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									                         Car Rental Reservation
1. Introduction
   1.1 Purpose
           Nowadays, transportation system in Thailand has been developed in advance
       that is the result from increasing of communication demand. Quantity of the
       private drivers has also increased every years and has increased a tendency every
       years either that we can observe from amount of cars in the roads. The cars are
       more convenient than the buses and safety either, so we will provide convenience
       more by opening rental car via website.
           This service is beneficial for people who would like to use the car for their
       needs, such as travel or taking a long trip. Both short and long rent duration can be
       rented by the customer. Rental car via website is more convenient because our
       website will inform the nearest car center that the customer can take the car. The
       customers can realize from checking postcode that they fill in the form and they
       can choose the day, version of car, size of car that they need by themselves.

   1.2 Project Scope
           Rental car via website is the system that we have developed and designed for
       the customers who can fill data in form by themselves that is more convenient for
       customers. Wherever the customers can reserve the cars, we also have privacy
       policy for customers that they can be confident about filling the data. Interface is
       very easy and suitable for use because it has several functions that the customer
       can realize. When the customers choose age of car, they can see all of
       characteristic of that car. In addition, return and taking method is very easy and
       comfortable because the customers can take the cars from the nearest service
       centre following the customers used to fill the data. We will the people who take
       responsibility for providing and return the cars form the customers.

   1.3 Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions
       Software Requirements Specification or SRS
                    This is the document that define formal requirement for explanation
       the details of rental car via website, so the reader can understand more about
       purpose of writer before. For this document, it will make the reader realize rightly
       and should be read in each topics because writer organized topic following steps
       about usability that is very delicate.

   1.4 Glossary
              Term                                       Definition
       Driver                 User enters to the website for rent the car.
       Server                 Admin of website to receive and send info. To driver.
       Officer Inside         Manage systems and all data of driver.
       Officer Outside        Service for the driver.
       Home page              This is the first page of website.
       Services page          It will show the list of service in each the location.
       Promotion page         This is the special in each month
       Travel Partners        This is the partners with the driver.
       Locations page         This is the location of office.
       Search function        Search for keywords.
       Member Login           For the member that already to register can login to website.
       Pick-up date           Driver to receive the car.
       Driver license         All drivers to rent the car must have the driver license.
       Third party            This is the system for driver or user to pay the money.

   1.5 References
       1.5.1 The data about car rental reservations in America.
        Retrieved from http://www. alamo.com/
       1.5.2 The data about car rental reservations in America.
        Retrieved from https://www.enterprise.com
       1.5.3 The data about car rental reservations in Thailand.
        Retrieved from http://www.avisthailand.com/TH/index.php

2. Overall Description
   2.1 Product Perspective
           This website is designed for car rental for reducing complexity, such as
       service centre may be located far away from the customer. There have many
       service centers but data system does not link with each other, that is hard to enter
       to data and not update. This cause will make the firm loss their earning because
       the system cannot respond requirement of the customer.
           From the reason above, car rental online has a purpose to rectify these problem
       by using car rental online for online customer reserve the car conveniently. The
       customer no need to go to car centre for rental car because the customer can
       realize every details of car from website and no need to take the car at remote
       place. Car centre will refer from address of customer for deliver the car following
       requirement of the customer.

   2.2 Product Feature
           The most important characteristic of product is the users can choose service
       that they want, such as the derivery place that will ne near the house of the
       customer by referring from address and postcod. We have service after rental,
       such as GPS or children chair by website will show fee on the website. The
       customers will make sure that they will be paid more.
           To take the car, the customers will bring taking-return paper to verify that
       person who take the car and person who register on the website are the same. In
       addition, the customer will bring driver’s license and identity card to verify
       themself either.
           To withdraw the fees of service, we will withdraw money from credit card of
       customer to make them have a convenience. This method will occur when the firm
       receive all of the document. We will not withdraw money in case of process is not
   be completed or have a problem on rental. These process will give sureness for the
   customers that their money is not be withdrawed until they receive their cars.
       To issue taking-return bill, the customers will rectify all of details in
   reservation for issue taking-return bill by using reference number for easy to
   rectify. In the return day, the customer will bring taking-return bill back to make it
   as a script that return is completed. Then, staff will check correctness and put the
   data into database.
       To return the car, the customers have to return the carn on expired date
   following date, place and time that be specified in database of the firm. When the
   customers have already retured the cars, the firm will make a record for next
   service of customer.
       Status of car that the customers have already returned, that car will change
   status to ready to be serviced.
       In case of insurance on the website, the customer will be changed the car for
   the accident might occur, such as broken car etc.

