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                          Serving Members in Baltimore City, Baltimore County & Harford County
                                                                                                                                                         November 2005

                        Sierra Club mission: Explore, enjoy and protect the planet
FROM THE CHAIR: Greater Baltimore Sierra Club Group                                         these goals. The results: (1) Seeking new     moral moment… There are those who
Ron L. Henry                                                                                allies and building new coalitions, (2)       say this problem is too big… This is a
                                                                                            Creating media visibility, and (3) Bring-     time for those who see and understand
Greetings everyone! Things have been           marked the first time that so many Club      ing people together. Finally, delegates       and care and are willing to work!”
very busy and event-filled since our July      delegates gathered in one place and          chose the top three ways to impact en-
Ex Com meeting! I was truly privileged         voted on priorities. It was truly one of     vironmental decision-makers. They               ll
                                                                                                                                          I’ add two quotes. Robert Kennedy
to be a Maryland delegate at the first                   s
                                               the Club’ finest hours – the most im-        were: (1) Influence voters’electoral de-                                   We
                                                                                                                                          quoted the Lakota people: “ didn’     t
ever National Sierra Club Summit, held         pressive display of democratic, large-       cisions, (2) Focus on State policy-           inherit this planet from our ancestors;
in San Francisco on September 8 - 11.          scale, collective decision-making I’ve       makers, and (3) Influence local decision-     we borrowed it from our children.”
The Summit was truly democracy in ac-          ever witnessed! I am proud to have           makers about specific issues and places.                             t
                                                                                                                                          And, I say: If we don’ return to our
tion, as the 700+ Summit delegates             been part of that process!!                                                                children something roughly equivalent
helped set the future direction for the                                                     There were several inspiring speakers         to what we received, both in quality of
National Sierra Club. There were more          The first thing to which everyone over-      who significantly added to the general        our environment and the integrity of
than 5,000 participants at the Summit          whelmingly agreed is that the National       euphoria. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. spoke        our values, we have failed!!
and numerous off-line, on-going discus-        Sierra Club will be looking at things in a   eloquently and with great expertise
sion panels that covered many subject          different way. The intent is not to de-      about environmental matters. Vice-            I left this first ever Sierra Club National
areas. These deliberative sessions             tract from our central mission, but to       President Gore compared the events            Summit feeling inspired and infused
                                               re-examine our processes, methods,           preceding World War II (as the storm          with a new energy and a sense of pur-
Opportunities for Involvement                  and priorities to achieve that mission.      was gathering over Europe) to our pre-        pose in moving forward to create neces-
(see inside for more information):             From the pre-Summit inputs derived           sent day warnings about global warm-          sary changes to achieve our objectives.
                                               from Groups, Chapters, and Regions           ing. He emphasized a Biblical quote           We are presented with an opportunity in
January 10 - Outings Planning Meeting
                                               and from many hours of Summit delib-         that “Where there is no vision, the peo-      2006 to focus our collective energies on
January 19 - Executive Committee Public
                                               erations, 67% of the delegates chose         ple perish.” His strongest and most           our local and State election processes by
                                               “Building A New Energy Future” as            resonating statements were: “ have a
                                                                                                                          We              influencing voters’electoral decisions,
February 3 – Baltimore Sierran Happy Hour
                                               the Club’ top priority over the next         moral responsibility to deal with the         selecting State policy-makers, and influ-
                                               five years. Also ranking high were           consequences of quadrupling the popu-         encing local decision-makers about spe-
2nd Thursday of each month - Young Sier-
                                               “Building Vibrant, Healthy Com-              lation and industry’ emissions that in-
                                                                                                                s                                             s
                                                                                                                                          cific issues. Let’ work together to
rans Socials
                                               munities” (52%), “Defending Fed-             fluence the climate and create global         make our democratic process work to
2nd Saturday of each month – Young Sier-
rans Outings
                                               eral Lands and Public Waters”(49%),          warming… This is not about scientific         ensure that we will be able to proudly
                                               and “Protecting People and the               debate. It’ about who we are as human
                                                                                                       s                                  hand over to our children a sustainable
See Outings Schedule in newsletter and
website for BG outings
                                               Planet from Pollution” (46%).                           s
                                                                                            beings. It’ about our capacity to tran-       planet Earth for generations yet to
Deadline January 19 for February newslet-                                                   scend our limitations… Political will is a    come!
                                               Delegates also voted upon how the
ter - Contributions are welcome!                                                            renewable resource and NOW is a
                                               Club should use its resources to reach
Volunteer to:
? ?serve as Treasurer                          Phytoterrorism: An Urban                     strip character, but the smothering leafy     aid identification, visit http://
? ?serve as Conservation Chair                                                              killer), and English ivy (particularly grim
                                               Reality    by Mickey Mullany
                                                                                            when its stealth-like infestation weakens     common.htm.
? ?serve on committees or form a new           Goldberg                                     its host maples, elms and oaks), these
   committee                                                                                                                              The Irvine Nature Center in Stevenson
                                               Aliens- unwanted invading plants-            foreigners cannot assimilate; they de-
? ?be an outings leader                                                                     stroy.                                        has partnered with the Maryland Native
                                               threaten to devastate our natural flora.                                                   Plant Society (MNPS) to offer seminars
? ?help Friends of Harford review rezoning     In the mid-Atlantic region, 300 known
   proposals, attend hearings, and submit                                                   You likely have some phytoterrorists in       and meetings open to the public. In
                                               species of weeds, shrubs, vines and          your own backyard or local park. My
   comments                                                                                                                               August, during the 14th Annual Native
                                               trees imported from other countries
? ?help the Political Committee to develop                                                  holly tree has been invaded by the            Plant Seminar and Sale, speakers urged
                                               and climates have been displacing local                                      s
                                                                                            dreadful Mile-a-minute or Devil’ tear-        attendees to biodiversify their gardens
   questionnaires and interview candidates     plants (per Jill Swearingen, National
   for State and local office in 2006                                                       thumb from Asia; a nasty, prickly vine        and yards. With ongoing projects to
                                               Park Service). A stand of exotic Japa-       that chokes off light to its innocent but     restore areas at the Ft. Meade Army
? ?Are you interested in sharing your enthu-   nese barberry alters nitrogen levels and     enabling plant. Analysts suspect its fatal    Installation, Greenbelt National Park
   siasm for the outdoors with Baltimore       soil pH, ultimately choking out native
   City youngsters? Check out the Balti-                                                    introduction to Maryland came from an         and elsewhere, MNPS holds monthly
                                               plants. With benign names such as            unintentional York County planting in
   more Inner City Outings at www/                                                                                                        meetings for free open to the public.
