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REPORT                                                   CONTENTS
      have just returned
      from a fascinating trip
      as a guest of the
Scottish Inland Waterways
Association, organised by
                                                         6        Big rally on a big canal
                                                                  The Newry Ship Canal is unique among our waterways,
                                                                  Sean Patterson of the Newry branch invites you to take
the Erne Branch, although                                         part in a historic boat rally
it had representation from
five IWAI branches. Trips
were organised on Loch
Lomond, the Forth and
Clyde Canal, to the Falkirk
                                                         8        She’s electric
                                                                  In the third and final part of his series on boat
                                                                  electrics, Dave McCabe maximises his power, gets
Wheel, a tall ship and                                            switched on and tells us how to pull it together
surprisingly – a distillery! The friendship we enjoyed
typifies the special relationship boaters enjoy,
whatever the venue.
      This year Maree and I have decided to base the
boat on Lough Derg, this will enable us to spend
                                                         12 Looking to the future
                                                            of the association
                                                                  The IWAI held a conference for members
more time enjoying the lower Shannon. While                       in Athlone last April to discuss the future of
bringing the boat down the Shannon-Erne and the
Shannon navigation I couldn’t help but be impressed               the association. Nuala Redmond looks at the
by the civility and helpfulness of the lock keepers               findings of the day
and of the maintenance staff of Waterways Ireland.
We encountered a few problems on the Shannon-
Erne due to a power cut, but the lock-keeper was
with us within a few minutes. He quietly sorted the
                                                         16 History in the making
                                                                  March saw the end of the first-ever Waterways
                                                                  Heritage Competition, organised by the Barrow
problem and stayed to ensure everything worked as
it should. Maintenance staff have carried out tree                branch of IWAI. Liam O’Connor explains
cutting on the lower part of the canal and all the
grass areas looked superb. Again, the Shannon
lock-keepers excelled in the level of service, it
makes the trip so much more special to be met with
                                                         18 Charting success
                                                                  Noel Griffin explores the electronic charts available for inland waterways users
a smile and have a friendly chat, it was really good
to see welcoming familiar faces, congratulations to
all those Waterways Ireland staff, you typify the
image that should be portrayed.
                                                         21 Going with the flow
                                                                  Continuing her regular series, Nicki Griffin bounces
                                                                  from Killaloe Bridge to Limerick and back
      Attendance at the recent members’ conference
in Athlone was disappointing, though that could
certainly not be said about the quality of debate.
Greg Whelan did a superb job with the organisation.
Detailed notes have been circulated to the
                                                         24 Calendar of events
                                                                  For your convenience, we have reprinted an updated
                                                                  version of the 2007 calendar of IWAI events
executive, who have set a day aside for discussion
and eventually to bring recommendations to council.
      I want to pay tribute to two groups in the           inland waterways news            REGULARS
association who are working tirelessly in a voluntary

                                                                                            4 NEWS
capacity to restore neglected waterway artefacts, I                                         26 IWAI AT WORK
refer to Michael Savage and the team from RBLNA                                             28 BRANCH NEWS:
who have created a fantastic resource on Ram’s                                                    28 Shannon Harbour
Island. New paths, tree cutting and new jetty to                                                  29 Offaly
mention but a few. Michael brought me out to Ram’s         the next issue...                      31 Athlone
recently just to see what work had already been                                                   33 Belturbet
achieved, it is amazing. Tommy McLoughlin and the          OUT ON                                 33 Slaney
team on the Boyne have truly excelled in what they
have achieved, it was my pleasure to take part in          28 AUG                                 35 Lough Derg
                                                                                                  37 Barrow
the recent small boat rally, this is a truly awesome       AUTUMN 2007 ISSUE                      39 Lough Erne
waterway, no one could help but be impressed by            Copy deadline for editorial
just listening to the enthusiasm that emulates from        and advertisements:
these groups, dare I suggest branches organise a           FRIDAY 10 AUGUST
                                                                                            41 LOOK! BROKERAGE SECTION
visit, if for no other reason but to give                                                      Over 120 boats for sale
encouragement to this commendable work.
      Lastly, and I know I’ve asked before, please
don’t give up on recruiting new members, we are                     INLAND WATERWAYS NEWS
grateful for all that has been achieved, but there are
                                                                    Magazine of the Inland Waterways Association of Ireland
still so many boats without the 2007 sticker.
      Looking forward to seeing you on and off the       Opinions expressed in the Inland Waterways News are not necessarily those of the IWAI
water, happy and safe boating.                           Editor: Nuala Redmond. 3 Beechdale Close, Blessington, Co Wicklow, e-mail:,
                                                         tel: 087 265 5888. Assistant: Nicki Griffin. Printed by Turners Printing, Longford.
Brian Cassells, President,
Inland Waterways Association of Ireland                  Volume 34, number 2. ISSN 1649-1696

                                                                                         INLAND WATERWAYS NEWS                          Summer 2007 3


                                                                                                                                                    PIC: MARC GLEESON
                                                                                ENDEAVOUR CUP GOES TO
NAVIGATION RESTRICTIONS                                                        BOYNE RESTORATION GROUP
                                      of this stretch.’ The journey
B     oats are to be severely
      restricted in the way that
they will be allowed to navigate
                                      between locks 1 and 12 should
                                      undertaken as a single move-
the Dublin section of the Grand       ment in one day, insists WI. The
Canal. A minimum of two (work-        marine notice also reminds us of
ing) day’s notice of intended trav-   the working hours of the lock-
el through Main Line locks 1-12 is    keepers, who finish work at 3pm.
now required, according to                 This, says WI, is to improve
Waterways         Ireland     (WI).   safety for boat users. The IWAI
Intending travellers must give        however, maintains that this
notice to the WI regional office,     arrangement is too restricting
who will then inform the lock-        and says there could be other
keepers.                              solutions. The association would
     Waterways Ireland has fitted     like to have been consulted, says
the majority of lock gates on this    president Brian Cassells, who
stretch with gate padlocks to pre-    adds: ‘We are anxious to co-
vent vandalism and subsequent         operate with Waterways Ireland          This year, the Boyne Restoration Group (Dublin branch) has won
flooding, and so lock-keepers         on this and any future issues. We       the Endeavour Cup. The group has been working hard restoring
                                                                              sections of the Boyne Navigation Canal. Pictured above is
must attend the passage of boats      are, after all, a major customer of     Tommy O’Loughlin of the Boyne Restoration Group accepting
between Lucan and Suir Road.          theirs. In us, WI will find a wealth    the award on the group’s behalf from president Brian Cassells at
     What seems like the closing      of experience and knowledge of          the AGM in Dublin. The Endeavour Cup is awarded by the IWAI
                                                                              executive to the person who has done the most to promote the
down of easy navigation on the        Irish waterways and the use of          ideals of the IWAI during the past year
Grand Canal is not what IWAI          them. All they have to do is ask.’
members fought for, when in the
face of the imminent closure of
the canal in 1958, they protested
                                      WATERWAYS IRELAND’S NEW                                                    CARRICK
and lobbied, succeeding in keep-      HQ IN ENNISKILLEN                                                          BRANCH
ing it open for navigation.
     Boats will not be permitted to                                                                              GPS COURSE
enter the system if their passage
                                                                                                                There has been much on-line
is considered to be unsafe by WI,
                                                                                                                chat over the winter months
who in its Marine Notice 7 of
                                                                                                                about the use of GPS and
2007 states: ‘Boats will only be
                                                                                                                Shannon charts. So to aid the
permitted entry between the
                                                                                                                not so IT orientated members
hours of 6.30am and 7.30am at
                                                                                                                the Carrick-on-Shannon branch
either the 1st lock or 12th lock
                                                                                                                will be holding a one-day intro-
depending on direction of travel,
                                                                                                                ductory course on GPS with
to allow time for safe negotiation
                                                                                                                both theory and practical appli-
                                                                                                                cation. Details can be found on
                                                                                                                the branch website.
 Navigation notices
                                      WI’s new HQ in Enniskillen
                                                                                                                RCAG EVENTS
 The Royal Canal from Abbey-                                                 will be co-funded by the sponsor    15 – 17 June
 shrule to Ballybrannigan will be
 closed for emergency repair
                                      T    he new Waterways Ireland
                                           headquarters building in
                                      Enniskillen, to be located on the
                                                                             Departments (the Department of
                                                                             Culture, Arts and Leisure in the
                                                                                                                 Mullingar RCAG Rally, on
                                                                                                                 Royal Canal,
 works from 9 May to 15 June                                                 North and the Department of         Riverstown/Thomastown to
                                      Sligo Road, is to be completed by
                                                                                                                 Enfield/Kilcock. Contact Colm
                                      Autumn 2008. The construction          Community, Rural and Gaeltacht
 SHANNON NAVIGATION                                                                                              Dardis, tel: 086 890 3509.
                                      and development of the building        Affairs in the South).
 The     stone      harbour      in                                                                              17 – 19 August
 Garrykennedy, Lough Derg is                                                                                     Royal Western Rally,
 out of bounds until further            REGISTRATION OF VESSELS                                                  Mullingar/Coolnahay to
 notice. Due to continuing refur-       All vessels using the Shannon Navigation and the Erne System must        Ballynacargy/Abbeyshrule.
 bishment works being under-            be registered. Only open undecked boats with an engine of 15             Contact Watson Mills, tel: 044
 taken by Tipperary County              horsepower or less, on the Shannon Navigation, and vessels of 10         9373108.
 Council to the surrounds of the        horsepower or less, on the Erne System, are exempt.
 harbour, this location is a desig-                                                                              26 and 27 August
 nated construction site.                                                                                        Rally, Abbeyshrule to
                                        CANAL PERMITS                                                            Ballymahon/Foigha. Contact
 Killaloe                               All vessels using the Grand and Royal Canals and the Barrow              Pat Kilduff,tel: 090 6432733, or
 The Killaloe -Ballina Bridge has       Navigation must have a current valid Permit displayed before being       Gabriel McGoey, tel: 087 134
 re-opened to navigation.               navigated or moored.                                                     6498.


                                                                                                                         loss was reduced to just 15% it
D       ublin City Council (DCC) is
        considering extracting 130
billion litres of water per year from
                                                                                                                         would save 100 million litres of
                                                                                                                         water per day.
Lough Ree in order to supply the                                                                                              The high level of consumption
capital with water for 2016. The                                                                                         of water needs to be addressed,
proposal is to abstract 350 million                                                                                      and it seems that no one has any
litres of water a day from the lake                                                                                      view on the fact that, in all our
near Portlick, which translates into                                                                                     homes, we flush our toilets with
half an inch a day, or three and a                                                                                       drinking water.
half inches a week.                                                                                                           We have an abundance of
      It is feared that the environ-                                                                                     floodwater in winter, can a reser-
mental, ecological, and financial                                                                                        voir be built to hold that and use it
impact of the proposed abstrac-                                                                                          through the summer? Some imag-
tion could be disastrous.                                                                                                inative engineering and real for-
      In Dublin City Council’s own                                                                                       ward planning is needed. Lough
environmental assessment report,                                                                                         Ree is not a limitless resource, and
carried out by RPS, it states that:                                                                                      to really address the problem, we
‘the waste water treatment plant                                                                                         need to look far into the future, and
required for the recommended                                                                                             set plans in motion to tackle the
strategy is likely to have signifi-                                                                                      problems that may not happen for
cant environmental implications                                                                                          100 years or more. And we need to
including the use of energy and                                                                                          safeguard our lakes for future gen-
the release of CO2. This has the                                                                                         erations to enjoy.
potential to impact on natural                                                                                                Meanwhile, Westmeath Coun-
resource use, air quality and cli-                                                                                       ty Council has a proposal to
mate change.’ It goes on to say                                                                                          extract nine million gallons of
that there could be a possible                                                                                           water a day, also from the Lough
change in water flow: ‘The princi-                                                                                       Ree area. This abstraction would
pal likely significant impacts relate                                                                                    take place in Killinure Lough,
to changes in downstream flows                                                                                           between Wineport restaurant and
and how this may affect protected                                                                                        Portaneena.
flora, fauna and associated habi-                                                                                             However, 20 objections were
tats in and adjacent to the lake        From this to this? Water abstraction could have dire consequences                lodged with the council earlier this
and river’, says the DCC report.                                                                                         year, halting their progress, and
      In response to the proposed            A pre-SPA group of concerned        have been adequately assessed           causing An Bord Pleanala to get
extraction, the Athlone branch of       locals commissioned an environ-          as sources of water, says the           involved.
IWAI has joined forces with 20          mental assessment report from            report.                                      The planning board is now
other concerned organisations           Jack O’Sullivan, Environmental                It goes on to say that the         holding a three-day oral hearing on
from the region to form the             Management Services and Dr               effects of a major abstraction on       Westmeath County Council’s
Shannon Protection Alliance             Paul Johnston, Department of             the river’s capacity for power gen-     water extraction plan. And all con-
(SPA). At the inaugural meeting of      Civil, Structural and Environmental      eration (at Ardnacrusha), on recre-     cerned parties, including the
SPA in April, the committee made        Engineering, Trinity College,            ation and navigation, and on the        Athlone branch of IWAI, have been
a commitment to stop Dublin City        Dublin. The report has some wor-         existing capacity of the river for      invited to participate. Both the
Council’s application. They             rying findings.                          wastewater disposal are not             council and the objectors to the
recently organized a protest out-            Among other things, the             addressed adequately.                   scheme will have the opportunity
side Dublin City Council’s last         importance of recreational and                Senator Mary O’Rourke is           to make oral presentations outlin-
meeting before the elections, to        tourist angling has not been             behind SPA’s campaign, she has          ing their case to the planning
highlight awareness of the issue        addressed by DCC, and this has           pledged her support saying ‘‘It is      inspector assigned to the appeal.
among councilors. They held plac-       lead to the widespread concern           truly startling and amazing how this    The hearing will be held in Glasson
ards and distributed leaflets to        among angling and tourism inter-         has developed without anybody           Golf Hotel and will begin at 11am
councilors entering the meeting,        ests, says the report. It goes on to     knowing anything about it’.             on 29 May.
many of whom said they had had          say that the proposed abstraction             At a recent public debate               Following the hearing the
no idea what was going on.              is directly contrary to the principles   organised by the Athlone Chamber        inspector will make a recommen-
      The group does not advocate       of sustainable development and           of Commerce and the Westmeath           dation to An Bord Pleanála and the
an exclusive approach to Lough          management as contained in the           Independent, there was agreement        board will then make a decision.
Ree or the River Shannon, they          EU Water Framework Directive.            between O’Rourke and competitor              Details of the abstraction pro-
acknowledge the right of people to      O’Sullivan and Johnston say that         Fine Gael’s councillor Nicky            posal have been discussed with
use it and enjoy it and its water as    the selection of the two final           McFadden who said: ‘I don’t think       Waterways Ireland says West-
a public resource. But its use must     options by DCC (desalination and         you can rape the midlands and           meath County Council, who says:
be monitored, they say. And they        abstraction from Lough Ree)              rape Lough Ree just to serve            ‘no reservations have been
want real consultation with all con-    ignores many other possible              Dublin.’                                expressed’ by WI.
cerned parties. SPA says that no        options       and     combinations.           So what are the alternatives?           The Westmeath proposal is a
application for water abstraction       Potentially large, reliable and sus-     Well, the Dublin area is currently      dangerous precedent, as the River
should be approved until there’s        tainable groundwater resources           losing over 30% of its existing         Shannon has over seven counties
an agreed strategy in place.            closer to Dublin do not appear to        capacity through leaky pipes, if this   bordering it.

                                                                                            INLAND WATERWAYS NEWS                          Summer 2007 5

           BIGThe Newry Ship Canal is unique among our waterways,
              Sean Patterson of the Newry branch invites you to take
              part in a historic boat rally

                                 econstructed in 1850,      enjoyed a mini-renaissance in terms            Three years later, as Newry and

              R                  the Newry Ship Canal
                                 was an integral part of
                                 life in the coastal port
                                 of Newry until its
              closure to commercial shipping in
              1974. Throughout Europe, little coastal
              steamers with Newry emblazoned on
                                                            of large and small vessels sailing up
                                                            its three-mile course to the centre of
                                                            the town. This began in 1994 with the
                                                            arrival of the MV Balmoral which, at
                                                            203 feet in length, was one of the
                                                            biggest vessels ever to have visited
                                                            the old port as part of the Newry 850
                                                                                                       Mourne area commemorated the great
                                                                                                       Irish Famine, the Irish national sail
                                                                                                       training vessel Asgard II honoured the
                                                                                                       town with a visit over the St Patrick’s
                                                                                                       day break. The graceful brigantine was
                                                                                                       accompanied by a flotilla of craft
                                                                                                       including the Ocean Youth Club ketch
              their sterns were a common sight.             celebrations.                              Lord Rank, the Galway hooker
              Newry even had its own fleet of small
              passenger steamers, the last of which
              was scrapped in 1930.                           TAKE PART IN THE
                   Local seafarers paid a heavy price
              for the town’s prosperity. Between
                                                              NEWRY SHIP CANAL RALLY
              1900 and 1942, 17 Newry steamers                Participants are to assemble at          have a social evening on Saturday
              foundered in the Irish Sea, four without        10.45am on Saturday 16 June at no        night in addition to various activities in
              trace. It is therefore no surprise that         18 buoy adjacent to Carlingford          or near the Albert Basin. The following
              many people from the Newry area feel            Marina, and to slowly proceed in         day the boats will depart the basin at
              a strong attachment to their ship canal         formation to the Victoria Sea Lock for   11am for a 12 noon lock-out.
              and would like to see it preserved, not         locking-in at 12 noon. This will be
              only as a historical monument, but also         followed by a leisurely three-mile       For further information or a
              a vibrant waterway.                             cruise through stunning South            registration form, contact Yvonne
                   It may come as a surprise to               Armagh scenery before berthing at        Murphy, tel: 028 30821413
              many to learn that in fact the ship             the Albert Basin in the commercial       (from ROI, tel: 048 30821413) or
              canal is still an operational waterway          centre of the port. It is planned to
              and that over the last decade or so has

                                        The Asgaard

                                                                                                                                COVER STORY

on a
Clionna na Toinne, the Newry-
registered motor vessel Slieve Bawn
and an armada of locally-owned sailing
and motor craft. The event enjoyed
massive media attention and
culminated with a live BBC broadcast
from the decks of Asgard II.
     The canal has continued to be used
intermittently by various shapes and
sizes of vessels. In 2000 the floating
theatre Fitzcarraldo – a 120 foot ex-
Scandanavian ferry – sailed into the
town’s Albert Basin as part of the
Newry Millennium celebrations,               craft for this event and owners of        including the IWAI, Ocean Youth
followed several weeks later by a flotilla   smaller craft will have an opportunity    Trust Ireland, The Old Gaffers’
of folk boats on a visit to Carlingford      to launch their vessels at a slipway on   Society and various sailing clubs have
Lough. Even Santa, for a while, saw an       the Omeath Road about two                 been invited to participate. n
opportunity to broaden his horizons and      kilometres from the Albert Basin and
forsook his faithful reindeer to visit The   then proceed up the canal to the centre   Sean Patterson is chairman of the
Quays retail complex in a Norwegian          of Newry. Various organisations           Newry branch of the IWAI.
folk boat Tumlin owned by local
waterway enthusiast and broadcaster
Rowan Hand.
     Over the last few years, major
renovations have been undertaken on
this historic waterway by Newry and
Mourne District Council. The Victoria
Sea Lock is being mechanised and new
navigation aids have been placed on the
approach to the ship canal on the Newry
River. The work will be completed by
the end of May when it is hoped the
canal will again be operational.
     The Newry branch of the IWAI
have therefore decided to hold a
boating rally on the weekend of 16-17
June this year to highlight this historic                                                                                       The MV Balmoral
                                                                                                                                in the Victoria
waterway (see panel for details).                                                                                               Sea Lock, 21 May
     It is hoped to attract all types of                                                                                        1994

