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VOLUME LXXXII. NO. 6                                      C O L U M B U S A C A D E M Y. O R G                WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 25TH, 2010

Samir Saxena’11                to marry Bella (Kristen
Co-Editor in Chief             Stewart), but she will agree
                               only if he turns her into
   On July 3rd, 2010,          a vampire. Meanwhile,
Harsha Chandupatla’11 and      Jacob (Taylor Lautner)
I risked our reputations,      remains convinced Bella is
and by extension our social    in love with him, but that
standings, when we went        she keeps suppressing her
to see Eclipse, the third      feelings. While Jacob and
installment of Stephenie       Edward are competitors
Meyer’s multi-billion dollar   in love, the vampires and
vampire series. The movie’s    werewolves form an uneasy
general characteristics        truce to protect Bella from
of plot, acting, and           an army of newly created
dialogue are formulaic         vampires led by a vengeful
and unimpressive, but the      Victoria (Bryce Howard).        Photo by Harsha Chandupatla’11
love triangle among Bella,        The story line certainly
                                                              Saxena’s Point of View: Redundancy weakens plot in Meyer’s latest vampiric blockbuster.
Edward, and Jacob does         could have made for
make particular aspects of     compelling drama if            the novel, so he weighs the       installments, is dull and      theme in the movie is
the film appealing.            it were presented well.        film down with repeated           repetitive. Bella, Edward,     indistinguishable from the
   Eclipse begins where New    Unfortunately, director        flashbacks that add little        and Jacob express their        next. For example, when
Moon left off—Edward           David Slade seems too          to the plot. The screenplay,      feelings simplistically
(Robert Pattinson) wants       worried about adhering to      like those of the first two       over and over until one         Continued on Page 4

                                                               CA Proud of Malone Grant
                                                              Emma Harrington’11                thought, with dread,              My most curious
                                                              Sction Editor                     about the summer reading       questions were who is
                                                                                                you still had left to do?      going to get these awards
                                                                 For many of years upper        Whatever the case, the         and what exactly will these
                                                              class students who rolled         Malone Grant sign may not      scholarships provide?
                                                              into who Academy at 6:30          have held your interest for       The Malone scholarships,
                                                              AM for football lifting           long because your attention    may cover a portion or
                                                              or a bit later for soccer         span is about as long as a     the entirety of a recipient’s
                                                              or field hockey practice          gold fish’s at this early in   academic costs, as
                                                              or at noon to work on             the morning. More likely it    demonstrated by need
                                                              the yearbook, or at 7:00          was because you had very       and as determined by an
                                                              PM for cross-country,             little to go on.               independent organization.
                                                              thinking that summer isn’t           Since many Academy             The 7th-12th grade
                                                              really summer anymore,            students and I knew little     students who will receive
                                                              you may have noticed the          about the grant and its        grants are judged on their
                                                              banner reading ‘Columbus          implications for the our       academical talents as
                                                              Academy: 2010 Recipient           community, I asked Mr.         identified by standardized
                                                              of the Malone Family              Wuorinen and Mr. Hunker        test scores and who also
                                                              Foundation Grant*.’ You           questions ad nauseam           qualify for the 30-100%
                                                              might have thought, “That         about the Malone Family        need-based aid. In addition
                                                              is a pretty big deal and          Foundation’s mission, the      to the cost of Academy,
                                                              considered what you would         reasons we received the        the grant can also cover
                                                              do with two million dollars       grant, how the money will      incidental expenses,
                                                              at Academy.”                      be used, and what impact       ranging from textbooks,
 Photo Courtesy Mrs. Bening
                                                                 Would paying for an            the program will have on       and for seniors, college
Gavin Rackoff’14 packages food, sponsored by Meals-On-        education be at the top           students already attending     trips.
Wheels, for home-bound clients.                               of that list, or maybe you        the Academy.                   Continued on page 2