                                               Tree-of-heaven (fast-growing and toxic to .                                                           the 1930s. For a list of common plant                               (Continued on page 2)
                                               local species), Kudzu (not the comic         predators that includes photo links to

November 2005                                                                                                                                                                       1
    GREATER BALTIMORE GROUP                 Harford County Enters 2nd                       Next, the Planning Advisory Board will
                                                                                            develop its own recommendations for sub-
                                                                                                                                             center) deep into the properties at the for-
                                                                                                                                             mer Big-M Drive-In and former agricultural
       SIERRA CLUB CONTACTS                 Phase of Rezoning Reviews                       mission to the County Council in Novem-          auction buildings. Also opposed is other
                                            by Mary C. Corddry in collaboration with                                            s
                                                                                            ber, along with the administration’ report.      commercial rezoning for Glenville Road’   s
40 E. Jarrettsville Rd                      Friends of Harford                              The County Council will hold public hear-        agricultural land and elsewhere around the
Forest Hill, Maryland 21050-1630                                                            ings--possibly on January 12, 19, and 26         already congested Route 22. The Land Use
E-mail:                   Harford County is in the middle of the first
                                            Comprehensive Zoning Review since 1998.         and February 2. The seven members will           Master Plan advises against such heavy de-
                                            Last December and January, property own-        then vote on each rezoning request to ap-        velopment in the designated rural village of
Greater Baltimore Group Website:                                                                                       s          s
                                                                                            prove the Administration’ or Board’ rec-         Churchville.       ers filed 328 requests to rezone 3,872 acres,
                                            including 126 requests for rezoning 2,804       ommendations, approve a different zoning
Young Sierrans website: http://                                                             classification, or deny any change.              Following are some comments from the
                                            acres from agricultural use to homes, town-                                                      public hearings:          houses, or commercial development.
youngsierrans                                                                               The County Council could decide to ap-
                                                                                            prove rezoning requests that the planning        “ Rather than say I remember when, say this
E-mail:                                     Community involvement is essential in this                                                                        s         ”
                                                                                                                                             is beautiful, let’ keep it.’
                                            process for planning the county’ future.
                                                                             s              representatives and County Executive rec-                                                              ommend for denial. Therefore, it is impor-
                                            Land use should reflect how county resi-                                                         “What I longed for in moving back here was
Baltimore Inner City Outings: http://       dents want the land used. It is important       tant that concerned citizens express their                              ve
                                                                                                                                             village life… What we’ proposed here is           for us to pay attention as government offi-     opinions during this political process by        more blacktop… What I long for is a plan
                                            cials review the county’ zoning and growth      speaking at the public hearings and submit-      with vision and imagination and, maybe I
                                            policies. Become informed. Discuss what         ting written comments, rather than waiting       should say, with soul. I long for leadership
Bob Burchard, Inner City Outings Liaison,                                                   until the bulldozers arrive. Zoning determi-     at any level for such a plan.”
                                            you want with your neighbors. Speak out at
Ex Com Member, 410-744-0510, rpbur-                                                         nations are one of the most important func-
                                            public hearings. Submit written comments.                                                                               tions of county government, directly im-         “                             s
                                                                                                                                              You should do the people’ business. I
                                            The seven members of the County Council         pacting residents’ quality of life, community    hope you will actively listen. I wish you
Mary C. Corddry, Newsletter Co-Editor,      will vote on each rezoning request after        health, the environment, and tax dollar          would make decisions based on what the
Recording Secretary, Ex Com Member, 410-    holding public hearings next January and        expenditures.                                    neighborhood and community need, not
248-0423,              February. As reported in The Aegis, the                                                          what a few need. If one property is rezoned,
                                            County Executive David R. Craig, who will       This process occurs every eight years. It        there will be the next and next. Just say no.”
Sherry Dowdell, Newsletter Co-Editor        run for election next fall, announced on        began in December 2004 and January 2005
410-484-2964,                                                         when property owners submitted rezoning          “People who own the property want the
                                            September 15 that his Administration, in-                                                        money now. This is property rights versus
                                            cluding the Planning and Zoning Depart-         applications. The process will end in Feb-
                                                                                            ruary 2006 when the County Council ap-           citizen rights. Citizens in this county de-
Doug Gaede,Webmaster                        ment, recommends denying more than two-
                                                                                            proves any comprehensive revisions to the        cided that zoning is important. We need to
410-357-0007,              thirds of the rezoning requests. Denial of
                                                                                            zoning maps. Campaign contributions and          decide what we want in the next 100 years
                                            up-zoning is recommended if the proposal                                                         and still have a farm fair.”
Mickey Mullany Goldberg, Recording          does not fit with the county’ 2004 Land
                                                                          s                 politicians’promises reflect the stakes of
Secretary, Newsletter Co-Editor, Ex Com     Use Master Plan, public facilities are not      this political process, especially with local
                                                                                                                                             “This may well signal the complete change
                                            adequate for the needs, there is an over-       elections coming next fall.
Member, 410-356-0412,                                                                                                                        of our area if this goes through.”                      abundance of the requested zoning (e.g.,        At the four hearings in August and Septem-
                                            commercial or residential), or the property     ber, high school auditoriums were filled
Kathy Harget, Young Sierrans Chair,         is outside the “development envelope,”          with 900 citizens, who were overwhelm-                             (Continued on page 7)
Ex Com Member, 410-440-9896,                which was drawn by the County Council in        ingly opposed to property owners’     requests              1976. The envelope is like an inverted T,       for more intensive residential or commer-
                                            running along Routes 24 and 924 and along       cial use of their properties. They expressed     Phytoterrorism
Ron Henry, Group Chair, Harford County      Route 40 and I-95.                              concerns about the impact of rezoning on         Continued from page 1
Representative, Ex Com Member,410-838-      Among the 126 requests for rezoning 2,804       such intangibles as quality of life and enjoy-
9119,                     acres of agricultural land, 37 requests for     ment of rural landscapes and village centers.    Its next meeting at Irvine will be No-
                                            rezoning 673 acres are recommended for          Concerns were expressed about the need to        vember 16th at 7:30 pm; no registration
                                            approval by the Administration, mostly to                             s
                                                                                            preserve the county’ agricultural heritage       required. Visit MNPS at http://
Walter Jones, BICO Chair, 443-394-8192                                                      and beautiful vistas for future generations.        residential use.                                                                       
                                                                                            Once the county’ fertile lands are paved
                                            Rural residential zoning is recommended         over, the agricultural use and way of life are   In fall, you may typically prepare your
Patrick McMahon,Transportation Chair,
                                            for 246 acres out of the 1,473 acres of agri-   gone forever. Citizens repeatedly urged the
Ex Com Member, 410-235-1512,
                                                                                            county to follow the approved Master Plan
                                                                                                                                             yard for the spring; however, resist the
                                            cultural land proposed for this rezoning.                                                                                                                          urge to simply yank alien plant invaders
                                                                                            and not approve rezoning where there is
                                            Intensive business use is being discouraged     already surplus residential or commercial        on sight. Flora may be ready to shed its
John Railey, Treasurer, Ex Com Member,      in the designated rural villages, such as                                                        seeds, and pulling can unwittingly help
                                                                                            capacity. They urged the county to keep
410-752-0104,           Churchville and along the congested Route                                                        them propagate for years to come. If
                                                                                            residential, commercial, and industrial de-
                                            22 corridor.                                    velopment within the designated                  you identify the invaders you can learn
Cliff Terry, Political Chair, Population                                                    “development envelope,” where such inten-
                                            Up-zoning to intensive business use is rec-                                                      safe eradication options. I personally
Chair, Alternate Chapter Delegate,                                                          sive development is planned with the neces-
Ex Com Member, 410-944-9477,                ommended for 15 acres in the county.                                                             feel that the only thing that can rid our
                                                                                            sary public infrastructure of roads, schools,    area of exotic bamboo may be napalm,
ckterry@BCPL.NET                                                    s
                                            The County Executive’ recommendations           and utilities.
                                            follow the Planning and Zoning Depart-                                                           but easy Internet research reveals more
Bette Thomson, Outings Gatekeeper,          ment’ research of each property. Four pub-
                                                  s                                         Many community groups were represented           rational alternatives at http://
410-666-2696,                lic hearings in August and September were       at these public hearings. For example, the
                                            attended by about 900 concerned citizens,       Concerned Citizens of Churchville attended       bamb.html. Additionally, to purchase
Jack Wise, Outings Chair, Ex Com Mem-       and an additional 1,100 written comments        the Aberdeen public hearing, wearing yel-        plants from local nurseries that cater to
ber, 410-256-3963,   were received, urging denial of most rezon-     low shirts. They oppose the proposed re-         natives, try
                                            ing requests. The public comments were          zoning of 50 acres for intensive business        publications/nurseries.html.
