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                           February 26, 2008             Cumberland University, Lebanon, TN               Vol. II Issue 5

                      Spectacular Spring Break
By Emily Keene-Reyes
        Spring Break is a right around the corner, and it can’t come fast
enough! This is the perfect time where we can finally quit worrying
about the stressful chores of school and just concentrate on some
relaxing fun in the sun.
        Unfortunately most college students spend a lot of their money
on school, and many do not have the cash flow to go out and take an
elaborate trip. If you are in this category, have no fear! I have
researched several relatively inexpensive activities for you to explore
during your spring break so that you can have an exciting break
without the added stress of spending tons of money.
        Naturally you can always spend time with your friends and
family, doing the usual activities such as bowling, movies, putt-putt           •   The Parthenon located on West End in Nashville. This is a full
golfing, shopping etc., but, if you are looking for something out of the            scale replica of the historic Parthenon, and it will definitely
ordinary, there are also several unique experiences in the Nashville                awe you. It is also surrounded by a large park where you can
area that might interest you.                                                       enjoy a nice picnic with your friends before or after you visit
If you are an outdoorsy type of person, you should definitely check out             this museum. The hours of operation are Tuesday-Saturday
…                                                                                   from 9am-4:30pm, and the admission is the low, low rate of
    • Cheekwood Art and Gardens located at 1200 Forrest Park                        only $5 per person! Definitely a cheap, but fun day for your
        Drive in Nashville. Cheekwood has gorgeous gardens that sit                 spring break. For more information you can call 615-862-8431.
        on 55 beautiful acres, and they also have a 30,000 ft Museum
        filled with gorgeous artwork. All of this for only $10 per          If you aren’t much of an outdoorsy person, you could check out …
        person! This scenic paradise will keep you and your friends             • Laser Quest of Nashville located at 166 2nd Avenue North in
        busy for hours while you take in the fresh air and sights. While            downtown Nashville. This place is loaded with over three
        you are visiting here, you may also want to check out The                   stories of cosmic, fog-machine-filled floors where you and
        Pineapple Room Restaurant. Their menu looks absolutely                      your friends can battle each other in a war with laser guns! If
        delicious, and their prices are comparable to O’Charleys. Their             you go after March 3rd, you can also receive the March
        hours of operation are Tuesday-Saturday from 9:30am-4:30pm                  Madness discount where you will only have to pay $18 per
        and Sundays from 11am-4:30pm. If you are interested in this                 person for 3 games of laser tag! Their hours of operation are
        local get away call 615-356-8000 for more information.                      Wednesday-Thursday from 6pm-9pm, Fridays from 4pm-
    • A Cowboy Town located at Whites Creek just outside of                         Midnight, Saturdays from 11am-Midnight, and Sundays from
        Nashville. This is an amazing idea for those of you who would               2pm-7pm. For more information call 615-256-2560.
        like to travel back in time to the good ole Wild West. This             • The General Jackson Evening Cruises. This is located directly
        place has everything from horseback riding and saloon games,                behind Opry Mills, and it offers a very quiet, romantic evening
        to live entertainment and camping! This will definitely be a                for you and someone special. Unfortunately the prices are
        memorable event for you and your friends. Their hours of                    quite steep. The prices for Tier 1 (best seating and white glove
        operation vary, and their prices are inexpensive. In fact, you              service) $87.95 per person and for Tier 2 $78.95 per person.
        and your friends can enjoy a healthy dinner, horseback riding,              The evening will include a scrumptious 3 course dinner with
        and camping for as little as $50 per person. This may seem a                live entertainment and a moonlit stroll on the deck. The
        little steep, but you have to remember that this is an all day              featured show will be “Sing.” This show helps to recapture the
        event packed with tons of entertaining events. If you are                   magic of Broadway, and it will definitely create lasting
        interested in more information call 615-242-6201 or check out               memories for you and your date. The cruises run Monday-
        their        website        at      <>.                  Saturday. Boarding is at 6:15pm. Departure is at 7pm, and
                                                                                    you will return at 10pm. For more information call 615-458-
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                  Leap Year Superstitions
                                                                            would have been in medieval times, February 24. Again, some
By Jaclyn K. George                                                         consider this folk tradition as historically inaccurate.
       February may be the month of love, but it is also the month of
leap year. Every four years this month has an extra day to keep our         There are many superstitions in
calendars in line with the astronomical or seasonal year. You may           folklore that involve bad luck such as
believe that February never has thirty days, but perhaps this isn't         Friday the 13th and walking under a
exactly true. In 1712 in Sweden and Finland they had a double leap          ladder. In Greece there is a
year because a leap day around 1700 got dropped, and the Swedish            superstition about bad luck involving
calendar did not get synchronized. They solved the problem by added         leap year. It is believed that getting
a second day in 1712, which put them back on the Julian calendar.           married in a leap year is bad luck for
       More interesting than this occurrence, and something you may         the couple. Couples have therefore
not be familiar with, are the folk traditions associated with leap year.    avoided setting a marriage date in a
There is a disputed tradition that goes back to Saint Patrick in 5th        leap year.
century Ireland where women were allowed to make marriage
proposals only in leap years. Supposedly, fines were charged against                If you haven't looked at a calendar lately, this year is a leap
men who refused a proposal.                                                 year and February has twenty-nine days. Ladies, if you did not get the
       It is then said that because this tradition put men at too great a   ring you were expecting on Valentine's Day perhaps you need to turn
risk, women were restricted to the leap day, February 29, or as it          the tables, and ask him yourself.
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                 Are You in Good Hands?                                        Single Parenthood
                 By Jeremiah Donnell                                           By Kristi Galligan
                           Car insurance is one of the biggest scams                   Ten years ago, on February 14th, I married a
                  currently being perpetrated on the American public.          dying man. When we said our marriage vows, we
                  Ideally, you will never file a claim against it, so when     both knew my husband had been given five to ten
                  it runs out or you no longer need it, the money is           years to live. He survived seven years until brain
                  simply gone as though it had never been. The best            cancer consumed him. Some people say it was the
possible circumstance involves the insurance company taking                    most romantic, brave choice I have ever made. Others say it is the
thousands of dollars and never paying you a dime of it back. If that is        most foolish, impulsive decision I have ever made. Personally, I
not a scam, I don’t know what is.                                              believe it was a choice made with hope, belief and love.
         Of course, it is a legally endorsed scam. Tennessee drivers are               Now, ten years later, I am a widow with a full, busy life. I have
required by law to pay money to some 3rd party, private company so             heard widowhood parenting described as being an only parent. I don’t
they at least have liability coverage. This creates a paradox however          consider that be true in my case. My mother moved in last year to
when we consider how many of us also have “uninsured driver”                   assist me in parenting. I thank God every day for her help and advice
insurance. This guarantees to pay if you are the victim of someone             and support. I am fortunate I have friends also willing to help me. My
who does not have car insurance. But everyone is required to have it           college friends have watched my kids as the kids were recovering from
