RANGER REGISTER                         RANGER REGISTER                                                       SPRING 2009

                                               THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE UNITED STATES ARMY
                                               RANGER ASSOCIATION, INC. DEDICATED TO THE IDEALS AND
                                               PRINCIPLES OF THE AMERICAN MILITARY RANGER.

FROM THE CO’s TENT                          I stress, all the National and Region
                                            Director slots running for election this
                                                                                        http://www.quiosegagne.asso.fr and
                                                                                        see bottom left legend, going to
Hot News! Muster 2009 at Las Ve-            year are VPPERS, SRD, SECY,                 “Unites SF Dans Le Monde.”
gas news is inside. Sign up for             WRD, EXEC VP & IRD, so you will             2-2009 – Tabled Motion of CRD.
what’s to be a super week at the            also get to vote for your choices,          3-2009 – As mentioned, Laf Keaton
Flamingo arranged by Craig Vanek,           these Rangers or others. As Gregg           becomes our Abn Man of the Year.
Chair for the ARM-2009. #2- ARM-            Orth steps out as SECY, I must              4-2009 – Approved a $1 K donation
2010 will be in San Antonio, TX.            applaud his efforts (and his Family)        to the POWNetwork for inviting us to
Being chaired by Karl Monger, OK.           to make order of those Cardboard            their event in Branson, MO for the
Let him know what you’d like to do.         boxes filled with unorganized mix of        Veteran’s Day festivities. USARA
Check with your Lady as the sched-          paperwork. Also to achieve a 10%            gets recognition at the Banquet and
ules will have something for wives          membership gain.                            a Ten Ranger Table. Also donated
entertainment also. She will                                                                    $500 to the 1/75 Ranger
want you to sign up; saves                                                                      Ball.
the hassle of you having to                                                                     5-2009-- Approved 2009
tick her off.                                                                                   Mid-Year Board Meeting
The      latest    Officer   ap-
pointments were driven by                                                                           2009 Mid-Year Board ac-
Gregg Orth and Laf Keaton                                                                           tions:
your SECY and WRD
respectively, notifying me                                                                          -EXEC VP submitted minor
they’d not be running for                                                                           changes to the Awards SOP
Office this year. WR and the                                                                        which were approved.
SECY slots are particularly                                                                         -2008 Minutes were ap-
busy this year, so I was                                                                            proved.
fortunate       talking    other                                                                    -Manny Carreras, Ranger
Officers to move to various                                                                         Store operator cited weaker
assignments to have a                                                                               sales and because his ven-
smooth transition. As           Ranger Medic Dan Lichau applies fingernail polish for Iraqi girl.   dors were cutting back stock,
Gregg and Laf transition                    See page 5 for SGT Lichau’s story.                      items purchased sometime
out, Mark Pelphrey and                    Laf Keaton is this year’s USARA Abn                       are taking longer to fill. He
Rafe Delli-Bovi step in, Rafe is now      Man of The Year. Laf’s service be-               contacts all customers this happens
the WRD. Pel has assumed the              gan during WWII and was among                    to. Another example, Bancroft Berets
SECY function with Gregg assisting                  th                                     went out of business without notice.
                                          those 11 ABN DIV Recon elements
with the smooth transition. Art takes     opening Los Banos POW Camp in                    Manny had to buy some from Ranger
over VPPERS, while Wade Lnenicka          the Philippines. Served in Korea,                Joe’s. His commission checks to us
moves into the SRD slot. Matt Basik       earning the SS and later was SF                  that went previously thru CLA are
has been appointed Deputy to              MFF qualified.                                   now to be sent directly to us and we
Wade. Karl is DDCR while Joe Matti-                                                        determine what share CLA gets
son is DDNR. Among Craig Vanek’s          The Ranger Robert Haywood Schol-                 rather than vice versa.
hats is DDWR so we need someone           arship this year is awarded to Patrick
else to step up for Deputy Dir, WR.       Smith, Peachtree, GA. He’s the son               -Trademark Issue. Our Scroll and
Gregg Orth remains your Chaplain,         of LRR-6000 and had a SAT of                     Crest need TM protection that the
Mike “McGeek” McClintock Editor,          1330! Expect Pat will do as well as              existing Copyright doesn’t provide.
Hal Marshall as ADMIN, Ranger.org,        his two predecessors.                            Linc is authorized to commit up to
while Len Boulas Chairs the Nomi-                                                          $5,000.00 the hire a Patent Attorney
nation Committee, Budget & Finance        2009 EBoard Meetings:                            and seek TM’s for both. Rafe is
I cite later, IG is Steve Jaeger while                                                     exploring hiring a Graphic Artist who
Historian remains Dick Stewart.           1-2009 – Approved connection with                can digitalize both before submitting
                                          the French SAS/Commando Assn.                    the TM applications.

