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April 8 2011 - Evelyn Grace Academy

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                                                                          April 8th 2011
Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you for your support of the academy over the past term. A separate very important
newsletter about developments at the academy will be sent to you by first class post during
next week. This newsletter highlights a wide range of activities our students have been
engaged in over the past term and picks out some real success stories. During the last two
assemblies of the term this week there has been a celebration of the achievements of many
students in both schools.

I would also like to thank those of you who attended our first music concert on Tuesday
evening. It was clear to see how talented many of our students are and Mr Rees and the
music staff are very excited about the potential for future concerts and musical events.

The summer term starts on Tuesday 26th April at 10.00am for students. The slightly later start
is to enable there to be a short staff meeting at the beginning of the day.

I would like to wish you and your family a good Easter break.

Peter Walker
                                           Grace School News
Student Progress
Grace School would like to recognise those students who are displaying the core values consistently over the term. The
following students have achieved tracking sheet scores of over 90% for the term:

         Year 7                  Year 8                  Year 9
      Emily Pham           Artur conte Couto        Keanna Williams
    Yasmin Polson            Ivaylo Statelov      Loretta Greenwood
 Breeze Farqyahason             Tran Che          Xanthe Greenwood
     Cerise Grant              Joao Alves             Eni Onifade
    Reece Murphy              Jordan Kiely          Reanna Jackson
     Kieran Wilson                                     Toby Wells
       Sam Malis                                    Toni Amiagbonyi

Culture and Ethos
As we approach the final term of the year, it is important that all our students are fully focussed on meeting their indi-
vidual targets, across all their subjects. To support this, for Year 9 in particular we are asking that all Year 9 students
spend some time accessing SAM learning via

Other year groups should be encouraged to use this and other learning aids too. For Year 9 we are specifying that:

    If a student is on or above target, they should complete at least 10 hours of SAM learning across their core sub-
    If they are 1-3 sub levels below they should complete at least 15 hours;
    If they are 3-5 sub levels below target, they should complete at least 25 hours;
    If they are more than 5 sub levels below, then they should complete at least 35 hours.

Other News
Spelling Bee

Four Year 7 students from Grace School recently represented
EGA at a spelling bee competition, well done to:

Sam Malis
Keane Shaw
Onyinyechi Orie
Yasmine Polson

For representing the Academy with distinction.

Year 9 Pathways
All Year 9 students have recently participated in sessions with members of the school’s leadership team, to discuss
their curriculum, including pathway options for next year. They are currently investigating which of the possible
pathways and subject combinations would best suit them, please support them at this important time to weigh up the
possibilities that lie ahead.
                                        Evelyn School News
Student Progress
We are very proud of the following students, who have made outstanding progress in the three core subjects of
Maths, English and Science. The 31 Year 7 students named below have hit or surpassed their targets during the most
recent round of assessments and should be congratulated on their achievements so far. We hope that they continue
to endeavour and show the self-discipline that is required to be academically successful.

Ismahan Abdi, Jovel Brown, Ines Cabral, Tamara Collins-Pascal, Jacob Lee Doyle Roe, Tejiri Eyeregba, Chenae
Ferguson, James Richard Fieller, Takara Garnett, Yedidia-Rick Gbefan-D'Almeida, Scott Greenfield, Shantel Harvey,
Aimee Hennessy, Jimmy-Joseph Ijie, Khadijah King, Yeila Landeta, Seantoi Lee, Rio Antonio McIntosh, Callum
Medaini, Lewis Kevin Mendes- Soares, Raquan Mitchell-Perry, Mahad Mohamud, Jawahir Mohamud-Shuriye,
Nicholas Moniz, Anthony N'Tinu, Thomas O'Brien Martin, Reuben Olajide, Oluwasegun Oluleye, Jamal Sheridan,
Tyson Shogbeni and Daniella Louise Wiles.

When the students move into Year 8, the challenges become more distinct and the following 17 students should be
commended for their efforts in ensuring that they are moving the learning forward in their classrooms and
continuing to make outstanding progression. Barin, Siham and Emmanuel are on or above target in all three of their
core subjects and deserve a special mention and praise! Well done to one and all!