                                                                                       INLAND WATERWAYS NEWS                    Summer 2007 7


In the third and final part of his series on boat electrics, Dave McCabe maximises his power,
gets switched on and tells us how to pull it together
                       n past articles we have looked                                                 both starter and domestics on and

               I       at some of the individual                       FIGURE 1                       offering a position where both banks
                       components, such as the                                                        are paralleled, effectively connecting
                       battery and alternators, that                                                  the starter motor supply and the
                       form part of a modern marine                                                   domestics together. The primary
               electrical system. In this article we                                                  drawback of this simple system is that
               look at the system as a whole, and                                                     the alternator has to charge both banks
               examine ways to maximise DC power                                                      together. So the ‘both’ position must
               and its availability.                                                                  be selected, meaning that the charge
                                                                                                      current is determined by the weakest
               BACK IN THE PAST                                                                       (lowest) charged battery. This
               The simplest of boat electrical systems                                                arrangement can cause the battery
               is shown in figure 1 (right). This isn’t                                               (typically the starter battery), which is
               common any more and just consists of                                                   almost at full charge, to be
               an alternator/battery combination. It’s                                                undercharged.
               simple, works effectively and is very
               similar to what is in your car. There      their own bank and the engine has a         Disadvantages
               are a number of drawbacks,                 separate starting battery.                  • Batteries must be paralleled for
               principally because both domestics                                                        both to be charged. Unequal
               and starter are fed from the one battery   TWO IS BETTER                                  charging can result.
               (or battery bank), so if you leave the     Figure 2 (right) shows the simplest         • If the switch is left in the ‘both’
               lights on, you can’t start the engine.     arrangement, involving dual battery            position, the domestic load can
               Modern systems have evolved into the       bank systems. That is, one for                 discharge all batteries, including
               dual battery system – domestics have       domestic and one for the engine-start          the starter.
                                                          function. This is a very common             • In some systems, moving the
                                                          arrangement on many sports boats               switch position while the alternator

                                                                              • Dual battery                        FIGURE 2
                                                                               banks, starter
                                                                                 independent from
                                                                                   • Battery
                                                                                   banks can have
                                                                                  different battery
                                                                                like deep
                                                                        discharge for domestics.
                                                                    • Easy to understand and
                                                                 provides for battery parallelling
                                                          in the event of low starter battery.

                                                          However, this arrangement does have
Push the                                                  some drawbacks. These systems use a
button...                                                 four position switch, usually switching


                                                                                                                FIGURE 4

                                               Figure 4 (right) shows the more
             FIGURE 3                      typical system that tends to be found
                                           in most cruisers, in one shape or
                                           another. The battery switches may be
                                           combined in a common rotary unit,
                                           but more commonly they are separate
                                           switches. A switch to combine the
                                           banks is not a normally a
                                           feature, but is sometimes
                                           found. The system uses a
                                           diode splitter to allow the
   is running can cause an alternator      alternator to effectively
   disconnect and possible damage to       separately charge each
   the alternator diodes.                  battery bank. The diodes in
                                           the splitter prevent each bank                        charger. This again allows
Note that a battery charger is typically   from interfering with each other                   the shore power main
included in this scenario, usually one         In addition, the battery charger is      connection via the battery charger to
that has two outputs, so that it can       typically also provided with its own         recharge both battery banks
charge each bank independently.            internal splitter – a two output battery     effectively. This is often the way
However, you will need to check your
system as some wiring configurations
require the battery switch to be left on                   INTELLIGENT THREE-STAGE
to allow the battery charger to work.                         BATTERY CHARGERS
This is not good!
    Also some American sports boats          Modern battery chargers have come
have no separation between starter and       along way since the thing your dad
domestic electrics. The starter and the      charged his car battery with. In
domestic’s circuits are always               particular, deep cycle domestic battery
connected together, figure 3 (above)         banks need what’s called a three-
shows this arrangement (the switch).         stage charger. The three stages are
    Be careful – this is not a dual bank     known as bulk, absorption and float.
arrangement, merely a reserve battery        Bulk provides the maximum current
arrangement which enables you to run         for a period, taking the battery to
the whole boat on one or the other. The      about 90% charged. The charger                 Good quality three-stage battery
idea is to keep one battery in reserve       enters absorption mode and raises          chargers will usually come with the
for emergency engine starting. Some          the voltage to effectively force a         option of two outputs, allowing you to
confusion exists as some people think        controlled amount of current into the      independently charge the starter and
that placing the switch position ‘both’      battery and the float mode maintains       domestic banks. They are designed
separates the battery banks, but in fact     the battery indefinitely at full charge.   to be permanently connected to the
the opposite happens and running                  This system is much preferred         batteries and left on continuously –
down both batteries is possible.             over ‘trickle charging’, as trickle        even over the winter lay-up. They are
    Note that the ‘both’ setting on this     chargers cannot return a battery           also available in a wide range of
battery switch merely connects both          bank, especially a large battery bank      currents to suit most capacities (and
batteries to an already common load          to full charge.                            pockets).

                                                                                        INLAND WATERWAYS NEWS                    Summer 2007 9

cruisers recover their domestic battery          owner remembering to switch a
bank, and many run their engine for              battery switch to a particular
far too little time for the alternator to        position, merely activate the
recover the domestics after a                    starter circuit and the domestic
weekend.                                         circuit and everything else takes
     Note also that this circuit includes        care of itself.
a battery monitor. This consists of a        •   Each bank, which is effectively
‘shunt’ (a very small resistance)                isolated from each other can be
inserted into the negative side of the           configured with a battery type
domestic set right at the common                 most suitable for the intended
negative return point, usually near the          applications. Though its fair to say
battery negative terminal. This                  that most users use exactly the
measures all the current (both in and            same type for both banks.
out of the bank, during charging or              However, note the previous
use) flowing in that bank. This is               comments about mixing battery             THE SUMMARY
connected to an LCD readout. The                 technology types.                         Well, I hope you found this series
primary advantage is that these                                                            informative and not too confusing and
systems let you see amp hours                It worth checking your system to try          that it gave you an insight into your
consumed and amp hours returned to           to understand the way it is wired.            boats electrical systems. To summarise:
the battery. They will usually open          Some systems will not charge from a           • Do invest in reasonable quality
you eyes to how badly your typical           battery charger unless the battery                battery banks.
recharging systems are performing!           switches are on, usually because the          • Be aware that GEL batteries require
Some monitors can also be set to you         charger is not wired directly to the              different recharging schemes and
banks notional full capacity and then        battery.                                          may need alternator modifications.
provide a simple ‘fuel gauge‘                                                              • Your battery bank is expensive.
approach to showing you what’s left.                                                           Mind it, recharge it frequently,
Do not be surprised when you see that                                                          don’t let it drop below 50% of
your bank spends a lot of time only                                                            capacity and if accessible top up
partly charged.                                                                                with distilled water.
                                                                                           • Do ensure that your alternator is
Advantages                                                                                     capable of recharging your battery
• Domestics and starter systems are                                                            bank, in a typical usage pattern.
   effectively isolated from one                                                               Large domestic banks and small
   another. Flattening the domestic                                                            alternators don’t go well together.
   bank will still allow the engine to                                                     • Check that your alternator has
   be restarted and alternator put to                                                          adequate cooling and that the belts
   work recharging the dead set.                                                               are properly adjusted.
• Each battery bank is separated                                                           • Invest in a proper three-stage
   from the other bank during both                                                             battery charger, preferably two
   alternator and battery charger                                                              outputs.
   charging. This allows for the                                                           • Ensure that your cable sizes are
   weaker battery to get the most                                                              appropriate for the load being
   attention without overcharging the                                                          carried.
   strongest.                                                                              • The dual independent battery bank
• The system does not rely on the                                                              circuit is one of the better in use,
                                                                                               try to ensure you have that type of
                                                                                           • Invest in a battery monitor so that
          MULTIPLE BATTERY BANKS MYTH                                                          you can actually figure out what’s
                                                                                               going on. n
  Many boats, especially in today's          Windlass’s are high current short cycle
  trend of increasing ‘mod cons’ on          devices and may be better connected           Dave McCabe boats whenever and
  board, and with the addition of            to a starter battery (especially in a twin    wherever he can, is a member of the
  thrusters and powered windlass, have       diesel installation). Equally, start your     IWAI executive, contributes to the
  succumbed to the ‘everything needs a       generator from your domestic bank             IWAI chat line now and again and
  battery’ belief. Installations have        rather then installing a separate             occasionally remembers to go home
  dedicated batteries for generators,        generator starter battery. The same           and see his family.
  windlasses, thrusters and heaters. For     consideration should be given to bow
  boats under 60 feet is not a good          thrusters, the tendency is to connect
  idea. Each ‘bank’ will need a separate     these to the domestic bank, but again
  charger and multiple diode splitters.      this is often the best advice, the
  Fewer battery banks with more              voltage drop in the domestic circuit
  batteries is always better then multiple   when these devices are used can
  banks with fewer banks.                    cause problems with electronics.
      When adding these types of             Perhaps the starter battery is better
  additional high demand devices,            used, given that thrusters are short
  consider which bank could be used.         usage devices.

                                                                                          INLAND WATERWAYS NEWS                       Summer 2007 11

Looking to the
The IWAI held a conference for members in Athlone last April to discuss the
future of the association. Nuala Redmond looks at the findings of the day

                               he IWAI members’

                                                               ‘Then there is this other aspect of   LAPSED MEMEBRS
                               conference opened with     the association who describes itself as    The majority of lapsed members are
                               a speech from president    “The Voice of the Waterway                 relatively new recruits. 58% of those
                               Brian Cassells. In it he   Enthusiast”, regrettably so often we       surveyed have been members for less
                               welcomed the delegates     tell each other facts, but don’t get our   than 5 years, while 74% have been
              and thanked organiser Greg Whelan.          message out to the wider public. There     members for less than 8yrs. 65% are
              However, he had hard words for the          is another area where we haven’t been      male while half had family
              delegates, expressing his                   very successful – we are not courting      memberships. 64% are aged between
              disappointment in the small increase in     the media, we are failing to get our       41-65yrs. Most lapsed members joined
              membership numbers, and reminding           message out to the general public.’        the IWAI for similar reasons to that of
              all present of their own role in the             After some more provocative           current members, to receive policy
              association’s future, and the need to       comments, and saying that he hoped         information (47%), to receive the IWN
              change.                                     for some productive chat and solutions     newsletter (42%) to stay in touch with
                   ‘I really don’t think we have a        out of the conference, the IWAI            fellow waterways enthusiasts (37%), to
              choice’, he said. ‘I find it interesting    president then gave the stage to the       contribute and have a say in the
              when talking to some of our longest         membership secretary Brenda                inland waterways (34%).
              serving members that it is often they       Ainsworth.                                      At least a quarter of those
              who most see the need for radical                                                      surveyed appear to have lapsed
              change’.                                    MEMBERSHIP SURVEY                          without intent and may be recoverable.
                   He touched on some of the issues       Brenda presented the findings of a         24% stated that they had not renewed
              which were up for discussion that day:      survey of members and lapsed               their membership because they
              ‘What about the branch structure,           members to the conference delegates.       ‘forgot’ or ‘had not realised their
              should we encourage special interest        The purpose of the survey was to find      membership had lapsed’. These
              groups? How would members feel for          out why members may have lapsed,           respondents stated they intended to
              example if we formed a jet ski branch       identify ways of keeping members and       renew in the near future.
              or a wake boarding branch? We have          get some general feedback on how                Other reasons for not renewing
              for many years generously used the          members feel the association is doing.     membership included lack of
              expression, the waterways are for               1,000 surveys were distributed,        communication/reminders and
              everyone, does that really include          600 of which were to lapsed members.       unsatisfactory payment methods
              power boaters and perhaps the most          The survey yielded a good 20%              (combined 40%), not utilising the
              dreaded of all, those men in big white      reponse rate – 204 surveys were            benefits of the association (26%) and
              plastic boats?                              returned.                                  no longer have a boat (24%). 21%
                                                                                                     stated that the IWAI was not meeting
                                                                                                     their needs.
                                                                                                          Those surveyed believed the
                                                                                                     following issues will/should be the
                                                                                                     main concerns for the IWAI in the
                                                                                                     • Environmental Issues effecting the
                                                                                                          protection and usage of the
                                                                                                     • Improving mooring/berthing
                                                                                                     • Improving facilitates for boat users
                                                                                                     • Restoration and opening of Canals
                                                                                                     • Political Lobbying
                                                                                                     • Control of speeding and anti-social
                                                                                                     • Events for new and existing
                                                                                                          members both boat and non boat

                                                                                                     When asked what the IWAI is doing
                                                                                                     well the following features were most
                                                                                                     frequently cited:
                                                                                                     • Communication and information
                                                                                                         via newsletter

                                                                                                                     CONFERENCE REPORT

future of the

•   Communication and information        •   Political Lobbying                      and requirement of Waterways
    via website                          •   Control of speeding and anti-social     enthusiasts.
•   Event (rallies/branch events and         behaviour                                   Many expressed satisfaction with
    other social activities)             •   Events                                  the Inland Waterways News, the
•   Voice (lobbying/looking after the                                                website and events and social
    interests of the Waterways users)    There are mixed feelings and                activities.
                                         conflicting views on the IWAI among             Overall there was positive
Receiving policy information was the     these respondents. While some               feedback towards the lapsed               ‘There was
most common reason for joining the       expressed dissatisfaction with the          membership survey and the initiative
IWAI (with 47% of respondents            structure and culture of the IWAI           to gather feedback from members and
naming this as a reason).                indicating these as reasons for not         lapsed members.                           feedback
    24% of lapsed members simply         renewing their membership, many had                                                   towards the
forgot or hadn’t realised that their     simply forgot to renew and intend to        THE WORKSHOPS
membership had lapsed. Subsequently      do so in the near future. At least a        The delegates then split into groups to   lapsed
many of these stated they would go on    quarter of those surveyed appear to         form workshops to discuss the             membership
to renew. 17% of lapsed members          have lapsed without intent and may be       following:
surveyed indicated that they intended    recoverable.                                • How the IWAI will meet the              survey and
to renew their membership in the near        Follow-up communication with                challenge of changes in regulation.   the initiative
future.                                  lapsed members and more                     • How the IWAI will meet the
                                         frequent/alternative reminders may              challenge of changes in               to gather
CURRENT MEMBERS                          help to resolve previously lapsed               environmental issues.                 feedback
Receiving the magazine was the most      memberships and reduce the number           • How the IWAI can maintain and
common reason for joining the IWAI       of members defecting in the future.             grow its membership.
(with 66% of respondents naming this         More inclusion of new members           • Increasing public awareness of the      members
as a reason). This is followed by        and promotion of events targeted at             IWAI.
                                                                                                                               and lapsed
receiving policy information (56%),      new members may help lapsed
and to stay in touch with fellow         members feel more involved and              How the IWAI will meet the                members’
waterways enthusiasts (55%).             welcome.                                    challenge of changes in regulation
    The main issues raised by both           On a more positive note, half of        Facilitator: Dave McCabe
existing and lapsed members for the      those surveyed stated the IWAI are          During a comprehensive discussion on
future of the IWAI include:              effective in addressing the needs of the    regulations, many things aired. Some
• Environmental Issues                   Inland Waterways, many current              key areas are outlined here.
• Improve mooring/berthing               members felt that the IWAI is effective     Compulsory vessel registration was
• Improving facilitates for boat users   in presenting the voice of the              seen as an good thing as it would help
• Restoration and opening of Canals      Waterways and lobbying the concerns         safety and vessel identification. There

                                                                                    INLAND WATERWAYS NEWS                      Summer 2007 13
                                                                                                                   CONFERENCE REPORT

was agreement that all vessels should
at least have third-party insurance.
There was a 50/50 split on the topic
of compulsory certification. Everyone
felt that enforcement of existing bye-
laws was poor, people in the group
also felt that the approach taken by
county councils with regard to jet ski
and fast craft bans was haphazzard
and uncodinated. It was felt that
licensing jet skis was better then
outright bans.
     On the subject of IWAI internal
regulations, it was felt that the IWAI’s
great strength was its cohesive
organisation. However, in relation to
branch regulations, it was felt that
council must do more to help small
branches handle the burden of modern
corporate governance standards.
There should be guides, notes and
training days developed to further
this aim.

