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					                                    ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, MARYLAND
                                                                               New York
Anne Arundel County is located in
the heart of the nation’s fourth largest                    Washington, D.C.

marketplace, the Baltimore-Washington                                                                                                  Baltimore
D.C. corridor. It is home to the state capital,
Annapolis, and to the U.S. Naval Academy,                                                                                              Annapolis
both major destinations for visitors. With
                                                                                                                   Washington, DC
over 500 miles of shoreline along the
Chesapeake Bay, the county successfully                                         Anne Arundel County is
                                                                                located in the heart of
combines natural beauty and rural charm                                         the nation’s fourth largest
with metropolitan sophistication.                                               marketplace, the Baltimore-
                                                                                Washington D.C. corridor.
The county’s economy is supported by
a diverse set of economic drivers such
as Baltimore/Washington International
Thurgood Marshall Airport, major defense contractors, world                               Cyber Command was established at Fort George G. Meade, and
class private sector employers, and telecommunications, retail,                           preliminary estimates project that when fully operational it will
and distribution operations. Its rapidly expanding defense                                create 2,300 new jobs.
industry is fueled by the presence of the National Security Agency,
                                                                                          Anne Arundel County’s 14,100 businesses employ an estimated
Fort George G. Meade, and key prime defense contractors.
                                                                                          188,700 workers, with nearly 300 of these businesses having
Anne Arundel County is ranked second in Maryland for defense
                                                                                          100 or more workers. Key private sector employers include
procurement contracts and has a presence in the county of eight
                                                                                          ARINC, Booz Allen Hamilton, CSC, Johns Hopkins HealthCare,
of the top ten defense contractors in the nation. In 2010 U.S. the
                                                                                          Northrop Grumman and Southwest Airlines.

 LOCATION                                                                                 POPULATION2,3
 Driving distance from Annapolis:            Miles        Kilometers                                   Anne Arundel County                Baltimore
                                                                                                     Households    Population               Metro*         Maryland
 Atlanta, Georgia                            648             1,042
 Baltimore, Maryland                          25                41                        2000         178,670           489,656         2,552,994        5,296,486
 Boston, Massachusetts                       418               673                        2010         199,600**         537,656         2,710,489        5,773,552
 Chicago, Illinois                           708             1,139                        2020**       217,800           556,600         2,903,200        6,276,300
 New York, New York                          208               334                        *Baltimore City, Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Harford, Howard and
 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania                  119               191                         Queen Anne’s counties
 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania                    244               393
                                                                                           Selected places population (2010): Glen Burnie 67,639; Severn
 Richmond,Virginia                           129               208                         44,231; Annapolis 38,394; Severna Park 37,634; Odenton
 Washington, DC                               32                52                         37,132; Crofton 27,348

 CLIMATE AND GEOGRAPHY1                                                                   POPULATION DISTRIBUTION2,3 (2009)
 Yearly Precipitation (inches)                                   41.9                     Age                                           Number              Percent
 Yearly Snowfall (inches)                                        19.8                     Under 5                                      34,613                6.6
 Summer Temperature (ºF)                                         74.3                     5 - 19                                      100,429               19.3
 Winter Temperature (ºF)                                         34.8                     20 - 44                                     180,622               34.7
 Duration of Freeze-Free Period (days)                            200                     45 - 64                                     144,666               27.8
 Land Area (square miles)                                       418.4                     65 and over                                  60,879               11.7
 Water Area (square miles)                                       35.2                     Total                                       521,209              100.0
 Shoreline (miles)                                                508                     Median age                                                  38.0 years
 Elevation (feet)                                    sea level to 300

