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MARCH 2009

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              BSC ASC ON THE SOLOIST                        BSC NEW EQUIPMENT SHOW

              EIGHTY THREE
                                                       #21: MEET THE NEW WAVE –
                                ROGER PRATT BSC
              OF CRANES                                                                            RRP: £6.00
Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire SL0 0NH, UK
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                                                                            P03        President's Perspective: Sue Gibson BSC on the BSC's latest camera tests
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DESIGN                                                                      P12        To Live & Let DI: find out who's putting out the DI grades right now
Paul Roebuck, Open Box Publishing Ltd,                                      P21        Meet The New Wave: Christopher Ross… enjoys a “tuning-fork moment”
contact: Stuart Walters Tel: +44 (0) 121 608 2300                           P26        Syllabus Stories: meet the students being guided by some of the UK's leading cinematographers
THE PUBLICATION ADVISORY COMMITTEE comprises of Board members from          P34        GBCT News: the chairman's statement, plus other news from the Guild
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CINEMATOGRAPHER are not representative of Laws Publishing Ltd but the       P28        F-Stop Hollywood: round-up of news from the 2009 awards season
responsibility of the individual contributors.
                                                                            P30        Letter from America: The Digital Dilemma report on archiving has shocked many in the US, and might
                                                                                       surprise you too
                                                                            P32        IMAGO News: Nigel Walters BSC, president of IMAGO, reports from the 2009 AGM in Bradford

                                Cover Photograph:                            FEATURES
                                Image of Anthony Dod Mantle
                                DFF BSC, who won the
                                2009 Oscar for best                         P14        Shooting The Future: your guide to the BSC's New Equipment Show 2009
                                cinematography for                          P22        On The Job: David Higgs BSC on Lesbian Vampire Killers and Nineteen Eighty Three
                                Slumdog Millionaire.                        P24        Camera Creative: Seamus McGarvey BSC ASC on The Soloist
                                Photo taken by Christian
                                                                            British Society of Cinematographers – Board Members: President, Sue Gibson. Immediate Past President, Gavin Finney. Vice
                                                                            Presidents, Joe Dunton MBE, Alec Mills, Chris Seager, Nigel Walters. Governors, Sean Bobitt, John de Borman, John Daly, Harvey Harrison,
                                                                            Tony Imi, Phil Meheux, Nic Morris, Tony Spratling, Mike Southon, Derek Suter, Robin Vidgeon. Secretary/Treasurer, Frances Russell.
   >> Editorial Team                                                        Guild of British Camera Technicians – Board Members: Jamie Harcourt (Chairman), Trevor Coop (Immediate Past Chairman),
                                                                            Caroline Sax (Vice Chairman), John Keedwell, Steve Brooke-Smith, Shirley Schumacher, Jane Jackson, Tim Potter (Vice Chairman), Keith
                                                                            Mead, Rupert Lloyd Parry, Jason Coop, Sam Goldie, Suzy McGeachan (Honorary Treasurer)
   Ron Prince: has many years experience working in the film, TV, CGI and
   visual effects industries. He is the editor of British Cinematographer
   magazine and runs an international communications company

   Bob Fisher has authored 3,000 magazine articles about
   cinematographers and filmmakers during the past 35
                                                                                                       The International
   plus years. He has also moderated many panel
   discussions for both the American Society of                                                                             Students of cinematography would do            were undertaken by the BSC. It's a
   Cinematographers        and    the     International                                                                     well to examine and digest what Dod            towering achievement in the making,
   Cinematographers Guild.                                                                                                  Mantle says, as well as watch his work.        bringing together 26 cameras, of various
                                                                                                                            Always eloquent, and like most other           film and digital flavours, equipment
                                                                                                                            great cinematographers, he is truly            manufacturers, production and post-
                                                                             Dear Readers
                                                                             It's been quite a couple of months for         mindful of choosing the right tools for the    production crew.
   Carolyn Giardina: is a freelance journalist based in the                  cinematography and cinematographers -          job, whilst not letting them get in the way
   US. She previously served as the technology reporter at                   at both ends of the spectrum, and in           of the narrative.                              The aim is not to be an exhaustive
   Hollywood Reporter, the editor of Film & Video, and as                                                                                                                  technical test, analysing and detailing the
   senior editor of post-production at SHOOT. Her work has                   between too.
                                                                                                                            At the other end of the spectrum is the        minutiae of grain structures and pixel
   also appeared in IBC Daily News, Digital Cinema, Post
   and Below The Line.                                                       On the upside is the stunning success of       allegedly furious outburst of actor            behaviour. That's for somebody else to
                                                                             Slumdog Millionaire, with eight Oscars to      Christian       Bale     towards         the   tackle.
                                                                             its name. Especially thrilling for us is the   cinematographer Shane Hurlbut on the
                                                                             success of Anthony Dod Mantle DFF BSC,         set of Terminator Salvation. Behaviour like    These assessments were originally
   Kevin Hilton: is a freelance journalist who writes about                  who is the first British cinematographer,      this would probably be deemed                  conceived as a practical guide to the
   technology and personalities in film and broadcasting,                    and BSC member, to collect an Oscar            intolerable in any other business, apart       increasing choices available to producers,
   and contributes film reviews and interviews to a variety                  since Freddie Frances doubled his own          perhaps from a Gordon Ramsey kitchen.          directors and cinematographers.
   of publications                                                                                                          Some have wondered whether the whole
                                                                             tally in 1990 with an Oscar for Glory.
                                                                                                                            f-ing affair was a PR stunt, others believe    However, as Joe Dunton CBE BSC put it,
                                                                             A hybrid of a production, Slumdog              it was the culmination of a difficult period   the results will really be for everyone -
                                                                             Millionaire embraces film and digital          for the actor. Whatever your opinion on        manufacturers, cinematographers, crew,
                                                                             technologies. It features classic and          the matter, perhaps the most shocking          post, trade bodies, studios, anyone in fact
                                                                             handheld techniques, obtrusive and             thing about the incident is that Hurlbut,      with an interest in producing
   John Keedwell: the GBCT's Eyepiece Editor, is a
                                                                             candid cameras. It had a doubtful start,       the cinematographer, was described as a        cinematographic content.
   documentary and commercials cameraman who has
   worked on many productions around the world. He                           but went on to be a world-beater. Is there     “technician” when the news hit TV and
   crosses over in both film and tape productions and has                    a     better    example     of     where       Internet around the world.                     They will truly help to clarify what tools
   great knowledge of the new formats and their methods                      cinematography stands today, and the                                                          are available on set, and what the
   of production.
                                                                             demands      it     makes      on      the     And the bit in the middle? The recent          ramifications are for the backend
                                                                             cinematographer?                               independent camera appraisals, which           workflow. Just the ticket.

ISSUE 32         BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER                                                                                                                                                                         page    1
         UK                    president’s perspective

Testing times
The BSC's independent Film and Digital Image                       in dispatches when the show goes on the road. We are also
Evaluations 2009 have been shot and are now well on                documenting the production with stills and a “making-of”
their way in post production.                                      video, so I must thank those involved in that too.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge everyone      To those who have offered support, which has not been taken
involved for their support, from the suppliers of premises,        up, and those who may feel they have been overlooked I
equipment, film stock, crew, students, we have had such            apologise. It was not our intention to exclude anyone but your
tremendous help in putting this all together, not to mention all   offers have been so overwhelming we have had to be very
those BSC members who have given so freely of their time and       selective regarding which camera systems we decided to test
energy in making this happen.                                      and have limited it to those which are currently being used on
                                                                   productions. We know that in six months or a year's time
It has been a mammoth task of organisation. When we                technology will have moved on but what we hope to provide is
decided to update the tests, which were so successful two
                                                                   a snapshot of what is available now. That is why we have
years ago, little did I know how much goodwill and appetite
                                                                   designed and built a set that can be stored and reconstructed
there would be to update them.
                                                                   for future tests when new cameras, film stocks and digital
                                                                   workflows come along.
There have been many planning meetings by the BSC Technical
Committee to decide what parameters we would use to test
both film and HD cameras in an unbiased way, and then how          Part of the remit for our Skillset bursary is to deliver a product
we could fund the whole operation. Martin Hammond helped           which will be shown nationwide to help inform and educate
us to approach Skillset which has been instrumental in             the industry as a whole in how to work with the various
providing funding, and the money it have given us has enabled      formats available in film and HD production.
us to build a set, which we will be able to reproduce at a later
date when new cameras and film stocks come along.                  As a result there will be a series of presentations around the
                                                                   country, in London, Cardiff, Bristol, Edinburgh, Manchester,           There is great
The results of the tests will give us considerable insight into    Glasgow, and the Screen Academies where we will show
the similarities and differences in the growing number of          these tests along with case histories, explanation of workflows      interest globally
formats available to the cinematographer today, and help to        and panel discussions.                                               in understanding
clarify the post production workflows too. The end results will
be presented as a series of roadshows around the country,          As a little light relief from the camera tests I visited the AFC     how new and
along with case histories from various productions, and            Micro Salon at the beginning of February, which was a                traditional
hopefully some interesting discussions.                            delightful experience. I must say it was small but perfectly
                                                                   formed. Held at La Femis, the Film School, not only were             methods of
It seems there is great interest globally in understanding how     eminent cinematographers there but students which added to
both new, and traditional methods of image acquisition
                                                                   the “buzz”, and gave the whole place a feeling of great energy.
compare. The ASC has been shooting camera tests recently in        It was arranged over three floors with lighting and grip             acquisition
collaboration with the PGA, which they called their “Camera        equipment downstairs, cameras and lenses on the first floor
Assessment Project”. Not only did they assess the image
                                                                                                                                        compare… and a
                                                                   and presentations in the very well-equipped theatre.
quality of each camera, but also assessed the workflow in post     Throughout the two days there were different presentations           need to pool all
production. It seems we both had the same ideas at the same        every twenty minutes, long enough to be informative (even in
time, which is some indication of where we are worldwide. I                                                                             our information
                                                                   French), and short enough to whet the appetite. They ranged
know the BvK has just been shooting its tests and the AFC is       from digital workflows, the Red camera, 2-perf production and        internationally
about to embark on a similar project . There is a need to pool
                                                                   post , and Fuji's Eterna Vivid 160. This year the Belgian Society
all our information internationally.
                                                                   of Cinematographers was invited to showcase its members'
                                                                   work. Next year the BSC has been invited to guests of honour
The BSC must thank the following companies for their
                                                                   and present the work of the Society, so get your thinking caps
generosity. Not only have they provided monetary help, but
                                                                   on now.
physical and technical support too. Thanks go to: Kodak, Fuji,
Sony, Panasonic, ARRI Media, Panavision, Take 2, VMI. On
Sight, Filmscape Media, Rogue Element, Panalux, Pinewood           It was mentioned to me the other week that the BSC was set
Studios, Rosco, Deluxe, Technicolor, Ascent Media, Lee Filters,    up to be a 'Gentleman's Club' sixty years ago. To some this may
London College of Communications, Ealing Institute of Media,       be a departure from that format, but I believe the BSC has
iLab, The Hat Factory, Concrete, GBCT, Skillset, The Makeup        helped to retain its stature in the industry by being conversant
Academy, Kontrol Freax. Thanks also go to the costume and          with cutting-edge technology, and helping to educate the next
production designers, construction team, the shooting crew,        generation of BSC members. But long may we remain
electricians, riggers, not to mention the BSC Technical            “gentlemen” and “women”.
Committee and the production team.
                                                                   Sue Gibson BSC
I am sure there will be many more people who deserve thanks        President
as the tests progress, and will make sure they are mentioned       British Society of Cinematographers

ISSUE 32      BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER                                                                                                                page   3
        UK                   production news

                                                                                                                               Showlight lures BSC
                                                                                                                               and ASC speakers
Oscar win ends 19 year drought

                                                                                                                               Show and tell: Sue Gibson BSC speaking about the
                                                                                                                               ARRI D-20 at Showlight 2005

                                                                                                                               Showlight, a colloquium organised once every four
                                                                                                                               years by lighting professionals for lighting
                                                                                                                               professionals, will take place at BBC Scotland, May
                                                                                                                               16 to 19, 2009. The event brings together delegates
                                                                                                                               with complimentary experiences in film, theatre, TV,
                                                                                                                               event, architectural, manufacturing and training.
Winner: Anthony Dod Mantle backstage at the 2009 Academy Awards with with actress Natalie Portman
                                                                                                                               Showlight 2009 is being held at the BBC's flagship high-
                                                                                                                               definition television studio complex at Pacific Quay in
Anthony Dod Mantle DFF BSC's Oscar win for best               Anthony on his recent wins - you are an inspiration to us all.   Glasgow. Around 25 speakers from all lighting genres will
cinematography at the 2009 Academy Awards brings              The BSC is delighted that after 19 years the Academy has         present papers, followed by Q&As. Haris Zambarloukos
to end a 19-year drought for British cinematographers         given the award for best cinematography to one of our            BSC, will be give an insight into the design and application
at the annual awards. Dod Mantle won the award for            members.”                                                        of the lighting in Mamma Mia! The main focus will be the
his work on Slumdog Millionaire, the independent                                                                               studio work that made up most of the film's location, the
production which collected eight Oscars in total,             Between the wins by Francis and Dod Mantle, BSC members          Villa Donna, an exterior location set up inside Pinewood's
including best picture, best director for Danny Boyle,        have been nominated 23 times for Academy Awards. This            007 Stage.
best editing for Chris Dickens, and best sound mixing         figure includes Roger Deakins BSC ASC who has received
                                                                                                                               In complete contrast, The Kite Runner and Quantum of
for Ian Tapp, Richard Pryke and Resul Pookutty. The           eight nominations, including a double nomination in 2007 for
                                                                                                                               Solace were filmed on location in remote areas of the
last Oscar win for a British cinematographer was              No Country For Old Men and The Assassination of Jess James
                                                                                                                               world and both were big pictures in terms of cast, action
Freddie Frances BSC at the 62nd Academy Awards in             By The Coward Robert Ford, and a shared nomination
                                                                                                                               and scope. DP Roberto Schaefer ASC will be addressing
1990 for his work on Glory, about the US Civil War's          between Deakins and Chris Menges BSC ASC for The Reader,
                                                                                                                               the challenges and discoveries made in these situations,
first all-black volunteer company.                            which earned Kate Winslet the Oscar for best actress
                                                                                                                               as well as taking part in a panel discussing green issues.
                                                              this year.
                                                                                                                               His own particular interest is the 'environmental
Dod Mantle also recently collected awards from the American
                                                                                                                               responsibility of filmmakers and others in the
Society of Cinematographers, BAFTA and Plus Camerimage        Dod Mantle shot Slumdog Millionaire on a range of Fujifilm
                                                                                                                               entertainment industries'.
for Slumdog Millionaire.                                      motion picture stocks and SI-2K digital cameras from P+S
                                                              Technik. British involvement included a DI grade a MPC on        Other papers at the 2009 event will cover a wide range of
Sue Gibson, president of the BSC, said, “Congratulations to   Quantel equipment.                                               lighting projects, from outdoor art and the Grand Mosque
                                                                                                                               in Abu Dhabi to candle-lit plays and Dr Who, the Beijing
                                                                                                                               Olympics and the US Presidential debates. Around 30

Costa quits IMAGO                                                                                                              manufacturers of luminaires, LEDs and accessories such
                                                                                                                               as gels and filters are also expected to attend. For more
                                                                                                                               information visit
Tony Costa AIP, the vice president and webmaster of
IMAGO, the European federation of cinematographic
societies, has left the organisation to take up an                                                                             BSC evaluations
executive production role assisting foreign productions
on location shoots in Portugal and Morocco. He will
continue his work as head of the cinematography
department and lecturer at the University of Lusofona
                                                                                                                                                                                              photo by Richard Blanshard

in Lisbon.
“Tony is a man of considerable knowledge about European
cinematography, who brings great passion to everything he
does, and the debt the federation owes to him is
immeasurable,” said Nigel Walters BSC, IMAGO president.       Passionate: Costa helped to save IMAGO from
                                                              financial ruin
                                                                                                                               The British Society of Cinematographers has completed
   What's shooting on Kodak?                                  Costa joined IMAGO as a delegate for the AIP in Portugal ten     the capture phase of its "Film and Digital Image
                                                              years ago. He contributed to the federation's book Making        Evaluations 2009". The shoot took place at Pinewood
  Features shooting on Kodak stocks include: The Debt, dir                                                                     Studios during the week of 23rd February 2008, and
                                                              Pictures, and became vice-president in 2004. Along with
  John Madden, DP Ben Davis BSC; Halo Boy, dir Stephen                                                                         brought together manufacturers , crew and post
                                                              Andreas Fischer-Hansen and Paul René Roestad, Costa helped
  Cookson, DP Oliver Downey; Mr Nice, dir Bernard Rose,                                                                        production departments. No fewer than 26 cameras were
                                                              to save the federation from bankruptcy by encouraging new
  DP Bernard Rose, lighting director Ron Forsythe; and                                                                         put through their paces - film and digital motion picture
                                                              sponsors, collaborators and developing the organisation's
  Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, dir David Yates,                                                                       cameras, as well as a digital SLR that can shoot 1080P -
                                                              website.                                                         on a range of indoor and exterior scenarios that producers
  DP Eduardo Serra. And on TV, Kodak is on: Ashes To
  Ashes, Kudos Film, DPs Simon Archer, Tim Palmer and                                                                          and directors will typically encounter. The captured
                                                              He directed the film Declaration on Working Conditions, which    material is now in post production, and the results will be
  Fabian Wagner, Midsomer Murders XI, Bentley
                                                              is free to download from, and his is the first     shown later in the year in London and via roadshows
  Productions, DP Colin Munn; New Tricks VI, Wall to Wall,
                                                              signature on the Declaration of Cinematographers on Working      Pictured here are most of the crew involved in the shoots.
  DP Sean Van Hales; The Street, Granada, DPs Steve                                                                            As the official media partner, British Cinematographer
                                                              Conditions signed at Camerimage in Lodz in 2005. He was
  Lawes, Sam McCurdy and Fabian Wagner; and Small                                                                              magazine will bring you the inside track on the appraisals
                                                              president of the AIP from 1998 to 2005, and has been its vice-
  Islands, Ruby Films Ltd, DP Tony Miller.                                                                                     and the results.
                                                              president since then.