by law, so theoretically everyone does. . . ugh, my head hurts.                the flu so I could go to class. When school was closed for sickness last
Uninsured driver insurance implies many people are on the roads                week, my neighbors watched my children. Without this support,
without insurance which makes the law a particularly unfunny joke.             returning to college would be absolutely impossible emotionally and
         Another fundamental flaw in car insurance, or any other               physically.
insurance for that matter, is that the company is designed to make                     The hardest part of single parenthood is realizing I am the only
money. In order to do this, customers must pay more in premiums                decision maker for my children. Despite my support group, I have to
than they collect in benefits. So, no matter what situation arises you,        make all the decisions regarding my children. I can’t turn to my
the customer, absolutely have to lose money. One of my personal                husband and ask his opinion or leave a decision up to him. I worry
favorite aspects of car insurance is what happens when a driver                constantly about making the wrong choice for them. Should I send my
actually files a claim. The insurance company will usually pay, be it          eldest son to private school? Should my youngest child join Boy
reluctantly and none too promptly, but then they raise premiums to             Scouts despite the fact we have had a bad experience when my other
quickly recoup any losses. I cannot think of many other businesses             son did it? I can talk to my family, my in-laws but the final decision is
that are guaranteed a nearly 100% profit margin.                               mine. It is terrifying sometimes.
         How then are we ensnared beyond basic coverage? These                         For me, surviving single parenthood, has been full of making
companies spend billions of dollars on marketing that goes far beyond          choices. Sometimes, I would love to live alone. I realize, though, I
irritating jingles and computer generated chameleons with British              need help. It also helps financially to have a roommate. I chose
accents. They promise things like accident forgiveness and good                Cumberland when I returned to school, because while it is more
driver discounts on deductibles. We are so indoctrinated in the system         expensive, it is closer. I can pick up my children, in case of an
that we actually see these tactics as favors rather than expecting them        emergency, within five minutes. I have chosen to remain close to my
as our due. Logic dictates these “perks” should be standard policy but         in-laws, despite hurt feelings and emotional upsets, because my
instead we are led to believe they are going above and beyond the call         children need them in their lives. They need to hear about their father
so we should pay them more money. Though I am loath to do so, I                from the people that raised him.
must express some respect for those insurance companies who                            The biggest irritant, in my situation, is when married women
acknowledge they have the public against the wall so they offer the            tell me they know all about single parenthood because their husbands
bare minimum required by law.                                                  travel all the time. I want to snap, “Really? So you know what it feels
         Good aspects of car insurance do arise occasionally such as the       like to hold your son while he cries because he can’t remember what
recent tornado disasters in which some people lost everything and              his father looks like? You know the pressure of making out a will
could not have easily replaced their automobiles. However, auto                trying to decide who will care for your children if you die? Realizing
insurance’s mandatory nature and its obtrusive lack of refunds remain          that if you die, your children will be orphans?” Then, I take a deep
serious problems. So, the question remains, are you in good hands?             breath and smile and say, “Yeah, it must suck.” It is not even worth the
                                                                                       Of course, single parenthood can have its advantages. I can get
                 How to Write a Conference                                     a babysitter and have a night out without begging my husband to
                 Paper                                                         watch the kids. I don’t have to hide my purchases or explain why my
                 By Brittany Huffman                                           child has been sent to his room. I don’t have to listen to complaints
                                                                               about the house being dirty or clothes not folded. When I start getting
                   For those of us who intend on pursuing higher               feeling sorry for myself, I call my married friends. I can always hear a
                   education, academic conferences will become more            litany of complaints. “My husband washed my brand new wool
                   familiar. At an academic conference, you will be            sweater and ruined it.” “My husband complained he had to watch the
allowed to present an original paper of your research and ideas. This          kids for the second time this week and when I came home, the house
can be very important as a scholar or scholar-to-be. Presenting a paper        was a wreck.” My personal favorite is “He came home after working
at a conference looks very good on an academic résumé, meaning that            all day and complained he was exhausted. Exhausted? I have been
graduate schools may be more likely to accept an applicant who has             home with an active toddler and sick with the flu.” Then, without fail,
demonstrated their commitment to their specific field. Presenting a            they ask me if I am dating anyone seriously. I always chuckle. I have
paper can be a daunting challenge. Here are a few tips for preparing a         been married and I loved my husband dearly. I have no desire to get
conference paper:                                                              married again. Single parenthood is hard but, to me, being married
        First things first - finding an academic conference: while you         with young children is infinitely more difficult. While I miss my
may be the modern day Einstein of your university, conferences just            husband every day and my heart aches for my children, I enjoy single
don’t come knocking at your door. If you want to try to get your paper         parenthood. Its hard but its also very freeing.
accepted at a conference, you need to take the first step. Search for
conferences that deal with subject matter you are familiar with, such as
changes in society, film adaptations, specific authors, ect.
        Once you have found a conference, you need to get your paper
accepted. To do this, you must write an abstract. An abstract is simply        individuals, however. Be sure to depend heavily on your interpretation
a one-page overview of your actual paper. Be sure to include the title         of the text (or the material you are presenting). The panel does not
and the basis of your thesis. Try to choose a catchy title for your paper.     want to hear about what “so and so” thinks, but rather, what you think!
Though we are taught not to “judge a book by its cover” a clever,              For paper should be around seven typed pages at two reading minutes
attention-grabbing title does not hurt! Once you have written you              per page.
abstract, send it in to the conference panel.                                          Remember, practice makes perfect! It is important to rehearse
        Approach the paper the same way you would any other                    your presentation before giving it. Also, try to prepare yourself for any
assignment, at least initially. Do a very thorough research of the topic.      difficult questions you may be asked about your paper. This will help
The majority of the paper should not consist of the ideas of other             boost your confidence!
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                                      Arts, Entertainment, and Reviews
                                                                                 encouraging messages and instructions to complete tasks which will
                  The Full Plate                                                 help her move on.
                                                                                         Ahern gives her readers vivid, realistic characters and places
                                               Sushi Max                         them in real life situations. Holly goes through countless ups and
                                                         I visited Sushi         downs in the course of the novel, and readers get to see a multi-faceted
                                                 Max about five months           personality – so much so that we almost believe that we are simply
                                                 ago for the first time.         sitting on the couch with a friend and having a chat. Although Gerry is
                                                 Sushi Max is a small            not a living character in the novel, his letters and Holly’s memories of
                                                 restaurant located near the     him make him a very tangible presence. Holly’s somewhat
