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					Harmony Science Academy - Euless
Tuition-free Exemplary College Preparatory School
     Excellence & Equity in Science & Education

                         K through 12
                701 S Industrial Blvd. Euless, TX 76040
     Phone: (817) 354-3000 / (817) 354-3005 | Fax: (817) 354-3008

                     Harmony Wins National Recognition                   academic standards that will be the cor-
                     HSA-Houston is one of two Texas schools             nerstones for our students well into their
                     and one of fifty-two U.S. schools to receive        professional and personal lives. With the
                     a National Distinguished School Recognition         assistance of our supportive parents, the
                     Program Award in 2006.                              faculty and staff have guided our students
                                                                         beyond all community and state mandat-
                     HSA is listed in the 2007 Texas Business and Ed-    ed expectations.
                     ucation Coalition (TBEC) Honor Roll Schools List.   The faculty, staff, and administrators at
                     HSA made the U.S. News Top High Schools List        Harmony are caring, competent, and dedi-
                     in 2007 & 2008.                                     cated professionals who are willing and
                                                                         capable of assisting you. We are doing our
                     High Academic Standards                             utmost to provide the best possible learn-
                    “Since the establishment of Harmony, we have         ing climate for our students.”
                     continually striven toward maintaining the high     S. Tarim, Ph. D. Superintendent

Standards-Based Curriculum                                         Triad of academically-minded STudENTS, highly qualified and dedi-
The Harmony School System provides a core cur-                           cated TEACHERS, and engaged and supportive PARENTS
riculum (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skill (TEKS)
curriculum) which is enriched, extended, or differ-
entiated to meet the individual learning needs of
students. Education in the fine and practical arts,
                                                               Rigor:                            Relevance:                        Relationships:
physical education, and language study are val-
                                                        All students have the              Courses/projects spark              All students have adult
ued as integral parts of the instructional program.
                                                        chance to succeed in                student interest and                 mentors who know
The curriculum is designed to stimulate intellectu-
                                                        challenging classes               relate to today’s rapidly            them and push them to
al curiosity and develop the critical thinking skills
                                                                                               changing world                          achieve
necessary for students to enjoy a full, productive,
and satisfying life. Harmony’s standards-based
learning environment identifies what students will
know and be able to do as a result of completing
the instructional program and clearly establishes                 All Harmony students will graduate high school ready for college and
the criterion for subject mastery. The scope and                    will enroll in four year colleges with the necessary skills to succeed
sequence of the curriculum reflects a continuum
of offerings that challenge all students.
                                                                                                          TAKS 2007

                                 ATION                           HSE-Houston                        HSA-San Antonio
                          DU C           A                                                            EXEmPlARy
                        SE                                       EXEmPlARy

                TE X

                                           NC Y
                                                   Subjects            % Met Standard   Subjects            % Met Standard

                                                   Reading/ELA         98               Reading/ELA         99

                                                   Writing             100              Writing             96
                        EX                         Soc. Std.           100              Soc. Std.           100
                             E M P L A RY
                                                   Math                98               Math                94

                                                   Science             97               Science             93
    Texas Education Agency (TEA)
    announced on August 1st, 2008 that                           HSI-Houston                          HSS-Austin
    all Harmony Schools earned the                               EXEmPlARy                            EXEmPlARy
    highest academic ratings under the
                                                   Subjects            % Met Standard   Subjects            % Met Standard
    state’s accountability system; seven
                                                   Reading/ELA         97               Reading/ELA         93
    out of fourteen schools were rated
                                                   Writing             98               Writing             100
    as “exemplary”, which is the top
    category, and the other seven were             Soc. Std.           NA               Soc. Std.           NA

    rated as “recognized”.                         Math                97               Math                93
                                                   Science             98               Science             87

                 HSA-Fort Worth                                  HSA-Austin                           HSA-El Paso
                   EXEmPlARy                                     EXEmPlARy                            EXEmPlARy
    Subjects                      % Met Standard   Subjects            % Met Standard   Subjects            % Met Standard
    Reading/ELA                   98               Reading/ELA         98               Reading/ELA         96
    Writing                       100              Writing             95               Writing             93
    Soc. Std.                     97               Soc. Std.           100              Soc. Std.           100
    Math                          95               Math                97               Math                93
    Science                       96               Science             93               Science             97

                              ATION                          HSA-Houston                        HSA-Houston NW
                       DU C           A                      RECogNIZEd                           RECogNIZEd