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                                          ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, MARYLAND
LABOR AVAILABILITY3,4,5 (BY PLACE OF RESIDENCE)                                  EMPLOYMENT4 (2009, BY PLACE OF WORK)
                                                                 Labor Mkt.                                             Estab- Annual Avg. Emp. Avg. Wkly.
Civilian Labor Force (2010 avg.)           County     Area*                      Industry                            lishments Empl.        %    Wage
  Total civilian labor force              277,378 1,582,177                      Federal government            111   8,734                  3.9 $1,295
     Employment                           258,505 1,458,527                      State government               69   9,032                  4.0    951
     Unemployment                          18,873 123,650                        Local government              155 19,914                   8.8    948
     Unemployment rate                       6.8%      7.8%                      Private sector             14,146 188,724                 83.4    931
Residents commuting outside the           Number     Percent                       Natl. resources and mining 30       193                  0.1    651
county to work (2007-2009)                115,170     43.8%
                                                                                   Construction              1,876 14,696                   6.5 1,031
Employment in selected occupations (2007-2009)
                                                                                   Manufacturing               331 13,090                   5.8 1,780
  Management, professional and related 113,590        43.3%
                                                                                   Trade, transp. and util.  3,144 51,456                  22.7    768
  Service                                  37,644     14.3%
                                                                                   Information                 190   4,607                  2.0 1,168
	 Sales	and	office	                        68,595	    26.1%
                                                                                   Financial activities      1,351   9,584                  4.2 1,036
  Production, transp. and material moving 19,570       7.5%
                                                                                   Prof. and business svcs.  3,137 33,612                  14.8 1,323
* Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Prince George’s and Howard counties and
  Baltimore City                                                                   Educ. and health services 1,303 25,557                  11.3    855
                                                                                   Leisure and hospitality   1,313 27,200                  12.0    363
                                                                                   Other services            1,469   8,725                  3.9    695
                                                                                 Total                      14,481 226,404                100.0    947
Employer                         Product/Service                 Employment
                                                                                 Includes civilian employment only
Ft. George G. Meade*             Military installation                 41,000    Businesses by Employment Size Class (2nd Q 2010)
Northrop Grumman                 Electronic surveillance prods.         8,000    No. of employees       0-9      10-49     50-99 100-499                 500+
Southwest Airlines               Airline                                3,200    No. of businesses         10,327      2,913      444       279          18
Anne Arundel Health Sys.         Medical services                       3,000
Baltimore Washington             Medical services                       2,650
Medical Center                                                                   HOURLY WAGE RATES4 (2010)
U.S. Naval Academy /             Higher education                        2,340   Selected Occupations                       Median       Entry Experienced
Naval Support Activity*                                                          Accountants                        $29.75              $20.25     $37.00
Walmart / Sam's Club             Consumer goods                          2,056   Biological technicians              18.00               14.25      21.25
Booz Allen Hamilton              Strategy mgmt., tech. services          1,890   Bookkeeping/accounting clerks       18.75               13.25      21.75
CSC                              IT services                             1,829   Computer-controlled machine         16.00               11.25      19.00
Giant Food                       Groceries                               1,110   tool operator
Anne Arundel Comm. Coll.         Higher education                        1,100   Computer systems analysts           39.50               28.00      47.25
ARINC                            Avionics telecomm systems               1,100   Customer service representatives 16.25                  11.50      20.50
Allegis Group                    HQ / placement services                   926   Electrical engineers                43.25               30.00      49.75
Lockheed Martin                  Systems engr. software                    925   Electronic engineering technicians 30.25                23.25      33.50
Verizon                          Telecommunications                        844   Freight, stock and material         12.00                9.00      14.50
                                                                                 movers, hand
Safeway                          Groceries                                 800
                                                                                 Industrial truck operators          15.50               12.50      18.00
Target                           Consumer goods                            775
                                                                                 Machinists                          24.50               15.75      27.00
McDonald’s                       Restaurants                               750
                                                                                 Network administrators              39.75               29.50      47.75
Home Depot                       Home improvement prods.                   705
                                                                                 Packers and packagers, hand         10.75                8.25      12.75
AT&T Services                    Telecommunications                        700
                                                                                 Secretaries                         17.50               13.00      20.00
Marriott International           Hotels, motels                            700
                                                                                 Shipping/receiving clerks           14.75               11.25      18.00
Ciena                            HQ / networking services.                 649
                                                                                 Team assemblers                     12.25                9.75      15.75
Sears, Roebuck and Co. /         Consumer goods                            640
Kmart                                                                            Wages are an estimate of what workers might expect to receive in Anne
                                                                                 Arundel County and may vary by industry, employer and locality
Excludes	post	offices,	state	and	local	governments;	includes	higher	education
* Federal and military facilities exclude contractors; Ft. Meade includes NSA
                                      ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, MARYLAND
SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES3,8                                                  INCOME3 (2007-2009)
Educational Attainment - age 25 & over (2007-2009)                                                             Percent Households
  High school graduate or higher                              90.0%      Distribution             Anne Arundel Co. Maryland              U.S.