Gulf Oil Spill                                      New Faculty Members                                     Sports
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                                                     Photo by Harsha Chandupatla’11
Photo Courtesy                                                                      Photo by Harsha Chandupatla’11
2                                                                      News
      BP’s Blunder Unforgivable: Spill
      Damages Lives and Environment
                                                                solution take so long? And    we hadn’t figured out a        might have been able to
                                                                will it work?                 solution as a preliminary      stop the damage sooner.
                                                                   Even with this new         caution? The final solution    They must also face the
                                                                cap, BP will continue to      is the completion of the       issue of compensation for
                                                                test the strength of the      relief wells, but for now      business workers and locals,
                                                                well before resuming          along with this hopeful        of which the two largest
                                                                production, hoping and        cap that no one is 100%        groups are the fisherman
                                                                watching to make sure         sure of, four vessels will     and the shrimpers. In total
                                                                the sea floor does not        help in assistance. One        about 184.3 million gallons
                                                                crack. Engineers have         of the vessels called the      of crude have spilled in the
                                                                found that the pressure       Helix Producer is able to      gulf and this oil could show
                                                                readings are non ideal and    take in about 1 million        up as far as the coasts of
                                                                are lower than expected.      gallons of crude per day.      Texas and North Carolina
                                                                Only meaning that either      Together, all four vessels     in only a few months. For
                                                                there is an undiscovered      have the capacity of 2.5       the next few decades tar
Clarissa Leickly’12            surface, wasn’t found until      leak or the reservoir that    to 3.4 million gallons per     balls and patties from this
Section Editor                 four days later.                 is the source of the oil      day, but there remains the     spill will continue to wash
                                  Finally on July 15 at 3:25    might have depleted after a   upcoming hurricane season      ashore. Why did it take a
   The largest offshore        p.m. EDT, 85 days later,         three month spill. The cap    and the possible risk of the   disaster like this to occur
oil spill in the United        the oil stopped flowing by       ultimately allows for more    ships having to abandon        before we thought of a
States resulted from the       a 75 ton temporary cap.          containment mechanisms        their work and allow for       strategy to fix it? If only
Deepwater Horizon drilling     This cap was able to shut        to be attached so that        more oil to spill again.       BP thought of this sooner
rig explosion on April         three valves and stop the        ultimately more oil will be      Because of all the          they might have saved it
20, 2010. This explosion,      flow of oil into the Gulf        brought up to the surface     damage, BP has been            from losing a lot of money
resulting from an ignition     of Mexico, but the cap is        and placed onto the ships     proclaimed the responsible     and a large depletion in
of methane gas under           only a temporary solution        instead of into the water.    party and is left to pay for   their stock. As President
high pressures, ended up       until BP is able to place a         What most Americans        the cleanup costs and any      Obama said in a conference
killing 11 platform workers    more permanent measure           are trying to figure out      other damages done, but        on July 16th, “…everybody
and injuring another 17.       by plugging the leak deep        is if this massive leak       only if they had thought       feels like we’re done and
The massive leak, which        underground with cement          could have been foreseen      of this “unlikely cause”       we’re not.” There is still an
was 5,000 feet below the       and mud. Why did a               in anyway. How come           happening earlier, they        enormous cleanup job.