             TE X

                                        NC Y
                                               Subjects            % Met Standard   Subjects            % Met Standard
                                               Reading/ELA         96               Reading/ELA         98
                                               Writing             91               Writing             91
                     RE                        Soc. Std.           99               Soc. Std.           100
                          CO G N I Z E D
                                               Math                95               Math                87
                                               Science             84               Science             88

            TEXAS/All Students                   HSA-Bryan/College Station                         HSA-Waco
            ACA. ACCEPTABlE                            RECogNIZEd                                 RECogNIZEd
Subjects                      % Met Standard   Subjects            % Met Standard   Subjects            % Met Standard
Reading/ELA                   91               Reading/ELA         93               Reading/ELA         91
Writing                       93               Writing             85               Writing             88
Soc. Std.                     91               Soc. Std.           100              Soc. Std.           100
Math                          80               Math                92               Math                92
Science                       74               Science             90               Science             89

                HSA-dallas                                   HSA-lubbock                          HSA-Beaumont
               RECogNIZEd                                    RECogNIZEd                            RECogNIZEd
Subjects                      % Met Standard   Subjects            % Met Standard   Subjects            % Met Standard
Reading/ELA                   94               Reading/ELA         92               Reading/ELA         96
Writing                       98               Writing             85               Writing             92
Soc. Std.                     99               Soc. Std.           100              Soc. Std.           95
Math                          93               Math                89               Math                89
Science                       86               Science             83               Science             89


    Safe, Small, and Friendly School                 Nurturing School Atmosphere                                       enthusiasm of unquenchable desire to learn and
    Environment                                     The emphasis of the entire instructional program                   become the best they can be.”
    Harmony creates an inviting, safe, and           is aimed at meeting the individual needs of each                  Beth Irwin, Harmony Parent
    purposeful environment in which students         student in order to allow children to develop to
    learn, and maintains a friendly and wholesome    their fullest potential. The school establishes
    atmosphere that encourages creative              a n a t m o s p h e re i n w h i ch s tu d e nt s d e ve l o p
    expression and a desire for knowledge.           abilities to generate new thought s, to think
    There is a small school atmosphere. The          analytically, to draw logical conclusions, and
    involvement and participation of parents with    to express thoughts in written and spoken form.
    students, teachers, and administrators make     “Our children are thriving at Harmony Science Academy
    Harmony feel like one big family.                because they are treated as individuals with their own
                                                     thoughts, personalities, and learning styles. For the first       Home Visits
                                                     time in their lives, our children actually look forward to       “Faculty home visits establish a family, student,
                                                    going to school each morning.”                                     teacher connection which serves as a bridge
                                                     Leonard and Angie Morehead, Harmony Parents                       between the school and home. Finally,
                                                     Best Place to learn                                               the students, faculty and parents show a
                                                    “The students of Harmony succeed due to the devotion               dedication to high levels of academic success
                                                    of the teachers and staff. Every instructor makes a per-           and achievement.”
                                                     sonal investment in each child, resulting in the student’s        Gurol Duman, Principal, HSI

Student Centered Teaching                     base is a huge help to the teachers and parents.”      The First Lego League Robotics Tournament
• Individual attention                        Courtney Kaler – 3rd Grade teacher)                    and the Science Fair. Being a part of these
• Diagnostic tests                            g/T Program                                            exciting events challenges and inspires
• Progress monitored over time                Harmony’s Gifted and Talented encourages G/T           our students to increase their overall math,
• Required research projects and incentive    students to be a part of one of the academic teams.    science, and teamwork skills.
 Enriched Academic Environment                Harmony’s Math, Science, and Robotics Teams ( 4th      Research Experience
“Harmony Science Academy has given my chil-   and 5th Graders) meet at least once a week. Students   ‘‘Alice transferred from a public middle school
dren an enriched academic environment and     have participated in MATHCOUNTS, Math Olympiad,        (gifted program) to Harmony Science Academy
structure that has encour-                                                                           and has not once regretted it. She found
aged their growth and                                                                                the school to be intellectually challenging.
maturity.”                                                                                           Alice is exceptionally happy with the prep
Tim & Kathy Donahue,                                                                                 for competitions the school offers. She is
 Harmony Parents                                                                                     earnestly involved in Science Olympiads,
Technology                                                                                           Math Olympiads, Math Counts, and UIL. For
“The students’ enthusiasm                                                                            these competitions, the teachers offer endless
 is great . It helps to have                                                                         chances and time to study and gain any
so much technology in the                                                                            needed help. “
classroom. Having a data-                                                                            Jacek Turski, Ph. D. Professor, Harmony

