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					                                                                                                                     August 2011
It’s time for the Master Gardener Summer Picnic!!!
                 Our annual summer picnic is upon us! We will be gathering                          Inside this issue:
                 at Mike and Joy McFadden’s home on Lake Leland on
                 Sunday, August 7, 2011 from noon-?                                                 Local photos;               2
                                                                                                    Foundation program
                     We welcome spouses/ partners to attend with us. There                          Chair’sEye View;            3
will be a choice of salmon, burgers or hot dogs. If you’re planning on                              Plant Clinic
attending, please RSVP Janet Mizuguchi with your selection. Also, please
bring a side dish or dessert to share and your choice of beverage. Janet can                        Fall meeting preview;       4
                                                                                                    Kitchen Korner; the
be reached by phone at 360 437-8128, or email at . Hope to                           Self’s Advanced Ed
see you all at this annual event as it’s one of the few times we actually get                       experience
just sit, talk, and eat!! Remember, this will take the place of our monthly
                                                                                                    Karen Page speaking date 5
Foundation program.                                                                                 M Robson Park update

Directions to the McFadden’s:                                                                       July JCMG Board Minutes 6

The address is 288982 Hwy 101 at mile marker 289. From Hwy 20,
go south to Quilcene. When you reach the junction of Hwy 101 and                                    July Foundation. Minutes 7
Hwy 104, you will have exactly 4 miles to go. You will find us on
                                                                                                    Calendar                    8
the right hand side, the last driveway before the park and
From the east, take Hwy 104 to Hwy 101 turnoff, then south for 4
miles. There is lots of parking!

                                                                 Submitted by: Janet Mizuguchi

  Be Alive!!! ... a poem
 Think freely, smile often. Tell those you love
 that you do. Rediscover old friends. Make new ones.
 Hope. Grow. Give. Give in. Pick some daisies. Share
 them. Keep a promise. Laugh heartily. Reach out. Let
 someone in. Hug a kid. Slow down. See a sunrise. Listen
 to rain. Trust life. Have faith. Enjoy. Make some mis-
 takes. Learn from them. Explore the unknown.
 Celebrate life in your garden!!!
                                                                  Author unknown

                                   Poem Submitted By: Bernie Stechman                              Photo of lilies submitted
                                                                                                   by Kris Burns

                                      Cooperative Extension programs and policies are consistent with federal and state laws and
                                      regulations on nondiscrimination regarding race, color, gender, national origin, religion, age,
                                      disability, and sexual orientation. Evidence of noncompliance may be reported through your
                                      local Cooperative Extension office.
 Photos from around the county                                                             Extension Staff
                                                                                           Phone: (360) 379-5610
                                                                                           Pamela Roberts, ext. 207
                                          This photo was taken by the                      WSU Extension Chair
                                          L Johnson Community Center                       MG Program Coordinator
                                          on Hazel Point near Dietz Rd.                    Sally Chapin, ext. 200
                                          Something must smell good!                       Receptionist/Office Assistant
                                                  Submitted by: Kris Burns
                                                                                           JCMGF 2011 Board
                                                                                           Roger McPherson 360- 385-0175
                                                                                           Janet Mizuguchi 360-437-8128
                                                                                           Ora Hickman 360-732-5021
                                               This lovely Plum Hydrangea was
                                                                                           Kathi Boyker 360-765-4717
                                               spotted at Whitney Gardens in
                                               Brinnon. The rich, gorgeous
                                               color is made more spectacular
                                               by the vibrant green of the                 Board Members:
                                               leaves.                                     Ali Dyche 360-732-0433
This moth showed up and has been                     Submitted by: Phyllis Wurscher
hanging out. It is a Polyphemus moth. I                                                    Mark Clark 360-379-4845
found out after doing a Google                                                   
search. He/she has been on the same
                                                                                           Mike McFadden 360- 765-3312
plant for days. They don't eat when they
get to this stage. Just mates, lays eggs (if                                     
female) and dies. Sure is pretty though!!                                                  Marian Meany 360-385-7363
               Submitted by: Erica Iseminger                                     
                                                                                           Hugh Musser 360-390-4567
                        This is a striped June bug that Sarah Fairbank found
                                                                                           MG F of WA State Board Rep:
                        in her garden. Here it’s on her pant leg, allowing
                                                                                           Mark Clark 360-379-4845
                        for a close up photo opportunity.
                                                    Submitted by: Sarah Fairbank 

