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					         Steps for Downloading (words in bold are what links actually say)
1. Search the Library Catalog or go to the Ohio Ebook
    Project by clicking on
        a. the image link at
        b. the Digital Collection link in Library Catalog or
        c. going directly to
2. Search for books, music, or videos
        a. Search by Keyword (All), Title, Author, or ISBN using the quick search
        b. Use the Advanced search options
        c. Browse by category (Fiction, Nonfiction, iPod-compatible, etc.)
        d. Browse by format (View All)
3. Check out title
        a. Click on Add to Cart
4. Proceed to Check Out
5. Log in
        a. All 14 digits of your library card number
        b. PIN used to access your library account. The default is the last 4 digits of your
             phone number.
6. Select lending period
        a. 7 or 14 days
7. Confirm Check Out
8. If required software is not installed, Click here to download the software needed to use
    this title.
        a. Click To Download …, click here
        b. Follow instructions on the download page
        c. Run the installation application
9. Once the software is installed, return to the title download page.
10. Click the Download button
11. Follow the download instructions.
12. Transfer to a portable device
        a. Connect device to computer
        b. For audiobooks, music, and videos use the OverDrive Media Console
                 i. Select the title to be transferred then click the Transfer button.
                ii. Follow the Transfer Wizard instructions
        c. For ebooks
                 i. Adobe Digital Editions – Go to Library View, click on the title and drag it
                    to the device which appears on the left-hand side.
                ii. Mobipocket Reader - Select the title to be transferred then click the Send

If any problems arise, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Brian.
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