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					Gonzaga University
School of Engineering & Applied Science

 Annual Report 2010
    From the Gonzaga University Mission Statement:
                          Gonzaga University belongs to a long and
                          distinguished tradition of humanistic,
                          Catholic, and Jesuit education.

                          In the light of our own tradition and the
                          variety of human societies, we seek to
                          understand the world we live in. It is a
                          world of great technological progress, sci-
                          entific complexity, and competing ideolo-

                          It offers great possibilities for cooperation
                          and interdependence, but at the same
                          time presents us with the fact of wide-
                          spread poverty, hunger, injustice, and the
                          prospect of degeneration and destruction.

                          We seek to provide our students some
                          understanding of contemporary civiliza-
                          tion; and we invite them to reflect with us
                          on the problems and possibilities of a sci-
                          entific age, the ideological differences that
                          separate the peoples of the world, and
                          the rights and responsibilities that come
                          from commitment to a free society. In
                          this way we hope to prepare our students
                          for an enlightened dedication to Christian
                          ideals of justice and peace.

                          Through its academic and student life pro-
                          grams, the Gonzaga community encour-
                          ages its students to develop certain per-
                          sonal qualities: self-knowledge, self-
                          acceptance, a restless curiosity, a desire
                          for truth, a mature concern for others,
                          and a thirst for justice.

                          We hope that all our graduates will live
                          creative, productive, and moral lives,
                          seeking to fulfill their own aspirations and
                          at the same time, actively supporting the
                          aspirations of other by a generous sharing
                          of their gifts.

  Gonzaga University
 School of Engineering
   & Applied Science                      Engineering Advisory Council         4
      2009-2010                           Dean’s Message                       5
    Annual Report
                                          School of Engineering Mission       6
       Dr. Dennis Horn
                                          Our Vision                           7
                                          SEAS News                            8
           Toni Boggan                    New Faculty Members                  9
       Contributing                       Kathie Yerion Receives Award        10
  Gonzaga University Archives             Engineering in Italy                12
       Matthew Gollnick
         Dale Goodwin                     2010 Graduates                      14
       Jilliene McKinstry
        Mark Muelheim                     75 Years of GU Engineering          16
     Jennifer Raudebaugh
           Toni Boggan                    Student Clubs & Activities          18
                                          Concrete Canoe, Janelle Bekkering   20
   Gonzaga SEAS Staff:
Matt Bergman
           Desktop Support Specialist,
                                          Center for Engineering Design       22
                    Computer Science
                                          Faculty Members                     24
Toni Boggan
        Center for Engineering Design,    Civil, Mechanical News              26
                  Program Coordinator
                                          CPSC, Eng Mgmt, CPE & EE, T&D       28
John Cadwell
       Manufacturing Support Engineer     SEAS Donor Honor Roll               30
Therese Covert
                 Assistant to the Dean

Rob Hardie
           Desktop Support Specialist,
  Herak Engineering Computer Services

Jilliene McKinstry
                    Assistant Director,
   Transmission & Distribution Program

Patrick Nowacki
  Herak Engineering Computer Services

Larry Shockey
                 Electronics Technician

       School of Engineering Advisory Council
    JOHN ANDREW                      MICHAEL HERZOG              FRED MOLLERUS
    Retired                          Itron, Inc.                 Retired
    Renton, WA                       Liberty Lake, WA            San Jose, CA

    DAVE COFFMAN                     THOMAS J. ILLICH            MARLENE NELSON
    Coffman Engineers                Decision Strategies, LLC    Boeing, Retired
    Spokane, WA                      Spokane, WA                 Bellevue, WA

    SAM DI RE                        DONALD JANS                 MARK OHLSTROM
    Puget Sound Energy               ABB Power T & D , Retired   US Army Corps of Engineers
    Bellevue, WA                     Spokane, WA                 Seattle, WA

    Spring Environmental, Inc.       Hotstart Inc.               Basic Resources, Inc.
    Spokane, WA                      Spokane Valley, WA          Modesto, CA 95353

    MARJORIE FRETT                   SCOTT KINNEY                JERRY TOMBARI
    Square D by Schneider Electric   AVISTA Corporation          Tombari Structural Products
    Mercer Island, WA                Spokane, WA                 Spokane, WA

    DALE GARRETT                     JACKI KONESKY               DAVID WALSH
    Satori Software                  Boeing                      AT&T
    Preston, WA                      Spokane, WA                 Las Vegas, NV

    WILLIAM J. GEARY                 JERRY LENZI                 TOM WHITE
    Boeing Canada Technology         WSDOT                       Microsoft
    Winnipeg, MB                     Olympia, WA                 Redmond, WA

    Agilent Technologies             WSDOT                       ITRON
    Liberty Lake, WA                 Spokane, WA                 Liberty Lake, WA

    DONALD HERAK                     CURTIS MITCHKE
    Herak Enterprises                Poly Flow Engineering
    Spokane, WA                      Albuquerque, NM

                A Message from the Dean
Dear Friends of Gonzaga Engineering,
I recently visited the Gonzaga Campus in Florence, Italy to spend some time with our first
“Engineering in Florence” cohort. Twenty-two engineering students have participated in this in-
augural spring semester: seventeen of our own sophomores, three from Lafayette College, one
from Marquette, and one from the University of Michigan. With new students already registering
for next spring, and a growing scholarship fund to help some of these next students with travel
expenses, we are justifiably proud of how this initiative has developed and flourished.
As usual, it has been another hectic year as we’ve dealt
with issues ranging from a difficult economy, a threat of
H1N1 virus and the need to keep instruction rolling “in
sickness and in health”, and the realities of a fall fresh-
man class that almost taxed our resources. Over 600
students—a growth of more than 15% from the previous
fall—made up the population of our School this fall, in-
cluding 21 on-line students in our growing graduate pro-
gram in electric power Transmission & Distribution engi-
neering. Our freshman class of more than 180 students
represented the largest percentage of University fresh-
men opting to study engineering anytime in recent
                                                               Accreditation News
                                                 In the category of summertime “good news”, last
                                                 August we finally received notification that all
                                                 four of our programs that had received an ac-
                                                 creditation visit by ABET in the fall of 2008 were
                                                 successfully re-accredited. Looking ahead, late
                                                 this year we will be requesting another visit from
                                                 ABET as we seek the initial accreditation of our
                                                 Computer Science program. These efforts are
                                                 always demanding of our faculty, but the positive
                                                 results are well worth the effort, and are essen-
                                                 tial to our students and to the maintenance of
                                                 high-quality, nationally recognized programs.
                                                   75th Anniversary of Gonzaga Engineering
                                              Finally, many of those reading this report were
present as we celebrated our School’s 75th anniversary in late September. More than 200
alumni, friends, and Gonzaga community members gathered at this very special occasion where
we not only reminisced about the last 75 years, but also looked forward to the exciting potential
of the next 75. From an alumnus representing our first graduating class, to our first woman
alumna, to a group of 2009 graduates, this affair spanned eight decades of people, memories,
and careers.

A hectic year? Yes, but rewarding in so many ways, thanks to our students, faculty, staff,
alumni, and friends. You make this place the unique and wonderful institution that it is, and I
again thank all of you for sharing Gonzaga engineering with me.