August Foundation Program             Our Summer Picnic will                       M.G. NEWSLETTER
                                      take the place of our                        Do you have an idea for an article in the
August program. Please see page one for picnic details.                            newsletter? Book review? Do you chair
                                                                                   a committee? Please submit all items, or
                                                                                   events that should be included, to
JCMGF still needs someone/s to take the reins for our monthly
                                                                                   Ali Dyche via e-mail at
programs for 2012. This could be one energetic individual, a             , or
group effort, or a different person each month.                                    call Ali at 360-732-0433, by
                                                   Submitted by: Janet Mizuguchi   the 25th of the month.

 Page 2                                                                                    Jefferson Co. Master Gardener Newsletter
                Chair’sEye View of the (Master) Garden
      Things have been pretty quiet. I hope that is because you are out
working in your garden. Looks like a great year for brassicas but tomatoes and a
lot of fruit might be a little iffy. Keep thinking a warm, if late, summer and lovely
fall. Who knows—the power of positive thinking. At any rate, I will go out on a limb
and guarantee a great day for our annual picnic—the view of snowy
Mount Townsend should be great from Mike McFadden’s back yard. I hope you have
signed up as it is always very enjoyable.

    I would like to welcome and thank some of our new interns for stepping
forward to volunteer: Christina Lacie has enthusiastically stepped forward to
take on the task of ensuring we have weekly columns for the Leader. Remember she
is not supposed to have to write all these columns or to have to apply undue
pressure to get you to submit a column. Give it a try. Also Bob Grindeland has
stepped forward as the MG Intern rep to the Board, and I hear that three interns
have stepped forward to jointly chair next Springs Plant Sale: Annie Cullen,
Janell Jelliffe and Barbara Schultz.

    We old timers need to step forward and match their dedication and enthusiasm.
I hope to see you at the picnic on August 7th!

                                                                   SUBMITTED BY: ROGER MCPHERSON, JCMGF CHAIR

   JCMG Plant Clinics                           The Coop Plant Clinic was busier this month,
                                                averaging 6-7 questions per clinic. Just the right
 number to give us time to research and visit with each client without a lot of down time. Plant ID
 included natives and ornamentals. Diseases were all still weather related fungi. Bugs included
 spider mites, pear slugs, and the ever present question of slug and snail eradication. It would be
 great to see Master Gardeners participate in Plant Clinics. They run through September.
                                                                     Submitted by: Barb Smith, Coop Plant Clinic Co-Chair

 Chimacum Plant Clinic has been hopping with questions this season regarding everything from
 plant ID to how to grow particular plants to “what is wrong with my plant?” and more. There are
 anywhere from 12-24 clients depending upon the weather. A few concerns at the last clinic
 included effects from fungi, why plants wouldn’t grow, and whether or not a plant was noxious
 and if so, how to get rid of it.                                                   Submitted by: Ali Dyche

 Please try to take a day and join Beth and Mary Anne at WSU, Barb and Dan at the Coop or
 Mike McFadden at the Chimacum Farmers Market for a plant clinic. All three plant clinics can help
 refresh your gardening knowledge, enhance it, and allow opportunities for educating the public
 which as Master Gardeners is our highest goal.

 Please sign up on the MG webpage for the dates you’d like to help out. You will get 1.5 education
 hours and 1.5 clinic hours as well.

 Plant Clinic times and days:
 Tuesdays from 1:00-4:00 pm at WSU
 Fridays from 2:00-5:00 pm at The Food Co-op alcove
 The second and fourth Sundays, 10:00 am– 2:00 pm at the Chimacum Farmer’s Market

                                                                                 Submitted by: The Plant Clinic Crew

 Page 3                                                                       Jefferson Co. Master Gardener Newsletter
Fall Foundation Programs
  A quick preview of our Fall programs include:

  In September, dr. molly force will speak on medicinal plants In the garden.
  This will be the last 7-9 pm meeting for the year.