ISSUE 32     BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER                                                                                                                                              page   5
           UK             production news

ARRI lighting lunch                                                                                      Direct open night
                                                                     ARRI hosted its annual lighting
                                                                     lunch for DPs and gaffers at the
                                                                     Rucola restaurant close by its
                                                                     Uxbridge headquarters at the
                                                                     end of January.
                                                                                                         Lighting and camera rental company Direct, held an open
                                                                     As many as 120 people               night for DPs, gaffers and photographers last December
                                                                     gathered for the event, hosted      to showcase its latest addition, the Canon EOS 5D Mk lI,
                                                                                                         along with lighting products from Cirro Lite and Direct.
                                                                     by ARRI Lighting Rental MD
                                                                                                         Canon camera shoots 1080P, as well as 21megapizel-
                                                                     Tommy Moran, ARRI marketing         sezed stills, and has potential uses for DPs when
(l-r) Ian Franklin, Jim Wall, Barry Acroyd BSC,                      manager Judith Petty and            shooting references for telecine and continuity.
Harry Wiggins, Steve Anthony, Gary Parnham and Steve Smith           Sinead Moran.
                                                                                                         “The addition of HD recording opens a new chapter for EOS. It
                                                                                                         creates new possibilities for EOS photographers to capture and
                                                                                                         share their stories and to stay relevant in a rapidly changing digital
                                                                                                         landscape, " said Mogens Jensen, head of Canon Consumer

                                                                                                         Direct's event was focussed around a live fashion shoot with
                                                                                                         models from Living TV’s recent Britain’s Next Top Model.

                                                                                                         New BSC members
                                                                                                         The BSC recently announced five new full members: they are
                                                                                                         Robbie Ryan, David Higgs, Danny Cohen, Jess Hall and Sam
                                                                                                         McCurdy, and we'll be covering them and their work in more
                                                                                                         detail in future editions.
(l-r) Alan Grayley, Kevin Day, Paul Cronin, Tony    (l-r) Ernie Vincze BSC and Robin Vidgeon BSC, with
Hayes, Kevin Edland, Tommy Moran, Sinead Moran      BSC treasurer Frances Russell
and Paul Toomey
                                                                                                           What's shooting on Fuji?
                                                                                                           Fujifilm stocks are being used on The Philanthropist, DP Joel
                                                                                                           Ransom, dir Duane Clark; Waking The Dead - Series VIII, DP
                                                                                                           Mike Spragg; Four Seasons, DP Tony Imi BSC; The Debt, DP
                                                                                                           Ben Davis BSC, dir John Madden; Come On Eileen, DP
                                                                                                           Candida Richardson, dir Finola Geraghty; Wild Target, DP
                                                                                                           David Johnson BSC, dir Jonathan Lynn; The Reeds, DP Dennis
                                                                                                           Madden, dir Nick Cohen; Kia car commercial, DP John Lynch,
                                                                                                           prod co Outsider; Snow Patrol music promo, DP Will Bex,
                                                                                                           prod co Warp Films; The Energies music promo, DP Rob
                                                                                                           Hardy, prod co Partizan; Take That music promo, DP Tom
                                                                                                           Townend, prod co Partizan; Flithy Dukes music promo, DP
                                                                                                           Adam Frisch, prod co Colonel Blimp; Alzheimer's Society
                                                                                                           commercial, DP Will Bex, prod co Red Bee; Johnson &
                                                                                                           Johnson commercial, DP John Lynch, prod co Outsider; and
(l-r) Cinders Forshaw BSC, David Odd BSC and        (l-r) Paul Cronin, Mike Eley and Paul Murphy           Stella Artois commercial, DP Ray Coates, prod co
Tim Palmer                                                                                                 Rattling Stick.

page   6                                                                                                                ISSUE 32       BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER
        UK                     who’s shooting who?

                What you staring at?: the forensic murder
                  mystery Bones shot in London last year

Last summer, Gordon Lonsdale ASC came to London to                an 18K, and I needed to add a 6K Par for a rim light. We had        reducing an hour of work to a couple of seconds on the
shoot and episode of forensic murder mystery Bones, entitled      to shoot the coverage where it was - I could not cheat it. My       screen. We went from exposing 12 seconds per frame for the
Yanks In The UK. Emily Deschanel plays a forensic                 gaffer, Pat Sweeney, told me that we just didn't have the crew      car light effects, taking more than two hours to shoot that
anthropologist whose scientific approach clashes with that of     to fly the 20-by-20 solid, and operate the lights as well. I told   layer, to shooting at 1,000fps on the car crash. For the crash,
her partner, an FBI agent played by David Boreanaz. Lonsdale      him that we didn't have a choice. We had to make it work. He        high-speed layer, we used the Phantom HD camera and it was
has photographed more than 40 episodes of Bones over the          shot me a look, then thought for a moment, and said, 'Okay.'        quite a challenge to match it with the look of the rest of the
past three seasons. For the double episode that kicked off        With a total electric/grip crew of five those guys saved the        material shot on 35mm - not only because of the difference in
season three, he and the cast travelled to London, so British     day. I think that was the day I realised why my gaffer didn't       contrast, but also, because I had to light for an exposure of
Cinematographer magazine asked him for his thoughts…“We           carry a meter - he was carrying too many lights! He led one of      1/2000 of a second and a six second exposure, which was the
were shooting as many as ten pages a day. I think we went         the hardest-working and most faithful crews I have ever             exposure time per frame of the timelapse layer. We had to
over 11 hours only once or twice. It was an incredible            worked with. I truly loved them all.”                               shoot them one after the other to get the position of the
experience. I picked the lighting and grip packages based on                                                                          crashed cars matching. I lit for the Phantom with a 100K ARRI
crew size, so we were a light, mean shooting machine. It was      Natasha Braier also wrote in about a Nationwide ad she              SoftSun and six 18Ks, but it was impossible to bring that
the first time in many years my gaffer did not have a meter. I    lensed in Cape Town last December. “Technically it was an           down with gels or scrims by 13 and a half stops, so I had to
dusted my meter off and kept it close. The majority of camera     interesting job, consisting of one long motion control shot         light it twice simultaneously, having smaller filtered heads
and grip equipment was provided by Panavision UK, and most        repeated many times, building up more than 15 layers of             next to the big lights, get it all matching and switch between
lighting gear came from Panalux.” Lonsdale shoots the entire      footage different speeds. In the ad, the camera goes over a         the two lighting settings
show on Kodak Vision2 HD Color Scan Film 5299. He says he         highway and comes down towards an actor who is explaining
adapted easily to the British operator system. “I wanted to       about car insurance. He is performing at normal speed while         Each layer was shot at a different speed, including a lot of
adjust my thinking to fit the country I was shooting in. We       the cars are streams of light. When we get to him, the cars         different long exposure layers for the car light beams, motion
found a great working order. I felt very supported by the crew,   between him and the camera crash and ramp to the crash in           blur effects and the existing location lighting. Also, the fact
and I learned a new way of looking at filmmaking. I remember      slow motion at 1,000 frames per second. Then it all speeds up       that we shot during four nights, and had to wrap the motion
one day when I needed a 20-by-20 foot solid to keep the sun       again (except our actor always remains at 25f/s) and the            control each night, made the job more challenging technically.
from the actors' eyes. I then needed to replace the sun with      recovery of the vehicles happens as a timelapse sequences,          Jay Mallet came with the Milo rig from England and did an
                                                                                                                                      amazing job. I think I made more notes on this job than during
                                                                                                                                      the shoot of my last feature. It's always great fun to work with
                                                                                                                                      Anthony Dickenson because he is always experimenting with
                                                                                                                                      long exposures, pixilation techniques and all kind of fun stuff.
                                                                                                                                      On this job we were also lucky to have his post supervisor
                                                                                                                                      Mike Skrgatic on set. It made everything easier to have him
                                                                                                                                      there brainstorming with us and telling us what he needed
                                                                                                                                      and what he didn't need for post.”

Nationwide: Natasha Braier used MoCo and high-speed techniques                                                                        Keeping mum: DP Katie Swain filming a commercial

ISSUE 32      BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER                                                                                                                                                        page   7
           UK                  who’s shooting who?

Creation: Jess Hall on the set of his latest film                 Qatar: Ed Wild on a challenging short film with with             OK: Henry Braham on the set of Everybody's Fine
                                                                  Peter Webber

McKinney Macartney Management's… Balazs Bolygo                    busy with documentary and commercial work for director Nick      Films/Channel 4 directed by Marion Milne and Peter
received wide praise for his work on the gritty BBC drama         Bye. Ian Howes' work on Irvine Welsh's one off comedy            Nicholson, wrote in… “The Queen is a 5 x 1 hour docudrama,
Whitechapel and is set to shoot some 2nd unit on Neil             drama for ITV, Good Arrows premiered to cast and crew in         examining five 'pivotal years' in the monarch's life and explores
Marshall's feature film Centurion. Ben Butler, Mick Coulter       Soho recently.                                                   the social history of Britain over the last 50 years. Five
BSC, Denis Crossan BSC, Shane Daly, John Lynch,                                                                                    different actresses portray Her Majesty including Samantha
John Pardue, Tony Pierce-Roberts BSC and Jake                     Casarotto Marsh's…Remi Adefarasin BSC has just                   Bond and Lisa Dillon. As a flavour, the first episode deals with
Polonsky have been busy on commercials. John de                   started shooting Nancy Meyer's 'Untitled' feature in Los         the affair of Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend in the 50s,
Borman BSC was the toast of the Sundance Film Festival            Angeles and New York, starring Meryl Streep, Steve Martin        the second deals with the attempted kidnap of Princess Anne
when he was awarded the prize for Best Drama                      and Alec Baldwin. James Aspinall is soon to start on long        in 1974. Locations included Bath, plus mansions in the West
Cinematography for his work on An Education. Gavin Finney         running favourite Foyles War with director Stuart Orme for       Country - Neston Park, Orchardleigh House and Stourhead
BSC is shooting another Terry Pratchett adaptation for Sky        Greenlit. Sean Bobbitt BSC is working again with Steve           House doubling for Buckingham Palace. It is the first time a
and The Mob Film Company Going Postal, taking us back to          McQueen, this time on an art Installation for the Venice         drama crew has been allowed to shoot in Stourhead, owned
the Discworld with director Jon Jones, where a conman is          Biennale. For Working Title, Mike Eley is due to work with       by the National Trust. The crew had to be extra cautious as
forced into becoming the official postmaster for the city.        director Susanna White again on Nanny McPhee II, starring        they were working next to valuable artefacts such as
Mark Partridge is continuing on the next series of the            Emma Thompson and Maggie Gyllenhaal. Matt Gray is due to         Chippendale furniture and priceless oil paintings. The light
massively successful BBC series Lark Rise To Candleford when      begin on Enid Blyton, a drama about the author. directed by      levels were constantly monitored by Trust staff to ensure that
it returns to shoot later in the year. Congratulations to Katie   James Hawes for Carnival Pictures. Seamus McGarvey               no permanent damage would occur to the pictures, and gaffer
Swain on the birth of her second daughter, Georgia. She has       BSC ASC has just started working with Sam Taylor Wood on         Alex Scott came up with many ingenious ways to prevent
also been filming commercials. David Tattersall BSC is            her debut feature about the young John Lennon, called            continuous high-level film lighting falling onto the paintings
shooting Rob Letterman's updated version of Gulliver's Travels    Nowhere Boy. Huge, huge congratulations to Chris Menges          and watercolours. Lighting stands had to wear 'tennis ball'
as Jack Black travels to the tiny city of Lilliput. Darran        BSC ASC on his BAFTA, Oscar and ASC Award nominations            shoes and boards were placed on the floor for the track and
Tiernan is shooting the feature film Outcast for director Colm    for his cinematography on The Reader. The finest broth.          dolly to prevent marking the floors. Only Trust staff were
McCarthy. Brian Tufano BSC is set for Mat Whitecross'             Wojciech Szepel is currently in South Africa shooting Mrs        allowed to handle the furniture and all crew had to have inside
feature Sex and Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll, about the life and       Mandela for Diverse with director Michael Samuels.               and outside shoes. But the results look great.” (Nick Dance
death of the influential singer Ian Drury. Fabian Wagner has                                                                       has shot episodes 1&2, Graham Smith episodes 3&4, with
been working with David Blair on the latest series of the         At Sara Putt Associates…the latest arrival is Paul Lang          Andrew Muggleton on episode 5). Doug Hartington has
critically-acclaimed The Street, and also recently shot a Horne   who recently finished shooting with Cherie Blair on an episode   been shooting Who Do You Think You Are? in the US and
& Cordon promo with Sarah O'Gorman through Red Bee. Felix         of The History of Christianity for Pioneer/Channel 4. Dave       Ireland for BBC, and Will Pugh is in Tanzania shooting
Wiedemann has been finishing the grading for his graduation       Marsh has started on Fashion for Carnival Films, Mike            Stephen Tompkinson's African Balloon Adventure for Tiger
film as well as shooting a couple of shorts and directing a       Brewster is returning to Leavesden as 2nd unit DP on Harry       Aspect.
commercial for Malorie Blackman's book Double Cross               Potter 7, and Pete Edwards has been on location shooting
                                                                  Big Top a new comedy series for the BBC.                         As for operators… Joe Russell is in Cardiff operating on Dr
United's… Eduardo Serra AFC ASC is on the new Harry                                                                                Who for the BB, Peter Wignall, Rick Woollard, Graham
Potter until April 2010 and Marcel Zyskind is in the US           Nick Dance, who continues lighting The Queen for Blast           Hall and Julian Morson, all recently operated on Partizan's
shooting Michael Winterbottom's latest movie, A Killer Inside                                                                      huge T-Mobile dance advert at Liverpool Street Station.
Me. Alan Almond BSC has begun shooting Desperate
Romantics for Diarmuid Lawrence. Andrew Dunn BSC is                                                                                Meanwhile over at Digital Garage… Andy Martin is
currently in America prepping Tom Vaughan's latest film                                                                            lighting the long-awaited new series of Red Dwarf at
Crowley. Danny Cohen BSC has been grading Richard Curtis'                                                                          Shepperton for Grant Naylor Ltd. Both Jeremy Humphries
The Boat That Rocked, due to be released 3 April 2009. Dale                                                                        and Pete Hayns are currently shooting in Africa on To the
McCready has begun work on the second series of Merlin for                                                                         Ends of the Earth for BBC. Chris Openshaw has just returned
Shine. David Higgs BSC's work on Lesbian Vampire Killers                                                                           from South Africa after completing Tigress's programme on
can be seen in cinemas from March at the same time as his                                                                          Black Mambas for BBC's Natural World. Si Wagen has just
work on Anand Tucker's 1983, part of the Red Riding Trilogy is                                                                     completed Nick Baker's Weird Creatures in Mexico for Icon
broadcast on Channel Four. And you can read about David's                                                                          and has gone straight on to How The Earth Is Made for BBC
work on both projects in this fabulous edition! Tim Maurice-                                                                       shooting in Italy, Turkey, Iran and Israel. Operator Tom Hooker
Jones, Alex Melman, Alex Barber, Stephen Blackman,                                                                                 has been operating on Live At Abbey Road for C4.
Simon Chaudoir, Tat Radcliffe, Steve Keith-Roach, Rain
Li and Philipp Blaubach have all been shooting                                                                                     Wizzo Features… has signed the award-winning DP
commercials. Neus Olle picked up Best Cinematography at                                                                            Damian Bromley, who was nominated for a BAFTA and who
the Gaudi Awards in Barcelona for Birdsong, pipping DP Javier                                                                      won a RTS award for his work on Spooks. He has also shot
Aguirresarobe who was up for Vicky Cristina Barcelona.                                                                             two features for director Nick Love, Football Factory and The
Carlos Catalan's Bollywood film Luck By Chance opened                                                                              Business. His most recent work was on the drama Hunter,
worldwide to great reviews. Charlotte Bruus Christensen                                                                            which starred Hugh Bonneville and aired on the BBC. Erik
is still lensing Submarino for Tomas Vinterberg, and will                                                                          Wilson is set to shoot 2nd unit on the US horror flick The
remain in Copenhagen after wrapping to shoot Magtens                                                                               Crazies directed by Breck Eisner, with Maxime Alexandre as
Fyrster for Oliver Ussing. David Raedeker (one of the four                                                                         main unit DP. Duncan Telford is shooting a drama series in
mentees in the Guiding Lights scheme, also in this edition) is    Suit you sir: Dan Landin on the set of 44-Inch Chest             Egypt, Syria and Paris about three Muslim women living in the

page   8                                                                                                                                      ISSUE 32      BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER
                                 who’s shooting who?
Photo by Blid Alsbirk.

                         Winnie: DP Wojciech Szepel shooting Mrs Mandela in Africa.

                         modern Arabic world for Baraka Media Production. Stuart Bentley recently spent a week in
                         the Scottish Highlands with Vice magazine shooting a documentary about deer hunting,
                         Atlantic prawn fishing and day-to-day life in one of the most remote areas of the UK.
                         Congratulations to Magni Agustsson whose comedy series Free Agents, which he
                         completed shooting late last year, aired on C4 to great reviews.