                                                 public square here in           dysfunctional family and her supportive, but colorful friends also
                                                 Lebanon, As is always           contribute to the air or realism in the novel.
                                                 the case when you visit a               This is one of those laugh through your tears reads where your
                                                 restaurant for the first        find yourself identifying with the character’s pain one moment and
                                                 time, you are a bit unsure      then laughing with them the next. I enjoyed it immensely and I think
                                                 about       what      your      you will too. Read this lovely book and find out where Holly’s
experience is likely to be. But since that first experience, Sushi Max           journey ends. Can she become the woman she wants to be in a world
has continued to be one of only a few of my favorite restaurants.                without Gerry? -- Megan Lee
         The people that work and manage the place are very friendly
and convivial; they always greet me with a pleasant smile and friendly
attitude. The courteous manner of one of the owners always makes me              Education Elaboration
feel like I have accidentally walked into one of those fancy, overpriced
places. But the restaurant itself is not ve ry big or fancy. It is               President… Teacher… Revolutionary?
decorated in a simple manner, and you will not find a hundred tables                      Dr. Harville C. Eaton, President of Cumberland University, has
and chairs set up with fancy tablecloths and silver. Mostly, it feels like       completely redirected the University’s financial and academic program
a homey, comfortable place like your own kitchen.                                models in the four years of his tenure. These two, he believes, go hand
         And like my kitchen, the place is very clean, and far cleaner           in hand.
than many other restaurants that I have visited. When I go to a new                       While doing all this, President Eaton has always kept an eye
restaurant, I always try to somehow get a peek at the kitchen to see             open to students’ wants and needs. To do this he has taken pains to
how it looks. Then I visit the restroom for no other reason than to find         interact with students. Some days he spends his lunch breaks walking
out if it is clean. Somehow I think that if the restroom is kept clean, it       around the cafeteria talking to and introducing his self to the students.
means that the owner or manager also keeps the kitchen and other                 He makes it a point to come to student activities and sporting events.
areas clean. I guess this seems like I am a very picky person, and that          Wherever he goes he brings his vitalizing energy and vision with him.
is right. I am! Sushi Max has very clean restrooms. (Actually, I’ve              As president he has remarked, “The student is the customer of the
only been in the women’s restroom, but I am assuming the men’s is                school. I am quite interested in the views of our customers. By
also clean.)                                                                     interacting directly with the students I hear candid opinions that I do
         The service at Sushi Max is wonderful. Although there is only           not get from any other source. I believe to be a faculty member in a
one lady who does all the serving, she manages to take care of                   University is absolutely an honor, because a faculty member’s job has
everybody, and see that they have everything they need. She is always            a grand impact on individuals and generations of individuals. I derive a
pleasant and polite, and she always has this nice smile on her face no           lot of energy from talking to students and helping them open doors and
matter when you happen to be looking at her. She reminds me of my                windows that they may not have been able to open before.”
Japanese lady friends because she always bows to greet the costumers                      This semester Dr. Eaton offers a course called Science,
or any other people that come inside the door. This mannerism, of                Technology and Us that I am glad to be a part of. The course started
course, is a part of the Japanese culture, and it always reminds me of           off electrically.
my own country.                                                                           The class meets in Dr. Eaton’s outer office. The students
           The prices in the menu are very reasonable and affordable.            gathered, not sure what to expect. The presidents briskly walked into
So it is all right to go there everyday. It is much better than going to a       the room, and said, “Let me show you what this class is all about.” He
fast food restaurant where you will pay about the same price for food            disappeared into his inner office for a moment, and then reappeared
that is not nearly as good.                                                      producing a small toy robot he had purchased the previous afternoon.
           So, although I hate to admit to it, I am addicted to Sushi Max,                The robot was shaped like an insect of some kind. It scuttled
and I have to have lunch there at least twice a week. That is sad, I             along the table until its antenna touched a barrier formed by a book. It
guess, because I feel like I should be more adventurous when I have              retreated slightly, turned to avoid the book, and moved on. The
the chance to eat out at a restaurant. But I just love their food. Once I        president, with a large smile on his face said, “This class is about how
even asked the lady how she makes her green tea just because it is has           we got to there, and where we are going.”
a much better flavor than what you usually find in a restaurant. She                      The class started with Newton’s development of calculus, and
told me that when she boils the tea, she puts brown rice in it, and then         moved quickly through Maxwell’s Equations, Mendel’s study of
strains out the rice. Since I also love brown rice, it is no wonder her          Genetics, and Einstein’s Photoelectric Effect and his theories of
                                                                                 Relativity. The mechanics of all these are enough for each to have its
green tea is so delicious! --- Helen Libanan
                                                                                 own course, but those were not really the topic of discussion. The
                                                                                 discussion is what these discoveries birthed. What they birthed was
           The Critics Corner: Film                                              revolution.
                                                                                          Each of these people brought about a sudden marked change in
P.S. I Love You: Notes on Self-discovery                                         the way people thought in their respective fields. Dr. Eaton titled them
         Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but some of us are in the            all as Scientific Revolutionaries. He discussed briefly how earth
mood for a little romance all year long. If you include yourself in this         shattering their discoveries were, and why some feared these
category, then Irish author Cecelia Ahern may have the perfect book              discoveries.
for you.                                                                                  His plans for the class include tying together revolutions in
         My prerequisite for so called “romantic” novels is that they            seemingly unrelated fields such as: mathematics, biology, technology,
possess an intelligent plot, rather than just a succession of steamy             statistics, and marketing. To do this he is bringing in experts highly
bedroom scenes thinly strung together. Usually it is the happily ever            respected in their areas of expertise. Finally he wants to end the class
after, fairy tale quality that draws me to this genre, but this story has        with a discussion of the future. What area the next revolution might
something different. Although I label it a romance, P.S. is also about           occur in, and what types of changes in lifestyles it might bring about.
one woman’s journey to a kind of self discovery.                                          The class is very mind-opening and informative. It broadens
         As the pages turn, we follow Holly Kennedy, just an average             the scope of understanding of the aforementioned revolutions and the
woman who has recently endured a horrible tragedy. Twenty-nine year              like on a level which intense studies of such fail. It emphasizes not
old Holly has just become a widow. Her young husband, Gerry, died                only the specific knowledge but the grandeur of that knowledge’s
unexpectedly, leaving her devastated. Soon Holly receives an                     impact on the world around us. --- Ben Briscoe
unexpected package containing several small envelopes; the
handwriting is her husband’s. Gerry has sent her a letter for each
remaining month of the year following his death. They contain short,
                              The Cumberland Chronicle            February 26, 2008                             Page 4