Hassan Ali, Barin Bamgbose, Girbaut Bawangudi, Troy Da Silva, Rhiann Elliott, Jonathan Fontenelle-Williams, Liberty
(Libby) Jackson-Bell, Romario Lewis, Siham Mohamud, Loukmane Mounmak, Aaliyah Nesbeth, Jacqueline Ochi,
Toluwanimi Ogedengbe, Millicent Osei, Emmanuel Sanni, Lucie Stukova and Tanique Thompson.

As our founding cohort of students move towards graduating from Lower School and continuing their pioneering
journey into the Upper School, it is important to stop for a moment and consider the students that have already hit
or surpassed their target levels in all of the core subjects. At the time of writing, although there are only 8 students in
year 9 that have hit these heady heights, we are convinced that the entire founding cohort of students are ready and
willing to focus their minds, harness their energies and display their potential to the whole world by not just
achieving their target levels, but by surpassing them!

There are a huge number of students in Year 9 who have hit their target levels in two of the core subjects and we are
waiting with bated breath for the publication of the most recent round of assessments. We believe strongly and
passionately that they will perform superbly well in the next term and be ready to move into the Upper School with
levels that put them on a firm foundation for GCSE success.

Those students hitting or surpassing their target levels in all core subjects are: Hawa-Lul (Ladan) Abdi, Kafayat
Basaru, Talia Bean, Rosie Bruce, Layla-Rose Habarek, Daniel McPherson, Jimmy Orena and George Rojas.
Culture and Ethos
Bethzaida Bolivia Rocha Reluz, Ellie-Louise Burley, Rachel O'Connor and Shantel Harvey are to be especially
commended for their endeavour, for their self-discipline and for their excellent achievements this term. They have
achieved 100% in attendance, punctuality and on their Tracking Sheets every week this term. This is a very difficult and
challenging achievement and these students have done extremely well to meet our exacting and demanding standards
every step of the way. They are absolutely modelling the steps that need to be taken to be successful and we are very
pleased to have such outstanding young people as part of our community.

In the Summer Term, we hope to see an increasingly large number of students pushing themselves forward and taking
the lead from these students. We also need to thank all of our parents for their continued support.

Other News
Collecting vouchers for schools – we are collecting from both Tesco and Sainsbury’s, a box will be in the library for
students to place their vouchers in or alternatively they can hand them in to their learning team leader.

Academy Trips
On Monday 28th March Ms. Taylor took 18 Year 9 students to participate in the Debate Mate Cup, at the London
School of Economics.

Each team was made up of 6 students who each participated in 3 debates. They had only 15 minutes to prepare their
proposition or opposition arguments for motions such as: “this house would ban gambling”; “this house would ban
music with violent lyrics” or “this house would allow the people to sell their organs”. Although we didn’t progress to
the final, each team won at least 1 of their debates during the day.

We were up against some very stiff competition, as some teams were made up of GCSE and A level students, but as
you can imagine, our students held their own. Even though I haven’t been given all speaker scores yet, I was informed
that Toby Wells, Keanna Williams and Daria Baran all received top speaker scores during the debate rounds.

Not only did the students each partake in three debates, we also had the opportunity to watch two debates. These
teams were debating whether teachers should be expected to work through half term holidays and whether prisoners
should be allowed to vote.

All our students listened attentively and many were keen to make floor speeches. Cheynan Lackey-Doyle, Keanna
Williams, Toby Wells and Daniel Copeland Kelly were all selected to make floor speeches, to an audience of over 100
people. Keanna was told her knowledge on the subject was “very impressive” by the Chair and Daniel’s comment
received a round of applause as it was so astute.

We also heard yesterday that we had progressed to round 3 of the Urban Debate League (a different debating
competition we’ve been taking part in on a couple of Monday afternoons). Not only that, but out of 115 teams taking
part nationally, we are now ranked as 16th! This is a phenomenal feat for students who have not debated before.

You can see the rankings at this website:
Music News

The EGA Spring Concert 2011 took place on Tuesday 5th April with a large number of both Evelyn and Grace students
taking part. The evening was a huge success with over 300 parents and carers in the audience cheering our students

“Taking part in this event has give the students more confidence and given them a real enthusiasm for performing” -
Ms. Frazer.