How the IWAI will meet the
challenge of changes in
environmental issues
Facilitator: Michael Hynes
Effluent discharge from boats was
discussed, and while it was agreed
that it caused only a tiny percentage
of the pollution on our waterways, it
was decided that sea toilets among         How the IWAI can maintain and            Increasing public awareness of
our members should be discouraged.         grow its membership                      the IWAI
Regarding the pump-out systems             Facilitator: Colin Becker                Facilitator: Pauline Fitzgerald
available, the group felt that these       In a lively debate, the group tackled    This group discussed utilizing
should be run by local authorities, as     many issues involved with both           different methods of communication
they are responsible for sewage            keeping existing members, and            such as email more effectively. They
treatment in their area. Maintenance       recruiting new ones. The idea of         saw involvement in local community
is crucial, and as it is a public health   mentoring was popular, that              as a possible way of publicising the
issue, there should be no fee. Design      someone, preferably from the new         association. Having relevant articles
should be standardized.                    member’s branch, would ‘mind’ that       in commercial magazines was seen as
     Grey water waste, the waste water     new member for a year. It was felt to    a good idea. The group felt that all     ‘All felt
from showers and washing up, can be        be important that the branch nurture     branches should have PROs, who           that we
a big problem too. And again, it was       their new members, and that they         should take responsibility for
felt that IWAI should lead the way.        don’t forget the personal touch. All     exposure in the local media.             should all
We should only use soap products           new members should be welcomed                Publishing IWN commercially         be more
which will not harm our environment        by their branch, but for this the        was mentioned, as was sending older
– low phosphate materials. We should       branch needs to know who the new         issues to schools and doctors offices.   inclusive
shower ashore where possible.              members are, and they have new           Branded clothes, hats and badges         and aware
     Concerning aquatic invasive           members. Some felt that with the         were thought to be a good idea,
species, most famous of whom is            centralized membership, branches         possibly even an IWAI teddy bear. It
                                                                                                                             of new
probably the Zebra Mussel, are             were disempowered in this respect.       was also felt that the association       members
threatening to change our eco system       But the group was reminded that the      should engage a media-watch service
                                                                                                                             at events’
for ever, possibly leading to the          membership secretary sends regular       to track articles to which we should
extinction of many of our native fish.     updates on membership to branches        respond.
We need to create a better awareness       for this purpose.
among waterways users about what               All felt that we should all be       THE DAY’S CONCLUSION
we can do to help stem the spread of       more inclusive and aware of new          The day wrapped up with another
these species.                             members at events. Some felt that we     short speech from president Brian
     Refuse and waste management           might attract new members by             Cassells, who reminded everyone
were discussed, and concerns were          publishing IWN commercially. It was      there how special our association is,
expressed about the growing trend of       seen to be a problem that the            with its unique cross-border
county council not providing waste         association’s identity is sometimes      relationships. He told the assembled
disposal at harbours. This was seen as     confused with Waterways Ireland. We      company how proud he was of the
a health issue, and also a tourism         need to promote the association          IWAI, and assured the group that
issue, as dumping has become more          through other focus groups and boat      their suggestions would be considered
frequent.                                  yards.                                   over the coming months. n

                                                                                   INLAND WATERWAYS NEWS                     Summer 2007 15

HISTORY IN                           s this is the Year of the

March saw
                                     Barrow, it was a fitting
the end of                           occasion to launch
the first-ever                       what the Barrow
                                     branch hopes will be
Waterways           an annual event – the Waterways
Heritage            Heritage Competition.
                         The competitors, all transition year
                    students, gathered in Butler House
organised by        Kilkenny to outline the work that had
the Barrow          gone into their entries. The judges,
                    who had reviewed the submitted
branch of           projects over the previous two weeks,
IWAI. Liam          held final deliberations before
                    announcing the winners.
O’Connor                 The objectives of the competition
explains            were outlined by the branch heritage
                    officer, Liam O’Connor: ‘We wanted
                    to raise awareness among young
                    people about the fantastic resource that
                    our waterways heritage represents.           The judges of the waterways heritage compeition
                    Heritage includes everything (natural,
                    built, and cultural) that has been           system, which covers a considerable         our own IWAI vice-chairman (Paul
                    handed down to us, and everything            area of the South East. It was pleasing     Garland). We very much appreciate
                    that we must safeguard for ourselves         to see representatives from SERBD,          the time and diligence that they
                    ad for the future generations. Heritage      New Ross boat club, and Carrick-on-         applied to their task.
                    tells us who we are’.                        Suir boat club.                                 The Barrow branch is very
                         Branch chairman Dominic Reddy               The judges were drawn from the          grateful to its main sponsor, the
                    officiated on the day, making everyone       Heritage Council (Amanda Ryan did           Heritage Council, and to Meteor
                    feel welcome and seeing that                 the honours on the day, for Beatrice        Phones who also made a generous
                    everything ran smoothly. The target          Kelly who is specifically responsible       contribution to the collection of
                    audience for the competition were the        for Waterways Heritage), South East         prizes. We also received financial
                    schools along the “Three Sisters” river      Fáilte Ireland (Brendan Murphy), and        assistance from EBS, for which we


          nockbeg College, just a couple of        awareness raising, and a physical clean-up
          miles outside Carlow town was the        project in their submission.
          creative cauldron that cooked up the          The team members targeted an area of
 winning team. It’s a great tribute to the         the river bank for reclamation. They have
 energy of the transition year coordinator         cleared the rubbish, laid a path, replanted
 (Jarleth Bolger) and the geography teacher        the area, and arranged for a seat and an
 (Michael O’Sullivan) that they started by         information board to be erected once the
 having everyone in transition year break into     good weather arrives.
 teams, and have a crack at the competition.            They produced both a 28-page summary
 Without a doubt, the cream rises to the top,      of the project, and a lively Powerpoint
 and the winning team combined research,           presentation. The presentation can be

                                                                                                    viewed from the Barrow branch page on
                                                                                           The judges were unanimous in
                                                                                                    their selection of this project for first prize.
                                                                                                        The winning team consisted of Simon
                                                                                                    Breheny, Francis Egan, Niall Bergin, Seán
                                                                                                    Butler and Pauric O’Connor.



             hen the girls from Newtown
             College Waterford arrived at
             Butler House, Kilkenny with their
 transition year coordinator (Andrew Cox),
 they were slightly daunted to see that they
 were the only girls’ team there. However, I
 pointed out that this was the kind of
 situation my own daughter and her friends
 long for – and any nerves were soon
     The focus of the Newtown project was a        automated animation, the slide show can be        initial brief of the competition. If this acts as
 pictorial history of the bridges over the River   set to run by itself, and it is a work of great   a model for future contestants, then we will
 Suir at Waterford. While this did not entail      craftsmanship which totally captures the          soon have a comprehensive tourist resource
 the sort of back-breaking effort that the boys                                                      for the entire south-east river catchment
 from Carlow had undertaken, the girls used                                                          area.
 great design skills and pictorial acumen to                                                              Both visitors and locals alike will benefit
 produce a high-quality presentation that                                                            from viewing this display – the next task is to
 would grace the reception desk of any hotel                                                         get it out there where the public will see it!
 or tourist office. The selection of paintings                                                            The presentation can be viewed from
 and photographs, combined with brief but                                                            the Barrow branch page on
 precise text, guides the observer through a                                                              The Newtown team consisted of Karen
 400 year-long history lesson. Using                                                                 Milne, Dervla Purcell, and Rebecca Walsh.


          never knew there was so much in it’                                                        and it’s environs. The packaging for the
          said one of the members of the                                                             DVD gives a professional impact, which
          Carrick-on-Suir CBS team who came                                                          could see it fitting in with merchandise
 third in the competition. The team researched                                                       available to visitors from overseas.
 and produced such a comprehensive visitor                                                               There is a wealth of information
 guide to the area, that they may not have left                                                      available in this guide. As well as
 much for future competitors to tell us. The                                                         information on history and great houses of
 lads were staggered that there was so much                                                          the area, we learn about some of the
 history waiting to be discovered in their town                                                      personalities from the area. We get
 and region. You could tell the increased                                                            information for golfers, walkers and sports
 sense of awareness and pride they took from                                                         fishermen. Overall a splendid package
 the work – as always ‘the more you put in,            In addition to producing a 20-page            worthy of professional producers.
 then the more you get out’.                       booklet entitled The heritage of the River            As yet, we have not determined the best
                                                   Suir, the team also produced a top-class          way to make the guide and DVD available
                                                   colour flyer, and topped it all                                         to inland waterways fans,
                                                   off with a DVD.                                                         but watch this space!
                                                       The DVD combines                                                         The Carrick team
                                                   photographs with the narration                                          consisted of Cathal
                                                   by local poet Michael Coady,                                            Deehy-Power, Emmett
                                                   who shares his unique insights                                          O’Neill, and Evan
                                                   and deep affection for Carrick                                          Shortliss.

are very grateful. A special word of       support of teachers in the participating    themselves to repeat the competition
thanks is due to Frank Dolphin of          schools. We hope to replicate this over     during school year 2007/08. n
Rigney-Dolphin recruitment, former         the next few years. Finally, the people
chairman of the Waterford Chamber of       who made it all worth while were the        Liam O’Connor is the heritage officer
Commerce, who was of great                 students who produced such high             with the Barrow branch of the Inland
assistance in opening doors to our         quality submissions. The branch             Waterways Association of Ireland. If
other sponsors.                            members were very encouraged to see         any other branches or groups would
    The competition would not have         what could be produced by the               like to consider a similar undertaking,
happened without the enthusiastic          students, and immediately committed         he is happy to share his experience.

                                                                                      INLAND WATERWAYS NEWS                         Summer 2007 17

CHARTING      GPS has been around for many years, but the costs have dropped considerably
                     now, and the equipment is becoming easier to use. Noel Griffin explores
                        the electronic charts available for inland users

                                                    has      for inland, coastal and car navigation.   Lough Ree and navigation markers for
                                  GPS               many
                                 different uses, but it is
                                                             There are also larger fixed-colour GPS
                                                             chart plotters such as the Raymarine
                                                                                                       the rest of the Shannon.
                                                                                                            Navionics has just released its
                                now well established as      A65 and C-Series. Chart formats vary      latest 28G Navionics Gold cartridge
                             an excellent aid to inland      from manufacturer and you can not         which covers the entire coastal waters
                         and coastal navigation. It does     interchange them (Garmin charts will      of Ireland, Britain, northern France,
              a degree of skill, training and experience     not work on a Raymarine C-Series).        and includes the Shannon and Erne
              to use it safely but it is easy to learn                                                 navigations (Shannon and Erne charts
              with help from friends and plenty of on        GPS CHART PLOTTERS                        are included in their coastal pack).
              the water practice. Remember GPS               There are two electronic chart formats    Navionics carried out its own
              systems are merely an aid to navigation        for the Shannon and Erne navigations.     electronic sonar survey of the
              and not a sole replacement, so hang on         The charts          navigable areas of the lakes and river
              to your paper charts and keep looking          work with Garmin chart plotters such      during the summer of 2006. Navionics
              out of the window.                             as the 276C colour portable plotter,      Gold charts will work with GPS
                  There is a wide variety of marine          60Cx, 76Cx colour handhelds, and          plotters such as the Raymarine A, C
              GPS receivers suitable for inland GPS          fixed units such as the 292 and           and E series, the Raymarine RC400
              use, from compact handhelds such as            2000/3000 series. These charts were       hand held, and other manufacturers
              the Garmin GPS72 which does not                originally produced by Willie Messner     such as GeoNav and Northstar. The
              display charts, to portable colour units       and have been recently updated and        GeoNav 4C is an excellent colour
              such as the Garmin GPSMAP 276C                 much improved by Dave McCabe with         hand held unit.
              which displays charts and is suitable          the addition of depth information for          So which is best? Well there isn’t
                                                                                                       a straight answer to that question. If
                                                                                                       you already own a Garmin plotter then
               Anchor drag alarm                                                                       I suggest you use the Garmin
               One of the most useful things a GPS can be used for is a good night’s sleep             compatible chart, if you own a
               when at anchor. You can switch on a feature called the anchor drag alarm                Raymarine C-Series then the
               which will warn you with an audio alarm if your boat moves out of a safety              Navionics chart. They each have their
               circle because your anchor is dragging. Another useful feature is ETA                   own strengths and weaknesses.
               calculation when you are navigating a route, even on the river in broad
               daylight. Why? Well imagine you’re heading down the river from Athlone and              WWW.SHANNONCHARTS.COM
               want to know what time you will arrive at Meelick lock. Just switch to ETA              I have been using these charts for the
               display mode and the unit will tell you what time you will arrive, so you can           past five years with great success. The
               adjust the throttle so you arrive just in time!                                         shore line detail on the lakes and
                                                                                                       rivers from the Shannon to the Erne

                                                                                                                      GPS CHARRTS REVIEW

SUCCESS                                                               CHART FORMAT                     GPS HARDWARE             TYPE

                                                                      Garmin Shannon Charts            GpsMap 276C              Portable
                                                                        GpsMap 60Cx              Handheld
                                                                                                       GpsMap 76Cx              Handheld
                                                                                                       Gps 292/298              Fixed

                                                                      Navionics Shannon                Raymarine A65            Fixed
                                                                      Charts 28G                       Raymarine C70/80/120     Fixed

navigations is excellent and very
accurate. The charts are free of charge.
Up until recently these charts had no
depth or marker information, so you
could only safely navigate using your
own pre-recorded waypoints and track
logs. However, recently Dave McCabe
has issued a major new release of these                                                                                        GPS systems
Garmin format charts which include                                                                                             are merely
most of the navigation markers for the
Shannon navigation and extensive                                                                                               an aid to
depth information for Lough Ree.                                                                                               navigation
                                             Navionics 28G. Detail Depth Contours, Lough Derg
    Dave is planning future updates for
Loughs Derg and Key. These charts                                                                                              and not a
provide excellent situational awareness                                                                                        sole
and can be used in conjunction with
 TIPS AND ADVICE                                                                                                               so hang on
                                                                                                                               to your
  n   Think safe – be safe
  n   Build up your experience in                                                                                              paper charts
      good conditions                                                                                                          and keep
  n   Remember to ‘look out the
                                                                                                                               looking out
  n   Navigate using proven                                                                                                    of the
      waypoints combined with routes
      or your own pre-recorded track
  n   Practice accurate compass
      steering in daylight - you’d be
      surprise how difficult it is in poor
                                             Navionics 28G. Colour Depth Shading, Lough Ree
  n   Navigate at a safe speed
  n   Keep a sharp look out
  n   If you have a radar use it as a        paper charts such as the IBRA and            Personally I am a fan of Garmin
      backup, especially to identify         OPW chartlets. On a word of caution,     hardware as it seems more intuitive to
      other vessels. Be aware that           do not install a GPS plotter and just    use than some other manufacturers. I
      small open boats may not show          head down the lake at night, you will    highly recommend the Garmin
      up on radar especially in rough        need experience and practice getting     Gpsmap 276C colour plotter which is
      water.                                 familiar with the hardware and your      very popular on the Shannon and
  n   Have fun!                              own waypoints, and especially            Erne. It is portable and can also work
                                             steering in poor visibility.             with car road maps, has a very bright

                                                                                     INLAND WATERWAYS NEWS                     Summer 2007 19

                                                                                                          with some exceptions and they have
                                                                                                          omitted some hazards hidden behind
                                                                                                          markers, but this should not be a
                                                                                                          problem as long as you keep to the
                                                                                                          right side of the marker either using
                                                                                                          the Mk I eyeball, or the marker on the
                                                                                                          chart. Navionics is committed to chart
                                                                                                          updates which should improve this.
                                                                                                               Overall I am very pleased with the
                                                                                                          first release of the Navionics charts,
                                                                                                          especially because of the depth
                                                                                                          information and the coverage down to
                                                                                                          Limerick and the fact that the coastal
                                                                                                          charts are included. The cost of the
                                                                                       These are          28G chart cartridge is approximately
                                                                                       two useful         GBP£170, which is super value if you
                                                                                                          also need coastal charts for the
Shannon Charts. Garmin. Depth sounding, Lough Ree
                                                                                       offerings.         Shannon estuary or further afield. The
                                                                                       The Shannon        Raymarine RC400C or the Geonav 4C
                                                                                                          handheld units have 4” colour screens
                                                                                       charts for
                                                                                                          and cost approximately €450 if you
                                                                                       Garmin units       shop around, and work will with
                                                                                       are                Navionics Gold charts such as 38G.
                                                                                                          They have rechargeable batteries but
                                                                                       continuing to      don’t last more that about three hours,
                                                                                       evolve, and        so you will need to use the 12 volt
                                                                                                          cigerette lead supplied to operate them.
                                                                                       the Navionics      Fixed units such as the Raymarine A65
                                                                                       chart              or C70 are also excellent, but such
                                                                                                          units more likely to be used on sea-
                                                                                       provides the       going vessels than inland.
                                                                                       first accurate
                                                                                                          SHANNON CHARTS FOR GARMIN
                                                                                       depth              These charts are downloadable from
                                                                                       information at no cost.
                                                                                                          You need a licensed copy of Garmin’s
                                                                                       since the
                                                                                                          MapSource software or their
                                                                                       lead line          inexpensive Trip and Waypoint
                                                                                       survey of          Manager which is included with some
Shannon Charts. Garmin. No soundings, Lough Derg                                                          units.
screen and the batteries last a long       markers instead of red or black, but I                         SUMMARY
time. You can also plug it into a 12v      understand Navionics will correct                              These are two useful offerings. The
cigerette socket. Typically the 276C       these in subsequent chart updates. The                         Shannon charts for Garmin units are
costs around ?620 if you shop around,      detailed depth contours will be of great                       continuing to evolve thanks to Dave
and the inland charts are free.            use to anglers who can now see a                               McCabe’s extensive efforts, and the
                                           detailed shape of the lake bed. Boaters                        Navionics chart provides the first
NAVIONICS GOLD – CHART 28G                 will probably turn the contours off and                        accurate depth information since the
I’ve been using these charts on a          instead use colour depth shading.                              lead line survey of 1839. The decision
Raymarine RC400 colour hand-held               This chart includes the entire                             as to which to choose is largely
since March and have been much             coastal areas of Ireland, Britain and                          dictated by what GPS hardware you
impressed with the depth information       northern France so the price compares                          already own. Be aware that the older
available and the presentation options.    well to Garmin’s excellent but quite                           Raymarine HSB series such as the
You can configure the GPS unit to          expensive coastal Bluechart cartridges.                        RL70 and RL80 do not work with
display either dense and detailed depth    The Navionics depth coverage is                                either of these chart formats. HSB
contour lines, or you can de-clutter the   limited to navigable areas of the lakes                        series work only with C-MAP. The
display by showing only colour-shaded                                                                     combination of a Garmin Gpsmap
depth information and a safety contour,                                                                   276C and
set to say a depth of 5m. The shore          INLAND GPS USES                                              has proved popular thus far, but no
line details may not be as accurate as                                                                    doubt boats already equipped with
the Garmin Shannon charts, but the           n   Comforting to confirm your position in poor visibility   Raymarine A, C and E series will be
depth information is fantastic and is        n   Night cruising – a lovely experience                     pleased with the Navionics charts,
available for the entire Shannon, Erne,      n   Useful even on the river for ETA planning                especially those boats that are
Shannon/Erne waterway and the                n   Estuary visits and coastal hops from Lough Derg          interested in excursions to the salt via
Limerick Navigation below Killaloe.          n   Return to favourite anchorage or fishing spots           the Shannon estuary. n
     There are a small number of             n   Record safe tracks to out-of-the-way places
markers incorrectly coloured on the          n   Anchor drag alarm                                        Noel Griffin is a member of the
charts such as white for floating barrel                                                                  Lough Derg branch of the IWAI.

