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Prof. Michael Rodriguez
Shin woo Kim

                    “The Second Coming” – W.B. Yeat

       When I read this poem for the first time, this poem was very hard to understanding

and I didn’t get anything what Yeat tried to say by the poem. I researched many articles and

historical magazine to understand what he wanted to tell us. As I read and read about this

poem, I could realize that this poem is very strong and relevant in today's immoral political

tendency as Iraq war, the sickening disregard for the environment and also, global warming,

as the various health threats to people all over the world, especially those poor and

uneducated in third world countries. I could understand little by little what he wanted to say,

but I’m still confused what each word in the poem really means.

       This poem was written in 1919, while most countries was trying to recover from

World War I. We can know how he saw the world and the time through this poem. I think

this poem means to say we've been asleep for 20 centuries and now it's time for something to

happen to wake us up, like Jesus did so long ago. The second coming of a messiah that will

lead the world out of its trouble like Jesus. On the other hand, some people think that there

are no the second coming and the second coming will be from the ‘beast’ not Jesus. Also this

poem is about the death of Jesus. I think that this Yeat had expected the second coming from

Jesus while he was writing this poem, but I can feel he feared that the ‘beast’ is coming to his

world. Lines 3-8, it expresses his sense of horror at what might happen to our civilization.

         Even now I’m writhing this essay, my ideas of the second coming are complicated. I

have to keep finding answer of my wonders. Perhaps, there is not exact answer of the poem.

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