  October will bring Brwyn Griffin from the Co-op will talk about the farm
  to school coalition. We return to the winter hours of 3-5 pm.

  I’m still working on november’s speaker and December brings our holiday
  party which will take the place of our monthly meeting.

  I hope to see you at the annual picnic which is our august meeting. See page
  one for details.

                                                                    Submitted by: Janet mizuguchi, Jcmgf Co-chair

Kitchen Korner                                         Lentil Kale Soup/Salad                       Serves 4

—1 ½ cups lentils, any kind                              —1teaspoon each: cumin and coriander
—32 ounce (1 quart) box of vegetable broth               —1 bunch kale, any kind

Thoroughly rinse, then drain lentils. Place lentils into medium size saucepan, add vegetable broth, stir. Bring to boil, reduce
heat and simmer lentils X 45 minutes, until soft. Add cumin and coriander, stir. Wash kale, drain. Cut off thick
stems, stack leaves on top of each other, then slice stack into ½ inch slices, turn knife 45 degrees and cut slices into 1 inch
pieces. Add to lentils. Cook 5 to 7 minutes until kale is limp and dark green. If desired, add salt and pepper to taste.

Enjoy as a soup with grated parmesan sprinkled on top. Chill leftover soup over night and serve as salad. For salad, add
tomatoes, cookedgreen beans or other salad veggies.

          Options for soup additions: carrot slices and cook last 5 minutes in soup, sliced pre-cooked chicken sausages and
          heat last 5 minutes in soup.
                                                                                                           Submitted by: Clara Mason

The Self’s take a UW course on rare plants.
 David and Carol Self spent two nights at the Flying L Ranch near Mount Adams
 during July. Their task was to find and report the status of a rare plant for the Rare
 Care program for the University of Washington. View of Mt Adams was great. The
 rare plant was located and the information reported to Rare Care, UW Botanic
 Gardens. Rare plants are monitored and seeds are collected periodically for the
 seed vault. These seeds are used to replant rare and endangered plants after a
 disaster has eliminated a population of the plants. Anyone wanting to
 participate in the Rare Care program should contact Washington Rare Plant
 Care and Preservation at the University of Washington
 (206-616-0780). Training is provided for monitoring and seed collection.
                                                                                               Submitted by: David Self

 Page 4                                                                                  Jefferson Co. Master Gardener Newsletter
          “Garden Color: Not Just About Flowers”
Quimper Grange will be hosting landscape expert, Karen Page. Page
says that use of colored foliage is integral to garden design and she will explain
how we can integrate more color into our gardens. She will introduce new foliage
hues from trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses, groundcovers and annuals that offer
long lasting color; offer insight into how to lighten up the ubiquitous green back
drop that asks for contrasting colors; will identify numerous plant varieties that can
be used throughout the garden to add a lively and long lasting color presence
and will talk about experimenting with new color/plant varieties. Attendees will be
able to identify and select numerous plant varieties that will enhance and enliven
their gardens.
Karen Page has been in the horticultural industry for over 25 years and has
operated her own landscape design business, Landshapes Gardens, for 20 years.
She also has experience incorporating edibles into landscapes and was the
presenter for the popular talk on growing cane berries on the Olympic Peninsula at
Quimper Grange last year.
The program starts at 7:30 pm and is preceded by a potluck dessert/fingerfood
social half-hour from 7pm to 7:30pm. Suggested donation: $5-$10. For further
information contact: Charlotte Goldman at 385-3455.

                                                                                   Submitted by: Charlotte Goldman

Mary Robson Park Summer Update                                 Christina Lacey, Betty Petrie, Danna Owens,
                                                               Susan Yandon, Erica Iseminger and
Pat Anoitzbehere all helped out with the work party we had in July. It was a good session and the weather
cooperated. Kathy Grace has also been weeding on her own and has been filling in when necessary to the extent
that we probably won’t need an August work party. If the park looks good to you, it’s because of these angels.
Please thank them and tell them how much you appreciate their work.

