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									Vat Exemption

VAT exemption is available to clients who wear wigs for necessity reasons. Customers who
require wigs due to alopecia, hair loss as a result of chemotherapy treatment or any other medical
condition that causes hair loss, and is confirmed by a GP, are classed as necessity wearers. If any
of the above applies to you, you are entitled to receive the VAT off the cost of your wig at the time
of purchase.
Please note: VAT exemption applies to wigs only and does not apply to accessories.

Exemption on VAT is available whether you purchase from our salon, mail order or over the
internet. Mail order or internet orders will require a complete VAT Exemption form to be sent to us,
via post so we can then dispatch your goods. We cannot send any goods with this reduction
without a completed form and do need a separate completed form for each separate order. If
purchasing from our salon, please speak to your stylist.

Please copy and complete the following form and send to:

Your New Hair @ HQ the Salon
Unisex Hair specialists and Wig Personalisation Service
12 South Street
Great Torrington
Ex38 8HE
Vat Exemption Form
Form for V.A.T. FREE goods and services supplied to persons suffering from Alopecia (Totalis and Areata),
Post-Operative Hair Loss and Chemotherapy treatment – as permitted under GROUP 14 of Schedule 5 of the
Value Added Tax Act 1983.

Declaration by Individual

Full Name (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms) _________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________________________

Postcode: ____________________________

I (the above named person) declare that I qualify for VAT FREE supplies by reason
of the following medical condition:

□         Alopecia                  □         Chemotherapy Treatment                             □         Other (Please State)


The name and address of my G.P/Consultant is:


Receiving from HQ the Salon:


This declaration is hereby signed by:

The client/beneficiary

_______________________                         _____________________________                                           ________________

SIGN                                                        PRINT                                                       DATE

For Office Use Only:

Witnessed by HQ the Salon representative


This form is not valid unless completed fully. Please also ensure that you have stated your medical condition
and a HQ the Salon representative has signed this form.


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