        I-SWEEEP, the International Sustainable          do. The school has been a great experience for him and    mental Project Olympiad–Turkey–2002
     World (Energy, Engineering, and Environment)        is truly a great place for kids to learn”                • Honorable Mention in The International
    Project Olympiad, is a groundbreaking science        Brian and Angela Miller, Harmony Parents                  Computer Project Competition–Poland–2005
     fair open to middle and high school students.       National and International Awards                        • Bronze Medal in The International Math
      It is the largest science fair event of its kind   Harmony students won over 1000 1st, 2nd, and 3rd          Project Competition–Kazakhstan–2006
                       world-wide.                       place awards in city and statewide science fair com-
                                                         petitions, and science and math olympiads including:
     Science for All                                     • The most successful secondary school award;
     Harmony Science Fairs are huge and more             • The Teacher of the Year award; and
    competitive than regional science fairs. Stu-        • Many semifinalists projects placed among the Best
    dents work on a project of their interest in          400 projects in US in the Discovery Channel Young
     math, science, computer or engineering cat-          Scientist Challenge.
    egories. A Science Fair project is a valuable        • Bronze Medal in The International Math Project
     means of applying the concept of the scien-          Competition – Kazakhstan – 2001                              President Bush welcomes the 2008
     tific method as well as a fun learning experi-      • Two Honorable Mentions in The International Phys        MATHCOUNTS national winners that include
    ence.                                                 ics Project Competition – Poland                         Ding Zhou of Harmony School of Excellence
    “Our son has been working on his project for         • Special Award in Computer in The International             to the Oval Office at the White House.
     weeks. It is truly amazing to see what these         Conference of Young Scientists – 2001
     kids can come up with and experiments they          • Honorable Mention in The International Environ

Clubs*                                           Community Service                                         cities in US. We enjoyed a combination of obser-
Animation                Math League             “Community service is encouraged among the students.      vation, exploration, and exposure to natural won-
Aquatic Science          Movies                  Activities such as food and toy drives and making cards   ders and cultures. These are once-in-a-lifetime
Arts and Crafts          Multiculturalism         for nursing home residents are encouraged at Harmo-      opportunities that come only at Harmony.”
Baseball                 Psychology              ny. As part of character development, giving back to      Harmony Students
Basketball               Reading                  the community and to those who are less fortunate is     Europe Trips
Board Games              Sculpture                taught, modelled, and supported.” Mr. Gandymov, Math     ‘Fifteen days in Europe: Germany, France, Belgium,
Cheerleading             Soccer                  Teacher                                                   Netherlands, and Turkey. A rewarding once in-
Digital Graphics         Sociology                Field Trips                                              a-lifetime experience. Different cultures, natural
Drama                    Student Council         “We visited Dallas, New Orleans, Oklahoma, Arkansas,      beauties, and historical places promote learning
Drawing                  Theater & Performing     Fiesta Texas in San Antonio, and many other beautiful    and provide serious fun.” Harmony Students
Folk Dance               Arts
Football                 Video Production
French                   Volleyball
Home Arts                Web Mastering
Journalism               Wrestling
Math Counts              Yearbook

*Сlub offerings may vary from campus to campus
     HARmoNy SCHool SySTEm HIgH SCHool PRogRAm
          Best High School
          Harmony Science Academy was listed as one of the best high schools by U.S. News and World
          Report in 2007 and 2008 among 21,000 public high schools across the country.
          The article recognized specific schools based on factors such as:
          1) standardized test scores,
          2) performance of disadvantaged students, and
          3) number of seniors taking and passing college level Advanced Placement Exams.

                                                             To ensure that Texas will continue to grow
                                                             its economy, land more job expansions
                                                             than any other state, and remain at the
                                                             forefront in the battle for 21st century
                                                             jobs, Texas launched a bold and forward-
                                                             thinking education program—the Texas
                                                             Science, Technology, Engineering, and
                                                             Math Initiative (T-STEM).                     Foundation of Texas, educators, and
                                                             This initiative is a new central component    others.
                                                             of the Texas High School Project (THSP),      The goal of T-STEM Academies is to
                                                             a $180 million public-private initiative      develop the nation’s leading innovation
                                                             committed to increasing graduation rates      economy workforce by aligning high
                                                             and college enrollment rates in every Texas   school, postsecondary education, and
                                                             community. The THSP’s partners include        economic development activities. A total
                                                             the Texas Education Agency, the Bill &        of thirteen Harmony Schools, throughout
                                                             Melinda Gates Foundation, the Michael         the state, were selected to be part of this
                                                             & Susan Dell Foundation, Communities          T-STEM initiative.
                                                  The educators and leaders behind the Harmony Schools
                                                  are passionate about transforming how students engage
                                                  in math, science, engineering, and computer science.
                                                  Harmony School administrators fundamentally believe
                                                  that excelling in math and science prepares youth to
                                                  succeed in college, the workplace, and the 21st century.
                                                  Harmony’s vision is to enable students to succeed in
                                                  school and have the option of pursuing math, science,
                                                  and engineering careers. This will lead to students
                                                  becoming productive and responsible citizens.

