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									Life Without Fingerprints
Did you know that some people are born without fingerprints? Dermatoglyphia, from the Greek
derma for skin and glyph for carving, are the ridges that appear on the fingertips, palms, toes and
soles of our feet. The absence of fingerprints is caused by a rare genetic condition known as
adermatoglyphia. Researchers have discovered a skin mutation in the gene SMARCAD1 that
may be the cause for the development of this condition. The discovery was made while studying
a Swiss family with members that exhibited adermatoglyphia.

According to Dr. Eli Sprecher from Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center in Israel, "We know that
fingerprints are fully formed by 24 weeks after fertilization and do not undergo any modification
throughout life. However, the factors underlying the formation and pattern of fingerprints during
embryonic development are largely unknown." This study has shed some light on fingerprint
development as it points to a specific gene that is involved in the regulation of fingerprint
development. Evidence from the study also suggests that this particular gene may also be
involved in the development of sweat glands.

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