                         Over at Independent… Ben Davis BSC is shooting John Madden's new thriller The Debt, in
                         London, Budapest and Tel Aviv. It's the story of a group of Mossad agents who take the law into
                         their own hands in order to bring a Nazi war criminal to justice. Hip, hip, hoooooray… Anthony
                         Dod Mantle BSC DFF won the Oscar for his work on Slumdog Millionaire, along with a BAFTA
                         and an ASC Award. Jess Hall BSC recently finished on Creation for Jon Amiel, the shot
                         commercials for Bonkers in Amsterdam, plus ads for Knucklehead and Tempo Media in South
                         Afria, and then set of to New York to shoot The Baster, a romantic comedy starring Jennifer
                         Aniston and Jason Bateman. Sam McCurdy BSC was responsible for a block of the third
                         series of BAFTA award-winning drama The Street. Roman Osin BSC has started on Renny
                         Harlin's Mannerheim, which focuses on the life of Carl Mannerheim who restored law and order
                         to Finland after the Bolshevik Revolution. Before heading off to New York for re-shoots on
                         Everybody's Fine Henry Braham BSC was reunited with Paul Weiland on a Walkers shoot.
                         Simon Coull has been shooting back-to-back commercials since Christmas for Tempo Media
                         and Outsider, and Oliver Curtis BSC launched straight back into commercials with Feel Films.
                         Dan Landin has completed grading Malcolm Venville's 44-Inch Chest. John Mathieson BSC
                         has been out in LA with Daniel Kleinman of Rattling Stick, South Africa with Howard
                         Greenhalgh, before heading off on recces for Ridley Scott's Nottingham.

                         Mattias Montero, Mark Patten, Christopher Ross, Joost Van Gelder, and Ed Wild have
                         all been jetting around the planet on commercials duty. Fraser Taggart recently joined
                         Independent, and is currently based in South Africa where he's been busy with both UK and
                         local production houses.

                         Dinedor… has lured John Daly BSC to its roster. After finishing on the feature film The
                         Unloved for Revolution Films, Tom Townend has got off to a busy start, shooting 2nd unit for
                         feature Harry Brown. Mike Fox BSC has been shooting more Comic Relief sketches with
                         Lenny Henry, and also shot dailies on Being
                         Human for BBC3 and Touchpaper TV. Trevor
                         Forrest is in Cuba shooting feature film 'Una
                         Noce', produced by Dan Mulloy and Spike
                         Lee. Steve Buckland has wrapped on The
                         Bill for Talkback Thames and has gone on to
                         Casualty, while Peter Butler has completed
                         on Silent Witness for the BBC. Matt Fox
                         shot the feature The Shouting Men for Away
                         Days Productions, while Peter Thornton
                         did dailies on Skins for Channel 4 and
                         Company Pictures. Martin Ahlgren has
                         been on commercials, Steve Annis has just
                         been shooting for band The Doves and Warp
                         Films, and Matt Cooke has lit promos for
                         The Hot Melts and The White Lies, as well
                         as Talking Heads for the BBC and a Richard
                         Hawley Documentary for Document UK. Ed
                         Mash, Peter Field, Andrew Johnson,
                                                                       Men in skirts: Si Wagen and Nick Baker
                         Ben Filby, Pete Ellmore and Franklin
                                                                       on Nick Baker’s Weird Creatures whilst
                         Dow have variously lensing commercials,
                                                                       snake hunting in Baja California, Mexico
                         corporates and music videos.

                         ISSUE 32      BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER                                                             page   9
        UK                     close-ups

Catherine Derry & Marcus Waterloo
The Solitary Life of Cranes
                                                                                                                                       “We had to be clear what the limits were,” says Waterloo,
                                                                                                                                       “and to understand what it would entail being up there for
                                                                                                                                       long periods of time.” On a practical level, this meant taking
                                                                                                                                       just enough to eat and drink, but not too much as paying a
                                                                                                                                       visit to the lavatory was simply not on the cards.

                                                                                                                                       Fortunately, none of the crew suffered motion sickness, which
                                                                                                                                       can be a side effect given by the twist and sway of the crane,
                                                                                                                                       even in the lightest of winds. However, the abiding memories
                                                                                                                                       each has of their time aloft were the views.

                                                                                                                                       “Everything looks so different when you are up there, just
                                                                                                                                       amazing,” says Derry. “It was quite a privilege. Along with the
                                                                                                                                       views, which were spectacular, you could see the weather
                                                                                                                                       changing miles away across the London Basin.”

                                                                                                                                       In terms of the cinematography, Derry says, “Eva wanted a
                                                                                                                                       simple visual style, with no camera moves or lens shifts. The
                                                                                                                                       only movement was supposed to come from the cranes, and
                                                                                                                                       we stuck to that style. We had to create good-looking shots,
Sometimes you have to have a head for heights, as                 one above the Natural History museum, which topped out at            but cranes have become new sculptural items on the horizon
cinematographers Marcus Waterloo and Catherine                    73m (240ft) above street level. Lugging a minimal amount of          of cities. They're great to shoot, as they give you interesting
Derry discovered when shooing The Solitary Life of                gear - which typically consisted of a Sony 750 camera,               graphic shapes to work with. And they are great to shoot
Cranes, which picked up the award for best short                  batteries, tape stock, and long lenses - took a five or six-
                                                                                                                                       from. The views are unique, and the light in the morning and
documentary at the Britdoc Film Festival 2008, and                person crew ¬ consisting of the director, cinematographer,
                                                                                                                                       evening can be really dramatic.”
plenty of plaudits from the press. Directed by Eva                sound recordist, camera assistant and runners, around an
Weber of Odd Girl Out Productions, the 30-minute                  hour each way.
production explores the invisible life of a city, its                                                                                  The production was graded by Martin Southworth at Rushes.
patterns and hidden secrets, as seen through the eyes             Neither cinematographer was particularly bothered about              “We had some issues matching different locations; one
of crane drivers working high above the streets.                  heights. “I was absolutely fine, as I've done a lot of rock          particular shot, when we were filming over the Westfield
                                                                  climbing,” says Derry of her experience. “However, I felt very       Shopping Centre on a hazy day, had a strong blueish tinge and
Within the loose structure of a day - starting with drivers       tired after being up crane all day. It's not really the lugging up   this needed to be adjusted. But we hugely appreciated
climbing up at dawn and ending with them coming down after        and down of the gear, that's fatiguing, it's more that you have      Martin's input and how he made the whole process
a nightshift - the film observes the city as it awakens with a    been on edge all the time. There are guide railings up there,        straightforward and smooth,” said Weber.
bustle of activity, through the lull of midday and the manic      but the walkways on the back jibs are perforated, so you are
rush in the evening, until things calm down again deep into       living on your nerves a bit.”                                        Derry is now prepping for a martial arts Internet drama in
the night.                                                                                                                             Malaysia, directed by Tinge Krishnan. Waterloo has been
                                                                  Waterloo says he was brought up watching buildings grow as
                                                                                                                                       shooting motion control on a Herald Tribune commercial
Throughout the film, which was framed in 16:9, the drivers        his father, a foreman, would often take him on to building
share their thoughts and reflections on London and life in        sites. “I had shot from the top from the top of a tall mast on
                                                                  a ship, and knew that I could live with the height,” he says. “I     The Solitary Life of Cranes will screen at the London
general. The bulk of their time is spent waiting, looking,
                                                                  actually couldn't wait to get up one of those cranes.”               International Documentary Film Festival, which runs between
observing the wind and the weather, as well as watching the
people down below. From their airy towers, they not only have                                                                          28 March and 4 April 2009, and later this year on More4.
the best overview of the construction site and some of the        The health and safety of the crew were absolutely paramount,         Produced by Samantha Zarzosa at Odd Girl Out Productions,
most impressive panoramic views of the city, but also an          and both Waterloo and Derry had to take training sessions            the production was made with the support of the Channel 4
unparalleled insight into the buildings surrounding them.         before being allowed to ascend a single metal rung.                  British Documentary Film Foundation.

“The film combines both intimacy and distance, and was an
attempt to understand what becomes of the human spirit in
such extreme working conditions,” says Weber. “What
emerged is a lyrical mediation about connection and
disconnection, about how our existence is shaped through the
environment we inhabit, both for the drivers high up in the sky
and the people they are watching on the ground.”

Waterloo and Derry were responsible for shooting separate
parts of the production, during October 2007 to March 2008,
but have never met one another. They do, however, go back
in time with Weber, both having worked with her on
promotions during her time at BBC Creative Services. Derry
also shot Weber's The Intimacy Of Strangers, another view of
urban life constructed entirely out of real, overheard mobile
phone conversations, shot using a similarly candid camera.

Most cranes were around 40m (130ft) in height, apart from

page   10                                                                                                                                        ISSUE 32       BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER
         UK                    close-ups

Nina Kellgren BSC
Tourism Ireland
Cinematography as art. Art in cinematography. These are aspects of the moving
image that we'll be exploring in more detail in British Cinematographer magazine
later this year, with leading exponents such as Nina Kellgren BSC.

The use of cinematography as an artistic medium has suffused and shaped Kellgren's work, and
enabled her to bring tenderness and intimacy to the images she has created for the contrasting
worlds of feature films, art installations, commercials, documentaries and stills.

Her varied credits include Drowning By Bullets, the documentary of the hushed-up 1961
massacre of Algerians in Paris, the tragic love story of the Oscar-nominated Solomon and
Gaenor about a young Jewish young and a Welsh woman, and Al Pacino's rumination of the
significance of Shakespeare Looking For Richard.

Her collaboration with contemporary artist and filmmaker Isaac Julien began in 1989 with the        In the ads mermaids are discovered in seashore caves, troops of schoolgirls become fairies,
drama documentary Looking for Langston, before a trilogy of film installations for Julien: True     white horses canter along on the beach, and Irish wolfhounds roam around Dublin Castle.
North, Fantôme Afrique and Western Union: Small Boats which explore race and migration. Last
year she worked on Julien's Derek, the biopic about English film director, stage designer, artist   Kellgren, who operates, took a minimal lighting package, and shot using Super 16mm Aaton's,
and writer Derek Jarman.                                                                            as well as a Braun Nizo camera loaded with 50 ASA daylight stock, “which was absolutely fine
                                                                                                    as we had lots of sunlight. The great thing is that we could move fast, and were not weighed
                                                         Most recently, Kellgren headed off         down with technology. As the shoot continued I could see things that were not part of the brief,
                                                         around Ireland for three weeks with        but I wanted to shoot them as they would make for great images. I could very rapidly pick up
                                                         director Kevin Thomas, of Thomas &         the camera and lock into those spontaneous moments.”
                                                         Thomas, to shoot a set of
                                                         commercials for JWT's Tourism              Obviously, working this way comes down to having the understanding and trust of your director,
                                                         Ireland, campaign.                         “and that's all about fostering good communication. Kevin is confident and courageous, yet low
                                                                                                    key. He lets you do what you do, so that you can bring your skills to the screen.”
                                                        “There is a direct relationship
                                                        between commercials and the visual          “I like it that I went to art school, and didn't come up through a traditional filmmaking route.
                                                        artists, in that both deal in the primacy   Artists think in a different way, are not locked into a BBC mentality and way of thinking. Which
                                                        of the image,” says Kellgren, who           means you can bring something different to the screen,” she says.
                                                        became hooked on the possibilities for
cinematography whilst studying fine art at The Slade. “The meaning is all in the images, in the

The Tourism Ireland ads, scheduled for a screen near you soon, deliver beauty shots of Irelend,
but that's where similarities to other holidaying adverts begin and end.

A significant creative reference given by Thomas for the production was Gallivant, the 1997
travelogue directed by Andrew Knotting, who journeys around the coast of Britain with his 90
year old grandmother and nine year old daughter Eden, who has cerebral palsy. The production
was shot on Super 16mm and Super 8mm.

“They have adventures together, meet lots of characters, explore fishing villages, get to know
each other,” says Kellgren. “The people in the film just enjoy being together. There's epic
imagery, but emotion, tenderness, mystery and poetry too.”

In a similar vein, the Tourism Ireland production covered the length and breadth of the country,
to uncover what Kellgren calls “magical moments.”

“The point of the ads is that in Ireland you can set off somewhere, but end up on a detour, get
lost in something else that will absorb and engross you just as much,” she explains. “There are
shifts in perception, and you are not quite sure you've seen the image something of not.”

ISSUE 32      BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER                                                                                                                                                    page   11
         UK                     live and let DI

   To Live
   and Let DI
Ascent 142's grader Rob Pizzey worked closely with director
Malcolm Venville and cinematographer Dan Landin on the DI
of 44-Inch Chest. Starring John Hurt, Ray Winstone, Ian
McShane, Tom Wilkinson, Joanne Whalley and Steven Berkoff
the film focuses on a jealous husband and his friends plotting      Ascent 142: lots of layers and complex tracking helped create a moody looking 44-Inch Chest
to kidnap his wife's lover. Talking about the 10-day grade
Pizzey said, “Most of the film takes place in the same location,
a boarded-up house at night. Malcolm and Dan had a pretty           Company, Complete Video, SVC Television and later Digital       complicated by the fact that part of the film was shot on
good idea of what they wanted, and we were on the same              Film Lab, working with advertising agencies in London, and      Super-16 and the rest on HD Cam, balancing the two stocks
page straight away. We needed a moody feel that would               building a client following. In addition to Omoshebi's move,    was tricky at times. On top of this it was shot over a long
relate to the story, quite dark. We used a lot of tracking layers   Dan Chuter has moved to the Ascent Group as marketing           period - October to March - and we had to make it look like it
throughout the film some with very complex moves. I was             manager, after five years in a similar role at Pepper. Ascent   had all been shot on one day.” Southworth said: “The main
aiming for a rich, moody look with shadows dropping off to          142 also recently splashed out £200,000 on a new HD grading     thing I was concerned with achieving was to tie everything
black. Using the da Vinci Resolve colour grading system I           suite, based around a Digital Vision Nucoda HD system, at its   together and keep the continuity of the film natural and
balanced out the whole film with a base grade giving us a rich      Wardour Street site to increase its HD grading capacity and     effective. A key part of its success was the ongoing dialogue
and moody feel. I then added various layers to shots to             meet growing demand for HD remastering.                         I had with Eva, who also sat in on the grade.”
emphasise shadow areas, highlight faces or just open up the
eyes a bit more. There were a couple of scenes where I              Alex Courtes at Partizan directed the music video for U2's      LipSync Post completed the DI and 70 VFX shots for the
smoothed skin and sharpened up eyes.”                               latest release Get On Your Boots, with grade and conform        recently released feature The Secret of Moonacre. Directed by
                                                                    carried out at Rushes. The promo sees the band in an            Gabor Csupo (Bridge to Terabithia), and David Eggby the DP,
Ascent 142 has announced that Jet Omoshebi is joining its           intergalactic environment, set against a backdrop of vivid      the film tells the story of a 13-year-old's adventure into a
expanding creative team to work on drama and feature                changing imagery, referencing surrealist art and political      magical world from which she must banish an ancient curse.
output. Omoshebi left Pepper Post where she was a senior            imagery. The rushes were graded from 35mm film by Simone        The majority of LipSync's work focused on a mystical string of
colourist. Her recent credits include work on the BBC drama         Grattarola with technical and beauty passes and then            'moon pearls' that are key to the film's plot. Grader Stuart
Cranford and Life on Mars. Amongst the many awards for her          conformed and supplied to Partizan for final completion.        Fyvie completed the DI process on the film using Quantel iQ
work a notable highlight was winning the Women in Film and          Rushes colourist Martin Southworth worked closely with          Pablo. One of the main challenges was to ensure that the
Television craft award in 2007.                                     director Eva Weber on her impressive 30-minute short The        many moonlit sequences looked magical rather than dark and
                                                                    Solitary Life of Cranes (see Close Ups on DPs Catherine Derry   scary. In addition the grade balanced seasonal changes to
Omoshebi started as a sound assistant before moving to              and Marcus Waterloo in this edition) which explores the         create a consistent look despite shooting in a variety of
Rushes (now part of Ascent) as a telecine assistant in 1990,        hidden secrets of city life as seen through the eyes crane      weather and light conditions.
progressing to colourist after three years. For the next ten        cabbies.
years she worked as a senior colourist at the Moving Picture                                                                        LipSync also did the DI on the Red Riding Trilogy, for which it
                                                                    “We wanted to get quite a natural and gentle feel on the        has a production credit alongside Channel Four Films,
                                                                    grading,” said Weber. “The process was made more                Revolution Films and Screen Yorkshire. The trio of televised

Omoshebi: acclaimed for her versatility with, and
knowledge of, telecines and grading systems                         Kinky boots: Rushes did the conform and grade on U2's latest music video

page   12                                                                                                                                     ISSUE 32       BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER
         UK                     live and let DI

Grader: Lee Clappison from Lip Sync Post in the grading suite                                          Moon: Cinesite completed over 270 visual effects shots on the sci-fi thriller

stories covers difficult times for British society, and each was made by different directors and       Specialist digital film consultancy, Digital Praxis, has changed its name to Light Illusion, and
DPs, using different technologies. Nineteen Seventy Four was directed by Julian Jarrold and            has been hired by Chennai (Madras) based film lab Gemini, to provide technological and
shot by Rob Hardy on Super 16mm; James Marsh directed and Igor Martinovic was the DP,                  creative assistance in building a new DI operation that will be capable of handling multiple
using 35mm 2-perf, 2.4:1 for Nineteen Eighty; and Nineteen Eighty Three was lensed by David            simultaneous mainstream DI film projects for the Southern Indian film industry. Gemini aims
Higgs, directed by Anand Tucker using the Red camera. Fyvie graded the first two in the trilogy.       work in any resolution from SD and HD to 2K and 4K.
Nineteen Seventy Four used a theatrical / cinema grade, and said, “The theme of the film is
crime at its darkest and the style of the film was “Yorkshire Noir”. The film was graded in a          Light Illusion also provides a range of software tools for digital cinematography and DI
style to capture the dark mood and narrative of the story. The grading style used - let's call it      operations, with its Sony CineAlta gamma curves well known by those shooting digitally. The
smoky, nicotine-stained set.” Nineteen Eighty was shot in the style of a documentary. The film         latest addition to its tools is 3D LUT Builder, aimed at simplifying the building of 3D Cube LUTs
grade looks like it has not been treated, to convey a natural feel, but there are treatments to        for use in calibrated image viewing via digital monitoring, including CRT and LCD monitors and
the flashbacks in the film which have been given dark blues and blacks to give the film a              digital projection. The 3D LUT Builder is in use with post-production facilities around the world,
menacing feel.                                                                                         as well as being used for calibration of on-set viewing. It can generate 3D LUTs for many post-
                                                                                                       production systems including those from Assimilate, Autodesk, Cine-tal, da Vinci,
Under the auspices of grader Lee Clappison everything on Nineteen Eighty Three was treated             Nucoda/Digital Vision, Panavision, Pandora, Quantel and Thomson.
like a traditional film project, albeit using LipSync's custom Red pipeline which uses Truelights,
and was and graded for film. As well as taking the period into account, certain scenes also had
a slight film noir look to them, with a Vantage filter used to mimic anamorphic lens flares.

