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					                           CALIFORNIA CADET CORPS
                              Headquarters, 4th Brigade
                             Oakland Military Institute
                                 3877 Lusk Street
                                Oakland, CA 94608

                                                                             S: 21 Sep 10
CACC-4                                                                       13 July 2010

CIRCULAR 004-1011-001

                      Brigade Middle School Bivouac 2010

1. GENERAL: Our brigade will conduct a Bivouac on 1-3 October 2010. The
   event will take place at Rancho Los Mochos Boy Scout Camp at 18450 Mines
   Road in Livermore, CA 94550.
      a. Each cadet will pay $20 to their respective school to pay for foodstuffs
         for the weekend. There is no cost for adult chaperons.
                 i. Payment may be made in cash or checks payable to the
                ii. All commandants must provide a receipt for all cash or checks
                    received from cadets. When writing a receipt for payment by
                    check, please be sure to include the check number on the
               iii. The memo portion of the check must include the name of the
                    cadet and the notation, Bivouac.
              iv. The original receipt goes to the cadet and a copy of the
                    receipt is kept in the receipt book.
      b. Commandants must have one chaperon for each 10 participating
         cadets. Chaperons who are not employed by a school district must
         submit all necessary paperwork and meet all requirements to be
         approved as district volunteers prior to the trip. Volunteers must submit
         a volunteer application and undergo a screening on the Megan’s Law
         web site.
      c. Commandants may bring as many cadets as they wish provided they
         hand deliver to LTC Ryan a roster of participating cadets with full
         name, rank, gender, special medical conditions of note, special
         dietary considerations, and school name as well as how many
         previous bivouacs the cadet has attended ALONG WITH cash or a
         school check to cover the $20 per cadet NLT COB Tuesday 21
         September 2010. No cadets may be added after that date.
      d. Commandants must have individual permission slips upon arrival at the
         bivouac site. Incomplete permission slips will not be accepted. ALL
         information must be filled out in order to be considered complete. A
         school permission slip must be used in addition to a CACC Form 203
         (Report of Medical History). Copies of a permission slip, and Form 203
         are provided as attachments to this document.
      e. Parents are not able to attend the bivouac unless they do so as official
         school district approved chaperons and with the advance approval of
         the Brigade Advisor.
                            CALIFORNIA CADET CORPS
                               Headquarters, 4th Brigade
                              Oakland Military Institute
                                  3877 Lusk Street
                                 Oakland, CA 94608

CIRCULAR 004-1011-001 (Continued)

      f.   DISCIPLINE: Minor disciplinary infractions will be taken care of using
           standard operating procedures. Major infractions will result in an
           immediate phone call to a parent, who will be required to come and
           pick up their child.

2. SCHEDULE: Cadets should arrive at the site NLT 1600 Friday 1 October 2010.
   Departure from the site is anticipated to be NLT 1400 hours on 3 October
   2010. An outline of the training schedule follows:
      a. Friday
                i. Arrival and in-processing                        1600-1700
               ii. Setup camp                                       1700-1800
              iii. Orientation                                      1800-1830
             iv. Evening meal                                       1830-1930
              v. Classes                                            1930-2130
             vi. Team-building activity                             2130-2200
             vii. Evening PT                                        2200-2230
            viii. Personal hygiene                                  2230-2300
             ix. Lights out                                         2300
               x. Guard Duty as assigned                            2300-0600
      b. Saturday
                i. Wakeup                                           0600
               ii. PT                                               0600-0630
              iii. Personal hygiene                                 0630-0700
             iv. Breakfast                                          0700-0800
              v. Police area                                        0800-0830
             vi. Land Navigation Classes                            0830-1200
             vii. Noon meal                                         1200-1300
            viii. Land Navigation Classes                           1300-1500
             ix. Orienteering Course                                1500-1730
               x. Team-building activity                            1730-1800
             xi. Evening Meal                                       1800-1900
             xii. Police area                                       1900-1930
            xiii. Morale activity                                   1930-2145
            xiv. Evening PT                                         2145-2215
            xv. Personal hygiene                                    2215-2230
            xvi. Lights Out                                         2230
           xvii. Guard Duty as assigned                             2230-0600
                           CALIFORNIA CADET CORPS
                              Headquarters, 4th Brigade
                             Oakland Military Institute
                                 3877 Lusk Street
                                Oakland, CA 94608