Year 7 band:
Chenae Ferguson, Bolivia Rocha Reluz, Amandine Guihard, Jamal Sheridan, Jacob Doyle Roe, Babajide Onibada, Kiron
Gordon, Yedidia Gbefan-D'Almeida, Segun Oluleye,
Lynden Adegunle, Keros Keen, Andrea Martin-Barsanti, Cleon Brown, Asif Paharsingh, Diego Cabrera Caballero, Alex
Mesfun, Ester De Souza and Ejiro Idliahoke

Year 8 Choir:
Marissa Jackman, Rhiann Elliott, Marcia Teixeira, Shareiss Williams, Ann Marie Taylor, Haidee Perry-Ryder, Vanessa
Williams, Stephanie Carvalhas, Abigail Jarrett, Lucie Stukova, Romario Williams, Leanne Rushmer, Keenan Williams,
Shantay Bellamy, Loretta Yussuff, Leanda Peter-Elie, Laura Godinho Dias Da Silva, Aaliyah Nesbeth, Kanisha Anderson,
Lilimae Billam, Alex Boyce-Rhoden, Rhea Bowley, Michelle Brown, Kevin Coelho, Aisha Cummings, Amber Gray, Stepha-
nie Homawoo, Mariafeli Latorre-Cragg, Milena Lazcano Mancilla, Taylor Mervyn, Tayla Osbourne, Nadia Roberts, Isa-
tou Saidy-khan, Jameel Shafiq, Karollyne Silva, Kelly Lengo Mbouala, Nadine Zeferino, Naomi Alvarado, Tonicha Gayle,
Mozesha Lake, Ezekiel Elliott, Nackie, Namario Barrett, Hannah Ali and Maha Salem.

Film Club
Film Club is a brand new club running on Friday afternoons. We’ll be watching a range of
different and exciting films ranging from Hollywood blockbusters to undiscovered gems. You
can unlock you passion for film by picking the films yourselves by creating a Wish List on the
Film Club website –

Come along and sharpen your debating skills and voice your opinion with your friends when
we discuss the films we watch. Or you can even go a step further and upload your own film
reviews and read other members’ reviews of the films we watch. Prizes are award for the best

But it doesn’t stop there. Film Club arranges for industry professionals to come and share their
insider information with us in school. You may get tips from make-up artists or stunt people on
the tricks of the trade. You might learn from the experts how the lighting or editing can transform the mood of a
scene. You could even meet celebrities who will tell you all about the glitz and glamour of the silver screen.

This week in Film Club we will be following the antics of everyone’s favourite vampires in the second instalment of the
Twighlight saga - New Moon. Come and join and the fun!
Poetry Corner
             You saw but you didn’t look                                        Why I Love You
I step onto the newest Victoria line train                  You see there are those funny times when I sit back and
A posh and snobby looking woman moves quietly away
                                                            Why my eyes first set upon you,
But I hear
                                                            Was it your corny jokes, your dimples or your wondrous
She looks at me like I am a new race                        eyes,

A soft whisper “terrorist”                                  Or the fact that you don’t trick me with your lies.

To a man standing next to her                               I heard that there are over a trillion nerves in the central
                                                            nervous system you get on every single one,
Just because my skirt don’t reach my knees
                                                            Although you have flaws you know we’re not done,
Just because a piece of cloth around my head
                                                            Did you know the human body has over 30million white
Just because I am a Muslim                                  blood cells and you know I need them all because you
                                                            make me sick.
I am not ashamed,
                                                            But you are the missing piece to my puzzle you always fit.
What should I be ashamed of “being paki?”
                                                            However I love the compliments that I receive from you,
But I am not
                                                            The hugs they special moments you know I love you.
They say my eyes are the sun, seen over a foreign country
                                                            They say opposites attract, I’m red and you’re blue,
They say my voice is a ticking clock
                                                            When I say left you go right, you always put up a fight.
They say my belly is an unexploded bomb
                                                            I know you don’t mean to cause me any pain
They say my hijab is a soldiers uniform.
                                                            Our love is everlasting like a runaway train.