Bucking the trend for all things gloom-and-doom in the current economic climate (which saw
Deluxe close its DI operation in London) Technicolor Creative Services completed two
substantial, multi-million pound relocations. The company's digital post-production facilities
relocated from West Drayton in Middlesex to Soho, to the heart of the UK digital post-
production community. The company's well-known film laboratory moved too, from West
Drayton to Pinewood Studios, to the heart of the UK filmmaking industry.

Technicolor's lab was on the West Drayton site for almost 75 years and had outgrown the
space. “In essence, the moves are a direct response to our clients' wishes,” said MD Simon
Wilkinson. “At Pinewood we're obviously on the doorstep of all the productions shooting there
and similarly the Soho facility puts us at the heart of the post-production community. This is a
serious investment in the future of our business. It's both a bold move and a very positive
statement to the industry.”

The digital facility is located in Lexington Street and offers full DI post production for features,
trailers and TV broadcast plus video mastering, restoration and digital cinema mastering.
Through fibre optic connectivity, the site is linked with Pinewood and connects to other
Technicolor sites around the world including New York, Rome, Madrid, Bangkok, Burbank,
Culver City, Montreal and Toronto. The new Pinewood facility will offer comprehensive film
processing, video dailies, filming out of digital negatives and digital cinema replication services.
The Pinewood facility will also include a Cinevator film recorder, the first of its type in the UK,
offering real-time film-outs to negative and also direct to print. Recent production to get the DI
treatment include, Scott Free Productions' Churchill At War, directed by Thaddeus O'Sullivan,
with DP Michel Amathieu, and Hippie Hippie Shake, a Universal/Working Title, directed by
Beeban Kidron, with Michael Seresin BSC at the cinematographic helm.

Cinesite completed over 270 visual effects shots on sci-fi thriller Moon, directed by Duncan
Jones, with Gary Shaw the DP. Its work included Gerty, a fully-CG service robot and one of the
film principal characters, large scale digital lunarscape matte paintings, and extensive MoCo
composite work. Cinesite is currently working on The Prisoner for ITV / AMC, Harry Potter and
the Half Blood Prince for Warner Bros., as well as Disney's Prince of Persia, Churchill At War for
HBO, Blacklight Films/Disney Nature's Naked Beauty and Clash of the Titans for Warner Bros.
The company also received two nominations in the 7th annual Visual Effects Society Awards
for its VFX and matte painting work on Generation Kill, Episode 2.

ISSUE 32      BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER                                                                                                                                                         page   13
          FEATURE                                                    shooting the future

                                                                                BSC Show Preview
                                                                                     Here are just some of the new products and service
                                                                                     companies you'll find at the BSC New Equipment
                                                                                     Show 2009, at Elstree Studios on March 13 - 14,
                                                                                     reflecting the ever-evolving world of film and digital
                                                                                     production technology.

Ballon lighting specialists Airstar will showcase its latest
designs in lighting balloons for the first time in the UK at this
year's show. The patented shape Diamond gives a frameless
2.2m square face, which is ideal for colour filters or custom
gels, such as those from Rosco. The helium filling provides
sufficient lift for reflectors and skirts, and it can be used as a
primary or fill light source. The technology used in the
Diamond produces nearly twice the light output of its source.
The Gaffair 400w ia a pole mounted, flicker-free daylight key
source for that crucial piece to camera, whose soft light
makes the Gaffair 400 a must-have piece of kit for the HD
future. Mini-Cloud is fast to depoy, with no rigging or
scaffolding needed, and is well suited for architecturally
sensitive buildings. Also on show will be the company's Solarc
8,4K Hybrid - HMI & Tungsten lighting in one balloon.

                                  A number of new
                                  products from Kino Flo,
                                  Dedo and Gekko are on
                                  show this year, clearly
                                  reflecting the changes in
                                  fluorescent and LED
                                  technologies. From Kino
                                  Flo, Cirrolite will be              By george: Gekko will be showing lots of new products
                                  showing the new Vista
                                  Single, plus the complete
                                  Vista range, employing              showing full remote control options that cover the complete       Fuji
                                  the new 96w bulb that is            range of on-board ring lights, including a cost-effective         Fuji says that new stocks will be launched at the Cannes Film
                                  more than double the                manual cable remote, a radio remote and a DMX remote.             Festival, so it will be focusing on celebrating 75 years in the
                                  output of the classic bulbs                                                 business at this year's show.
                                  creating the new family of                                                                  
Vista Single                     Vista lighting fixtures. Also        Daylight Grip & Textiles
                                 from Kino Flo are the new            Manufactures performance products for the film, television        Gekko
Batwings, a “gaffer-inspired” light control accessory for             and photographic lighting industry. Daylight continues to         The company's lightweight and high-output, beauty ringlight
classic fixtures, as well as the new Barfly 400. From                 expand its range of services and products, with competitive       system, designed for drama and commercial shooting, is now
Dedolight, there are a                                                pricing of stock held in its Manchester factory. Overheads and    available with significant revisions. Working closely with a key
number of new long-throw                                              butterfly textiles, flags and open-end scrims, lighting           technology partner, Gekko has secured a source of LEDs with
lenses for the 400 range of                                           softbanks, bags and holdalls, all standard products stocked       greatly improved colour quality and output, closer to the black
fixtures as well as a small                                                                                                             body line and featuring higher colour rendering. Another
                                                                      are stocked and the company also welcomes custom work.
and very clever LED for the                                                                                                             significant innovation on kisslite II is the inclusion of Gekko's
camera.        Gekko        is                                                                                                          magnet mounting system, introduced with george. This
introducing its first panel of                                                                                                          provides rapid attachment and removal of accessories such
LEDs, around 2' x 1', which
                                                                      Direct Lighting
                                                                                                                                        as lens frames and diffusion gratings. Other improvements
offer both good colour                                                Direct Lighting is exhibiting some new LED toys including
                                                                                                                                        include a larger diameter clamp ring, to accommodate the
rendition and light output.                                           Rosco's Litepad, Litepanels Ring Lite mini and the Gekko
                                                                                                                                        new generation of larger barrel film and TV lenses, an
The units come in both                                                Kisslite. Joining Direct Lighting at its stand will be Canon UK
                                                                                                                                        extended range of matte box configurations featuring fixed
tungsten and daylight and                                             exhibiting the new Canon 5D MKII camera that offers full-         and rotating filter trays, and the option of DMX to control
are fully-dimmable, both                                              frame 1080p HD shooting capabilities, along with 21.1             dimming remotely. To keep the existing community of kisslite
manually and via DMX,                                                 megapixel stills for around the £2,000-mark (body only, of        users at the cutting edge, Gekko is also offering an upgrade
without colour shift. The                                             course).                                                          package, which retro-fits some of the above enhancements.
company will also be           Barlfy 400                                                   

page   14                                                                                                                                          ISSUE 32      BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER
         shooting the future

Colours: lighting designer Peter Fisker created new shades for Lee Filters

Kodak is set to unveil the next steps in “the evolution of motion picture film”, teasing visitors
with details of the very latest additions to its Vision3 family of films and the opportunity to
register for the stock's official launch on March 24 at BAFTA in London.

“Kodak Vision3 is everything cinematographers love about Kodak Vision 2 films - the overall
look, the image structure -but with a host of added improvements", said the David Webb,
general manager of Kodak Entertainment Imaging, UK, Ireland, Middle East and Africa

Offering the highest image-capture resolution available, Vision3 films continue to raise the bar,
offering exceptional highlight latitude and reduced grain in shadows, and giving
cinematographers greater flexibility on set as well as control in post. “Combine that with film's
proven archival capabilities, and you have the state-of-the-art image capture medium that
others can only aspire to. Why try to emulate film when you can have the real thing? Film. No
compromise,” said Webb.

Elstree Studios
Elstree Studios, which again hosts the BSC Show, is one of the most famous film and television
studios in the world, where some of the most famous films and TV shows in the world have
been produced.

“We are honoured to host the British Society of Cinematographers' annual show. It's a very
special event for the studios, which brings many of the top DPs and lighting directors to
Elstree,” said MD Roger Morris.

In its 85-year history, Elstree has been the studio-of-choice for many legendary producers and
directors - from Alfred Hitchcock to George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Stanley Kubrick. Major
feature films produced at Elstree include the Star Wars and Indiana Jones trilogies, Superman,
The Dam Busters, Ice cold in Alex. The list is impressive. Most recently Elstree has been the
studio for top producer and director Matthew Vaughn with his productions Kick Ass, staring
Nicholas Cage and Harry Brown staring Michael Caine.

Elstree is also well-known for its TV production. Three of the top UK television shows are made
there - Dancing on Ice for ITV, Big Brother for Endemol/Channel 4 and one of the worlds most
successful TV shows Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Elstree Studios has a range of film stages and TV studios from 3,000sq ft to 16,000sq ft with
the George Lucas stage being the highest in Europe. Elstree also offers workshops, a back lot,
water tank and extensive production offices, dressing rooms, wardrobe and make up rooms
plus various onsite support services.

Lee Filters
The full range of lighting filters will be on show.
These include the popular 700 series, a range of
colours unique to Lee, created by some of the top
lighting designers working in stage, screen,
television, cinema and architectural lighting today.
Lighting designers Peter Fisker and Paule Constable
were the two latest lighting designers to be invited

ISSUE 32      BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER                                                               page   15
        FEATURE                           shooting the future

                                           to the Lee Filters factory to create their own unique range of   The location truck offers full grading and dailies playback in a
                                           colours. Working alongside the LEE research and                  calibrated suite, offline digitising to FCP and Avid, plus
                                           development team, each designer created four new colours         archiving to LTO data tape. “It has designed to provide much
                                           which have now been added to the 700 series. New colours         more control over your digital film shoots by allowing all your
                                           from Peter Fisker                                                recording requirements to be fully-installed and ready to
                                                                                                            work at the flick of a switch,” he adds.
                                           Include the 700 Perfect Lavender, 703 Cold Lavender, 727
                                           QFD Blue and 780 AS Golden Amber, whilst Paule                   Also included are full tapeless recording units that record
                                           Constable's include 768 Egg Yolk Yellow, 742 Bram Brown,         fully uncompressed DPX image data, plus two HDCAM-SR
                                           733 Damp Squib and 731 Dirty Ice. Also available will be the     decks for those wishing to record to tape. A 55" LCD screen
                                           ever-popular Lee Filter swatch books.                            provides 2K image playback, with Iridas Speedgrade
                                                                                installed for LUT applications.
Phantom HD: blink and you won't miss it
                                           Responding to the increased interest in fluorescent              Take Two Films
                                           luminaries, Panalux had introduced the HighLight and             In the last decade Take 2 Films has grown into the largest
                                           FloBank, energy-efficient lamps that offer a range of            independent rental facility in the UK. It predominantly
                                           versatile, general-purpose heads to deliver an even,             specialises in 16mm and 35mm equipment hire, and is the
                                           balanced light source. After a period of consolidation           largest independent purchaser of ARRI products within
                                           following the merger of AFM Lighting and LEE Lighting,           Europe supplying equipment to the music video, commercial,
                                           Panalux has rebuilt its premises at Pinewood Studios, which      TV drama and feature markets. It also has a full grip facility.
                                           now features a dedicated equipment engineering and               Take 2 has also purchased the new Hawk V Plus and Hawk V
                                           refurbishment facility. The company has also invested in new     Lite anamorphic lenses.
                                           equipment, particularly up-to-the-minute technologies,
                                                                                                            With HD acquisition becoming more aand more popular, it
                                           "green" systems and innovations in LED and low-wattage
                                                                                                            now has no fewer that 21 Sony HDW F900R's, and will be
                                                                                                            highlighting the virtues of its ew Sony F35 cameras, currently
                                                                                                            being used on Harry Brown and The Day of the Triffids. Watch
                                                                                                            out too for the Phantom HD high speed camera, which the
                                           Rogue Element Films                                              commercials market has lapped up, and which has also been
                                           Launched for 2009 is a brand new concept in location             deployed on features such as Sherlock Holmes. On show too
                                           facilities for digital film productions. With Rogue Element's    will be P+S Technik's SI-2K digital cinema camera, and you
                                           new truck you can conduct the tasks normally required of a       can check out the many different viewfinder solutions,
                                           full post facility, but on location, which the company's Dan     battery mounts and a shoulder set options it provides you all
                                           Mulligan says “saves valuable time and money and makes           kinds of sets or locations, such as Slumdog Millionaire.
Airstar: diamonds are a DPs best friend    your production quick and efficient into the bargain.” 

page   16                                                                                                            ISSUE 32       BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER
        BSC Show Guide 2009

                                                                 There’s no
                                                                 business like
                                                         And the business of production is ever-changing.
                                                         You can see how at this year's show, meet
                                                         colleagues and renew acquaintances.

Abakus                    ARRI GB Ltd                      Cirro Lite (Europe) Ltd                             Daylight Grip & Textiles Ltd             K5600 Lighting
Ken Pollitt               SiobahnDaly                      David Morphy                                        Patrick McGuane                          Marc Galerne
Grange Farm               2 Highbridge                     3 Barretts Green Road                               Unit 4, Agecroft Network Centre          475 Rue de Flins
Bourne Road               Oxford Road                      London NW10 7AE                                     Lamplight Way                            78410 Bouafle
Carlby                    Uxbridge                         T: 020 8955 6700                                    Swinton                                  France
Stamford PE9 4LU          Middx UB8 1LX                    F: 020 8961 9343                                    Manchester M27 8UG                       T: 00 33 1 3095 3607
T: 01778 590117           T: 01895 457000                  E:                           T: 0161 351 6720                         F: 00 33 1 3095 3607
F: 01778 590118           F: 01895 457001                                                                      F: 0161 351 6721                         E:
E:       E:              Cmotion GmbH                                        E:
                          Barbizon Europe Ltd              Marion Chloupek
                                                                                                               Direct - Metro Imaging                   KGS Development
Aimimage Camera Co.       John Parker                      Schanzstrasse 41/1
                                                                                                               Chris Fairchild                          Juan Garcia
Atif Ghani                Unit 5, Saracen Ind. Area        A-1140 Wien, Austria
                                                                                                               200-203 Hercules Road                    28 rue de Noechamps
Unit 5,                   Mark Road                        T: 0043 1 789 10 9600
                                                                                                               London SE1 7LD                           5640 Mettet
63 Pratt Street           Hemel Hempstead,                 F: 43 1 789 109619
                                                                                                               T: 020 7014 5200                         Belgium
London                    Herts HP2 7BJ                    E:
                                                                                                               F: 020 7014 5001                         T: + 32 487 290564
 NW1 OBV                  T: 01442 260600
                                                                                                               E:           E:
T: 020 7916 3734          F: 01442 261611                  Cooke Optics Ltd
F: 020 7267 3972          E:          Geoffrey Chappel                                                Elstree Studios, one of
E:                                       Cooke Close                                                     the most famous film         Kodak Limited
                          Cine Power International Ltd                                                                     and television studios       Maryse Goater
                                                                                                                           in the world, where
Airstar (UK) Ltd          Diane Nyiry                      Leicester LE4 8PT                                               some of the most
                                                                                                                                                        Hemel One, Boundary Way
Ian Griffin               Magnolia Lake                    T: 0116 2640700                                                 famous film and              Hemel Hempstead
13 Meadow View            Mamhead                          F: 0116 2640707                                                 television shows in the      Herts HP2 7YU
Crendon Industrial Park   Nr Exeter                        E:                                        world have been              T: 01442 846970
Long Crendon              Devon EX6 8HG                                                                                    produced.
                                                                                                                                                        F: 01442 846594
Bucks HP18 9EQ            T: 01626 888433                                                                                  Located 20 minutes           E:
T: 01844 203640           F: 01626 888435                                                                                  from the heart of
F: 01844 203649           E:                                                                           London, Elstree              Lee Filters Ltd
E:                                                                                                      Studios is without           Adrian Marsh
                                                                                                                           doubt London's               Central Way
                                                                                                                           number one studio for
                                                                                                                           any film or television
                                                                                                                                                        Walworth Ind. Estate
                                                            Daylight Grip & Textiles Ltd, manufactures of
                                                            performance products for the Film, Television                  production, tour             Andover, Hants SP10 5AN
                                                            and Photographic lighting industry. Daylight
                                                            continue to expand their range of services and
                                                                                                                           rehearsal, promo or          T: 01264 366245
                                                            products offered, competitive pricing with stock               corporate event.             F: 01264 355058
                                                            held in our Manchester factory. Overhead's and
                                                            butterfly textiles, Flag's and open end scrims,              E:
                                                            Lighting softbanks, bag's and holdall's, all
                                                            standard products stocked, custom work                t: +44 (0)20 8953 1600
                                                            welcomed.                                                                                   Mark Roberts Motion Control
                                                                     Further details available                 Fujifilm UK                              Ryan Fear
                                                    or call the office.                                                Unit 4, Birches Ind Estate
                                                                                                               Millie Morrow
                                                                   Contacts; Mr Philip Leonard                 Fuji Film House                          Imberhorne Lane
                                                             Daylight Grip & Textiles Ltd                      125 Finchley Road                        East Grinstead
                                                                 Unit 4, Agecroft Network Centre,                                                       West Sussex RH19 1XZ
                                                                     Lamplight Way, Swinton,
                                                                                                               London NW3 6HY
                                                                       Manchester, M27 8UG                     T: 0203 040 0400                         T: 01342 334730
                                                                       P: + 44 161 351 6720
                                                                       F: + 44 161 351 6721
                                                                                                               F: 0207 753 0601                         F: 01342 334701
                                                                  E:                 E:                    E:

page   18                                                                                                                               ISSUE 32       BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER
        BSC Show Guide 2009

