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                                                                          March 2011
        Inside This Issue
International News           3
                                                      PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
Chapter Meeting Minutes      2
March is RTF Month           4   The President’s Message has been a difficult task for me to complete. Every
Continuing Education         6   month I try to come up with something profound for the following month’s news-
                                 letter. Again, this month, I am providing you with an excerpt from the September
                                 27, 2010 issue of Joan Burge’s Monday Motivators newsletter.
                                 “Let’s talk about a topic worth mentioning these days: Trust: Where has it gone?
                                 With the onslaught of downsizing, restructuring, merging and sexual harassment,
      Conestoga Chapter          trust has seemed to disappear from the workplace at times. However, trust is es-
            Officers             sential to improving performance, surviving and thriving in changing environ-
                                 ments (often the norm in business), and building professional relationships.
  Tamara Coleman, CPS -
  President                      I believe there must be a tremendous level of trust between managers and their
  Barbara Tollinger, CPS -       employees in order for both parties to be most effective and enjoy greater job sat-
  Vice President                 isfaction. A manager must be able to trust that his or her assistant, staff support or
                                 direct report is reliable, truthful and consistent - and acts in the manager’s best
  Marilyn Sides, CPS -
  Secretary                      Managers lose trust when an employee: does not follow through on assignments;
                                 misplaces things; forgets details; arrives late for work or a meeting.
  Nancy George, CPS/CAP -
                                 Here are four tips we can promote in our offices to improve trust each and every
                                 Integrity: Acting in a forthright and truthful manner. “We mean what we say.”
                                 Consistency: Maintaining compatibility between words and actions. “We do
                                 what we say.”
                                 Reliability: Being dependable, keeping promises. “You can count on what we
                                 do and say.”
                                 Interdependence: Establishing a relationship, a sense of two parties relying on
                                 each other and, accordingly, acting in each other’s best interests. “We are all in
                                 this together.”
                                 This week, let’s work at enhancing good characteristics that build trust.”

                                                                                    Tammy Coleman , CPS
                                                                                    Conestoga Chapter President
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                                     CONESTOGA CHAPTER MINUTES
                                                 January 25, 2011

President Tamara Coleman, CPS called the meeting to order. We dispensed with roll call. There was a quorum with six
members were present. There are currently 10 members.
The minutes of the November meeting were approved as printed. The Treasurer’s Report was presented and reviewed
and will be placed on file for audit.
Barb Tollinger, CPS presented a program entitled “What is Communication?”.
Finance Committee: Rada Cutlery information was distributed. Pampered Chef was also discussed. Nancy George,
CAP will get catalogs. Members agreed to do this again as a fundraiser for Division.
Community Outreach: Tammy Coleman will be contacting the Mennonite Home for delivery of the Valentine’s gifts.
Since members could not agree to a date to deliver the gifts, a motion was made by Deb Werner, CPS seconded by
Nancy George, CPS/CAP to have the Mennonite Home distribute the gifts at the convenience of the Home and the pa-
In other business, Deb Werner, CPS presented the Audit Report from the August audit. The Committee found the Chap-
ter records to be correct and in good order.
Division President Cathie Hoke, CPS/CAP will be making her official visit at our March meeting.
In previous meetings we have discussed doing some sort of Impact meeting for Administrative Professionals Week.
IAAP Headquarters is suggesting that we celebrate all office professionals.
Chapter President Tammy Coleman, CPS will be stepping down from the President’s position at the end of this term.
All Chapter officers positions are open for election this year. The Chapter needs to decide what will happen if no one
steps in to fill this role as a Chapter must have a President and a Treasurer.
Our next meeting is on February 22, 2011, at 5:30 PM at Woodcrest Villa.
The business meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Tammy L. Coleman, CPS
Chapter President

   Please note: Due to inclement weather the February Meeting of the Chapter was
   cancelled. There are no minutes for February, however, we do need to approve the
   January meeting minutes. They are published here for that action.
        Barb Tollinger, CPS             August 1980
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To Division and Chapter Presidents, Presidents-elect and Vice Presidents:

Right now I’m packing for Spring Conference and the spring board meeting—all in Tampa. I always come away en-
ergized after going to one of IAAP’s conferences. I return to work more focused, brimming with fresh ideas and
ready to dig in.

That’s why I want to encourage you to come to Montreal July 24-27. We’ve got two fantastic keynote speakers
lined up, an Evening of Welcome that’s sure to please attendees and amazing workshops planned. Get your hotel
now. They are already filling up and we’ve had to close reservations in one hotel already because it’s full. If you
haven’t applied for or renewed your passport, that’s another detail you’ll want to take care of before too long.
Early registration opens on April 1 but keep your eyes open on the EFAM homepage during March for an early pro-
motion. You won’t want to miss this!

One of the projects the international board has undertaken this year is an analysis of our association members-at-
large and their perceptions of IAAP. Our intent, through a subcommittee, was to get some information about our
members who do not belong to a chapter or division and ensure that they believed their interests were being rep-
resented under our current governance structure. Our findings are clear in our initial question: 69 percent of re-
spondents believe that their interests are currently being represented on the international board. One of the more
interesting bits of information that we found, though, is of particular interest to chapter and division leadership.
When asked why they chose the member at large category over other membership classes, nearly 30 percent re-
sponded that they "didn't know about divisions or chapters." Get the word out, local leaders!

Something else you will want to get the word out about is the IAAP Options Training Program. Not only has Options
been revamped, we’ve added something new: Options Technology Training. The new technology training from Op-
tions give you everything you need to pass the Microsoft Certification tests. Check out the brochures today.
They’re so new we haven’t had time to update the website yet. Only the brochure PDFs are up for now because we
wanted you to have access to the information as soon

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                            Welcome to PA Division Officers!

