Geocaching by liaoqinmei


      Geo (earth)
Cache (hidden provisions)
                What is it?
► Worldwide   game of hiding and seeking
► Uses GPS handheld receiver
► Hidden containers
► Shared online
► Sport/hobby
                Types of Caches
► Traditional           ► Puzzle/Mystery
► Event                 ► LetterboxHybrid
► CITO                  ► Mega-event
► Wherigo               ► Multi
► Webcam                ► Earthcache
► Virtual
            Sizes of Containers
► Large-5 gallon bucket or larger
► Regular-plastic container or ammo can
  about the size of a shoebox
► Small-sandwich sized or similar (log and pen
► Micro-35 mm film cannister or smaller
           Key Terminology
► Coordinates-latitude   and longitude
► Waypoint-a marked location that is stored in
  the memory of your GPS receiver
► Field sheet-what you will take with you
  outside to record measurements, log
  findings, solve puzzles, and record other
  data relevant to the lesson
            Key Terminology
► Map-key   part of lesson that gives the
  students/teacher a physical representation
  of the area that the lesson takes place
► Travel bug/geocoin-items with tracking
  numbers that can be tracked online with
  stories and pictures logged by the finders of
  the items as they make their journey to
  other states and countries
► GPS  receiver
► Writing Utensil
► Extra baggies & log sheets
► Zip ties
► Geo bag
► Insect repellant & sun block
► Water
► Batteries

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