.

                       Hey kids, guess what?
                       Jackie in the Sales Office has thought of the little campers in LCP and
                       made a fantastic coloring book for you! Please stop in, say hello and get your
                       coloring book next time you are in the Park.

                                      Reminder To Kids of all Ages!
                    Be nice to our deer friends and any other critters you may see while
                   visiting LCP. This is their home as much as it is your home away from

                                                                                                            Page 10
            OUR DEER

PARTY FUN              2008

            OF LCP!

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