    Volume XVI, Number 1                                                                                               Page    1
RANGER REGISTER                                                                                                       SPRING 2009
IN THIS ISSUE:                                         tain the books are straight. He and      pecially. He has enough already to
USARA 2009 Election …...................2              Bob, following a Lake George rec-        start a Ranger Base.
ARM 2009 in Las Vegas ………….…3                          ommendation, have created three
Central Region Report .……………...3                       locations for duplicate Financial        Lastly, Sign Up For Las Vegas! The
Korean War Hero Honored……….....4                       Excel records. Bob sends copies          limited rooms we have at this cheap
Ranger Medic Dan Lichau…………..5                         periodically to Bill and he stores       price, $60/night, double occupancy
                                                       them on his computer at work             at the Flamingo is hard to beat and
CSM Hall to Speak at                                                                            to insure I have a room, I have al-
                                                       where a trusted and structured
ARM 2009…………....…………..….. 7                            formal network exists that is backed     ready Registered and Booked a
Marketing Report……..…………..…. 7                         up daily, automatically. Bob also        room for the duration.
USARA Balance Sheet…………....…7                          has a USB Port Chip in his pocket
1/75 35th Annual Ball ……………..... 8                     having the records there also. The             USARA 2009
Contributions, Gifts & Etc…………...8                     third is in Bob’s computer.
USARA Officers/Directors.................9             -VPPERS is developing a Recruit-
                                                                                                       Election of
Laf Keaton Abn Man of Year………. 9                       ing Poster to be sent to everyone           Association Officers
ARM 2009 Registration                                  on our Roster. It will be placed                     Len Boulas
                                                       where our member thinks best. Art           Chairman Nominating Committee
                                                       is nearly finished making a new
Ranger Store Order                                                                              It is almost that time again for
                                                       member database.
Form….............................................11   -VPLOG/DIR MKING Reports- First          the Annual Election of Associa-
Rangers in the News………….…....12                        Craig brought us up-to-date on the       tion Officers.
                                                       Las Vegas Muster. Board approved
                                                       all his initiatives. He also provided    USARA Election of Officers is an
-Hal Marshall’s super work with our
Website www.ranger.org was rec-                        a superb Property Report, very de-       annual event with ½ of the As-
ognized. It was also noted the Site                    tailed that shows you have $4,883        sociation’s Officers being elected
is in the Public Domain so isn’t for                   stored under Frank Casey’s care in       each year. The election is by
viewing internal documents. Also                       Columbus. Frank and Butch Nery           mail in ballot conducted in the
one of the membership benefits is                      (IRD) routinely attend every Ranger      month prior to the ARM. With
the Ranger Register (RR). That has                     graduation where we provide shirts       this year’s Arm scheduled for
been shown immediately after be-                       to best instructors.                     Las Vegas, NV in September the
ing sent via Ezine by McGeek. So,                      -Legal Advisor John Hollstein cau-       election will take place in Au-
to keep the RR a benefit, we will no                   tioned us to be careful we do not        gust. You should receive your
longer publish the current RR,                         stray risking our Tax Exempt             ballot by the first day of that
rather wait for the following one                      status. Seems some Military 501C         month, if your dues and contact
prior to publishing it on the Web-                     organizations are being audited by       information are current.
site. Members will have exclusive                      IRS for back Taxes due to signifi-
receipt until all USPS delivery is                     cant advertising sales income over       Qualifications for potential can-
confirmed.                                             expenses that are taxable.               didates are:
-SECY Report was that 2008 saw                         -Unresolved was an issue of open-            A voting member of the
10% membership increase but we                         ing membership to the new LRS                    Association    in    good
still lack 70 addresses of members.                    Co. newly authorized in each DIV.
ALL-STAY ON TOP AND SEND                               Seems the TO&E shows 52 of 134
                                                                                                    Someone who has the
US NOTICE OF NEW AD-                                   slots in the Company with
                                                       Abn/Ranger designator “V.” The                   time, is computer literate
                                                       others, less one are “P” slots, para-            and has access to a
                                                       chutist. The Ranger Tab remains                  computer, is interested in
-Treasurer Reported especially
good results in 2008. $140,678 vs.                     the Gold Standard and for those                  the welfare of the Asso-
$118,305 at year’s end in ’07. We                      soldiers in a “V” slot, in combat with           ciation and its members,
have no liabilities and all cash is in-                the LRSC, without the Tab, may                   and
vested at 100% insurance cover-                        qualify for membership. This is the          a person who is a doer
age. 2008 Budget results reveal                        case in all units. Honorary mem-                 and wants to make a dif-
spending $9,000 less than ex-                          bership is appropriate for non-                  ference.
pected, while income was $10,000                       Rangers with case by case Board
more! Grants to Ranger Units and                       approval.                                The one exception to the above
NCOs were $6,650. Bill Biser our                       -Fred Spaulding was noted for            criteria is that: Only members of
Budget & Financial Committee                           great recruiting effort in INANG es-     a Region can run for the Office
Chair is a CPA so you may be cer-                                                               of Regional Director for that Re-