                      Fashion, Relationships, & Sage Advice
               Bride and Groom Do’s and Don’ts                               What to Look for in Swimsuits
               By Lindsey Cannon                                             By Sabrina Garrett

               With many of us planning the biggest day of our lives,        Swimsuits offer twice the fun and half the coverage
               there are many things to consider before saying “I do.”       of underwear. Unlike underwear which people
                                                                             wear 365 days a year, getting into a swimsuit takes
               Do make a budget. And most importantly, try to stick          a bit of thought. Both girls and guys carefully
               to it. Although the wedding of our dreams may not be          examine their appearances and ask questions such as “Am I in shape?”
               in our budgets, there are many things that can make           or “Do I need a tan?” The right swimsuit choice can take away these
your day special. Keep a list of what you want to buy, what you have         insecurities and make you look like a Greek god or goddess on the
bought, and how much you have spent. Keeping a running total of              beach.
expenses will definitely help you stay within your budget.                            Color choice seems to be one of the most difficult decisions to
                                                                             make. Sticking with a basic solid is safe. Pick a color that you know
Do allow lots of time. Planning a wedding requires multiple bookings         will complement your natural skin tone and work from there. If you
of churches, venues, caterers, florists, etc. so giving yourself time to     are tan, go bold in black or bright in colors such as fuchsia or orange.
plan your wedding will only benefit you in the long run.                     If you tend to burn easily and consider yourself fair, try pastels or a
                                                                             fiery red. White and navy are colors that look amazing on basically
Do sit down with your bride/groom/family and ask opinions.                   everyone. If you want to add a little spice at the beach or pool this
Although you don’t have to accept and use their advice, listening to         year then do not be afraid of patterns. A common myth about patterns
how significant people in your life envision a wedding may help you          is that they draw attention to your “problem” body parts and make you
come up with ideas to make your day special for everyone involved.           look heavy. Well, I am here to set the record straight. If anything,
Try asking some of your friends or relatives who recently married            patterns distract from your so-called “flaws.” Try a wild animal print,
advice on venues and menus; they have first hand experience!                 floral, or go nautical in stripes!
                                                                                      Now that you have an idea about what color or pattern you
Don’t feel pressured. It is your wedding day, and although you love          want, you can start shopping. The structure of a bathing suit is crucial.
everyone you’ve invited, you do not have to do anything you and your         My number one rule is: Girls, try them on! I know it can be a hassle
soon to be spouse do not want to do. Think the unity candle is stupid,       but at least you know what you are buying. Also, buy the right size.
but Aunt Susie thinks it is a must? Totally up to you. It is entirely        So many ladies will buy a size down just to flatter their ego but it sure
your day.                                                                    does not flatter their booty. If you have a larger bust, make sure the
                                                                             suit or top (if you choose a bikini) has support. I am not saying to stay
Don’t expect everything to go your way. Something will go wrong,             away from string bikinis, because they are fabulous, but be certain that
and you won’t be able to change it. At my wedding, we had a goat get         the top is large enough to handle your top. A popular suit for women
loose from a neighboring farm. It pooped all over the church steps           this year is the one piece with cut-outs on the side. While the cut
thirty minutes before guests were to arrive. Things happen, and in           appears as if it might hide your “love handles” it does not. This one
hindsight I promise you will laugh about it.                                 works best on girls who are smaller through the waist.
                                                                                      The same rule applies to guys: TRY IT ON! Even though men
Don’t get too caught up. Remember to have fun!! This is definitely           do not have as much of a selection as women do, and swim trunks
the most important thing about a wedding – it is fun for everyone!           seem to all be the same. Watch out for length. Find a cut that is
Enjoy the food, the guests, and everything else involved in the              somewhere above your knee, but not yet mid-thigh. Going too short
ceremony and reception! Twenty years from now no one will                    could be disastrous! Both ladies and gentlemen can check out Target,
remember the hors de vours, but they will remember the fun they had          PacSun, Macy’s, and Polo Ralph Lauren for swimsuits.
dancing the Macarena!
                                                                             Whatever attire you choose, the most important thing to bring is
                                                                             confidence. If you carry your head high and rock your swimwear, no
                 5 Ways to Have a Safe Spring                                one will ever notice your small imperfections.
                 By Charley Hodge

