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					                          INSTRUCTIONS FOR FORM AR-11
             ( available at )

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)(formerly the INS) requires any
person in lawful status in the U.S. to inform the USCIS of any U.S. change of address using
Form AR-11 within ten (10) days of a move to a new address. This includes, but is not limited
to, persons with B, H, L, O, E, F, P, K, TN, and J status, persons entering on the visa waiver
program, permanent residents, conditional permanent residents, asylees, refugees, and applicants
for permanent residency through the adjustment of status process (Form I-485). The USCIS also
requires all family members who are not U.S. citizens file their own separate Forms AR-11.

For persons entering with non-immigrant status (for example, B, H, L, O, E, F, P, K, TN,
and J) or through the visa waiver program, and any other persons issued Form I-94 upon
entry to the U.S., it is necessary to file Form AR-11 with the USCIS if your address is
different from the one provided to USCIS (or INS) upon your most recent entry (and every
time you move thereafter).

Furthermore, the USCIS requires you to file Form AR-11 (using the address indicated on
the form) every time you change your address. This is true even if you have sent an
application to the USCIS with your new address or notified a local or regional USCIS office
about your change of address.

Although most of the information requested on Form AR-11 is basic (your country of citizenship,
your date of birth), below are some pointers on filling out the form:

•       “I am in the United States as a”:
        •               “Visitor”: This applies if you hold B-1/B-2 status, or entered the U.S.
                through the visa waiver program.
        •               “Student”: This applies if you hold F-1 or M-1 status.
        •               “Permanent Resident”: This applies if: 1) you have a permanent resident
                (“green”) card; 2) your I-485 adjustment of status application was approved; or
                3) you obtained an immigrant visa at the Consulate and were given an “I-551"
                stamp upon entering the U.S. If you have been given permanent residence on a
                conditional basis, please note on the form that your residence is “conditional.”
        •               “Other”: We recommend that you check this box and explain if:
                •       You hold temporary status, other than B-1/B-2, F, or M (for example,
                        “H-1B” status, “O-1" status, “P-1" status, or “L-1" status).
                •       If you hold status because you are the spouse or child of a person with
                        non-immigrant status (i.e. if your I-94 or visa says “H-4", “L-2,” etc).
                •       You have been granted asylum (put “asylee” in the box) or you have
                        been granted refugee status (put “refugee” in box).

•       “A#:” Persons who have applied for adjustment of status (permanent residency), persons
        who are permanent residents, certain persons who held student status in the past, asylum
        applicants, persons in court proceedings, and a small number of other individuals are
        assigned an A# or “alien number.” Most non-immigrant visa holders do not have A #s.

•       “Present Address”: Please put your new address here.

•       “Last Address”: Put your old address here. If you are in doubt regarding what to put
        down as your last address because you are not sure which address USCIS has listed
          as your last address, give the last address at which you actually lived so that you are
          giving true information on the form.

•         “Port of Entry into U.S. & Date of Entry into U.S.”: Please put your most recent date of
          entry into the U.S. as indicated by your I-941 (for non-immigrant status holders), the
          stamp on your advance parole document (for applicants for adjustment of status), or the
          most recent entry stamp in your passport (if you are a permanent resident). Name the
          most recent airport, land crossing, or seaport at which you entered.


•         If you: 1) have any application or petition pending with USCIS, or 2) were granted
          permanent residence but have not yet received your permanent resident (“green”) card,
          please complete Form AR-11 and, in addition, contact our office if you are our client.
          Although you must file Form AR-11 yourself, we will notify the separate USCIS office
          handling your pending application, petition, or green card.

•         Send Form AR-11 to the address indicated at the bottom at the current version of the
          form. We strongly recommend that you keep copies of any address change form or
          letter sent to the USCIS, and that you send Form AR-11 via certified/return receipt
          U.S. mail.

•         **For persons who are in or have been in court proceedings, or who currently are not in
          lawful status in the United States, we recommend that you seek the advice of an attorney
          regarding this requirement before sending Form AR-11 to the USCIS.


        Please note that some non-immigrants with multiple entry documents, such as Canadians with a TN I-
    94, may not have their new entry noted with an I-94 or in their passport. In such a case you must list
    your actual last date of entry to the U.S. whether noted on any document or not. Also, we highly
    recommend that anyone entering the U.S., even with a multiple entry I-94, request that the officer
    admitting you to the U.S. at least stamp your passport with your entry date – as you may need this proof
    of entry for future immigration applications or petitions.

                                                                          SIMMONS & UNGAR (December 2003)
                                                                                                        OMB No. 1615-0007; Expires 08/31/08

Department of Homeland Security
                                                                              AR-11, Alien's Change of Address Card
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Name (Last in CAPS)               (First Name)                  (Middle Name)                 I am in the United States as a:
                                                                                                  Visitor       Permanent Resident
                                                                                                  Student       Other         (Specify)
Country of Citizenship                           Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)                  Copy Number From Alien Card
Present Address    (Street or Rural Route)                      (City or Post Office)                     (State)         (Zip Code)

(If the above address is temporary) I expect to remain there                   Years                   Months

Last Address      (Street or Rural Route)                 (City or Post Office)                           (State)         (Zip Code)

I work for or attend school at: (Employer's Name or Name of School)

(Street Address or Rural Route)                           (City or Post Office)                            (State)        (Zip Code)

Port of Entry Into U.S.                                        Date of Entry Into U.S.              If not a Permanent Resident,
                                                                   (mm/dd/yyyy)                    my stay in the U.S. expires on:
                                                                                                        (Date - mm/dd/yyyy)

Signature                                                   Date (mm/dd/yyyy)

                                                                                                                Form AR-11 (Rev. 01/20/06) Y

                                            AR-11, Alien's Change of Address Card

This card is to be used by all aliens to report a change of address within ten days of such change.
The collection of this information is required by Section 265 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1305). The data is
used by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for statistical and record purposes and may be furnished to Federal, State, local
and foreign law enforcement officials. Failure to report a change of address is punishable by fine or imprisonment and/or removal.

ADVISORY: This card is not evidence of identity, age or status claimed.
Public Reporting Burden. Under the Paperwork Reduction Act, an agency may not conduct or sponsor an information collection
and a person is not required to respond to an information collection unless it displays a currently valid OMB control number. We try
to create forms and instructions that are accurate, can be easily understood and that impose the least possible burden on you to
provide us with information. Often this is difficult because some immigration laws are very complex. This collection of information
is estimated to average five minutes per response, including the time for reviewing instructions, searching existing data sources,
gathering and maintaining the data needed, and completing and reviewing the collection of information. Send comments regarding
this burden estimate or any other aspect of this collection of information, including reducing this burden to: U.S. Citizenship and
Immigration Services, Regulatory Management Division, 111 Massachusetts Ave. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20529. Do not mail
your completed form to this Washington, D.C. address.
                                             Mail Your Form to the Address Shown Below:
                                                                                 For commercial overnight or fast freight
         Department of Homeland Security                                       Department of Homeland Security
         U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services                             U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
         Change of Address                                                     Change of Address
         P.O. Box 7134                                                         1084-I South Laurel Road
         London, KY 40742-7134                                                 London, KY 40742-7134

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