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Dowsing Test_ Failure of the Munich Experiments Skeptical Inquirer


									                                         Assignment 2

            Dowsing Test, Failure of the Munich Experiments
                   Skeptical Inquirer January 1999
                 Use article Dowsing – Science or Humbug? as background material!

                            Analysis of Pseudoscience vs. Science

            1. Mention two thinkable rational motivations to investigate dowsing

2. What are the qualities of Munich physicists that make them particularly suitable for study of
             dowsing? Give the reason why this project was performed in Germany.

                 3. What are the potential problems of dowsing experiments?

                 4. Describe the experimental set-up of Munich experiment!

                       5. What was the purpose of preliminary testing?

                        6. What was the professional magicians roll?

      7. Which aspects of sound experimental design were built into the critical testing?

8. Comment on the interpretation of the outcome of the experiment! Do you see any possible
                  interpretation that would confirm dowsing as a method?

   9. Comment on the idea of “earthrays” and an attempt of “rational” or pseudoscientific
                 explanation of dowsing advocated by dowsing followers!

10. How would you explain the fact that dowsing existed all over the world during history and
                                 that it survived until today?

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