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I 765 Renewal

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									New Jersey Institute of Technology
The Office of International Students

 Optional Practical Training
Optional Practical Training in
         F-1 Status

Pre-Completion & Post-Completion
    Optional Practical Training
• Pre-Completion Practical Training: is employment in
  your field of study before you complete your
  degree. (If you are considering this option for OPT
  during a semester or summer, remember you must
  have been in full time status for one academic year
  (fall and spring semesters). OPT will be part time
  during the semester unless your are completing a
  project, thesis or dissertation. Post-Completion
  Practical Training: is employment in your field of
  study after you complete your degree.
• It may take 3 months for the USCIS to grant OPT.

• You are a degree candidate who has been
  in lawful status as a full-time student for at
  least one academic year.
• For Post-Completion Practical Training, you
  must apply BEFORE you complete your
• You may engage in Optional Practical Training only
  after you receive your Employment Authorization
  Document (EAD card) from the U.S. Citizenship and
  Immigration Service. This process can take
  approximately 3 months.
 Students Instructions For Applying For
 Optional Practical Training

• Complete an Advisor Form.
• Have two immigration photos taken. Lightly,
  in pencil using capital letters, print your
  name and write the number of your I-94
  card on the back of each photograph.
• Complete the I-765 form and sign your
  name after “Your Certification”. Complete
  the OPT Request Form.
• $340 check, and two photos should be
  placed in a white business envelope.
• Bring your most recent I-20 when you hand
  in the application to OIS&F.
                                                                                                         OMB No. 1615-004
     Department of Homeland Security                            Do not write in this
     U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services                  I-765, Application f
                                                           Employment Authorizati
Do not write in this block.
Remarks                                        Action Block                           Fee Stamp


Applicant is filing under §274a.12 _____

Application Approved. Employment Authorized / Extended (Circle One)        until ______________ (Date).
                                                                                  ______________ (Date).
Subject to the following conditions:       ____________________________________________________

 Application Denied.
  Failed to establish eligibility under 8 CFR 274a.12 (a) or (c).
  Failed to establish economic necessity as required in 8 CFR 274a.12(c)(14), (18) and 8 CFR 214.2(f)

I am applying for:             Permission to accept employment.
                               Replacement (of lost employment authorization document).
                               Renewal of my permission to accept employment (attach previous employment
                                authorization document).
1. Name (Family Name in CAPS) (First)                  (Middle)   11. Have you ever before applied for employment authorization from USCIS?
                                                                           Yes (If yes, complete below)                            No
________________________________________________________              __________________________________________________________
2. Other Names Used (Include Maiden Name)                                   Which USCIS Office?                                     Date(s)
________________________________________________________              __________________________________________________________
3. Address in the United States (Number and Street)  (Apt. Number)      Results (Granted or Denied - attach all documentation)
c/o NJIT Office of International Students & Faculty
________________________________________________________              __________________________________________________________
(Town or City)              (State/Country)          (ZIP Code)      12. Date of Last Entry into the U.S. (mm/dd/yyyy)
323 MLK Jr. Blvd.            Newark, NJ               07102
________________________________________________________              __________________________________________________________
4. Country of Citizenship/Nationality                                  13. Place of Last Entry into the U.S.
________________________________________________________              __________________________________________________________
5 Place of Birth (Town or City)     (State/Province) (Country)       14 Manner of Last Entry (Visitor, Student, etc.)

________________________________________________________               __________________________________________________________
6. Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)        7. Gender                         15 Current Immigration Status (Visitor, Student, etc.)
                          Male Female
________________________________________________________               __________________________________________________________
8. Marital Status    Married          Single                         16 Go to Part 2 of the Instructions, Eligibility Categories. In the space
                                                                          below, place the letter and number of the category you selected from
                     Widowed               Divorced                     the instructions (For example, (a)(8), (c)(17)(iii), etc.).
9. Social Security Number (Include all numbers you have ever used) (if any)

________________________________________________________                      Eligibility under 8 CFR 274a.12
10. Alien Registration Number (A-Number) or I-94 Number (if any)
                                                                                ( c )( 3 )( i )
Your Certification: I certify, under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America, that the foregoing is
true and correct. Furthermore, I authorize the release of any information that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
needs to determine eligibility for the benefit I am seeking. I have read the Instructions in Part 2 and have identified the
appropriate eligibility category in Block 16.
Signature                                                     Telephone Number                                  Date
Signature of Person Preparing Form, If Other Than Above: I declare that this document was prepared by me
at the request of the applicant and is based on all information of which I have any knowledge.

Print Name              Address                     Signature                          Date
                  Initial Receipt      Resubmitted                   Relocated                 Completed

                                                             Rec'd        Sent      Approved      Denied     Returned

                                                                                            Form I-765 (Rev. 10/26/05)Y
Your Practical Training application is now ready to
be processed by your International Student
Advisor. Drop off a copy of your current I-20, OPT
Request Form, I-765, and the NJIT Advisor Form at
the Office of International Students & Faculty,
Fenster Hall, Room 140. Your application will be
completed in 7-10 business days.
  Mailing Checklist AFTER your International Student Advisor has
  processed your Practical Training Application:

• Photocopies of ALL student I-20s (current and previous), Your advisor
    will approve OPT in SEVIS and it will be shown on page 3 of the new I-20.
• Photocopies of front and back of I-94 card
• Photocopies of passport pages containing picture, expiration date and
• Original I-765 form
• Envelope with:
 - Two photos with your name and admission number penciled on the
          - Personal Check or Money Order for
            $340 payable to “Department of Homeland Security.” Your
    International Student Advisor will keep the original OPT Request Form
    and will place it in your OIS&F folder.
                 Send your completed Application to:

United States Citizenship & Immigration
75 Lower Welden Street
St.Albans, Vermont 05479
Use Certified, return receipt to mail your documents.
This service is available at a local U.S. Post Office.
UPS or Federal Express are other options.

• Copy all documents before you mail and
  keep this safely with your important
Do not travel outside of U.S.
borders without an I-20 signed by
your international student advisor,
a valid U.S. entry visa, an
employment letter, and your EAD.
You must be returning to “resume
employment” to be granted re-
entry by I.C.E.

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