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									                                             Anton Rukhlin
                                                    174 Briarfield Dr.
                                                     Apex, NC 27502
                                                     (919) 413-1455

                  10 years of experience in software development, including 4 years in design and implementation of
                  business software systems (using Java/VB6). Major involvement in all phases SDLC. Strong coding
                  skills in object oriented and multi-threaded environment. Extensive experience with web development.

                  2004, Bachelor in Computer Science, NC State University (Raleigh, NC)

                  To obtain a position where I could get more experience in server-side development and design of
                  business applications. Ultimately, to become a software architect and design complex enterprise

Professional Experience
                            10 years experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript
                            5 years experience with Java/J2EE, Swing, JSP, EJB
                            4 years experience with Visual Basic 6, ASP, VBA, MS Access
                            4 years experience with Perl
                            extensive use of design patterns (Front Controller, Unit Of Work, Lazy Load, Abstract
                             Factory, etc)
                            gathering requirements and writing up project specifications

Technology Experience
                            Eclipse, Visual Studio, SVN, SourceSafe
                            IBM iSeries server
                            Databases: DB2, MS Access, Oracle, MySQL
                            Tomcat, Apache, IIS
                            Windows, Linux, Ubuntu

Work History
February 2008 –
                      Web UI Developer                                      Dancik International, Inc.
February 2009
                      Dancik International provides web and standalone software solutions and services to
                      the flooring industry, including solutions for: accounting, warehousing, CRM, order

                      Major tasks:
                             Planning, design and implementation of applications: Alerts Messaging System, Web
                              Order Inquiry, Integrated Warehouse Management System – enterprise web
                              applications for the flooring industry (Java, AJAX, Tomcat).
                             Planning, design and implementation of IBM iSeries server query tool (Java, AJAX,
                              Telnet, Tomcat).
                             Deployment of applications on IBM iSeries server or a LAMP server, setting up the
                              environment (AS400, Tomcat).
                        Programming patterns used: Front Controller, Unit Of Work, Data Mapper. Strong
                         emphasis on separation of content from presentation.
                        Training other employees in Java/JSP.
May 2004 –
                 Software Engineer                                      Relativity Technologies, Inc.
February 2008
                 Relativity Technologies' Modernization Workbench is a PC-based software solution that
                 drives down the cost and accelerates the modernization, management, and
                 maintenance of business-critical enterprise applications. Application Portfolio Manager
                 is a browser-based interface of the Modernization Workbench, which adds charting
                 functionality to display Repository statistics.

                 Major tasks:
                        Design and implementation of Application Portfolio Manager (Tomcat, Java, Oracle,
                         VB6/ASP, COM+, AJAX).
                        Extensive involvement into development of light version of Modernization Workbench
                         for Eclipse (Eclipse, Java, XML).
                        Design and implementation of a Repository querying tool for Modernization
                         Workbench (VB6, XML, JavaScript).
                        Development of parts of GUI for Modernization Workbench (VB6, C++, Oracle, MS
                        Implementation of communication interface between VB/COM+ backend and
                         Java/J2EE front end (Java/VB, jawin).
                        Successful implementation of design patterns Front Controller, Unit Of Work, Data
                         Mapper, Lazy Load, Façade and others (Java).
                        Prepare build scripts for Application Portfolio Manager (Ant).
                        Development of project requirements, project schedule and design documents.
June 2003 –
                 Software Engineer, Co-op                               Relativity Technologies, Inc.
August 2003
                 Relativity Technologies’ Partner Portal ( is an online content
                 management system used by the company to interact with customers and issue product
                 activation keys.

                 Major tasks:
                        Development and maintenance of the Partner Portal (ASP, HTML/JavaScript).
                        Development of a COM+ component generating activation keys for Modernization
                         Workbench (VB6, C++).
June 1999 –
                 Web Developer                                          Commercial Web Solutions, Inc.
May 2003
                 Commercial Web Solutions provides web design and development services to small
                 business customers around the world.

                 Major tasks:
                        Design and development of online tools such as online surveys, data analysis tools,
                         search tools, e-commerce applications (PHP, Perl, MySQL, HTML/JavaScript).
                        Setting up and streamlining of credit card processing online (
                        Integration with Amazon Web Service (WSDL, SOAP).
                        Management of a Linux web server.

                Available upon request

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