Dennis R. Horn, Dean of Engineering & Applied Science

     Our Mission                  The School of Engineering
                                     & Applied Science at
                                      Gonzaga University                      Engineering
    produces broadly educated and capable engineers ready                       School
    to contribute innovative solutions for a better world.
                                                                              Founded in 

                                                                               Full Time
       Engineering is a profession that is especially suited to a              Faculty
    University that prides itself on engaging the life of the mind and
    strengthening and refining a system of values.
       Gonzaga currently provides accredited undergraduate programs in
    mechanical, electrical, computer, and civil engineering; an engineering
    management program which is taught cooperatively with the School of
    Business; and a computer science program. The School also teaches
    an online graduate Certificate program in electric utility transmission
    and distribution (T&D) engineering.

       Our Engineering Educational Objectives
    Engineers educated at Gonzaga University will:
       1. Develop engineered solutions that are well-conceived and
          carefully implemented to meet public and private sector needs.
       2. Contribute effectively to organizations as leaders and/or team
       3. Foster personal and organizational success in a dynamic,
          globalized professional environment.                                 Number of
       4. Improve society by applying Jesuit, humanistic values to their
          professional and civic responsibilities.                            Students
    These four Objectives encompass the broad areas in which we believe
    our graduates will contribute to society in their careers and               584 
              Gonzaga University’s
   School of Engineering & Applied Science                       Our Vision
will be a leading edge innovator in high-
quality undergraduate engineering education for the global marketplace.

                   Our Goals for 2010—2011
Goal 1: Marketing SEAS and Its Programs           Goal 4: Raise Funding to Meet School Needs
  Continue to develop new marketing               Participate in fund-raising trips planned
     plans and materials to target prospec-            in concert with University relations
     tive students in Computer Science and             staff and focused on specific SEAS pro-
     Electrical and Computer Engineering.              gram and facility needs.
  Plan a new SEAS Newsletter, to be is-           As a specific element of this, expand
     sued electronically to alumni and                 the Florence Engineering Scholarship
     friends each semester.                            fund to defray student costs and pro-
  To supplement this newsletter, distrib-            mote participation in this program.
     ute the School’s 2010 Annual Report to         Complete the fundraising efforts for the
     the same list of alumni and friends dur-          Communications Lab, and begin pur-
     ing July, 2010.                                   chasing new equipment.
  Work with Marketing & Communica-
     tions staff to update all major SEAS
     web pages.

Goal 2: Align the School with Global Engage-
ment Initiatives
  Work with the Study Abroad Office to
     expand the number of engineering stu-
     dents studying in Florence for spring of
  Continue marketing the Florence pro-
     gram to other engineering schools.
  Use the faculty reconnaissance trip to
     Africa in the summer of 2010 to pre-
     pare a short- and long-term strategy
     document for SEAS involvement in Af-
  Develop a similar strategic document
     for our involvement with the Jesuit uni-
     versities in Columbia.

Goal 3: Plan New Programs and Achieve Ac-
creditation of All Existing Programs
   By the end of fall 2010 semester, ob-
     tain approval for the proposed Masters
     program in T & D Engineering.
   Apply for accreditation for the Com-
     puter Science program in January 2011.
   Develop a plan, including milestones,
     for the initial accreditation of the Engi-
     neering Management degree.

    SEAS News
                                  Largest Freshman Class Ever!!!
                                                           In the fall of 2009, SEAS wel-
                                                           comed the largest group of
                                                           incoming students ever with a
                                                           total of 187 new freshmen.
                                                           The students were divided
                                                           into the following disciplines:

                                                           Civil Students         34
                                                           Computer Engineering   11
                                                           Computer Science       10
                                                           Electrical Engineering 17
                                                           Engineering Management 16
                                                           Mechanical Students    51
                                                           Undeclared Engineers   43

    Gonzaga’s undergraduate engineering programs have continued to earn high
    national ranking among peer institutions by U.S. News & World Report.

     SEAS Seeing Double?
        Walking the halls at PACCAR or
        Herak, you might have done a dou-
        ble take. Three sets of identical
        twins studied engineering at GU
        this year. All six brothers are ma-
        joring in Mechanical Engineering.        Sean and Patrick Moran, Class of 2010

         Cody and Vaun Bartels, Class of 2011   Joseph and John O’Connell, Class of 2010

                             Meet Our New Faculty Members

                                             Dr. Tailian Chen
        Dr. Shawn Bowers           Mechanical Engineering
         Computer Science        “This is a community that
“Since joining GU in the fall,   cares       about      peo-
I have enjoyed the opportu-      ple,    cultivates    people,
nity to get to know and          and inspires people. In re-
work with many computer-         turn, it is the people who
science students. I am im-       will take Gonzaga to its fu-
pressed with the work they       ture. I am glad that I made
have done and their eager-       the choice to come here.”
ness to learn new material.
It has been very rewarding
to work with these stu-                                                     Dr. Patrick Ferro
dents.”                                                            Mechanical Engineering
                                                                 “I’ve really enjoyed working
                                                                 with our students in the
                                                                 classroom     and    in  the
                                                                 labs. The students appreci-
                                                                 ate the lab experiences and
                                                                 so do I. I have also en-
                                                                 joyed running with other
                                                                 faculty runners, and run-
                                                                 ning Bloomsday as part of a
                                                                 team was a lot of fun.”

                                           Fr. Dat Tran, S.J.
                                     Computer Engineering
                                 “What I have enjoyed about
          Dr. Mara London        my first year at GU is my
         Civil Engineering       sharing    experiences     in
Dr. London received her          teaching and in Jesuit life
Ph.D. from the University of     with the students in my
Texas at Austin and special-     class. In addition, I am also
izes in environmental and        grateful for the support of
water resources engineer-        staff, faculty, chair, and
ing.                             Dean of the department.”                                       9
     Kathie Yerion Named
     Chair of Gonzaga’s Department of Computer Science
     Professor Paul De Palma, writes about Dr. Yerion:
        My relationship with Dr. Kathie Yerion is a long one. Through her example and guidance
     over twenty years, I have learned the value of rigor leavened with compassion. Through
     Kathie I have learned that students are grateful when their professors insist on the best work
     possible. As this student says, “In addition to maintaining a harmonious balance between
     challenging her students without overwhelming them, Dr. Yerion finds a wonderful balance
                                              between     being   personable     while    remaining
                                                   And in the words of another, “I think most
                                               students would agree that Dr. Yerion’s classes are
                                               difficult, and that she expects a high level of
                                               performance from her students. This rigorousness
                                               … serves her students well and will give them an
                                               advantage over their colleagues.”
                                                   This is no easy trick, persuading students of
                                               one’s commitment while demanding their own
                                               commitment to the material at hand. Dr. Yerion is
                                               successful because her students are persuaded that
                                               their welfare is her top priority. A former student
                                               tells us that “Dr. Yerion is a magnificent teacher and
                                               mentor…. She took a personal interest in me as an
                                               individual and in my success…. She exhibited a
                                               concern for my well-being and a desire for my
                                               success in all areas of my life…not just the work we
                                               were doing together….”
                                                  It should come as no surprise that, in my role as
                                               Chair, Kathie is the person to whom I direct our
                                               junior faculty. Her long and deep grasp of what it
                                               takes to be a successful teacher, of the commitment
                                               that is required, and of the rewards that accrue to
                                               those who make that commitment, make her the
                                               ideal mentor for our new colleagues.
                                                   Dr. Yerion’s commitment to Gonzaga is evident
                                               beyond the classroom. In the mid-eighties, seeing
                                               what was happening in universities across the
                                               country, she retrained in computer science and with
                                               her colleague, Dan Hughes, constructed a computer
                                               science program. This was not easy. It required
                                               that she put her own work in mathematical analysis
                                               on the back burner for over a decade. We now have
                                               a successful program, in no small part due to
         Professor Rose Mary Volbrecht &
                                               Professor Yerion’s prescience.
       Professor Kathie Yerion in Antarctica
as Exemplary Faculty
   In fact, it just this wisdom and foresight that
prompts me as Chair to seek her counsel again and
   Teacher, committed colleague, scholar. Dr. Yerion is
the very essence of what makes GU special.
                                 Professor Paul De Palma