                                            described as specific and well researched.      use (e.g., big box or suburban shopping

2                                                                                                                                                                     Baltimore Sierran
                  Upcoming Greater Baltimore Sierra Club Meetings                                                           Young Sierrans Socials and
Executive Committee Public               Outings Planning Meeting                 Happy Hour Sierran Mixer                  The Young Sierrans Group of the Greater
Meeting                                                                                                                     Baltimore Area holds monthly Socials on
                                         The next meeting of the GB Out-          Friday February 3 – GB Easy.              the second Thursday of each month at
Sierra Club members and non-             ings Committee is scheduled for          Mixer                                     7:00: December 8, January 12, and
                                         Tuesday, January 10 at 6:30 in                                                     February 9. The Socials are held at the
members are invited to attend the                                                                                           City Cafe, located at 1001 Cathedral Street
next quarterly public meeting of the     Cockeysville. New and prospective                                                  (just south of Eager Street) in the Mt.
Greater Baltimore Group’ Execu-
                           s             outings leaders are welcome. Pot                                                   Vernon area of Baltimore City. Stop by
                                                                                  Come out and bring a friend, mem-
tive Committee. The meeting is           luck dinner at 6:30 p.m. Call Bette                                                and have a cup of coffee, a drink, or some
                                                                                  ber or non-member, and get ac-
scheduled for Thursday, January          at 410-666-2696 for directions.                                                    food with like-minded folks. These socials
                                                                                  quainted without the need for boots,      provide us with an informal way to meet
19, 7:30 – 9:30 at the Maryland Pres-                                             sunscreen, or bug juice. No hills to
byterian Church near Towson. Light       Come plan new outings and meet                                                     other young people concerned about envi-
                                         other outings leaders. If you’ in-
                                                                         re       climb or streams to cross. Just a         ronmental issues and interested in organiz-
refreshments are served. Bring your                                               complimentary buffet with indoor          ing group hikes, activism activities, and
ideas or concerns about conserva-        terested in leading outings and are
                                         curious about what is involved,          plumbing included at no extra cost.       other outings.
tion, environmental, educational, or                                              Meet at Schooners for happy hour
outings activities. Come to partici-     come and talk with the outings lead-                                               The Young Sierrans Outings are scheduled
                                         ers. The group will also discuss the     (anytime between 5 & 7 p.m.) lo-          for the 2nd Saturday of each month after
pate in the discussions and planning.                                             cated on Belair Road just south/
                                         contents of first aid kits that are                                                the monthly social. For details, check out
Take the Baltimore Beltway (695) to      purchased for all outings leaders        inside of the Beltway. The manager        the Young Sierrans web site at http://
Exit 28 (Providence Road). Take          with money from the $1 donations         has been extremely accommodating.
                                                                                  Please return the favor and register      youngsierrans/
Providence Road north. The church        collected at outings. The donations
building is on your right just outside   also reimburse for the required first    with me so we will have adequate          Questions? Contact Kathy, Young Sier-
the Beltway. Parking lots are in front   aid training.                            space. Call Joyce at 410-254-7240.        rans Chair, at 410-440-9896 or har-
and at the side of the building.                                                                                  

                        HELP WANTED!!
        A Treasurer is needed for the Greater Baltimore Group.                                                              Girl Scouts of Central Mary-
                 A Conservation Chair is also needed.                             Forest Stewardship                        land need your help for Year-
        If you’ interested, contact Ron Henry at 410-838-9119 or                  Newsletter                                round Outdoor Programs
                                                      A very special THANK YOU to our           The Girl Scouts of Central Maryland
                                                                                  Chairman Emeritus, Richard Klein,         are in need of outdoor program volun-
                                         We Need Your E-mail                      for his efforts to produce an excel-      teers to help with adventure programs.
                                                                                                                            Adults interested and certified in arch-
                                         Addresses!                               lent special edition newsletter on
                                                                                                                            ery, orienteering, canoeing, kayaking,
                                                                                  forest stewardship. Great job, Rich-      astronomy, hiking, back packing, ropes
                                         The Sierra Club is most effective        ard!! This newsletter was received a      courses or life guarding are needed for
                                         when our members show up at              few weeks by the 1,819 Sierra Club        program activities throughout the year.
 Contributions for the                   community meetings or hearings or        members who live in Baltimore
                                         contact their elected officials to       County. It was made possible by a         Not certified in archery or rope
   Sierran Newsletter                    voice their opinions and advocate        grant from the Baltimore County           courses? The Girl Scouts of Central
We are seeking contributions to the      for the environment. We can use e-       Department of Environmental Pro-          Maryland will pay for your certification
Baltimore Sierran newsletter from        mail to contact you more than the        tection and Resource Management           if you are willing to give at least 4
environmentalists of all ages and        four times a year this newsletter af-                                              week-ends a year to present the pro-
                                                                                  and the U.S. Environmental Protec-
interests. We need articles, news,       fords us, in order to let you know                                                 gram to our girls.
                                                                                  tion Agency. The newsletter is part
ideas, photographs, or poems related     about upcoming meetings or impor-                                s
                                                                                  of Baltimore County’ Rural Resi-          If you have a special talent that you
to the environment, conservation, or     tant legislation. If you want to join    dential Stewardship Initiative. The       would like to present as a cooperative
outings in Baltimore City, Baltimore     this environmental hot-mail, give        purpose is to encourage Sierrans and      program (pottery, drama, dance, etc.)
County, or Harford County.               your e-mail address to Cliff Terry at:   all other citizens to look around for     through the Girl Scout Outdoor Pro-
                                                       opportunities to expand existing for-     gram Department let us know. Con-
Send contributions or ideas to Mary                                               ests, particularly along rural streams,   tact Abby Neyenhouse or Billy Hein-
Corddry at                                          t
                                         If you don’ want to rummage              rivers, wetlands, and other water         buch at 410-358-9711 or email aneyen- or 75 Per-          around looking for outings sched-                                         or bhein-
                                                                                  bodies. Look for another forest
ryfalls Place, Nottingham, MD            ules before each weekend, get on                                          for more information
                                                                                  stewardship newsletter in the spring.     or to get involved.
21236. The deadline for submissions      the e-mail notification list for up-
to the February Baltimore Sierran        coming outings. Send your e-mail
newsletter is January 19th.              address to Alan Penczek at:
November 2005                                                                                                                                                        3
Help Elect Pro-Environmental Pub-
lic Officials                                 But don’ think that if you volunteer
                                              you’ committing to an overwhelming
                                                                                                              Other Contacts To Explore,
by Cliff Terry, Group Political Chair         job. Whatever you can do will make a                            Enjoy and Protect the Planet
                                              difference. We will, at least, screen can-
We’ getting close to the 2006 election        didates and recommend endorsements
campaign season, believe it or not. It’s                                                   1000 Friends of Maryland: 410-385-2910
                                              in the most important races. And we’    ll
time to gear up for Sierra Club political     help our favored candidates, at a mini-      Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay: 410-377-6270
work. The Group Political Committee’      s   mum, by publicizing our endorsements         Audubon Patterson Park Initiative: 410-558-2473
work can be a lot of fun, and you get to      and sending volunteers to the most im-
help determine who will be in a position                                                       md/patterson_park
                                              portant campaigns.
to protect or trash the Chesapeake Bay,                                                    Appalachian Trail: 304-535-6331
our open space, drinking water, wildlife            ll
                                                   I’ be glad to talk with anyone who
                                                                                           Baltimore Canoe Club:
habitat, the air we breathe.                  is even just maybe, possibly interested.