                                                                                                                AROUND THE WATERWAYS

Kayaks at the Curragower Falls during the Limerick Riverfest

goingFLOW                                          WITH THE

Continuing her regular series, Nicki Griffin bounces from Killaloe Bridge to Limerick
and back, and gets rubbished on Lough Derg
         t was the Limerick Riverfest      about. There should have been a          Paddles’ in which mad people squeeze

I        at the beginning of May, and
         the city was buzzing with
         events. We went down on the
         Sunday (by car I have to
confess) and there was a great
atmosphere in spite of the rain.
Outside the Locke Bar beside the
                                           competition for the most
                                           inappropriately dressed among them. It
                                           was woolly jumper and stout shoes
                                           weather, but wishful thinking had
                                           taken over. Goosebumps are not a
                                           great fashion accessory.
                                               Down on the Shannon the kayakers
                                                                                    themselves into leg-length kayaks and
                                                                                    do things like turn themselves over in
                                                                                    the water just for fun. I have a friend
                                                                                    who does this sort of thing and it
                                                                                    sounds truly scary. Bobbing down
                                                                                    rapids upside down, for example.
                                                                                    Battling through a narrow passage
Abbey River, the World Barbeque            were busy. The University of Limerick    between rocks while staying upright in
Cook-Off was entering its final stages.    Activity Centre was hosting ‘Blazing     roaring white water. Though of course
It had been running since Saturday and
was in its underwater phase as the rain
torrented onto the roof of the very long
marquee. Local, national and
international gourmet restaurants were
in the competition according to the
blurb, though I have to say that all the
ones I saw were pure Irish.
    Across the Abbey River there was
more food stuff. The European Market
was divesting people of their spending
money at a great rate. Including
myself. Fabulous organic tomatoes,
melons and garlic. Cheeses that will
smell the fridge out for a week in spite
of being encased in lead. Small tarts
and breads and croissants, olives and
soaps and sweet things to eat.
Wonderful. A great crowd wondering         A watery barbecue on the Abbey River

                                                                                    INLAND WATERWAYS NEWS                     Summer 2007 21

Arthur Murray, Killmessan, Co Meath wins the
champagne dinner for two at Wineport Lodge for this
self portrait

Entries for the Wineport winning shot competition should be posted to: the
Editor, Inland Waterways News, 3 Beechdale Close, Blessington, Co
Wicklow, or emailed to

Artistic merit, the technical quality of the photograph, and the inherent
interest of the subject will be taken into account. Please ensure your name
and contact details are attached. The judges decision is final.
                                                                                                                      AROUND THE WATERWAYS

its also fabulously exhilarating and
fantastic too. So I’m told.
     There’s a fine wave for kayak
surfing at the Curragower Falls beside
the castle and there were events such
as King of the Wave/Queen of the
Wave, Syncro-surfing and the Kayak
Polo Finals. The ESB were releasing
water through Ardnacrusha to make
things even more exciting. This also
made things more exciting for the
cruise-in-company that had come
down from Lough Derg for the
weekend. Timing was crucial and
tricky. Wave surfing is all well and
good in a 3ft kayak but a little more
taxing when in a 40ft cruiser. But the
five boats made it safely and tied up
                                                                                                                                     Killaloe Bridge
behind the Hunt Museum.                     up on the wall above the bridge with        no bins people will bring their litter
     At the docks the Asgard II was         our bicycle tyre compensators in            home and household rubbish won’t be
attracting all sorts of folk who were       position to cut out the effects of wash.    squeezed into the bins intended for
happy to queue to go on board in spite      The compensators stretch and stop that      sweet wrappers. The same theory
of the rain. And the LE Aoife had           nasty rope jerking boats are particularly   seemed to have been applied to boat
people from top to bottom. A naval cap      vulnerable to wherever the speed limit      rubbish. The big skip had gone when          ‘You have
was being passed from head to head          is ignored by drivers of passing fast       we were in Mountshannon at Easter.           to make so
while photos were taken and small           craft. We walked in glorious sunshine       No dog poop bin. No litter bin. No
children stared in awe at the big ships.    up the road to the River Run bistro for     skip. Wonderful. By the end of the           many hits
                                            dinner before sampling the beer across      weekend the pile of rubbish next to          off the
KILLALOE TREATS                             the road.                                   the recycling bins was starting to
Any boater who enjoys a beer that                The bridge is open again in Killaloe   stink. What an excellent impression          springy
isn’t Guinness or Carlsberg should          and there seems to be a new water           visitors to the area must have.              stuff before
head down to Killaloe. Not only are         sport. A sort of cross between bouncy            Thankfully East Clare Tourism got
there new jetties in place under the        castle and snooker. There’s a black and     onto the case and by the following           passing
bridge (not yet open at the time of         yellow funnel made of stuff you can         weekend a skip was in place. But in          safely to
writing), you’ll find a great welcome       bounce off which leads to the hole in       Ballina/Killaloe during the May
at Tara’s Speciality Beer House on the                                                  weekend a couple on a boat were
                                                                                                                                     the lower
                                            the bridge. There are no rules published
Ballina side of the river. There’s a        as yet but presumably you have to           ramming a bag of rubbish into the            side of the
fabulous menu of beers from different       make so many hits off the springy stuff     litter bin because there was nowhere
countries. Unusual stuff like fruit         before passing safely to the lower side     else to put it. To be fair to Ballina they
beers and strong stuff like Belgian         of the bridge where you have to do a        do have a red dog poop bin there. And        where you
beers. Delicious. Just be careful when      three-point turn onto the jetty.            plenty of litter bins too. But nothing       have to do
getting back on your boat.                       I probably shouldn’t have said all     for boaters. Scarriff Harbour has done
    I know all about the beer because       that. Might give someone ideas.             well with two new big plastic-lined          a three-
we had a great trip down to Killaloe                                                    barrels alongside the old one, all of        point turn
during the Easter break. It was             RUBBISH                                     which were full after the May bank
Thursday and the lake was still and         It’s not always easy to dispose of          holiday. A bit of consistency required       onto the
serene, reflecting pure blue. We’d          rubbish when boating on Lough Derg.         here I think. n                              jetty’
planned to moor in the bottom half of       Some people may have noticed the
the canal where it’s quiet but the bridge   lack of ordinary litter bins in             Nicki Griffin is a member of the Derg
had a ball dangling under it and signs      Mountshannon for example. The               branch of the IWAI, and a member of
up saying navigation closed. So we tied     theory, apparently, is that if there are    the Inland Waterways News team.

  Shannon Castle Marine Services                                                LAKESIDE PROPERTY FOR SALE
  Williamstown Harbour, Lough Derg                                                                                       4 bedroom, detached house
                                                                                                                         on 3/4 acre, with mooring.
                                                                                                                         House has mature gardens,
  Moorings, winter berthage, lift outs,                                                                                  and double gated entrance.
  servicing, repairs and maintenance,                                                                                    Approx 2 miles from
                                                                                                                         Carnadoe Bridge, 5 miles
  brokerage, Eberspacher heater                                                                                          from Roosky.
  sales and service
                                                                               Price in excess                           Access to mooring via
                                                                               of €300,000.                              Grange/ Kilglass lakes and on
                                                                                                                         to shannon system. A modern
                                                                               TO VIEW, CONTACT
  FOR INFORMATION AND BOOKINGS                                                 071 96 37311,                             bungalow with garage, ample
                                                                                                                         parking, and stunning view
  CALL ANGUS ON 061 927042                                                     045 430793, or
                                                                               087 2330424                               overlooking the lakes.

                                                                                        INLAND WATERWAYS NEWS                        Summer 2007 23
                                                                                                  2007 CALENDA
                                                                        Inland Waterways As
       MON TUE WED THU                               FRI      SAT SUN MON TUE WED THU                                              FRI      SAT SUN MON TUE WED THU                                           F
JAN 1            2           3        4          5           6          7           8         9        10          11          12          13           14         15          16       17       18          19
      NEW                                                    BOYNE      WOODFORD                                                                        WOODFORD
      YEAR’S                                                 CANAL      RIVER                                                                           RIVER
      DAY                                                    WORK       WORK                                                                            WORK
                                                             PARTY:     PARTY:                                                                          PARTY:
      BANK                                                   DUBLIN     L. DERG                                                                         L. DERG
      HOLIDAY                                                BRANCH     BRANCH                                                                          BRANCH

FEB                                    1         2           3          4           5         6        7           8           9           10           11         12          13       14       15          16
                                                                                                                   L. ERNE      SPRING
       8 FEBRUARY:                                                                                                 OPEN
                                                              CANAL                                                MEETING     IWN
       WORLD TRIP                                             WORK                                                 TALK (SEE    copy
                                                              PARTY:                                               LEFT):     deadline
       CHESTNUT SUITE,                                        DUBLIN                                               LAGAN &
       LAGAN VALLEY ISLAND                                    BRANCH                                               L. ERNE BR                                                                    DUBLIN BOA

MAR    All Boyne Canal Action
       Group workpartys meet
                                      1          2          3           4           5         6        7           8           9           10           11         12          13       14       15          16
       at Oldbridge                                                                                     SPRING     TALK ON
                                                                                                       IWN         LOUGH REE
                                                                                                                   BY DAVE
                                                                                                       PUBLISHED   MCCABE

APR                                                                     1           2         3        4           5 WI, 6
                                                                                                                                           7            8          9           10       11       12          13
                                                                                                                   QUINNS      GOOD                     EASTER     EASTER
                                                                                                                   CORNER      FRIDAY                   SUNDAY     MONDAY
                                                                                                                   L. ERNE                     EASTER CIC: BELTURBET BRANCH
                                                                                                                   DUBLIN       EASTER CIC: SHANNON HARBOUR BR
                                                                                                                                GRAND CANAL EASTER RALLY: KILDARE BRANCH
                 1           2         3         4           READERS & WRITERS
                                                             5          6           7         8        9           10          11          12           13         14          15       16       17          18
MAY                                              SUMMER
                                                              FESTIVAL, GRAIG
                                                                 HBA + RALLY, BAGNELSTOWN                                                   LAGAN
                                                 IWN     SHN HARB
                                                 copy    BRANCH               BANK                                                          LAGAN
                                       DUBLIN  deadline MEETING                                                                             BRANCH
                                       MEETING     ERNE BRANCH VISITS LOCH LOMOND                                                                                              DUBLIN RALLY: DUBLIN BRANCH

JUN                                              1           2          3           4         5        6           7           8           CRUISER 10
                                                                                                                                           9                       11          12       13       14          15
                                                     MINI-CRUISE: CARRICK-ON-SHANNON BRANCH                                                GET
                                                  SMALL BOAT EXPEDITION TO THE CORRIB: CORRIB BRANCH                                       CORRIB
                                                                  RALLY: BARROW BRANCH                             DUBLIN
                                                                                                                   BRANCH                  RALLY, BALLYCOMMON:
                                                             BBQ: SHN HARB BRANCH   BANK                                                       OFFALY BRANCH
                                                                                    HOLIDAY                        MEETING

JUL                                                                     1           2         3        4           5           6           7            8          9           10       11       12          13
                                                                                                                                                 BOAT RALLY:
                                                                                                                                                SLANEY BRANCH
                                                                                                                                         BOAT RALLY: CORRIB BRANCH

                                                                                                                                                                     LOUGH DERG 32ND RALLY: LOUGH DERG BRA

AUG                          1         2         3           4          5           6         7        8           9           10          11           12         13          14       15        16         17
                                                                                                                                AUTUMN                                                                        RO
                                                             BBQ         GRAIG
                                                                         BARROW                                                 IWN
                                          SHANNON BOAT RALLY                                                                   deadline
                                      ATHLONE AND CARRICK BRANCHES                  BANK
                                                                                    HOLIDAY                                    FESTIVAL OF FLOWERS, BAGNELSTWN

SEP                                                          1          2           3         4        5           6           7           8            9          10          11       12       13          14
                                                                                                                                             END OF SEASON
                                                                                                                                              RALLY: CORRIB          TITANIC
                                                                                                                                                 BRANCH              BOAT
                                                             SHN HARB                                                                                                TOUR
                                                             BRANCH                                                                  CRUISE IN COMPANY:              LAGAN
                                                             MEETING                                                                   CORRIB BRANCH                 BRANCH

OCT 1            2           3         4         5           6          7           8         9        10          11          12          13           14         15          16       17       18          19
                                                                                                        VISIT TO
                                                                                                        GUARD                                   END OF SEASON
                                       DUBLIN                SHN HARB                                   STATION
                                       BRANCH                BRANCH                                     LAGAN                                  RALLY: BELTURBET
                                       MEETING               MEETING                                    BRANCH                                     BRANCH

NOV                                    1         2           3          4           5         6        7           8           9           10           11         12          13       14       15          16

                                                                                                                               deadline AGM
                                                                                                                                           SHN HARB

DEC                                                         1           2           3         4        5           6           7           8            9          10          11       12       13          14


       MON TUE WED THU                               FRI      SAT SUN MON TUE WED THU                                              FRI      SAT SUN MON TUE WED THU                                           F

ssociation of Ireland
RI         SAT SUN MON TUE WED THU                                             FRI        SAT SUN MON TUE WED THU                                             FRI        SAT SUN MON TUE
          20           21         22         23          24        25         26         27          28         29        30          31                                                                     JAN
          BOYNE        WOODFORD
          WORK         RIVER
          PARTY:       WORK
          DUBLIN       PARTY:                 BARROW
          BRANCH       L. DERG                BRANCH
                       BRANCH                 MEETING

          17           18         19          20         21        22         23         24
                                                                                         NEW ROSS
                                                                                                     25         26        27          28                                                                     FEB
          BOYNE                                                                          (ROWING)
          WORK                                                     TALK ON
          PARTY                                                    THE
                                                                   BOYNE                 KNOW
          COUNCIL                                                  CANAL,                YOUR BOAT
          MEETING                                                  POOLBEG               COURSE                           BARROW
                                                                   DUBLIN                OFFALY                           BRANCH
AT SHOW, RDS                                                       BRANCH                BRANCH                           MEETING

         17           18          19         20          21        22         23         24          25         26        27          28         29          30          31                                  MAR
                                                                   TALK ON
                                                                                                                                      VISIT TO
                                                                                                                                      LAGAN                  AGM
          ST                                                       POOLBEG                                                            WEIR                   GLENROYAL
          PATRICK’S               BANK                             DUBLIN                                                 BRANCH      LAGAN                    HOTEL,
          DAY                     HOLIDAY                          BRANCH                                                 MEETING     BRANCH                 MAYNOOTH

          14           15         16         17          18        19         20         21
                                                                                                  22            23        24          25         26          27          28        29       30               APR
                                                                                         CONF.        HBA IN                               SMALL BOAT RALLY: BELTURBET BRANCH
                                                                                         SHN HARB     + BOAT                                      LECTURE
                                                         LAGAN                           BRANCH        MENS                                       BY DDDA,
                                                         BRANCH                          MEETING     REUNION              BARROW                  POOLBEG                 HERITAGE BOATS
            HERITAGE BOATS                               COMM.                                                            BRANCH                  DUBLIN                       VISIT
              VISIT ATHY                                                       CHESHIRE VISIT: L. ERNE BRANCH             MEETING                 BRANCH                  LEIGHLINBRIDGE

          19           20         21          22
                                                         23        24         25         26          27         28        29          30          31                                                         MAY
          OPEN        WATER                                                                 ATHY WATER
          PICNIC &
                      CORRIB                  IWN                                            FESTIVAL
          QUIZ        ON 19                  PUBLISHED
                                                                                             BOAT RALLY:
          SHN HARB                           BARROW                                         BARROW BRANCH
                                             MEETING                                 ERNE RALLY: L. ERNE BRANCH

          16           17
                                  18          19         20        21         22         23 ROSS 24
                                                                                                                25        26          27          28         29          30                                  JUN
              BOAT RALLY ON                                                               MID-       BRANCH
           NEWRY SHIP CANAL:                                                              SUMMER     MYSTERY                                                 OPEN
                                                                                          GATHER     TOUR                                                    BOAT
               NEWRY BRANCH                                                               CARRICK                                                            MYSTERY
           CRUISE-IN-COMPANY:                                                              SHN HARB RALLY:                                                   TRIP
            LOUGH ERNE BRANCH                                                               SHN HARB BRANCH                                                  BELTUBET

         14            15         16         17          18        19         20         21          22         23        24          25         26          27          28        29       30        31     JUL
                                                                                   DUNBRODY FESTIVAL,
                                                                                       NEW ROSS
                                                                                                                                                                                  SHANNON BOAT RALLY
NCH                                                                                SUMMER RALLY: CORRIB BRANCH                                                                ATHLONE AND CARRICK BRANCHES

7         18           19         20          21         22        23         24
                                                                                      25             26         27        28
                                                                                                                                      29          30         31                                              AUG
OYAL WESTERN RALLY: RCAG                                                      WALK                        RALLY: RCAG
           YOUTH                                                                           MINI-RALLY: BELTURBET BRANCH   IWN
           WATER                                                                                                          PUBLISHED
           DAY                              BOAT RALLY, GRAND CANAL: OFFALY BRANCH
           BRANCH                                 LOUGH NEAGH 10 DAY EVENT

          15           16         17         18          19        20         21         22          23         24        25          26         27          28          29        30                        SEP


          20           21         22          23         24        25         26         27          28         29        30          31                                                                     OCT
                                              BRANCH                                            END OF SEASON CIC:
                                              MEETING                                         SHANNON HARBOUR BRANCH

          17           18         19          20         21        22         23         24          25         26        27
                                                                                                                                      28          29         30                                              NOV
          AGM                                            AGM                                                              AGM
          L. ERNE                                        LAGAN                                                            BARROW
          BRANCH                                         BRANCH                                                           BRANCH
          15           16         17         18          19        20         21         22          23         24        25          26         27
                                                                                                                                                             28          29        30       31               DEC
                                                                                                                                    ST       WALK:
                                                                                                                          CHRISTMAS STEPHENS KILDARE
                                                                                                                          DAY       DAY      BRANCH

RI         SAT SUN MON TUE WED THU                                             FRI        SAT SUN MON TUE WED THU                                             FRI        SAT SUN MON TUE

                                                                                                                                      INLAND WATERWAYS NEWS                                      Summer 2007 25
                                   ASSOCIATION NEWS

                           IWAI at work
                                         thank IWN editor Nuala Redmond
T     he 2007 annual general meet-                                               craft policy and Code of conduct on        OTHER REPORTS
      ing of the Inland Waterways        and web-master Michael Slevin for       fast craft was also introduced.            n Brenda Ainsworth (membership
Association of Ireland was held on       the superb job they do for the asso-    Cruise-in-company guidelines were          secretary) reported the figures on
30 March in the Glenroyal Hotel          ciation. He also thanked the exec-      also introduced, and branches are          ‘live’ memberships on the register
Maynooth, Co Kildare. 92 mem-            utive members for their commit-         recommended to use these when              as follows:
bers attended.                           ment and work.                          holding rallies and other events. All      2005/06: 2,390 (1,113 paid)
     In his address, president Brian          The president said he was dis-     these and other policies can be            2006/07: 2,486 (1,644 paid)
Cassells said he had visited all but     appointed that the membership           downloaded from the IWAI web-              Members 2005/06: 3,920
two branches during his time as          drive over the past two years sadly     site,                         Members 2006/07: 4,183
president. He said he had travelled      didn’t work as intended, despite a           Branch bye-laws have been
long distances day and night, and        lot of efforts from some members.       updated and agreed, and modifica-          Retention
warned anyone who has aspira-                 He went on to say that the         tions to the articles of association       New members 2005: 484
tions of taking on the role that it is   association is looking forward to       agreed. 2006 also saw the intro-           Lapsed members 2005: 481
quite a commitment. The past year        the re-opening of the Royal Canal       duction of junior membership.              New members 2006: 422
has been a busy one for the asso-        next year and hopefully the Ulster           Improvements on the water-            Lapsed members 2006: 325
ciation. As well as attending meet-      Canal in the not-too-distant future     ways in the past year include new
ings and events, executive mem-                It is evident again, he said,     jetties and facilities in Carrick-on-      Reminders are sent out by e mail
bers travelled to Birmingham to          that this year we have a strong         Shannon, new jetties at Ardowen,           and renewal forms are available in
attend the IWA conference.               team in place. He feels that the        Enniskillen, holding jetties at            the IWN magazine.
     Relationships with Waterways        association is in good hands and        Portumna Bridge and a new marina               Lists to branches are sent on a
Ireland had their moments over the       well represented with decision-         at New Ross. We can look forward           regular basis and are also available
past year, but Brian is happy to         makers at all levels.                   to more improvements in 2007.              on request.
report that liaison at all levels is          The full president’s address to                                                   The lapsed members’ survey
now taking place. He said he             the AGM is posted on the IWAI           PRESENTATION OF ACCOUNTS                   was circulated to 600 lapsed mem-
would like to see IWAI having input      web-site,                  Treasurer John Corrigan present-           bers and 400 current members. To
into decision making, especially                                                 ed the accounts for the year end           date, 220 responses have been
regarding new infrastructure, as         SECRETARY’S REPORT                      October 2006. The accounts were            received and results will be com-
we as users know best what and           Secretary Carmel Meegan out-            circulated to members in the recent        piled and available at the member’s
where investment is required.            lined some of the activities that       issue of the IWN.                          conference.
When we attended the IWA confer-         have taken place over the past               John stated that the directors
ence in Birmingham we were all           year in the association.                have the responsibility under the          n Greg Whelan (liaison and lob-
impressed with the level of liaison          A very successful boat jumble       Companies act to keep proper               bying) reported that the members’
they enjoy with British Waterways.       was held in Carrick-on-Shannon          books and records for the associa-         conference which was deferred
     The association has had the         and looks like becoming an annual       tion, and branch accounts are              from last year is going ahead on 21
services of Colin Becker as our          event. The IWAI stand at the boat       maintained by each treasurer and           April in the Radisson Hotel,
part-time project and development        show in the RDS was also very           reviewed by the national treasurer.        Athlone.
officer, this has allowed the IWAI to    successful.                             He said it was a pleasure to look at           It is five years since a similar
comment on a plethora of govern-             The IWAI shop is getting better     most branch accounts, but sadly            one was held and he hoped that as
ment documents, and respond to           and better, and is a great asset to     some are struggling. He said he is         many members as possible would
local government proposals and           the association, thanks to Dave         willing to meet and visit the branch-      attend and lend their support. He
regulations, polices have been pro-      McCabe.                                 es who are having problems.                also prepared the information for
duced and updated.                           A new health and safety policy           The accounts were adopted             the annual IWN calendar.
     Brian said he would like to         is now in place and an interim Fast     unanimously.                                   He was involved on the boat

