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									license number if someone is using                 programs directory, important legislation, and
yours as ID on bad checks or for other types       the translated Spanish version of the site.
of fraud. Call the state office of Motor
Vehicles to see if another license was issued
in your name. Put a fraud alert on your
license. Fill out the their complaint form to
begin your investigative process.                  PRIVACY RIGHTS CLEARINGHOUSE                             INFORMATION
                                                   3100 – 5th Ave., Suite B
                                                   San Diego, CA 92103                                    YOU NEED TO KNOW
  HELPFUL INTERNET                                 (619) 298- 3396
                                                                      IDENTITY THEFT PROTECTION…WE ALL NEED IT                    
This site empowers individuals to take action
to        control their personal information       FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION
           by providing practical tips on          600 Pennsylvania Ave
            privacy protection. It also            Washington, DC 20580
            includes explanations on a variety     1- 877- FTC- HELP (382- 4357)
           of informational privacy issues
including: internet privacy, identity theft,
telemarketing, junk mail, medical records,         CALPIRG
and workplace privacy.                             3435 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 380
                                                   Los Angelus, CA 90010                          (213) 251- 3680
This site provides facts on consumer frauds
from internet cons, prize promotions , work-
at- home schemes, and telemarketing scams to                                                        A Public Service Project of the American
identity theft. It also allows individuals to      IDENTITY THEFT RESOURCE CENTER                    Bar Association and the Law in Public
report fraud complaints so they can be shared      P.O. Box 26833                                   Service Committee of the Tort Trial and
with law enforcement officials across the          San Diego, CA 92196                                     Insurance Practice Section
U.S. and around the world.               
This site provides comprehensive resources         EXPERIAN
                                                                                                    Maine Legal Services for the Elderly
to combat identity theft. It supports victims of   P.O. Box 1017
identity theft, broadens public awareness and      Allen, TX 75013
understanding of identity theft, and decreases     Report fraud: (888)
the potential victim population by addressing      EXPERIAN
prevention tips, self help guidelines, regional    Fax: (800) 301- 7196
                                                 4. Monitor your credit                             3. Law enforcement. Report the crime to
HOW TO P ROTECT YOURSELF                         Monitor your credit report on a regular basis.     your local police or sheriff’s department. You
                                                 If you find a change of address you did not        might also need to report it to police
                                                 apply for, check out Experian’s Fraud Center       departments where the crime occurred. Give
1. Shred pre -approved credit card offers        or call 1-888-397-3742 and request a copy of       them as much documented evidence as
If you decide not to accept a pre-approved       your personal credit report. The credit report     possible. Make sure the police report lists the
credit offer, shred it before you throw it       will include contact information for               fraudulent accounts, and be sure to get a copy
away. The same goes for any other                requesting an investigation of incorrect           of the report. Keep the phone number of your
documents imprinted with your social             information. It’s also important to watch your     investigator handy and give it to creditors and
security number, date of birth, drivers          monthly billing statements for errors.             others who require verification of your case.
license, and any type of financial or utility
account number. Do not sign the back of the                                                         4. Stolen checks. If you have had checks
credit/debit card in the authorized signature    WHAT TO DO IF YOU’RE A VICTIM                      stolen or bank accounts set up fraudulently,
space, instead print words “Ask for photo                                                                        report it to your financial
identification.”                                                                                                  institution. Ask your financial
                                                 1. Credit Bureaus . Immediately call the
                                                                                                                   institution to stop payment on
                                                 fraud unit of the three credit reporting
2. Don’t display critical information                                                                             any outstanding checks about
                                                 companies: Experian, Equifax, and Trans
                  Do not print your social                                                                     which you are unsure. Cancel your
                                                 Union. Report the theft of your credit cards
                     security number, phone                                                         checking and savings account and establish a
                                                 or numbers and request a credit report (free to
                     number, date of birth,                                                         new one.
                                                 identity theft victims). Ask for your file to be
                     drivers license or credit   flagged with a fraud alert. Add a victim’s
               card account number on your                                                          5. ATM cards. If your ATM or debit card
                                                 statement to your report. You may cancel
           checks, and do not give this                                                             has been stolen, report it immediately to your
                                                 fraud alerts at any time.
information to a merchant who wants to write                                                        financial institution. Get a new card, account
it on your check at the time of purchase.                                                           number and password. Do not use your old
                                                 2. Creditors. Contact all
                                                                                                    password. When creating a password, don’t
                                                 creditors immediately with
3. Secure your mail                                                                                 use common numbers like the last four digits
                                                 whom your name has been
Stealing mail is another way that identity                                                          of your SSN or your birth date. Monitor your
                                                 used fraudulently, by phone
thieves obtain your personal information.                                                           account statements, as you may be liable for
                                                 and in writing. You may be
Consider buying a lockable mailbox if your                                                          any fraud that is not reported quickly.
                                                 asked to fill out fraud
current mailbox is unsecured. If your mail       affidavits. Ask that old
suddenly stops coming, call the post office                                                         6. Social Security Number misuse. Contact
                                                 accounts be processed as
immediately. Identity thieves have been                                                             the Social Security Administration to report
                                                 “account closed at consumer’s request” rather
known to divert a victim’s mail by filling out                                                      fraudulent use. As a last resort in the most
                                                 than “card stolen or lost” because it can be
a change of address form. Do not have                                                               serious case you might consider changing
                                                 interpreted to blame you.” Make a list of all
checks mailed to your home. Have them                                                               your social security number.
                                                 credit cards and other account information
delivered to your bank and pick the m up.
                                                 and keep in a safe place in case you need
                                                                                                    7. Drivers license number misuse.
                                                 information quickly.
                                                                                                    You may need to change your drivers

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