Volume XVI, Number 1                                                                                                      Page     2
RANGER REGISTER                                                                                        SPRING 2009
gion.    The positions up for          the USARA Annual Ranger Muster          in the works. The USARA Board of
election are:                          or use our convention code of           Director’s meeting will take place on
     Executive Vice Presi-            SFARM9. The hotel requires that         8 September, while the USARA
        dent                           you reserve your room with a major      Members meeting will happen on the
     Vice President Person-           credit card. They will charge the       11th. Please note on the registration
        nel                            first night’s fee when you make         form that event fees are more expen-
     National Secretary               your reservation and will give you      sive after 1 July. Also, USARA is
     International Region Di-         instructions about check-in on the      not set up to accept credit cards for
        rector                         day of your arrival. The USARA          Registration or ARM events. Please
     Southern Region Direc-           rate of $60 for our block of rooms      send your completed registration
                                       is valid until 7 August. After that     form with payment in full to Craig
     Western Region Direc-
                                       time, the prevailing room rate will     Vanek, 2223 Forrest Street, DuPont,
                                       apply. This year’s events start on      WA 98327. See you in Las Vegas!
If you are interested in running       the night of 7 September. There
for one of positions up for elec-      will be a welcome Mixer in the
                                                                                      Central Region
tion this year, or would like to       early evening. We are planning to
get involved as a member of            get a group rate (no host) to eat at              Report
the nominating committee, or           the Paradise Garden Buffet before                     By
just have questions about the          the Mixer starts. The Paradise          Karl Monger, Central Region Di-
election process, please con-          Garden Buffet has been noted as                     rector
tact me or one of the officers         one of the best buffets in Las Ve-              Ranger Class 14-83,
of the association. I can be           gas. The next scheduled event is a                1/75 1990-1993
reached through one of the fol-        tour of nearby Nellis AFB on 9
lowing methods:                        September. The tour will include a      The Central Region of USARA is
                                       visit to the USAF Thunderbirds fa-      strong and growing. We are actively
E-mail: Lboulas1@aol.com
                                       cility, the Unmanned Aerial Vehi-
AC 505 541-1449 (H)                                                            seeking personal and professional
                                       cle Center, the Search and Rescue
AC 303 522-7374 (C)                                                            networking opportunities for Rangers
                                       Center, a fighter squadron, and a       and we encourage you to think about
                                       mission brief. Please note that cer-    your Ranger contacts and get them
 ANNUAL RANGER                         tain facilities may not be available    active in the association. Look for
  MUSTER 2009 IN                       for visitation due to mission re-       Karl Monger on several networking
                                       quirements. On the 10th of Septem-      sites, including LinkedIn.com and
   LAS VEGAS                           ber, we will travel to Lake Mead        facebook.com.
                                       for a dinner cruise. Those attend-
The Annual Ranger Muster (ARM)         ing last year’s cruise at Lake          This is a unique period in our na-
this year will be held at the Fla-     George can attest to the great time     tion’s history. Today’s Rangers have
mingo Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.      had by all. The ARM banquet will        an optempo unmatched in our his-
Please use the Registration Form       take place on the 11th of September.    tory. Recently I read an article in the
found in this issue of the Ranger      We are planning a great buffet din-     Savannah newspaper that described a
Register. Registration at the Fla-     ner set up by the hotel, as well as a   1/75 awards ceremony recognizing a
mingo will begin after 3 PM on the     guest speaker, raffle items, and        three month deployment resulting in
7th of September in the Metropoli-     door prizes. Two of the raffle items    350 combat missions, 750 suspected
tan Suite of the hotel. The Metro-     this year will be the stainless steel   insurgents detained and 360 enemy
politan Suite will also be the loca-   Taurus Judge in a 3 inch Magnum         combatants killed. Rangers who
tion of the Hospitality Room.          (handgun) and an MX6 Laser Illu-        have earned the tab and/or worn the
USARA has a block of 40 rooms          minator. Your regional directors        scroll are the most highly qualified
set aside for the ARM. The room        will announce when the raffle tick-     combat leaders in our nation’s his-
rate for the USARA block of rooms      ets are ready for purchase. USARA       tory. USARA is uniquely positioned
is $60 per night plus tax and you      is also exploring the possibility of    to keep these Rangers affiliated and
must make your own reservations.       visiting a Nuclear Test Site and/or a   plugged-in to our heritage as well as
The room reservation number at the     Las Vegas city facility. We are also    to provide them support as they pro-
Flamingo      is    1-800-835-5686.    looking at getting reduced rates on     gress into the civilian world. I en-
When you call to make your reser-      some Vegas shows, but this is still
vation, either say that you are with

Volume XVI, Number 1                                                                                        Page    3
RANGER REGISTER                                                                                                      SPRING 2009
courage each of our members to get            On July 6, 1951, a 22-year-old Army        presenting it to the sergeant's surviving
involved as we grow the associa-              Ranger from Philadelphia named Sgt.        siblings. It's one of the military's highest
tion.                                         William T. Miles Jr. radioed the other     awards, second only to the Medal of
                                              members of a clandestine team known        Honor.
                                              as Operation Spitfire. The team had
Mark your calendars; this is the                                                         "The only reason I didn't do the Medal of
                                              been working for a month setting up
warning order for the Annual                  partisan bases 75 miles behind enemy       Honor is I knew I'd never live to see it
Ranger Muster 2010 to be held in              lines in North Korea, but a bad supply     done," said Col. Dillard, a veteran of
San Antonio, TX. Timeframe is                 drop -- a U.S. plane had buzzed their      World War II, Korea and Vietnam.
August/September. If any Ranger               position in broad daylight -- had
has a suggestion for events, or is            alerted hostile forces to its location.    Why was it so important to remember
willing to assist in the logistical ar-       The Chinese and the North Koreans          the actions of a long-dead soldier he'd
                                              were moving in.                            never met?
rangements please email Tim
Swain                                                                                    "In my career of 35 years in active duty,
                                              I'm going to draw the enemy's atten-
(timswain@airborneranger.us) or                                                          I've seen so many veterans that were ig-
                                              tion, Sgt. Miles radioed. You guys get
(175tabbedranger@yahoo.com).                  out of here. Twenty-one days later, the    nored, overlooked or their actions were
                                              exhausted remnants of the Spitfire         just not known, and they were never rec-
Long-Overdue Honor                            team made it across friendly lines. Sgt.   ognized," Col. Dillard said. "When I
for Korean War Hero                           Miles wasn't among them.                   found that information, I was duty bound
                                                                                         to do something about it. Come hell or
Compliments of Ranger Walt Eckhart,           His story might have been largely for-     high water, I was going to try."
USARA Director, Northern Region (and          gotten -- remembered today only by
himself a Korean War combat veteran of                                                   When Sgt. Miles was killed, his brother
                                              the aging men who owed him their
the 5th Ranger Infantry Company (Air-                                                    Donald was 15, his sisters Marjorie and
borne)), a story on the long-delayed and      lives -- if it wasn't for an 83-year-old
                                              retired Army officer from Bowie who        Janice 12 and 10.
deserved award of the Distinguished Ser-
vice Cross, posthumously, to Ranger Wm.       has spent the past six years fighting to
                                              recognize the actions of a young man       "At that point, I didn't even know where
T. Miles, Jr. for his exceptional selfless-
ness and heroism in the Korean War on 6       in a long-ago war.                         Korea was," Marjorie told me yesterday.
July 1951.                                                                               "I started trying to learn. We didn't real-
                                              Douglas Dillard arrived in Korea six       ize what the Rangers were. At least I
             By John Kelly                    months after Sgt. Miles's death. He        didn't." She's not surprised that her
          washingtonpost.com                  was adjutant of the Eighth U.S. Army       brother did what he did. "He was that
            April 28, 2009                                                               type of person. What was the old expres-
                                              8240th Army Unit, the outfit that ab-
                                              sorbed the 8086th, in which Miles had      sion? Gung ho? He was gung ho."
                                              served. He heard of Miles's exploits,
                                              including an earlier mission that had      Marjorie, 71, and her husband, Andreas
                                              gone disastrously wrong. In 2003, as       Hantwerker, live in the Hampton Roads
                                              he was researching a book on clandes-      area now. She said her mother never got
                                              tine operations in Korea, Col. Dillard     over her oldest son's death. She kept the
                                              started trying to reconstruct Sgt.         family in the old house for years, fearful
                                              Miles's final hours. He pored through      that if her Billy ever returned, he would-
                                              various archives. He interviewed Ko-       n't be able to find them.
                                              reans who had been there that summer
                                                                                         "Col. Dillard has been wonderful
                                              day. He had no doubt: Sgt. Miles was a
                                                                                         through all of this," she said. "Without
                                              hero who had been denied the recogni-
                                                                                         him, this never would have happened."
                                              tion he deserved.
                                                                                         Sgt. Miles has occupied Col. Dillard's
                                              Said Col. Dillard: "When I ran across
                                                                                         time for the past six years, but he has
                                              the details, I thought, 'My God. This is
                                                                                         other projects. He has compiled 1,500
                                              really a travesty of justice. That ser-
                                                                                         pages of documents in an as-yet-
                                              geant sacrificed his life for his com-
                                                                                         unsuccessful attempt to get official U.S.
                                                                                         recognition for the thousands of Koreans
                                              It took six years, but last Wednesday at   who worked with the military as parti-
                                              Fort Myer, the U.S. Army awarded           sans during the conflict.
   Sgt. William T. Miles, Jr. disap-
   peared in Korea in 1951 while try-         Sgt. Miles his long-overdue honor.
                                                                                         He also compiles information on U.S.
   ing to draw the enemy away from            Brig. Gen. Ruben D. Jones awarded
                                                                                         soldiers who are still listed as missing in
   his team. (Family Photo)                   Miles the Distinguished Service Cross,
                                                                                         action from that war.