                                              Contact me at 410-944-9477 or                Balto. City Dpt. of Public Works:
We have a lot of work to do, but it’ a                             Balto. City Dpt. of Recreation & Parks:
fascinating and eye-opening experience.
You get to hobnob with movers and                                                          Balto. Co. Dpt. Of Environmental Protection & Resource Mgmt.: 410-887-3733 http://
shakers, as well as wannabees (who may
be future movers and shakers). In fact,       Student Environmental                  
                                                                                           Biotrek Naturalists:
by helping to sort them out, you become       Activism at UMBC
a bit of a mover and shaker yourself.                                                      Carrie Murray Nature Center: 410-396-0808
                                              Jake Tanenbaum, a sophomore at the           Chesapeake Bay Foundation:
Next year we elect a Senator, Congress-
                                              University of Maryland Baltimore
men, Governor, General Assembly                                                            Chesapeake Bay Trust: 410-974-2941
Senators and Delegates, County Execu-
                                              County (UMBC) is speaking to indi-
tives, and Council members. Our               viduals around campus about the              Cromwell Valley Park: 410-887-`2503
Group’ service area covers Baltimore          possibility of establishing a UMBC           Cylburn Arboretum Assoc.: 410-367-2217
City, Baltimore County, and Harford           Sierra Club group. He has found
                                                                                           Environmental Protection Agency:
County. It has major chunks of three of       many people who have expressed an
Maryland’ eight Congressional Dis-
           s                                  interest in becoming involved with           Friends of Harford: 410-838-7333
tricts--now represented by Dutch Rup-         the Sierra Club. The group will focus        Gunpowder Falls State Park: 410-592-2897
persberger, Ben Cardin, and Elijah Cum-       on outings and, additionally, provide        Gunpowder Valley Conservancy:
mings, which gives our Group much of          education about the local environ-
the responsibility for choosing and help-                                                  Gwynns Falls Trail Council: 410-448-5663 x135
                                              ment and major, current environ-
ing the Maryland Chapter’ endorsees in        mental issues. After the group is cre-       Harford Land Trust: 410-836-2103
those districts. Moreover, since Paul         ated, it will seek recognition from          Herring Run Watershed Assoc.: 410-254-1577
Sarbanes is retiring from the Senate and               s
                                              UMBC’ Student Government Asso-
Ben Cardin is running to succeed him,                                                      Irvine Nature Center: 410-484-2413
                                              ciation. Recruitment of members
both of their seats will be open. That                                                     Izaak Walton League Save Our Streams Program:
means at least two unpredictable races
                                              will then get underway, and qualified
of top importance, since they will help       members will be sought for leader-           Jones Falls Watershed Assoc.: 410-261-3515
to determine which party controls the         ship positions. There is excitement          Marshy Point Nature Center: 410-887-2817
respective houses of Congress.                                    s
                                              about this group’ potential, and
                                                                                           MD Cooperative Extension:
                                              hope that the movement will spread
Our Committee will write questionnaires       to other Maryland college campuses.          MD Dpt. of Natural Resources:
to screen candidates for local offices.       For more information, contact Jake           MD Native Plant Society:
We will review questionnaire responses        at: 410-322-5440 or jta-
by them and by the area’ General As-
                          s                                                                MD Office of Smart Growth:
sembly candidates. We will interview                                                       MD Outdoor Club:
both groups and recommend Club en-            The UMBC Sierra Club group will              MD Sierra Club: 301-277-7111
dorsements. Then, we’ help those en-          work in conjunction with UMBC’    s
dorsees who have a good chance of win-                                                     Mountain Club of MD:
                                              Students for Environmental Aware-
ning, but may need our help.                                                               Oregon Ridge Nature Center: 410-887-1815
                                              ness, which is already recognized by
If there are enough participants, we will     the Student Government Associa-              Parks & People Foundation (Balto. City): 410-448-5663
support the endorsees such as by writing                             to
                                              tion. Its mission is: “ achieve              Patapsco Valley State Park: 410-461-5005
press releases and letters to the editor;     greater awareness and take action to
planning, organizing, and recruiting vol-     address environmental problems               Rails-to-Trails Conservancy:
unteers for news conferences and rallies;     within the UMBC campus, the sur-             Soldiers Delight Natural Environmental Area: 410-922-3044
canvassing voters; distributing literature;   rounding community, and the                  Students for Environmental Action UMBC:
telephoning voters; putting up yard           world.” This group may be con-
signs; stuffing envelopes for mailings;                                                    The Smarter Land Use Project:
                                              tacted at:
and greeting voters at the polls.                                                          The Valleys Planning Council (Balto. Co.): 410-337-6877

4                                                                                                                                                                  Baltimore Sierran
How to End the Anti-                         pact of corporate money on environ-
                                             mental issues, we need look no further      Loch Raven Reservoir
Environmental Influence of                   than the "4-P bill", which would have       Cleanup Day 2005!                            The Springdale Community Associa-
Campaign Contributions                       reduced emissions of the four most
                                                                                                                                      tion donated $750, Sam’ Club $1,000,
                                             toxic chemicals produced by power           by Paula Faith Kurrus, Founder and           and the Chesapeake Bay Trust $500.
by Aryah Fradkin, Field Director for         plants. Naturally, the bill had the back-   Project Leader
                                             ing of the State’ entire environmental
                                                             s                                                                        Supplies and food for the volunteers
Common Cause Maryland
                                             community, with the Sierra Club,                                                         were donated by many local busi-
                                                                                         The Loch Raven Reservoir Cleanup             nesses, the Baltimore County Depart-
As a Sierra Club president said a few        League of Conservation Voters, Chesa-       Day started out four years ago with
years ago, "The main reason many politi-     peake Bay Foundation, and Clean Water                                                    ment of Environmental Protection
                                                                                         one large, messy site and 100 hard-          and Resource Management, Baltimore
cians side with the polluters is their       Action all submitting letters of approval   working volunteers, mostly from              City Department of Public Works,
never-ending need for campaign cash.         and generating hundreds of letters from
                                                                                         Springdale. The event has enlarged           and Pitch-In For Progress.
Public campaign financing will eliminate     concerned constituents. So what hap-
the influence of donors who want to                                                      each year to include more sites and
weaken environmental laws, and it will                                                   volunteers. Cleanup Day 2005 was             Congratulations, Maryland citizens for
shift power back to voters and volun-        The answer lies in who opposed the bill     another huge success. Over 300 peo-          caring about the state of our drinking
teers."                                      and how much money they invested to         ple cleaned up eight sites. Debris re-       water and consistently coming out to
                                             defeat it. Allegheny Energy, Constella-                                 s
                                                                                         moved from the reservoir’ shoreline          do something about it! Thanks to all
Common Cause Maryland is working on          tion Energy, Mirant, and Pepco were the     and many watershed trails filled 200         the supporters and especially to all of
an important and exciting campaign to        four main power companies that op-          large trash sacks. The Baltimore City        those volunteers who faithfully come
bring public financing of campaigns to       posed the bill. According to a study        Department of Public Works hauled            out and work so very hard each year
Maryland. Our elections have become a        done by Common Cause in 2004, these         all of it away— trash sacks, many tires,     to help keep the Loch Raven Reser-
contest between high-powered lobbies         companies combined to contribute ap-        and lare pieces of debris.                   voir, the local source of our drinking
competing for who can spend the most         proximately $56,000 in the past five                                                     water, clean. I encourage all of our
on their candidates and lobbyists. Be-       years to members of the Maryland Sen-       The volunteers included people of all        neighbors living in the Loch Raven
tween 1995 and 2000, $17 million was         ate, and more than $440,000 to all candi-   ages, mostly from the Loch Raven             Reservoir Watershed area to be more
spent by organizations and individuals on    dates, far more than given by environ-      Watershed area, but also from Be-            responsible with your trash. Place
funding political campaigns in Maryland.     mentalists. In light of this glaring dis-   thesda, Rockville, and Silver Spring.