  I  am pleased to report that last
     year’s Boat and Leisure Com-
  mittee has agreed to continue, I
                                         requests from members, the com-
                                         mittee has focused on topics that
                                         are of country-wide interest or at a
                                                                                 jetty spaces (which would have
                                                                                 been a condition of planning) and
                                                                                 also a list of local authority jetties.
                                                                                                                           friendly products, and outlets
                                                                                                                           where they can be sourced.
                                                                                                                                The committee would wel-
  think that the present committee       minimum affect more than one            We also intend to have a webpage          come any suggestions from mem-
  represents a geographic balance        branch or waterway.                     highlighting the waterway’s fuel          bers on other areas for us to con-
  in waterways terms. This year’s             In addition to contributing to     outlets with a price watch on fuel        sider focusing on. Also, if you have
  committee comprises John Dolan,        the good boating practice guide-        charges.                                  any information you wish to share
  Alun Goodall, Dave McCabe,             lines currently being developed, a           With protection of the water-        and have included on the above
  Gerald Bayly, Geraldine Wilson,        number of other projects are under      ways being such a critical issue,         web pages please let us know at
  Gerry Burke, Michael Farrell, and      development, and will be posted         we are working on a pollution   
  Mick Byrne. Additional members         on the IWAI website. These              awareness website page relating                Safe and happy waterways
  are always welcome.                    include a list of pump-out stations,    to waterways use which will               use.
      In the absence of specific         a list of private marinas with public   include advice and waterways-                                    John Dolan

                                                                                                                                         ASSOCIATION NEWS

show committee and attended               worked with treasurer John                       Dave said that if we proceed         due for completion in early 2008.
various meeting with government           Corrigan and IWN editor Nuala               with the purchase of a mobile exhi-           A new lifting bridge at
bodies                                    Redmond on account manage-                  bition trailer, it would allow us to      Begnagh is under construction
                                          ment for advertisers in IWN.                be represented at many public             and due for completion by sum-
n John Dolan (boating and                                                             waterways events around the               mer 2007.
leisure) said that since joining the      n Dave McCabe (membership                   country and would afford the IWAI             The lock on the Royal at
executive, he has been on a learn-        services) reported that total mer-          increase public visibility, allow         Rinnmount midway between
ing curve as to how the executive         chandise sales for 2006 came to             increased merchandise sales and           Begnagh and Richmond Harbour
and boating and leisure committee         approx €16,000. The top three               support new branches and mem-             has still to be restored.
can work within the organisation.         sales items remain the charts of the        bers.                                         Waterways Ireland is confi-
He was pleased that many of the           Shannon, Shannon Erne and Erne,                                                       dent that all works will be com-
existing committee had agreed to          followed by the three guides to the         n Ian Bath (RCAG) reported that           pleted by early 2008 and plans
stay on and new volunteers are            Royal, Barrow and Grand. New                considerable progress towards the         are already in the making for a
very welcome to join. He said that        items, including RYA books, HBA             full re-opening of the western end        gala re-opening.
the committee is there to represent       publications and Lough Ree and its          of the main line of the Royal Canal
members’ concerns, needs and              islands were good sellers. New              was made over the last 12 months.         MOTIONS
ideas and would strongly request          items for sale which will include                The culvert at the site of the       “That the Articles of Association of
that members submit suggestions           baseball caps, IWAI mugs, IWAI              Longford Bridge on the outskirts of       the IWAI be amended to allow
for inclusion in the plan.                sports holdalls and IWAI polo shirts        Ballymahon has been replaced by           Junior Membership open to any-
      Current activities include: audit   will be on sale from Easter.                a high level bridge which opened          body under the age of 18”.
to pump-out stations, a list of pri-           Other projects undertaken for          to traffic in December 2006. From         Motion approved
vate marinas with public jetties, a       2006 included an approach to an             this bridge to Keenagh, a distance
list of fuel outlets with a price watch   insurance wholesaler to under-              of five miles, the canal is in the        ELECTIONS
on fuel charges and pollution             stand the potential for offering a          process of being re-watered and           The following were elected as
awareness.                                discounted boat insurance scheme            will probably be re-opened for nav-       officers of the association:
                                          for IWAI members. If this were to           igation in the summer.                    President: Brian Cassells
n Niall Galway (heritage and con-         happen it would act as a significant             The culvert beside Island            Vice-president: Paul Garland
servation) reported that the water-       tool to attract new members. This           Bridge at Keenagh is due to be            Hon secretary: Carmel Meegan
ways built-heritage database is           merits further investigation and the        replaced by a high level bridge           Hon treasurer: John Corrigan
now being used by local authorities       ISA has also indicated some inter-          with a promise of completion by
and others on a regular basis. We         est in becoming involved with the           December 2007.                            The following were elected as
have also set the standard on the         scheme.                                          The culvert at Ballinamore is        chairpersons of the standing
way built heritage is recorded – our                                                                                            committees of council:
methods are being used on a                                                                                                     Membership secretary:
national basis.                                                                                                                 Brenda Ainsworth
    During the year he has given
several presentations about
                                           IWAI contacts                                                                        Boating and leisure:
                                                                                                                                John Dolan
recording our waterways built-              who’s who in the association                                                        Liaison and lobbying:
heritage and has met with develop-                                                                                              Greg Whelan
ers, and provided them with advice                               BRANCH CONTACTS
                                                                                                                                Heritage and conservation:
                                            The website includes a contact form       ATHLONE: Michael McDonnell,
and assistance with their waterside                                                      tel: 086 262 1136, email:              Niall Galway
developments like Leinster Mills            CENTRAL PHONE NUMBERS                                      Information:
                                            ROI Lo-call: 1890 924 991                 BARROW: Mary Stafford, email:
and Pelletstown projects.                                                                               Pauline Fitzgerald
                                            NI telephone: 028 3832 5329
    Training was provided to 26                                                       BELTURBET: Brid Ni Dholain                Membership supplies:
                                                                                      CARRICK: Patricia Darby,
heritage officers and heritage              HON SECRETARY: Carmel Meegan,
                                                                                         tel: 086 851 9846, email:
                                                                                                                                Dave Mc Cabe
                                              Ballymakenny, Drogheda, Co Louth,
council staff on recording built her-         tel: 086 860 8890 or 041 982 2627,
itage. Niall said he also wanted to                                                   COALISLAND CANAL: Johnny Cavanagh,        The following six members were
                                              email: hon
                                                                                         tel: 048 877 8931, email:
develop a primary schools pack or           PRESIDENT: Brian Cassells, email:                       elected to council:
programme with the Heritage                                CORRIB: Anne O’Maile, tel: 091 562696,    Damien Delaney, David Killeen,
                                            VICE-PRESIDENT: Paul Garland,                email:
Council to start a water monitoring                                                   DUBLIN: Gerry O’Hara, email:
                                                                                                                                Thomas Meegan, Catriona Hillard,
program. He would also like to                                                                          Keith Rowe and Tom Yates
                                            HON TREASURER: John Corrigan, tel:        KILDARE: Owen Kavanagh, email:
embark on building an audio                   01 825 9269, email:
archive of people and memories of           MEMBERSHIP & RECRUITMENT:                 LAGAN: Linda Crymble, tel: 028 9250       ENDEAVOUR AWARD
those that worked and remember                Brenda Ainsworth, 25 Ellesmere Ave,        9489, email:             The president announced the win-
                                              NCR, Dublin 7, tel: 087 209 6353,       LOUGH DERG: Andy Jordan, email:
our waterways in the past.                                                     
                                                                                                                                ners of this year’s Endeavour Cup
                                            HERITAGE & CONSERVATION:                  NORTH BARROW: Billy O'Carroll, tel: 087   were the Boyne Restoration Group
n Pauline Fitzgerald (information)            Niall Galway, email:      261 7853, email:   (Dublin branch), because of their
                                                                                      LOUGH ERNE: John Weir, tel: 028 4278
reported that the association had           BOATING & LEISURE: John Dolan,               8576, email:          continued efforts and commitment
received a fair share of media cov-           email:                  OFFALY: Gerard Bayly, email:              to the restoration of the Boyne
                                            INFORMATION: Pauline Gleeson,                               Canal.
erage in 2006 and press releases                                                      NEWRY: Paul Hobon, tel: 028 3026 6766
were well-used, especially those                                                      RIVER BANN & LOUGH NEAGH
                                            LIAISON & LOBBYING: Greg
with regard to the Ulster Canal.                                                         ASSOCIATION: email:      MEMBERS’ DRAW
                                              Whelan, email: 087 799 6356,            SHANNON HARBOUR: Helen Kelly,
Colin Becker and Pauline worked               email:                     email:              The winner of the electric bike,
at forging further relationships with       MEMBERSHIP SUPPLIES: Dave                 SLANEY: Fred Crampton, email:             donated by Kenbay Electric Bikes,
                                              McCabe, email:                         was Fergal Mooney of the Kildare
journalists in all areas of media, to
maintain awareness of IWAI activi-                                                                                              branch.
ties. Archived stills photos and live      NOTE: General branch emails, for instance are received by
action footage were used for IWAI          all email-literate officers and other nominees of that branch.                       Carmel Meegan,
events. Pauline said she had                                                                                                    Honorary Secretary

                                                                                                 INLAND WATERWAYS NEWS Winter 2006
                                                                                                INLAND WATERWAYS NEWS Summer 2007 27
                                                                                                                                 BRANCH NEWS

                                                                                                                                      PIC: GOOGLE EARTH

T    he season got off to a great
     start with an impromptu
parade on St Patrick’s Day. Many
                                       harbour again. FÁS and WI have
                                       been busy lately cutting grass and
                                       in general tidying the place up.
                                                                                                                 for a few hours at weekends for
                                                                                                                 boaters to dispose of their rubbish.
                                                                                                                 Hopefully this will help solve the
boaters and locals braved the              Speed limits have been set at                                         problem of dumping.
wind, cold, rain and blizzards to      50kph on the approach roads to
parade around the harbour!             the harbour and hopefully they will
    There was a great turnout for      be observed and heeded. They                                                DIARY DATES
the junior weekend cruise-in-com-      were long awaited.                                                          2/3 June Suckling pig
pany to Portumna at Easter. Good           The bins are locked away to                                             \weekend, Ballinasloe and
Friday was spent in Munster            stop misuse and are only available    Easter junior CIC                     Shannonbridge
Harbour and Saturday in Castle                                                                                     23/24 June 36th Shannon
Harbour with children’s sports.                                                                                    Harbour Rally, Shannon
Many thanks to Aisling and Liam                                                                                    Harbour
Hurley for organising an Easter                                                                                    1 September Branch
egg hunt on the Sunday morning                                                                                     meeting, Guinans, 3pm
before we headed off to Meelick                                                                                    Sept/Oct Dry rally,
Quay.                                                                                                              venue TBA
    Next was the open boat picnic                                                                                  6 October Branch meeting,
on 19 May followed by pub quiz in                                                                                  Gleesons, 3pm
Gleesons (more on this in the next                                                                                 27-29 October End of
issue of IWN). Then the suckling                                                                                   season cruise-in-company,
pig cruise-in-company to Ballin-                                                                                   Shannonbridge
asloe for the June bank holiday.                                                                                   10 November AGM,
    After the long quiet winter it’s                                                                               Guinans, 3pm
great to see so much activity in the   St Patrick’s Day

                                                                                        FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY
                                                                                        Aesthetically restored and extended lock house on the
                                                                                        Grand Canal. Constructed in 1803, this property was
                                                                                        featured on Duncan Stewart’s ‘About the house’ TV
                                                                                        programme in 2002 and 2006 when restoration works
                                                                                        were being carried out.

                                                                                        At the top of the scale of characterful properties.
                                                                                        Very high standard of finish throughout. Currently three
                                                                                        bedrooms. Planning permission granted for further
                                                                                        extensions. Situated in very quiet canal side location
                                                                                        with occasional passing boats. Wonderful!

                                                                                        Comprises: Entrance hall, study/bedroom 3, kitchen with
                                                                                        dining area, sitting room, two downstairs bedrooms,
                                                                                        family bathroom, walk-in airing cupboard.

                                                                                        FOR FULL DETAILS CONTACT STEVE SYMES

                                                                                        Tel: 061 921498
                                                                                        Website: or www.lock

                                                                                                                                       BRANCH NEWS

                                                                                                                                            PIC: GOOGLE EARTH

COUNTY                                  TULLAMORE HARBOUR DEVELOPMENT?
T     he Offaly branch has a few
      projects on this summer into
which we would delighted to
receive input from all IWN readers.
The first is the looming deadline
within the planning cycle for the
Offaly County Development Plan
for 2009-2015. No, that is not a
typo on the dates, but part of the
long consultation for county plan-
ning. In the current County
Development Plan for 2003-2009,
the Grand Canal is referenced
several times in the heritage and
amenity section (view online at
                                        T    he development of Tullamore
                                             Harbour is once again under
                                        discussion. You may remember
                                                                              such development with the
                                                                              Tullamore and District Chamber of
                                                                              Commerce. Patrick Little, principal
                                                                                                                      Above is Axis Architecture’s visual-
                                                                                                                      isation of their idea for the harbour,
                                                                                                                      presented in the local media recent-
                                        this issue from some years ago.       of Axis Architecture, is also current   ly. The development idea is based
                                        Tullamore-based company Axis          president of the Tullamore and          on mixed-use for the commercial,
                                        Architecture has raised the idea of   District Chamber of Commerce.           leisure and residential sectors.

                                              FLOAT TO THE FLEADH                                                     HBA VISIT, A
                                         ALL-IRELAND FLEADH CEOLL IN TULLAMORE                                        RALLY AND A
Offaly county planning – your
input is needed by 30 May 2007!
                                         T    he Fleadh Ceoil is coming
                                              to town, from 19 to 26
     You may also go online to view
the ‘issues booklet’ (the themes
                                         August. The Offaly branch is
                                         planning a cruise-in-company
                                                                                                                      W      e look forward to rolling out
                                                                                                                             a big welcome for the
                                                                                                                      Heritage Boat Association, who
under which comments are invited)        from Shannon Harbour to
for the new 2009-2015 county                                                                                          are once again visiting our neigh-
                                         Tullamore for the weekend pre-                                               bourhood for the Ballycommon
development plan (http://www.            ceding the fleadh.                                                                                     Rally/Kilbeggan Challenge. As
                                             An information pack will be                                              many of you know, the HBA have
serviceindex/planning/Forms/CDPl         given to new canal users with        other local groups to organise
anRview20092015/). Please avail                                                                                       been visiting this neck of the
                                         advise and assistance for the        passage and mooring for all             woods for quite a few years now in
of the opportunity to comment.           canal voyage. So no excuse           interested boaters. Contact
Submit your suggestions or your                                                                                       order to highlight the dry line of the
                                         boaters. Dispel the myths and        John Dolan 087 2252772 or Tim           Kilbeggan branch line of the
hopes and ideas for the waterways        Float to the Fleadh! We hope         Meehan 086 8045244 if you
in Offaly for 2009 onwards.                                                                                           Grand Canal.
                                         to promote boating on the            intend visiting, as we need to              Each year, the Offaly branch
     Input into the County Develop-      Grand Canal and showcase it          plan ahead. Also Fleadh details
ment Plan for 2009-2015 is vital. It                                                                                  of the IWAI, the Kilbeggan Grand
                                         as a working heritage waterway. ,             Canal Harbour Restoration Com-
will operate as a top-level plan for     We are currently communicating Tel. 057
the whole county. Please con-                                                                                         mittee and the HBA decide on
                                         with Waterways Ireland and           932 5704.                               what will be the Kilbeggan
                                                                                                                      Challenge – a group activity to
                                                                                                                      mark the branch line. This year the
IRISH LIFE AND LORE OFFALY 2007 RECORDINGS                                                                            date is June 9, but you will have to
                                                                                                                      come along to find out what this
L    ast year, the Offaly heritage
     officer funded some record-
ings of the boatmens’ reunion in
                                        the North Tipperary recordings for
                                        2007. He has many tales of water-
                                        ways involvement in the Offaly/
                                                                              House near Tullamore on the
                                                                              Grand Canal, provided some
                                                                              material. Owners of the lock house
                                                                                                                      year’s challenge is, and of course
                                                                                                                      to participate as well.
Banagher by Maurice O’ Keefe as         North Tipperary collection this       Martin and Mary O’Rourke have
part of an overall project recording    year, both canal-based and            always been very accommodating            For further information, please
stories within Laois and Offaly.        around Lough Derg, with particu-      to waterways-based visitors to the        contact the chairperson of the
    Maurice will be doing some          lar emphasis on the trading craft     lock house. Current and future            Offaly branch Bernadette Quinn.
more recording this year, and the       of days gone by. 94 year old Nana     material is available on the Irish        E-mail:
Offaly stories will be bundled with     Boland, from Boland’s Lock            Life and Lore website.