Movietech Camera Rentals Ltd                                      Solid Grip Systems
Andrew Cooper                                                     Onno Perdjik
Pinewood Studios                                                  Veemarkt 212
Pinewood Road                                                     1019DG
Iver Heath                                                        Amsterdam
Bucks SLO ONH                                                     Netherlands
T: 01753 650007                                                   T: 00 312 042 82155
F: 01753 650006                                                   F: 00 312 042 82164
E:                                    E:

                                                                  Take 2 Films                      Transvideo                   VFX Solutions
                                                                  Tracey Pryor                      Jacques Delecoux             Mark Chapman
                                                                  Unit 10, West Point Trading Est   Zone Industrielle            Unit 3, Sutherland Court
                                                                  Alliance Road                     F-27135 Verneuil Sur Avre    Tolpits Lane, Watford
                                                                  London                            France                       WD18 9SP
                                                                  W3 ORA                            T: +33 2 3232 2761           T: 01923 779333
                                                                  T: 020 8992 2224                  F: +33 6 3260 1479           F: 01923 779666
                                                                  F: 020 8992 2204                  E:          E:
                                                                                                    Vantage Film Gmbh            Videosys Broadcast Ltd
                                                                  Technocrane                       Sylvia Gobner                Colin Tomlin
                                   Photon Beard Ltd               Gabriela Homolova                 Altstrasse 9                 188 Chaldon Way
                                   Peter Daffarn                  Podni Katelska 19                 92637                        Coulsdon
                                   Unit K3, Cherry Court Way      30100 Plzen                       Weiden                       Surrey
                                   Stanbridge Road                Czech Republic                    Germany                      CR5 1DH
                                                                  T: +420 377 889 111               T: +49 961 634 9650          T: 01737 551716
                                   Leighton Buzzard
                                                                  F: 00 420 377 8891                F: +49 961 634 96549         F: 07963 856649
                                   LU7 4UH                                                          E:   E:
                                   T: 01525 850911

On Sight - Axis Films              Pirate
Tom Higham                         Michael Ganss
14 Berners Street                  St. Leonards Road
London                             London
W1T 3LJ                            NW10 6ST
T: 020 7637 0888                   T: 020 8930 5000
F: 0207 637 0444                   F: 020 8930 5001
E:               E:

P & S Technik Gmbh                 Rogue Element Films
Silvia Malter                      Dan Mulligan
Siemensstr. 12                     Pinewood Studios
85521 Ottobrunn                    Pinewood Road
Germany                            Iver Heath
T: 49 89 4509 8230                 Bucks SLO ONH                   Tiffen Europe Ltd
F: 49 89 4509 82458                T: 01753 656898                 +44 1869 343835
E:      E:

Panavision London                  Ronford Baker                  Tiffen Europe Ltd
Tony Samuels                       Jeff Lawrence                  Robin Thwaites
The Metropolitan Centre            Braziers,                      Enterprise House
Bristol Road
                                   Oxhey Lane,                    Weston Business Park
                                   Watford,                       Weston on the Green
                                   Herts WD1 4RJ                  Oxford OX25 3SX
                                   T: 0208 428 5941               T: 01869 343835
T: 0208 839 7333
F: 0208 839 7310                   F: 0208 428 4743               F: 01859 343836
E:   E:     E:

ISSUE 32     BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER                                                                                                                     page    19
         UK                       meet the new wave

We've identified a new wave of cinematographers who…
have a decent slew of films under their belts… are not
upstarts, but not quite of “a certain age” either… are not yet                                                                           Away from work, what are your greatest passions?
                                                                                                                                         My family. When I am working they get so little of my time,
members of the BSC… but who have the potential to                                                                                        and when I'm not I like to catch up on everything I've missed.
become the next Chris, Anthony or Roger.
                                                                                                                                         What one piece of kit could you not live without?
                                                                                                                                         My Spectra IV light meter. I have used the same one since
                                                                                                                                         London To Brighton (though I have many spares), and now I'm
                                                                                                                                         superstitious enough to not shoot without it.

                                                                                                                                         Which films are you most proud of to date?
                                                                                                                                         We all have a soft spot for our first, so it's London To Brighton,
                                                                                                                                         made for peanuts, but full of heart.
                                                                                                                                         What's the hardest shot/thing you've had to
                                                                                                                                         On Eden Lake we had a stunt sequence where we were
                                                                                                                                         setting a stuntman's head on fire. We could only do this once.
                                                                                                                                         I operated the shot which had the lead character, played by
                                                                                                                                         Kelly Reilly, running up to camera and collapsing in the
                                                                                                                                         foreground. We then had to rack focus to the background
                                                                                                                                         image of the guy on fire over her shoulder. It wasn't a
                                                                                                                                         particularly hard shot to operate, but there were a number of
                                                                                                                                         things that could go wrong. It was in overtime, the light was
                                                                                                                                         dropping and there was a performance element, which all
                                                                                                                                         added to the stress. It was a tricky shot to operate, and an
                                                                                                                                         even harder one to get sharp, but it all went off without a

                                                                                                                                         In the entire history of filmmaking, which film would
                                                                                                                                         you love to have shot?
                                                                                                                                         The first one. That would have been true genius, the rest of us
                                                                                                                                         stand on the shoulders of giants. Maybe Eadweard
                                                                                                                                         Muybridge's photographs of the horse Sallie Gardner would be
                                                                                                                                         a close second.

                                                                                                                                         What are your current top albums?
                                                                                                                                         At the moment I'm addicted to The Age Of The
                                                                                                                                         Understatement by The Last Shadow Puppets for it's swirling
                                                                                                                                         Scott Walker-esque anthems. My iPod also frequently

Christopher Ross
                                                                                                                                         hammers out albums by James Morrison, The Fleet Foxes and
                                                                                                                                         the slightly eccentric but quite brilliant Made Of Bricks by Kate

                                                                                                                                         What's your greatest extravagance?
                                                                                                                                         I recently upgraded to a large plasma television with a Blu-ray
Filmography (so far):                                                  Who are your DP/industry heroes?                                  player. Now I get to watch Peppa Pig and Lazytown in all their
Malice In Wonderland (2008), Eden Lake (2007), Cass (2007),            Roger Deakins and Seamus McGarvey for continually                 surround sound, Technicolor glory!
The Cottage (2007), London To Brighton (2006)                          producing beautiful work, changing their style from project to
                                                                       project, yet allowing their personalities to permeate their       What three adjectives best describe you and your
When did you discover you wanted to be a                               films.                                                            approach to cinematography?
cinematographer?                                                       Have you received any nominations or awards?                      Natural, Dramatic. Honest.
I'd shot a lot of short films on video at University before I really   The Kodak Short Film Showcase Best Cinematography Award
knew what a cinematographer was. I was 22 years old and I              2008 for the short film Soft (2006)                               If you weren't a DP, what job would you be doing now?
felt that I had a lot to catch up on.                                                                                                    I would be sitting at a bench fixing cameras and lenses trying
                                                                                                                                         to work out a way of borrowing them for the weekend.
Where did you train?                                                   What's you proudest moment?
The school of hard knocks I suppose. When I first started I            Watching the show print of London To Brighton (my first
would shoot all sorts of stuff just to be exposing film and            feature) in a viewing theatre at Deluxe. It was a tough feature
making images. I was so happy just to have a camera in my              in many senses and to see the work of a great crew finally on
hands. It's very important for me to hold on to the feeling of         the big screen was simply mind-blowing. We had no idea how
that first rush. I was also a camera technician at Panavision          audiences would react, but we knew we'd made something a
during my twenties, so I guess that was my film school of              bit special.

What are you favourite films?                                          What's been your best/worst moment on set?
My favourites differ from year to year, and moment to                  There are good and bad times on every project, but there is
moment, but there are a few that endure. I first saw                   one thing that keeps me going. As I tend to operate myself I
Goodfellas when I was 15 and it captivated me immediately -            have an addiction to the “tuning-fork moment”, when the
the perfect combination of style and story. I saw The                  camera and actor are in sync and have an emotional
Shawshank Redemption when I was 19 and only later realised             resonance. Those goosebump-inducing moments are the
how naturally dramatic its photography was.                            reason I'm a DP.

ISSUE 32       BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER                                                                                                                                                          page   21
        FEATURE                                                on the job

Virgin: Lesbian Vampire Killers is thought to be the first British feature shot with Red cameras

Out of the box
                                                                                                                                   two different forests, a graveyard, interiors and exteriors of
                                                                                                                                   the cottage, a bathroom and a crypt, at 3 Mills Studios. "It
                                                                                                                                   was a difficult stage to light, but our hands were tied,"
                                                                                                                                   he says.

                                                                                                                                   Lesbian Vampire Killers reunites Gavin & Stacey actors
                                                                                                                                   Matthew Horne and James Corden as two unwitting lads
 David Higgs BSC, Lesbian Vampire Killers                                                                                          sent as a sacrifice to appease the Sapphic bloodsuckers of the
                                                                                                                                   title. Working out how to shoot the required number of pages
                                                                                                                                   a day with two cameras around a small space took a lot of
Pigeon-holing is a characteristic of the British psyche.        has cinematic sensibilities and in the last couple years more
                                                                                                                                   hard thinking, Higgs observes: "The lights didn't give us the
Someone does something in a particular way once or              features have come his way.
twice and, as far as the rest of the world is concerned,                                                                           deepest information possible but they worked well. When
that establishes a pattern for the rest of a career,            In quick succession Higgs made Guy Ritchie's East End              you're in a situation like that you move around as if you're
writes Kevin Hilton. It's something David Higgs,                gangster-as-rock star flick RocknRolla, and the soon-to-be         trying to film the light itself."
recently ushered into the membership of the British             released horror-spoof Lesbian Vampire Killers. This is the
Society of Cinematographers, is aware of and keen to            lighter side of the dark side, but Higgs is making a return to     Despite the lower budget and confined sets Lesbian Vampire
avoid. There are some common threads in his list of             the murkier regions of the human spirit, and television, with an   Killers, by its nature as a horror film, albeit a send-up, still has
credits, including his track record in television,              instalment of C4's eagerly-anticipated Red Riding trilogy.         a lot of visual effects. "The lower light levels meant that we
but there is enough diversity in style and subject                                                                                 did our own DPX extractions for the CGI," Higgs explains. "We
to confound and defy even the most ardent pigeon-               Film and digital man                                               recorded an open gate for CG, which meant there was a lot of
hole fancier.                                                   These otherwise unconnected pieces form a loose trilogy for        information above and below the frame lines and we didn't
                                                                Higgs himself as they were all shot using digital cinema           have to work to the frame line."
Higgs' TV work spans from the challenging films of Peter        cameras and while he has gained valuable experience in using
Kosminsky, such as Britz, to the classy drama Cambridge         the technology he has no desire to be labelled as a digits-only    The main difference between Lesbian Vampire Killers and
Spies, through episodes of perennially popular primetime        cinematographer.                                                   RocknRolla was the gangster film's day exteriors and what
series like Poirot and Dalziel and Pascoe. Much of this work                                                                       Higgs describes as a "very hectic schedule". RocknRolla was
                                                                "It's a tool like any other other tool," he says of the Red        also the first film to be shot using the log curve options, unlike
                                                                camera, which he used for both Lesbian Vampire Killers and         The Bank Job, which was made using the D20's linear
                                                                the Nineteen Eighty-Three part of the Red Riding Trilogy.          response mode. "With log you can capture as much
                                                                                                                                   information as you can and it gives a film-like image," Higgs
                                                                Higgs shot exclusively on film up to RocknRolla, which was his
                                                                first working encounter with a digital cinema camera - in that
                                                                                                                                   Either way, this approximation of a film negative gave
                                                                case an ARRI D20. "I'd known about the Red and the D20 for
                                                                                                                                   RocknRolla its own look, moving Joe Leydon of Variety to
                                                                a while but hadn't worked in digital before," he explains. "I'd
                                                                                                                                   highlight the "gritty-glossy high-def lensing by David Higgs".
                                                                always shot on film until then and had avoided high definition
                                                                                                                                   Lesbian Vampire Killers's budget couldn't run to the same kind
                                                                because I never liked the idea of working with the Pro 35 lens
                                                                                                                                   of camera set-up as the Ritchie epic but the Red's ability to
                                                                adaptor. It just seemed like too much ironmongery. But when        handle low lighting helped with the number of night shoots
                                                                the adaptors are on the Red or D20 they work in a filmic way."     crammed into the five and half week schedule. Although the
                                                                                                                                   lighting arrangements on Lesbian Vampire Killers were tighter
                                                                Although both were shot digitally, Lesbian Vampire Killers and     than those for RocknRolla, Higgs says he worked in the same
                                                                RocknRolla were made in very different ways. And the               kind of way.
                                                                decision to go with the Red on Lesbian Vampire Killers, making
                                                                it the first British feature to be shot on the camera (following   "What I like about the Red is that it doesn't have a raw image
                                                                Red's UK TV debut with Wallander, two episodes of which            but a compressed one," he says. "And you can get the look of
                                                                were shot by Anthony Dod Mantle), was due to an old reason         film before the lens, not after."
                                                                in filmmaking: "It came down, like anything, to money,”
                                                                he says.                                                           Higgs acknowledges that the Red, and other digital cinema
                                                                                                                                   cameras, do require additional work from the camera
                                                                Higgs worked with two operators – Philip Sindall for A             department, so producer Steve Clark-Hall built three weeks
                                                                camera, with Derek Walker running B camera and a                   testing time into the schedules for both RocknRolla and
New boy: David Higgs recently joined the BSC
                                                                Steadicam - on a single stage that held all the sets, including    Lesbian Vampire Killers.

page   22                                                                                                                                     ISSUE 32        BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER
         FEATURE                                                    on the job

                                                                                                                                       David Higgs BSC
                                                                     Nineteen Eighty; while Nineteen Eighty Three brought
                                                                     together David Higgs, director Anand Tucker and the Red           Credits
                                                                     camera.                                                           Tony                                  (2009)
                                                                                                                                       Nineteen Eighty-Three                 (2009) (TV)
                                                                     "Anand wanted a 235 anamorphic feel to this film," Higgs          Lesbian Vampire Killers               (2009)
                                                                     says, "but the budget was very tight in terms of what we          Lost in Austen                        (2008) (TV)
                                                                     could shoot on. So we worked with Anita Overland [producer]       RocknRolla                            (2008)
                                                                     to try to get something that would give us what we wanted         Britz                                 (2007) (TV)
                                                                     and also make the budget work."                                   The Stronger                          (2007)
                                                                                                                                       I Shouldn't Be Alive TV               (2006) (TV)
                                                                     Among the techniques used was the Vantage filter, which           The Best Man                          (2006) (TV)
                                                                     produced the anamorphic lens aberrations associated with          Agatha Christie: Poirot               (2005) (TV)
Nimble: working out how to shoot the required daily                  films of the 1980s. "I didn't want to make it self-consciously    Derailed                              (2005) (TV)
number of pages took dextrous thinking                               feel like the '70s or the '80s because we've moved on from        Beneath the Skin                      (2005) (TV)
                                                                     that," Higgs says. "We already had the northern lighting, but     The Government Inspector              (2005) (TV)
"We used that time to test the system and workflow runs, not         the Vantage filter and the Red worked well together and gave      Island at War                         (2004) (TV)
just the lighting," Higgs says, "which everyone found useful."       that look to the picture, as in John Carpenter's Christine.”      The Heat of the Story                 (2004)
The only problems of note he had through the shoot were the                                                                            Too Good to Be True                   (2003) (TV)
Red over-heating slightly and trouble with the hard stop on a        Another notable fact about Nineteen Eighty Three is that          Cambridge Spies                       (2003) (TV)
disk drive. Ascent 142 worked closely with Higgs on the              Higgs both lit the scenes and operated the camera, although       The Project                           (2002) (TV)
production's backend workflow, and was also responsible for          this is not unusual for him: "I've operated for Peter             Inspector Lynley Mysteries            (2002) (TV)
the DI grade and deliverables.                                       [Kosminsky] because 99 percent of his work is hand-held and       Night Flight                          (2002) (TV)
                                                                     he wants to work with only one person. Whether I operate or       The Russian Bride                     (2001) (TV)
Higgs' experience with the Red proved fortunate for his next         I work with an operator depends on the film."                     A Christmas Carol                     (2000) (TV)
project, the final instalment of the Red Riding trilogy, based on                                                                      Nature Boy                            (2000) (TV)
David Peace's quartet of novels Nineteen Seventy Four,               The nature of his next couple of projects means Higgs is back     Summer in the Suburbs                 (2000) (TV)
Nineteen Seventy Seven, Nineteen Eighty and Nineteen Eighty          working with film again, so he can break the trend and ensure     Innocents                             (2000) (TV)
Three. The individual stories span brutal and difficult times in     he's not pigeon-holed as purely a digital cinematographer. But,   Dalziel and Pascoe                    (1999) (TV)
British society, and each of the films in the new televised          he says, the way the business is going requires the director of   In the Red                            (1998) (TV)
trilogy was made by different directors and directors of             photography to be involved in more technologies and different     The Broker's Man                      (1997) (TV)
photography, using different technologies, to create individual      parts of the production chain.                                    The Canterville Ghost                 (1997) (TV)
looks and styles.                                                                                                                      The Merchant of Venice                (1996) (TV)
                                                                     "We're seeing new technology being used more and more,            The Treasure Seekers                  (1996) (TV)
Red Riding                                                           like Quick Time films, and nobody is overseeing the whole         The Tomorrow People§                  (1992-4) (TV)
Nineteen Seventy Four was directed by Julian Jarrold and             architecture of the production," he concludes. "That sort of      James Herriot's Yorkshire: The Film   (1993)
shot by Rob Hardy on Super 16mm; the team of James Marsh             responsibility is coming down to the DP more than ever            Painted Faces                         (1992) (TV)
and Igor Martinovic, using two-perf 35mm, took over for              before, so we need to do a lot of homework to keep up."           Dunkirk: A Human Endeavour            (1990) (TV)

ISSUE 32      BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER                                                                                                                                              page   23
                                 FEATURE                                                   camera creative

                                                                                                                                                              first feature film co-venture. It was a hit at the 2007 box
                                                                                                                                                              office, earned rave reviews, an Oscar nomination for
                                                                                                                                                              McGarvey and British Academy of Film and Television Award
                                                                                                                                                              nominations for both of them.