         Malone Foundation (Continued)
   My next question?           each year to use for             “Not even close,” according   are something to be            whether there was
“Why did we get it?” I am      scholarships. The Malone         to Mr. Wuorinen. He hopes     proud of, but there is still   anything beyond the
as proud a Viking as the       Family Foundation asks           the Academy community         room for improvement.          obvious that made this so
next kid, and I think this     the school to spend 5% or        will “pick up on this         Mr. Wuorinen outlined          special, they responded
school is pretty awesome,      $100,000 annually. Thus,         and say that $100,000         his goal for the school:       in various ways. Mr.
but I also realize there are   the Columbus Academy             each year [is great, but]     “Wouldn’t it be cool if the    Wuorinen stressed this
other pretty great schools                                                                                                   is a “vote of confidence
out there. Mr. Hunker                                                                                                        from some place outside of
broke it down for me:                                                                                                        Academy,”characterizing
When Mrs. Vloxen of the                                                                                                      the grant as the school’s
Malone Family Foundation                                                                                                     equivalent to the National
came to Academy, she                                                                                                         Merit Award. Mr. Hunker
“saw an enthusiastic and                                                                                                     approached the question
empathetic student body, a                                                                                                   differently, stressing this
faculty and administration                                                                                                   grant should be seen as
that was dedicated to                                                                                                        a “challenge to bring to
helping each student reach                                                                                                   your school great kids
his or her absolute best, a                                                                                                  and to do great things for
deepening commitment                                                                                                         them.” This mission is
of the school to financial                                                                                                   accompanied by spillover
aid, and then, of course,                                                                                                    benefits for students
academic excellence.”                                                                                                        already at Academy in the
   “This is all very                                                                                                         form of peer effects and a
exciting,” I thought, “but                                                                                                   greater diversity of ideas.
two million dollars could                                                                                                    The new students will
be used pretty quickly.                                                                                                      offer different perspectives
How will we make it            Photo by Harsha Chandupatla’11                                                                from a socioeconomic
stretch?” Again, Mr.           Banner features Academy’s Malone Foundation Award on the School’s Main Driveway.              standpoint and also
Hunker cleared up my                                                                                                         potentially from different
confusion. The money           should be able to maintain       that does not complete        school were able to meet       racial, ethnic, and religious
will not be used directly.     the original two million         the job.” Currently, the      100% of demonstrated           backgrounds.
Instead, Mr. Hunker            dollars (the principal)          school covers 80-85% of       need,” so that anyone from        So now, maybe, as you
said, “ It will go into our    while granting new               demonstrated need, and        any background could look      pass that sign on your way
endowment, and we will         scholarships each year.          about 17% of its students     at Academy and say I could     into school, you will have a
manage it like all of our         Okay, so is $100,000 a        are on aid. Mr. Hunker        do that?                       little more to think about,
other endowed funds,”          year enough to cover all the     and Mr. Wuorinen                 When I asked Mr.            be excited about, and even
drawing off the interest       financial need at Academy?       agree those numbers           Hunker and Mr. Wuorinen        be inspired by.
                                                                       News                                                                                3
          Paul the Psychic                                                        Summer Service
Sarah Cohen’11                   cephalopd? For being
Co-Editor in Chief               such a lucky- or genius-
                                 creature, he has received
   If one of the seven billion   death threats from those in
people on Earth correctly        countries whose demise he
predicted the outcome of a       predicted, including from
sporting event, it’s nothing.    those in his homeland of
To predict seven in a row is     Germany. Countless chefs
pure luck. For an octopus,       have offered to cook Paul
to be correct in the face        should anyone kidnap him.
of odds of 255-1, it’s a             Rather than sell Paul
miraculous psychic ability       to those who would laud
that cripples nations and        him for his predictions,
provokes death threats.          such as the Spanish
   From the Sea Life Centre      government who made
in Obenhausen, Germany,          him an honorary citizen,        Photo Courtesy Mrs. Bening
Paul the Octopus predicted       or risk his death because
                                                                In June, as part of the “Feed The Hungry Program,” Sarah Poehlmann’13 and Chris
the outcome of soccer            of unhappy recipients of
                                                                Nolan’13 help clean out meal delivery bags at MEALS-ON-WHEELS.
matches for both Euro 2008       future predictions, the
and the 2010 World Cup.          caretakers of the world’s
   After being presented         most expensive octopus -       Brook Zhang’12                       Sites that the volunteers   one considers how many
                                                                Staff Writer                    helped out at included the       more people there are out
with two identical               worth an estimated $4.5
                                                                                                Shepherd’s Corner Farm           there that are in need of aid
containers each holding a        million - have announced
                                                                   On the moist summer          and Ecology Center, the          but aren’t getting it. This
mollusk and emblazoned           his retirement.
                                                                morning of Wednesday,           Mid-Ohio Food Bank, the          project has truly given me
with a flag from one of the          “He won’t give any more
                                                                June 16, fourteen Columbus      YMCA Family Center, the          a better understanding
contesting nations, Paul         oracle predictions - either
would choose one of the          in football, or in politics,   Academy students waited         Northside Center for Child       of where our community
containers to eat from; that     lifestyle or economy.          patiently at the school’s       Development, and Meals on        stands in terms of its need
country would win the            Paul will get back to his      Athletic entrance. Led          Wheels.                          for assistance.”
match.                           former job, namely making      by the enthusiastic Mrs.             During the two                 “The service project
   Out of his fourteen           children laugh.”               Bening and Mrs. Hochman,        week service project,            started off a little rough,
predictions, he was right            Paul is not expected to    the young volunteers were       the volunteers learned a         but by the end, none of us
twelve times, correctly          live to see Germany’s next     preparing themselves for        wide range of life skills        wanted the experience to be
predicting 100% of               major tournament, Euro         two weeks of adventure          and established lasting          over,” explains Obikunle’s
Germany’s matches in             2012, as most common           and excitement. A can of        friendships with fellow          classmate Mallory Grayson.
the World Cup, as well as        octopi do not live for more    insect repellent in one hand    participants.                    “There was a lot of bonding
foretelling Spain’s win in       than two years. For now,       and a bottle of sunscreen            “It is simply amazing       between the different
the final to become the          he will live out his life      in the other, Mrs. Bening       how many organizations           grade levels involved in
eighth country to lift the       swimming around a replica      optimistically expressed: “I    there are to help people,”       the project, and many new
Jules Rimet trophy.              trophy garnished with          am really looking forward       says rising junior Tolu          and lasting friendships
   But what has happened         muscles in memory of his       to a fun and fruitful           Obikunle, “But it is             were formed during those
to this all-knowing              predictions.                   experience for all of us.”      extremely alarming when          extraordinary two weeks.”