Volume XVI, Number 1                                                                                                      Page     4
RANGER REGISTER                                                                                             SPRING 2009
"We know a body was washed ashore                                                   This wound was a gunshot to his
                                           As is typical of today’s Rangers,        left wrist/forearm and it occurred
on the west coast of Korea and was bur-
ied by partisans on an island controlled   SGT Dan Lichau’s story is one of         during the last twelve hours of his
by North Korea," he said. He thinks he     duty, courage, bravery, commit-          second deployment. He recovered
knows which mission the body may           ment, and dedication. Dan has            (partially-80%) from that wound and
have come from.                            served in both Afghanistan and Iraq,     remained on active duty. His unit
"It keeps me going," said Col. Dillard.    and was wounded for the second           was scheduled to redeploy to Iraq
"If I didn't have a cause, I'd probably    time in Iraq during his fourth de-       this past January. Dan’s enlistment
just dry up."                              ployment. His actions exemplify          was due to expire so he did not
                                           what it means to be an Army              have to go, but chose to go anyway.
                                           Ranger, soldier, patriot and good
 SGT Daniel P. Lichau                      citizen. He has served his country,
                                                                                    Due to his strong sense of loyalty to
                                                                                    his unit and fellow soldiers, Dan
  Army Ranger, Combat                      his family, the Army, and most par-      voluntarily extended his enlistment
                                           ticularly, himself and his fellow        so they would have the benefit of an
 Medic, Patriot, and Hero                  Rangers with distinction, honor and      experienced medic in the field, not
                                           bravery. He has earned the highest       inexperienced “rookies” who didn’t
 By Richard D. Lichau, USN Vet             level of respect and has been rec-       have any combat experience. He
                                           ognized for his service and sacri-       deployed with his unit, and was
                                           fices for his country. He has brought    wounded on their 2nd mission 10
                                           a tremendous sense of pride to his       days later.
                                           family and friends and is greatly ap-
                                           preciated for being the extraordinary    This mission was to take out an IED
                                           young man that he is. In the field of    manufacturing operation and the
                                           combat, he has shown great cour-         people running it. On previous night
                                           age, commitment to and dedication        missions in the area U.S. forces had
                                           to his fellow Rangers that is above      been fired on. This was no excep-
                                           and beyond the call of duty, and         tion, and the bomb-makers had set
                                           epitomizes the Army Ranger spirit.       up an ambush with an IED and
                                                                                    waited for the Rangers to arrive.
                                           Dan originally enlisted in the Army      Dan’s team of 15 was approaching
                                           after graduating from high school.       the target building along a dirt
                                           During basic training a knee condi-      street. Other elements of his unit
                                           tion (pre-army) and injury (basic        were providing backup and they
                                           training) resulted in his medical dis-   held their Stryker vehicles approxi-
Editor’s note: Ranger Register editor,
Mike McClintock works with the author,     charge two weeks prior to gradua-        mately one mile back from the tar-
Rick Lichau, who is a Vietnam vet and      tion. Out of his own pocket, he paid     get.    When the advancing team
SGT Dan Lichau’s proud uncle. Ranger       for the corrective surgery he needed
Lichau is the only son of Greg Lichau &                                             was in their most vulnerable posi-
Sally Moratto, and a native son of So-     to meet the Army’s requirements for      tion, the IED was remotely deto-
noma County, CA. His Lichau ances-         him to be able to re-enlist. Ap-         nated by the enemy wounding 11
tors came to Sonoma County in the          proximately two years later, after
1850’s. Dan comes from a long line of                                               members of the Ranger team.
veterans from both sides of his family,    two knee surgeries and rehabilita-
including both his grandfathers and        tion, Dan was able to re-enlist and      Dan and his platoon sergeant were
great Uncle Ernie Lichau (2 purple         became an Army Ranger and com-
hearts) who served in WW II. His uncle                                              in the middle of the column and the
Rick and 2
                 Cousin Mike Paddock       bat medic. Dan has received two          blast took them and the rest of the
(Army-KIA) both served in Viet Nam.        purple hearts and was awarded the        team down. Immediately after the
Dan’s father served in the U.S. Navy       Joint Service Commendation Medal
and both sides of his family have a long                                            IED exploded, Dan began to assess
and proud tradition of military service.   for his meritorious actions in Af-       the situation; his first thoughts were
Here is Ranger Dan Lichau’s story as       ghanistan, where he was wounded          to provide cover and care for his
told to me by his uncle Rick:              in action.                               wounded platoon sergeant and
                                                                                    other downed teammates, not his
Volume XVI, Number 1                                                                                            Page    5
RANGER REGISTER                                                                                   SPRING 2009
 own safety or physical condi-        to Madigan Army Medical Center        his fiancée, Jessica in an off-
tion. His NVG equipment was           in Ft. Lewis, WA for further sur-     base apartment. He turned 25
malfunctioning and he couldn’t        geries, rehabilitation, physical      on February 24, when he cele-
see very well. He took off his        and occupational therapy and          brated his Birthday by having a
helmet and NVG device and             follow up care while the platoon      homemade dinner at the Fisher
tried to stand up, but found he       sergeant was taken to Walter          House with Jessica, his maternal
couldn’t because of the wounds        Reed Army Medical Center in           grandparents and his Mom,
to his right leg and buttocks (“It    critical condition. He has since      Sally. He and Jessica are ex-
felt like my leg was on fire”). He    been transferred out of WRAMC         pecting a baby girl in July. His
then tried to shoulder his            and is back home in Texas.            Dad, Greg lives about 65 miles
weapon, but discovered his right                                            from their apartment. In late
arm would not work and realized        The latest information on Dan’s      March, Dan was sent to San An-
part of his triceps was missing.      status is as follows:                 tonio    Army     Medical Cen-
So he retrieved his weapon left-                                            ter/Brooke Army Medical Center
handedly and began providing          Dan’s recovery has not been           for more surgery. This time on
cover for the downed team while       easy, but he is slowly coming         his shoulder to remove several
waiting for backup and extrac-        along, and is making good pro-        pieces of shrapnel lodged there.
tion.                                 gress with the healing of several     It is hoped that while he is in San
                                      major injuries. Dan had multiple      Antonio, Dan will also be fitted
When the backup/extraction            surgeries (7or 8 surgeries in 11      with a high-tech carbon fiber leg
teams arrived, Dan refused to be      days); initially in Iraq, then in     brace that will facilitate his re-
moved and continued to provide        Germany, and then finally at Ft.      covery. Dan wants to get back
cover until all of the other          Lewis. His injuries include:          to Jessica as soon as possible.
wounded were taken care of and        damage to his right shoul-            She had quit her job so she
transported to safety. He then        der/upper arm area; shrapnel in       could provide the daily care and
directed them to move him to the      his shoulder, face, and neck tis-     assistance that he needed. Now
Stryker ambulance where he re-        sue (two fragments in his nose        she is having problems with her
fused morphine injections be-         bone near the bridge, one piece       pregnancy and is unable to
cause he wanted to keep his           in his neck, and several in his       travel, so Dan wants to get back
mind clear enough to allow him        shoulder); 2” diameter/deep           to her as soon as possible.
to monitor the actions of his “jun-   wound to right buttock; 10-plus
ior medics”. He asked to be           inch long gash to right calf and      Editor’s post script: Dan’s Uncle
                                      loss of control of right foot; and    Rick and I have talked about this at
given a milder pain killing “lolly-                                         length, and he is obviously very
pop” instead, so he could ensure      partial hearing loss and concus-      proud of his nephew, as we are all
they were taking proper care of       sion.                                 proud of our young Rangers today.
                                                                            Rick brought Dan’s story to my at-
his severely wounded platoon                                                tention because Dan’s family was
                                      Dan was released from the hos-
sergeant and other wounded                                                  concerned over the post-operative
                                      pital into family care in February    care that he was receiving. That’s
team mates.       Dan’s wounds
                                      and went into the Fisher House        largely behind them now; but let me
were the second most serious,                                               just say that if we are going to send
                                      at Fort Lewis until housing near
only his platoon sergeant’s                                                 our young military men and women
                                      rehab could be found. Fisher          into harms way, we should back
wounds were worse, ultimately
                                      Houses are similar to a Ronald        them up 100% with the best medical
resulting in the amputation of                                              care and rehabilitative services
                                      McDonald house, but located on