   In 1977, Professor Kathie Yerion was looking for a
job. She wanted to teach at a college with an empha-
sis on liberal arts and she wanted to be part of a
Catholic school. She was offered a position at Gonzaga
University and after 33 years of teaching here, she re-
mains pleased with her choice. This spring, Dr. Yerion
was honored by Gonzaga University as an Exemplary
Faculty Member, based in part by a letter of recom-
mendation from the Computer Science Chair, Dr. Paul
De Palma. (see facing page)                                     Professor Kathie Yerion

                                                                When Dr. Yerion arrived at
                                                             GU, she was the only woman
                                                             teaching math or engineering.
                                                             “The men in the department were
                                                             a great bunch of guys and they
                                                             made me feel welcome,” she said.
                                                             And so she stayed.
                                                                 “I enjoy life in Spokane.   I
                                                             only planned to be here for a
                                                             short time but then I discovered
                                                             the mountains, the lakes, skiing,
                                                             almost no traffic and I can live
                                                             within 15 minutes of the school,”
                                                             says Yerion. She also developed
                                                             a love of travel and has been on
                                                             many trips including a visit to
                                                             Antarctica last Christmas.
                                                                 Professor Yerion maintains
                                                             contact with many of her former
                                                             students. Known around campus
                                                             as a tough teacher, she finds it
                                                             gratifying when she hears from a
                                                             graduate who says thanks for the
                                                             extra career preparation.
   Dean Dennis Horn, Dr. Kathie Yerion & Dr. Paul De Palma   “Sometimes they send an email
                                                             to say, ‘Thanks for being tough!’ ” 11

12      Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Horn at the Ponte Vecchio Bridge in Florence
                       In Italy!
    Our first Florence engineering semester this year exceeded all of our academic and enrollment ex-
pectations! Twenty-two students, including five from three other universities, obtained a study-abroad
experience without any loss of progress toward their engineering degrees. Students were able to
choose from four engineering and two math courses, plus a wide array of core offerings in various dis-
ciplines. They also took advantage of the travel experiences that are such an integral part of Gonzaga
in Florence.
    In a visit with this first cadre of students at the end of the semester, the comment heard most fre-
quently was various versions of, “This was the greatest experience of my life!” The sincere expression
of appreciation by our students justified the hard work by so many people in planning and implement-
ing this wonderful new opportunity for our engineers.
    With the financial support from our Engineering Advisory Council and others, several students ap-
plying for “Engineering in Florence 2011” will be able to take advantage of a new scholarship fund es-
tablished to provide additional travel-related support for students with financial need. As this fund
grows, our hope is that all students who wish to participate in this experience may be able to do so.
     Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2010
                         Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
                    Ian Jacob Anderson                    Erica Kathryn Jones
                    William C. Andres                     Randy Kim Jones
                    Alexander James Baird                 Rory Patrick Kilkenny
                    Nicholas J. Barclay                   Aaron Akira Lee
                    Tobia Lee Brewer II                   Mark Patrick Legier
                    John D. Ciepiela                      Mallory Miller
                    John Patton Davis                     Justin Dempsey Oldfield
                    Andrew T. Downing                     Therese Michelle Pflaum
                    Kyle P. Van Dyk                       Veniamin P. Radchuk
                    Nicholas Wolfgang Ebner               Joshua D. Richards
                    John McCall Gills                     Brent J. Robinson
                    Megan Anne Gray                       Nikolas Lee Cassel Schriener
                    Eric M. Guerreiro                     Michael A. Torres
                    Julie Nicole Guthrie                  Jeremiah J. Woodard
                    Thomas E. Hergenrader                 Michael Yoshihara
                    Daniel D. Howe                        Nazzarena Maria Zorzi

                     Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
                    Tyler Joe Halva                       Emily Rose Parker
                    Thomas Berry Jones                    Evan S. Poncelet
                    Kevin Neil Morris                     Steven Andrew Rueckert
                    Robert Earl Nertney                   Reed A. Tompkins

                     Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

                    Ayman M. Al-Hagi                      Ryan Oliveira
                    Mohammad Alhayek                      Evan S. Poncelet
                    Mohammed O. AlRuwaili                 Daniel J. Seymour
                    John William Choma                    Matthew Quinn Stockinger
                    Alexander M. Kinney                   Nicholas C. Vigo
                    David A. Kleinschmidt                 James Wong
                    Jocob Scott Kubale

                      Bachelor of Science in General Engineering
                                         Alexandra Marie Canavan

                    Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management
                                            Julia Ashley Marshall
                    List of Graduates as noted in 2010 Commencement Brochure.
             School of Engineering and Applied Science
            Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Honors
Clelia Marie Leopold            George K. Miyata             Stephanie Lynn Sabin

                  Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Taylor Hall Bechtold            Christine Leigh Goodrich     Michael T. Palodichuk
Tyler Ray Bonnett               Taylor Jessica Hall          Kristen Jean Poehlman
John Eric Brownlee              Julian Alexander Johnson     Edgar B. Poza
Justin Richard Burnett          Paul Michael Krupski         Justin Ormsbie Roberts
Chad D. Chaffin                 Stefan Thomas Lauderback     Philip J. Schmelzer
David Dennis Champoux           John Patrick McDonagh        Nathan Joseph Sevigny
Jonathan David Chrisman         Patrick T. Moore, Jr.        Kathryn Elizabeth Sims
Ryan William Davidge            Sergey Moore                 Jeremy Ryan Stumetz
Timothy John Elder              Patrick Ryan Moran           Taylor Wagemans
Daniel Scott Ellis              Sean Michael Moran           John A. Wallace
Sean Martin Finerty             Keith Edward Mowell          Christopher Hans Wendel
Gerard Michael Finnegan         Craig Alexander Murphy       Daniel James Wiest
Alexander Byrne Friedman        Nicholas Niedbalski          Alex J. Wollin
Cassandra Rose Girvan           John D. O’Connell
Joseph C. Goelz                 Joseph Patrick O’Connell

                Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Honors
                                     Elliot Brendan Kraber

                        Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Justin Daniel Lobdell           Scott A. Pfeifer             Molly Marie Van Ryn

     Engineering began at Gonzaga in 1934 by            The first women were admitted to
        sharing labs with other programs.                 Gonzaga University in 1948.