 CA’s Upper School Welcomes Six New Faculty
Sandia Ramaswamy’12            Statistics. He received his      taught at Berkeley for          Ohio Teaching Licensure          to be part of such a tightly-
Section Editor                 B.S. degree in math at           eleven years. She “enjoys       in Chinese history and           knit community.”
                               U.C. Santa Barbara and           cooking, reading, cycling,      TESOL. Li says, “We                 Mr. Ely will join the
   The Upper School            was a civilian computer          and spending time with          Chinese, say, ‘Through           Latin department. Ely is
welcomes six new members programmer working                     her family.” Nakasako is        teaching others, you teach       an O.S.U. alumnus and
to its faculty.                with the U.S. Navy. Linder       excited to get back in the      yourself.’” Li hopes her         is currently finishing his
   Many students already       completed his doctorate          classroom and to become         students and she can build       M.A. in classical languages
know Dr. Martin. She will      in statistics at O.S.U.          part of the Columbus            a love for Chinese language      with a Latin emphasis at
teach Modern European          and teaches math and             Academy community and           and culture.                     the University of Georgia,
history. Martin graduated      statistics at Ohio Wesleyan.     help students learn about          Mrs. Murray will teach        where he taught two
Brown and received her         Linder hopes he will get         other cultures and to           geometry and Honors              semesters of introductory
doctorate in 18th century      to know more than the            appreciate and to question      Geometry. Murray                 Latin. His hobbies include
British literature from Yale. approximately fifteen             their own.                      received a B.S. in science       “traveling, hiking, riding
Martin has taught at the       students in his class and           Mrs. Li, who will teach      and math and an M.Ed.            motorcycles, and cheering
University of Virginia and     share his enthusiasm for         Chinese, graduated from         from O.S.U. Murray taught        on the Buckeyes.” Ely
at O.S.U. She volunteers at    statistics. Linder enjoys        Shaanxi Normal University       math at Franklin Heights         says, “I am excited to start
the Columbus Metropolitan golf, chess, curling and              with a B.A. in History          School. Her hobbies include      teaching, and after my
Library, The ProMusica         following college baseball       Education. Li taught            “camping, hiking, and jet        earlier visit, I have high
Chamber Orchestra, and         and football.                    English for one year at Xi’an   skiing,” and she is a big        expectations for the fall. I
The Columbus School for           Ms. Nakasako, who             International University        Ohio State football fan.         look forward to meeting
Girls. Martin loves “to cook graduated from Aston               of China and then taught        Murray says, “I am very          all the Latin students and
and to garden and drink lots University in Birmingham,          three years of Chinese at       excited to be teaching at        working with Dr. Gruber
of coffee.” Martin is thrilled England, with a double           multiple locations in Japan.    Academy. In the past, I          and Ms. Bening.”
to be returning to Academy. major in French and                 She earned an M.A. in           have always been involved           The Academy
   Mr. Linder will teach one Business Administration,           foreign language education      in much larger schools and       community greets its new
section of Honors              will teach French. Nakasako      from O.S.U. and earned an       networks, so it will be great    faculty.
4                                                                Entertainment
                                 Eclipse Review (Continued)
Edward drops Bella off with           Bella’s dilemma of               a vampire, she will be with              this quandary are the most                     their love for Bella. The
Jacob at one point, he stares      whether to choose Edward            Edward forever, but she’ll               interesting ones in the film.                  scene also features the best
at the werewolf angrily            or Jacob is not only based          have to say goodbye to                   In particular, the scene in                    line in the film, “Let’s face
before telling Bella, “I trust     on whom she loves more              her family forever. If she               the tent is the best segment                   it Edward, I am hotter than
you; it’s him I don’t trust.”      but also the supernatural           chooses Jacob, she can live              of the movie because Jacob                     you.”
This is after almost an hour       implications of her                 a normal human life. The                 and Edward finally have                           In spite of its flaws,
of angry glances between           decision. If Bella becomes          conversations involving                  a decent discussion about                      Harsha and I enjoyed
the two love interests, and                                                                                                                                    Eclipse because we did not
I’m thinking, “No kidding!”                                                                                                                                    take it too seriously. We
   Maybe better actors                                                                                                                                         laughed when we were
could have carried the                                                                                                                                         supposed to be concerned. I
film. Even though Kristen                                                                                                                                      counted how many seconds
Stewart does a decent job as                                                                                                                                   the characters spent kissing
Bella, Taylor Lautner and                                                                                                                                      in the movie (395). Harsha
Robert Pattinson are little                                                                                                                                    wolf-whistled when Jacob
more than attractive actors.                                                                                                                                   appeared shirtless, which
Lautner only has two                                                                                                                                           generated a great deal of
expressions, happy face and                                                                                                                                    laughter from the audience.
angry face, while Pattinson                                                                                                                                    I guess the movie falls
always curls his lips into                                                                                                                                     under the “so bad it’s good”
a wry smile when he has                                                                                                                                        category.
something dramatic to say,                                                                                                                                        So let’s hope that the
as if he realizes that he is a                                                                                                                                 fourth film is worse than
bad actor.                                                                                                                                                     Eclipse because sometimes
   The film does draws its                                                                                                                                     bad art makes for better
                                    Photo by Harsha Chandupatla’11
appeal, however, Meyer’s                                                                                                                                       entertainment.
fascinating love triangle.         Seniors, Samir Saxena and Harsha Chandupatla, join Bella for a night of occultism.