both legs.                                                                  available.
                                      military bases. These homes
                                      enable family members to be            I know that many of you reading
Six of Dan’s teammates received                                             this have been in the same situation
                                      close to a loved one at the most
treatment and returned to their                                             as Ranger Lichau and know from
                                      stressful times - during the hos-     experience that recovery is a long
unit within 24 hours at their own
                                      pitalization for an unexpected ill-   and painful process. This is all the
request; five were eventually re-                                           more reason that we should stay in-
                                      ness, disease, or injury. Up un-
turned to the U.S. Dan and                                                  formed about the condition of our
                                      til this month Dan was living with    Rangers after they have been
three others were brought back
                                                                            wounded in combat. We need to let
Volume XVI, Number 1                                                                                  Page     6
RANGER REGISTER                                                                                                      SPRING 2009
 our elected officials know in no uncer-    be done,” Hall said. One of those
tain terms that our wounded and injured     "great commanders"; life long                     RANGER STORE
veterans have earned the right to the       friend, mentor and leader was on
best treatment and care that our country                                             http://armyranger.usptgear.com
                                            hand to send Hall off with a Ranger
can provide for them, and as voting citi-
zens and veterans we will not accept
                                            farewell.                                Ranger Store note. The Ranger
anything less than the best for them.       “Serving from a time when the            Store is receiving complaints from
                                            Ranger Battalions had just been re-      members concerning the unavail-
                                            established as unequaled light in-
      CSM (Ret.) Hall                       fantry, to a time when they reflect
                                                                                     ability or slowness in getting some
                                                                                     items ordered. The Ranger Store
        to Speak at                         the most cutting edge tactics of
                                            complex joint special operations,        apologizes for any inconvenience.
        ARM 2009                            Mike has been the continuity of          The store is experiencing difficulty
                                            leadership, values and mission fo-       from its’ suppliers and is correcting
       in Las Vegas                         cus that is uniquely reflected in the    the situation as quickly as possible.
                                            Ranger Regiment” said Lt. Gen.
Ranger REGT CSM (ret.) Michael              Stanley McChrystal, Joint Special        PLEASE VISIT OUR VENDORS
T. Hall has accepted the USARA in-          Operation Command commander.             WHO SELL OUR LOGO'd
vitation to speak at the USARA              McChrystal served as the 10th            ITEMS!
2009 Muster! CSM Hall, US Army              Colonel of the Regiment from June
Special     Operations     Command          1997 to July 1999 with Hall as his
command sergeant major, retired             Regimental Sergeant Major. Hall,                     Sunglasses
Jan. 17 at Fort Benning, Ga., with          who spent more than 17 years with                www.soseyewear.com
the same unit where it all began 32         the Ranger Regiment, perfected the
years ago—with the men of the 75th          doctrine, taught the tactics and               Cell phone/Laptop skins
Ranger Regiment. He served as the           mentored many successive leaders                   www.skinit.com
Army Special Operations Forces              during his time in the Army. “It was
senior enlisted Soldier at Fort Bragg       an amazing feat, accomplished with                    Hot Sauce
since November 2001. “I got to A            little fanfare but unceasing sacrifice              www.sauce2u.com
Company, 1st Ranger Battalion,              and effort,” the general said.
75th Infantry and on my first day,
had the 10 best friends I had ever                                                                 T-Shirts
                                            “You could say that Hall is leaving
had in my life,” said Hall. “Those          the ranks today but that is not the
friends, along with my NCOs lead-           case,” said McChrystal. “Some of
ing the way taught me what was              Mike is in every Ranger here today
expected, you did it or you did not         and every Ranger everywhere.               USARA BALANCE SHEET
and if you did not, well we did with-       When Ranger machine guns fire in           31 March 2009
out you before you got here,” he            Afghanistan because they are prop-
said.                                       erly oiled, or a squad leader drills       Current Assets
                                            his Rangers in preparation for a raid      Columbus Bank & Trust Co.          $ 6,055.00
CSM Hall did not expect to make             in Iraq, a bit of Mike is there,” he       Pentagon Federal Credit Union      $126,129.00
the Army a career. “I came in dur-                                                                 Total Current Assets   $132,184.00
                                            said. “It is the legacy of the finest
                                                                                       Property & Equipment
ing a time in our nation’s history          Solider I’ve ever known,” said             Total Property & Equipment         $ 1,500.00
where it was expected that you              McChrystal (see picture on back            Other Assets
would serve your country. You               page).                                     Total Other Assets                 $ 3,383.00
served, you grew up and then you                                                       Total Assets                       $137,067.00
got on with life. For Hall, one thing                                                  LIABILITIES & CAPITAL
led to another, and he stayed 29                                                       Current Liabilities
years longer than he expected. “It                  MARKETING                          Total Current Liabilities          $      0.00
went by very, very quickly. I think it               REPORT                            Long-Term Liabilities
                                                                                       Total Long-Term Liabilities        $      0.00
was because I served with good                              By                         Total Liabilities                  $      0.00
people, not just good Soldiers, but                    Craig Vanek
good people. Mostly because I was                    Marketing Director                Capital
lucky enough to start with the 1st                                                     Retained Earnings                  $135,795.00
                                                                                       Net Income                         $ (3,611.00)
Ranger Battalion,” said Hall.               Income from royalties and commis-          Other Assets                       $ 4,883.00
                                            sions for the 1st through 3rd QTRs         Total Capital                      $137,067.00
Hall attributes his successes to the        of CY 2008 is $1,207.08. Figures
Ranger leaders who mentored him.                                                       Total Liabilities & Capital        $137,067.00
                                            for the 4th QTR CY 2008 will be in
“I had great leaders who all contrib-       the next RR.
uted to who I am today. However, it
was mostly the Rangers; It had to
Volume XVI, Number 1                                                                                                       Page 7
RANGER REGISTER                                                                                        SPRING 2009
                                            was almost like I had died and gone   life experiences that he recounted
       35TH ANNUAL                          to Ranger heaven. I have never seen   left one completely amazed. Just
       RANGER BALL                          so many truly beautiful and gor-      like the younger Rangers looked
   1ST BN., 75TH RANGER                     geous women gathered in one place.    upon us Nam' era Rangers with awe
        REGIMENT                                                                  and respect, I was in complete
     Hunter Army Airfield                   Before I get to the events at the     amazement at SGM (ret) Cook's ex-
    (HAAF), Savannah, GA                    Ball, allow me to state what a true   periences. Then, back to the active
                                            honor it was for me to spend a cou-   duty Rangers of 1/75, there are no
 A review by Ranger Leo Starkey             ple hours of the morning with SGM     words to describe the pride I felt in
                                            (ret) Lester B. Cook. Ranger Cook     those young Hooahs serving in
First my disclaimer: Since I was un-        was one of the Original 1st Ranger    Ranger units today.
aware that I would be tasked to write       Battalion "Darby Rangers," hand-
this article, no notes were taken by this                                         I would like to thank LTC Brian
                                            picked and trained at Achnacarry,
Ranger at the event. Therefore, many
names are sure to
                                            Scotland by Darby himself in          Mennes (1/75th Bn. Co) and Ms.
be left out, along                                                                        Sheila Dudley (1/75 Bn.
with other vital de-                                                                      secretary) for a job well
tails.                                                                                    done. If you would like to
                                                                                          see more photos, please go
On        Friday,                                                                         to my page on MySpace
March       20th,                                                                         and go to "my photo's".
2009, I had the                                                                           The e-mail address for my
privilege of at-                                                                          page is
tending the 35th                                                                          rgr3969@hotmail.com
Annual 1st Bat-
talion,       75th
Ranger      Regi-                                                                          CONTRIBUTIONS,
ment Ball. It was
an event I will
                                                                                              GIFTS &
never forget!                                                                                BEQUESTS