       Celebrating 75 Years of Engineering

      Dean James McGivern helped develop the school. In 1948, 14 students graduated from 4
         disciplines, paying tuition of about $140 per semester with a $10 engineering fee.
In 2009, the School of Engineering and Applied Science had an enrollment of 590 engineering students,
           27 full-time faculty members and 29 adjunct faculty. Six disciplines are available.

       at Gonzaga University, 1934-2009!

     Don Herak, left, alumnus of GU Engineering.     Today, GU Engineers study all over the US
                                                         and in several foreign countries.
                         Student Clubs
         Tau Beta Pi,
                                                                               Members of Tau Beta Pi, the engineering
                                 Engineering Honor Society                 honor society, have participated in a number
                                                                           of service projects and community events over
                         Officers 2009—2010                                the past academic year.
                          President- George Miyata                             A number of TBP members volunteer their
                        Vice-President- Mallory Miller                     time on Saturday mornings by tutoring local 3rd
                   Recording Secretary- Stephanie Sabin
                                                                           to 12th grade students in math concepts and
                  Corresponding Secretary- Nick Niedbalski
                                                                           providing homework help. Members have also
                            Treasurer- Alex Baird
                                                                           assisted their fellow Gonzaga peers, through
     both individual and group tutoring sessions in a number of engineering concepts. Furthermore, Tau Beta Pi members
     have volunteered their time for the Center for Organizational Reform at the nearby Clare Center, helping in landscape
     maintenance and any other necessary clean-up.
         Tau Beta Pi provided assistance with teaching grade school children about the world of engineering, and they
     were able to experience laboratory presentations in each of the disciplines. Gonzaga and Spokane were also host to
     the 2010 Tau Beta Pi District 14 Spring Conference. Finally, a proposal is currently being prepared by TBP members
     to hold the 2013 National Convention in Spokane.

                                                                            Society of Women Engineers
                                                                                     Officers 2009—2010
                                                                                    President— Elizabeth Kuhn
                                                                                  Vice-President—Elaine Schield
                                                                                   Secretary—Stephanie Sabin
                                                                             Treasurers—Verona Bravo, Melissa Ripper

                                                                                 Gonzaga SWE has participated in a
                                                                            number of activities this year, including Ex-
                                                                            panding Your Horizons with the Girl Scouts
                                                                            and a resume workshop SWE hosted for all
                                                                            engineering majors at Gonzaga.
                ASCE Officers, 2009-2010                                         Our most successful and rewarding pro-
                                                                            ject was a Lego Robotics competition with a
            President: T.L. Brewer; Vice President: Randy Jones;            team of young ladies from Longfellow Ele-
                           Treasurer: Dan Parshall                          mentary School (this project was also coordi-
                                                                            nated through the Girl Scouts). For over
         This has been a busy year for ASCE. We kicked off the year         three months members from our club met
     with an over-night in Coulee City where we caught the laser light      with a group of about 10 girls every Friday to
     show off the side of the dam followed by a hard hat tour of Grand      coach and mentor them through the process
     Coulee Dam the next morning. Through the rest of the fall semester     of building the obstacle course and robot for
     ASCE coordinated its concrete canoe project with help from Central     the competition, as well as prepare their pro-
     Pre-Mix. At the last meeting of the semester in December we had        ject presentation on transportation. By the
     various members of the engineering community come and talk             final couple of weeks it was amazing to see
     about their experiences in the field. A special thanks to: Scott       how much better the girls were at working
     Nance (Coffman), Andrea Hougen (Integrus), Mary O’Hara (USKH),         together as a team and how much they had
     Freeman Thompson (Crux Subsurface), and Bob Turner (Spokane            learned about transportation and energy
     Transportation Department) our professional liaison to our parent      through their research.
     chapter Inland Northwest ASCE.                                              At the competition the team was con-
         In February ASCE got the canoe poured and lifted off the mold      stantly in high spirits and working together,
     in March. As a part of ASCE’s commitment to teaching engineering       and despite not winning any of the five com-
     students about engineering and an extension of Gonzaga’s commit-       petition awards, had a lot of fun and were
     ment to service, members donated their time to help two groups:        eager for next year’s competition.
     Mountain View High School in Rathdrum, Idaho with a pavilion de-            Our primary goal this year was to in-
     sign and a roof analysis for the Lilac Center for the Deaf and the     crease interest and membership and this
     Blind to install solar panels on its flat roof.                        goal was accomplished.
                      and Activities
  AASHE Officers, 09-10
   Association for the Advancement of
    Sustainability in Higher Education
        President: Justin Robert
         Secretary: Sarah Love
 Ryan Davidge (Electric Chopper Project)
    Taylor Hall (Green Bikes Project)

  Goals of AASHE include:
Help instill appreciation for the Earth’s lim-
ited resources; Bring awareness to regional
and local communities of the significance of
sustainable practices; Compel awareness
among students of their role in the broader
community; Promote fair and proper use of
the Earth’s resources; Educate Gonzaga
students about the repercussions of their        Ryan Davidge, Sarah Love, Cassie Girvan, Kirsten Poehlman,
individual choices.                              Patrick Ferro

      ASME Officers, 09-10                                   2009—2010 ASME Projects:
                                                     Project 1 = ASME Human Powered Vehicle competition. This
   American Society of Mechanical Engineers          involves designing, building, and competing with a vehicle. One
   Co-Presidents: Robert Bohannon & Robert           primary criteria for success is aerodynamic efficiency. This, of
       McCarthy Secretary: Tyler Spilker             course, has many applications in the real world. Student contact:
        Treasurer: Justin Larson-Miller              Adam Pindler, Project adviser: Dr. Patrick Ferro.
     Communications Officer: Alyssa Imai
                                                   Project 2 = Fuse Deposition Modeler also known as a 3D printer.
We are designing and building a machine that will fabricate plastic parts directly from 3D computer models. The
project integrates machine design and computer control. We will use the machine in coming years to make
prototypes of student designs. Student contact: Kyle Stanton-Wyman; Project adviser: Dr. Steven Zemke.

                                                                       SME Speakers Competition
                                                                        Four ME students represented Gonzaga in the
                                                                   annual SME EWU/GU Speakers Competition in
                                                                   April at the EWU Campus. The objective of the
                                                                   competition is to get students to give presentations
                                                                   on manufacturing topics. Six students (three from
                                                                   each institution) gave presentations on manufac-
                                                                   turing topics of their choice. It was a great opportu-
                                                                   nity for all of us to network with manufacturing col-
                                                                   leagues in industry and at EWU.
                                                                        Ryan Davidge came in second place, Philippe
                                                                   Garre placed third, and James Rooney fourth.
Ryan Davidge, James Rooney, Philippe Garre, Elizabeth

            The Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers chapter at GU elected a new executive board
            consisting of Michael Johnson, Elaine Schield, and Brian Waldron. In October, the board attended the
            regional meeting Portland, Oregon where they competed in an ethics competition. In January, members
toured the Lockheed Martin facility in the Tri-Cities area of Washington. In February the club applied for the KEEN
Grant and was given an award to assist in the building of a generator.                                                      19
     ASCE Concrete Canoe Competition
                      Gonzaga University entered the 2010 Concrete
                   Canoe Competition sponsored by the American
                   Society of Civil Engineers with a canoe named
                   Concrestador. On April 24, 11 GU students competed
                   against 12 regional schools near Lewiston, Idaho.
                   The weather was so cold and windy, the judges
                   shortened the races from 600 yards to 300 yards. 32
                   mph winds caused 2 foot waves and swells on the
                   Snake River and 4 of the teams submerged their
                   canoes. Gonzaga students jumped in the cold water
                   to save the Concrestador and then helped other
                   schools rescue their canoes as well.

