Techniques for Project Management Skills by jizhen1947


									        Techniques for Project Management Skills
Course Objective:

Project Management software has become an essential tool for today’s
project manager. The use of Microsoft Project has become widespread for the
general project practitioner. To use the software intelligently, the project
manager must know the basics of project planning and scheduling.

This workshop intends to introduce the basic concepts of project planning and
scheduling, including:

· Scope Planning
· Time Scheduling
· Resource Planning

This will first be applied through manual techniques to master the background,
and then the same concepts and techniques will be learned through Microsoft
Project (or Primavera P3).

Course Outline:

Introduction to Project Management

1. The Evolution of Project Management
2. Project Management Fundamentals
a. The Objectives and Characteristics of Project management
b. The Project Life-cycle
c. The Management Project Roles and Responsibilities
d. Key Success Factors of Project Management
3. An Introduction to the Basic Concepts of The Project Management Body of
Knowledge (PMBOK)
a. The Project Management Context
b. The Project Management Processes
c. An Introduction to Project Time Management

Scope Planning

1. The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
2. WBS Pro Software (an MS Project add-on)

Introduction to the Critical Path Method (CPM)

1. The Introduction to the Evolution of Project Planning and Scheduling
a. Gantt Charts
b. Network and Logic Diagrams
c. The Critical Path Method (CPM)
d. The Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)
2. Project Scheduling Using The Critical Path Method (CPM)
e. The Logic Diagram

f. The Activity Durations
g. CPM Calculations (ES, EF, LS, LF, Slack, Project Duration)
3. Practical Examples Using the CPM
4. Group Exercises Using CPM
5. Using MS Project (or Primavera P3) for project scheduling

Introduction to the Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)

1. Project Scheduling Using the Program Evaluation and Review Technique
2. PERT Calculations
3. Group Exercises Using PERT
4. Using MS Project for PERT project scheduling

Introduction to Project Resources & Resource Planning & Scheduling

1. Characteristics of Resources
2. Resource Planning Using CPM
3. Resource scheduling using MS Project
4. Resource leveling using MS Project (or Primavera P3)


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