The Ball was                                                                                     The US Army Ranger
held at the Sa-                                                                                  Association,      Inc.,
vannah Interna-                                                                                  (USARA), is a Georgia
tional Trade and                                                                                 Corporation organized,
                      1st Bn., 75th Ranger Regiment Command Sergeants Major pose at 1/75 35th for tax purposes, as a
Convention Cen- Annual Ball in Savannah, GA. From L to R: CSM (Ret.) Dave Dalton, CSM
ter and I                                                                                        Tax Exempt Organiza-
                      Ret.) Bill Acebes, CSM Jeff Mellinger, CSM (Ret.) Doug Greenway, Regimen-
am here to tell tal CSM Chris Hardy, and 1st Battalion CSM Dennis Smith.                         tion pursuant to the
you, when the                                                                                    provisions of Internal
Rangers do something, they do it            WWII. He was also an Original                        Revenue Code Section
right. To be in the midst of all those Rakkasan in Korea, a Silver Star 501 (c) (19). Accordingly, cash
young Rangers (were we ever that from WWII and another from Ko- and appreciated assets such as
young and good looking?) in their rea, Master Parachute Wings with stocks, bonds, airplanes etc.
dress uniforms with all of their two combat jumps into Korea! This contributed to the USARA are
awards and decorations, and that Legend holds two CIB’s he’ll admit deductible by the donor based
look in their eyes, that sharpness in to, but I think there may be more. I upon the assets' market value
their stance, (you remember and met up with he and Ranger Arlie on the date of the contribution
know what I am talking about. I am Nethken (CSM ret who now lives in or gift.
talking about that Warrior Spirit Alaska) from B/75, B/1/75 and
that each of we fellow Rangers C/2/75 directly after the Change of
                                                                                         Please check out our Frequently
have) made this Ranger's chest puff Command ceremony. And even
                                                                                         Asked Question (FAQ) page at
out and his eyes water up with though I enjoyed my time of remi-
pride. The attire was formal/semi- niscing with Ranger Nethken, being www.ranger.org for more details
formal, but the truth is, I thought in the presence of SGM (ret) Cook or contact a USARA Board mem-
that I was at a beauty pageant. It was a rare and precious treat. The ber.