CIRCULAR 004-1011-001 (Continued)

      c. Sunday
               i. Wakeup                                            0600
              ii. PT                                                0600-0630
             iii. Personal hygiene                                  0630-0700
            iv. Breakfast                                           0700-0800
             v. Police Area                                         0800-0830
            vi. Community Service Activity                          0830-1000
           vii. Police Area / Tear down camp                        1000-1200
           viii. Lunch                                              1200-1300
            ix. Formation and Awards Ceremony                       1300-1400
              x. Departure                                          1415

3. TRANSPORTATION. Each unit is responsible for transporting their cadets and

4. FOOD SERVICE. Cadets will be assigned to squads of 8 who will be provided
   foodstuffs for the weekend. Squads will prepare their own food using stoves
   and utensils being provided by the brigade. Please notify the Brigade HQ
   when you submit your rosters of any cadets with special dietary restrictions.
   Dinner Friday, three meals Saturday, and a morning and noon meal Sunday
   will be provided.

   chaperon(s) are responsible for proper around-the-clock supervision and
   safety of their cadets while attending this event. Master supervision lists
   (command and control) will be published, including an expectation that all
   commandants/chaperons perform their share of overnight supervision during
   the activity. Commandants and chaperons are expected to adhere to the
   requirements in the published duty roster. Cadets will be assigned to squads
   of eight and companies with four squads totaling 32 cadets. Each company
   will have a commandant team assigned to be its mentor and supervisor
   during the weekend.

6. STANDARD UNIFORM. All cadets participating in the Brigade Bivouac must
   wear the Class C Cadet Utility Uniform (CUU) as outlined in CR 1-8.
   Commandant uniform throughout is ACU/ABU IAW CR 1-3.

7. PARENT CONTACT: Commandants are asked to remind parents NOT to call
   cadets while on the bivouac. In an emergency, parents may phone 323-217-
   4481, LTC Ryan’s cell phone, and leave a message. Messages will be
   checked twice per day in the morning and evening.
                            CALIFORNIA CADET CORPS
                               Headquarters, 4th Brigade
                              Oakland Military Institute
                                  3877 Lusk Street
                                 Oakland, CA 94608

CIRCULAR 004-1011-001 (Continued)

8. PROHIBITED ITEMS: The following items may NOT be brought to bivouac:
   knives, firearms, weapons of any kind, explosives, cell phones, radios,
   CD/DVD players, electronic devices of any kind, televisions, PDAs, drugs,
   alcohol, or tobacco. In general, anything not permitted at school is not
   permitted at the Bivouac.

9. SUPPLY LIST: Cadets should bring the following items: Cadet Utility Uniform,
   three changes of undergarments, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, other
   necessary personal hygiene items, three pair of clean socks, sturdy boots or
   shoes, sun block, baby wipes (as there are minimal restroom facilities), a
   flashlight with extra batteries, a warm jacket or sweatshirt and tennis shoes.
   Cadets must also bring either a sleeping bag or “bedroll” consisting of a
   blanket, sheet, and pillow.

10. MEDICATION AND FIRST AID: If a cadet requires prescription medication,
    please indicate so on the Medical History form explaining the purpose and
    directions for administration of the medication. A medical service officer will
    collect these medicines and administer them IAW parent directives. Cadets
    requiring inhalers, “epi-pens”, or other emergency medications must keep
    these items on their person at all times. They should NOT be turned in to the
    medical service officer. Written records will be kept of all first aid and
    medication administrations and copies furnished to parents upon request.

11. RIBBONS: Cadets who successfully complete the bivouac receive the
    BIVOUAC RIBBON BAR and those who successfully complete the Orienteering
    Course will receive the ORIENTEERING RIBBON BAR. In addition, members of
    the unit selected as honor unit will receive the BRIGADE HONOR UNIT RIBBON.

12. POC: for this event is the undersigned at 510-594-3999, cell phone at 323-217-
    4481, or by email at


                                          /s/ signed electronically
                                          MARK P. RYAN
                                          LTC, CSMR
                                          Brigade Advisor
Letter to Parents
Medical History Form
Permission Slip – OMI
                                    CALIFORNIA CADET CORPS
                                       Headquarters, 4th Brigade
                                      Oakland Military Institute
                                          3877 Lusk Street
                                         Oakland, CA 94608

CACC-4                                                                                    13 July 2010

Dear Parents and Cadets

All cadets are invited to participate in a weekend camping trip October 1-3, 2010 at Rancho Los Mochos in
Livermore, CA. We will leave school at approximately 3PM on Friday and return to school by 3PM on
Sunday, traveling via chartered school bus. A permission slip and report of medical history form are

The cost of the trip is $20 and is due with the permission slip by 8:00 a.m. Tuesday September 21, 2010.
Cash and checks payable to OMI/or your school are the only form of payment accepted. All cadets will be
given a receipt for bivouac payments. Payments are NOT refundable. Dinner Friday, three meals
Saturday, and the morning and noon meal on Sunday will be provided.