                                                                                       INLAND WATERWAYS NEWS                           Summer 2007 29
                                                                             BETTER BOATS BUILT BETTER

SAILING AND FISHING BOATS FOR RENT                                           ■ Ireland’s largest manufacturer of
Sail a Tirion Day Sailer on Lough Derg.                                        fibreglass boats
The most exciting new rental sail-boat in Ireland                            ■ Manufacturing, distribution,
Sailing courses for adults and juniors throughout the summer                   wholesale and retail sales of marine
•Tek-Dek supplied and fitted supplied and fitted.
          composite decking                                                  ■ Full and extensive chandlery
•Engines treatment                                  Dromineer Bay
                                                                             ■ Agents for Garmin VHFs, fishfinders,
•Osmosisrepairs                                      Lough Derg

•All boat pump-out                                                             GPS, handhelds, Ray Marine
•Fuel and Outboards
•Ribs and                                                                    ■ Main dealer for Linder aluminium
•Chandlery                                                                     boats and accessories

BREAKDOWN SERVICE ON LOUGH DERG                                              ■ Suppliers of Gemini inflatables • • 067 24499               ■ Main Tohatsu and Honda
                                                                               four-stroke engine and

          UNION                                                                generator dealers

        CHANDLERY         4/5 Penrose Quay, Cork                             SPECIAL DISCOUNTS
                                               ●     Vetus
                                                                             FOR IWAI MEMBERS
                                                     and engines

                                               ●     Coolmatic                             HEAD OFFICE
                                                     fridges                               Brian O’Sullivan
                                               ●     Eberspacher                           Monavalley Ind Estate, Tralee, Co Kerry
                                                     heating                               Tel: (066) 712 4524
                                                                                           Fax: (066) 712 4288
                                               ●     Navman and                            Email:
                                                     electronics                           BRANCH OFFICE
                                                                                           Michael Clinton
                                                                  b                        Black Church Business Park,
                                                            30 y rating
                                                                 ears                      Naas Road, Rathcoole PO, Co Dublin
                                                           ‘ser         of
     The one stop shop                                     seaf ce to                      Tel: (01) 458 0600
                                                                     s’                    Fax: (01) 458 9059
   for all your equipment                                                                  Email:


           Phone: 021 455 4334. Fax: 021 455 2211
                                                                                                                                            BRANCH NEWS
                                                                                                                                                 PIC: GOOGLE EARTH

                                                                                                                             TO ATHLONE
T    he Athlone branch recently
     donated significant funds to
the Athlone Sub Aqua Club to help
                                      per year, and is developing a mod-
                                      ern, fully-fitted lecture room to train
                                      divers in the many skills they need.
                                                                                tial for the maintenance of a well-
                                                                                trained search and recovery team in
                                                                                                                             FOR SUNDAY
finance the development of their      Every year they run courses for all            It is fitting that the club will ded-   26 AUGUST
clubhouse and the upgrading of        midland diving clubs. These cours-        icate this room to Ruth and Walter
essential equipment for the divers,
who provide a vital service to the
                                      es include all levels of diving skills,
                                      search and recovery, mixed gas
                                                                                Borner, who died after a boating
                                                                                accident on Lough Ree in August
                                                                                                                             A    new Interna-
                                                                                                                                  tional Tour
                                                                                                                             of Ireland Cycle
community.                            diving, VHF radio, coxan, diver           2004, considering their part in the          Race will pass
    The club trains 10 to 15 divers   medic and others. They are essen-         search and recovery of the Borners.          through Athlone
                                                                                                                             on Sunday 26
TOWARDS A WATERFRONT STRATEGY                                                                                                August. Over 126
                                                                                                                             riders will com-

T    here has been considerable
     research in assessing the
contribution that waterfronts make
                                                                                                                             pete in this five-day
                                                                                                                             nationwide event, with
                                                                                                                             stage five starting in
to urban growth and regeneration.                                                                                            Athlone. The cyclists
The Athlone branch urge the                                                                                                  will gather in Burgess
County Council to develop an                                                                                                 Park beside the river. The
overall strategy for the waterfront                                                                                          organisers have asked the
in Athlone from Burgess Park to                                                                                              Athlone branch to encourage
the Jolly Mariner to include:                                                                                                as many boats as possible to
• The provision of more public                                                                                               come to Athlone that weekend
    moorings and extension of,                                                                                               to add to the atmosphere.
    and investment in, the Athlone                                                                                               The event will provide an
    town jetty, with the provision                                                                                           ideal opportunity to showcase
    of broadband services and a                                                                                              Athlone and the Shannon as a
    pump out station.                                                                                                        world-class sport and tourism
• Further walkways and pedes-                                                                                                venue to an international audi-
    trian access along the eastern                                                                                           ence. RTE will be covering the
    shore.                            The development of town walks
                                      has the multiple purpose of meet-
                                                                                FACILITIES AND                               event live every day. Coverage
• Development of craft- and
    tourist-related activities.       ing good urban design criteria and        MOORINGS                                     will also extend to Britain,
                                                                                                                             mainland Europe, Australia,
• The upgrading of the OPW
                                      sustainability and providing facili-
                                      ties for tourists, visitors, and
                                      locals. With this in mind, the
                                                                                T     he numbers of boats on the
                                                                                      River Shannon has greatly
                                                                                increased in recent years, con-
                                                                                                                             South Africa and Japan.

• Development of the space in
    front of AIB and Radisson.        branch would like to see the con-         tributing significantly to the local
• Urban walkways.                     tinuance of the canal walk.               economy.                                     COUNCILLORS
                                                                                     The branch calls for the devel-         CALL FOR
                                                                                opment of facilities and the provi-          POWERBOAT BAN
                                                                                sion of both private and public
    COMMEMORATIVE CEREMONY FOR                                                  moorings. A medium-term goal is              W       estmeath county coun-
                                                                                                                                     cillors and community
          BRIAN FENLON                                                          an audit of the current availability         groups have called for a ban on
 Over 20 boats gathered on Saturday                                             and future provision of mooring              powerboats in the county’s
 5 May at Lakeside Marina for a com-                                            facilities. The short-term issues to         lakes. Last September, West-
 memorative ceremony and scattering                                             be addressed are:                            meath County Council banned
 of the ashes of Brian Fenlon,                                                  1. Access to Ballykeeran Lough               jet skis from Lough Derra-
 Dankbaarheid. Following a short cer-                                                from the Kippenstown road               varagh, Lough Ennell, Lough
 emony attended by his family and                                                    and the provision of a small            Owel and Lough Lene.
 presided over by Sam Herreghty,                                                     jetty similar to the one at                  As part of the public con-
 Dunross, the flotilla sailed around                                                 Coosan Point.                           sultation process, the council
 Hare Island and back again, formed a                                           2. Provision of a jetty at the inner         received 7,000 submissions on
 large circle and in a solemn ceremony                                               lakes area at Glasson.                  this issue, out of which only 50
 scattered the ashes and flowers.                                               3. Zoning of land and provision              favoured the retention of jet
 Later on that evening all were invited                                              of more public and private              skis – between 75% and 85%
 to a celebratory barbeque in fond                                                   marina spaces for the growing           called for the banning of jet skis
 memory of Brian.                                                                    numbers of boaters on the               and powerboats.

                                                                                          INLAND WATERWAYS NEWS                             Summer 2007 31
                                                                                                                                         BRANCH NEWS

                                                                                                                                              PIC: GOOGLE EARTH

T    he Belturbet branch annual
     dinner dance was held in the
Seven Horse Shoes Hotel on
Saturday 24 February.
    The first outing of the season                                                                                         A     group of canal boat
                                                                                                                                 enthusiasts from Ches-
                                                                                                                           hire, England were the guests
was a cruise from Belturbet to
Haughton’s Shore on Saturday 7                                                                                             of the Lough Erne branch on
April. A meal and entertainment                                                                                            the weekend of 21 and 22
was enjoyed by all at the Bally                                                                                            April. They cruised to Belturbet
Mac Inn Ballymagovern. Cruising                                                                                            on Saturday and some of our
                                                                                                                           members joined them in the
                                                                                                                           Captains Table for a meal. The
                                                                                                                           following day, they cruised
                                                                                                                           from Aghealane Mooring to
                                                                                                                           Ballyconnell – this allowed the
                                                                                                                           Cheshire group to experience
                                         The first outing of the season at Haughton’s Shore                                two of the locks on the
                                                                                                                           Shannon-Erne link.
                                         continued on Easter Sunday 8            journey on Monday 9 April to
                                         April to Swan Island for a fun          Belturbet. A total of 22 boats joined
                                         evening of food and music. Return       in this cruising weekend.
                                                                                                                           OPEN BOAT
                                                                                                                           MYSTERY TOUR
                                           LOUGH OUGHTER OPEN BOAT TRIP                                                    An open boat mystery trip by
                                           Saturday 28 April saw the start of the open boat trip on Lough                  Gerald Mackarel on Sunday
                                           Oughter, travelling from Rann Point to Bakers Bridge, and on                    24 June 2007 will start at
Gerald Mackarel cuts the cake              Sunday 20 boats cruised from Rann Point to Killeshandra.                        Geaglum Jetty at 1pm.
at the annual dinner dance

                                                                                                                                              PIC: GOOGLE EARTH

T    his year the Slaney Rally will
     be on the weekend of 7-8 July
and will be from the Wexford
                                             During the run up river, once
                                         again Syl will be keeping a watch-
                                         ful eye on the younger skippers
                                                                                 tance of around 11.25 nautical
                                                                                 miles from the boat club, and is
                                                                                 tidal for that distance.
                                                                                                                         in Knocknagow, a 60ft barge, can
                                                                                                                         do it so can you!
                                                                                                                             The Slaney has a lot of history
Harbour Boat Club up to                  aided by his well trained ‘sheep-            This means that you have to        associated with it, not least in the
Enniscorthy. Because of the tides,       dogs’. The serious side of this is to   consider the air draught under          number of castles that used to be
according to them that know these        help the younger members to gain        bridges as well as the depth of         along its length. The remains of
things, the rally will not be stopping   seamanship skills so they may           water under your boat, all of which     some can still be seen on the
at Killurin but will continue beyond     enjoy safe boating and try and win      makes for interesting sums relat-       banks of the river. The Slaney
the Patches before stopping for          the Young Mariner and Junior            ing to tide tables.                     branch have a guide to the river
lunch at Edermine. The rally will        Mariner Trophies.                            The trick is to get the timing     which includes navigation notes
then continue to Enniscorthy for an          For those who are not familiar      right to get across the Patches and     and history and can be purchased
overnight stop with all the usual        with the Slaney, the navigable sec-     then under Edermine bridge. But         at €10 plus postage from the
fun and games.                           tion is as far as Enniscorthy, a dis-   don’t be put off – if Richard Miller    branch.

                                                                                          INLAND WATERWAYS NEWS                          Summer 2007 33
                                                                  IWAI MEMBERS

                  As a responsible boater/marina
                                                                               MARCH & APRIL

                                                                 ● International Paints & Antifouling
                                                                 ● Jotun Paint, Anodes, Sikaflex Sealants
                  operator are you doing as much                 ● Chemicals & Maintenance Equipment
                  as possible?                                   ● VHF Radios, TV Antenna, Gas Alarms
                                                                 ● Oils, Filters, Water Pressure Systems
                  Contact us for a full range of                 ● Charts, Clothing, Safety Equipment
                  specialised products to deal with              ● Mooring Equipment, Ropes, Fenders
                  oil spills in the boat, or on the boat,        ● General Chandlery, Pumps, Impellers
                  in the water or at fueling stations.
                                                            QUALITY PRODUCTS AT AFFORDABLE PRICES

FUEL PROBLEMS?                                              MARINE SUPPLIERS
New test available for diesel bug                                  Howth, Co. Dublin
PHONE DEREK FOR SOLUTIONS                                   Tel: (01)8324214/8325835 Fax: (01)8321155
Tel: 087 234 8224

                                                               Niall Galway
NAUTICAL                                                       YACHT & SMALL
                                                                                                                    (Stu. IIMS)

                                                              CRAFT SURVEYORS
                                                               Pre-Season Inspection, Pre-Survey
                                                                 Inspection, Insurance Surveys,
      Agent for supply and fit of
 Side Power stern and bow thrusters                         Pre-Purchase Surveys, Damage Surveys,
                                                             Valuation Surveys, Condition Surveys,
   INTERIOR AND EXTERNAL                                        GRP/FRP Vessels, Steel Vessels,
                                                              Wood Vessels, Equipment Inspection.
     OF ALL CRAFT UP TO                                      Small Craft.................."any vessel less than 150 feet LOA (or
       45FT OR 20 TON                                        metric equivalent) which is private, pleasure, inland, river,
                                                             coastal or commercial".

   Lifting capacity in enclosed shed
                                                                     Telephone: +353 87 7911648
      SPRAY FINISH SPECIALIST                                           Fax: +353 87 57911648
           Contact Paul                                               e-Mail:
    071 9622185 or 087 9529872                                   
                                                                                                                                         BRANCH NEWS
                                                                                                                                               PIC: GOOGLE EARTH

CRUISE IN-COMPANY TO RIVERFEST                                                                                             DERG RALLY
T     he now annual ‘Riverfest’ in
      Limerick involves live music,
kayak and curragh races, visits
                                                                                                                          D      ue to circumstances
                                                                                                                                 beyond the control of the
                                                                                                                          rally committee, the rally route
from Asgard II and LE Aoife, a                                                                                            has been changed from that
much contested barbeque com-                                                                                              printed on the entry form. New
petition, a European market and a                                                                                         itinerary as follows: Saturday 7
dazzling fireworks display among                                                                                          and Sunday 8 July, Dromaan;
other things.                                                                                                             Monday 9, Terryglass; Tuesday
    Seven boats travelled from                                                                                            10, Garrykennedy; Wednesday
Lough Derg through Ardnacrusha                                                                                            11 and Thursday 12 July, Scar-
to Limerick to join the festival. As                                                                                      iff; Friday 13 and Saturday 14,
the ESB had released extra water                                                                                          Mountshannon. This year, for
down the Abbey river for the kayak       alright before continuing to the          and returned to the lake at their      safety reasons, the Derg Rally
races, the flotilla had to wait after    moorings at the Hunt Museum.              leisure on Monday. If you are nerv-    is restricted to 60 boats. If you
passing through the double locks              The flotilla was in a unique         ous about travelling through           haven’t entered yet, hurry up,
of Ardnacrusha for the flow to           position to enjoy the fireworks over      Ardnacrusha and down the infa-         as entries are now over 40.
abate. It was a fine balance             St John’s Castle later on Saturday        mous Abbey river then a cruise-in-
between turbine and tide to ensure       night. The crew enjoyed the festival      company is the best way to make
the flow and water levels were           atmosphere in Limerick on Sunday,         your maiden voyage.
                                                                                                                         RECENT COURSES
A FISHY STORY                              PRESENTATION TO PAT LYSAGHT
                                                                                                                         D     erg members have recently
                                                                                                                               improved their boating skills
                                                                                                                         by participating in courses organ-
T    he Lough Derg Anglers
     Association is involved in a
new project called the Native Fish         M      any skippers cruising down
                                                  the Abbey River do so with
                                                                                                                         ised by the branch. There was an
                                                                                                                         informative VHF course in March,
                                           the guidance of Pat Lysaght, the                                              and Noel Griffin ran a GPS course
Biodiversity Project (NFB) to iden-
                                           acknowledged expert on that                                                   in April which not only was very
tify and describe the native fish
                                           stretch of river. Pat is always on                                            enjoyable but also raised funds for
species in the lake. This informa-
                                           hand to help a crew navigate                                                  Noel’s chosen charity ‘Fields of
tion will help in the protection of
                                           their way and will advise on tide                                             Life’. Denis Dillon ran a popular
the fish. The project is being co-
                                           and flow. On Saturday 5 May,                                                  boat-handling course in May. The
ordinated by the Shannon
                                           with the Derg flotilla safely tied up                                         branch hopes to run these courses
Regional Fisheries Board and
                                           at the Hunt Museum, the branch                                                again next spring, so if you missed
involves not only the Derg
                                           made a long over due presenta-                                                out this year, you can try again.
anglers, but also the sub-aqua
club, and universities in Ireland          tion to Pat in appreciation of all
                                                                                   Pat Lysaght receiving his
and Canada. The project will dis-          his hard work and in recognition        presentation                          NAVIGATION NOTICES
cover if there are scientifically dif-     of his contribution to keeping the                                            Waterways Ireland has completed
ferent types of trout in the lake          Abbey river open to cruising.           maintain the navigation. The          work on Killaloe Bridge and the
and will even go further to see if         While we all love the waterways,        presentation took place in            navigation is open again. Work is
these are a separate fish species.         Pat is out on the river in all          Shannon Rowing Club close to          ongoing in Garrykennedy old har-
The anglers also hope to find out          weathers dragging shopping trol-        the marina with the visiting Derg     bour which is closed for mooring.
what happened to Ireland’s most            leys out of the Abbey and clear-        crews and many of Pat’s friends       Beware of the rock at the end of
unique vertebrate, a herring like          ing other flotsam and jetsam to         in attendance.                        one of the new finger jetties. WI has
fish known as the Irish Pollan. For                                                                                      placed a temporary marker over it.
further information go online to:                                                                                             Dates for your diary
                                                                                                                          n   7-15 July Lough Derg Rally
                                                                                                                          n   4-6 August Scarriff Harbour
   BEREAVEMENTS                                                                                                               Festival, Scarriff
 The branch wishes to offer
                                                                                                                          n   5 August Sunflower raft,
 condolences to the families of
                                                                                                                              Scarriff Bay
 Duncan Bain and John Kerney
                                                                                                                          n   24-26 August Terryglass
 on their recent bereavements.
                                                                                                                              Arts Festival, Terryglass
 Both men were well-known fig-
 ures on the lake and their
                                                                                                                         For further information please
 knowledge and experience will
                                                                                                                         contact or
 be sadly missed. Obituaries in
                                         Floting works of art sponsored by Derg branch for last year’s                   branch secretary Andy Jordan,
 the next IWN.
                                         Terryglass Arts Festival                                                        tel: 087 238 9321.

                                                                                            INLAND WATERWAYS NEWS                        Summer 2007 35
                                                                          JOHN LEFROY
               Aquabroker                                                  ■
                                                                               BOAT SURVEYOR & CONSULTANT

                                                                                Pre-purchase reports
                    Marine Insurance Specialists                           ■    Re-fit Management
                                                                           ■    Insurance Surveys
                                                                           ■    GRP, Timber and Steel Craft

                                                                           CONDITION SURVEYS ON ALL
                                                                           TYPES OF CRAFT
      From Inland Waterways to                                             Killaloe, Co Clare. Tel & Fax (061) 376978
                                                                           Mobile (086) 8142822. E-mail:
     Worldwide cover, private and
   commercial. Speak to our friendly                                 
        and professional staff.