Between 2001 and 2005, that amount                                                                                                    your trash only in trashcans and all of
                                             crepancy and the huge advantage that        Neighbors with their whole families
jumped to $118 million, an astonishing       corporations and other wealthy donors                                                    the large debris at the dump, not in
                                                                                         came out along with Scout troops,            the source of our water supply!! Oth-
increase of $100 million, driven by such     enjoy over the average voter in money       church groups, Jewish groups, the
heavily lobbied issues as slot machines.     for campaign contributions, Common                                                       erwise, you are not only poisoning
                                                                                         Cockeysville Police Department, and          yourself, but all of the rest of us.
Think of all the parks we could preserve,    Cause has made public financing of elec-    several political leaders. Many ele-
the open space we could protect, if these    tions its top priority for the upcoming     mentary, middle, and high schools            For more information about the Loch
groups would put even a 10th of that         2006 legislative session.
                                                                                         were represented by their Key Clubs,         Raven Reservoir Cleanup Day and
money towards conservation.
                                             Reducing the influence of power com-        environmental clubs, and science             other fun, environmentally helpful
HB 1031 for public financing of State        panies and other corporate donors will      clubs. Many other students partici-          activities, please call 410-683-3144 or
political campaigns was introduced by        bring our lawmakers' attention back to      pated who were not necessarily mem-          email or
Delegate Jon Cardin during the 2005 ses-     the pressing issues that matter to their    bers of any club, but interested in re-      go to
sion of Maryland’ General Assembly.
                    s                        constituents, and away from the lucra-      ceiving Service-Learning Hours.
The “  Clean Elections”bill garnered the     tive offers of big money and big pollut-
support of 39 co-sponsors, passed the        ers. That will make the "one person,
Ways and Means committee by a vote of        one vote" system of democracy a reality     Memorial Stadium Artificial                  build the reef balls last spring and at-
14-6, but did not receive a vote by the                                                                                               tached oyster shells with year-old spat to
                                             in Maryland.                                Reef Project   by Sherry Dowdell
full House. A system of public financing
was proposed that is similar to campaign     On November 6, a conference was held        William G. Huppert, Maryland Saltwater       The reef balls will become a living labo-
finance reform practiced in Arizona and      on “ Clean Money – Campaign Finance                            s            s
                                                                                         Sport Fishermen’ Association’ Reef           ratory for the students by providing sanc-
Maine. Candidates could qualify by col-      Reform: A Real Solution for Maryland.”      Ball Coordinator, has been hard at work      tuary for crabs and small fish as well as
lecting at least $5 from 0.25% of the peo-   The event was sponsored by the Sierra       with Gibson Island Country School. To-       oysters and mussels. They will scientifi-
ple in the district they wished to repre-    Club Maryland Chapter, Common               gether, they have deployed seven con-        cally study the wildlife populations for
sent (or from 282 people in an average       Cause Maryland, League of Women                                                 s
                                                                                         crete reef balls beneath the School’ Pier.   the next three years and document the
State Senate district). Qualifying candi-    Voters of Maryland, Progressive Mary-       These concrete reef balls are constructed    reef animals by using underwater photog-
dates would then receive $80,000 for a       land, American Jewish Congress Mary-        of concrete salvage from the old Memo-       raphy.
House race and $100,000 for a Senate         land Chapter, and Baltimore Jewish          rial Stadium and are part of the Larger
race. These amounts are extremely rea-       Council. Attendees discussed how to         Chesapeake Bay Artificial Reef Program.      MSSA involves itself in environmental
sonable when you consider that the aver-     advance a bill for campaign finance re-     Maryland Saltwater Sport Fisherman’   s      education whenever possible. This in-
age amount spent in 2004 for a House         form in the 2006 session of the State       Association (MSSA) is working in con-        cludes scholarship assistance to students
campaign was $77,000 and $110,000 for        legislature.                                junction with many other organizations       planning to major in Marine Biology or
the Senate. After a candidate receives                                                   including the Oyster Recovery Program,       any other field of study related to the
these funds, they would agree not to raise   If you want more information, please        Maryland Department of Natural Re-           ecology of the Chesapeake Bay and its
any more private contributions.              contact Aryah Fradkin at 443-695-1761       sources, Maryland Environmental Ser-         tributaries. For more information contact
                                             or at .            vices, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, and        William G. Huppert, MSSA Reef Ball
In order to directly demonstrate the im-                                                 the National Oceanic and Atmospheric         Coordinator at 410-256-3733.
                                                                                         Administration. The students helped
November 2005                                                                                                                                                                  5
THE DEAD WOODS                                            In the tangle of tree trunks, various invasive
                                                          species have taken hold. Mile-a-minute vine
by Glenn Langan (14 years old)                            has totally covered large areas in a blanket.
                                                          Pokeweed has sprouted up everywhere, and
The woods behind my Grandmother’       s                  multi-flora rose has formed large prickly
house used to be a beautiful deciduous for-               thickets. The trails themselves have suf-
est. We used to take walks there in the                   fered. Some were used as logging roads and
trees. At the bottom of a valley, there was a             have been churned up into wide swaths of
fairly large stream. It was a wood full of big            mud, which will erode and pollute the
hills covered in trees, and in between them               streams. Others are unrecognizable because
valleys with the occasional small swamp                   of the trees cut down and lying around
with skunk cabbage.                                       them. The swamps with their skunk
                                                          cabbage are drying up in the sun that is
Unfortunately, that all changed. The owner                flooding the forest. Some of the ani-
of the woods decided to log it. They                      mals we used to see are gone, either
chopped down almost all of the trees in
most of the woods. Only patches of me-                    because of the light or the destruction
dium sized trees remained. All of the larger              of the landscape. It does not look like
trees were taken away, while the smaller                  a forest anymore.
ones were left lying on the ground.

                                                                                                                        TREE HARVESTING IN MARYLAND
Participating in Sierra Club Hikes & Other Outings
1. Sierra Club outings are open to everyone--member and non-members. Activities are nor-                          Forests currently cover 2.6 million acres     ment (MDE). District Forest Boards
        rain                       s
mally “ or shine” at the leader’ discretion. Check with the leader if the weather appears                         or approximately 41% of the State. An         inspect timber harvesting for sediment
threatening. Reservations are not required, unless noted in the announcement.