                 It’s finally arriving. The one week out of this
                 semester that we have all been waiting for, SPRING
                 BREAK! Many will travel to Florida and back. Some
will just stay home and sleep. Whatever you do, make sure you stay
safe on your week of freedom. Here are some tips on how to watch out
for your safety.

For Out-Of-Staters, Use A Buddy System - If you are planning on
traveling on an out-of- state- spring-break-extravaganza, make sure
you aren’t doing it alone. Crowded, unfamiliar places are a danger
zone for women and even men. You are much less likely to get
attacked or mugged if you have a buddy by your side.

Keep A Good Eye On Your Keys And Wallet - When you are out
and about in unfamiliar surroundings it’s easy to set your personal
belongings down and forget to pick them up. So ladies, hold on tight to      Marilyn Monroe and Matthew McConaughey make the most of their
that purse of yours, and fellas, make sure your back pocket is a secure      assets [Credit: Carlos Costas/Pacific coast news
place to keep your wallet, because the likelihood of you getting your
items back once they are lost is slim to none.

Be Watchful of who you are partying With- If you are aware that
you may become a little to dizzy to function on a night out, make sure
you are with your friends. Like momma always said, “Don’t talk to
strangers,” even if they are really good looking.

Use Protection- No matter who you may decide to "hook up with”               NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE- Do not drink and drive under any
this spring break, make sure you are using the proper protection. If you     circumstances. We want you to return to Cumberland safe and ready to
know that there may be a chance of a wild night, carry a couple of           work after spring break. Not incarcerated or six feet under. And please
your favorite little warriors in your purse, wallet, or pocket to insure     people, always wear your seatbelt.
your safety if the night just gets a little to hot to handle.
                                 The Cumberland Chronicle               February 26, 2008                            Page 5

                              Dear Betty Bulldawg                                  The Juice Stand
                                                                                   By Imma Tellen
                               Dear Betty,
                               I've been dating my boyfriend for two years         The contestants for ABC’s sixth
                               now and he went home over the summer                season of Dancing with the Stars
                               and I didn't see him all summer. The other          have been announced. The group
                               day I was looking through his phone and             includes everyone from athletes,
                               found 18 messages from his former
                                                                                   actors, to a magician. The lineup is
                               girlfriend. What do I do? Is he cheating on
                               me?                                                 as follows: Cristian de la Fuente, a
                               Desperate                                           telenovela star; Kristi Yamaguchi, figure skater; Mario, singer; Penn
                                        First of all, what was your reasoning      Jillette, magician; Steve Guttenberg, actor; Monica Seeles, former
                               for going through his phone? As you have            tennis pro; Jason Taylor, NFL player; Shannon Elizabeth, actress;
probably heard time and time again, relationships are based on trust, and if       Marissa Jaret Winokur, actress; Marlee Matlin, actress; and Priscilla
you were searching through his phone you were probably looking for                 Presley, actress/singer. The premiere for Dancing with the Stars will
something. No matter how faithful he is to you, if you go looking for              air on ABC March 17 when half the contestants will dance and on
something you’re bound to find it. My suggestion is to sit down and talk to        March 18 when the rest of the group takes their first steps.
him about it. I will warn you, he will probably flip out when he finds that you
have been snooping around in his private business, but all that set aside,
                                                                                            Lindsay Lohan has shocked the world again by agreeing to
don’t jump to conclusions. Just ask him about it. I know what you’re
thinking. He could lie. And if he does, how do you know? Well the truth is,
                                                                                   pose nude for the camera. Lohan along with photographer Bert Stern
you don’t. Being in a relationship and giving yourself to another person           recently recreated the famous 1962 “Last Sitting” nude photo shoot of
means you have to trust them, However, if something comes to light, and you        Marilyn Monroe. The pictures have made their way online showing
find that he has been lying to you and/or cheating on you, drop him like a hot     the nude Lohan with the famous blonde crop. Lohan’s mother, Diane,
potato, it would be idiotic not to, there is never any reasonable ground for       has been quoted as saying the photo shoot was “very tastefully done.”
cheating.                                                                          So much so, mother Diane brought along Lohan’s 14-year-old sister to
                                                                                   the set to watch the shoot.
I really, really like this guy, but he doesn't know I exist. I'd be
way better for him than the "witch" that he is going out with                              Hollywood divorces are still popping up all over celebrity life.
now. How do I get him to drop her and start dating me?                             Latest divorces include that of Pink and motocross racer, Carey Hart,
Love Rejected                                                                      after two years of marriage. Pink told People magazine that she still
        Well, you don’t. At this point all you can do is make your                 thinks of Hart as a “good man” and that the divorce was “not about
presence known. Introduce yourself. Be his friend. But DO NOT try to               cheating, anger, or fighting.” Actress Anna Faris most known for her
steal him away from his alleged “witch” no matter how much better                  role as Cindy in Scary Movie finalized her divorce last week agreeing
for him you think you are. Perhaps, one day, he and she will no longer             to pay ex-husband Benjamin Indra after three years of marriage.
be together. If that day comes, which I’m not promising it will, maybe
you will get your chance. Also if that day comes I would like to advise
you to give him time to heal from his former relationship before dating
him or else you could end up just being someone to take up the free
time and attention that he had left over after ending it with the last girl.
If he and she never break up, the right person will come along. Just let
fate take its course, sometimes time, is really all you need to wait on.

