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                                       Welcome to Blue class

Blue class is situated upstairs in the Nursery and is the base room for up to 9 babies. It is registered
to take babies aged from 6 months to 2 years. Threre may be a transition from Blue class to Red
class; at the age of 12 and 15months, this will depend on the individual child.


                            The ratio of staff to baby is a minimum of 1:3.

                                     The Room

Blue class is half carpeted and half vinyl, it is well resourced incorporating a
book/home corner, mirrors, walking aided toys and play gyms. There are bright
colourful wall displays and mobiles which the children help to create. The
displays follow a theme lasting for approximately 4 / 8 weeks. There are three
windows, allowing as much natural light as possible into the room. It is heated
by radiators which are protected with child guards, all making a warm, friendly atmosphere for the
babies to settle into.
We provide boards where information about the day’s activities & monthly themes are recorded.
The babies’ nappy room is connected to Blue class and is equipped with a wash basin. The babies’
nappies are changed on a changing mat which is on top of a changing unit. The changing mat is
sterilised with Milton between each nappy change and blue couch rolls are used to cover the nappy
changing mat. ‘The Nursery’ operates a nappy changing procedure. There are interesting mobiles
and pictures in the room to interest the babies during nappy changing.
There are wall units which contain a variety of toys and equipment to encourage and assist the
babies through their various stages of development. Besides stimulation, the babies receive a great
deal of affection and love. Children’s individual requirements are met through a flexible routine.

All babies are individuals and are able to sleep when tired and play when feeling energetic. Dirty or
very wet nappies are changed straight away, nappies are not left to the appointed times. Therefore,
the attached daily routine is intended as a general guide.
Daily Routine

A rough guide to the routine is as follows:-

8:15am- 8:55am.                Breakfast is served in Gold class

8:00am- 10:00am.               Child led activities
                               {The room will be equipped with several activities to choose.}

10:00am-10:20am.               Circle time with snack-

10:20am-11:00am.               Child led activities {Focus child} –
                               {The room will be equipped with several activities to choose.}

11:00am-11:15am.               Story time/ rhyme time

11:15am                        Lunch is served
                               Please see our menu which is displayed on our notice boards.
12noon-2:00pm.                 Sleep time/ quiet time

2:30pm-3:00pm.                 Activity
                               {Group interaction}

3:15pm                         Tea time is served
                               Please see our menu which is displayed on our notice boards.

4:00pm-4:15pm.                 Story time / rhyme time

4:15pm-5:00pm.                 Activity
                               {Group interaction}

5:00pm-5:45pm.                 Child led activities {Focus child} –
                               {The room will be equipped with several activities to choose.}

5:45pm-6:00pm.                 Tidy up time-

The highlighted areas are set times throughout the day.

The planning of activities is based on the ‘Early Years Foundation’ programme. This is a
framework to support children in their earliest years. It incorporates six areas of learning;
Knowledge and understanding of the world, Personal, Emotional and Social development,
Communication, Language and Literacy, Problem solving, Numeracy and Reasoning, Physical
development and Creative development. Please see ‘a parent guide to Th Foundation stage’ which
explains the framework in more detail.

The babies sleep in cots and floor beds in the class room. The bedding is laundered on a weekly
basis. When sleeping the babies are checked at fifteen minute intervals by the Nursery Nurses. The
checks are recorded on a sleep monitor. A monitor is used so that Nursery Nurses can hear any
The babies are offered cooled, boiled water regularly during the day. They have water or milk at
snack and meal times.

Babies are fed their milk when they are hungry. With the majority of babies this tends to be
morning, lunchtime and afternoon, but we will adapt to your babies needs. The options for formula
milk are as follows:

Option one
    You provide the first bottle made up
    That for any further feeds you bring in bottles with the correct amount of water and a
       container for the powdered milk formula, which is measured out.

Option two
    Alternatively you can provide bottles (on a daily basis) along with cartons of formula

Weaning / Eating
The Nursery provides your child with all the meals for the day. All food is prepared and
cooked on the premises by our cook.
When your child is ready to be weaned please let the Nursery Nurses know and they will try to
accommodate your routine, method and types of food you are using at home.
Both before and after meals the babies have their hands and faces cleaned with disposable face
wipes. We recommend weaning at 6 months.

Please dress your baby in comfortable, easily removable, clothing. You will need to provide at least
three complete changes of clothes in case of leakages one way or other! ALL CLOTHING MUST
BE CLEARLY NAMED and the best way to do this is with embroidered name tapes. (Available
from ‘Name mark’).