  Bachelor’s degree or higher                                 35.9%      Under $25,000                     10.8         15.4           23.8
Public Schools                                                           $25,000 - $49,999                 16.1         19.9           24.9
  Number: 79 elementary; 19 middle; 14 high                              $50,000 - $74,999                 17.9         18.3           18.7
  Enrollment: 74,776 (Sept. 2009)                                        $75,000 - $99,999                 16.1         14.2           12.2
  Cost per pupil: $12,178 (2008-2009)                                    $100,000 - $149,999               21.3         17.3           12.1
  Students per teacher: 14.6 (June 2009)                                 $150,000 - $199,999                 9.3          7.8            4.2
  High school career / tech enrollment: 9,623 (2010)                     $200,000 and over                   8.5          7.0            4.1
  High school graduates: 4,956 (June 2009)                               Median household               $82,243      $69,695        $51,369
Private Schools                                                          Average household             $100,976      $90,500        $70,404
  Number: 143 (Sept. 2009)                                               Per capita                     $37,792      $34,384        $27,100
Higher Education (2009)               Enrollment              Degrees    Total income (millions)        $19,195     $189,088     $7,962,931
2-year institution
  Anne Arundel Community College 16,741                        1,218     HOUSING2,3,10
4-year institutions                                                      Occupied Units (2007-2009) 190,093 (75.3% owner occupied)
  St. John’s College                       546                   154
                                                                         Housing Transactions (2009)       Units Median Selling Price
  United States Naval Academy            4,552                 1,060
                                                                          All arms-length transactions    5,578          $300,000
Other universities offering programs in the county include: Central
Michigan, George Washington, Strayer, and Troy Universities.              All multiple-listed properties* 5,127          $295,000
In addition, Anne Arundel Community College@Arundel Mills is             *Excludes auctions and FSBO
a regional higher education center offering coursework from the
College of Notre Dame of Maryland, McDaniel College, Stevenson
University, and the University of Maryland University College.           BUSINESS AND INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY6,11
                                                                         The commercial real estate market consists of approximately
                                                                         69 business parks situated throughout the county with concen-
TAX RATES9                                                               tration in the BWI Business District. An increase in demand
                                                                         for	office	space	in	the	BWI	Business	District	is	anticipated	
                                       Anne Arundel Co. Maryland
                                                                         from the military base realignment and NSA growth.
Corporate Income Tax (2011)                   none             8.25%     The Town Center at Arundel Preserve - 1.3 million sf project at
  Base – federal taxable income                                          Route 295 and Arundel Mills Blvd., part of a 268-acre mixed-use
Personal Income Tax (2011)                   2.56%      2.0% - 5.5% *    community.	Phase	I	to	include	luxury	apartments,	Class	A	office,	
                                                                         boutique hotel and retail. All buildings designed LEED Silver.
  Base – federal adjusted gross income
  *Graduated rate peaking at 5.5% on taxable income over $500,000        National Business Park North - 204-acre Class A multi-story
                                                                         office	park	located	at	Routes	32	and	295	including	office,	R&D,	
Sales & Use Tax (2011)                        none              6.0%     retail	and	residential	totalling	2	million	sf.		The	first	building	of	
  Exempt – sales for resale; manufacturer’s purchase of raw materials;   117,000 sf will be ready for tenant work in April 2011.
  manufacturing machinery and equipment; purchases of materials and
  equipment	used	in	R&D	and	testing	of	finished	products;	purchases	
                                                                         Village South at Waugh Chapel - 1.0 million sf mixed-use
  of computer programs for reproduction or incorporation into            development located just south of The Village at Waugh Chapel
  another computer program for resale                                    on MD 3/301 South with a projected opening in spring 2012.
                                                                         Signed tenants include Wegmans, Target, Dick’s and PETCO.
Real Property Tax (FY 11)                    $0.88            $0.112
                                                                         Business Incubator
  Effective rate per $100 of assessed value                              Chesapeake Innovation Center, Annapolis
  In addition to this rate, there are some miscellaneous taxes and/
  or special taxing areas in the county; in an incorporated area, the    Market	Profile	Data	               Low       High   Average
  county rate may vary and a municipal rate will also apply
                                                                         Land – cost per acre
Business Personal Property Tax (FY 11) $2.20                    none
  Rate per $100 of depreciated value                                       Industrial                   $200,000 $350,000 $275,000
  Exempt – manufacturing and R&D machinery, equipment, materials         	 Office	                      $200,000	 $400,000	 $300,000
  and supplies; manufacturing, R&D and warehousing inventory
  In an incorporated area, the county rate may vary and a municipal      Rental Rates – per square foot
  rate may also apply                                                      Warehouse / Industrial          $3.50     $7.00     $5.25
Major Tax Credits Available                                                Flex / R&D / Technology         $7.00    $13.00     $9.50
 Job Creation, R&D
                                                                         	 Class	A	Office	                $11.00	 $33.00	 $20.00