By Maha Salem G8                                            I love the fact that I can come to you whenever,

                                                            And if I need a favour I don’t hear you say never.

                                                            So here’s a message to say I love you

                                                            My one and only.

                                                            By Reanna Jackson – G16
Library News
With our new quizzing program Accelerated Reader we can keep track of the
amount of books students are reading, how hard the books are and even how many
words students have read.

Both small schools have been set the challenge of reading 11 million words by
Friday. They are both getting very close and have been all quizzing very hard! In the
first newsletter of the new term we will let you know if both schools reached their
targets. We will also let you know the new challenges!

Please ask your children what they have read recently and what they enjoy reading!
Why not read a book yourself that they have recommended to you?

We have lots of exciting things happening in the library and with reading around the
school happening after the Easter break! Stay tuned!

A massive thank you to all the following students who have helped out this term:

Evelyn: Lynden Adegunle, Khadijah King, Kevin Agila Cando, Daniella Wiles, Ellie-
Louise Burley, Scott Greenfield, Amandine Guihard, Siham Mohamud, Ismahan Abdi, Millicent Osei, Jamal Sheridan,
Romario Lewis, Devante Gravesandy and Jamaal Shuriye.

Grace: Tyreek Hudson, Kori Lofters, Kevin Coelho, Jordan Keily, James Musah, Sam Talabi, Courtney Feurtado and
Clinton Johnson.

If you have any good quality books lying around at home that you no longer need, please donate them to the school.
Our students are massively enthusiastic readers, so we are trying to fill our library with a huge range of books to satisfy
them. We are particularly looking for Manga, art and cook books.

               Year 9 Textiles Project—Recycling, Reuse, Reinvent
                         “Design and make a fashionable
garment for the window display of a Brixton Charity Shop, Barnardos. The garment
                               is to be made from
      recycled, donated textiles and needs to communicate current trends.”

             9G1                                       9G2                                       9G3
         Isra Sayed                              Toni Amiagbonyi                            Zaki Mohamud
     Wonuola Olaribigbe                            Daria Baran                               Kyra Morgan
       Jessica Martin

  “a top from a v neck jumper”           “a strapless dress from some cur-           “a pair of shorts from a dress”
Sport News
Year 9 Basketball
After three weeks of training there has been a regular 11/12 players turning up to training on Tuesday 5pm-6.30pm.
Students from both Grace and Evelyn have shown they have true skills to become basketball players by practising their
dribbling, shooting and defensive skills. They all have been working very hard and have enjoyed the training sessions. I
would like to give a shout out to all the boys that have been coming to these sessions regally.

WELL DONE to the following pupils!!

Evelyn School: Jonathan Ramos, Jimmy Orena, Malakai Vaughan, Lewis Fagoo-Mendez, Frazer Hamilton, Yann Konan,
Kristofer Escobar, William Iheji and Abdul Shitta.

Grace School: Jewell Jones, Damian Boguslawski, Malakai Robinson, Raekwon Johnson-Nerves, Ikhwan Shakespeare,
Liam Taylor and Rae-kwon Warren.

If you’re interested in playing basketball, collect a letter from Miss Jenkins.
Date: Tuesday after school
Time: 5pm-6.30pm

Year 9 Netball
For the last four weeks a group of Year 8 & 9 girls have been participating in the Lambeth Year 9 & 10 netball
tournament. The competition saw strong teams from across Lambeth which meant our girls were seen as the
underdogs of the tournament, as we had both the youngest and least experienced team. However during the
tournament our team built in confidence, skill and understanding of the game, which resulted in us gaining a win
against one of the top five teams, Lambeth Academy. I would like to congratulate all the girls who represented Evelyn
Grace Academy at this tournament:

Nakae Mascoll
Tyrah Shae Lester
Tanya Thompson
Tran Che
Maria Alzate Garzon
Shakira Clemente Valentin
Georgie Searle
Rosie Bruce
Kafayat Basaru
Keturahlee Coulibaly
Samantha Abbey
Toni Amiagbonyi
Enitan Onifade
Keanna Williams
Melaine Vac Toapanta

I was very proud as their coach to see the girl’s faces after their win against Lambeth Academy.