In the winter your baby will need a coat/jacket, hat, gloves and an extra thick pair of socks/shoes for
outdoor wear. In the summer your baby will need light cotton clothing, a sun hat and a named
bottle/tube of sun block. Each child has their own peg to hang their belongings on or a box outside
the room for spare clothing.


              You will need to bring a supply of nappies and wipes; the Nursery Nurses will inform
              you when they are running low.

Staff wear gloves when changing nappies and use baby wipes to clean babies’ bottoms. You will
need to supply a clearly named pot/tube of cream which can be applied when required however,
please inform the Nursery if you do NOT wish for any creams to be applied. Special nappy bins are
provided for the soiled disposable nappies. A form will need to be completed for any creams.

If your baby has a special comfort, i.e. cuddly toy, blanket or dummy please bring it to Nursery. If
baby does have a dummy please provide a dummy clip and a protective cover.
Babies suffer with teething in different ways, but they usually always dribble! Please can you
provide two named "dribble bibs" when teething starts. If you wish you may leave some teething gel
or powder for the Nursery Nurses to administer. A form will need to be completed.

If your baby is unwell enough not be able to cope with the normal Nursery day, then please keep
them at home. If your child has an infectious disease then it is very important that you inform the
Nursery and that the baby is excluded according to Nursery policy. Babies will only be re-admitted
to the Nursery after an illness at the discretion of the Nursery Manager. If your baby becomes
unwell during the day, one of the Parents/Carers will be contacted to arrange collection of the child
as soon as possible. Gastroenteritis (sickness and/or diarrhoea) requires a full 48 hours clear of
either sickness or diarrhoea before being accepted back into the nursery.

The Nursery is willing to administer medicine when necessary. You must complete a medicine
authorisation form. These are available from Blue class staff members. Medication must be
prescribed by a doctor. Calpol or parocetomol will not be administrated at the setting.

Nursery records all accidents on an accident form. If your baby is hurt or injured in any way during
the day an entry will be made on an Accident form and you will be asked to sign this form as a
parent/carer acknowledging that you have been told about the accident.

If your baby has an accident at home we ask that you let the Nursery Nurses know. They will ask
you to complete a home accident/injury form.

General information
Throughout the year the Nursery organises various social events and fundraising activities for all
the children & their families to attend and participate in. These include a Christmas play, sports day,
barbecue and a Summer fete.

You will be kept informed of any forthcoming events in the Nursery newsletter.

A photographer takes individual and group photographs every year. The individual photos are taken
in March / April time. There is no obligation to order these photos.

All fundraising monies go towards purchasing extra toys & equipment for the children.

Twice a year, the Nursery offers individual fifteen-minute day time slot consultations with
parents/carers about their children’s development & progress. This is a time when you can share
your child’s achievements and raise with staff any problems or worries you have concerning your

For the safety of the children we encourage all parents to enter the class room, which ensures the
safety for all the children to be continuously monitored, this will also give you the opportunity to
speak to your child’s key worker in a relaxed environment and to also have a look at our displayed
These consultations enable parents to talk to the Nursery Nurses in a relaxed informal manner.
When we feel your child is ready to move up to Red class or into Yellow class, visits will be
arranged for them. This enables your child to settle happily into Red class or Yellow class and
become familiar with the routine, staff and peers.

For the daily exchange of information, it is encouraged that parents/carers arrive BEFORE
CLOSING TIME if they want to hear about their child’s day. As you can appreciate, it is a long day
for the Nursery Nurses and they like to leave promptly.

                              The Nursery closes at 6.00 p.m. Monday to Friday. A fine system
                              operates for the collection of children outside these hours. The initial
                              fine is £5.00 per a minute. Please note the Nursery clocks are radio
                              controlled so are extremely precise!

                             Check List of Items Needed for Blue class

Bag                   .            ..........
Change of Clothes (x 3)            ..........
Comfort (i.e. dummy)               ..........
Coat                               ..........
Gloves                             ..........
Hat                                ..........
Shoes & slippers                   ..........
Sun hat                            ..........
Sun block                          ..........
Nappies                            ..........
Cream (if needed)                  ..........
4 photographs of your baby         ……....
Bottles of milk                    ..........
Beaker                              ..........

  We hope you and your baby will have a happy time in Blue class. If you have any concerns or
                   problems then please share them – we are here to help.

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