Cadets will be issued a special Class C (tan colored BDU) Uniform for this trip during the week prior to the
trip and should wear the COMPLETE Class C uniform to school on Friday 1 October, and bring:
      A warm coat, jacket, sweater, or sweatshirt
      Clothes to sleep in (pajamas, sweats, etc.)
      Three changes of undergarments
      Personal hygiene items (deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc)
      A flashlight with extra batteries
      Any medication they require while at the trip (please be sure you have a Permission to Administer
          Prescription Medication form on file at the school)
      Several pair of clean socks
      Sturdy boots or shoes, as cadets will be doing lots of walking
      Sun block and Baby wipes
      A sleeping bag (and pillow if you wish) or a bed roll consisting of a bottom sheet, top sheet,
          blanket and pillow
Cadets should NOT bring
      Money
      Electronic devices (including cell phones)
      Alcohol, tobacco, or medications not listed on the permission slip
      Weapons, firearms, firecrackers, explosives, or
      Any other items prohibited at school.

Cadets will be learning how to read topographic maps and compasses and how to participate in a
competitive orienteering event.

If there is a family emergency during the weekend and you need to reach your cadet, please call my cell
phone at 323-217-4481. Please only call in the event of a genuine emergency.

If you have any questions regarding this trip, please contact me at 510-594-3999.


                                                      /s/ signed electronically
                                                      MARK P. RYAN
                                                      LTC, CSMR
                                                      4th Brigade Advisor
                                                                         CALIFORNIA CADET CORPS
                                                                            Headquarters, 4th Brigade
                                                                           Oakland Military Institute
                                                                               3877 Lusk Street
                                                                              Oakland, CA 94608

CALIFORNIA CADET CORPS                                                                                                               FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

                                                         REPORT OF MEDICAL HISTORY
The information requested below is required to provide the medical examiner an accurate history of illnesses and injuries that may affect the
applicant's ability to perform the strenuous physical exercise and exposure to living and working environments that are a part of the CACC training
program. Also this information will be provided to medical examiners in case of injury or illness while participating in CACC activities.
THE INFORMATION YOU PROVIDE MUST BE ACCURATE AND COMPLETE. You are encouraged to consult your private physician
regarding past illnesses. Proof of immunization for Polio, Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus (DPT) plus
Diphtheria and Tetanus (DT) booster may be required. Please attach a photocopy of the cadet’s health insurance card, if available.

1a.. School Name                                                                                                                                               1b. Grade

2a. Last Name                                                  2b. First Name                                            2c. MI             2d. Social Security Number

2e. Age        2f. Date of Birth (DD MMM YY)        2g. Sex                   2h. Parent/Guardian Name
                                                     Male  Female
2i. Home Address                                              2j. City                                                   2k. State          2l. Zip Code + 4

2m. Home Phone                              2n. Name of Health Insurance Provider                    2o. Health Insurance identification number or plan number (please attach a
                                                                                                     copy of the Health Plan ID card if available)

3. CURRENT MEDICATION (prescription and over-the-counter)                   4. ALLERGIES (including insect bites/stings, medicine, and other substances)

5. MEDICAL HISTORY (Mark each item “YES” or “NO” Every item marked yes must be fully explained in block 6)

ANY OF THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS:                                            YES      NO                                                                              YES   NO