                                                                                                                                                              On Skid Row
                                                                                                                                                              “Normally, during early preproduction, I talk with the director
                                                                                                                                                              about his vision and things like the colour palette, textures and
                                                                                                                                                              aspect ratio,” McGarvey says. “Joe and I didn't start planning
                                                                                                                                                              The Soloist with any of those things in mind. We met and
                                                                                                                                                              spoke with people on Skid Row to get a clear idea of who they
                                                                                                                                                              were and what their lives were like. We also attended group
                                                                                                                                                              therapy sessions and other meetings with them, where I
                                                                                                                                                              heard things that I had never heard before.”

                                                                                                                                                              Those experiences put the script into perspective for both of
                                                                                                                                                              them. “We met people whose stories altered our
                                                                                                                                                              preconceptions about the homeless,” McGarvey emphasises.
                                                                                                                                                              “It was a humbling experience, because we realised that
                                                                                                                                                              anyone can become homeless in the blink of an eye. We
                                                                                                                                                              couldn't believe how these people were living and how the
photo by Thomas Napper

                                                                                                                                                              government ignored their plight. That got us started on the
                                                                                                                                                              right foot.”

                                                                                                                                                              They scouted locations in Los Angeles and also in Cleveland,
                                                                                                                                                              where flashback scenes were filmed, and met with
                                                                                                                                                              production designer Sarah Greenwood. She designed sets for
                         On the street: McGarvey and director Joe Wright did the pre-prep for The Soloist on Skid Row                                         Ayers' boyhood home, a Los Angeles apartment where he
                                                                                                                                                              found shelter, and a stainless steel room where a flashback
                                                                                                                                                              scene of him receiving electroshock treatment was filmed.

                         You’re not alone                                                                                                                     They considered shooting night exteriors in digital format.
                                                                                                                                                              McGarvey shot side-by-side tests with minimal artificial light
                                                                                                                                                              in the foreground, comparing Genesis, ARRI D20 and DALSA
                                                                                                                                                              4K digital cameras and two 35mm film cameras mounted
                          Seamus McGarvey BSC ASC, The Soloist                                                                                                with anamorphic and spherical lenses.

                         The Soloist takes the audience on a journey through                Skid Row. His newspaper articles and book (The Soloist: A         “We projected the tests side by side and compared depth-of-
                         the streets of downtown Los Angeles where homeless                 Lost Dream And The Redemptive Power of Music) were the            field, textures and details in the darkest shadows and
                         people live on Skid Row, writes Bob Fisher. The film               basis for The Soloist screenplay that Susannah Grant wrote        brightest highlights,” McGarvey says. “The digital images
                         was inspired by a series of newspaper articles and a               for DreamWorks.                                                   were clear and vivid, but they didn't handle details in extreme
                         book that was written by Los Angeles Times journalist                                                                                highlights or at very low light levels nearly as well as film.
                         Steve Lopez.                                                       Fair questions: Why did the producers ask Joe Wright to           Headlights and streetlights also had strange magenta
                                                                                            direct The Soloist, and why did he invite Seamus McGarvey         artifacts. The anamorphic approach looked and felt more
                         Flashback to 2005: Lopez hears “beautiful music” while he is       BSC ASC to fly across the ocean and collaborate with him?         organic than anything else, even at the lowest light levels.”
                         walking to his office in downtown Los Angeles. The music
                         leads him to a homeless man who is playing a two-string            “Joe was an ideal director for The Soloist,” McGarvey replies.    Consequently, Wright and McGarvey decided to produce The
                         violin. The reporter initiates a conversation with the man         “The story resonated with him when he read the script,            Soloist in anamorphic format coupled with digital intermediate
                         whose name is Nathaniel Ayers.                                     because he is interested in mental health issues and is a keen    (DI) postproduction. After comparing DIs of tests shot with
                                                                                            music lover. Joe told me the story, and asked if I was            different stocks, McGarvey decided to limit his palette to
                         Ayers was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, where he             interested in working with him.”                                  Kodak Vision 3 5219 (500T) film with the exception of a few,
                         nurtured a boyhood interest in playing the violin. He earned a                                                                       bright daylight scenes.
                         scholarship to Juilliard, the nation's premier school of music.    That was the equivalent of asking a fish if it wanted to go for
                         During his sophomore year, Ayes showed the first signs of          a swim. McGarvey and Wright met during the early 1990s            He explains, “It has an amazing range of latitude, and is very
                         schizophrenia, which put him on the path to Skid Row. His          when they collaborated on filming music videos and a short        malleable, particularly in the highlight and shadow areas.
                         story inspired Lopez to interview other homeless people on         film during the dawn of their careers. Atonement was their        There was minimal build up of grain when I pushed the

                         page   24                                                                                                                                       ISSUE 32      BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER
         FEATURE                                                camera creative

                                                                                                     Front-end lab work was done at Deluxe, in Los Angeles. McGarvey selected shots for film
                                                                                                     dailies, including scenes where he “tortured” the negative to get more expressive looks. He put
                                                                                                     finishing touches on the look during DI timing sessions with colorist Yvan Lucas at EFilm, in Los

                                                                                                     ”I hadn't worked with Yvan before, but we hit it off right away,” McGarvey says. “He understood
                                                                                                     that I wanted to retain a naturalistic look. We were doing dynamic grading including darkening
                                                                                                     shadows on faces. I had experimented with using ProMist filters on the camera lenses while
                                                                                                     shooting flashback scenes. We reduced some contrast and added touches of a blue magenta
                                                                                                     tone to those scenes. Joe (Wright) would drop in from time to see what we were doing, but
                                                                                                     he and I were on the same track from day one of preproduction.”

                                                                                                     BSC ASC!
                                                                                                     McGarvey recently joined the small but distinguished band of BSC members who have gone on
                                                                                                     to also join the American Society of Cinematographers (Gabriel Beristain, Roger Deakins,
                                                                                                     Stephen Goldblatt, Chris Menges, Doug Milsome, Tony Richmond and Peter Suschitzky). He
                                                                                                     was nominated for membership of the ASC by Roger Deakins BSC ASC, Amy Vincent ASC, Dion
                                                                                                     Beebe ACS ASC, and Rodney Taylor ASC. He was interviewed by a membership committee
                                                                                                     that included Owen Roizman ASC, Guillermo Navarro AMC ASC and Vincent while he was in
                                                                                                     Los Angeles to time the DI on The Soloist. McGarvey recalls that it was a friendly environment
                                                                                                     in the company of people he admired as both filmmakers and human beings. He showed them
                                                                                                     clips from four or five of his films, and discussed why he rendered those images the way that
                                                                                                     he did rather than how.

                                                                                                     “It was a bit daunting, because I was explaining why I deserved to be a member of an
                                                                                                     organisation that would put me in the company of so many of my past and present heroes,” he
                                                                                                     admits. “Becoming a member of the ASC was like a dream come true. I hope that being a
                                                                                                     member of both the BSC and the ASC will allow me to help collaboration and communication
Togetherness: Seamus McGarvey and operator Mitch Dubin discuss a shot on                             between the two societies.”
The Soloist
                                                                                                     The American Society of Cinematographers traces its roots to a December 1918 meeting of 15
negative by a half to a full stop. The only exceptions were a few brighter daylight scenes where     cinematographers at William C. Foster's home in Los Angeles. They were among the first
I decided to use (Kodak Vision 2 200T) 5217.”                                                        generation of cinematographers who were in the process of inventing a new language for
                                                                                                     telling stories with silent, black and white moving images that were handcranked through
Panavision provided the camera package, including Panaflex Millennium XL2 and Panaflex               cameras at 16 frames per second. ASC was chartered in California in January 1919.
Platinum bodies, anamorphic C Series and E-series prime lenses, and AWZ2 T2 40-80 and ATZ
T 3.5 70 to 200mm zoom lenses. The relatively new ATZ zoom lens weighs 12.75 pounds and              The Soloist releases in the US on 24th April, and in the UK on 11th September 2009.
is 15-inches long. It can hold crisp focus from within 5-1/2 feet of the subject.

McGarvey shot makeup and hair tests with Robert Downey, Jr., who portrays Lopez, and with
Jamie Foxx, who plays Ayers, both as a young man in flashback scenes and as an older man
who has grey hair and a rougher complexion.

Facial landscapes
While reading the script, McGarvey envisioned scenes where the eyes and expressions on
faces would tell the story. He shot tests with the actors at different contrast ratios and exposed
the negative in various ways to check the reflectivity of their skin tones.

“We covered most scenes with two cameras because Joe wanted to give the actors freedom
to react to each other and to situations,” McGarvey says. “When we got into more intimate
environments, including a couple of scenes with Robert Downey, Jr. and Catherine Keener, who
plays the journalist's ex-wife, we usually chose to use a single camera. Some locations and
smaller sets also didn't allow for positioning two cameras.”

McGarvey cites the scene where Lopez follows the music until he finds Ayers playing his violin
in a tunnel, where they have their first conversation.

“Joe quickly decided that he wanted overlapping coverage with one camera on each character,”
McGarvey reminisces. “It was fascinating watching the actors become the characters they
were portraying. We were able to use both sides of their conversation without any retakes.”

Street people were extras, and a few played small roles, including Leane, a woman who found
ways to feed stray cats. There is scene where she shares her theory of life with Lopez.

“One camera was on her and the other on Robert Downey, Jr., who had wonderful expressions
on his face,” McGarvey says. “He wasn't acting. He was genuinely moved.”

There is a memorable, emotionally charged scene that was filmed during a rehearsal for an
actual performance at Walt Disney Concert Hall. The camera was on a Libra head mounted on
a rig suspended from the ceiling. That set up allowed McGarvey to track past the conductor
and orchestra towards Ayers and Lopez who were sitting in the auditorium together. It ends
with a close-up shot of them watching and listening as music fills the air.

“The meaning of this film plays on the actors' faces,” McGarvey observes.

ISSUE 32      BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER                                                                                                                                                      page   25
         UK                     syllabus stories

Shine a light… get a shadow
Run by Brighton-based Lighthouse, Guiding                            illustrious filmmaker mentors, have been                           Over the year each 'mentee' is developing a
Lights is a flagship industry mentoring                              brought together to support the scheme.                            one-on-one relationship with their mentor
scheme established as part of A Bigger                                                                                                  and taking part in networking and training
Future, the UK film skills strategy, a joint                         This is the first year that cinematographers                       events with the other participants. Success
project set up by Skillset and the UK Film                           have been included in the scheme and                               stories are already springing from the
Council.                                                                                                                                matches and at the end of their year the
                                                                     Oliver Stapleton BSC, Remi Adefarasin
                                                                                                                                        mentees will be celebrated at an industry
Prestigious members of the UK film                                   BSC, Barry Ackroyd BSC and Seamus                                  event held at BAFTA. For a full list of
industry, including Guiding Lights sponsor                           McGarvey BSC ASC, have all been matched                            mentors and mentees please go to
Optimum Releasing, and a range of                                    with emerging talent.                                    

David Raedeker                                                                                         Faye
mentored by Barry Ackroyd BSC                                                                          mentored by Remi Adefarasin BSC

David Raedeker began his career as a stills photographer, shooting editorials for various clients
including Vogue and Elle. After helping out on a film production he developed a taste for moving
images and started working as a freelance camera assistant.
                                                                                                       Faye developed a passion for images at an young age and recollects memories of early lessons
Since studying film under Ken McMullen at the London College of Communication he has shot              with a pinhole camera and the school's darkroom as formative beginnings in her life as a
campaigns for Nike, RAF, Marks & Spencer and Nokia and filmed bands such as the Magic                  cinematographer. When she was 17 she shot footage for a local news station and was inspired
Numbers, David Gray and Babyshambles. He has shot numerous award-winning shorts,                       to study cinematography at Bournemouth Film School where she lit and operated numerous
television dramas, artists projects and four features including the Berlin 2007 nominated film         S16mm projects.
Elvis Pelvis, Love Streams 2007 flagship production, directed by Kevin Aduaka and exec
produced by Agnès B.                                                                                   On leaving film school she pursued two parallel careers; on bigger films she worked her way up
                                                                                                       through the camera department and on smaller projects she built up the scale of projects she
Raedeker has collaborated with Guiding Lights mentees both during and previous to his time on          was lighting and operating. These two strands came together and she now works consistently
the scheme. He recently shot Molly And Plum with Guiding Lights writer Rupert Raby and                 as a DP and/or operator.
producer Yaw Basoah. Before the gaining a place on the scheme he also shot the short Top Girl
for Guiding Lights director Rebecca Johnson, which was selected for this year's Clermont               Faye has worked underwater, around the world and through the night on commercials, features,
Ferrand, Berlin and Rotterdam Film Festivals. Raedeker's next feature project will be Dinner           promos, corporates and documentaries. She has operated on a broad spectrum of projects
With My Sisters, starting principal photography in June for five weeks in Cyprus, co-produced          from the televisation of King Lear starring Sir Ian McKellan to working for clients such as Hugo
by Joe Dunton BSC CBE                                                                                  Boss, PC World, Top Shop and Bloomsbury Publishing. She also teaches at the Met Film School
                                                                                                       at Ealing Studios.
Ackroyd's style (working in an unrestricted way with the actors and allowing the director
flexibility on the set) is something Raedeker aspires to, as it contributes a very 'real' atmosphere   Faye believes the Guiding Lights scheme has provided her with a step up to the next level:
to the films. Raedeker has shadowed Barry Ackroyd on the set of Greenzone, directed by Paul            “Teaming me with the talented, charming and diverse Remi Adefarasin BSC who offers his
Greengrass. He was recently signed for representation at United Agents.                                time, support and extensive technical and creative wisdom is a money-can't-buy experience
                                                                                                       which is educational, encouraging and inspiring.”
Raedeker's advice to anyone starting out in cinematography : “You have to love it and live it and
if you are stubborn enough you'll get there. I started with a manual stills camera with negative       For aspiring cinematographers Faye has the following advice: "Be passionate about what you
stock and took pictures of everything I found interesting. That taught me the most important           do and enjoy it. Work for the script. Don't be scared to be different, or even the same if need
principles and gave me a taste of what it's like to be behind the camera.”                             be. Believe in yourself and look after the team you build around you - they are everything.

page   26                                                                                                                                          ISSUE 32      BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER
         UK                    syllabus stories

Stephanie Hardt                                                                                     Ula Pontikos
mentored by Oliver Stapleton BSC                                                                    mentored by Seamus McGarvey BSC ASC
                                                                                                    Originally from Poland, Pontikos
                                                                                                    made London her home and
                                                                                                    began her professional career as
                                                                                                    a camera assistant and clapper
                                                                                                    loader on a variety of films
                                                                                                    including Steven Frears' Dirty
                                                                                                    Pretty Things and Richard Eyre's
                                                                                                    Notes on a Scandal (both lensed
                                                                                                    by Chris Menges BSC ASC). She
                                                                                                    recently graduated from the
                                                                                                    NFTS and has worked on
                                                                                                    numerous shorts and music
                                                                                                    videos. While also developing as
                                                                                                    a stills photographer Pontikos moved into work as a 2nd Unit DP and camera op on award-
Stephanie Hardt is a German-born cinematographer working both in the UK and on the                  winning features Vampire Diary and Outlanders.
continent. She trained at Westminster University, following this with an MA in cinematography
at the Northern Film School. Here she shot Keepsake, which won Best Dramatic Short at the           Last year Pontikos shot and directed her own visual documentary short China's Wild West
New York Independent Film Festival and Wolf In An Arran Sweater for which she won the               which was selected for Sundance this year, and is stirring festival attention in the US and
Arriflex Award for Best Camera and Lighting as part of The Fuji Film Scholarship Awards.            Europe, building on the multiple festival successes of three of the shorts she shot last year. She
                                                                                                    has also created quite a buzz and was selected as new Talent in Cinematography in Fuji's
Since graduating she has worked on a variety of projects from promos, virals, commercials and       Exposure.
independent features to documentaries and reality TV shows. The Coke virals she shot last year
have won seven British TV Advertising Awards. Also released last year was Heavy Load - an           When asked why she chose Seamus McGarvey as her mentor she responded: “Apart from
award-winning feature documentary which the LA Times said, “benefits at every turn from             creating beautiful work and being very successful and knowledgeable, he came from the film
Stephanie Hardt's gorgeous cinematography.”                                                         school background like me and I knew I could learn a lot from him. Also, his style of filming is
                                                                                                    very varied, and that's what I like in his work.”
Hardt says: “The one thing missing when working as a DP is learning from other more
experienced DPs at work. Whether this is observing them at work, (during pre-production, on         Pontikos is looking forward to shadowing McGarvey later in the year. Her advice to aspiring
set and during post production) seeing how they make their decisions, or being able to ask          cinematographers: “Try and get on set as a camera trainee. Time on set is the best training you
them for their advice about a specific problem. Passionate about storytelling and the subtle arts   can get. And film your own projects as much as you can in your free time. Take photographs,
of lighting and composition, I am honoured to be mentored by Oliver Stapleton as part of the        then look at them to find out what made you decide to take them like you did. Although they're
Guiding Lights scheme. He has already been very helpful to consult and I'm really looking           not moving pictures, through stills you can learn and understand your work and keep developing
forward to shadowing him on a feature later in the year.”                                           you own personal style.”

ISSUE 32      BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER                                                                                                                                                      page   27
         INTERNATIONAL                                                                              f-stop hollywood

                                                                                                                                     “The slums were obviously extraordinary because we're
                                                                                                                                     encroaching on people's lives,” Dod Mantle said. “At the same
                                                                                                                                     time we had carte blanche and the green light to go in there
                                                                                                                                     and basically destroy their daily lives. You open a cupboard
                                                                                                                                     and a family of 15 fall out. And that's not something you can

                                                                                                                                     Mantle also addressed film budgets, saying: “It's very difficult
                                                                                                                                     these days with films, because the production value is such
                                                                                                                                     that things get harder and harder and wear on the budget. I
                                                                                                                                     think things get more and more pressured, but I try to keep a
                                                                                                                                     certain mental and physical extra space available for me and
                                                                                                                                     my directors to think twice or three times on set.”