Volume XVI, Number 1                                                                                           Page 8
   RANGER REGISTER                                                                          SPRING 2009
                                      REGIONAL DIRECTORS
    U.S. ARMY RANGER                                                   MARKETING
       ASSOCIATION                                                     Marketing Director
        OFFICERS &                    Walt Eckhart
                                      (301) 370-3444                   Craig Vanek
        DIRECTORS                     Waltrgr5@att.net                 (253) 964-8436
   NATIONAL OFFICERS                  Joe Mattison (Deputy Director)
                                      (585) 593-4107                   INSPECTOR GENERAL
   President                          rangerjoeusara@yahoo.com
                                                                       Steve Jaeger
   Linc German                        South                            (601) 255-7109
   (703) 830-2484                                                      rgrjaeger@msn.com
   lincgerman@aol.com                 Wade Lnenicka
                                      (770) 432-8406                   LEGAL ADVISOR
   Executive Vice President           wlnenicka@yahoo.com
                                                                       John Hollstein
   Frank Casey                        Matt Bacik (Deputy Director)     Snowdancer67@msn.com
   (706) 565-8199                     (334) 652-5087
   Playgolf44@aol.com                 Matt.bacik@bacikgroup.com        BUDGET & FINANCE COMMITTEE
   Vice President Logistics                                            Bill Biser
                                      Central                          (603) 472-3399
   Craig Vanek
   (253) 964-8436                     Tim Swain
   cavbohica@comcast.net              (309) 692-7301                   USARA WEBSITE
   Vice President Personnel
                                      Karl Monger (Deputy Dir.)
   Art Silsby                         (316) 945-2415                   Website Administrator
   (478) 628-2406                     kmonger@alliedcrane.net
                                                                       Hal Marshall
                                      West                             (609) 658-2763
                                      Rafe Delli-Bovi
   Mark Pelphrey
                                      (310) 397-1720                   Alternate Administrator
   (614) 499-4089
                                                                       Pete Bostrom
   Treasurer                          International                    (212) 330-1700
   Bob Kvederas                       Butch Nery
   (860) 537-1998                     (706) 580-8489                   RANGER REGISTER
   RKvederas@snet.com                 Butch.nery@atk.com