                                                                                                                  estimated 130,600 private landowners          and erosion control. The Forest Water-
2. Beginners are welcome. If the outing requires experience or good conditioning, this will be                    own 76% of the forests. State Forester        shed Management Program provides
stated in the announcement. Call the outing leader if you have questions about the terrain,                       Steven W. Koehn, Director of the De-          technical assistance to promote best
difficulty, duration, or recommended clothing or equipment.                                                       partment of Natural Resources (DNR)           management practices. According to
3. Children under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or other responsi-                      Forest Service, states on the DNR web-        H.B. 168 effective October 1, 2005,
ble adult. Call the leader ahead of time to find out if the hike is suitable for children. If older               site              anyone performing tree care or removal
teenagers want to attend without their parents, they must have the outing leader’ prior con-                      forests/landplanning/ :                       must be insured and be licensed by the
sent and have the Minor Medical Treatment Authorization form and a permission slip signed                                                                       DNR as a Maryland Tree Expert.
by their parent/guardian.                                                                                         “Privately owned forests should be rec-
4. Dogs and other pets are not allowed on Sierra Club outings, unless the activity is specifi-                    ognized for the many goods and envi-          State law and regulations require that a
cally advertised in the announcement as being “ friendly.”                                                        ronmental services they provide. These        sediment control plan be approved be-
5. Participants must have the proper clothing, equipment, and stamina for the event. Bring at                     forests protect soil, ensure quality water,   fore any earth disturbing activity ex-
least one quart of water with you for every five miles or two hours of hiking. Bring a lunch,                     store carbon, and provide habitat for         ceeding 5,000 square feet. The DNR
snacks, or more. Always bring rain gear. In cold weather, dress in layers with synthetics or                      wildlife. … In Maryland, well over half       and MDE developed a Compliance
wool against your skin. Avoid cotton. During hunting season, wear bright clothing; don’   t                       of our population depends on water            Agreement for the Standard Erosion
impersonate a deer. Wear good hiking boots that support your ankles, which you've broken                          supplies that originate on or are pro-        and Sediment Control Plan for Forest
in before the hike. Carry a personal first aid kit. Bring any medications that you may need.                      tected, in part, by private forestlands,      Harvest Operations. Each county may
A hiking stick can come in handy when crossing streams or navigating slippery or rocky                            making the bond between drinking wa-          be delegated the authority to enforce
slopes.                                                                                                           ter and the sustainable management of                    s
                                                                                                                                                                the State’ minimum requirements.
6. Practice low impact hiking. Keep on the trail to avoid trampling things or getting hurt.                       privately owned forest obvious… The           When a tree harvest is planned on pri-
7. Keep with the group. A “sweep” is usually designated to go last and make sure no one gets                      improper cutting of forest lands can          vate property, an erosion and sediment
lost or runs into trouble.                                                                                        cause long-term adverse effects on for-       control plan must be approved by the
                                                                                                                  est composition, quality and economic         local Soil Conservation District. The
8. Since there are rarely bathroom facilities, every hour or so the outing leader will announce a
                                                                                                                  value of forest resources for decades…        plan must particularly address sediment
“             .                                                                      s
 separation” Men and women walk out of sight of each other to answer Nature’ call. Pick
a spot at least 200 feet from any water. You may want to bring some toilet tissues, a small                       Forest, timberlands, woodlands and soil                           s
                                                                                                                                                                control at the site’ entrance, roads,
spade, and double zip-lock plastic storage bags to carry out any soiled tissues.                                  resources of the State are basic assets,      trails, landings, and waterways. It must
                                                                                                                  and the proper use, development, and          include a Streamside Management
9. Outings participants often carpool between a meeting place and the trailhead. The Sierra
                                                                                                                  preservation of these resources are nec-      Zone, as an uncut and undisturbed
Club does not have insurance for carpooling arrangements and assumes no liability for them.
Carpooling is strictly a private arrangement among the participants, who assume full responsi-                    essary to protect and promote the             buffer, on either side of a perennial or
bility and liability for all risks associated with such travel.                                                   health, safety and general welfare of the     intermittent stream, river, lake, pond,
                                                                                                                  people of the State.”                         bog, or marsh. Areas with steep slopes
10. The Greater Baltimore Group suggests a $1 or $2 donation to help defray the expenses                                                                        must be stabilized with seed and/or
associated with the outings program.                                                                              Since 1977, forest harvesting in Mary-        mulch to prevent future erosion. A silt
All participants in Sierra Club outings are required to sign a standard liability waiver before                   land has been regulated by the Soil Ero-      fence or straw bale dike may be needed
the outing begins. If you want to read the waiver beforehand or get a copy of the Minor                           sion and Sediment Control Guidelines          as a sediment barrier on the down-
Medical Treatment Authorization form, see                              for Forest Harvest Operations. This is        slope.
forms/index.asp or call 415-977-5630.                                                                             now administered under the Water
John Muir, founder of the Sierra Club, said: “ people in general could be got into the woods, even for once, to
                                                   If                                                             Management Administration of the
hear the trees speak for themselves, all difficulties in the way of forest preservation would vanish.”            Maryland Department of the Environ-

6                                                                                                                                                                                     Baltimore Sierran
Harford County Rezoning                           Friends of Harford is a local organization        rural areas is resulting in congested and un-             decrease from the 3,000 permits annually
(continued from page 2)                           that formed in 1997 to advocate for smarter       safe traffic. Country roads are typically nar-            that was typical 10-15 years ago. Facilities
                                                  growth, managed development, and quality          row and winding, have only two lanes, lack                such as schools are just beginning to catch
“ is getting impossible to farm in Bel Air.”
 It                                               design. This organization mobilized over          shoulders, and have limited sight-lines                                        s
                                                                                                                                                              up from the County’ unprecedented
                                                  100 volunteers, encouraged citizens to be-        around curves and on hills.                               growth rate.
“Millions of dollars are going into agricul-      come involved, distributed fliers, wrote
tural preservation… Show support for a vi-        letters to local newspapers, testified at hear-   Parks and recreation facilities have not kept             The Planning and Zoning Department esti-
able agricultural industry.”                      ings, and submitted written comments.             up with the residential development.                      mates that the growth rate will rise again
                                                  They visited each property proposed for                                                                     over the next 10 years, with the County
“ want the community to retain quality to
 I                                                                                                  According to the 2004 Land Use Master                     adding 15,675 new households. This re-
                                                  rezoning, researched the potential impact         Plan and a Legg Mason study, only 41% of
raise children… We are being surrounded by                                                                                                                    cently revised estimate reflects the military
                                                  on the surrounding area, and prepared rec-                    s
                                                                                                    the county’ existing commercial land inven-
commercial properties. Small communities                                                                                                                      base realignment and closure process, which
                                                  ommendations for a report to the County           tory will be used by the year 2025. New
are being squeezed out.”                                                                                                                                      may result in 2,200 government jobs being
                                                  Council.                                          businesses in areas saturated with commer-                moved to Aberdeen Proving Ground and
“ Many of us moved there because we were                                                            cial development threaten the viability of
                                                  The Greater Baltimore Group of the Sierra                                                                   an additional 10,000 related private sector
tired of commercial buildup. Now, you’                                                              existing businesses. This has resulted in
                                                  Club is collaborating with Friends of Har-                                                                  jobs. Officials are expecting the biggest
doing this again.”                                                                                  closed shopping centers with boarded up
                                                  ford to ensure that citizens’voices are                                                                     expansion to APG and its associated de-
                                                  heard during this comprehensive zoning            buildings and vacant parking lots. Such                   fense contractors since World War II.