2.3 User Classes and Characteristics
        The customer will be 21 years or more and also have their own car. No crime
    and don’t be disabled. The customer have ability of use internet and have an
    address that can be verified from thr firm. The customer have a skill based on
    driving and also have credit card that can be paid either.
        Call center need to have basic knowledge on using internet, basic computer,
    typng. Call center need to have a fineness to confrim and rectify the data,
    otherwise the firm will be deceived. The last ability, call center need to be good
    communication in English either.
        Staff on service centre, that is the person who have to take and deliver the car
    to the customer, need to have a knowledge on car, internet and basic computer.
    Futhermore, Staff need to explain term of use inside the car to the customer either.

2.4 Operating Environment
        This system need basic hardware to operation that is general computer,
    telephone, PDA, Blackberry etc. In the part of software will be operating sysytem
    that can be anything, such as Windows, Linux and MacOS. We use these
    operating system to connect to network system and can be access to different
    types of web browser, such as Internet Exploere,Safari, Google Chrome etc

2.5 Design and Implementation Constraints
        In this part, we will introduce you to constrain and problems, such as constrain
    of parameter that is the factor on development. Interface that the customer uses
    and included many constrains in hardware either.
        Parameters that have an effect on development that have main factor is
    economy. If there have a good economy, everything will be perfect as the plan.
    Another parameter is the age of car, service and oil price etc.
       Hardware will not be problem for us because our website base on lower speed
   internet. Mostly, the problems that may occur have few probabilities to occurring,
   such as server failed etc.
       In the part of interface for the users will be all English and easy to use. The
   users can use this interface via web browser on mobile, plam or balckberry
   because of small screen size that will be more comfortable for every gadgets.
       Our communication will use internet that server will be medium between the
   firm and the customer. Most of problems will occur on the network, such as the
   customer cannot coonect to the firm from the problems that is lower speed and
   server failed.

2.6 User Documentation
    2.6.1 In the Part of the Customer Go to the webpage, if the customer will not be member, they have to
                register before use this service by fill in the data on the first webpage
                correctly, such as delivery palce, exproed date, types of cars. Then, the
                system will search tha data of specified car following requirement of
                customer. The system will show the place where they can take the car ordered by
                distance (miles). Then, the customer has to choose what place that they
                want. The system will show the place that the customer will receive the car.
                Time of showroom will show on this page and can search for position
                of the place. In addition, the system will show that have the car that the
                customer need either. The system will show the details of the car, such as the doors, version
                of cars, and size of cars. After that, the system will let the customer fill the data about credit
                card and driver’s incense. The system will withdraw via credit card and
                click on “OK” that will be completed. When the date that the user have to receive the car arrive, the customer
                will confirm himself at showroom (can be approved from driver’s
                incense and identity card). Staff will check on the data and request the
                customer sign the signature for confirmation. Then, staff will issue
                taking-return bill to the customer and will deliver the car and will offer
                addition service to customer either. In the return day, the customer has to contact showroom with the car.
                Staff will approve the data and request the customer to sign the
                signature on taking-return bill.

   2.6.2 Approved Staff Rectify data of the customers and database that are they the same or
               not? If it is correct, Staff will confirm customer data and record into
               database. Print out the taking-return bill and send to the customer for
               confirmation, then the system will withdraw money from account.
               Then the customer has to bring taking-return bill to delivery staff to
               deliver the car.

   2.6.3 Delivery Staff Delivery Part
  Check on taking-return bill that are they correct or not. Then,
                      take the customer to the car and explain about details.
  When the customers have already got their car, delivery staff
                      will fill in the details of car that they used to choose in database
                      and update on the website.
  Give the car key to the customer, everything is done. Return Part
  Check on taking-return bill, car key, the car. If there have not
                      any problem, delivery staff has to sign on taking-return bill for
                      the customer. Everything is done.
  Check on the cars and take a care them.
  Update data into database of website about current detail of car.
                      Everything is done.