Harmony students engage in the application                                 Facts about Math and Science Education
of knowledge of scientists, mathematicians,        • Students who take rigorous math and science courses are more likely to go to college
engineers on site or at research institutions.     • People with strong math and science backgrounds are more likely to be employed
They are our focus and success is an               • Shortages in workers skilled in math/science affect U.S. performance in global markets
expectation for all.                                                                                    Source: Math Equals Opp; NELS data
Harmony provides teachers and students
with the latest technology available to
support their learning. Harmony’s community
centered rigorous learning environment is
a replicable model. In addition to innovative
mathematics and science instruction, the
curriculum immerses students in hands-on,
problem and project-based learning. While
they will create, invent, and solve challenging
real-world problems in science and math, at
the same time, they will be learning about
engineering and powerful technological tools
in the process in this environment.                                                                                                           11
     A uNIquE ANd REPlICABlE SCHool modEl
     The school model is rigorous (prepares students for college), relevant (reinforces math and science skills) and underpinned by a tight web of relationships (a
     strong culture reinforced by teachers and parents). Harmony attributes its strong outcomes to three core principles within the school model: a challenging math
     and science curriculum supported by theory; a focus on assessment; and a culture of constructive competition, discipline, and parental engagement. Harmony
     utilizes technology across all of these dimensions to reinforce its school model and curriculum.

     CHAllENgINg & dyNAmIC                                CulTuRE oF HIgH EXPECTATIoNS                               oNgoINg ASSESSmENT
     CuRRICulum                                           • Focus on constructive competition enables academic       • Continuous assessment and prep exams
     • Harmony’s core curriculum meets the Texas          achievement to be the primary student focus                promote high passing rates
     Distinguished Achievement program and offers         • Beginning in 7th grade, counselling helps students       • Harmony teachers are given flexibility in teaching
     honors and AP coursework
                                                          make wise early decisions about their graduation from
                                                                                                                     and are not constrained by the testing focus
     • The Piaget, Vygotsky, and Gardner-influenced
                                                          high school with the distinguished graduation plan
     curriculum challenges students just above their                                                                 • The mandatory use of the technology-enabled
                                                          • Through yearly research papers, students acquire the
     current level with scaffolding                                                                                  student database by teachers allows for
                                                          skills that they need in college
     • Students are grouped by their skills to maximize                                                              information to be consistently updated
                                                          • Character education cultivates a community of respect
     educational outcomes