      Editorial                                                            Opinion
       More Venues Would Afford Students to Discuss Moot Topics
          The Columbus Academy mission statement maintains the school is committed to fostering
       “compassion, respect, and moral courage” within its students. The Upper School can come
       closer to this goal by providing more venues for students to discuss the controversial issues
       our generation will eventually confront.
          The most common way the school tries to promote values such as ‘moral courage’ are via
       assemblies. Over the past couple of years, for example, Academy has invited guests to discuss
       eating disorders, abusive relationships, and gay couples, among other controversial topics.
          Although the school’s intentions are wise, these assemblies have a diminished effect on the
       Upper School community because they fail to engage the listeners. The 45-minute gatherings
       in the theatre are squeezed in the middle of a busy schedule and usually occur at the
       beginning of a hectic week. As a result, many students just have too much on their minds to
       contemplate the issue in question.
          The most averse effect of special guests at assemblies is the speakers lecture the students.
       This stifles interchange and debate of ideas because students may ask questions, but no time
       is available for the opportunity to engage in longer conversations. The follow-up lunch forum
       is one solution that was developed to spark conversation, but many students would gain more
       from a continued discussion in at least one of their classes on the same day we hear from
       notable speakers. Follow-up forums would give students more time to investigate each issue
          An additional appealing change for our school would be to invite two speakers who have
       opposing views on an issue. This would facilitate dialogue in the Upper School because
       students and faculty would see both sides of an argument and, thus, feel more comfortable
       disagreeing with others.
          Only when students are questioned will they be able to “respect” others’ opinions while
       developing the “moral courage” to promote their own. The Upper School can fulfill this aspect
       of the school’s mission statement by facilitating more discussion time on arguable topics.