2.7 Assumptions and Dependencies
    2.7.1 Server Failed
              If there have trouble with electricity (blackout and short), it will cause
          the reservation data of customer to be damaged.
    2.7.2 Server is congested
              There have several reasons that cause server to be congested. Because
          server may be used in a long time or work slowly, server cannot evaluate
          the result in time. Have virus enter to the server, that will make the server
          is damaged.
    2.7.3 Staff Who Control Server
              If staff is not experience enough for organization server efficiency,
          server will not be able to work extremely or not be good as it should be.
    2.7.4 Low Speed Internet
              This reason will make server cannot download and upload data as fast
          as use of many staff and customers in the same time.
3. System Features
   3.1 System Feature 1 : Car Reservation
           When the users login to website, they can choose different types of the cars,
       date, time and the place where is taking and return the cars. The system has
       service that the customers can choose to take the cars from postcode that the
       customer filled in the data or can take at airport either. The system have
       requirement that the customers will be 21 years or over and also have both
       driver’s lincense and credit card. The system also require the customers to fill
       about private detials, such as license’s driver and credit card. The customer can be
       able to choose another additional service, such as children chair and GPS and also
       pay special rental for those things either. After the customer fill the data
       completely, the system will show total price but has not deduced from the
       customer’s account yet from security of both customer and frim. The last one, the
       customers will print out the last page from website for comfirmation the cars.

   3.2 System Feature 2 : Car Confirmation
           In confirmation cars, the customers have to approve about appointment place
       as they filled in the system with confirmation paper that they printed out from the
       website and driver’s lincences. Staff will verify the data in the system that “Are
       the data correct or not?”. In addition, staff will offer another proposal about
       accident insurance or new car version in very special price. When verification is
       completed, staff will withdraw the money from account of customers and print out
       both receipt and taking-return paper to the customers.

   3.3 System Feature 3 : To take the cars
           When the customers have already confirmed tha data, they can use taking-
       return paper to take the cars at car cervice centre. In case,the customers would like
       to rent more than one, they can choose that what car that the want because each
       car have already had the key. If the customers reserve the cars in Full size and that
       time have these types of cars, the customers can choose what cars that they want.

   3.4 System Feature 4 : To return the cars
           When reach to the expired date of cars, the customer have to return the cars to
       car service centre otherwise; they have to pay fine. Staff will check overall car for
       finding the damages, the customers have to pay fine if the damages take palce.
       Then, staff will take the cars back by the customers will bring both taking-return
       paper and car key for verifying correctness between the customers and system.
4. External Interface Requirements
   4.1 User Interface
          The user interface of our car rent homepage includes many standard buttons.

                                      At the top of the screen, we will have standard
                                  buttons. Example: Home, Services, Promotion, Travel
                                  Partners, Locations, and Search function. The user can
                                  type the keyword. Our website will search all the
                                  information documents and print the best result.
                                      Then, we will have the member log on menu on the
                                  right of the screen. The user will just simply type in
                                  their email address at the email address box and the
                                  password. Our software will allow the user member to
                                  modify their car

           Next, in the middle of the page, there will be a
       search car function. This function includes pick up
       location of the car, drop off location of the car,
       pick-up date and time, return date and time, the
       driver age, promotion code, and search button. The
       requirement of the driver age is 21++ and the
       driving license is required. If the user doesn’t put
       the correct age or invalid date and time, the
       program will display an error message. The
       charges will be calculated per day. The fraction of
       the day will be count as one day.
    After we have chosen the location and reserve the date, the search button will
link to the vehicles page. This page included the picture and the information of
each vehicle. The general information of each vehicle is the ability to carry
luggage (2Large bags, 2 Small bags), Transmission (Auto, Manual), Seat, and the
status of Air conditioner. The fees are the sum of 4 reserved dates. The status of
the vehicles is located on the right-hand side (on request, unavailable). The user
can select the type of vehicles to reserve. The samples of our vehicles are Toyota
Vigo, Toyota Vios, Toyota Altis, Honda CRV etc.

