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					                    Immigration & Naturalization Committee Newsletter
                                   Author Guidelines

Mission Statement

The mission of the Immigration & Naturalization Committee Newsletter is to publish a scholarly
newsletter devoted to the advancement of legal knowledge of an evolving immigration law and
practice. Each issue will feature articles and substantive legal news and comments by leading
immigration legal scholars and practitioners It is the goal of the Immigration and Naturalization
Committee of the American Bar Association’s International Law Section to publish the
Newsletter quarterly and to explore and critically analyze the development of immigration laws
and regulations.

Policy Guidelines

1.     The Immigration & Naturalization Committee Newsletter will be published quarterly.

2.     Articles must be scholarly, of high caliber, substantive, and be on a timely topic. Articles
       espousing policy positions not based on legal analysis will not be accepted unless for
       exceptional situations.

3.     As a general rule, articles or announcements on past events or upcoming non-ABA events
       will not be published, although the editors may consider publishing articles or
       announcements on past events if they are scholarly, substantive and timely.

4.     Authors who wish to publish announcements or items that do not meet the foregoing
       criteria may want to consider submitting to the Immigration and Naturalization
       Committee for inclusion on its website in some fashion.

Article Contents

5.     Feature articles should be between 1,500-3,500 words per article, although the editors
       have discretion in allowing lengthier articles.

6.     All articles should be in Times New Roman font. Font size should be 12 pts for text
       (except footnotes) and 16 pts for article titles and bylines.

7.     All articles should be single spaced. A blank line should be placed between article titles
       and the byline, between the byline and the text, and between paragraphs.

8.     Individual authors will be identified by name below the title, and the author credit will
       contain the author’s name, law firm or other association, and any brief, relevant
       biographical information. Please provide this at the time of your submission.

9.     As a general rule footnotes should contain sufficient information to identify the cited
       source. For articles, author first, the title of the article (underlined), the name of the
       publication and the year (in parenthesis).
10.    The editors reserve the right to make edits to the article. If in the editors’ discretion the
       edit is materially substantive, they will contact the author first.

Submission of Articles

11.    The deadline for submitting articles will be posted on the Immigration and Naturalization
       Committee website quarterly.

12.    The editors reserve discretion on whether an article will be included in the newsletter.

13.    Please submit articles to Ted Upton at Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky & Popeo PC:

       Susan J. Cohen - Editor:
       Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris
       Glovsky & Popeo PC

       Ted Upton            

Thank you for your contribution to the Immigration & Naturalization Committee Newsletter.