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Appendix D:
Research Assistant /
Transcriber Confidentiality Agreement

     Research Assistant/Transcriber Confidentiality Agreement
     This study is being undertaken by Christie Schultz for the University of Alberta Creative Services unit of
     the Office of External Relations. The purpose of the project is to assess the usability of the new interface
     for the University website for its target users; in other words, assessing how easy or difficult it is for
     people to use the new version of the University of Alberta homepage. Data from this research may be
     used to make improvements. A final report on the research may be presented to the University
     community, and the results may be written up for publication or conference presentations.

     Project Title: Usability tests for the University of Alberta website

     I, _______________________________________, the Research Assistant/Transcriber, agree to:

     1.       keep all the research information shared with me confidential by not discussing or sharing the
              research information in any form or format (e.g., disks, tapes, transcripts) with anyone other than
              the Researcher(s).

     2.       keep all research information in any form or format (e.g., disks, tapes, transcripts) secure while it
              is in my possession.

     3.       return all research information in any form or format (e.g., disks, tapes, transcripts) to the
              Researcher(s) when I have completed the research tasks.

     4.       after consulting with the Researcher(s), erase or destroy all research information in any form or
              format regarding this research project that is not returnable to the Researcher(s) (e.g., information
              stored on computer hard drive).

     Research Assistant/Transcriber

     ____________________                          ____________________                           _______________
     (print name)                                  (signature)                                    (date)


     ____________________                          ____________________                           _______________
     (print name)                                  (signature)                                    (date)

     If you have any questions or concerns about this study please contact:
     Christie Schultz, MA
     Web Content Consultant, Creative Services
     Office of External Relations, University of Alberta
     Phone: 721-9885

     This study has been reviewed and approved by the Research Ethics Board of the Facilities of Education and
     Extension at the University of Alberta. For questions regarding participants rights and ethical conduct of research,
     contact the Chair of the Research Ethics Board at (780) 492-3751.

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