                                                                                                                                     Also backstage, editor Dickens said the film “always had
                                                                                                                                     magic, right from the beginning.”

                                                                                                                                      “This is history being handed over to me,” said Pookutty,
                                                                                                                                     adding that he was the first from India to be nominated in a
                                                                                                                                     technical category.

                                                                                                                                     Meanwhile, Kate's Winslett's sixth Oscar nomination finally
                                                                                                                                     landed her a gold statuette. Winslett said she felt “like a little
                                                                                                                                     girl from Reading. … My mum won a pickled onion
                                                                                                                                     competition in the local pub just before Christmas, and you
                                                                                                                                     know, that was a big deal. And the Reading Evening Post sent
                                                                                                                                     me a picture of her holding up her jar. Well, Reading Evening
                                                                                                                                     Post, there's your next Winslet picture.”

                                                                                                                                     Also that evening, the Oscar for the best documentary feature
                                                                                                                                     went to British doc Man On Wire, which tells the story of
                                                                                                                                     Phillippe Petit's wire-walk between New York's twin towers in
                                                                                                                                     1974. Brit Michael O'Connor, earned a trophy in costume
                                                                                                                                     design for his work on The Duchess.

                                                                                                                                     ASC Awards
                                                                                                                                     A week before the Oscars, Dod Mantle's lensing of Slumdog
                                                                                                                                     Millionaire was honored at the 23rd annual American Society
                                                                                                                                     of Cinematographers Outstanding Achievement Awards.

                                                                                                                                     The category also included Roger Deakins, who was double-
                                                                                                                                     nominated for Revolutionary Road and The Reader; Chris
                                                                                                                                     Menges, also for The Reader: Claudio Miranda for The Curious
Bless: Dod Mantle dedicated his award to everyone he'd work with in the last 20 years                                                Case of Benjamin Button; and Wally Pfister for The Dark

                                                                                                                                     During the evening, The Dark Knight director Chris Nolan

Slumdog triumphs                                                                                                                     received the ASC Board of Governors Award in recognition of
                                                                                                                                     his contributions to the art of filmmaking. Nolan and Pfister
                                                                                                                                     famously broke new ground by lensing several sequences of
                                                                                                                                     the latest Batman film in the 65 mm Imax film format.

                                                                                                                                     “If I have done anything to be worthy of this, it is working with
Anthony Dod Mantle BSC DFF and an international                    British/Indian sound mixing team of Ian Tapp, Richard Pryke       people who share my love for the high technical standards
team of collaborators received Academy Awards for                  and Resul Pookutty. The film also won Oscars for best score       that have always been the backbone of the filmmaking
the rags-to-riches British drama Slumdog Millionaire,              and best song.                                                    process,” Nolan said. “I'm often these days asked to defend
writes Carolyn Giardina, prompting helmer Danny                                                                                      my love for film - the medium. That's like a stone mason being
Boyle to point out that “the world is shrinking a bit, in          On stage, Dod Mantle acknowledged, “All the people that           asked to defend marble. I defend my position using facts and
a wonderful way.”                                                  have worked on all the films I've done for the last 20 years -    figures about resolution and bit-depth. What you do as
                                                                   they're with me tonight.”                                         cinematographers is not quantifiable, logical or rational. It's
Backstage at the 81st Academy Awards, following wins for                                                                             hard to explain why it has the affect on us that it does. It is
best director and best picture, Boyle said: “It's just                                                                               magic, and you are magicians.”
                                                                   In the interview room following his win, Dod Mantle held the
extraordinary what has grown and culminated tonight of these       trophy that was presented by actress Natalie Portman, and
extraordinary communities: Bollywood, who gave us virtually                                                                          Jack Green ASC - who shot numerous Clint Eastwood films
                                                                   described to a crowd of journalists how he captured the
all our cast and crew; Hollywood, which has been responsible                                                                         including Unforgiven, was presented the ASC Lifetime
                                                                   energy of Mubai.
for the elevation of the film, culminating tonight, and we were                                                                      Achievement Award. The ASC International Achievement
Brits really trapped in the middle. It's a lovely trapped thing,                                                                     Award was given to Donald McAlpine, ASC ACS; the Career
it's not a bad trapped thing. You can see it's going to happen     “My main brief was to learn how to run with the boys,” he         Achievement in Television Award was presented to Robert
more and more.”                                                    said. “Learn how to run with them at a certain height, at a       “Bobby” Liu ASC; and the President's Award was bestowed
                                                                   certain pace, in a certain, intimate way, and that was a pretty   on Isidore Mankofsky ASC.
Among the Brits who received Oscars for Slumdog were               difficult thing, actually, in the slums of Mumbai. That's where
Simon Beaufoy, for the screenplay adaptation of the novel Q &      I spent most of my time in shooting.” The film was lensed with    ASC president Daryn Okada noted that the ASC's 90th
A by Vikas Swarup; Chris Dickens, for film editing; and the        a combination of SI 2K digital camera - handheld - and film.      anniversary, which is being celebrated this year, made the

page   28                                                                                                                                       ISSUE 32       BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER
         INTERNATIONAL                                                                           f-stop hollywood

awards “especially meaningful. “Our cinematographers,
through their profound passion and commitment, continue to
deliver amazing artistry.”

Prior to the awards ceremony, plaques were presented to all
nominees during an ASC nominees dinner, hosted by Kodak.
Menges was unable to attend. Accepting a nomination
plaque, Deakins noted that Menges shot the “major portion of
The Reader. He was the first person I approached when I left
film school and he has been an inspiration to me ever since.
It's an honour to be sharing a credit with a man such as Chris.”

ASC VP Michael Goi, who handed out the plaques with fellow
VP Owen Roizman, quipped: “We were considering a new
category for best cinematography in a film shot by Roger

Sci-Tech Celebration
AMPAS' Scientific and Technical Awards ceremony was held
three weeks before the Academy Awards. Popular with the
Sci-Tech community, the open bar reception, sit down dinner
and ceremony tends to have a very personal feel as the group
honours its own.                                                   International: cinematographer Don McAlpine with his ASC award

This year, the evening's highlight was the presentation of the
Gordon E. Sawyer Award to computer scientist Ed Catmull,           Computer scientist and motion picture technologist Mark      honour was ARRI's fifteenth Sci-Tech Award, although it was
who co-founded Pixar Animation Studios, and serves as              Kimball was bestowed the John A. Bonner Medal of             its first for a lighting development.
president of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios. He           Commendation to for his service and dedication to the
received two enthusiastic standing ovations as he was              Academy. Kimball spent nearly two decades at Walt Disney     Scientific and Engineering Awards were also handed out to
presented the Oscar statuette, recognising his lifetime of         Feature Animation, with roles including CAPS (Computer       Jacques Delacoux and Alexandre Leuchter for the Transvideo
technical contributions to the industry.                           Animation Production System) logistics system lead and       video-assist monitors; and to Bruno Coumert, Jacques
Among his accomplishments, Catmull founded three leading           finally as chief technologist.                               Debize, Dominique Chervin and Christophe Reboulet for the
computer graphics research centers - Pixar, the computer                                                                        Angenieux 15-40 and 28-76 zoom lenses for handheld
division of Lucasfilm, and the computer graphics laboratory at     Scientific and Engineering Awards were presented to Erwin    cinematography. A Technical Achievement Award went to
the New York Institute of Technology - and is widely known as      Melzner, Volker Schumacher and Timo Müller for the Arrimax   Steve Hylén for the Hylén Lens System for motion picture
one of the architects of Pixar's Renderman software.               18/12 lighting fixture with innovative cooling system. The   effects photography.

ISSUE 32      BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER                                                                                                                                            page   29
        INTERNATIONAL                                                                             letter from america

Preservation in a pickle
Bob Fisher highlights AMPAS's 70-page The Digital Dilemma
report which looks into digital media versus film for archiving
purposes, and found some nasty surprises waiting.
                                                                                                                                   The research project was launched during the Spring of 2005
                                                                                                                                   when the Academy organized a conference, which included
                                                                                                                                   film archivists and their counterparts at US government
                                                                                                                                   agencies and universities.

                                                                                                                                   “The purpose of the conference was to ask the experts what
                                                                                                                                   questions needed to be asked and answered about the
                                                                                                                                   archivability of motion pictures produced or post produced in
                                                                                                                                   digital format,” says Academy Science and Technology
                                                                                                                                   council director Andy Maltz. “Some 70 individuals from
                                                                                                                                   various sectors, such as health care, super-computing, earth
                                                                                                                                   science and government were subsequently interviewed. The
                                                                                                                                   Digital Dilemma report is a summary of our findings. The
                                                                                                                                   report isn't advocating practices for archiving. We are
                                                                                                                                   providing reliable information, so people can draw their own

                                                                                                                                            The respective
                                                                                                                                         average annual
                                                                                                                                         costs for archiving
                                                                                                                                         film and 4K digital
                                                                                                                                         master files for a
                                                                                                                                         motion picture are
                                                                                                                                         $1,059 and $12,514

                                                                                                                                   The 75-page report was co-authored by Maltz and Shefter. A
Imagine a newspaper reporter demanding to know                   also implemented a strategy for preserving the studio's film      line in the second paragraph of the forward states the mission
why Sarah Bernhardt was wasting her talent by                    assets. Shefter subsequently ushered several other studios        precisely: “Even some of the artists who are most evangelistic
appearing in films that were only seen by “low brow”             through the same process.                                         about the new world of digital motion pictures sometimes
audiences. It sounds like a script for a biography-based                                                                           seem not to have thoroughly explored the question of what
drama, but it actually happened in 1913.                         Today, each of the seven Hollywood studios has asset              happens to a digital production once it leaves theatres and
                                                                 protection managers who are dedicated to restoring and            begins its life (if all goes well) as a long-term studio asset.”
The legendary stage actress reportedly replied that she did it   archiving films in their libraries for future audiences.
so future audiences could see her perform. It was a prescient                                                                      The report compares practices and costs for film and digital
response. Clips of her performances, beginning with The Duel     Journalist Michael Cieply put this issue into perspective in      archiving. It documents a general agreement that because of
of Hamlet in 1900, are weaved into the fabrics of at least ten   New York Times article that was published on December 23,         the degradation of signals and obsolescence of formats and
documentaries about Bernhardt and the dawn of the age of         2007. He cited a report stating that about one-third of the       standards, digital media is much more volatile than film.
silent movies.                                                   annual $36 billion earned by the US studios comes from their
                                                                 libraries. In addition to television, the demand was sparked by   The report says the respective average annual costs for
The long-term financial and cultural value of films came into    cinemas in homes, which have evolved from VCRs to laser           archiving film and 4K digital master files for a motion picture
focus during the 1960s when the burgeoning television            discs, DVDs and now high definition DVDs and flat plasma          are $1,059 dollars and $12,514.
industry developed an insatiable appetite for programming old    screens.
movies and popular episodic series for a new generation of                                                                         “All Hollywood studios have been archiving their films in
fans.                                                            Cieply's article was inspired by the release of The Digital       proper humidity and temperature-controlled environments for
                                                                 Dilemma report issued by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts       at least 40 years,” Shefter says. “All of the negative,
Los Angeles-based film preservationist Milt Shefter              and Sciences in November 2007. The subtitle is “Strategic         intermediate film and black and white separations, scripts and
supervised the design and construction of a 40,000 square        Issues in Archiving and Accessing Digital Motion Picture          notes for an average feature film can be archived in about 300
foot archival vault on the Paramount Pictures lot in 1987. He    Materials”.                                                       boxes.”

page   30                                                                                                                                    ISSUE 32       BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER
         INTERNATIONAL                                                                                letter from america

                                                                                                                About one-third of the annual
                                                                                                             $36 billion earned by the US
                                                                                                             studios comes from their

                                                                                                      Maltz observes, “The Digital Dilemma report seems to have struck a nerve. It has sparked a lot
                                                                                                      of interest and raised many questions. Our goal was to make people both inside and outside of
                                                                                                      the industry aware of this important issue.”

                                                                                                      The alternative to finding a solution was raised in Cieply's New York Times article. He cautioned
                                                                                                      that future fans might have a better chance of watching movies from the 1920s, '30s or '40s
                                                                                                      than today's motion pictures archived in digital format.

                                                                                                      The Academy recently began the next phase of the Digital Dilemma research project in
                                                                                                      conjunction with the Library of Congress. The second phase of the study is focussing on the
                                                                                                      state of the art of archiving independent films and documentaries.

                                                                                                      For more information about the work being done by the Academy Science and Technology
                                                                                                      Council visit their website at

The Academy report cites case studies which indicate that it requires more than two petabytes
(2,000 terabytes) to store all the files generated for a movie produced in digital format. A single
terabyte is equal to a trillion bytes of computer data.

The report states that the current cost for archiving all relevant elements of a motion picture
produced in digital format is $208,569 dollars a year. It also cautions that a digital media hard
drive can “freeze up” in as little as two years, and recordable DVD media will eventually
degrade. About half are not expected to last longer than 15 years. Technology vendors
recommend migrating DI master files every four to five years.

Shefter points out that I Love Lucy and other television programmes produced by Desilu Studios
some 50 years ago are still in syndication, because they were properly archived at CFI labs, in
Los Angeles, where he worked at the beginning of his career.

“The original programmes were produced on black and white film, and later on colour
negative,” Shefter recalls. “I don't think anyone realised how valuable they would become as a
record of early television and as assets that continue earning revenues.”

ISSUE 32      BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER                                                                                                                                                       page   31
          INTERNATIONAL                                                                                 imago

Award: Andreas Fisher-Hansen DFF, former president of                 Talent spotter: Remy Chevrin AFC president visiting the            Three's company: (l-r) Jan Betke BvK, Michel van Lear
Imago and its second honorary member                                  film museum                                                        SBC president, and Louis-Philippe Capelle SBC Imago
                                                                                                                                         general secretary

My family in Bradford
As we travel back from Bradford on our way to Kings                   But back on the train my esteemed friend Tudor, had managed        They are far more aware in Europe of the work done in the UK
Cross, my Romanian friend Tudor Lucaciu was                           to attract the interest of our fellow passengers with his          that we give them credit for, unlike us as 'European' cinema is
explaining the reasoning for the style behind the                     enthusiasm, passion and knowledge of films. This was for me        not widely shown in the UK
commercial we were viewing on his laptop. I was                       the continuation of three days of intense gratification in the
surprised that as we thunder down the line at 125                     company of truly great European filmmakers. This had led to        Sitting at the conference hall and looking at all the different
miles/hr, the free internet service provided by the                   me feeling a sense of belonging to an international community      nationalities present with their wonderful accents, hand
Eastern Rail company actually worked. We are in the                   that stretches around the world, without frontiers regardless      expressions and the different ways they have of explaining
21st century. Wireless communication speed                            of race and religion, in truth a family.                           themselves, it was just like being on a film set working with
contributes to a smaller world.                                                                                                          fellow filmmaker's laughing at some joke, or trying to
                                                                      I remember someone asked me once, as we were moaning               collectively take a decision, whilst going around in circles but
The reason for my journey to Bradford had been to help the            the state of affairs and the possibility of having to do           in the end arriving at a conclusion that satisfied everyone.
BSC as host country, in the running of the IMAGO General              something else to make ends meet, “What would you miss if
Assembly (IAGA) held in Bradford on the 13th, 14th, and 15th          you would leave this industry?”. The first thought that came       The work for just over 16 years that IMAGO (at present under
February 2009.                                                        into my mind was the people.                                       the presidency of Nigel Walters BSC and before him many
                                                                                                                                         others including Harvey Harrison BSC) has done over this
IMAGO, to keep things clear, is the European umbrella                 For all the amazing places and things that I have been part of,    period has given the association a well-respected name, not
organisation that unites all cinematographers' associations           it would not have been as enjoyable as it was, if any of those     just in Europe but all over the world.
across Europe and, with an associate membership from                  wonderful characters that shared those moments had not
countries outside Europe, forms almost a worldwide                    been there with me.                                                As the conference finished, and we all said our goodbyes, we
organisation with 37 members uniting the cinematographers'                                                                               kissed, we hugged, and we shook hands we promise to keep
concerns and ideals around the world.                                 We forget that we belong to a bigger community of                  in touch until the next time.
                                                                      filmmakers, we relate to the USA forgetting that really
To quote from their website: “The main purpose of the                 Hollywood is in another continent that although we think that      Back on the train with Tudor (now approaching London), we
federation is to champion and uphold the high standards               our career's highlight is to work on the biggest American          felt the presence of all those great Italian, French, Spanish,
achieved by the cinematography profession and, via a                  production visiting these shores. In reality we are much closer    Scandinavian, Eastern Europeans and English masters that I
constant exchange of experience, to promote the spread of             to Europe that what we think, that their concerns are our          have much admired all my life. Suddenly I realised that
that highly-specialised culture on which the long-standing            concerns and that they also share our love for films. We now       although Tudor lives in Bucharest, we are now in the 21st
technical and artistic quality of the european cinema industry        suffer from the same lack of work, and we are all struggling in    century, and that really the English Channel has ceased to
is firmly based.”                                                     this changing world. Although we can say I worked with him         exist, and that our industry is now totally interconnected like
                                                                      referring, to some famous British DP that now works almost         never before, with the rest of the world.
The extensive work that this organisation conducts can be             exclusively in the USA, so can they and probably far more
seen if you log onto                                   times than us.                                                     Long live the revolution! By Rodrigo Gutierrez.