 LAF KEATON AWARDED USARA                                              Mike “McGeek” McClintock
  AIRBORNE MAN of the YEAR                                             (650) 341-7331
Former Western Region Director,                                        RANGER STORE
Laf Keaton with USARA 2009 Air-                                        http://armyranger.usptgear.com
borne man of the Year Award
given by the All Airborne Associa-
tion’s    32nd   Annual    Airborne
Awards Festival in Atlanta on 4
APR 2009. Ranger Keaton com-
mands the Bo Baker Ranger Base
in Portland, OR, and is also the
Cultural      Center    Committee
Chairman of American Indian As-
sociation there. Laf is also Chap-
lain for the 511th PIR Association.

   Volume XVI, Number 1                                                                          Page 9
                    FLAMINGO HOTEL, LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, 7-12 SEP 2009
              3555 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109-8919 (1-800-835-5686)

LAST NAME______________________________________________________FIRST___________________________MI_______


E-MAIL:___________________________________HOME PHONE_______________________________CELL________________

USARA MEMBER NR__________________NON-MEMBER_____________OTHER RANGER ASSOC______________________

Some reservation data will be provided to the ARM 2009 Committee by the Hotel. By making a reservation for the USARA
ARM 2009 room block, you agree that selected information (Name, dates of Check-in and Departure, phone number) can be
provided by the Flamingo Hotel to the ARM 2009 Committee (no credit card or personal info).

1. REGISTRATION FEE (per person) $40 BEFORE 1Jul *                            How many?_____TOTAL $__________
   Covers a tie for the men and a scarf $50 AFTER 1 Jul                       How many?_____TOTAL $__________
   for the ladies, Hospitality Room, and
   other expenses (register after 3PM
   on 7 Sep n the Metropolitan Suite)

2. WELCOME MIXER (per person)                   $25 BEFORE 1 Jul*            How many?_____TOTAL$__________
   Covers Open Bar to a set limit.              $35 AFTER 1 Jul              How many?_____TOTAL $__________
   (7 PM on 7 Sep)

3. BANQUET (per person)                          $50 BEFORE 1 Jul*            How many?_____TOTAL $_________
   Covers wine for toasts, buffet                $60 AFTER 1 Jul              How many?_____TOTAL $_________
   dinner, cash bar available
   (6-10PM, 11 Sep)

4. LAKE MEAD DINNER CRUISE            $50 BEFORE 1 Jul*                      How Many?______TOTAL $_________
   Covers dinner, coffee, tea, or     $60AFTER 1 Jul                         How many?______TOTAL $_________
   lemonade; cash bar available
   (6:30-8:30 PM 10 Sep)…(per person)

5. NELLIS AFB TOUR **                     $20.00 (per person) How Many?_________TOTAL $__________
   Tour USAF Thunderbirds facility,
   UAV Center, Search and Rescue,
   fighter squadron, Nellis Mission brief (tour areas subject to change due to mission requirements)
   (9AM-3PM, 9 Sep)

   {Potential tours are being considered to a Las Vegas City facility and/or a Nuclear Test Site. More information regarding
these will
  be provided ASAP)

NAME OF GUEST(S)___________________________________________________________________________________

RANGER MUSTER, or use our group code: SFARM9. Call 1-800-835-5686. Rate is $60 per night plus tax. Group rate for
the USARA block of rooms will be valid thru 7 August 2009. After that time, current hotel rates will apply.
USARA is not set up to accept credit cards for Registration and Event payment. Please enclose a check for the total amount
made out to USARA ARM 2009. Mail the completed form to Craig Vanek, 2223 Forrest Street, DuPont, WA 98327.

NOTES: * Postmarked BEFORE 1 Jul 2009; ** The fee for the Nellis AFB tour is for transportation only. The tour itself is free. Lunch during the tour will
be no host at a local Nellis eatery. For more info contact Craig Vanek, 253-964-8436; cavbohica@comcast.net
                                                                                                   U.S. POSTAGE
FROM:                                                                                                    PAID
U. S. ARMY RANGER ASSOCIATION, INC.                                                               PERMIT NO. 717
                                                                                                  SAN MATEO, CA
P.O. BOX 52126
FORT BENNING, GA 31995-2126



                                        RANGERS IN THE NEWS
Mark your calendars! The US Mountain Ranger Association is having their annual Mountain Camp Open House
on May 30, 2009. For more information visit USMRA or contact info@usmountainranger.org.

FORT BENNING, Ga.(USASOC News Service, Feb. 22, 2009) — More than 1,000 Rangers from the 75th Ranger
Regiment will conduct a mass tactical airborne operation here to kick-off Ranger Rendezvous, August 3-6.

The Ranger Rendezvous is a unit tradition to bring the entire Regiment together for the Regimental change of
command. The days leading up to the ceremony are filled with Ranger demonstrations and events. Ranger fami-
lies and veterans traditionally attend the event as well. Overall, Ranger Rendezvous helps foster esprit de corps
within the Ranger community.

                                                                                              USARA Secretary Mark
                                                                                              Pelphrey      congratulates
                                                                                              Ranger Todd Harless,
                                                                                              one of USARA's newest
                                                                                              members as he accepts
                                                                                              command of 1st Bn 293rd
                                                                                              Infantry     (Nightfighters),
                                                                                              INARNG on 28 MAR 09.
                                                                                              The       Indiana      Army
                                                                                              National Guard has had a
                                                                                              recent surge of USARA
                                                                                              membership mostly from
                                                                                              Co. C 2/152 LRSC. They
                                                                                              can be found on the web
                                                                                              at http://www.152lrs.co.cc/
 Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal presents Com-                                                    USARA
 mand Sgt. Maj. Michael T. Hall with the De-
 partment of Defense Distinguished Service
 Medal Jan. 17 as Hall's wife Brenda looks on.

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