Dear Betty,
You have to settle an argument. My girlfriend says that I'm cheating
when I chat online with other girls. I say as long as I don't touch, I can
show & tell as much as I want without cheating. Who's right? Me or
Taken but not Dead
        My definition of cheating begins with a thought. When a
thought of cheating enters your mind it’s your job to choose to either
throw it out and love the one you’re with, or, to act on it. Acting on the
thought begins with words; you don’t just jump straight into action. If
you are expressing a physical or emotional interest in any of these
girls, or if they are to you and you are receiving a sort of satisfaction
out of it, I would consider it cheating. But either way if you talking
online to these girls is causing a problem with your lady you need to
decide which is more important, your chat buddies online or your
relationship. The only thing that will really settle the argument is if
you will compromise and stop chatting it up with these other women.

Dear Betty,
My girlfriend threw her chemistry book at me the other day. It hit
me in the face and almost broke my nose. She said that she was
sorry, but it is the third time she has thrown a book at me this
month. She always says that she is sorry, but then she does it
again. What should I do about this?
Seeing Stars

Sounds to me like you are in the beginnings of an abusive relationship.
Seems like you have given her room to make the mistake of throwing
her book at you once, and even twice, but three times? Come on man.
Domestic violence can happen from woman to man as well. Abusive
partners usually say they are sorry, especially in the beginning. So I
would be careful if I were you. I would sit down and talk to her, and
tell her she’s gotta calm it down or your heading for the highway. And
if she does it again, don’t waste your time or eventually you may end
up with that broken nose you were afraid of or something worse.
                               The Cumberland Chronicle               February 26, 2008                              Page 6