                                                                                          Students of The Columbus Academy produce The Academy Life throughout the school year. Students devote
The Academy Life Staff                                                                 time after studies and other school commitments to attend meetings, cover events, write articles, complete lay-out,
                                                                                       and take photographs.
2010-2011 Co-Editors in Chief: Sarah Cohen’11 and Samir Saxena’11                         The Academy Life strives for accuracy in all reporting. Contributors cover student government; service; art and
Section Editors: Emma Harrington’11, Kathleen Szabo’11, Clarissa Leickly’12, Sandhya   athletic events; and entertainment.
                                                                                          Each issue features student opinion. Co-editors, the managing editor, and section editors compose the paper’s
                                                                                       Editorial Section.
Staff Writer: Brook Zhang’12                                                              The Academy Life welcomes signed letters to the editors. Letters may be sent to The Academy Life at The Co-
Photographer: Harsha Chandupatla’11                                                    lumbus Academy address, faxed to 614-475-0396, placed in Academy Hall’s Academy Life mailbox, or emailed to
                                                                                       faculty advisor ( Students, alumni, families, faculty, and staff in the Academy
                                                                                       community may write letters to the editor which The Academy Life reserves the right to edit or to reject.
Advisor: Mrs. Patricia Hogan
                                                The Academy Life                                       Compiled by Harsha Chandupatla’11   5
                     Nikhil Patel                                                      Neela Nataraj
Q: What is your favorite fantasy movie?                              Q: What is your favorite fantasy movie?
                                                                     A: The Harry Potter movies because they’re based on the best
A: The Harry Potter movies are all too good to single one out. The   books ever!
magic along with the increasing suspense makes them better than
any other!
                                                                     Q: What was your favorite
                                                                     moment in the World Cup?
Q: What was your favorite
moment in the World Cup?                                             A: I don’t watch the World Cup.
                                                                     (I’m not much of a soccer fan.)
A: I didn’t watch the
World Cup because I was too
busy watching Wimbledon.                                             Q: What was your favorite summer activity?

                                                                     A: Counseling for the school’s summer experience tennis camps.
Q: What was your favorite summer activity?

A: I participated in the “Feed the Hungry” service camp. We got      Q: On average, how many hours do you sleep in the summer?
to volunteer by doing something different and exciting.
                                                                     A: About seven.