                       The Concrestador was disqualified after the canoe
                   slowly lowered its riders into the cold water for a
                   second time during a race. GU students convinced the
                   judges to allow them to continue racing just for the
                   experience.    They adapted to the challenges by
                   paddling and bailing simultaneously. Team member
                   Therese Pflaum said, “I was afraid I would be
                   embarrassed but we had so much fun that nothing
                   else mattered. We learned so much.”

                      The Concrestador team learned about team work.
                   They learned to hold onto the teammates in your boat
                   because most people don’t spend their lives alone and
                   what makes a life rich is often relationships. “It was a
                   great experience regardless of the outcome,” said
                   student TL Brewer.

                                               Prof. Noel Bormann and Janelle Bekkering

              Janelle Bekkering Balances
      Civil Engineering and Basketball
    The best season in Gonzaga Women’s Basketball history found
the Lady Zags breaking into the Associated Press Top 25 in Febru-
ary and going all the way to the Sweet 16 Tournament in March.
In the midst of the excitement, engineering student and forward,
Janelle Bekkering maintained her composure and her GPA. For the
second-straight year, she was named to the West Coast Confer-
ence’s All-Academic Team for her 3.43 grade point average in Civil
Engineering. She started in 23 of the 25 games she has played in
for the team.
    The calm, laid-back attitude Bekkering displays around the
School causes most of her classmates to forget what a celebrity
she is in the world of women’s basketball. A native of Canada, Bek-
kering was chosen last year as a member of the Canadian National
team. Bekkering and teammates toured China, Europe, and Cuba
last summer before playing in Brazil to qualify to play in the World
Championship of Basketball in Prague in 2010. If the Canadian
team reaches its goal of playing in the 2012 Summer Olympics in
London, Bekkering hopes to be on the 12 person team. She is fo-
cusing on staying healthy and strong.
    The youngest daughter in a family of 5, she grew up on the
basketball court. All 5 siblings played college basketball and 2 of
her brothers play for European teams. Next year, she will com-
plete her Civil Engineering degree and a minor in business. Bekker-
ing would like to play basketball in Europe for a few years after col-
lege and then will probably return to Calgary, Alberta.
   She credits good time management skills for her success and
professors that have been really helpful. “They haven’t given me
special treatment but teachers like Dr. Nowak and Dr. Bormann
who are always willing to help have kept me going.”
                                                                         Photo by Mark Muelheim   21
         Gonzaga University’s Center for Engineering Design was established in 1992 to enhance the design ex-
     perience for senior engineering students. The Center obtains projects for the academic year that are de-
     fined and provided by sponsors in the private and public sectors.
         Project teams consist of three to five students, an engineering faculty advisor and a liaison engineer
     from the sponsoring organization. The students generate a project plan and define strategies required to
     bring the project to fruition. They are required to make effective use of available resources to manage their
     project activities, provide written and oral presentations during the year, and a final report to the represen-
     tatives of the Center’s Design Advisory Board (DAB).

                            Project Sponsors
     The design topics and resources required to implement the
     projects were provided and supported by the following sponsors:

     Alliance Corporation, Spokane, WA                       Kimball Office Equipment, Post Falls, ID
     AVISTA Corporation, Spokane, WA                         LHC2, Spokane, WA
     The Boeing Company, Seattle, WA                         Mobius Science Center, Spokane, WA
     City of Spokane, Spokane, WA                            NIOSH, Spokane, WA
     Coffman Engineers, Spokane, WA                          Pend Oreille County, WA
     DCI Engineers, Spokane, WA                              PowerData Corporation, Spokane,WA
     Dept. of Transportation, Olympia, WA                    Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories,
                                                               Pullman, WA
     Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA
                                                             Selkirk Schools,Metaline Falls, WA
     Goodrich Corporation, Spokane WA
                                                             Society of Jesus, Juba, Sudan
     IT Lifeline, Spokane, WA
                                                             Spokane County, Spokane, WA
     Integrus Architecture, Spokane, WA

                          Center for
            Engineering Design

       Projects 2009—2010
Civil Projects:                         Mechanical Projects:
CE1   Catholic University of Sudan      ME1    NIOSH Particle Sampling Device
CE2   Spokane Bike Lanes                ME2    LHC2 Antenna
CE3   GU Parking Structure              ME3    LHC2 Rapid Prototyping
CE4   Selkirk School Water Treatment    ME4    Goodrich Needler
CE5   SCC Tech Ed Building              ME5    Goodrich Puller
CE6   Project HOPE                      ME6    Goodrich Loop Cooler
CE7   Kootenai Medical Center           ME7    Boeing Debris Collector
CE8   Dept. of Transportation           ME8    Kimball Office Router
CE9   Pend Oreille Park                 ME9    Alliance Tamper
                                        ME10   Mobius Robotic Head
                                        ME11   Boeing Fan Nozzle

Electrical Projects:                    Computer Science Projects:
EE1   Energy @ GU                       CPS1   B-Hive Test
EE2   Sweitzer Communication Analyzer   CPS2   Power Data
EE3   Drug Reaction Reporting System    CPS3   IT-Lifeline
                SEAS Faculty Members
     Dr. Dennis Horn, Dean and Professor of
     Civil Engineering; B.S., Princeton University; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University.

     Dr. K. Akbar Ansari, Professor of Mechanical Engineering; B.S., Electrical Engineering, Osmania University,
     India; M.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of California – Berkley; PhD., University of Texas – Arlington.

     Dr. Abdul Aziz, Professor of Mechanical Engineering; B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Karachi University,
     Pakistan; Ph.D., University of Leeds, United Kingdom.

     Dr. Noel E. Bormann, Chair and Professor of Civil Engineering; B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Colorado
     State University.

     Dr. Shawn Bowers, Assistant Professor of Computer Science; BS., University of Oregon; Ph.D., M.Sc., OGI
     School of Science and Engineering, OHSU.

     Dr. Grigore Braileanu, Professor of Electrical Engineering; B.S., Ph.D., Engineering (Specialization in
     Automatic Control Systems), Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest, Romania.

     Dr. Massimo Capobianchi, Professor of Mechanical Engineering; B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering,
     State University of New York at Stony Brook.

     Dr. Tailian Chen, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, B.S. Henan University of Science and
     Technology, China; M.S. Jiangsu University, China; Ph.D., M.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida.

     Dr. Patricia Crowley, Assistant Professor of Computer Science; B.A., English, Duke University ; Ph.D., M.S.,
     Computer Science, University of New Mexico.

     John F. Dacquisto, Senior Lecturer of Engineering Management and CED Director; B.S., Electrical Engineering,
     Marquette University; M.S., Engineering and Management, Washington State University.