                                                                                   Heritage Boat
                     Aquabroker Ltd.
                    7 Kilkerrin Park 4,                                            Association
                       Tuam Road,
                                                                 Do you own a heritage boat or have
                    Tel: 091 773601/ 2                               an interest in the subject?
                     Fax: 091 773603
                                                                      If so, contact the HBA secretary
                                                                 Victor Henry, 20 Marino Green, Dublin 3
Regulated by the Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority
          Member of the Irish Brokers Association                     Email:

  WALLER & WICKHAM LTD                                           REYNOLDS
                      suppliers of
                            Varnishes and paints                                Townparks Centre
                            for a superb finish!                                  Leitrim Road
                                                                                    Co Leitrim

                                                                    Tel: 071 96 22333, Fax: 071 96 22335

                           for Bonding, Coating,                   FOR ALL YOUR BOATING
                           Filling and Fairing
                                                                 ACCESSORY REQUIREMENTS
 Marine Plywoods       Ex Stock     Top quality to BS1088

                                                                          OPENING HOURS
           For details and suppliers contact                                  Monday – Friday
                                                                     8.30am – 1.00pm, 2.00pm – 6.00pm
     Waller & Wickham Ltd
   Unit 96, Baldoyle industrial Estate, Dublin 13
                                                                    9.00am – 5.00pm, Open through lunch
     Tel: (01) 83 92 330   Fax: (01) 83 92 362
                                                                        Reg. Office: Mohill Hardware Ltd
                                                                                                                                                                                          BRANCH NEWS

                                                                                                                                                                                               PIC: GOOGLE EARTH

                   T     he first of the river events for
                         the Year of the Barrow was
                   the New Ross Boat Club Head of
                                                            curraghs joining the rowing union
                                                            craft to compete over the course.
                                                                The fastest crew down to New
                                                                                                   over a shorter course was held on
                                                                                                   the following day for the junior
                                                                                                                                                                            Just before the start of the
                                                                                                                                                                        boat race in St Mullins on
                                                                                                                                                                        Saturday 24 February the second
                   River Race. This competition takes       Ross were the Carlow junior four           All Barrow clubs competed                                        of the Barrow oaks was planted
                   place over an 18km course from St        in a time of 1.02.14, finishing just   over the weekend in Athy, Carlow,                                    on the river’s edge in front of the
                   Mullins downstream to New Ross.          four seconds ahead of the Athlone      Graiguenamanagh, and the host                                        old Odlums Mill.
                   It is normally confined to the long,     intermediate four (IARU). The first    club New Ross. Any young people
                   sleek fours and eights of the Irish      of the Wexford coastal boats           wishing to take up the sport
                   Amateur Rowing Union (IARU)              came in at 1.29.21 (St Kearns          should get in contact with their                                      SMALL BOAT RALLY
                   affiliated clubs, but this year’s        Rowing Club) while the curraghs        local rowing club where they
                   event saw the Wexford cot and            were not far behind. A time trial      would be made very welcome.
                                                                                                                                                                         T    he Year of the Barrow
                                                                                                                                                                              small boat rally took place
                                                                                                                                                                         on Sunday 21 April. A fleet of 10
                   BOATMEN’S REUNION AND SLIDE SHOW                                                                                                                      boats and 32 crew undertook
                                                                                                                                                                         the journey down the River

                   T     he Barrow branch thanks

                                                                                                                                                     PIC: JAMES BURKE
                                                                                                                                                                         Barrow from Monesterevin to
                         Mike Clarke from England for                                                                                                                    Athy. The three weeks of very
                   presenting a slide show and lec-                                                                                                                      fine weather prior to the event
                   ture at the Seven Oaks Hotel in                                                                                                                       made one realise why it was
                   Carlow coinciding with the                                                                                                                            decided to put a canal all the
                   Boatman’s Reunion on Saturday                                                                                                                         way rather than using the river.
                   21 April.                                                                                                                                             For the first third of the trip it was
                        The slides of the working boats                                                                                                                  hard to find water to float these
                   were of great interest to the barge-                                                                                                                  very shallow dinghies. When
                   men, who were able to recall much                                                                                                                     the trip was done three years
                   of the history of the craft. Many of                                                                                                                  before, the waterlevels were
                   the slides showed the Ulster Royal                                                                                                                    some three feet higher, and one
                   and Grand canals in a sad state.                                                                                                                      wondered at the need for the
                   One could see the marked                                                                                                                              canal. The fleet regrouped
                   improvements carried out by              The Bargemens’ reunin in April                                                                               about half way down and had
                   Waterways Ireland today.                                                                                                                              the tea and sambos. On reach-
                        Mike also gave a talk on the        could be raised out of the water       cess, which is probably the reason                                    ing Athy the meal in the local
                   Bancroft Propeller, which was            for use in very shallow waters.        it is not now in use on all inland                                    hotel was most welcome.
                   used on the Lagan canal and              The propellor was not a great suc-     waterway boats.

                                                            GRANITE SEAT IN MEMORY OF SEAMUS HIGGINS

                                                            O    n Sunday 22 April the mem-
                                                                 bers of the Barrow branch
                                                            joined the members of the
                                                                                                   Higgins family at the lock in St
                                                                                                   Mullins for the dedication of a
                                                                                                   granite seat in memory of
                                                                                                                                                                        Seamus Higgins who lived in the
                                                                                                                                                                        Lock house for most of his 55
                                                                                                                                                                        years. Seamus was a friend to all
                                                                                                                                                                        who frequented the area and
                                                                                                                                                                        kept a watchful eye, making the
                                                                                                                                  PIC: JAMES BURKE

                                                                                                                                                                        lock a safe place to leave boats.
                                                                                                                                                                             Arthur Kepple said that the
                                                                                                                                                                        branch was delighted to be able
                                                                                                                                                                        to provide this seat in apprecia-
                                                                                                                                                                        tion of a caring and loyal friend to
                   HBA in Leighlinbridge                                                                                                                                the members.
                                                                                                                                                                             Dedicating the seat, Fr Ed
                                                                                                                                                                        Aughney said Seamus would be
                                                                                                                                                                        smiling at the thought that this
                                                                                                                                                                        seat would have people asking
                                                                                                                                                                        who he was, when many more
                                                                                                                                                                        famous people of the area would
                                                                                                                                                                        be long forgotten.
                                                                                                                                                                             The large crowd was then
                                                                                                                                                                        invited into the 1760 lock house,
                                                              Year of the Barrow celebrations continue. Above is the 31B
                                                              moored beside Rudkins Mill in Bagnelstown                                                                 built to last, but not to host such a
                   The 107B in Carlow                                                                                                                                   crowd.

                                                                                                           INLAND WATERWAYS NEWS                                                          Summer 2007 37
                                                                                                              Inland Waterways
                                                                                                              Association of Ireland
Membership application

Full name:                                                                                                    Advise what IWAI activities interest you:

Full name:

Address:                                                                                                      Could you help us run IWAI?
                                                                                                                     YES            NO

Tel:                                          Mobile number:                                                  Indicate membership type:
                                                                                                                     Family €50
                                                                                                                     Single €40
                                                                  Lough Derg
Branch you wish to join (PLEASE TICK ONE):                        North Barrow                                       Northern Ireland branch £30
         Athlone                             Corrib               Newry
         Barrow                              Dublin               River Bann and Lough Neagh               SIGNATURE:
         Belturbet                           Erne                 Offaly
         Carrick-on-Shannon                  Kildare              Shannon Harbour
         Coalisland                          Lagan                Slaney

■   Direct debit mandate (preferred method of payment). ■ Credit card over the web (by logging on to
■   Cheque/postal order made out to the IWAI, and accompanied by completed form.
Direct debit is a simple, reliable, and economic way of subscribing your             ■   Guarantees from us: direct debits presented to the bank account named in
membership fee. We invite you to sign the instruction below authorising your             your instructions will only be for membership subscriptions for the year in
bank to pay us variable amounts from your bank on request. You will under-               question. In the unlikely event of a direct debit being presented in error, you
stand that, while we don’t anticipate an increase in the near future, the standard       can obtain an immediate refund from your bank. You can cancel the instruc-
direct debit instruction allows for variable payments, which may be required at          tion by simply informing your bank, and by advising us accordingly.
some later stage.                                                                    ■   Note: membership fees are agreed each year at the IWAI AGM for the fol-
■ Benefits to you: no worries about remembering to pay at the right time. No             lowing year. Any increase will be notified to members well in advance of
    need to write out and post a cheque. No reminder letters to pay your mem-            them taking place.
    bership fees.                                                                    PLEASE CONTACT THE IWAI MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY BRENDA AINSWORTH WITH ANY QUERIES

    I wish to pay my membership annually by direct debit.                                 DIRECT DEBIT through your bank/building society
                                                                                     Name on bank/building society account:
    Name of account holder

    To: The manager (bank/building society)                                          Bank/building society account number:

    Branch: (full postal address)                                                    Branch code:

                                                                                     Phone no:

                                                                                     I/we authorise you until further notice to charge to my/our
                                                                                     account variable amounts that may be debited by IWAI.
    IWAI ID number:                        303486
    IWAI ref:                                                                        Signature:

                                                PLEASE RETURN COMPLETED FORM TO:
                                Brenda Ainsworth, 25 Ellesmere Avenue, North Circular Road, Dublin 7.
                                                                                                                                             BRANCH NEWS

                                                                                                                                                  PIC: GOOGLE EARTH

                                                                                                                             ‘sail through’ fish restaurant, the
O      ne president, three chairmen,
       five branches and 39 mem-
bers (including eight from Belturbet,
                                                                                                                             only one in the world where you can
                                                                                                                             stop on the canal and take delivery
four from Barrow, two from Lagan                                                                                             of your supper without leaving your
and one from Newry). This was the                                                                                            boat, rather like a waterborne
the party which made the Lough                                                                                               McDonald’s – what about one of
Erne branch visit to Loch Lomond in                                                                                          these on the Shannon?
Scotland early in May. We had                                                                                                     To round off, we spent our final
issued an invite to other branches                                                                                           morning touring the tall ship Glenlee
to join us and join us they did! What                                                                                        berthed on the Clyde. Here again
better evidence could there be of                                                                                            we noticed that the task of preserv-
the friendship and camaradie which        Members of the five IWAI branches that paid a visit to Loch                        ing an important piece of our mar-
                                          Lomond in Scotland in May
exists right across the whole inland                                                                                         itime heritage rests with a volunteer
waterways movement in Ireland?            a nearby slipway on a timber trolley           Again, much of the develop-         charity. The results of their labours
     The visit started in earnest at      mounted on no less than 262 iron          ment work and the push for recog-        are impressive and certainly made
the Lomond Shores complex on              wheels – the winch is powered by a        nition and funds comes from a vol-       for a very graphic portrayal of the
Loch Lomond. Here there is an             large steam engine. It is hugely to       unteer group – the Forth and Clyde       hardships and privations faced by
ultra-modern visitor centre catering      their credit that all of this equipment   Canal Society. We observed two           our seagoing ancestors.
for a variety of tastes and activities.   is or has already been restored by        drop-locks on this canal, and the             All in all a most enjoyable few
     Lunch was aboard the Maid of         volunteer labour. We later had a trip     potential of this approach for solving   days, with good company and the
the Loch, a beautiful old paddle          around the loch by boat and were          some problems in re-opening the          best of craic. It was good to have
steamer now restored by volunteers        taken with its beauty, particularly as    Ulster Canal offered food for            people from so many branches and
of the Loch Lomond Steamship              we passed around the group of             thought. And while on the subject of     backgrounds together to share
Company. Launched in 1953, she            islands in the lower part of the loch.    food, we lunched at McMonagle’s          thoughts and experiences. Our
was the last to be commissioned in             Despite some very indifferent                                                 friends      in    Scottish    Inland
Europe and was in service until           weather, our trip on the Clyde and                                                 Waterways Association are greatly
1982. She was rescued from a              Forth Canal next day was very                                                      to be thanked for all the effort they
state of advanced dereliction in          interesting as we journeyed along                                                  put into making the trip a success.
1992 and it is hoped that she will be     the top section from Kirkintilloch to                                              So too are the ever-helpful British
back in passenger service soon.           Glasgow – quite gently as we                                                       Waterways and others who helped
     This ship, 191 feet long and         noticed when overtaken by a less                                                   with support or sponsorship. And of
weighing 555 tons, is hauled out on       than youthful female jogger!                                                       course organiser John Weir, whose
                                                                                                                             recent mishap left him in consider-
                                                                                                                             able discomfort to put it mildly, and
ENGLISH VISITORS TO THE ERNE                                                                                                 his ever helpful assistant, son

O     ur visitors from England are
      all members of the Inland
Waterways Association Festival
                                          gather at the Captain’s Table for
                                          dinner and chat. Here we were
                                          joined by eight members of the
                                                                                                                             Johnny. Last, but by no means
                                                                                                                             least, thanks to all our friends from
                                                                                                                             other branches whose support
(IWAF), which organises events,           Belturbet branch, plus five of our                                                 makes these trips possible.
particularly the annual festival          own branch members who trav-
which last year was at Beale Park,        elled down by car.
and was attended by several of us              On Sunday morning our boats
from the Lough Erne branch.               from Belturbet had cruised at vari-        INTERESTING EVENINGS
     The visitors arrived by ferry
from Birkenhead early on 20 April
and spent some of the day visiting
                                          ous intervals down the Woodford
                                          River to collect our guests, so as to
                                          prevent congestion at the locks.
                                                                                     L    ough Erne branch is grateful
                                                                                          to Messrs Gillespie and
                                                                                     Rowe of Waterways Ireland, and
                                                                                                                                 Dave McCabe came along
                                                                                                                             one evening in March and gave
                                                                                                                             us a very full and informative talk
tourist attractions before heading        Eventually we all met up at                to Dave McCabe for giving up            on Lough Ree. His knowledge of
for Enniskillen.                          Ballyconnell for our final stop, and       their time to talk to members on        the history of the lake was fasci-
     Next morning, our boats were         to have lunch in the Angler s Rest.        two recent occasions.                   nating. But what had people
lined up at the Broadmeadow                    Our guests’ leader, Peter Bolt,            The Waterways Ireland meet-        reaching for their notebooks was
Jetties in Enniskillen, ready for our     made a speech of appreciation,             ing was the latest in a series          the insights he offered into navi-
visitors to board with us and depart      replied to by Ken Bell, and burgees        which members appreciate great-         gating around the lake – the
for Carrybridge. A short breather         containing the new IWA logo were           ly as an opportunity to put             advice on winds and safety, on
was taken here to enable visitors to      handed over as appropriate.                thoughts and ideas to them and to       safe channels and secure
swap places between boats, and                 All too soon it was time to bid       hear their response at first hand.      anchorages, the quiet little used
then we set off for the National          farewell to our guests. Eeveryone          It was a relaxed and informative        places to hole up for the night,
Trust at Crom.                            has to be thanked for the wonderful        meeting with a good exchange of         and the sources of navigational
     After lunch, we cruised along to     spirit of co-operation..                   ideas and information.                  and other information.
Belturbet, where it was soon time to                               Mervyn Rolls

                                                                                             INLAND WATERWAYS NEWS                           Summer 2007 39

1     2            3           4           5                  6                  7            8
                                                                                                       Compiled by Randal Henly,
9                                                 10          11                                       IWAI member

                                                                                                       30 Cruiser loos! (5)
                                                                                                       31 You’ll find a jetty and mooring here, on
12                             13    14                                                                   Lower Lough Erne (7)
                                                                                                       33 Nothing in a mini lough (3)
                                                                           15                          34 Co Meath town on the old Boyne canal (9)
                                                                                                       37 Twists about a vertical axis, as does a
16                       17                                   18                                          boat or aircraft (4)
                                                                                                       38 On the side sheltered from the wind (7)
                   19                                         20           21                 22       39 Went on board ship (8)

                                     23                                                                DOWN
                                                                                                       2 A bit of an obstruction en route to Limerick
24          25                                                26                                          (11)
                                                                                                       3 Where the Grand Canal enters the Liffey
27                                   28           29                                                      (8)
                                                                                                       4 Ship’s operators (5)
            30                                    31                                    32             5 Simple boat propellor (3)
                                                                                                       6 Power source for the early barges (5)
33                                                                                                     7 Concerning sailors or navigation (8)
                                                                                                       8 Famous admiral Horatio (6)
            34                 35                             36           37                          10 Pleasure boater (7)
                                                                                                       14 Strangely enough there s a port in this
                                                                                                          very inland county (5)
                                                                                                       17 The country of the Caledonian Canal (8)
38                                                39                                                   18 Oarsmen (6)
                                                                                                       21 You’ll find this island, the site of an early
                                                                                                          Christian monastery, in Lough Key (7)
                                                                                                       22 Periodic rise and fall of the sea (4)
ACROSS                                                as boats or cars (11)                            24 The navigable part of a waterway (7)
1 Well-known cruising centre (7,2,7)               19 Initially a battery supplies this type of cur-   25 Another well-known cruising centre (7)
9 There was formerly a short branch from              rent (1,1)                                       28 If it’s friendly, it’s designed to be easy to
   the Grand Canal to this town (9)                20 Pipe or hole through which water or gas             operate (4)
11 Advisable for cruiser captains to do this          can escape (6)                                   29 From which to drive a ship going under it!
   every few days (6)                              23 Fastener for a propeller (5)                        (6)
12 River barriers for holding back water (4)       24 Detailed maps of the Shannon and Erne            32 The part of a ship through which the
13 Before casting off, do this to the ropes (7)       for the use of boaters (6)                          anchor cables pass (5)
15 Look quickly at all parts and cause a           26 Being expelled and barred from one’s             35 Sandbank at the mouth of a harbour, bay,
   beam to traverse across a surface (4)              native country (6)                                  or estuary (3)
16 Vehicle used to carry large objects such        27 Sun or rain protector (3)                        36 The movement of 22 down out to sea (3)

                                                          Where was this photo taken?
                                                          A bottle of wine for the first correct identification drawn from the bag
                                                          Send entries to Mark Maguire, 24 Clonkil, Callan, Co Kilkenny,
                                                          or email
                                                          SPRING 2007 ISSUE: Congratulations to Chrissie Keane, Coosan, Athlone, whose
                                                          entry for Mark’s mystery, vol 34, no 1 was selected from all correct answers. The answer:
                                                          the statue of the man and children in the car park beside the site of the old Carrick-on-
                                                          Shannon Boat Club, Carrick-on-Shannon.