Most of the plants that didn’t make it through winter have been replaced and the new plants are doing well.
Some of the dahlias need more sunshine and heat, or perhaps replacement next year. The red Dahlias never cease
to amaze me. They are so strong and healthy this year. Please leave the flowers on the yarrow (even though it
may look a little brown) as they continue to support the green ladybug populations we have had this spring.

          My sincere thanks to all of you who help in this park.

                                                                   Submitted by: Judith Johnson, Mary Robson Park Chair

Come “Rock the flock” at the 2011 Jeff. Co. Fair
Take a day to enjoy the Jefferson County Fair this year. It runs August 12-14 and is located at the Jefferson
County Fairgrounds. It’s open from 10 am—9 pm Fri , Sat and from 10 am—6 pm on Sun. Parking, exhibits
and shows are free with a day or weekend pass. Descriptions of exhibits, entry submission dates,
shows and their times as well as pass prices and directions to the Fairgrounds can be found either
online at or by calling the Fair Office at 360-385-1013.

 Page 5                                                                           Jefferson Co. Master Gardener Newsletter
JCMG Board Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Roger McPherson, Chair: Janet Mizuguchi, Co-Chair: Ora Hickman, Secretary; Kathi Boyker, Treasurer; Ali Dyche,
Board Member; Mark Clark, Board Member; Mike McFadden; Board Member and Marian Meany, Board Member.
Call to Order: The Meeting was called to order at 3:00 PM by Roger McPherson.
Quorum: A quorum was present.
Bob Grindeland, Intern Representative from the last Training Class was introduced and in turn, the Board Members introduced themselves
with a brief description of their position.
Minutes of the Previous Board Meeting: Minutes of the June 2, 2011 Board Meeting were presented. Janet Mizuguchi made a motion to
approve the minutes, seconded by Ali Dyche and approved by unanimous voice vote.
Treasurer’s Report: Kathi Boyker gave a report on Income and Expenses. Our income is $1,200 less than expected and expenses are $800
less than budgeted. We are not getting quite as much income as we expected, but are spending less. Mike McFadden made a motion to ap-
prove the report as presented, seconded by Ali Dyche and approved by unanimous voice vote.
Old Business:
Since no one has stepped up to be Program Chairman, Janet Mizuguchi has arranged for some of the future training presentations. She is
using the list of topics that were provided at the June Foundation Meeting as a start.
Quilcene Fair, 17 September. Mike McFadden will be heading up a booth at this fair. He will have a clipboard for those who are interesting
in signing up to become a Master Gardener, Grant information and Master Gardener Flyers.
The MG Annual picnic will be held on 7 August at Mike McFadden’s home. Janet Mizuguchi needs those attending to tell her what they will
be eating; i.e. hamburgers, hot dogs or salmon.
Sarah Fairbank indicated that she didn’t want to be involved in the MG County Program Survey. Kathi Boyker said she would do it.
Committee Reports:
Plant Clinics: Sarah Fairbank said there is a need for more volunteers at the Plant Clinics. She will send out an E-Mail reminding MG’s on
how to sign up for the Clinics on the WSU Internet site.
Grant Committee: Shirley Williams, Chair, is monitoring the Grantees to ensure they use the awards as they said and are submitting reports
as required. The Coyle Community P-Patch returned $164 of unused grant monies. They completed the project for less money than originally
Secret Garden Committee: Between 350 -400 tickets were sold. The Board discussed the possibility of considering other areas for the Se-
cret Garden Tour; i.e., Shine, Kala Point, Beaver Valley, etc.
 Master Gardener Training: Sarah Fairbank gave a lengthy report regarding the last training class. She has suggested that next year’s train-
ing be held from March to May. Train on Wednesdays, attend Plant Clinics on Tuesdays and Fridays and attend Foundation Meetings. Sarah
is willing to lead the training again next year. She wants to do more field trips on different subjects and would like to pull in this year’s Interns
to assist with the training. She suggested that the class be capped at 20 people. Marian Meany made a motion that we make a formal recogni-
tion for Sarah Fairbanks and Jenny Jenkins efforts. Kathi Boyker made a motion we approve this idea and Janet Mizuguchi seconded it. It
was approved by unanimous voice vote.
Leader MG Column: Christine Lacie has taken over this task from Diane Threlkeld .
Yard and Garden Committee: Ali Dyche said she doesn’t have anyone but herself on the committee. Sarah Fairbank said she would ask the
MG Interns if they would help her. Discussion of ticket prices was brought up with the board recommending to Ali that she can make that
New Business:
Roger McPherson wondered if attendance at the Foundation Meetings was down since we only had 17 attendees at the June meeting. Mem-
bers thought it could be a combination of vacations, and perhaps forgetting the time had changed from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM.
 Wendie Dyson, Project Manager of the Chimacum Corner Garden Project explained what they are attempting to do with the herb gardens that
were recently planted. She requested assistance from the Master Gardener Organization in providing hands-on classes such as herbed vine-
gars, lavender sachets, etc. She said Dorian Curry, an Intern from the recent MG training class, is willing to assist. Sarah Fairbanks will ask
him if he wants to chair this event. Wendie said it would be during the August/September timeframe with 3-5 classes. The Board indicated
that they would like to see an outline of the proposed schedule. Ali Dyche made a motion that we agree to cooperate with the Chimacum Cor-
ner Garden Project provided that we can review the program before it is presented. Marian Meany seconded it, and it was approved by unani-
mous voice vote.
Pam Roberts has indicated that WSU will have a booth at the Jefferson County Fair. The Board decided that we would provide a clipboard
for those people interested in signing up for the MG Training Program, MG brochures and grant information.
 The Nordland Garden Club as requested a MG to speak on houseplants and propagation. Marian Meany brought up that we need a list of
MGs who have expertise on various subjects. She volunteered to chair the Speaker’s Bureau.
Mark Clark announced that Judy Porterfield from the State Foundation has resigned and they are looking for a replacement.
Dana Purnell is still looking for MG volunteers for the Jefferson County Fair.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 PM.

