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What is the Huntsman Scholar Program?                                          “THere is more To geTTing an
                                                                               educaTion THan a piece of paper.”
The Huntsman Scholar Program at Utah State University is a multi-year,
business honors program that develops scholar-leaders who will make a                              – Stephen Allred
positive difference in the world. Students are expected to acquire academic              Huntsman Scholar, Class of 2009
knowledge and hone practical business skills in the areas of ethical leader-
ship, quantitative analysis, entrepreneurial spirit and global vision.

What is the Scholar Semester?
The Scholar Semester in the Huntsman Scholar Program is an intensive,
15-credit semester (Fall 2011) designed to introduce you to the integration
of business and politics on a global level, and connect you with the leaders
who help shape our world.

We maintain a unique schedule: on-campus preparation, off-campus travel
and networking, and back on-campus to process and reflect upon the expe-                  Contacting the
rience.                                                                             Huntsman Scholars Program

What does the Scholarship include?                                                Stacey Hills & Shannon Peterson
All accepted applicants receive a scholarship to cover the costs of the                     Co-Directors
three-week travel (excluding personal incidentals and free time travel).
Applicants will also receive a semester stipend of $1000 to help defray                   Norma Richards
academic and related expenses associated with the program. Huntsman                      Program Assistant
Scholar Program scholarships may not be “stacked” on to other scholar-
ships from the Huntsman School of Business (excluding Hansen, Business                     Tel: 435-797-2362
Ambassadors, and Club Officer Scholarship).                                                Fax: 435-797-2399

                    course information
                                                                           Application Process & Dates
FALL 2011 SCHOLAR SEMESTER                                                 Applications Available
                                                                           November 1, 2010
Course Overview                                                            Complete Applications Due Back
The Fall 2011 Scholar Semester will consist of 5 integrated courses:       January 14, 2011
MGT 3820 Principles of International Business Communications – 3           Interview Decision Announced
credits                                                                    February 2, 2011
Discusses the most significant issues pertaining to cross-cultural
interaction—culture, intercultural (both verbal and nonverbal) com-        Interviews
munication, and cultural shock — and seeks to sensitize students to the    February 14, 2011
dynamics of international diversity.                                       Final Decision Announced
                                                                           March 4, 2011
POLS 4210 European Union Politics – 3 credits
Explores the creation and ongoing development of the European              Applications will be available ONLY online at
Union. Examines governing institutions and internal and external poli-
tics of the European Union across a number of issue areas.

MGT 4590 Global Marketing Strategy – 3 credits                             What are the Admissions Requirements?
Explores the nature of marketing in an international context. Topics
                                                                           All Applicants MUST HAVE:
will include the cultural underpinnings of consumer behavior, product/
service adaptation, multi-national pricing strategies, and promotion       • A major (in good standing) within the Jon M.
activities at local, regional and global levels.                           Huntsman School of Business. Double majors,
                                                                           within or without the Huntsman School of
MGT 3300 Globalization & The Ethics of Trade – 3 credits                   Business are accepted and welcomed.
Examines the dynamic and complex interplay between politics and
economics, with an emphasis on the globalization of trade, and the va-     • Completed ECON 1500, ECON 3400 and
riety of ethical dilemmas that governments, firms, individuals and civil   MGT 3500 with a B or better (B+ preferred) by
society as a whole face when operating in a globalized environment.        the start of the Fall 2011 semester.

MGT/ECON 5150 Comparative Economics/Readings in Political Economy –        • An overall GPA of 3.5 or better in all course-
3 credits                                                                  work
Seminar on theory and method in the interplay of government and busi-      • Evidence of leadership activities and
ness in the areas of economic development and trade.
                                                                           demonstration of high ethical and personal
                                                                           • An expected Graduation of May 2012 or


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