                                                                                                                                                           BROKERAGE PAGES

FOR SALE                                                     • Pine on oak carvel hull
                                                             • BMC ‘Captain’ 1.5 diesel engine
                                                               – recently overhauled
                                                             • Automatic bilge pump
                                                                                                  FOR SALE                                         32FT STEEL CRUISER

CLASSIC MOTOR BOAT                                           • Large open cockpit with
                                                               surround seating and PVC cover     6 berth
‘Morag’                                                      • Cabin, headroom 3’ 9”, has two
                                                               settee berths with lockers below
                                                             • Forward cabin with storage
                                                                                                  Ford engine
                                                                                                  Dual steering
                                                               cupboards and SL marine toilet
                                                             • Rubber-tyred launching carriage.   Radio
                                                             All very good condition.             Lying Belturbet
                                                             Length:       21’ 0”
                                                             Beam:         7’ 3”
                                                             Draft:        2’ 6”
                                                             To inspect contact Nigel Allen,      Contact: David Cole
                                                             tel: 0044 (0) 7802 684747.           Phone: 086 8196 753
                                                             Lying Strangford Lough, NI.          e-mail:
                                                             Offers over €8,000                   Price: €69,000 ono

STEEL BARGE FOR SALE                                                                              BOAT FOR SALE
                                 This boat is as new and is akin to a floating one bed                                                                        Sheegwee
This 28ft steel barge built
by J.D. Marine in 2000 has       apartment for just €65,000. Lying Riversdale Marina,
                                 River Erne, Cavan. Contact 049 9522268 or 087 7770772                                                                        28’ STEEL
full headroom throughout
of 6’6”, Internal woodwork                                                                                                                                    CRUISER
in oak with Meranti trim.                                                                                                                                     5 BERTH
3 berths, toilet with electric
toilet and shower. Eber-
spacher D4W water and air
heater, double glazed
windows, hull spray foam                                                                          Ideal family boat. Well fitted out. Sliding roof. Stern platform.
insulated, wired for shore                                                                        Perkins 4108 engine. V.H.F. Car radio, CD player, full size cooker.
power. Double P.V.C. doors                                                                        Wired for 220v. All 12 v recently rewired, inverter. Dinghy with out-
from wheelhouse to cockpit.                                                                       board. Wide walkway all round with railing. Moored Dromineer.
Beta Marine BV1505
Diesel engine with P.R.M.                                                                                                       Price: €35,000
                                                                                                              Contact Gerry O’Dowd, tel: 067 31561

THE       Mary-Ann                                                     IS FOR SALE                BUY A BOAT IN HOLLAND
                                                                                                                                                           Cruise the rivers
                                                                                                                                                           and canals of
                                                                                                                                                           France or
ULTIMATE 34, 4/6 BERTH, 10.5 X 3.8 M                                                                                                                       Holland, or buy
                                                               Mercedes Diesel                                                                             a Dutch boat or
                                                               Regular service                                                                             House boat to
                                                               Eberspacher heating                                                                         bring home to
                                                               New kitchen and                                                                             Ireland. We can
                                                               upholstery.                                                                                 help you find,
                                                               Includes all                                                                                buy, survey and
                                                               bedding, towels and                                                                         transport the
   VIEWING: Tom Leonard, Crawfords                             kitchenware.                                                                                best boats from
   Marina, Carrybridge, Lisbellaw,                             Many accessories.                                                                           Holland.
   Co Fermanagh. Tel: 028 66 387806                            All in good
   Mob: 07831 325351.
                                                                                                                Hans Smits, Whitechurch, Straffan, Co Kildare
                                                               condition.                                       Tel: 01 6272256, mob: 086 8563408, email:
                                                               Price St£55,000                    MEMBERS OF INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MARINE SURVEYORS

                                                          OCEAN 30
                                                                                                  LOUGH REE HOUSE & MARINA
                                                                                                      MUCKNAGH POINT, GLASSON, ATHLONE, CO WESTMEATH
                                                        ‘Maan Of Derg’                                              TEL/FAX: 01-4923150 OR 087-2471762
                                                                                                        EMAIL: WEB:
                                                         ■   Good overall condition but
                                                             needs some TLC                                       BOAT SALES/BROKERAGE
                                                         ■   Currently on the hard in
                                                             Portumna                             •   35' CLASSIC FLYBRIDGE MOTOR CRUISER - PRISTINE CONDITION
                                                         ■   Shore power fitted                   •   A NUMBER OF PRIVATELY-OWNED CRUISERS ALSO FOR SALE
                                                         ■   Shower/Gas fridge/VHF                ** PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL FOR FURTHER DETAILS AND VIEWING **
                                                         ■   2/5 berth
Classic 1969-built GRP single diesel Mercedes OM636 39 hp (6-7 knots)
Aquafibre/Broom moulding fitted out by Wildes of Norfolk for “Holland Supercraft”                 •    LOUGH REE CRUISERS – RIVER SHANNON CRUISER HIRE
(Rinn River) as hire boat “Hawk 3” then privately owned since 1980.                               •    LOUGH REE HOUSE – SELF CATERING HOUSE FOR RENT

Asking €25,000                         Contact Mark Maguire, tel: 087 2528845 (after 6),
                                                                                                  •    LOUGH REE MARINA – MOORINGS / HARD STANDING / LIFTING / BOAT
                                                                                                       MAINTENANCE / VALETING / ANTI FOULING / ENGINE REPAIRS / ETC.

             Manor House Marine                                                                                                        Dealers for:                                 Suppliers of:

                and Cottages

      Nimbus 380 Commander                                   Haines 35                                   Haines 38                                 Intership 30’                            Broom 32
   2005. Twin Volvo KAMD 43 on shafts.                   Available summer 2007                    Available summer 2007                   1995. 30’ steel crsuier. 4+2 berth +      4+3 berth with aft cabin. Dual
  Bow thruster. Holding Tank. Diesel heater.      2002. Perkins M92. 4 + 2 Berths + two      1999. Perkins M90. 6 + 2 Berths +             aft cabin. Sole 100hp diesel. Bow     steering & deep windows. Mermaid
  Shore power + battery charger. Electronic     cabins. GRP mast + canopy. Bow thruster.     three cabins. Bow thruster. Diesel           thrusters. Very clean + few hours.      diesel. Bow thruster. VHF, Depth
  controls. VHF. Teak side decks. £224,950     Diesel heating. Immaculate condition. £POA   heating. Immaculate condition. £POA                         £59,500                          Sounder. £57,500.

           Broom 35 Sedan                               Storebro Biscay 31                            Seamaster 30                                Fairline Mirage                           Foster 30
    4+2 berths in two forward cabins.              Twin Volvo 6 cylinder Diesels on          Twin BMC Thornycroft 2.5L diesels.           1983. 30’ cruiser. 4 +2 berths with    3+2 berth. 1.8 BMC diesel on shaft.
   Perkins 4108 diesel. New upholstery            Shaft. 4/6 berth. Aft cockpit + new       6 berths + aft cabin. Well looked after       aft cabin. Volvo 4 cylinder diesel.       Low hours. Good condition.
          and fridge. £45,000.v                   canopy. Immaculate condition and              & in excellent order. £28,500                          £32,000                                 £21,500
                                                         well priced. £37,500

                                NEW HAINES RANGE                                                                                      BOAT CHARTER – LOUGH ERNE

                  Haines 320                                       Haines 31 Sedan
                                                                                                                                 Haines 35                                          Haines 38

                                                                                                                               Killadeas, Co. Fermanagh, BT94 1NY
              Haines 34 Sedan                                          Haines 380                                             Tel: 028 686 28100 Fax: 028 686 28000
                 PLEASE CALL FOR FULL QUOTATION                                                                                   (for ROI replace ‘028’ with ‘048’)

                                                                                        ASTINOR 1275 LX
                  CHAPARRAL                                                             Three
                                                                                        Two heads

  GOBBI 425 SC
                                                                                                                        ZEST MARINE, MALAHIDE, CO. DUBLIN
                                                                                                                                PH/FAX 01-8459929
                                                                                                                           MOB:087 6394807/087 2673882

                                                                                                                   SALES • BROKERAGE
  Two cabins
                                                                                                                                      CONTACT KILLIAN OR NOEL
  Two heads
                                                                                                                      BROKERAGE PAGES

To find more about our luxurious Westwood A-series
range or any of our other services contact
Tom Leonard, C/o Crawfords Marina,
Carrybridge, Lisbellaw, Co. Fermangh
Tel: 02866 387806. Mob: 07831 325351
                                                         SOLE IRISH AGENT FOR
                                                                                                                      WESTWOOD A35

Our specialist
services include:
• Quality second-hand
                                           ALSO FOR SALE:
  boats for sale
• Boat Maintenance                                   •
                                         Westwood A35 Classic
• GRP Repairs                                        •
                                         Sealine Statesman 305
• Engine Repairs                    •
                            Fairline 32 Sedan Westwood A34      •
• Respraying                               •
                                   Bayliner 2855 Polaris Delta        •
• Winter Storage                           •
                                  Seamaster 30     Princess 315       •
• Hydraulic lifting crane                         •
                                        Powles 38 Ultimate 34          •
• Allianz Insurance Agent                        •
                                      Freeman 28 Sealine 260           •
• Diesel Pump
• New GRP fishing boats
                                         Sealine S24 Scan 32               •
• Boat Chandlery and Calor Gas outlet                                                     WESTWOOD A38

North Shannon
Marine Services
                                                                                   FOR SALE
                 BOATS FOR SALE
             Ocean 37, 8-berth, totally refurbished
           Aquafibre 33, 6-berth • Ocean 30, 4-berth
            Viking 26, 6-berth • Broom 35, 6-berth
                     Elysian 26, 4-berth

                                                                               36ft STEEL CRUISER 6 berth. Dual steering.
    We provide full mechanical and electrical                                  Major recent refurbishment by Darragh Ltd. Engine: Perkins
         services to all motor cruisers                                        Price: €120,000 ono

With over 30 years’ experience working in the marina industry,
your cruiser is in good hands. We are agents for:
n    Vetus marine equipment     n   Propshafts
n    Engines                    n   Coupling
n    Gearboxes                  n   S/S tanks
n    Silence generators         n   Marine leisure batterys
n    Side-power bow thrusters   n   and much more

We have full lifting facilities, and a large insulated workshop.

 Lough Key Marina, At The Moorings, Knockvicar, Boyle, Co Roscommon
                                                                               39ft STEEL CRUISER 8 berth. Dual steering. Bow thruster
              Tel/fax: 071 964 7316. Mob: 086 252 6373                         Major recent refurbishment by Darragh Ltd. Ford engine
                                                                               Price: €160,000 ono
      FOR A LIST OF CRAFT FOR SALE, LOG ON TO                                                          Contact: David Cole, phone: 086 8196753
For more information, call Tim Murray, 086 252 6373                                    e-mail:

                                                                       LOCHSIDE’S UNIQUE DESIGN AND LAYOUT:

   L O C H S I D E                                                     “OFTEN PIRATED AND COPIED”

                                                                                                Please note all prices are STERLING

 BOATS FOR SALE                                                    l    FOUR CABINS: four
                                                                        single berths, two
                                                                                                         l   Dual steering, stern
                                                                                                             gear protection.
   AS W                                                                 double berths (four-             l   Keel band, rubbing
   NE                                                                   poster bed).                         streaks.
                                                                   l    Two flush toilets en-            l   Full SS guard and
                                                                        suite, two self-draining             radar rails.
                                                                        showers, shaving                 l   FWD hatch corner
                                                                        points.                              fenders, helmsman’s
                                                                   l    Spacious dinette.                    seat.
                                                                   l    Full-size cooker,                l   Bow plate & roller,
                                                                        microwave, and fridge.               anchor
                                                                   l    Ship’s bar.                          and chain, chocks.
                                                                   l    Central heating.                 l   Three wipers, three
                                                                   l    Three radio                          name boards, mast,
                                                                        cassettes/CD, TV and                 flag pole socket.
   AQUAFIBRE 39 – 8 BERTH                              £120,000         mobile phone point.              l   Three fire
                                                                   l    Many lockers.                        extinguishers.
    ED                                          AS W
                                                                   l    Bow thruster, Perkins            l   Automatic bilge pump.
  US                                                                    Sabre M92 HP & Borg                  Fairleads and warps.

                                                                        Warner gears.                    l   Flag and lifebuoy
                                                                   l    Bathing platform.                    holders.
                                                                   All boats have full instruments, compass, all gauges, hour counter, engine
   AQUAFIBRE 37        AQUAFIBRE 11/30           AQUAFIBRE 32      warning lamps and buzzers, 220V inverter, four batteries. TANKS: Fresh
     Aquafibre 37
   8 BERTH £45,000     4 BERTH £65,000           4 BERTH £85,000   water – 200 gallons, hot water – 50 gallons, fuel – 130 gallons.

         Tel: Ex NI (028) or Ex RoI (048) 6632 4368 (option 6) Or after 6.00p.m: 07968 164720
                          TELEPHONE FOR APPOINTMENT.          Email:


            Dutch steel boat specialist
         Agents for Vri-jon Cruisers, Succes,
           Aquasteel cruisers and Macro
                 fibreglass cruisers

              Tel: 086 832 5088
   Fax: 057 935 1820. Email:
                                                                                                                               BROKERAGE PAGES

      Unit 4 Shannonside Business Park, Birdhill, Co Tipperary.
                Tel: 061 374818 / 087 278 2281
                                             If it’s the best selection of
                                             boats you are after, with
                                             a team of friendly and
                                             experienced staff, look                                           Est: 1958
                                             no further than here.
From Sports boats to fishing boats, from Cruisers to kayaks, Marine Action
Boats offers a wide range of services, from our brand new 6000sq showrooms.
                                                                              PORTANEENA MARINA  Glasson, Athlone, Co Westmeath
2 minutes from the water, demos are welcome!
                                                                                       LOOKING AFTER INLAND WATERWAYS BOATS
                                                                                           AND BOATERS FOR OVER 40 YEARS
• New & Used Boat Sales
• Engine Sales & Service
• Boat Valeting
                                                                              19’ SHETLAND                            26’ FREEMAN
• Boat Brokerage
• Chandlery Shop
• Boat Transport/Storage
• Canoes/Kayaks

                                                                              BROOM                                   SEAMASTER
                                                                                                          BROKERAGE LIST

                                                                              n 17’ Fairline, 2-berth, Johnson,         BMC: €40,000
                                                                                                                      n 30' Broom, 6-berth, twin                                                    trailer: €6,000
                                                                              n 19’ Shetland 570 2+2                    Perkins: €40,000
                                                                                60 Yamaha with trailer: €8,500        n 31' Haines, 6-berth,
                                                                              n 20’ Greyline, 2-berth, 30 Suzuki,       Perkins: €99,000
                                                                                trailer: €7,000                       n 31' Rosebank, 5-berth,
                                                                              n 23’ Freeman, 4-berth, Ford:             Volvo: €65,000
                                                                                €14,000                               n 31' Birchwood, 6-berth,
                                                                              n 24’ Freeman, 4-berth, Beta:             Volvo: €68,000
                                                                                €25,000                               n 32' Amerglass, 6-berth,
                                                                              n 25' Birchwood, 4-berth,                 Perkins: €35,000
                                                                                BMC: €12,000                          n 33' Discovery, 6-berth, BMC:
         The Ernecraft Rival 1700 sports boat                                                                           €25,000
                                                                              n 25' Seamaster, 4-berth,
                                                                                BMC: €18,000                          n 33' Discovery, 6-berth,
                                                                                                                        Mercedes: €34,500
                                                                              n 25' Seamaster 725, 4-berth,
                                                                                Volvo: €25,000                        n 33' Discovery, 6-berth,
                                                                                                                        Mercedes: €40,000
                                                                              n 26' Freeman, 4-berth, twin
                                                                                Perkins: €20,000                      n 34' Sea Line, 6-berth, twin
                                                                                                                        Volvo: €200,000
                                                                              n 26' Jeanneau, 4-berth, Volvo:
                                                                                €80,000                               n 34' Chien Hwa, 6-berth, Ford:
                                                                              n 26' Freeman, 4-berth, Perkins:
                                                                                €20,000                               n 35' Broom, 6-berth, Perkins:
                                                                              n 27’ Elysian, Perkins: €14,000
                                                                                                                      n 35' Broom European, 6-berth,
                                                                              n 27' Elysian, 4-berth, Perkins:          twin Ford: €90,000
                                                                                                                      n 35' Classic, 4-berth, BMC: €55,000
  The most fun, most performance and most value on the water                  n 27' Alpha, 4-berth, Beta: €60,000
                                                                                                                      n 37' Haines, 6-berth, Perkins:
  today. The Ernecraft Rival 1700, high tech, high performance                n 27' Seamaster, 4-berth, BMC:            €80,000
  bowrider. This sporty member of the Ernecraft range has it all. A                                                   n 37' Ocean, 6-berth, twin Perkins:
                                                                              n 29' Seamaster, 5-berth, Perkins         €80,000
  family-friendly cockpit, with lots of room for sunning and relaxing.          (two available): €20,000              n 37' Connesseur, 6-berth, BMC:
  Suitable for all watersports – wake board tower available. Inboard          n 30’ Steel, 5-berth, Vetus: €65,000      €65,000
  or outboard versions available. Deep V-track steeped hull gives             n 30' Alpha, 4-berth, Nanni: €70,000    n 37' Aquanaut, 6-berth, Daf:
  optimum performance and economy. The handling charactertistics              n 30' Carver, 6-berth, Volvo: €68,000     €110,000
  of this boat are unbelievable.                                              n 30' Broom Skipper, 5-berth,           n 43' Azimut, 6-berth, twin Volvo:

     SEE THIS AND MANY OTHER NEW AND                                               SUCCES QUALITY DUTCH CRUISERS
          USED BOATS FOR SALE ON                                                     IN GRP AND STEEL AVAILABLE
                                                                                Zodiacs available • We sell life-jackets, paint and parts                                                     IF WE DON’T ALREADY HAVE IT, WE’LL ORDER IT FOR YOU
                                                                                   We can source good-quality secondhand boats in England for you
    Ernecraft Ltd, Lisnaskea, Co Fermanagh, N.Ireland BT 72 OLD                         Spray experts • Professional repairs and maintenance
                Tel: 0286 7721 555 Fax: 0286 7721 150                                         Timber and fibreglass, engines, electrics
                    (from RoI change ‘028’ to ‘048’)
           Mobile: 07778 476644, or mobile: 07779 553534                              Tel: 090 648 5116. Fax 090 648 5533
                      E-Mail:                              Mobile: 087 250 1504. Email:

     Quality new and used cruisers for sale
                 n   Broom 35 European, €95,000                     n   Linskins Catfish 1400
                 n   Broom 37 Continental, €109,000                     (high spec), €465,000
                 n   Broom 1070, €135,000                           n   Glastron 279, €77.000
                 n   Broom Ocean 40, €225,000                       n   Sealine F33, €180,000
                 n   Broom 39, 257,000                              n   Linssen 35 SE Royale,
                 n   Smelene (Stevens) 1200 DL,                         €127,000
                     €175,000                                       n   Hatteras 40, €155,000
                 n   Vir Jon 1100 Contessa, €165,000                n   Sealine C39, €280,000

                              See photos and full details on our website

                            TRADE-INS TAKEN, FINANCE ARRANGED

               Motor Cruiser Sales Ltd
                             Quigley’s Marina, Glasson, Athlone

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   Have you got a boat for sale?                          Inland Waterways News advertising rates from January 2006. Ads appearing in
                                                          four consecutive issues attract a 10% discount. As an extra bonus, we offer our
                                                          IWN advertisers the opportunity to advertise on our website. Special introduct-
                                                          ory rate of €75 to display your ad on two pages of the website for three months.
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    This is the best                                       Colour

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       your boat                                           CLASSIFIED ADS ORDER FORM
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  Waterways News. A full-colour ad with a photgraph       €10 FOR THE FIRST 15 WORDS, 50c PER ADDITIONAL WORD.
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                                                                                                            15 words or less ( 10):
                                                                                            Cost of   additional words at 50c each:
                                                           Nuala Redmond,                                         Box on ad ( 10):
                                                           3 Beechdale Close,
           Over 120 boats for sale in this issue           Blessington, Co Wicklow
                                                                                                          BROKERAGE PAGES

1990 Neptunus 106 Volvo 200 HP             1997 Aquanaut Beauty Yanmar 90 HP        1991 Aquanaut Fly Ford 135 HP
Bow and Stern thruster        €155,000     Bow thruster                €185,000     Bow thruster New upholstery   €125,000

1999 Broom 38 Twin 135hp Engines           1998 Rosebank 38 NH 150 HP Engine        1984 Valkruiser 1270 3 Cabin Daf 110 HP
Bow Thruster Elec Davits     €320,000      Full spec                   €220,000     Bow and Stern thrusters          €155,000

1982 Broom 37 Crown, Twin Volvo 306        2002 Marex 280 5 berth Volvo Penta       1983 Pedro 35 Flybridge Yanmar 125 HP
HP. Bow thruster              €115,000     150 HP. Fishfinder             €90,000   (new 03) Bow thruster           €115,000

Valkruiser 1160 3 Cabin Perkins 135 HP     1981 Birchwood 31 Commodore Perkins      1992 Hollandia Merc 88 HP Engine
Bow and stern thruster          €135,000   4236 Engine Good condition   €50,000     Full refit and spray 2006       €125,000

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