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									           2008 USA Presidential Elections − Immigration H1B Visa − Obama vs McCain

2008 USA Presidential Elections − Immigration
H1B Visa − Obama vs McCain


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immigration experts weigh in on McCain and Obama

John McCain and Barack Obama on IMMIGRATION

Republican Presidential candidate John McCain and Democratic
Presidential candidate Barack Obama may not see eye−to−eye on a
majority of the issues; however, on the issue of immigration, they
share more similarities than differences.

Securing our borders is the first priority in both a McCain and Obama
administration. Senator Obama and Senator McCain want to preserve the
integrity of our borders. Both candidates believe in setting clear
guidelines and objectives for securing the border through physical and
virtual barriers.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform is another priority both senators
intend to carry out in their administrations. They believe in fixing
the dysfunctional immigration bureaucracy, keeping immigrant families
together, and meeting the demand for jobs with foreign workers and
U.S. workers. Both candidates have considered raising the cap on the
number of H−1B visas issued annually. They also plan to crack down on
employers that abuse the immigration system, specifically; McCain
stated that he would aggressively prosecute employers that continue to
hire illegal immigrants. Both candidates emphasized the use of the E−
Verify system which is already in use by the Bush administration, but
not a mandatory tool at this time. They also plan to clear out the
backlog of individuals that have been waiting legally outside the
country for years for their green card number to become available.

As a third priority, both candidates plan to address the millions of
undocumented workers in the United States. Senator Obama and Senator
McCain have envisioned a path to citizenship for these illegal
workers. The plan will allow undocumented immigrants in good standing
to pay a fine, learn English, and go to the back of the line for the
opportunity to become citizens. In a McCain administration, there will

2008 USA Presidential Elections − Immigration H1B Visa − Obama vs McCain                               1
            2008 USA Presidential Elections − Immigration H1B Visa − Obama vs McCain
be measures in place to ensure that all undocumented workers either
leave the United States or follow the path to legal residence. McCain
believes that America cannot permit a permanent category of
individuals that do not have recognized status a permanent second

Another priority for the Obama administration is to effectively work
with Mexico. Senator Obama plans to promote economic development in
Mexico by modifying trade agreements, and creating other agreements to
ultimately decrease illegal immigration to the United States, along
with other measures.

One thing is for sure, Senator Obama and Senator McCain believe that
change is needed in our current immigration system.

Read Senator John McCain's plan
Read Senator Barak Obama's plan


Obama would make Immigration a top priorty

In a questionnaire to both US Presidential candidates from online
immigrant−rights group the Sanctuary, Barack Obama, US Senator and
Democratic candidate for President of the United States, stated that
he would make immigration one of his 'top priorities' during the first
month of his presidency.

The questionnaire, also sent to Republican candidate John McCain's
campaign, covered a wide−range of issues central to the topic of US
immigration reform. The survey covered issues such as expansion of the
H−1B program and the establishment of a guest worker program. McCain's
campaign did not answer.

On the topic of H−1B, the survey asked if Barack Obama supported
expanding the scheme by raising the limit of 65,000 H−1B visas allowed
per year. In recent years the survey noted that all 65,000 standard
H−1B visas were snatched up in a matter of days.

Obama replied that he would support "multiple proposals for increasing
access to the world's best and brightest to work in America."

However, in response to a later question on reducing family based
visas in favor of a merit based system, he stated that he would not
support having skilled immigration (similar to existing immigration
strategies in the United Kingdom and Australia) take precedence over
family−based immigration.

"I do not support the reduction of family based visas in order to

2008 USA Presidential Elections − Immigration H1B Visa − Obama vs McCain               2
            2008 USA Presidential Elections − Immigration H1B Visa − Obama vs McCain

create a new points based system," Obama replied. "I would consider
supporting such a system outside existing quotas."

Asked on whether he supported a guest worker program, Obama replied
that he did, however it would have to meet certain requirements.

"I would support a new guest worker program to meet worker shortages
in some sectors of the economy, but it must have strong worker
protections and not exclude people from ever becoming Americans,"
Obama stated. "It must also take into account that some workers will
wish to earn a right to stay in the U.S. permanently."

In addition to increasing H−1B quotas and supporting a guest worker
program, Obama would like to see increases in low−skilled employment−
based green cards from the current annual quota of 5000.

McCain's silence

While McCain chose not to answer the survey, he has gone on record
supporting similar immigration reforms that Obama advocates. However,
The Sanctuary found his silence in response to their questionnaire

"While our original intent was to present a meaningful side−by−side
comparison of the policies and positions of all presidential
candidates in order to better inform voters, Senator McCain's
unwillingness to answer our questions, or to go on the record with his
positions on the specific details covered in the questionnaire, has
made this impossible," The Sanctuary's editors noted.

"Senator McCain's reluctance is all the more troubling in light of the
fact that his previously published positions, available on his
website, appear to directly contradict those in the official platform
coming out of the Republican National Convention earlier this month,"
they added


McCains Mixed Thoughts on Immigration Reform
By: Gerri L. Elder−john−mccain−on−immigration−reform.aspx

On May 22, 2008, presidential hopeful Senator John McCain spoke in
Union City, California and brought up the issue of comprehensive
immigration reform. According to a report by the Washington Post,
McCain announced that he would propose legislation to crack down on
illegal immigration, but at the same time would work to expand visas
for immigrants.

McCain's comments on immigration reform came in response to complaints
by several Silicon Valley CEOs about the need for highly skilled

2008 USA Presidential Elections − Immigration H1B Visa − Obama vs McCain               3
           2008 USA Presidential Elections − Immigration H1B Visa − Obama vs McCain

employees. His announcement about expanding visas for immigrants is in
slight contrast to statements that he had made while working to secure
the Republican Party nomination for the 2008 presidential race.

While campaigning for the GOP nomination, McCain had said that he
would make legislative efforts to enforce immigration laws, secure
U.S. borders and deport illegal immigrants before he would go to work
on any other immigration reform. McCain's support for bipartisan
immigration reform already did not sit well with the Republicans he is
slated to represent in the presidential election this year.

In Union City, McCain spoke to chief executives of several high−tech
companies and told them that while he sees the need to secure the U.S.
borders, he also feels that comprehensive immigration reform must be a
top priority. Some of the CEOs expressed concern about the decline of
H1B visas for highly skilled workers and the fact that foreign
students who study and earn their degrees in schools in the United
States are leaving in droves after completing their education. These
were the concerns of Shellye Archambeau, CEO of the software company
MetricStream, who reportedly drew a round of applause when she told
McCain that a H1B visa should be stapled to the diplomas of these
students in order to keep skilled workers in the country.

Another CEO in the crowd, Conrad Burke, president of the solar energy
company Innovalight, told McCain that he has become an expert in U.S.
immigration law during the past two years in an effort to find
qualified workers while staying within the existing immigration laws.
The limited numbers of visas that are issued are simply not enough to
supply these companies with the skilled workers that they need to
operate and compete in their markets.

McCain has not spoken about immigration issues much since securing the
Republican presidential nomination and is not asked about immigration
reform as frequently now as when he was campaigning during the GOP
primaries. However, when he spoke to the CEOs in Union City recently,
he took some personal responsibility for the failure of Congress to
pass the comprehensive immigration reform bill last year.

While it seems that McCain may be talking from both sides of his mouth
on immigration, by meeting with the Silicon Valley CEOs, he was able
to see one side of the argument for immigration reform fairly clearly
as well as the consequences of the failure of Congress to pass a
comprehensive immigration reform bill.



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