                                                   Highly Qualified and Dedicated Community of Teachers
      Harmony teachers hold higher education degrees in their disciplines; these teachers are recruited from around the world. Harmony’s model
      encourages teachers to engage in home visits with student families to build on the parent-student-teacher triad.
ACAdEmIC oFFERINgS                                                                       Quotes from alumni & Parents
Harmony Schools provides a rigorous academic program with intensive support that         Advanced Science and Technology Academy: “What a blessing it is for
permits students to reach their potential, whether that be a college prep, honors or     Bryan to have such an advanced science and technology academy. As a
AP level. In addition, students are required to take part in research projects and are   former homeschool teacher I knew that the schooling I was doing didn’t
encouraged to participate in academic competitions.                                      compare to the animation class my son is taking along with the hand
AP Courses, Electives, and Clubs Offered at Harmony Schools*                             held computers they are using in science class. The SAT prep, reading,
AP English                                         AP European History                   writing and organization skills they are acquiring from Language Arts
AP Calculus                                        AP Spanish                            are phenomenal. I knew my son was accelerated in math but I wasn’t
AP Statistics                                      Animation                             sure how far to advance him. Harmony was able to determine where
AP Computer Science                                Aquatic Science                       he should be and he’s making the grade in the upper grade math class.
AP Biology                                         AutoCAD                               Harmony Science Academy has been a great place for him to get
AP Environmental Science                           Automotive                            socialized with other kids plus, he enjoys being on the Robotics Team
AP Chemistry                                       Civil Engineering                     and Football Team.”
AP Physics                                         Debate                                melissa Schulman, Harmony Bryan/College Station Parent
AP World History                                   Digital Graphics
                                                                                         “Harmony gave me the chance to reach my true potential; they
AP U.S. History                                    Electronics
                                                                                         challenged me and always kept me involved with many of their
AP U.S. Government & Politics                      French
                                                                                         activities. They still help me currently by allowing me to be a part of their
AP Art History                                     Home Arts
                                                                                         organizations and important events. They prepared me for college and
AP Music Theory                                    Home Economics
                                                                                         life in various ways.”
AP Studio Art                                      Principles of Engineering
                                                                                         Brandon okafor, Harmony Class of 2007 (Enrolled at uT Austin)
AP Macroeconomics                                  Video Production
AP Psychology                                      Web Mastering                         “Harmony Science Academy has given me
*AP and Elective course offerings may vary from campus to campus                         opportunities that no other school
                                                                                         could offer: small, interactive
                                                                                         classrooms, peer tutorial programs,
                                                                                         and even opportunities to work in
                                                                                         university research labs and to travel
                                                                                         abroad! These are the impetus for
                                                                                         achievement and future success .”
                                                                                         Angelina Tran, Harmony Class
                                                                                         of 2006 (Enrolled at Rice
     CollEgE REAdINESS
     All Harmony graduates are Texas Scholars. Students follow either the Recommended High School Program, or the Distinguished High
     School Program. In addition, students complete a minimum of two courses eligible for college credit while in high school.

                                                                                                         EARly gRAduATIoN! EARly START!

                                                                                                         With proper planning, students will have the opportunity for
                                                                                                         early graduation. Students at Harmony will have a chance
                                                                                                         to start college level work and earn college credits in the
                                                                                                         following ways:
                                                                                                          Dual Credit Program
                                                                                                          College Board AP Courses
     College Counselling                                College Planning                                  CTE courses leading to a post-secondary certification
     Beginning in 9th grade, each student is assigned   A guidance counselor is available to students     College Board CLEP test
     a faculty advisor. The student meets with the      as they prepare for college. Students receive
     advisor on a regular basis to discuss issues       assistance with academic issues throughout             The Harmony Guidance and Counselling
     related to academic progress and planning as       high school including: PSAT/NMSQT, SAT test,          Center offers information and assistance
     well as to provide support and encouragement.      college search, college application, financial
                                                                                                              concerning college scholarships, grants,
     The advisor serves as an advocate for the          aid process, scholarships, and internship
                                                                                                                community service opportunities, and
     student and is the main contact person for         placements.
                                                                                                                 prestigious academic competitions.
     course placements.
CollEgE BouNd EduCATIoN
The goal of high school programs at Harmony Schools is to prepare students for four year
college and for life. To that end, the core curriculum in the high school grades is designed
to give each student the essential elements of a college preparatory education along with
opportunities to engage in the exploration of intense study of particular fields of interest.

                                                                                                       CollEgE goINg SCHool CulTuRE
                                                                                                       Students will experience the following opportunities:
                                                                                                        Rigorous coursework to prepare for college
                                                                                                        Advanced level Pre-AP courses starting as early as 6th grade
                                                                                                        Dual credit courses
                                        Harmony Schools have                                            Variety of AP selection
                                       100% College Acceptance                                          PSAT/SAT selections in grades 7-12

                                        and 0% Drop-out Rates                                           Career Education classes in grades 9-12
                                                                                                        Interacting and studying with university professors/students

PRojECT lEAd THE WAy                                                                                    Opportunity to communicate with Harmony alumni

Harmony partnered with Project Lead the Way for its offering of a nationally recognized pre-            Attending college fairs throughout the high school years
engineering curriculum into its technology classes. The Harmony pre-engineering program                 Participating in college search trips
includes a sequence of courses which, combined with college preparatory mathematics and                 One-on-one college counselling and early identification of
science courses in middle and high school, introduces students to the scope, rigor and discipline of    appropriate career
engineering and engineering technology prior to entering college. The courses include Introduction
                                                                                                         Harmony offers well equipped school
to Engineering Design, Digital Electronics, Principles of Engineering, Civil Engineering and
                                                                                                         settings and technology integration
Architecture, Design & Modelling, The Science of Technology, Automation & Robotics, Aerospace
                                                                                                         to respond to the needs of our students.
Engineering and Biotechnology Engineering.
                                    Harmony Schools
                             Leading Public Education in Texas

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