        International, National, & Local Interests
                                                                                                        The Wonderful World of Nursing
Chad’s Unseen War                                                                                       By Lillian Davis
By Rick Brown
                                                                                                          I can still remember the anxiety I felt when I
        February 2 heralded the arrival of another battle in Chad’s                                       realized high school was over and I still did not
ongoing civil war. Chad’s capital city, N’Djamena, and its president,                                     know what to do with my life. Growing up had
Idriss Déby Itno, faced an attack by a coalition of rebel forces                                          come and it was time to finalize my decision of
dedicated to the overthrow of the Chadian government. It was not the                                      which career path to choose. I considered many
first attack the city had suffered, but it was the bloodiest. Rebel              options. I finally made my decision by examining my interests and
infantry and “technicals,” heavily modified and armed civilian                   desires in a career closely.
vehicles, converged upon the city, engaging government troops in a                       Many of us still feel that anxiety about what we plan on doing
savage three day battle.                                                         after we graduate. I understand how scary it is to make a decision that
        The objective of the rebels was clear: to kill or capture Déby,          will likely affect the rest of your life. If you are still undecided about a
and shatter what they consider a corrupt and ruthless government.                career, maybe you should consider the wonderful profession of
Bloody street fighting erupted as rebel infantry and improvised                  nursing. I did, and this is why.
armored vehicles tried to break through to the presidential palace.                      I have always enjoyed the health science field. I find the human
Government troops, aligned in a ring around the palace and other                 body and how complex it is as well as how it functions so well as a
strong points in the city, resisted as best they could. Civilians rushed         whole amazing. This is one factor that led me to decide on something
for cover as small arms fire and anti-tank weapons raked the streets,            in the medical field. However, that still left me with many careers from
killing indiscriminately. By the end of the first day, the rebels had            which to choose. Did I want to be a doctor? A medical examiner? A
secured many of the outlying parts of the city.                                  lab technician? Or did I want to study one specific area and become a
        N’Djamena was evidently not intended to fall, however.                   respiratory therapist? Or maybe a physical therapist? I began to look
Government helicopter gunships began to strafe the rebel columns, and            into nursing when I spoke with one of my cousins who is a nurse. She
Chadian army tank superiority began to make an impact on the rebels’             told me what being a nurse meant to her, and I agreed with her on
largely inferior armored forces. Ultimately, a column of government              many things she felt were important qualities in a career. With this
allied rebels forced the alliance of opposition forces to retreat. As they       information, I made the decision to apply for a job at my local hospital
did so, they left close to a thousand civilians wounded or dead, and             as a nursing technician. After a few months, I knew that nursing was
parts of the city reduced to ruin. By the end of the third day, the              for me.
Chadian National Army once again controlled the battered capital and                     To me, nursing is about much more than
its weary inhabitants.                                                           basic patient care and providing medical care.
        Such a brutal                                                            While these things are very important, I also
battle might easily                                                              realized that nursing is about holistic care of
double for some of the                                                           one’s patients. It never ceases to amaze me how
bloodier street fighting                                                         many do not really understand the profession of
of World War II, and                                                             nursing. I am often asked, “Well since you’re
one would imagine it                                                             smart, why do you not just go all the way and
would capture the eyes                                                           become a doctor?” To ask a nurse this question is
of the world. Few know                                                           showing how little you know about the nursing
of the Battle of                                                                 profession. A doctor has the job of diagnosing
N’Djamena, however, and even fewer care. The world sees few major                illness in a patient and ordering proper
news reports about the war in Chad, even though it has lasted three              procedures to care for that diagnosis. While a
years, and taken thousands of lives. It is a complex war, born of                nurse does implement these orders, they also care
opposition to an allegedly corrupt president and of the War in Darfur            for the patient beyond what the physician has
and its slow expansion into the neighboring countries of Sudan. It is a          ordered. They must also assist the patient on an
war that has seen several N’Djamenas.                                            emotional level. A nurse is simply the caring
        Yet it is an unseen war.                                                 individual that is there to do whatever they can to
        Like Sudan, Chad is a country with deep divisions, not least of          make a sick, vulnerable person feel better and
which is the gap between Déby and his constituents. Opposition forces            more comfortable while under that nurse’s care. A nurse must also be
claim the government is corrupt and its leader a dictator. Their                 a strong individual who can cope with sometimes heavy patient loads
criticisms are not without some support: Déby has, after all, changed            and long shifts. Even in such conditions, a good nurse never makes a
the constitution to allow himself a third presidential term, and, like           patient feel like a burden, but rather a friend in need.
many other African leaders, he ascended to leadership in a coup.                         Along with a patient, a nurse must also care for the patient’s
        The Darfur conflict also confronts Chad. Janjaweed militants             family. It is important to understand the patient’s life at home, their
have killed many Chadians in cross-border raids, and have sometimes              culture, family values, and personal beliefs. Caring for someone
banded together with domestic rebels within Chad. Since 2005, the                involves communicating with the people that love that person as well.
conflict has been building, emerging from time to time to occupy                 In a sense, one nurse’s patient becomes a group of people in some
fragmented news reports. Despite a peace agreement, groups from                  circumstances. As the saying goes, “no man is an island.”
within and without of Chad have continued to combat government                           I look forward to becoming a nurse and being able to say that I
forces, leading to conflicts like the 2nd Battle of N’Djamena.                   make a difference in people’s lives and perhaps even save them. I hope
        Very few, of course, know of this. The war is to many in the             every patient I have feels that I cared for them holistically to the best
Western world a distant rumble, a strange conflict in a little known             of my ability. If these are qualities you are looking for in a promising
land. One suspects the war is all too real to the Chadians. For they see         career, then maybe you should consider the wonderful world of
the effects of the conflict daily, in the ruin of their villages, the bodies     nursing.
of their people, and the poverty of their existence. Those outside Chad
and Africa see little of this, however, and until new agencies choose
otherwise, Chad’s brutal conflict will remain an unseen war.
                              The Cumberland Chronicle            February 26, 2008                             Page 7

                                 Games, Technology, and Innovation
         The New Wave of Viewing                                                      How Do You Stay In School?
By Kyle Winterbottom                                                         By: Justin B. Bradford
        When carrying your TV or monitor, have you ever thought, “I                   Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the
really wish this thing was not so bulky?” Well, bulky TVs and                Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) District
monitors might soon be outdated.                                             III Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. While attending the conference I
        Organic light emitting diodes are a promising technology             was able to meet many from the advancement profession from across
coming out to do just that. These O-LEDs, as the name implies have           the southeast. I, only being an intern in Alumni Relations, had no clue
the ability to emit light. What does all this mean for your TVs and          to the amount of work that goes into advancement and higher
monitors though?                                                             education. Do you even know what these people do for a living?
                                                                             Probably not, but you should. The people that work in advancement
                                        Unlike LCDs they will not            are what keep you in school. You would not be where you are today
                                 need a lighting element to make the         without them.
                                 screen viewable, as they themselves                  There are people that care your education and you may not
                                 take care of the lighting. This will        even realize it. While at the conference, I had the pleasure of hearing
                                 allow the production of smaller             Nikki Giovanni, famed poet, writer, activist, and educator, speak to the
                                 screens, but how much smaller?              entire convention. With Giovanni currently teaching at Virginia Tech
                                        Using this technology, it is         University, she knows the importance of education and the people that
                                 now possible to create a screen that        support it. Yes the faculty of the school are very important to
                                 has superior clarity, low energy            education, as she is one herself. She also stated that universities would
                                 consumption, and possibly a flexible        not stay alive if it were not for the person that knows how to ask for
                                 screen. It is also believed to be           money.
                                 cheaper to produce then LCD                          Advancement professionals are the ones that work behind the
                                 displays.                                   scenes. I bet you could not even name one person that works in the
                                         In theory, once companies           Catron Alumni House, where the Office of Advancement is located. If
                                 work on this technology more, they          you can, then you are lucky enough to know someone that works hard
                                 should be able to create a screen that      to keep the school running. These people work everyday bringing in
is only one millimeter thick and even be able to roll the screen up like     money for the school. The money they bring gives you your
a sheet of paper. When this happens, you could easily transport your         scholarship that you desperately need to stay in school. Put yourself in
TV with you anywhere you go. For more information view                       their shoes. It is a very difficult and stressful job that requires having                  to hear the word “no” much more than almost any profession. Yet, the
Next-Thing-in-Monitors                                                       time that “yes” comes along it is huge. It takes the ability of putting
                                                                             yourself out on the limb and taking that chance. The chance has to be
                                                                             taken if they will ever be successful. Are you willing to do that?
                                                                                      I am not trying to put one department on a pedestal, but I am
                                                                             trying to make you aware of something very important at our school.
                                                                             This CASE conference exposed me to a very important realm of
                                                                             higher education. There are people out there that really do care about
                                                                             the students at the university besides the faculty, staff, and
                                                                             administration. I envy the hard work of these professionals everywhere
                                                                             because I noticed something at the conference. Everyone is in it
                                                                             together. Unlike the admissions process, they are not necessarily all
                                                                             competing for the same thing. They are willing to share their ideas to
                                                                             show what works, because it is important for every university to
                                                                                      If universities do not succeed, then future students will
                                                                             obviously not receive the post-secondary education they deserve. Look
                                                                             at it this way: Cumberland is the only institution in Wilson County.
                                                                             We make a mark on the community and especially the children of the
                                                                             community. Not many counties nationwide enjoy the luxury of having
                                                                             this available to them where their family can experience art, music,
                                                                             dance, sport, and facilities. That is why it important for advancement
                                                                             professionals to succeed. Cumberland University offers more to the
                                                                             community than you may think, and without it the community would
                                                                             be completely different. I ask you to simply stop by the Catron
                                                                             Alumni House one day and just say, “thank you.” Thank them for
                                                                             their hard work and dedication to you, the student, for if it were not for
                                                                             them, you probably would not be here.
                                     The Cumberland Chronicle              February 26, 2008                              Page 8

