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									Harmless Bacteria Create Food Preservative
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Millions of people contract food poisoning each year. Researchers from the University of
Minnesota have made an interesting discovery that can help in the fight against food-borne
diseases. They have discovered a naturally occurring food preservative that kills dangerous
bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella. The preservative, lantibiotic, is produced by harmless
bacteria. According to the researchers, lantibiotic is the first natural preservative found to kill
gram-negative bacteria. It also kills a wider range of harmful germs than other natural

According to the researchers, lantibiotic has several benefits. Not only can it protect meats, eggs,
dairy products and canned foods from dangerous bacteria, but it is easily digestible, nontoxic and
produces no allergic responses. Another reported benefit is that harmful bacteria have difficulty
forming a resistance to it. The researchers have received a patent for lantibiotic and believe that
it can be an important tool to protect food from toxic bacteria.

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