                                    ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, MARYLAND
 TRANSPORTATION                                                                UTILITIES
 Highways: East/West - U.S. 50/301, Rt. 32, Rt. 100, I-195,                    Electricity and Gas: Baltimore Gas and Electric is the principal
 I-695; North/South - I-97, Baltimore-Washington Pkwy. (Rt.                    supplier; customers of investor-owned utilities and major
 295), Rt. 2; easy access to I-95 and major consumer markets                   cooperatives may choose their electric supplier
 Mass Transit: Light rail connects BWI Marshall Airport with                   Water and Sewer: Most heavily populated areas are serviced
 Baltimore City and northern Anne Arundel County; a light                      by public water and sewer
 rail station serves the international pier at BWI; municipal                  Telecommunications: Verizon Maryland offers Fiber to the
 bus service links Baltimore City and Annapolis; private bus                   Premises (FTTP), Fiber Optic Service (FiOS) and Business
 operators in northern and western Anne Arundel County                         Ethernet; Comcast offers Ethernet network services, dedicated
 Rail: CSX Transportation and Norfolk Southern provide freight                 internet and private line services; Level 3 Communications
 carriage; Amtrak passenger service and MARC Commuter Rail                     offers VPN, Metro Ethernet, voice and video; XO
 link BWI Airport with Baltimore and Washington, D.C.                          Communications offers voice, data and IP services
 Truck: 169 local and long-distance trucking establishments
 Water: Port of Baltimore, a leading U.S. automobile and break-
 bulk port; 1,734-acre Foreign-Trade Zone; served by two major                 GOVERNMENT12
 railroads; immediate access to major interstate highways; seven               County Seat: Annapolis
 public terminals including the state-of-the-art Intermodal                    Government: County executive and seven member county
 Container Transfer Facility                                                   council elected for four-year terms; charter form of
 Air: Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall                     government allows for the separation of the executive from
 Airport	has	over	660	U.S.	and	international	flights	daily;	                   the legislative branch; lawmaking powers are vested in an
 395,000 sq. ft. Air Cargo Center; 214-acre Foreign-Trade Zone;                elected legislative body
 longest runway is 10,500 ft; easy access to major highways;                   John R. Leopold, County Executive 410.222.1821
 passenger rail service by MTA’s light rail and Amtrak; hourly                 Richard B. (Dick) Ladd, Chair, County Council 410.222.1401
 SuperShuttle service to Annapolis, Baltimore, Prince George’s                 Website:
 and Montgomery Counties, and Northern Virginia; 24-hour
 airport shuttle service                                                       County Delegation to Maryland General Assembly:
                                                                               John C. Astle, Senate Chair 410.841.3578
                                                                               Robert A. Costa, House Chair 410.841.3551
 RECREATION AND CULTURE                                                        U.S. Congressional Election Districts: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th
 Parks and Recreation: Two state parks, over 70 county parks,                  County Bond Rating: AAA (S&P); Aa1 (Moody’s); AA+ (Fitch)
 and several nature preserves provide many recreational
 pursuits; the county also manages 42 miles of bicycle and                     Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation
 nature	trails;	boating	and	water	activities	include	fishing,	                 Robert L. Hannon, President and CEO
 crabbing, skiing, sailing, and swimming                                       2660 Riva Road, Suite 200
 Golf: Numerous public and private golf courses are located                    Annapolis, Maryland 21401
 throughout the county                                                         Telephone: 410.222.7410
 Cultural and Historical: An active art community supports local     
 symphonies, opera companies, theatre groups, and museums;
 historic buildings and landmarks abound and draw thousands of
                                                                              1	National	Oceanic	and	Atmospheric	Administration	and	Maryland	State	Office	of	
 Sports: U.S. Naval Academy athletic events, particularly football,             Climatology (30-year averages); Maryland Geological Survey
 basketball, and lacrosse, provide sports-watching opportunities              2 Maryland Department of Planning
 Events: the Renaissance Festival, the U.S. Sailboat and                      3 U.S. Bureau of the Census
 Powerboat Shows, 4th of July Fireworks at Annapolis City                     4	Maryland	Department	of	Labor,	Licensing	and	Regulation,	Office	of	Workforce	
 Dock, the Maryland Seafood Festival, and New Year’s Annapolis                  Information and Performance
                                                                              5 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
 FEDERAL FACILITIES AND FUNDING3 (2009)                                       6 Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation
                                                                              7 Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development
 Direct Federal Expenditures or Obligations                                   8 Maryland State Department of Education; Maryland Higher Education
                                         Total          Per Capita              Commission
 Total                           $7,532,861,588         $14,453               9 Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation; Comptroller of the
   Defense                       $3,262,415,529           $6,259              10 Maryland Association of Realtors
   Non-defense                   $4,270,446,059           $8,193              11 Chesapeake Real Estate Group
                                                                              12 Maryland State Archives; Maryland Association of Counties
 Major Federal Facilities: Ft. Meade, U.S. Naval Academy, NSA

The World Trade Center Baltimore   Telephone:	410.767.6300	•	1.888.CHOOSEMD          Martin O’Malley, Governor
401 E. Pratt Street                TDD/TTY: 410.333.6926                             Anthony G. Brown, Lt. Governor
Baltimore, Maryland 21202                            Christian S. Johansson, Secretary

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