Q: On average, how many hours do you sleep in the summer?
                                                                     Q: Did you follow any new summer TV shows or series?
A: Nine hours.
                                                                     A: There are too many to write! However, here are a few: “One
                                                                     Tree Hill,” “Greyís Anatomy,” and “Pretty Little Liars.”
Q: Did you follow any new summer TV shows or series?

A: Every Tuesday evening, I looked forward to watching “Hell’s
Kitchen” on Fox.

                  Tolu Obikunle                                                             Joey Vara
Q: What is your favorite fantasy movie?                              Q: What is your favorite fantasy movie?

A: The Last Airbender! I loved the cartoon, and I really like Ang.   A: The Star Wars saga because
He seems like a cool kid. I’ve always wanted a blue arrow on my      James Earl Jones is in it.
head, so I live vicariously through him.

                                                                     Q: What was your favorite moment
Q: What was your favorite                                            in the World Cup?
moment in the World Cup?
                                                                     A: When Landon Donovan scored the goal against Algeria in the
A: I liked it when Germany                                           last minute of stoppage time.
beat Argentina.

                                                                     Q: What was your favorite summer activity?
Q: What was your favorite summer activity?
                                                                     A: Beating Harsha at ping pong.
A: I liked to “man” the front desk in the main offices because I
like to answer phone calls.
                                                                     Q: On average, how many hours do you sleep in the summer?

Q: On average, how many hours do you sleep in the summer?            A: Eight hours, and about ten on the weekends.

A: About three. I went to sleep late and woke up early.
                                                                     Q: Did you follow any new summer TV shows or series?

Q: Did you follow any new summer TV shows or series?                 A: “Burn Notice” and “Psyche.”

A: I watched a lot of “The Secret Life of the American Teenager,”
but it was super sketchy.
6                                 Sports    Compiled by Harsha Chandupatla’11

    2010 Fall Home Game Schedules
         Football                          Cross Country
         09/03/10 - Bishop Hartley         09/14/10 - Bexley
         09/24/10 - Lakewood
         10/08/10 - Heath
         10/15/10 - Bexley
         10/29/10 - Whitehall

         Golf                              Volleyball
         08/23/10 - CA Shootout            09/07/10 - Heath
         08/31/10 - Heath                  09/14/10 - Granville
         09/07/10 - Granville              09/16/10 - Licking Valley
         09/16/10 - Bexley                 09/23/10 - Bexley
                                           09/28/10 - Newark Catholic
                                           10/05/10 - Whitehall
                                           10/12/10 - Lakewood
                                           10/16/10 - Whetstone

         Field Hockey                      Girls Tennis
          09/02/10 - Bishop Hartley        08/20/10 - Sycamore
          09/20/10 - Worthington           08/31/10 - Wellington
                     Kilbourne             09/04/10 - Kettering Alter
          09/29/10 - Upper Arlington       09/10/10 - Chagrin Falls
          10/02/10 - Ursuline Academy                 Kenston
          10/02/10 - Granville             09/14/10 - Granview Hights
          10/05/10 - Thomas                09/21/10 - New Albany
                     Worthington           09/23/10 - Fisher Catholic
          10/12/10 - Bishop Watterson      09/25/10 - Walsh Jesuit
          10/14/10 - Dublin Kauffman       09/27/10 - Upper Arlington
          10/16/10 - St. Ursula Academy    09/30/10 - Bishop
                                           10/02/10 - MSL

         Boys Soccer                       Girls Soccer
          08/26/10 - Johnstown Monroe      08/28/10 - Tree of Life
          09/04/10 - Bishop Hartley        08/31/10 - Bloom Carrol
          09/11/10 - Mariemont             09/07/10 - Lakewood
          09/14/10 - Canal Winchester      09/16/10 - CSG
          09/23/10 - Whitehall             09/21/10 - Wellington
          09/28/10 - Licking Valley        09/23/10 - Heath
          09/30/10 - Granville             10/14/10 - Granview
          10/09/10 - Big Walnut                       Heights

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