    This page is the confirmation page. The listed the prices for your reserved
vehicle per period of time are shown. The total amount of your reserved vehicle is
calculated and print in red.
    These are listed on the confirmation page. The pickup place for your vehicle,
the return place for your vehicle, extra options, drivers info, contact information
will be provide for the user to put the personal information.
       The above text is used to check weather a real human using this computer.

      The confirmation booking button will book your vehicle and ready for the

4.2 Hardware Interface
       Since our reservation for the vehicle is made on the internet, the devices that
    can connect the internet are required. Example: Notebook, Mobile, Desktop PC.

4.3 Software Interface
    4.3.1 Software Interface
              Software Interface can separate to two main parts, they are car
          reservation and confirmation about pick-up the car. Each part related about
          database, operating systems and integrated commercial components.
 Car reservation
                             When customer uses that product, customer can reserve
                     by he/she doesn’t need to register to be the member. customer
                     just enter information that system need, for example; pick-up
                     and return date, pick-up and return time, pick-up and return
                     location, kind of the car, and age. Age of customer is
                     information for compile that what kind of the car that the
                     customer can reserve, information of the customer, for
                     example; first name-last name, address, number of identity
                     card, and number of driving license. All of data are kept in
                     database of supervisor of that system.
                             Booking day
                                     Pick-up date
                                      Return date
                                      Vehicle Class
                                      Car
                                      Rent Age
                                      Rent Information
                                      Name
                                      Address
                                      Email
                                      Phone number
                                      Credit Card number
                             After that, when the customer confirm reservation with
                    the system finished, the system will send to the customer. The
                    system has guessing about number, the customer must to print
                    out of the information for to be foundation about reservation. If
                    the customer wants to edit the information, the customer can
                    edit by search number of foundation about reservation with last
                    name or number of reservation with number of identity card.   Confirmation about pick-up and return the car
                             When customer comes to company and pick-up the car,
                    the customer must to show foundation about reservation. The
                    customer must to show to office of company that user choose.
                    After that, the officer will deduct expense about rent the car
                    from number of bank account that the customer enters to
                    website. The officer will get the data from database and check
                    all of information. If the officer checks finished and it is
                    correct, the officer will give the car to the customer. Then the
                    officer will enter information about detail of the car to
                              Number of car registration
                              Color of the car
                              Trade mark of the car
                             When the customer return the car, the officer will
                    receive the car and check information in the system that the car
                    is picked-up same as the car is returned. The officer can
                    compare from database that enter when the officer give the car
                    to the customer. The officer must to record the information if
                    that car has scratch or broke down.
                              Class of the car
                              Kind of the car
                              Comment

4.3.2   Operating Systems
            All operating systems of computer can use this product, for example;
        Window 95, Window 98, Window XP, Window Vista and Window 7. It
        included to Linux. But it need to have the Internet and web browser, for
        example; Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome. All of these are
        connector between user and product.
   4.3.3   Integrated commercial components.
               Cooperation about trading between other company, by present
           promotion to customer who rent the car, for example; when the customer
           rent the car finished, the customer will get promotion for buy souvenir at
           the shop where shared with company or get discount for next rent.