                                                                                 Submitted by: Ora Hickman, JCMGF Secretary
JCMG Foundation General Meeting

Presentation: Ali Dyche gave a presentation on dehydrating fruits, veggies and herbs and a bit on freezing.
Meeting: There were a total of 13 MGs attending the meeting which began at 7:20 PM.
Treasurer’s Report: Kathi Boyker was not present. She had sent an E-mail that said “after comparing income and expenses
through June 30th to budget figures set at the beginning of the year, she found that they are right on target for 2011. Expected income
is a little down but expenses are also a little down”. She also gave the foundation a figure for total MG assets as of June 30, 2011.
Roger McPherson explained that we are not trying to make more money but are trying to spend down. This decision was made sev-
eral years ago.
New Business:
Roger introduced Bob Grindeland as Class Representative to the Board.

Roger made a comment about the low attendances at the evening meetings, but he was reminded that this is only the second month
we have done it.

Roger announced that Marian Meany has volunteered to organize a “Speaker’s Bureau”, and she will need help in doing so.

Roger announced that Janet Mizuguchi has taken over arranging for speakers for the monthly meetings.

In September, Dr. Molly Force, Medicinal Plants in the Garden and Brywn griffin in October on the Farm to School Coalition.

Roger reminded everyone the MG picnic will be held at Mike McFadden’s home at Lake Leland on Sunday, August 7 th, starting at
12:00 PM. He encouraged everyone to come and to suggested that those in attendance encourage others to attend. Let
Janet Mizuguchi know if you want salmon, hamburger or hot dogs.