     Dr. Patrick Ferro, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering; B.S. Cornell University; M.S. Oregon
     Graduate Institute of Science & Technology; Ph.D., P.E. CMfgE, Colorado School of Mines.

     Dr. Paul De Palma, Chair and Professor of Computer Science; B.A., English, St. Louis University; M.A.,
     English, University of California, Berkeley; M.S., Computer Science, Temple University; Ph.D. The University of
     New Mexico, Computational Linguistics

     Dr. Sara Ganzerli, Professor of Civil Engineering; M.S., Civil Engineering, University of Utah; Ph.D., University
     of Pavia, Italy.

     Dr. Daniel Hughes, Professor of Computer Science; B.A., Mathematics, Merrimack College; M.A., Mathematics,
     Boston College; Ph.D., Mathematics, Washington University.

     Dr. Yanqing Ji, Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering; B.S., Industrial Automation, Quingdao
     University, China; M.S., Physical Electronics, University of Science & Technology, China; Ph.D., Computer
     Engineering, Wayne State University.

     Dr. Anwar S. Khattak, Professor of Civil Engineering; B.S., Civil Engineering, Peshawar University, Pakistan;
     M.S., West Virginia College; Ph.D., Michigan State University.
Dr. Vladimir Labay, Chair and Professor of Electrical Engineering; B.S., M.S., Electrical Engineering, University
of Victoria; Ph.D., University of Manitoba.

Dr. Mara London, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering; Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, Civil

Dr. John J. Marciniak, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering; B.S., Engineering Science, University of
Notre Dame; M.S., Ph.D., University of Illinois-Urbana.

Dr. Peter McKenny, Chair of Engineering Management and Director of Transmission & Distribution; B.S.,
Electrical & Electronics Engineering, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne; M.S., Ph.D., Electrical Engineering,
Clarkson University.

Dr. Paul S. Nowak, Associate Dean and Professor of Civil Engineering; B.S., Civil Engineering, State University
of New York at Buffalo; M.S., University of Illinois-Urbana; Ph.D., Applied Mechanics, California Institute of

Dr. Steve D. Schennum, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering; B.S., M.S., Electrical Engineering,
Montana State University; Ph.D., Washington State University.

Dr. Christopher Smith, Associate Professor of Computer Science; B.S. Computer & Mathematical Sciences,
Lake Superior State University; M.S., Computer Science & Engineering, University of Michigan; Ph.D., Computer
Science, University of Minnesota.

Dr. Robert Stiger, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering; B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of
Pittsburgh; M.S., California State University, Sacramento; Ph.D., University of Idaho.

Dr. Carlos J. Tavora, Professor of Electrical Engineering; B.S., Electrical Engineering, Institute Technology-
Aeronautical, Brazil; M.S., University of Houston; Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley.

Fr. Dat Tran, S.J., M.S., Lecturer, Computer Science: M.S. Portland State University

Dr. Kathie Yerion, Professor of Computer Science; B.S., M.S., Mathematics, Northern Arizona University;
Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Montana.

Dr. Steven Zemke, Chair and Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering; B.S., Mechanical Engineering,
University of Washington; M.S., Northwestern University; Ph.D., University of Idaho.

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Gail H. Allwine, Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering; B.S., M.S. and PhD., Electrical Engineering,
University of Washington.

Dr. Raymond A. Birgenheier, Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering; B.S., Electrical Engineering,
Montana State University; M.S., University of Southern California; Ph.D., University of California – Los Angeles.

Dr. Sidiq M. Dar, Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering; B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Illinois; M.S.,
Applied Mechanics, Kansas State University; Ph.D., University of Oklahoma.

Professor Gary J. Hordemann, Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering; B.S., Mechanical Engineering,
Gonzaga University; M.S., University of Notre Dame.