4.4 Communications Interfaces
        All connections of system can be separate to three parts, they are connection
    between user (driver) and product on the webpage, connection between customer
    and officer, and connection between system supervisor and payment operator by
    connection between user and product on that webpage. The first, user enters
    information about reservation on home page of software. All information that user
    enter to the website, they are pick-up and return date, pick-up and return time, the
    car which one the user(driver) choose, age, personal information, first name and
    last name, address, number of identity card, and number of credit card. When user
    (driver) enters all of information finish and press submit button, all of information
    are sent to server. Server will send all information to company. Company will
    keep all of information for to be foundation by print some paper about report of
    information which user (driver) enters to website. It will be to make a reference
    and confirm contacting with customer. If customer has a problem, the customer
    can make the question by sending email to company. The company has admin
    contact with inside of company for 24 hours. In another hand, the customer can
    call to company for ask the question on 8.00 – 15.00 in everyday. On pick-up
    date, customer must to contact with officer by show the foundation about
    reservation with officer. Officer will check about all information in foundation
    and give the car to customer. The officer supervise all of this part since checking
    information in foundation about car reservation, payment by pass number of bank
    account. After that, customer wills pick-up the car which one customer choose.
    The customer must to return the car to company on return date. Part of payment is
    contacting between supervisors with payment operator by use Third Party
    payment operator. It is center of payment pass Internet. The server will send
    expense of customer to payment operator. Payment operator will deduct expense
    and return to server by deduct expense pass the bank that the customer register
    with payment operator and deposit income to company by send the number of
    income to the bank that the company register.
5. Other Nonfunctional Requirements
   5.1 Performance Requirements
           System can be separate to 4 parts. It describes behavior of each actor in system
       following the data below.
       5.1.1 Car Reservation
                  Customer – Fill in the private detials, choose the car, fill in the number
              of credit card.
                  Server - Take the customer’s data from website and send reservation
              data of customer to the firm.
                  Officer - Take reservation data of customer from server, withdraw
              customer’s account
       5.1.2 Confrimation at Firm
                  Customer – Staff will check about driver’s license, verify the
              document, get taking-return paper form staff.
                  Staff – Verify identity card and driver’s license, lauch taking-return
              paper of customer
       5.1.3 To Take the Car
                  Customer – Send taking-return paper to staff, take the car.
                  Staff – Verify taking-return paper, describe how to use the car, deliver
              the car to customer.

       5.1.4   To Return the Car
                  Customer – Deliver taking-return paper to staff, return the car.
                  Staff – Check taking-return paper, check inside the car, take the car
               back from customer.

   5.2 Safety Requirements
       5.2.1 Reservation via Website
                  If there have an blackout of electricity or collapsing of server, whereas
              the user will click on submit for reservation the car. That can cause the
              frim not to get some part of data. The firm should have electrical
              reservation system because of blackout. If server collaspe, the firm should
              repair fastly and sent out the e-mails or sms to the user for refill the data
       5.2.2 Term of Use while Rental
                  If there have an accident while rent the car and customer has already
              bought daily-insurance, the firm will change the car immediately for
              convenience of customer.
                  The duration of changing new car may take more time in travel for
              taking the car to the customer based on distance. The customer will inform
              such problem via call centre. In this case, if the car is rented from Bangkok
              but the car is damage at Chonburi, car centre at Chonburi will take the new
              car to customer.
     5.3 Security Requirements
         5.3.1 Term of Safety of Customert
    If the person who reserve the car in website is not the person who take
                     the car at service centre, the firm cannot withdraw money in the
    If the customer has no confirmation, the firm cannot withdraw money
                     from credit card.
    The data which the customer fill in the form, the firm will not

         5.3.2 Term of Safety of Firm
    The customer will only use taking-return paper to get the car and show
                     driver’s license that have to be directly with that data filled in the
    The customer have to bring taking-return paper when return the car to
                     verifying that is the actual car.

     5.4 Software Quality Attributes
         5.4.1 Reservation – Can be able to pay via credit card by using Third party
               because stable system and easy to use in term of the user. Everyone can be
               able to reserve in the same time.
         5.4.2 Confirmation Counter of the Firm – Staff will check the data of reservation
               via computer by using both identity card and driver’s license card numbers
               for searching. This step will use less time and be very accurate.
         5.4.3 To Take the Car – There will have computer for staff who control and
               monitor the data of customer and also verify amount of car at that time.
               This step, software have to connect to the data of the firm as online for
               verify data fastly.
         5.4.4 To Return the Car – There will have computer for staff who monitor data
               of the customer for verifying the return car. Software have more ability to
               asking for the reservation data and taking the car evenif the date pass by
               many days.


  1. Nawaporn       Sirikan                50270618
  2. Mankiat        Tantikajornkiat        50270622
  3. Wisoda         Tanawisan              50270625
  4. Benjawan       Kingsaeng              50270630
  5. Chavinee       Chaisri                50270636
  6. Tummaprut      Saengprasert           50270642
  7. Warunya        Pangnuja               50270656
  8. Mankian        Janpoung               50270675
  9. Kowit          Huangnaowakul          50270676
  10. Patcharin     Srimongkol             50270682

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