Spectacular Spring Break Continued                                                         •  Rock City with Ruby Falls located just outside of Chattanooga.
If you are dead-set on traveling out of town, you should check out …                          Rock City has over 4,100 ft of gorgeous views of nature, a 150
    • Cabin rentals at the Hidden Springs Resort in Gatlinburg, TN.                           ft suspended swing bridge where you can test your bravery as
        This area is a mere 3-4 hour drive, so the gas money shouldn’t                        you attempt to cross the full length, Lovers Leap- a 140ft
        be too expensive if you split the cost with your friends. Cabin                       waterfall, and it is so high that you can view 7 states! It also
        prices vary according to sizes, but the generally run about $230                      has Ruby Falls where you can view natural waterfalls located
        a night plus tax, but wait! They have special deals going on for                      inside of mysterious caves located in the mountain! In addition
        March. If you stay 2 nights, you will receive 20% off your                            to these two awesome ideas, you can really scare the daylights
        stay. If you stay 3-4 nights, you will receive 35% off, and if                        out of your friends as you all ride the Incline which is a trolley-
        you stay 5 or more nights you will receive up to 50% off! Now                         like bus that lifts you up to the top at a 72.7% incline. It is
        before I tell you how cheap this trip will cost you, I want to tell                   terrifying but exhilarating! A triple package will cost you $38
        you about the cabins for this deal. The cabin would be one                            per person. For more information call 1-706-820-2531.
        level with 2 king size beds (you can easily fit 3 smaller-framed                   • Land between the Lakes in Kentucky. This is a nature-lovers
        people on these), 1 fold out Queen sized sleeper sofa (you can                        sanctuary. It has hundreds of acres of beautiful sights, and
        fit at least 2 people), amazing mountain views, a hot-tub, 2                          there are several activities to enjoy such as hiking, canoeing,
        Jacuzzis, a pool table, a dart board, 2 electric fireplaces, 3 TVs,                   camping, etc. The price for general admission is $3 per person
        and a washer and dryer! Now as I said before, the prices are                          (more for extra activities). The hours of operation are
        usually $230 a night. So if you stay 3 nights = $690 – your                           Monday-Saturday from 9am-5pm. For more information call
        35% discount = $448.50 (without tax). If you have 10 people                           1-270-924-2000, or check out the website at <>.
        staying in the cabin (sleeping bags, etc.) you would all end up                For those of you who feel that Spring Break is not a Spring Break
        paying only $45 for the whole trip! See how cheap that can                     without … THE BEACH, check out these cost-saving sites to help you
        be? Just don’t forget that food and local entertainment will                   plan your dream vacation.
        cost you extra! For more information call 1-888-477-8366.                          •
    • The Tennessee Aquarium located at 1 Broad Street in                                  •
        Chattanooga, TN! This can easily be a day trip because it is                       •
        only about a 3-4 hour drive, so you wouldn’t have to stay over                 I suggest you check out Panama City Beach, Pensacola, and Daytona
        night! The Aquarium offers thousands of deep sea fish to                       Beach!
        view, several IMAX theatres (extra costs), a petting stingray
        section, gift shops, and tons more! The price is only $19.95                   Don’t forget to use protection (i.e. sunscreen, etc.), and have a safe and
        per person for general admission and $7.95 extra for the IMAX                  awesome Spring Break ’08!
        experience. Their current shows include Deep Sea 3D, Sea
        Monsters 3D, or U2 in Concert 3D! For more information call

Sand Shark at The Tennessee Aquarium

                                                                                       Blue Hole Lake – Land Between the Lakes

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Cumberland’s Classified.                   Handling – Sell Locally                   Saturdays only, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
                                                                                     with a one hour lunch.                   No charge for CU students,
Just email a description of who            No charge for CU students,                Compensation is $8/hr.                   Faculty, & Staff
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