Dr. William Ilgen, Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering; B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Civil Engineering, University of
Nebraska.                                                                                                           25
         SEAS Departmental News
                                        Civil Engineering
     New Faculty
     Dr. Mara London joined the civil engineering faculty. She completed her Ph.D. in August 2009 at The
     University of Texas at Austin. She teaches environmental and water/wastewater treatment classes.
     One of Civil Engineering’s Senior Design Teams prepared detailed designs for a USAID funding appli-
     cation for construction of the Catholic University of Sudan in Juba, Sudan. The team included Megan
                                              Gray, Alex Baird, Dan Howe, Erica Jones, Janelle Bekkering,
                                              DeAnn Arnholtz, Kennet Bertelsen, and Fr. Schultheis.
                                             Dr. Mara London traveled with four Junior civil students (Brian
                                             Smith, Ashley Emerson, Maggie Janicki, and Greg Postle-
                                             waite).to the EWB-US national spring conference in Den-
                                             ver ,Colorado to learn best practices for accomplishing projects
                                             in developing countries.
                                             Dr. Jillian Cadwell has prepared three grant proposals for
                                             NSF and presented her research work with three research stu-
                                             dents at four separate conferences: 1) 6th International Confer-
                                             ence on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustain-
                                             ability, Virtual 2); 2010 Ocean Sciences Meeting in Portland,
                                             OR; 3) Spokane Intercollegiate Research Conference in Spo-
                                             kane, WA; 4) Pacific NW Section American Water Works Asso-
                                             ciation (AWWA) annual conference in Tacoma, WA. Dr. Cad-
                                             well has also served on four university-wide committees: Mis-
                                             sion Advisory Committee, Advisory Council on Stewardship
                                             and Sustainability (ACSS), KEEN Steering Committee, and Ho-
                                             gan Program Faculty Advisory Committee.
                                             Dr. Anwar Khattak co-authored Integration of Optimum, High
                                             Voltage Transmission Line Foundations for the Electrical
                                             Transmission and Substation Structures Conference in Ft.
                                             Worth, Texas held in November, 2009.
     Dr. Sara Ganzerli continued to research optimal design of structures, Walser houses in the Italian
     Alps, and local production of masonry building materials with the help of students in civil engineering
     and computer science. In addition, Dr. Ganzerli was promoted to the rank of Professor. Congratula-
     Dr. Paul Nowak, Associate Dean of SEAS, continued to advise numerous students, teach a large num-
     ber of classes and perform a variety of consulting projects dealing with structural design in the Spokane
     Dr. Noel Bormann presented a 12 hour continuing education course in the use of HEC-RAS to model
     open channel flow and sediment transport that was offered through the Inland Empire ASCE Section,
     Technical Education Committee. Dr. Bormann also prepared grant proposals to NSF, and attended a
     HEC-RAS Training in Sacramento, California, and continued to serve as the Chair of Civil Engineering.
        Activities & Publications
                            Mechanical Engineering
New Faculty
The Mechanical Engineering department welcomed two new faculty this year.
Dr. Patrick Ferro, with expertise in hydrogen storage, now manages and teaches the Materials and
Manufacturing courses. Dr. Tailian Chen, with expertise in experimental heat transfer, manages and
teaches the Experimental Measurements courses.
Dr. Steven Zemke assumed the responsibilities of Department Chair in January. This is his fifth year
at Gonzaga. The Department heartily thanks Dr. Massimo “Max” Capobianchi, the outgoing chair, for
his leadership over the past several years.
Dr. Abdul Aziz continued with his prolific research in the area of heat transfer. This year, Dr. Aziz
published or had accepted twelve journal papers and articles in a variety of scholarly publications. In
addition he participated in a National Science Foundation research project on thermal packaging and
reviewed several papers.
Dr. Massimo “Max” Capobianchi continued his studies of
flow and heat transfer problems with non-Newtonian fluids.
He and alumna, Ms. Darcy Wagner, published a paper in
the International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. He
presented a talk at the 20th International Symposium of
Transport Phenomena held in Victoria, BC. and is currently
working with Dr. Aziz on the solution of a natural convec-
tion problem and with Dr. Labay in the design of substrate-
integrated waveguides.
Dr. Tailian Chen produced three articles that were ac-
cepted for publication which included two book chapters
and a conference paper.
Dr. Patrick Ferro worked with students to produce Materi-
als Podcasts for a class project, and two of the teams sub-
mitted their podcasts to a national contest run by
ASM. The two podcasts were selected as winners, and
each of the two teams earned a prize of $500 respec-
tively. The podcasts will be on-air by this summer.
   The podcasts are 3 minute long audio files that explain
a basic materials science process, for a target audience of
middle school science students. Science teachers across
the country have access to these podcasts and can freely
use them in their classroom to help explain materials sci-
ence concepts. The podcasts are part of Materials Radio,
sponsored by ASM International. The two award-winning
podcasts were: Bulletproof Vests and Choosing the Right Material.
   The podcasts can be heard at
        SEAS Departmental News
                                      Computer Science
   New Faculty
   Dr. Shawn Bowers joined the Computer Science faculty. Dr. Bowers received his Ph.D. from OGI
   School of Science and Engineering at OHSU and specializes in computer science and engineering. Dr.
   Bowers is a prolific author who participated in 13 publications last year.
   Dr. Paul De Palma successfully defended his dissertation: Syllables and Concepts
   in Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition which completed his degree
   in Linguistics and Emphasis in Computational Linguistics from the University of New
   Mexico. In addition, Dr. De Palma authored two publications and co-authored an
   NSF Proposal.
   Dr. Patricia Crowley and her research team completed a paper entitled             Dr. Paul De Palma
   "Reconfiguration without Reprogramming in Wireless Sensor Networks" to be submitted for publication
   this spring. This work was done under Professor Crowley's Defense Threat Reduction Agency
   subaward for basic research in wireless sensor networks.
      Another research group worked with Professor Crowley to implement Splintered TCP for which Pro-
   fessor Crowley and her co-inventors have submitted a patent application. The hardware, driver and
   Linux operating system will be demonstrated this summer at NASA.
   Dr. Christopher Smith During the summer, Professors Smith and Crowley worked with three SEAS
   students on sensor network reconfiguration and reprogramming for the Defense Threat Reduction
                                                      Agency. This work resulted in a conference pa-
                                                      per submission in February. Dr. Smith was also
                                                      funded by the City of Spokane's Solid Waste
                                                      Management Division to advise on the collec-
                                                      tion and analysis of data related to the effects
                                                      of driver behavior on garbage truck fuel effi-
                                                                Dr. Smith also continued working on real-
                                                            time techniques for the tracking of textures in
                                                            video sequences. This work led to a conference
                                                            paper submission in the Fall. Dr. Smith worked
                                                            with a collaborator from the University of Colo-
                                                            rado - Boulder on color-based tracking of ob-
                                                            jects in video sequences that led to a journal
                                                            paper submission in the Fall.

                                  Engineering Management
   Senior Lecturer John F. Dacquisto is the Primary Investigator (PI) for the Kern Family Foundation
   KEEN (Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network) Program Development Grant. The purpose of the
   Grant Program is to strengthen a long-term initiative to foster the entrepreneurial mindset within the un-
   dergraduate engineering students at selected private colleges and universities. Professor Dacquisto
   has been acknowledged as a contributor to the seventh edition of “Engineering Economy,” a university
28 textbook published by McGraw Hill Companies Higher Education Division.
        Activities & Publications
                Computer and Electrical Engineering
New Faculty
Fr. Dat Tran, S.J., M.S. joined the Computer Engineering Faculty. He studied at Portland State
University and specializes in software engineering and system interface.
Dr. Vladimir Labay, Chair of Computer and Electrical Engineering coauthored
six journal papers which were accepted in a variety of international publications
and conferences. He was an invited lecturer at the IEEE MTT-S Int. Microwave
Symposium in Anaheim, California in May. Dr. Labay is a member of the
International Advisory Panel for the workshop on “Recent Advances in
Microwave and Optical communication Technology” and is a research
collaborator with the University of Victoria and SRM University in Chennai, India.
Dr. Steven Schennum worked on a grant from the National Science Foundation
for developing smart antennas and a start-up company called LHC2, Inc. Smart
antennas improve transmission of wireless data.
Dr. Yanqing Ji continued his research in biomedical informatics. He submitted
three peer-reviewed journal/conference papers that have been accepted and submitted a proposal to
NSF as well as reviewed papers and served on the Program Committee for IEEE’s International
Conference in Perth, Australia.