Roger announced that the State Master Gardener Foundation has solicited a nomination for Jefferson County Master Gardener Foun-
dation MG of the Year. The Board decided to nominate Sarah Fairbank for her work on Plant Clinic organization and heading up the
intern training program.
Committee Reports:
Plant Clinics: Roger announced that Sara needs Plant Clinic volunteers. He said he was going to sign up for some of the time slots
and that they were not as scary as people thought.
Leader MG Column: Diane Threlkeld has found a replacement for herself. Christine Lacie has taken over this task. Diane has set
up a meeting for July 20th, between Mike Henery (Henery’s Gardens is the sponsor), Christine and herself.
Yard and Garden Committee: Roger said that Ali Dyche needs help on her committee. She will be sending out an E-mail on this
Speakers Bureau: Marian and Roger said that we are getting requests from other organizations for MG speakers and that is why
Marian volunteered to organize a Speaker’s Bureau. She wasn’t certain at this time how to go about it but has some ideas. Roger
said that the following organizations have requested MG participation and reminded everyone that one of the MG roles is to educate
the public:
—The local Rhododendron Society would like a speaker (subject unknown) to speak at their monthly meeting September 8 th.
—The Nordland Flower Club would like a MG to speak on houseplants.
—The Chimacum Corner Community Garden would like to have a series of 3-5 classes taught by a MG between August and early
October. Subjects are plant dividing, pollinators, composting yard waste, soil composition/soil science, and plant and insect identifi-
cation. Ali Dyche indicated that she will teach a class on August 21 st on pollinators in your yard and one on quick and easy food
Shirley Williams brought up that Clallam County MGs hold classes at their County Court House. She said one that we might do is
educate the public on Plant Clinics.
Mary Robson MG Park: Shirley Williams indicated that MGs were needed to keep the park looking good. She passed out a sign
up list to work at the park. She is also going to send out an E-mail on the list serve. She said that Judy Johnson doesn’t get enough
credit for all the work she does at the park.

Janet Mizuguchi announced that Caroline McNulty’s husband had died and sent a sympathy card around for members to sign.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM.
                                                                                              Submitted by: Ora Hickman, JCMGF Secretary

 Page 7                                                                                       Jefferson Co. Master Gardener Newsletter
       Schedule of Events

Aug 1-”Garden Color: Not Just Flowers”
7:30, Quimper Grange
                                                August 2011
Aug 7-MG Summer Picnic, noon-?             Sun            Mon           Tue             Wed   Thu              Fri            Sat
Aug 12-14-Jeff Co Fair, Co Fairgrounds
                                                          1              2              3     4                5              6
                                                          “Garden Color: Plant Clinic                          Plant Clinic
MG Board Meeting - First Thursday of
                                                          Not Just Flow- WSU 1-4 pm                            Co-op 2:30-
each month, 3:00 pm, WSU Madrone
                                                          ers”                                                 5:30 pm
Room                                                      7:00 pm
MG General Foundation Meeting -
Second Thursday of each month,             7              8             9               10    11               12             13
7-9 pm (summer hours), WSU/Spruce          MG Summer                    Plant Clinic          JCMGF            Plant Clinic
Room                                       Picnic                       WSU 1-4 pm            Board Meeting,   Co-op 2:00-    Jeff Co Fair
Plant Clinics-Tue, WSU, 1-4 pm; Fri,       noon—?                                             3-5pm WSU        5:00 pm
Coop, 2:30-5:30 pm; 2nd and 4th Sun,                                                                           Jeff Co Fair
Chimacum Farmer’s Market, 10am-2pm
                                           14             15            16              17    18                19            20
                                           Plant Clinic                 Plant Clinic                           Plant Clinic

                                           Chimacum                     WSU 1-4 pm                             Co-op 2:00-
                                           FM 10—2                                                             5:00 pm
       o you have an item for the Calen-
                                           Jeff Co Fair
dar/Schedule of Events? Please submit
emails to the editor at                    21             22            23              24    25               26             27 or you may                                        Plant Clinic                           Plant Clinic
call Ali Dyche at 360-732-0433                                          WSU 1-4 pm                             Co-op 2:00-
Committee chairs are especially                                                                                5:00 pm
encouraged to submit dates & times of      28             29            30              31
meetings!                                  Plant Clinic                 Plant Clinic
Newsletter Deadline: 25th of the           Chimacum                     WSU 1-4 pm
month.                                     FM 10—2

   WSU Jefferson County Learning Center
   201 West Patison
   Port Hadlock WA 98339

                                                                                                            We’re On The Web!

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