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                               APPLICATION DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER 15, 2008
                                                    About Wildman Harrold
                                                    Wildman Harrold is a large, multi-service law firm with offices in
                                                    Chicago and Los Angeles. The firm's three core practice areas are
                                                    litigation, corporate, and intellectual property. This grant is one of
                                                    Wildman, Harrold's many ongoing efforts to build and maintain its
                                                    diverse professional environment. To learn more about these
                                                    efforts, please visit www.wildman.com/careers and click on the
                                                    diversity link at the top of the page.

                                                  What is the Wildman Harrold Diversity Programming Grant?
                                                  It is a $10,000 renewable grant awarded to a Northwestern second-
                                                  year law student who has demonstrated academic excellence,
leadership ability, and a commitment to diversity and diversity-related programming. The winner will also receive a
spot in Wildman Harrold’s summer associate program. Wildman Harrold will also pay applicable income taxes.
The student who wins the grant will work with Wildman Harrold’s Diversity Committee on programming and
educational initiatives at Northwestern and at other law schools during the summer. This work may include
identification of sponsorship and educational opportunities, collaboration with student organizations and law school
administrators, and participation in events with other members of the Chicago legal community.

Who can apply?
Any Northwestern student who is matriculating to their second year of law school.

What are the selection criteria?
Some of the points we consider are creativity, ingenuity, commitment to diversity and diversity related programming,
Law Review, Journal, or Moot Court experience, your prior work experience (legal, as well as prior to law school),
the quality of the written application essay; interpersonal communication skills, extra-curricular activities, and interest
in practicing law in a large Chicago law firm.

How do you apply?
First, if you are not already interviewing with Wildman, Harrold during OCI, please contact Sue Cicero at 312-201-
2574 or cicero@wildman.com to set up an interview. Second, you need to submit your written application by
Monday, September 15, 2008. We will make a decision about the winning applicant and notify you about your
results within 10 business days.

Additional Information
The first $10,000 payment conditioned upon the student accepting a position as a summer associate in Wildman
Harrold’s summer program following that student’s second year of law school.
The grant may be renewed for the student’s third year of law school (a second $10,000 stipend will be provided)
subject to the following conditions:
        1)    Completion of Wildman Harrold’s summer program following the student’s second year of law school;
        2)    Receipt and acceptance of an offer of employment at Wildman Harrold following law school; and
        3)    Maintenance of continued academic good standing at Northwestern Law School.
Wildman Harrold will not guarantee that a recipient who participates in its summer associate program will receive an
offer for regular employment following graduation from law school. Wildman Harrold will use same the criteria that
applies to all summer associates to decide whether to offer the winner regular employment. The winnder does not
have to accept the offer of employment to keep the first $10,000 payment.
Interested students are encouraged to contact Jonathan Young at (312) 201-2662 / young@wildman.com or Sandra
Pedersen at (312) 201-2561 / pedersen@wildman.com.

                   Wildman, Harrold, Allen & Dixon LLP is an equal opportunity employer.
                        APPLICATION FORM


Address:                                               City                            State     Zip _______

Telephone:                                             Email:                                          _______

Prior Education:

 School                                                                      Degree             Year Completed

Please attach:
(1) Current law school transcript
(2) Current resume

Prepare and attach an essay of no more than 500 words answering the question, “If you were selected as the grant
recipient, what programming initiatives from the standpoint of a large law firm’s Diversity Committee might you be
interested in proposing?”

Applications (and supporting materials) may be submitted either in hard copy or via email (in PDF format) to:
                                                  Sue Cicero
                                             Recruiting Coordinator
                                       Wildman, Harrold, Allen & Dixon LLP
                                             225 West Wacker Drive
                                           Chicago, Illinois 60606-1229
                                                 (312) 201-2574

   Completed applications (with supporting materials) should be postmarked or submitted on or before
                                          September 15, 2008

                   Wildman, Harrold, Allen & Dixon LLP is an equal opportunity employer.

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