                      Transmission and Distribution
Dr. Peter McKenny, T&D Director, was invited by the Department of Energy to participate as a
distinguished panel speaker at an international workshop on Smart Grid Developments and Training.
Ms. Jillene McKinstry, Asst. T&D Director, traveled to Korea and China with an International Trade
Alliance team consisting of business representatives and Spokane civic leaders (including Mayor Mary
    The Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Program continues to grow in both number of courses
offered and number of students registered. A total of eleven courses have been completed and are
currently being offered on-line, with the twelfth and final course being scheduled for completion this
summer. (T&D course listing provided at
    In this past year, seven students completed their program of study and have been awarded a
Certificate in T&D Engineering. Some of these students were between jobs and used the on-line courses
to enhance their educational background and to transition into a career in the power industry. Students
have expressed a strong desire to continue with T&D Program related courses to obtaining a Masters’
level degree. Universities across the country currently accept our T&D courses for graduate credit and
many former students are using the courses for credit towards engineering and management masters’
degrees programs elsewhere.
    Due to the ongoing success of the certificate program a proposal to offer a Master of Engineering
Degree program in T&D Engineering was recently submitted to the faculty and university. The proposed
degree program will require a total of 12 courses, with the final course on Engineering Leadership and
Management requiring a three-to-four day on-campus component and attendance at graduation. If
approved by the various groups and committees within the university it is anticipated the program could
be in place by next spring.
       2009—2010 SEAS Donor Honor Roll
     AT&T Foundation                           Gerard Michael Finnegan (’10)
     Agilent Technologies                      Michael and Jane Finnegan
     American Society of Civil Engineers       Arny (’61) and Elmira Forner
     Barbara Anderson                          Marian (’76) and Mark Fuchs
     Avionics Communications Inc.              Daniel J. Galligan (’01)
     Avista Foundation                         Peter and Suzanne Galligan
     David and Marianne Ayers                  Dale (’83) and Lisa (’84) (Desimone) Garrett
     Jim and Joyce Aylward                     Jamie M. Geis (’09)
     BSC Engineered Systems                    Douglas and Mary Goelz
     Kelly S. Bacon-Hord                       Joseph C. Goelz (’10)
     Leeroy (’97) and Ginger Bailey            Paul (’88) and Linda Graham
     William and Emlyn Baker                   Ronald Grant (‘72)
     Michael H. Bauer (’77)                    Vic (’50) and Paula Gray
     Gary and Karen Belz                       Megan K. Haas (’12)
     Larry (’72) and Anna Bennett              Carl M. Hansen Foundation
     John and Anne Bergman                     Randal and Gina Hardy
     Kathy and Bruce Bixler                    William Harrington, III (’75)
     James Blamey and Eva Sandelien            Tamara Henry
     The Boeing Company                        David (’03) and Anne (’03) Suminski Holt
     Gerda Brown (’44)                         Dennis Huard (’73)
     Gregory D. Burchett (’08)                 Richard and Leslie Huff
     John (’71) and Rosemary (’73) Bury        Dr. and Mrs. William P. Ilgen
     John and Priscilla Cadwell                Thomas Illich (’74)
     Kevin (’87) and Marie Caldwell            Inland Empire Chapter of A.S.H.R.A.E
     John C. Campion (’76)                     Inland Northwest AGC
     David (’01) and Paula (’00) Campion       Inland Northwest Community Foundation
     Drs. John and Sharon Cannon               Itegrus Architecture, P.S.
     Chad D. Chaffin (’10)                     Jeffrey and Stacy Jacques
     Darwin and Mary Chaffin                   Don (’56) and Marilyn Jans
     Edward Champagne                          Ning Jin (’95)
     Timothy and Madeline Clyde                Dr. Bernard R. Johnson (’57)
     Coeur d'Alene Mines Corp.                 Wanda Johnson
     Coffman Engineers                         Terrance (’87) and Meg (’86) (Reilly) Judge
     Coleman Engineering, Inc.                 KPFF Consulting Engineers
     Nicholas Coss (’07)                       Peter and Kathleen Kalapaca
     John H. Courtney (’58)                    Thomas and Christina (’97) (Murrell) Kammerer
     John and Therese J. Covert                Dean Karcz (’87)
     Hank and Norma Crawford                   Michael and Joan Keegan
     James K. D'Aboy (’85)                     Alan J. Kempen (’70)
     DEI Electrical Consultants, Inc.          Jeritt Kent (’90)
     Walter (RIP) and Betty Davis              Gregory and Debra Ketchum
     Leo and Ingrid DeGreef                    Matthew (’00) and Brianne (Jacobs) Kopp
     Steven and Patricia Degracia              Larryn Krause
     Samuel (’81) and Concetta Di Re           Ktech Corporation
     Christopher (’98) and Stacye Dorrington   Brian (’86) and Patty Kuhta
     Renae Dougal (’07)                        Paul Kuntz (’94)
     Mark Edwards (’82)                        Ryan Kuss (’02)
     Ellingsen-Flynn Family Dentistry          Lab-Volt Systems
     Peggy Estey (’96)                         Namhan Le (’82)
     Myra (McGillivrey) Farquhar (’57)         Patrick Lettenmaier (’49)
     Fidelity Investments                      Ronald (’64) and Grace Little

  2009—2010 SEAS Donor Honor Roll
Allen and Peggy Litzenberger                Thomas and Shelia Ripper
Guy E. Lounsbury (’93)                      Robert (’65) and Ann Rivers
David (’74) and Cyndi Lucke                 Craig and Karla Robinson
MW Consulting Engineers                     Jessie Rosauer
Dan Madden (’68)                            Satori Software, Inc.
Paul and Karen (’89) Malen-Hogle            Donald (’65) and Cathi (’65) (Shaw) Schafer
Charles (’78) and Sandy Marr                George and Ginny Schiel
Carroll (’68) and Patricia Martell          John Seymour (’51)
Alan and Cynthia Matsumoto                  Steven Soos (’86)
Dan and Billie Mauss                        Tom (’53) and Patricia State
Nancy Mayalu (’08)                          Kenneth H. Stavenjord (’68)
Jack (’63) and Carol McElroy                Jerry (’58) and Patricia Stebbins
Ray (’90) and Staci McGriff                 Steve's Auto Parts, Inc.
Vernon and Jean Melvin                      Tatjana Stojak (’98)
The Medtronic Foundation                    Jeffrey and Judy Stokes Lee and Andrea Strom
Curt (’90) and Janna Mitchke                Structural Systems Design
Juan J. Montez (’08)                        Robert Swann (’79)
Barbara L. Moore                            James Swingley
Becky Mortensen                             Tomasz C. Szelagowski (’04)
David Muggli (’70)                          Ross and Noella Takahashi
Bill (’62) and Teree Myrhang                Mason A. C. Talkington (’08)
Anthony J. Nelson (’10)                     Patrick Thiel (’58)
David J. Nelson (’07)                       Greg Thomas Consulting
Thoai D. Nguyen                             Joe R. Thomas (’58)
James (’73) and Melissa Nickolaus           Jerry (’81) and Cathy Tombari
Richard J. Niederegger (’66)                Art Tondini (’57)
David and Chris Nieuwenhuis                 United Way of Benton & Franklin Counties
Northwest Engineering, Inc.                 United Way of Central New Mexico
Irene Norwood                               Robert (’81) and Polly (’83) Urban
Marty (’87) and Maureen O'Toole             Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Mark (’80) and Catherine Ohlstrom           Vemco, Inc.
Wayne M. Oien (’71)                         Peter and Mary Vial
Donald (’57) and Joan Olson                 Ray Vollert (’63)
Lynn M. Olson (’95)                         Ryan (’01) and Shawna Wade
Roger Olson (’83)                           Darcy Wagner (’07)
PACCAR Inc                                  Velvet Walker
POWER Engineers, Inc.                       David (’58) and Joyce Walsh
Gregory and Linda Paolino                   James Weston
Eric and Annette (’93) Parker               Dennis Wheeler
J. James Perkins (’52)                      Mrs. Hester H. Whitcher
Cathy and Clarence Perry                    Norman and Patricia Wiegele
Donald and Jeannine Peterson                Elizabeth Wilbur (’13)
Louis and Janna Pontieri                    Paul (’99) and Audrey Williams
John and Dianna Propson                     Paul and Pamela Wilson
Ermel (’70) and Christine (’70) Quevedo     Danette Wollersheim
Robert (’68) and Judy Rangitsch             David Wollersheim (’59)
Paul (’59) and Barbara Redmond              Xcel Energy Foundation
Phil (’51) and Bev Reinig                   Richard (’62) and Sue (’72) Yorioka
Ed (’59) and Bunny (’59) Renouard           Paul and Kathleen Zizza
Rob (’92) and Darlene Rich

  Gonzaga University’s
School of Engineering
 and Applied Science

   proudly celebrated
       75 years
of Service, Excellence,
  and Purpose at an
   Anniversary Gala

 September 25, 2009 in
   Athletic Center

                            As we look toward the
                           future, we wish to thank
                          all the faithful friends and
                           supporters of Gonzaga’s
                              Engineering School
                           who have contributed to
                                the education of
                                  our students.
                              Your generosity has
                            helped secure a bright
                             future for the school.
                                           Thank you!

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