       Digital Cinema Conference in Oslo
       Following the success of the previous conference in 2006 IMAGO, in co-                           films, exploring the choice of equipment, 35mm, 16mm or Hi-Definition as well as the
       operation with the Norwegian Society of Cinematographers, EDCF ( The                             challenges and experiences of the shooting and post-production process.
       European Digital Cinema Forum) and the Norwegian Film Institute, has arranged
       a further Digital Cinema Conference which will take place in Oslo on May 8, 9and                 The need for standardization of a new file format for camera originals will be discussed and
       10. It will host 200 cinematographers from all over Europe.                                      an update given on the development in distribution technology in the implementation of
                                                                                                        digital cinemas throughout the world .
       The conference will begin with in-depth, hands-on demonstrations and lectures on new
       digital camera equipment, tools and software, and discuss manufacturers plans for the            On Sunday the conference will focus on 3D , the theory and its impact on the industry,
       future. There will also be discussions with IMAGO and EDCF technical committees with             production and post-production. Hands-on 3D camera solutions will be demonstrated .
       experts.                                                                                         There will be lectures on the cinematographer's opportunities for quality control of the
                                                                                                        image during the complete digital process including cinema, DVD and TV distribution. The
       Saturday will begin with the focus on pre-production, production and post production in the      final item will be a lecture on the challenge and cost of archiving digital production in the
       digital film world. This will be followed by case studies of three recently made international   future.

page    32                                                                                                                                          ISSUE 32      BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER
         INTERNATIONAL                                                                                     imago

Thank you Bradford, Italian tax incentives
                                                                                                           Present day Italy is not renowned for its socialist principles, despite the fact that Berlusconi and

City of Film                                                                                               Blair are allegedly best mates. It came therefore as a surprise to learn in Bradford at a
                                                                                                           presentation given by Maurizio Sperandini, deputy general manager of Rome's Cinecitta
                                                                                                           Studios, one of IMAGO's latest and most generous sponsors, that qualification for tax
                                                                                                           incentives to attract productions to Italy include the condition that they have to be
                                                                                                           commissioned by a foreign production company, filmed on Italian territory, using Italian
                                                                                                           manpower, spending money in Italy.

                                                                                                           These are tax incentives aimed at American productions. British tax incentives are also aimed
                                                                                                           at American p[roductions as a recent article for the British Cinematographer by Colin Brown
                                                                                                           chairman of the UK Film Council indicates. In it there was no mention of Europe, despite more
                                                                                                           films being shot here than in America .Certainly no conditions that “British” manpower should
                                                                                                           be used to qualify for incentives from overseas. The Italians have authorisation with the EU to
                                                                                                           restrict their tax concessions to the employment of workers from Italy. No mention of the EU.

                                                                                                           The Italian tax concessions continue to stipulate that their tax credit benefit is not directly given
Presentation: (l-r) Diana Apostol general manager of Panalight Romania, Maurizio                           to foreign productions, but to Italian production service companies
Sperandini deputy general manager Cinecitta Studios in Rome, Louis-Philippe Capelle
                                                                                                           It is obvious to cinematographers and film workers that the British government is doing little to
general secretary of Imago and Roberto Jarratt CEO of Panalight Group – all viewing
                                                                                                           protect British film workers. If the Italians can stipulate that tax concessions only apply to
the details of a Cinecitta powerpoint at the BSC dinner
                                                                                                           companies using Italian manpower in their country why does the British Government not offer
The rhythm of the wheels, iron against                such happy memories and for the success of           similar protection to its workers? Such a principle may be protectionism by another name, but
iron, encourages reflection on rail                   the Conference: Duncan the projectionist,            who cares with such an erosion of our craft base taking place? Can it be their government
journeys, and although this will be                   Emma, Rebecca, Mark and the friendly                 advice is primarily sought from employers' organisations who have little care if our industrial
remembered as the conference of re-                   efficient staff of the Great Victoria Hotel, Bill    skills vanish as long as profits can be maximized? This is what will happen if present trends
unification of our societies the real star            Richardson from Screen Yorkshire who put us          continue. It has taken the Italians to point to the British the obvious and sensible wording in
has to have been the City of Bradford.                in touch with Nigel Rice from Bradford Council.      their tax concessions in protecting their craft base. Our craft skills need protection from the
                                                      The catering staff at the Museum reacting to         government.
In former times, crossing the points would act        the unpredictable demands of wine and coffee
                                                                                                           IMAGO is grateful for the generous offer given in Bradford by Cinecitta Studios and Panalight to
as a check on getting carried away in thought,        from the Italians and French so efficiently. You
                                                                                                           host their 2010 Annual General Conference in Rome. We look forward to meeting next year in
but as they have all but disappeared from the         all played your part. Thank you.
                                                                                                           Rome. The offer has come as a bolt of Italian light, reflecting their confidence in the future of
high-speed track whistling South I am allowed
                                                                                                           IMAGO at a time when financial restrictions were threatening our plans for the future It has
to contemplate without interruption. Bradford         None of this would have been possible
                                                                                                           been an Italian year for IMAGO, with our first ever tribute being awarded to Guiseppe Rotunno
had been an inspired choice resulting from an         without the support of the BSC, represented
                                                                                                           AIC at the Frankfurt Festival last September.
invitation a year ago to visit one of the four film   by Sue Gibson, Joe Dunton and Rodrigo
festivals held there each year. The occasion          Guteirrez, Martin Hammond, the conference
then had been the International Festival where        organiser and the generosity of our sponsors.
my friend of twenty years, Michael Palin, was         Some of those sponsors who have stood by
being honoured. It was only by a chance               IMAGO in better days are suffering in this
reading of a pamphlet in my hotel room that I         economic downturn and we need to stand by
learnt that Bradford was bidding to be a              them now and be grateful for their past
UNESCO City of Film.                                  support. Panavision, Kodak and ARRI are our
                                                      largest historical benefactors, and to make
The City has everything for a conference of           Bradford affordable for the hosting BSC were
cinematographers, especially the National             joined by generous donations from Fuji,
Media Museum where I am particularly                  Panalight, Lee Filters, Cinecitta Studios,
indebted to the curator of cinematography             Rosco, Deluxe, The Bradford City of Film,
Michael Harvey and the events organiser, Jan          National Media Museum and Screen Yorkshire
Metcalfe, for their encouragement and for
suggesting and making possible such a unique          The surprise act of generosity for Imago came
series of events around the actual Conference         when Maurizio Sperandini, the deputy
day.                                                  manager of Cinecitta Studios in Rome in
                                                      conjunction with Panalight, whose general
The finale was the showing of This is                 manager Roberto Jarratt was present,
Cinerama, a cocktail of pictures and sound,           announced the offer of hosting the next
tailor-made for the viewing of the European           IMAGO Annual General Meeting (IAGA) of
delegates. It was followed by a remarkable            Imago in Rome. They have promised transport
demonstration of the same century- old                and hotel assistance plus the excellent
Kinemacolor projector on which coloured film          facilities of their legendary Cinecitta Studios as
was first shown to the world in London exactly        a base. What generosity!
a century before. No one present will forget
the charming demonstration of English                 The weekend had begun with the presentation
eccentricity we witnessed from David                  of honorary membership of IMAGO to my
Cleveland, Brian Pritchard and Nigel Lister.          predecessor, the man who for many years
Entertainment and education at its best, but          selflessly steered the Federation away from
an example of a few enthusiasts saving and            the abyss of financial disaster and who was
restoring and devoting their time and energy          my own inspiration for my convictions in the
forfilm heritage. We owe them a great debt.           principles of Imago, Andreas Fisher-Hansen
                                                      DFF, a remarkable gentleman. We saluted you
Everyone who assisted us in Bradford was              as we arrived and as we departed . We meet
responsible for the delegates departing with          in Rome next year.

ISSUE 32       BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER                                                                                                                                                               page   33
        UK                     gbct

GBCT - The chairman speaks

                                                          Sean Bobbitt, HD

Per ardua
ad astra
I suppose, when you learn from the BBC's Money
Programme that commercial television
advertising has declined by £100 million over the
past eight years, you begin to understand a few
things. You learn that foreign television imports
are allowed to show blatant product placement
when broadcasting in Britain, but British
productions are not allowed to include it in their
programmes; that the internet now soaks up
approximately 25% of all advertising budgets;
and it is becoming increasingly difficult for
producers to secure the funds for programme
making - not helped by the massive amount of
counterfeit programmes available worldwide.

          Apparently 53%
       of television
       'formats' originate
       in Britain

So, times are tough out there in television land,
and it is affecting us all. British television is still
highly regarded worldwide though, and
apparently 53% of television 'formats' originate in
                                                          By Rupert Lloyd Parry. GBCT
We believe we do our bit to uphold the high
standards of television drama, and even though
                                                          Language seems to have changed recently. I joined a         often awkward to rig, but on the whole fairly predictable in
things are pretty slow at the moment, let's hope          business fifteen years ago that had jargon that was         their size, shape and functionality. Almost overnight I was
that the quality of what we do shines through and         fun; redheads and blondes, dollies, Honka Bonkas, the       dealing with a whole array of HD cameras that differed
helps keep British television dramas, and the             list goes on. Now it seems to be; pipelines, data,          dramatically. I realised that I needed, very fast, to get my act
crews that make them, at the very forefront of            workflows and backend delivery, they don't sound like       together and learn as much about these new machines as
worldwide broadcasting.                                   fun at all. I was never really interested in the glitz of   possible. Why would a grip need to do that? Well, for
                                                          the film industry. I always fascinated by the craft         example, putting an Arricam inside a car differs from putting
                                                          involved in making a movie; the rest of it in my view,      a Genesis attached to a recording deck in the same position
As they say in the RAF - per ardua ad astra.              was just a necessary evil to get bums on seats.             - similar rig, but with new problems to resolve.
                                                          Things are changing and where I had once heard HD
Jamie Harcourt GBCT                                       and film 'was like comparing plastic to leather', 'adapt    I have always thought that anyone working around a camera
Chairman                                                  or die' now sounds like compelling advice.                  is obliged, out of professional courtesy, to understand how
GBCT                                                                                                                  new technology is affecting their fellow crew members. We
                                                          Over the last couple of years I have noticed a distinct     work as a team and need to embrace new technology.
                                                          change. Perhaps I have been lucky, but all my work was      Recently these changes have accelerated beyond measure
                                                          predominantly with 35mm. That involves heavy cameras,       and we all need to stay on top of things, or it would be very

page   34                                                                                                                      ISSUE 32       BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER
         UK                    gbct

                                                                                                    camera ever made and stocks are infinitely superior to that produced as little as ten years ago.

and Film                                                                                            So why is the industry being driven down the HD route regardless of what and where we are
                                                                                                    shooting? It appears 'pipelines' are predominantly to blame.

                                                                                                    Grain movement is pivotal to the debate, pipelines don't like it. With an ever increasing number
                                                                                                    of channels being stuffed into the same bandwidth, capacity is becoming a deciding factor,
                                                                                                    especially for which format is being used. Pictures with grain movement require greater
                                                                                                    bandwidth, broadcast next to other pictures like football that also have a great deal of
                                                                                                    movement and the pipeline starts to not be big enough. This in turn means broadcasters are
                                                                                                    worried about overloading the system.

                                                                                                    Sean went on to point out that 'we have been told digital is better, it's not'. UK analogue is the
                                                                                                    best TV signal in the world, apart from possibly the Japanese who broadcast super HD through
                                                                                                    fibre optic cables. The country now has an inferior image purely because of the number of
                                                                                                    channels being broadcast. The largest casualty in all of this appears to be 16mm, which is
                                                                                                    where the Image Forum is trying to fight its corner. Many will be aware that the BBC decreed
                                                                                                    16mm should be replaced by HD. In most eyes this is at best short sighted, and at worst stifling
                                                                                                    the DP in their ability to maintain unimpeded artistic choice. I mentioned this to Andrew Dunn
                                                                                                    BSC who summed things up brilliantly. 'It's about storytelling' he told me, 'telling a story around
                                                                                                    a campfire is as much about the smell of the wood smoke as it is the story itself'.

                                                                                                    HD is very relevant and superb at many things, but in Sean's opinion we should be using the
                                                                                                    medium that is the best quality for the project. It would be a great shame 'to throw away 16mm
                                                                                                    just because of grain movement'. There is also the matter of economics to consider; on the face
                                                                                                    of it HD seems cheaper, again it's not. Backend delivery is being asked for in specific formats,
                                                                                                    this is being decided by budgets and not content. With the perception that HD is cheaper, and
                                                                                                    instead of knowing the true cost of post, huge amounts of contingency money is often held
                                                                                                    back, just in case. Some inexperienced producers have found themselves in the unenviable
                                                                                                    position of discovering their chosen format impossible to post produce.

                                                                                                    Shooting is a relatively predictable thing to budget, but new workflows in post production can
                                                                                                    carry hidden costs. Making equipment and format choices because of the backend cost can
                                                                                                    drastically effect production; especially if those decisions are made without the involvement of
                                                                                                    the DP. With HD and at least fifteen different formats, storage and processes differ; these aren't
                                                                                                    always fully appreciated by the director and producer. This again can have a huge impact on
                                                                                                    production, often compounded by new systems that are not ready to go online but get used

                                                                                                    Back to grain, Sean is quite specific about this, 'I love grain'. Grain is for many of us the essence
                                                                                                    of photography. ARRI are promoting an extremely clever system for grain reduction which they
                                                                                                    demonstrated in Poland. But is this what the DP, director and producer had in mind when they
                                                                                                    chose film over HD? And is loss of grain contrary to that decision? Grain movement may take
                                                                                                    up more information than a compressed HD signal, but for HD to work fully as a medium it
                                                                                                    requires a large bandwidth. Broadcasters are still keen on this compressed signal since they
                                                                                                    consider the quality of that image to still be viable. Saying that, apparently when Lord Grade
                                                                                                    first watched his beloved football in High Definition he thought there was a fault and called an
                                                                                                    engineer in to fix it.

                                                                                                    One last key point, film is robust, digits are easy to damage. Everyone is still finding their feet
                                                                                                    on how to handle data, and I am hoping to gather differing opinions on this for a future article.
                                                                                                    Data needs to be handled by someone who knows what they are doing. Sean describes this
                                                                                                    extra crew member as a 'data wrangler', others will refer to them as DITs, and while still others
                                                                                                    will tell you an additional person is not necessary. I recently worked with Ben Smithard, we shot
                                                                                                    with a combination of recording deck and Flashmags. This tied up two technicians on set and
                                                                                                    a further technician operating as a DIT and handling data transfer as well as troubleshooting the
                                                                                                    new technology.
easy to be left behind. This is starting to hint at changing 'workflows', everyone on the set is
feeling it, but some changes are more obvious than others.                                          Flashmags are also expensive; working with three is comparable to hiring film equipment. This
                                                                                                    equipment is complicated. Productions are extremely reluctant to pay for any prep. The
After a year of concentrated effort to get myself familiar with the huge diversity of HD products   assumption with HD is that it is plug and play, just like a Handycam fresh out of the box. Sean
available, I found myself at the Image Forum, hosted by Plus Camerimage in Poland last              described battling to get even one days prep for his crew, something everyone knows is again
December. Sean Bobbitt was one of the speakers. As the IF discussion progressed I realised          very short sighted and just storing up problems for the set, which is much more costly.
why there is so much confusion over HD; it's because people are confused, or more accurately,
being boxed into a corner by other people who are confused. It seems sometimes decisions are        I don't want to paint too bad a picture of HD, the industry has to recognise that it is here to stay
led by economics and not common sense, now who would have thought that? After the                   and it does produce some wonderful images. The comparison test show fascinating results and
presentation I managed to track Sean down and ask him a few questions, the first being, what        while the Image Forum will fight for 16mm to keep its head above water, the results of these
on earth is a 'pipeline' other than something governments argue over in the Ukraine.                tests are worth seeing. I love film; it carries a certain gravitas and discipline that makes for
                                                                                                    wonderful work. Or in Ben Smithard's words 'it's just better isn't it'. Meanwhile I will keep
With regard to HD versus film, Sean was at pains to point out that you need to understand both.     bolting cameras to rigs and hope that there aren't so many cables in the future. I'm also
There is absolutely no doubt that everyone loves film. Stocks are constantly evolving, we have      extremely glad I can leave all this politics to the 'grown ups'.
tried and tested methods of working with the equipment and it's a more rugged platform,                                                                                  Rupert Lloyd Parry. GBCT
especially working in an inhospitable environment. In his opinion, the 416 is the best 16mm                                                                   

ISSUE 32      BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER                                                                                                                                                         page   35
         UK                     gbct

Gekko: LEDs are well-known for their minimal weight and reduced power consumption

Gekko appoints North American distributor
Gekko Technology, a developer and manufacturer of LED luminaires has announced                        ability to understand the future market for LED-driven sources. Television, film and
it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Production Resource Group,                     entertainment lighting integrators require the highest colour quality, in a particular colour space,
LLC, (PRG), headquartered in New Windsor, New York. The agreement will include                        and we look forward to continuing our growth with a respected distribution partner,” said David
Gekko's current product portfolio of film and TV white light products, as well as                     Amphlett, MD of Gekko Technology.
access to the newly developed kleer colour range of colour products, including the
kedo 12-100, which will debut at NAB 2009.                                                            Gekko's products, which are well-known for their minimal weight and reduced power
                                                                                                      consumption include kisslite, lenslite, kicklite and george, and have been used on Casino Royale
“We have been extremely impressed with PRG's approach to its relationships with                       (Bond 21), Death Defying Acts, Mamma Mia!, Golden Compass (Nicole Kidman) and television
manufacturing principals, the strength of infrastructure, the specialist knowledge of its staff and   dramas including Waking The Dead, New Tricks and The Commander.

    Chapman gear
    January 2009 saw Chapman UK demonstrate its new 32' Hydrascope to
    GBCT members. This clever system is completely waterproof but still
    has all the functionality of a traditional telescopic crane.

    Shown here mounted on their Raptor it can pretty much go anywhere. Power can
    often be an issue, especially working in a remote location, so as an added bonus
    the unit is totally battery operated.

    Chapman UK demonstrated the crane with a G3 stabilized head, and very soon
    they will have the 'Amphibian' arriving, and that is a totally submersible remote

    I have used the Raptor several times in inaccessible locations and combined with
    a telescopic arm it opens up a whole wealth of possibilities, especially if the job
    doesn't have a large construction crew for a traditional build.

    Rupert Lloyd Parry GBCT

                            The GBCT section is written and compiled by John Keedwell GBCT

page   36                                                                                                                                           ISSUE 32      BRITISH CINEMATOGRAPHER

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