“ neighborhood was zoned agricultural
                                                  review. We urge county officials to engage        blight is near newly created or proposed
when I bought my home… One day I’      m
                                                  in responsible decision-making that pre-          commercial properties (e.g., the empty                    Concerned citizens are urged to remain
going to wake up to a warehouse outside my
                                                  serves the county’ historic rural character,      Ames building in the Campus Hills Shop-                   informed and actively involved in this
window and across the street, light indus-
                                                  scenic charm, and quality of life. We op-         ping Center). The county is investing in                  zoning review process, which will di-
                                                  pose up-zoning unless it is needed and            redevelopment of the commercial corridor                                            s
                                                                                                                                                              rectly affect the County’ environment
“Business in this area would be an atrocity.      wanted by the community, consistent with          on Route 40 in the Edgewood area. This is                 and quality of life now and for future
If I wanted to live next to businesses, I         the Master Plan, within the “ development         all the more reason why rezoning to com-                  generations. It is important to come out
would live in the city.”                          envelope,” and carefully planned to provide       mercial use should be denied outside the                                           s
                                                                                                                                                              for the County Council’ public hearings
                                                  the necessary public infrastructure and miti-     development envelope. Unbroken commer-                    in January and February, or to submit
“How would you like a big business in your                                                          cial corridors along road frontage are unde-              written comments during the comment
neighborhood?”                                    gate negative impacts.
                                                                                                    sirable.                                                  period. This process may be followed in
“ Only give consideration to a zoning change      The following problems are being experi-                                                                    the county newspapers. The County
                                                  enced in Harford County:                          Also according to the Legg Mason study,                   Planning and Zoning Department has
if it is for the better of the community, not                                                       there are 31,308 parcels already zoned for
for the better of the pocketbook of land-                                                                                                                     extensive information (including maps
                                                  Environmental impacts are a concern with          new residential building, enough to last the              showing current and proposed develop-
owners.”                                          farmland developed, trees cut, and streams                                             s
                                                                                                    next 25 years. The Administration’ recom-                 ments) in its Bel Air office at 220 South
“ something is good for one person, it is         degraded or diverted into culverts. Sensi-        mendations would add another 2,000+ par-                  Main Street and on its web site at:
not necessarily good for the entire commu-        tive watersheds are threatened by develop-        cels to this inventory. The demand for new      
nity. If it doesn’ make sense or is not right,    ment in areas with a history of septic fail-      housing has been relatively low compared to               ComprehensiveZoningReview
it should be denied. Development incursion        ures and contaminated wells.                      the capacity, since only 1,800 residential
into residential neighborhoods and into the                                                         building permits were approved annually in
                                                  Storm water drains across private proper-         the past five years. This was a significant
woods is not right. Keep it along the high-       ties. Runoff ends up in the Chesapeake
way.”                                             Bay.
“ got 10 houses and doesn’ need more.
 He                            t                  Farms are becoming surrounded by resi-            In Search of: More Outings and Outings Leaders
You should deny the proposal and make             dential and commercial development.               Calling all leaders and outdoors enthusiasts. Help enhance the outings offerings for the Greater Balti-
him wait until the next cycle of rezoning.        Some farmers must deal with constant              more Area with more activities of all types, locations, and difficulty — hiking, strolling, nature explora-
He’ made his money.”                              complaints from their neighbors, such as          tion for children, stargazing, canoeing, tubing, kayaking, cycling, car camping, backpacking, orienteering,
                                                  about the smell from normal farming op-           cross country skiing, bird watching, trail maintenance, watershed cleanup, invasive plant removal, tree
“ None of the new plans should be granted                                                           planting.
because it is clear they don’ meet the objec-
                            t                     erations, spraying, and harvesting into the
tives of the Master Plan.”                        night.                                            If you are interesting in sharing your outdoors pursuits and special places with others, find out how to
                                                                                                    get started. Talk to an outings leader. Attend the quarterly Outings Planning Meeting. Participate an
“ are asking for fairness in the process.         With spot zoning, there is a domino effect        outing. You can start as a sweep, or help leaders to scout their outings.
Take care of infrastructure issues first and      of development creeping through rural
                                                  landscapes, with uncoordinated building of                         STEPS TO BECOMING AN OUTINGS LEADER
approve something more in line with the
community such as large houses.”                  homes and townhouses in isolated pockets          ?                                     t
                                                                                                        No experience is required. You don’ need to be a naturalist. Training and mentoring are provided.
                                                  and commerce spreading from highway
                                                                                                    ?   To find out how to get started, contact Jack Wise, Outings Chair, at 410-256-3963. Jack has informa-
“There is no public sewer or water. The           intersections into rural or residential               tion and resource materials that are useful for new leaders.
water pressure can’ take more. I vehe-            neighborhoods.
mently oppose multi-family dwellings here.”                                                         ?   Outings leaders are required to be a Sierra Club member and at least 18 years old.
                                                  Intensive residential and commercial devel-
                                                                                                    ?   Take the Sierra Club Outings Leader training (Basic OLT 101) or comparable training from a local
“ can take three lights to get out now.”          opment is occurring or proposed in areas              outings entity. Jack will give you the access codes for the on-line course of the National Sierra Club.
                                                  without public water and sewer, and for               The course is also available from Jack in hard copy.
“ witnessed five accidents in the last year,      which none is planned for the next 6-10
two of them fatal. I have seen considerable       years.                                            ?   Arrange to take a Red Cross basic first aid course or a comparable or higher level course (e.g., wilder-
development in the last five years. When is                                                             ness first aid courses offered by Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunities, the Wilderness Safety
enough enough?”                                   There is a moratorium to stop additional              Council, etc.). Purchase the required first aid kit. The Sierra Club will reimburse you for your ex-
                                                  residential development in high school dis-           penses. Contact Joyce Fletcher, Outings Treasurer, at 410-254-7240 about reimbursement.
 “ ask to preserve as much woods as possi-        tricts with overcrowded schools. It is in         ?   Provisionally lead at least one outing, accompanied by an experienced outings leader.
ble rather than stripping away all the trees.”    danger of being lifted.                           ?   Once you have completed these requirements, inform Jack and contact Bette Thomson, Outings
“This is a beautiful, rural quality of life. It   A comprehensive traffic plan is needed.               Gatekeeper, at 410-666-2696 or She will add you to the list of outings leaders.
will ruin what’ left for this area.”              Commercial and residential development in

November 2005                                                                                                                                                                                                     7
Outings of the Sierra Club                                    protect shorelines and waterways and how develop-             New_Southwest_Map.cfm)                                     it is a historically and geologically rich section of the AT
                                                              ment in one area can alter conditions in another one                                                                     to learn about, including a 5-star shelter. Time and
Greater Baltimore Group                                       regardless of distance. We won't stop for lunch but we
                                                                                                                            Call Bill for details at 410-574-1453.
                                                                                                                                                                                       weather permitting, we will also tour and learn about
                                                              will take a break about midway. Bring water. Meet at          Sat. Feb. 11 GB - Moderate. Cunningham Falls/              the structures in Gathland Park, including the first (and
November 2005 – April 2006                                    the park on Belair Road just north of the Gunpowder           Cat Rock                                                   possibly only) monument to war correspondents. Meet
                                                              Bridge at 10:00 AM. Call Joyce at 410-254-7240.                                                                          at Rt. 32 Park and Ride at 8:30 AM. Call Joyce for
2005                                                                                                                        A moderately paced hike of about 9 miles in Cunning-       details at 410-254-7240.