5a. Tuberculosis                                                                         5n. Head injury, memory loss, or amnesia                                    
5b. Lived with someone with Tuberculosis                                                 5o. Seizures, convulsions, epilepsy, or fits                                
5c. Asthma or breathing problems related to exercise, pollen, etc.                       5p. Car, train, sea, and/or air sickness                                    
5d. Been prescribed or use an inhaler                                                    5q. A period of unconsciousness                                             
5e. Loss of vision in either eye                                                         5r. Heart trouble or murmur                                                 
5f. Loss of hearing or wear a hearing aid                                                5s. Received counseling for emotional or behavior disorder                  
5g. Impaired use of arms, legs, hands, feet                                              5t. Eating disorder (bulimia, anorexia)                                     
5h. Knee problems                                                                        5u. Sleepwalking                                                            
5i. Broken bones(s) (cracked or fractured)                                               5v. Bedwetting                                                              
5j. Diabetes                                                                             5w. Been hospitalized (if yes, why, when, where)                            
5k. Anemia (including sickle cell)                                                       5x. Any illness or injury not mentioned above (if yes, explain)             
5l. Dizziness or fainting spells (including after exercise)                              5y. Advised to avoid certain physical activities (if yes, explain)          
5m. Frequent or severe headaches                                                         5z. FEMALES ONLY: At what age did you begin menstrual cycle: 

6. EXPLANATION OF “YES” ANSWER(S) (Describe answer(s), give date(s) of problems, name of doctor(s) and/or hospitals, treatment given and current medical status)
                                                              CALIFORNIA CADET CORPS
                                                                 Headquarters, 4th Brigade
                                                                Oakland Military Institute
                                                                    3877 Lusk Street
                                                                   Oakland, CA 94608

CACC FORM 203 (REV 11/05)                                      PREVIOUS EDITIONS ARE OBSOLETE

                                                       REPORT OF MEDICAL HISTORY
7. IMMUNIZATION RECORDS (Indicate date of last immunization and attach proof of immunization if available)
7a. Measles             7b. Rubella            7c. DPT/DT-Tetanus      7d. Mumps               7e. Polio     7f. TB Test   7g. Other

8. REMARKS (please include and other medical history that you or your physician deems important)


                                                 the information provided is true and accurate and Date (DD haveYY)
“I certify that to the best of my knowledge that 9b. Signature
9a. Parent/Guardian (Type of Print)                                                             9c. that I MMM

disclosed all pertinent medical history”
CACC FORM 203 (REV 11/05),                                    PREVIOUS EDITIONS ARE OBSOLETE
                                                 CALIFORNIA CADET CORPS
                                                    Headquarters, 4th Brigade
                                                   Oakland Military Institute
                                                       3877 Lusk Street
                                                      Oakland, CA 94608

         Oakland Military Institute College Preparatory Academy
           3877 Lusk Street  Oakland, CA 94608  Telephone: 510.594.3900  Fax: 510.597.9886

                                      PARENT PERMISSION FORM
I hereby consent to (PRINT STUDENT NAME) _________________________________,

Grade                    Company _____to participate in the following activity:

 Event: Middle School Bivouac at Rancho Los Mochos camp in Livermore, CA
 Leave time and date: Friday 1 October at 3PM
 Return time and date: Sunday 3 October 2010 by 3PM
 Transportation is by: Chartered bus and/or State Van
 Food Arrangements: Cadets will prepare and eat Dinner Friday, 3 meals Saturday, and morning and noon meals Sunday
 Uniform: Utility Uniform– see separate packing list for details

I agree to direct my child as named above to cooperate and conform with directions and instructions of the Supervisory
personnel in charge of the activity and, in the event that disciplinary action is necessary, I will abide by the school’s
decision in resolving the matter. Furthermore, should it be necessary for my child to have medical treatment while
participating in this activity, I hereby give OMI personnel permission to use their judgment in obtaining medical services
for my child, and I give permission to the physician selected by OMI personnel to render medical treatment deemed
necessary and appropriate by the physician.

Education Code 35330: “All persons making the trip or excursion shall be deemed to have waived all claims against the
Oakland Military Institute, or the State of California for injury, accident, illness, or death occurring during or by reason of
the trip or excursion.” Therefore, a parent/guardian for himself/herself and for his/her child/ren by signature herein
below waives any and all claims against the Oakland Military Institute for injury, accident, illness, or death occurring
during or by reason of the trip or excursion. This field trip is voluntary and attendance by your child is not mandatory.

I further agree that in the event my child is injured or becomes ill during his/her participation during the
period cited above and requires hospitalization, only emergency treatment will be provided at the expense of
the Institute. Any further treatment or extended hospitalization will be held against the hospital or medical
insurance plan held by my spouse or me; if no medical plan is available, I or my spouse will be responsible for
any expense incurred.

Parent/Guardian Printed Name_______________________                                         Date______________

Contact Phone (____)________________                     Alternate Phone (____)______________

Emergency Contact Name____________________ Emergency Contact Phone (___)______________

Parent/Guardian Signature_______________________

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