Netball club takes place on a Thursday after school. The club has run from 5-6.30 but may be adjusted after Easter due
to the change in the timetabled day.
Congratulations to Evelyn student Renaee Oduro from Year 8 for reaching the finals of the NPower Football League
Competition 'What's Your Goal?

This is a national competition to get Year 7 to 11 students thinking about their career opportunities and skills. To enter
Renaee had to complete a job application form for her chosen role of TV producer. Renaee has made and submitted a
video clip as her finalist entry for the competition. If she wins she will have two days work experience.

Day 1: 2nd May Portsmouth FC, Fratton Park working with Billy McGinty from Sky who will be covering the 5.15pm
Cardiff v Middlesbrough match from Portsmouth.

Day 2: At Sky Studios - date still to be confirmed

Good luck to Renaee from The PE Team and all at the Academy.

Gifted and Talented
Over the past week, every student has been asked to fill out a questionnaire to find which sports they take part in
outside school and which sports they feel they have talent within. I have had a great response to this research and will
be putting together a list of students that we feel are Gifted and Talented within certain sports.

If you child plays for a team/club outside of school please get in contact with the academy via their learning team

Table Tennis
Rojay Hutton, Jameel Shafiq and Ms. Wen Sun, all completed and passed the change for life
Table Tennis course on the 25th March 2011, and are now qualified to coach table tennis at

“The coach gave us a task to design a suitable activity for 8 players. Rojay gave the
presentation on how to plan and set up suitable activities for the 8 players.

The course lasted 6 hours, in the end, we had an individual test about table tennis ‘ theories”. - Ms. Wen Sun.

Come play cricket!
               Spaces are still available in the Alleyn & Honor Oak under 14 cricket squad. In the past this squad has
               won the local Surrey cup. Matches are on Friday evenings, and training on Wednesday at the Edward
               Alleyn Club in Dulwich (SE24 9HD).

               Spaces are limited, so they will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

               For more information call 020 7274 4864 or go to

Brixton Bulls Rugby League
Preseason is just beginning for Rugby League. Students of all ages are welcomed to play for Brixton Bulls. Training is on
Thursday afternoons at 5:45pm at Rosendale Playing Fields and games are played on the weekend.

For information call Phillipa Robson on 07793 147 027, email info@stormrl or look for the link
Spotlight on Staff
What would you be doing if you weren’t working at EGA?
If I wasn’t working at EGA, I’d definitely be working with young people in an art and design capacity
or teaching vocal skills and running a community choir/singing group.

What were you like when you were at school?
I was brilliant! Ha! Ha! A bit chatty, but I loved school. My favourite subjects were Art and Design,
English, Maths, and Biology. My school had brilliant outdoor activities such as golf, squash
and softball. I only hated it when we had to do cross country running!                                    Rhoda Fisher
                                                                                                         Senior Learning
Who or what inspires you?                                                                               Support Assistant
My parents are my inspiration. They lived in Brixton for a long time and worked hard during
their time in the UK. They both studied as well as holding down full time jobs as well as bringing up four children. They
have retired to the sunny Island of Jamaica a number of years ago.

One piece of advice for a happy future?
Chase the dream, not the competition. Love life, and love yourself and treat others as you want to be treated. Work
hard but make sure that there is always a balance between work and recreational activities.

What would you be doing if you weren’t working at EGA?
Living and working at a school in Australia.

What were you like when you were at school?
Quiet, determined and sporty (some of my old teachers would probably add argumentative)

Who or what inspires you?
My closest friend who has been faced with life’s toughest challenges and is still smiling.                  Kim Philp
                                                                                                           Sport and PE
One piece of advice for a happy future?                                                                      Teacher
Choose to be positive.

Upcoming Dates and Events
Tuesday 26th April                       Start of Summer Term                                             10am

Wednesday 27th April                     Local Governing Body Meeting                                     6pm

Friday 29th April                        Royal Wedding Bank Holiday                                       All Day

Monday 2nd May                           May Day Bank Holiday                                             All Day

Wednesday 4th May                        Student Council                                                  1pm

Thursday 5th May                         Year 9 Parent Evening—Finalising Pathways                        6pm

          The next issue of The Endeavour will be published on
                                    Friday 13th May 2011

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