                                                              2006                                                          ham Falls State Park. There is an option to add an-
NOVEMBER                                                                                                                                                                               APRIL
                                                                                                                            other two miles. There are a number of climbs, some
Sat. Nov. 19 GB - Moderate. Rocks State Park.                                                                               steep and rocky but the views are worth it. Boots are
                                                                                                                                                                                       Sat. Apr. 1 GB - Moderate. Gunpowder Falls State
                                                              Sun. Jan. 1 GB - Moderate. New Year’ Day hike.                preferred. This is an underutilized area that is next to
Moderate hike in this small Harford County park.                                                                                                                                       Park
                                                                                                                            Catoctin Park. We will learn about remnants of the
Some climbs but the views are worth it. We will have          Start working on your Resolutions with this moderate          work done by the CCC and WPA in the 1930’ devel-s,         Will learn about the history of the Panther Branch and
lunch at the King and Queen Seat and learn about the          5-6 mile hike around Oregon Ridge Park. There are a
                                                                                                                            opment impacts on Little Hunting Creek, and impres-        have lunch at the Raven Rock Falls. Meet at 11:00 AM
extravagant rock formations and cliffs. With luck there       few hills and a few stream crossings. We will learn           sive geological formations around the falls. Access to     at the Mt. Carmel Park and Ride. For details call Jack at
may still be some fall color. If not, we will try to winter   about the old mines, quarry and village that were here
                                                                                                                            the falls is now restricted. We will discuss the conser-   410-256-3963.
botanize the trees based on bark and buds. Bring lunch,       over a century ago. We will also see the remains of a         vation needed to protect the falls and Little Hunting
water and an inquiring mind. Meet at the Carney Park          few buildings that are still left in various states of de-                                                               Sun. Apr. 2 GB - Moderate. North Point State Park:
                                                                                                                            Creek. Meet at Rt. 32 Park and Ride at 8:30 AM. Call
and Ride at 9:30 AM. Call Joyce at 410-254-7240.              cay. Bring water! Meet at the park on the Nature Cen-         Joyce for details at 410-254-7240.                         From Carousels to Conservation
                                                              ter side at 1:00 PM. Call Joyce at 410-254-7240.
DECEMBER                                                                                                                                                                               Learn about the history of this southeastern Baltimore
                                                              Fri.-Mon. Jan. 13-16 GB - Moderate. Cross Country                                                                        County state park that was once the site of a popular
Sat. Dec. 3 GB - Moderate. Gunpowder Falls State              Skiing in Western Maryland.                                   Sat. Mar. 4 GB - Moderate. Bombay Hook Wild-               amusement park. Hike approximately five flat miles
Park.                                                                                                                       life Refuge                                                with a stop at the park visitor center to look at old
                                                              Cross Country skiing at New Germany State Park.
6 to 8 miles below Prettyboy Dam. Meet at Mt.Carmel                                                                                                                                    photographs. Park is located off of Old North Point
                                                              Beginners are welcome. Will learn about the geology of        Bring your binoculars to participate in this bird watch-
Park & Ride at 11:00 AM. Will learn about the geology                                                                                                                                  Road in Edgemere. Meet at parking lot near park en-
                                                              the area. For details call Jack by December 31st (if          ing hike of approximately seven flat miles. Bombay
of the area. For details call Jack at 410-256-3963.                                                                                                                                    trance (entrance fee required) at 10:00 AM. Call Bill for
                                                              possible) at 410-256-3963.                                    Hook (located at 2591 Whitehall Neck Road in
                                                                                                                                                                                       details at 410-574-1453.
Sat. Dec. 10 GB – Moderate. Cromwell Valley                                                                                 Smyrna, DE) was established in 1937 as a link in the
                                                              Sun. Jan. 22 GB - Moderate. Local Cross Country
Park (Child-Friendly Hike).                                                                                                 chain of refuges that extends from Canada to the Gulf      Sat. Apr. 8 GB - Moderate. Surprise Hike
                                                              Skiing.                                                       of Mexico. It is primarily a refuge and breeding ground
                                                                                                                                                                                       This trip will be a moderately paced hike of 12 miles or
4 miles along lesser known trails in this county park         If there is not enough snow, a hike in Loch Raven will        for migrating birds and other wildlife. We will learn
                                                                                                                            about the value and importance of Bombay Hook for          less in Susquehanna State Park. The trail will be partly
that is a working farm with woodlands, hilly meadows,         be held. Will learn about the geology of the area. Meet                                                                  along the river. We will observe plenty of riparian
and streams. Learn about the park’ historical and
                                     s                        at Loch Raven High School, Cromwell Bridge Road               the protection and conservation of waterfowl, which
                                                                                                                            has increased greatly over the years primarily due to      buffer and learn about the erosive effects when it is
natural features, including 2 limestone kilns and a           and Cowpens Avenue at 11:00 AM. Call Jack at 410-                                                                        removed. There are remnants of rail beds and mills
brook bubbling out of the ground. Children under 18           256-3963.                                                     the loss of extensive surrounding marshland to urban
                                                                                                                            and industrial development. There is an entrance fee       along the way to discuss. Call leader after April 2nd for
must be accompanied by a parent or other responsible                                                                                                                                   more details. Meet at White Marsh Park and Ride at
                                                              FEBRUARY                                                      for the refuge and there will be a dinner stop on the
adult. Optional brunch afterwards at Sander’ Corner                                                                                                                                    8:30 AM. Call Joyce for details at 410-254-7240.
Restaurant. Meet in the parking lot in the Sherwood           Sat. Feb. 4 GB - Moderate. Great Falls Hike and               way home. Meet at 9:00 AM at the South West Park
Farm section of the park at 10 AM. Call Mary at 410-          Dinner                                                        & Ride (for map to park & ride see http://                                                  s
                                                                                                                                                                                       Sat. Apr. 22 GB - Moderate. Kelly’ Run & Pinnacle
248-0423.                                                                                                                         Overlook
                                                              History meets nature at Great Falls section of the C&O        New_Southwest_Map.cfm)
                                                              Canal in Potomac, MD. We will learn how the canal                                                                        7 to 8 miles with great views of the Susquehanna River.
Sun. Dec. 25 GB - Moderate. Holiday Escape or                                                                               Call Bill for details at 410-574-1453.
                                                              and locks were constructed and operated. We will take                                                                    Good chance to see bald eagles. Will also see hawks and
Work Up an Appetite Hike.
                                                              the boardwalk to the Great Falls overlook on Olmsted                                                                     waterfowl and learn about their migration along the
                                                                                                                            Sat. Mar. 11 GB - Moderate. Hike Across Maryland,
A very pretty hike of about 6 miles along the Sweat-          Island. Length of hike will be 4 miles or less depend-                                                                   Susquehanna River. Meet at K-Mart on Belair Road
                                                                                                                            The Easy Way
house Branch in Gunpowder Park. Some stream cross-            ing on weather and condition of trails. Entrance fee                                                                     (Rt.1) just north of Beltway exit 32, at 10:00 AM. For
ings may be tricky if we have icy conditions. There are       required. There will be a dinner stop in Rockville after      Hike the AT from Gathland Park to Weverton Cliffs          details call Jack at 410-256-3963.
a few hills as well. Work up an appetite for the too-big      the hike. Meet at 1:00 PM at the South West Park &            and back. Approximately 12 miles of gently rolling
holiday dinner and secrete extra endorphins to deal           Ride (for map to park & ride see http://                      trail with lunch at the cliffs and a spectacular view of
with the in-laws as well. We will learn about the need to                   the tri-state area. Enjoy the AT from both directions
                                                                                                                            in the same day. Only four miles from Harper’ Ferry,

                            Baltimore Sierran                                                                                                                                                                        Organization
                                      Serving Members in Baltimore City, Baltimore County & Harford County

                                                                                                                           November 2005

    Sierra          Club          mission:                Explore,            enjoy           and        protect           the     planet                                                                       U.S. Postage Paid
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