              Our Board Contact:
            Cathie Hoke, CPS/CAP
             PA Division President
         Will be our guest this evening.
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 Continued from page 3 : To Chapter and Division Presidents, President-Elects and Vice Presidents,

 International Treasurer Judie Yannarelli, CPS/CAP, shared a post in the Treasurers eGroup about chapter or division re-
 serve funds. It’s a must read for leaders. It’s reprinted below:

 Good morning! Today, I find it necessary to bring to your attention what I deem is a serious situation occurring in many
 divisions and chapters. As international treasurer I would be deficient in fulfilling my role and responsibilities if I didn't
 share the information and the concerns that prompt this post.

 In my duties as international treasurer, I regularly review divisions' audit letters. Lately I've noticed a trend that's alarming
 to me as an international board member, and it's not what you'd think. Rather than a caution about not holding enough
 funds in reserves, this is a note about the opposite phenomenon: chapters and divisions holding excess funds in reserve.
 As a 501c6 nonprofit organization, IAAP is charged with using its funds for one purpose: fulfilling the mission of the asso-
 ciation. While reserves are certainly important to hold for an economic downturn, crisis or to take advantage of that once-
 in-a-lifetime opportunity, they should be reasonable. A good guideline is between 50 and 75 percent of a year's to-
 tal operating expenses. Once a chapter or division begins to hold on to funds in excess of 100 percent of its operating ex-
 penses, problems begin to arise.

 You read that correctly-- when an entity holds on to too much money, it's a problem. Why? The first reason is mentioned
 above: we should use funds in support of our mission to benefit our members. Ask yourself this question: are the extra
 funds better used gathering a meager amount of interest in a bank account or hiring a dynamic speaker for your next big
 event? More importantly, which of those two options benefits your members most? The sobering reality is this: when your
 chapter or division has funds in excess of 100 percent of its operating budget, it's shirking its responsibility to its members.

 Another reality of the world we live in today is that organizations such as ours are coming under tighter and tighter scru-
 tiny as tax revenues continue to shrink. And just as in your personal lives, you do everything you can to avoid the hassle
 and expense of an IRS audit, your chapter or division should be doing the same. Excess reserves are a red flag to govern-
 mental agencies. Why? Because they beg the question I posed to you above: If you're not fulfilling your obligations to your
 members with your chapter or division's money... what are you doing with it?

 As we get set to begin the new year, I ask all of our leaders to take a hard look at your chapter or division's finances and
 ask yourself this question: are our funds being used with our members in mind, or as a hedge against an unnamed threat?
 Now is the time to put your chapter or division funds to good use and provide quality education and programs that will
 attract new members during the new year, revitalizing not only your chapter and division, the association as a whole.

 The most important criteria to remember as treasurers, and this also applies to the chapter / division leaders, you are the
 stewards of the members' dues monies. They have elected you to demonstrate fiduciary responsibility by using those funds
 to provide them with services that support the IAAP mission statement. Perhaps this is a good time to post the statement
 as a gentle reminder: Enhancing the success of career-minded administrative professionals by providing opportunities for
 growth through education, community building and leadership development.

 This message is something all leaders need to hear. Thanks, Judie!

 I need to finish packing. Enjoy the next month as spring begins to unfold.

 Mary Ramsay-Drow, CPS/CAP
 IAAP International President
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                                             Continuing Education

                                The Conference for Administrative Assistants
        Hundreds of practical ideas, solutions, & strategies. Today’s competitive environment demands
        more from office support personnel than ever before. Today’s secretaries and assistants are
        professionals who need a sophisticated set of skills to meet their daily challenges. CareerTrack.
        Call 1-800-556-3009 to enroll. Lancaster Marriott Hotel Penn Square, 25 S. Queen St., Lancas-
        ter PA. $195. May 18, 2011.
                                                  Microsoft Access
        Smart Data-Management Tools for Every Access User. Lancaster, April 18-19, 2011. Pre-
        sented by CareerTrack. Call 1.800.556.3009. $299 per person. Marriott Hotel, Penn Square, 25
        S. Queen Street, Lancaster PA.

                                                                   Standards of Integrity
                                                                     IAAP Core Values*
    Barb Tollinger, CPS          Integrity - We demonstrate this cornerstone of our profession through honesty, ac-
                                 countability and high ethical standards. We will conduct our professional activities in a
    Vice President
                                 manner that will reflect well upon the profession.
    Editor/Web Master
                                 Respect - We create respect within our profession and association through listening,
    1108 Dry Wells Road          understanding and acknowledging member feedback. We will encourage the diversity
    Quarryville PA 17566         of views, with compassion and respect for the rights of others to hold values, attitudes, and
                                 opinions that may differ from our own.
                                 Adaptability - We ensure the success of our association by embracing positive change
                                 and by nurturing diversity, creativity and visionary thinking. We will encourage oth-
    Visit our Website:           ers to operate outside of their comfort zones, facing ambiguity with a spirit of innovation        and forward thinking.
                                 Communication - We cultivate and maintain excellence by remaining approachable
                                 at all levels, communicating openly and building strong relationships. It is readily
                                 accepted that information given and assessed must be based on truth, fairness and account-
                                 ability. We will obey the law, perform in good faith, and seek fair outcomes.
                                 Commitment - We are steadfast in our goals to develop learning opportunities for
                                 career-minded administrative professionals and to strengthen efficiency and effective-
                                 ness. IAAP has a responsibility to the people it serves and shall not practice, condone,
                                 facilitate or collaborate in any form of discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, sex-
                                 ual orientation, age, religion, language, disability or socioeconomic status.

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